saryi thought i was Idle in here ;(02:16
darkxstsary, they are harmless warnings02:35
saryhi darkxst, thank you .. it's good to know! as I've have been having many crash reports lately!03:11
darkxstsary that is mainly because apport is enabled while we are still in beta03:11
saryNm-applet,gnome-shell, mission-control.03:12
sarydarkxst: yeah .03:13
darkxstbut would be particularly interest in any gnome-shell crashes03:14
darkxstwell for 3.8, assuming you are using the ppa03:15
saryhere is one !bug #116365103:18
ubot5bug 1163651 in gnome-shell (Ubuntu) "Gnome shell crashed with "apport" complaining about lack of memory to automatically analyse the problem " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116365103:18
saryhmm, wait ..03:18
saryI don't quite remember if i was using 3.8 of the shell and ppa was enabled while the crash in the above bug occurred.03:21
saryBut, I don't see this crash anymore , or any other abnormal activities coming from the shell.03:23
darkxstsary memory usage should be much better now we have the new spidermonkey ppa03:45
darkxstin that bug though, it seems like something locked up your gpu03:46
sarydarkxst: yeah, difinitely was coming from nvidia closed source driver .03:59
saryas i remembered now, i saw a driver-updates for the current driver, i had to give it a shoot and try it, so i hae acivated the driver-updates while i had gnome 3.8 installed .04:02
darkxstthe later nvidia drivers (313 series) have been pretty much perfect here with g-s04:04
skinlayersQuick question, if anyone knows the answer off hand. I run apt-cacher-ng on my server, so I usually install ubuntu via PXE netboot. I have the ISO for Ubuntu GNOME, but I was wondering if the linux, and initrd.gz files for it were around somewhere?04:05
darkxstskinlayers, they are in the iso04:06
darkxstjust mount it and grab what you need04:06
skinlayersThank you! I wasn't sure if I could use the ones straight off the iso or if the netboot ones were modified.04:06
darkxstthey are also going to be exactly the same (I believe) as the vanilla ubuntu ones04:06
skinlayershmm... then how does it pick which packages to install? Is there a preseed option for ubuntu-gnome?04:07
darkxstor actually maybe the casper stuff goess into initrd.gz04:07
darkxstthat is mostly done when building the iso, everything is installed to a squashfs filesystem04:08
darkxstthat gets copied to target machine, and then a few other bits and pieces will get installed by ubiquity04:09
darkxstyes, you should be able to do a oem preseed with it04:11
skinlayersUbuntu Gnome uses the exact same repos as regular Ubuntu right? Its just a difference of packages?04:27
darkxstskinlayers, yes04:27
darkxstdoes a netboot use the squashfs off the iso?04:27
skinlayersNope... it boots pxelinux.0, which then, depending on your menu choice, boots "linux" with a "inird.gz".04:31
darkxstI meant after that04:31
skinlayersAnd that boots a minimal debian installer that grabs all packages straight from the ubuntu repos04:31
darkxstah I see04:32
skinlayersAnd it gives you the option to use a proxy, so I point it at my local apt-cacher-ng server.04:32
skinlayersSo that way I can install from my network, and build from the latest packages04:32
skinlayersand But it doesn't use teh squashfs at all from what I know04:33
darkxstok so you might need to track down the seed files that are used to build the iso04:33
darkxstthey are on launchpad somewhere04:33
darkxstor just install ubuntu-gnome-desktop and ubuntu-gnome-default-settings04:34
darkxston top of debian mini04:34
darkxstalthough I have no experience with netboot, its easy to unpack the ramdisk (initrd.gz) and have a look what is going on in there04:40
skinlayers@darkxst Thanks for the info! I've been digging around in the initrd for a while ;)05:25
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bennypr0fane hey, I am thinking about replacing regular Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop with 13.04 Gnome - or Gnome Remix 12.10, given that the latter oddly has a longer life cycle as of now. Which of the 2 would you say comes with the more advanced state of Gnome out of the box, as of now? I now they both come with 3.6, but how about integration of extensions, user themes and other customizability (if that is even a direction that Gnome development is going in)?12:32
bennypr0fane* I know they both....12:33
darkxstbennypr0fane, 13.04 will be better supported regardless of apparent life cycles12:45
