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wxlso, i'm trying to get b43 installed in a live session so that i can test that testcase and i've followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx#b43_-_No_Internet_access but can't get the wifi to come up. rebooting does the trick in an install, but that obviously doesn't work well for live.05:21
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shadeslayerwxl: I just installed linux-firmware-nonfree once I install the system08:48
shadeslayeror on the live disk08:48
shadeslayerand then sudo modprobe b43 does the trick08:48
knomeis it normal that xubuntu raring daily test shows bugs from precise?09:38
smartboyhwknome, except if the bug really shows up again then um no.09:58
knomeit was fixed in precise.09:59
smartboyhwknome, then no.09:59
knomethe tracker says "10:09
knomeError message10:09
knomeEvery failure needs to have at least one bug associated with it.10:09
knome", but i tried to submit a passed -results10:09
knomestgraber, ^10:09
knomeseems like we just got new images.10:10
knomethat's fine :)10:10
knomeit's a bit awkward when that happens, because the error messages are very random10:10
knomestgraber, do you think it would be completely out of question to allow test results to archived images?10:17
knomestgraber, if you have downloaded the iso and are on the testing page, there's no way to know when the new images are built (except of course knowing when they are built from experiene)10:18
knomestgraber, it definitely wouldn't hurt to be able to report the test10:18
smartboyhwphillw, ping.13:28
phillwsmartboyhw: pong :)13:28
smartboyhwphillw, what do ya think about the Hangout showcase + interview + release party?13:29
phillwI think it is a good idea, I've not replied ... It's in my inbox to remind me :)13:30
smartboyhwphillw, :)13:30
phillwI am waiting for my boss to be online to ask if he can make time for a session on lubuntu before I volunteer myself :)13:31
smartboyhwphillw, what do you mean?13:31
phillwlubuntu's head of development :)13:32
smartboyhwphillw, no I mean what do you mean by making time for a session on lubuntu.13:34
smartboyhwphillw, I'm not that stupid to know gilir is the boss of Lubuntu.13:35
phillwsmartboyhw: nicholas asked for us to be able to do a 5 min session on what testing means for our flavours, let them know who we are etc.13:35
phillwwith the fixes for testing tools in 13.04 we have nearly a full, bug-free, testing suite :D13:36
smartboyhwphillw, I will join you in that one:P13:37
smartboyhwphillw, no we don;t:P13:37
smartboyhwphillw, testdrive is hell under our needs:P13:37
phillwsmartboyhw: I expect you to do ubuntu-studio13:37
smartboyhwphillw, yeah.13:38
smartboyhwI will join you *in the idea*13:38
phillwsmartboyhw: have you tried testdrive under 13.04? It has a new version13:38
smartboyhwphillw, I will go ask flavour leads to send someone to the sessions.13:38
smartboyhwphillw, oh really?13:38
smartboyhwphillw, yeah sure it has two items per image.13:39
smartboyhwHow is THAT considered bug-free?13:39
phillwa few bug fixes are already in 13.04, but because it was late in the cycle and we are movin g on, several bug-fixes across the system are not going to be SRU'd.13:39
smartboyhwphillw, I asked balloons to start hacking on it:P13:40
smartboyhwAnd we thought of an idea to do a Hackfest on just that.13:40
phillwsmartboyhw: well, it can work with the more upto date Virtual-Box, which is a help. Also virtual-box itself is the newer version :)13:40
smartboyhwphillw, :)13:40
phillwI do a lot of nagging :P13:40
smartboyhwphillw, LOL13:41
phillwvirt-manager still has a bug :(13:41
smartboyhwphillw, :(13:41
* smartboyhw uses the virt-manager very well while VB is dead for -lowlatency.13:42
phillwthere is a problem with cirrus (the default video emulation) with ubuntu.13:43
