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pleia2sent off newsletter to summary writers14:39
pleia2akgraner: I can probably get the whole thing prepped, but I won't be around to release on monday14:39
pleia2and maybe next weekend we can review the whole process? (emailing to summary writers, emailing to editors, - make sure using BCC so their emails don't get out! etc)14:40
* pleia2 will try to update the docs too14:40
smartboyhwpleia2, \o/14:55
smartboyhwpleia2: Why can't you release on Monday?15:56
smartboyhwpleia2: Thx for your comments on my blog post BTW.16:15
pleia2smartboyhw: traveling, I'll be at the openstack developer summit17:42
JoseeAntonioRpleia2: I can take care of releasing at like 23 UTC, that's when I'll be back from school20:36

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