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semcentroi have problens to register key-gpg in lauchpad04:14
lolcatIs it impossible to install ubuntu 12.10 to a raid1?05:58
lolcatIt won't install grub05:59
lolcatI even left an empty partition for grub05:59
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orogorhi here07:27
orogoranyone around running kvm ?07:27
orogoror doing virtualisation ?07:27
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orogorhi here09:36
orogoranyone around using xen ?09:36
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IszakAnyone got guides on securing a ubuntu 12.04 server?10:56
oeeveHi, I'm having some trouble figuring out whats wrong with my sftp server: http://paste.pm/688.js , as you can see I checked to see if sshd was running, and it is.. but only one ssh user, why wont it let any other in?:/ I just get the "unexpectedly closed" message in filezilla11:16
jgdovink so its been a bit since i set up a server and i just set up a new vps with vilayer. i can ssh in but it cannot ping out to any ip or url if you can give me an idea of where to start i would be grateful13:34
RoyKjgdovin: if you can ssh in, the routing works, if you then cannot access anything outside, some firewall may be involved13:49
Cippalippahi guys! I need some help. I am trying to write my .htaccess on my server root /var/www/ . I want http://www.test.co.uk/ to redirect to http://www.test.co.uk/vhosts/test/ .How do i need to do??14:39
patdk-lapexactly what do you want to change/enforce?14:42
Cippalippapatdk-lap: why?14:42
patdk-lapyour example isn't specific enough14:43
CippalippaI want to redirect requests14:43
patdk-lapare you sure?14:43
Cippalippa http://www.test.co.uk/ I want to redirect to  http://www.test.co.uk/vhosts/test/  but I dont want the user to see that14:43
patdk-lapyou want to redirect? or rewrite?14:43
Cippalipparewrite sorry14:44
patdk-lapand do you want to enforce the domain? or any domain?14:44
Cippalippamy english, my bad14:44
Cippalippawhat's the difference?14:44
patdk-lapwell, a redirect will jsut change / to /vhosts/test/14:44
patdk-lapit doesn't care about the name14:44
patdk-lapdo YOU care about the name?14:44
Cippalippayes I care14:45
Cippalippai dont want anybody to see the destination14:45
patdk-lapeveryone knows the destination14:45
Cippalippa  /vhosts/test/ i want /14:45
patdk-laphmm, I didn't ask about that14:45
patdk-lapI asked about the www.test.co.uk part14:45
Cippalippayes sorry14:46
patdk-lapdo you care about that? must that match EXACTLY14:46
ddsss1what do u guys use to monitor server load?14:46
Cippalippai want that when the user goes to  www.test.co.uk sees the content in  www.test.co.uk/vhost/test14:46
patdk-lapddsss1, uptime?14:46
patdk-lapddsss1, but what do you mean by server load?14:46
Cippalippapatdk-lap: is it clear?14:47
ddsss1patdk-lap: server hosts php app. I want to see cpu usage graph overtime, network traffic, hdd usage etc.14:47
patdk-laprewritecond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.test\.co\.uk$14:47
patdk-laprewriterule ^/$ /vhosts/test/14:48
patdk-lapddsss1, anything you want sysstat, cacti, munin, ...14:49
ddsss1patdk-lap: which ones do peopel most use?14:49
ddsss1patdk-lap: which ones do people use most?14:50
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.14:50
Cippalippapatdk-lap: so RewriteEngine on rewritecond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.test\.co\.uk$ rewriterule ^/$ /vhosts/test/    in a file in /var/www.  Is it right?14:50
patdk-lapif your using .htaccess, you will also need a rewritebase too14:51
patdk-laplikely rewritebase /14:51
Cippalippapatdk-lap: where ?14:52
patdk-lapbefore rewritecond/rewriterule14:52
Cippalippaits not working, im doing something wrote14:53
Cippalippapatdk-lap: so RewriteEngine on rewritebase / rewritecond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.test\.co\.uk$ rewriterule ^/$ /vhosts/test/    in a file in /var/www.  Is it right?14:55
patdk-lapfor the infomation you provided, yes14:56
patdk-lapthat also assumes you have the rewrite module loaded, and allowoverrides on14:56
patdk-lapbut that is all outside the scope of the question14:57
snuffthi guys :)15:13
Koheleth can I use grep to search databases?15:14
RoyKKoheleth: what database?15:14
FieldyKoheleth: only if the string you are looking for has it in cleartext. your best bet is to query the database properly15:14
snuffti'm trying to ssh into my server, but ssh is just sittnig at 'Using username "[usernamehere]".'15:14
snufftis there anything i can do from my end?15:14
snufftor does the vps need to be restarted at the virtual client end?15:15
Fieldysnufft: throw on -vvv to the client and see if there's any clues in the debug output15:15