darkxstI have a gnome-shell update that has been stuck in the update queue for like 6+ weeks now.... (for 12.10)12:48
darkxstnot sure how we can really support updates in old releases when it takes that long12:49
bennypr0faneyou mean you got that update pushed to 13.04 while it hasn't been in the repos for 12.10 at the same time?12:51
darkxstbennypr0fane, its in 13.0412:51
darkxstwaiting in queue for 12.1012:51
tommie-liehope that will be better with the shorter release cycles12:52
darkxstthe packages in main seem to get priority for SRU's12:55
darkxstthat said we will mostly be running from ppa's if you want the latest and greatest, so atleast we can fix those instantly12:55
tommie-liebut PPAs also have the problem of problems spreading quickly to everyone, just as quick as fixes12:56
bennypr0faneany of you guys help developing 13.04 Gnome?12:56
bennypr0fanetommie-lie isn't that more an asseT?12:57
darkxstgnome3 ppa is as official as you will get from a ppa12:57
tommie-liebennypr0fane: hum... for my everyday working machine I'd like software that has been around for a month or so (if the userbase is large enough)12:58
bennypr0faneI don't get why theyx not taking in the shell extensions ppa from the webupd8 team12:58
darkxsttommie-lie, most things in gnome3 have been tested in staging before landing12:58
darkxstunless they are just minor updates12:58
bennypr0fanetommie-lie in that case, you might check the dates of packages you update...12:58
tommie-liedarkxst: you mean ppa:gnome3-staging?12:59
darkxsttommie-lie, yes12:59
tommie-liedarkxst: how well tested can I expect packages from gnome3? is every single update to one of them proposed to be an SRU (even if not accepted)?13:00
darkxstno SRU's13:00
darkxstbig updates are tested in staging13:00
darkxstminor updates we test locally then update13:01
darkxstsometimes regressions might get through, but shouldnt be anything major13:01
tommie-liethanks, good to know13:01
tommie-lieyou seem to have changed the workflow over the last year ;-)13:01
darkxsttommie-lie, previously gnome3 had the bits that werent ready13:02
darkxstnow we have a split in cycles, that bits not ready, are actually in staging13:02
tommie-lieyep, but it also had the pieces missing from ubuntu because they were deemed not ubuntu-ish enough (like gdm)13:03
darkxsttommie-lie, gdm is in the archives13:04
darkxstany version in ppa would have been deemed not ready for archives, that is all13:04
bennypr0fanedarkxst, what's an sru?13:04
darkxstStable Release Update13:05
tommie-liedarkxst: it is now, but when the transition from the old-style gdm to the new lockscreen occurred and Ubuntu already switched to lightdm, the main repo was one major version behind for half a year (or even a full year? can't remember)13:05
darkxstessentially all updates that happen after release have to go through that13:05
darkxsttommie-lie, yes behind, because it was horribly broken13:05
bennypr0fanedarkxst, which one, the older one or the update?13:11
tommie-liedarkxst: well, the update from the gnome3-ppa worked and was not really broken, it just didn't make it in time for the feature freeze13:11
tommie-liedarkxst: out of curiosity, is there and other place where development coordination for ubuntu-gnome related stuff takes place except here and ubuntu-gnome on lists.ubuntu.com?13:15
darkxstbennypr0fane, like 3.6 before we landed it in 12.1013:16
darkxsttommie-lie, mostly here13:16
bennypr0faneIs beta 2 the final beta? Or would you recommmend daily bulid over the betA?13:31
darkxstbennypr0fane, beta 2 is broken for some regions13:32
darkxstI would suggest daily13:32
bennypr0fanehttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/releases/13.04/beta-2/ it doesn't say here that it's final13:32
darkxstits beta 2, how more final than that do you want?13:33
darkxstjust grab the daily though13:33
darkxstbeta-2 has some major locale issues for certain countries/regions13:33
bennypr0faneah I see it does say it here http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2013/04/05/ubuntu-13-04-raring-ringtail-beta-2-released/13:33
bennypr0faneOk willd o, thanks!13:33
atrusis it bad that gnome-control-center/gnome-settings-daemon aren't up to 3.8.x in the gnome3 ppa? i see they're in staging...15:35
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Guest43498Hello.  I am just wondering if I should use Ubuntu-Gnome or use regular Ubuntu and install all of the Gnome things myself.22:33
Guest43498join #ubuntu22:36

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