smartboyhwphillw, :(13:43
phillwsmartboyhw: bug 108067413:45
ubot5bug 1080674 in cairo "[QEMU] Corrupted desktop screen for raring desktop installation in QEMU guest (Cirrus graphics). Affects KVM but not VBox." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108067413:45
smartboyhwphillw, OK.13:45
phillwI was kinda hoping that this would have been resolved in time for 13.04 :'(13:49
smartboyhwphillw, and it didn't.13:49
smartboyhwphillw, I suggested that probably we should maintain Testdrive ourselves in the future:P13:50
phillwthat is something that must decided with the current developers of testdrive, it is their project :)13:52
smartboyhwphillw, yeah. The problematic thing is that the current developers of Testdrive are Canonical internal devs.13:53
phillwI got the patch in that unit193 made accepted so that it could work with the new virtual-box :) (I just nag people to death :P )13:55
phillwbut it is only for 13.04, no SRU :(13:56
smartboyhwphillw, LOL13:56
smartboyhwphillw, I only recommend SRU-ing to 12.04.13:56
phillwas the user base is small, it was decided not to do so. I can understand that decision, even though I do not fully agree with it. some battles you lose on the way to winning the war. Getting the newer VBox accepted was the war, that goal was achieved :)13:58
phillwsmartboyhw: and I don't even use VBox or testdrive!!! I still went and battled for those of you who do :)13:59
phillwand I'm 99.9% sure that unit193 does not use test-drive, he still went and looked at the code and proposed the fix. He's a very nice guy who does a lot of work quietly.14:01
phillwit is his script and care that keeps http://phillw.net/isos/ sync'd up at each milestone :)14:03
phillwas ubuntu-studio may not have too many people torrenting it, you may want to ask if they want to include the link as a mirror if they do not already have ones.14:05
smartboyhwphillw, :P14:13
smartboyhwphillw, OK. I will ask our project lead (zequence)14:14
phillwokies :)14:15
smartboyhwphillw, what is the license of the script?14:15
phillwI'm sure unit193 would actually put a license on it if asked :P14:17
phillwsmartboyhw: http://pastebin.com/XCBDQuMt14:31
phillwit is set up for the directory structure on my dedi-server but may be of help to you.14:32
phillwwb smartboyhw14:55
smartboyhwphillw, :P14:55
phillwOh, and do not ask about the script, I can understand what it does, but could never write such a bash script!14:56
smartboyhwphillw, :P14:57
phillwthat is one of the many reasons he has root access to the dedi-server.14:57
phillwhis bots are pretty cool, as well :)14:58
smartboyhwphillw, :)14:58
phillwhe made a clone of ubot to live on non-official channels such as my ##phillw channel.15:01
phillwgo have  a play with it :)15:02
phillwsmartboyhw: if aradr does not work and xrandr does, then is appears to me that the dev of arandr needs to do a rebuild with the bug fixes in?15:31
smartboyhwphillw, he did do that and he put it in 0.1.7. That's why I need a sync, so that we can fix this.15:31
phillwsmartboyhw: as long as there is FFe request, it may squeak in by the skin of its teeth before RC happens.15:32
smartboyhwphillw, :)15:32
phillwyou do, however, have to bribe the -release team with cookies etc. :)15:33
phillwFrom my past history, if they see that there is a fix released, they will import it.15:34
smartboyhwphillw, :P15:36
phillwSssh, don't tell everyone.. I got a fix in for the kernel from Red-Hat by begging :)15:37
smartboyhwphillw, :O15:40
smartboyhwphillw, you do know this channel is logged!?15:40
phillwjajaja @P15:41
smartboyhwphillw, :P15:41
* smartboyhw thinks jajaja is the new Ubuntu QA Team language.15:42
phillwWhat I was trying to explain is that if you have a valid bug-fix, if you engage the bug / sru / release team, they will ask you questions but are always open to the idea of improving ubuntu.15:42