snufftFieldy: no joke, i've been trying to do something about this for the last hour or so, just as I posted that, it logged me in -_-15:15
Fieldy-vv might be enough15:15
Fieldyfigures :)15:16
snufftFieldy: but thank you for your help :) what does -vvv do anyway?15:16
Fieldysometimes reverse DNS lookups slow down connections (but not THAT much)... add UseDNS no   to /etc/ssh/sshd_config and restart sshd15:16
snufftI think mine is MySQL eating all the resources :(15:16
Fieldysnufft: -v is verbose output, vv is more, vvv is isnanity15:17
snuffthahahahaha, ok. thanks heaps :)15:17
Fieldyoften you'll get a clue as to what's going on with the output15:17
snufftahhh fair enough :) top is taking ages to return anything now, so it's probably mysql again....15:18
Fieldysounds like a heavily loaded system. i get that on one of my IDS sensors, takes forever to SSH in no matter what15:18
Fieldyit's just really weak hardware in that case15:19
Fieldyactually getting a shell prompt takes maybe 30 seconds or more15:19
snufftmine's taking a bit longer than that :P updwards of 10 mins maybe :(15:19
Fieldyyeah that's not normal. and generally a TCP connection will time out after 5 minutes15:20
Fieldyit might be time to move whatever's causing all that load off to its own instance, or if the vps is just low on ram and deep in swap, upgrade its plan for more ram15:21
Cippalippais there a default file for ubuntu where iptables rules are saved?15:23
snufftit's starting to look like apache...15:24
Fieldysnufft: yeah i had a lot of endless pains with apache especially with VPS where lots of ram wasn't always available. one day I tried lighttpd which gets it done with much, much less resources, and that's all I use anymore15:28
Fieldyapache can be tuned to use a lot less, but it's not straightforward, and it begins to perform very poorly as you start clamping it down15:29
snufftFieldy: I feel you. I normally run Nginx, but the admin for this server only knows apache, so that's what i use. It's curently has 17 threads going, all with virt of 277mb...15:29
Fieldywell, if he wants to stick with it, he'll be faced with paying for a RAM upgrade on the VPS most likely15:29
Fieldyor moving other things like sql to another instance15:29
snufftbang. apache restarted, site works... is there anything I can do to stop things locking me out of being able to ssh in?15:30
Fieldynot really, if the system is getting  hammered, that will continue to be a problem15:30
snufftthat's a shame :(15:30
snufftbtw, is your nick from Fieldy of Korn, or somewhere else? :P15:30
Fieldyyeah, don't tell them what it means :P15:31
Fieldyi couldn't get a gentoo cloak with the longer nick heh15:31
Cippalippais there a default file for ubuntu where iptables rules are saved?15:31
snuffti wish they'd let David come back :( head's kind-of back, but it's not the same without David...15:31
FieldyCippalippa: not that i know of, are you simply looking to have some rules applied at boot or when networking comes up?15:32
Cippalippaat the boot15:34
Fieldyok, let me look at my setup, because that's what I do15:35
Fieldyi think i just confused myself. that's what i get for having so bloody many different distros / servers. even my notes aren't clear15:36
FieldyCippalippa: first I created an upstart script, a url describing what that is is at the top of this http://pastebin.ca/raw/235827415:38
Fieldyit calls /root/bin/iptables-and-forwarding.sh which is the raw iptables commands building the ruleset I want. there's probably a better way to do this but it works for me15:39
Fieldynoting that I am wiping out any existing rules at the start of that15:40
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GTAXLHello, can someone please help me with an apt-get remove problem? :/ http://pastebin.com/YfCV94HU17:57
maxbGTAXL: Do you have any packages in hold status, discouraging apt from removing them?17:59
GTAXLnot sure17:59
GTAXLhow could I check?17:59
maxbdpkg -l | grep ^h17:59
GTAXLthat outputs nothing17:59
maxbCheck your package manager state for potential anomalies with 'dpkg --audit'18:00
maxbAnd run dpkg and apt's "clean up after partial installations" routines: 'dpkg --configure -a' and 'apt-get install -f'18:01
maxbAnd then the other thing you could try to attempt to localise the problem would be to attempt removal of fewer packages in one command - e.g. you could try asking for just apache2.2-common to be removed and let apt remove pretty much anything else that depends on apache\18:03
LartzaAny gitlab alternatives? Gitorious maybe?18:05
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thasmo|offHey there! Does anyone have experience with xdebug?19:27
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