smartboyhwphillw, :P15:43
phillwsmartboyhw: blame the foreigners! I think that jajaja is a nice change to lol15:44
phillwI first saw it on lubuntu area when we got spanish speakers on :)15:48
smartboyhwphillw, LOL15:52
smartboyhwphillw, SergioMeneses always say that:P15:52
SergioMeneseshey! we said what?15:52
phillwit is infectious :)15:52
smartboyhwphillw, :)15:52
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, jajaja.15:53
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, jajaja15:53
smartboyhwSergioMeneses, you infected the whole jajaja thing to us (me and phillw at least)15:53
SergioMenesesit is nice :P15:53
* smartboyhw kills SergioMeneses for that:P15:53
SergioMeneses /o\15:53
SergioMeneses /o/15:53
phillwsmartboyhw: one day, you will have to learn this, so why not today? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FreezeExceptionProcess15:55
* smartboyhw requests the IRC Council to quiet people saying jajaja more than ten times.15:55
smartboyhwphillw: I did learn. I am just super-unsure this time.15:56
phillwI did for the variations for our testing suite areas.15:56
smartboyhwphillw: As a Kubuntu packager I know the rules:P15:56
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, phillw what are you doing now? playing, working, doing nothing :P15:57
smartboyhwSergioMeneses: Third option. I am idling.15:57
phillwsmartboyhw: filing an FFe correctly shows that you have considered the action of accepting. I'd suggest following it as it is an upstream fix. IMHO, that is 100% FFe request.15:58
SergioMenesessmartboyhw, it is ok, is Saturday!!!15:58
phillwSergioMeneses I'm in full procrastination mode :)15:58
phillwI'm looking as to what videos from nicholas I'll be using for my presentation a week on sunday.16:04
SergioMenesesphillw, :O nice! there a lot of good material there16:05
phillwSergioMeneses he is a good guy at this sort of thing :)16:08
smartboyhwphillw: All of them? :P16:09
phillwBut... the lp one is not what I need :(16:09
* SergioMeneses shall let to say "jaja"16:10
phillwBut, we have 7 days; he asked me to let him know if there were other things that we need...16:10
phillwsmartboyhw: he can only do things when he is asked. Looking at things from a n00b point of view is not too easy. I've been told off from the -classroom team before for not understanding that.16:12
phillwhmm, my tor relay seems busy today :)16:19
phillwI may even earn a 2nd T-shirt :)16:21
smartboyhwphillw: Tor gives you T-shirts!?16:25
phillwsmartboyhw: indeed :) I have 'earned' my 1st one.... Well happy when it arrived :D16:26
smartboyhwphillw: :O16:26
* smartboyhw should use Tor then.16:27
phillwI have a VM that runs a relay for them.16:27
phillwsmartboyhw: https://metrics.torproject.org/relay-search.html?search=
smartboyhwphillw: You do mirror LXDE yourself right;16:38
phillwsmartboyhw: i do not mirror lxde, it is not on the list :)16:43
phillwlxde is a desktop system, not an installable install. That is why lubuntu exists :)16:44
phillwdoes xfce make xubuntu? No, it is a flavour of linux that uses xcfe :)16:45
smartboyhwphillw: Uh. Actually I have a suggestion… You should become an official Ubuntu CD mirror (and/or even Archive mirror)16:47
smartboyhwphillw: I mean the tarballs of LXDE.16:48
smartboyhwThere are mirrors for Xfce and KDE16:48
smartboyhwOr even GNOME.16:49
phillwsmartboyhw: there are mirrors for all but ubuntu 'main', :)16:51
phillwsmartboyhw: I started out as a mirror for lubuntu before it was adopted, since then I've always held theirs and it just sort of grew :)16:53
smartboyhwphillw: Why not for Ubuntu 'main'?16:55
phillwsmartboyhw: because ubuntu-main has a lot of torrent users, my server provides a direct download. New commers do not have torrent and the server gets hammered on release day.16:58

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