mhall119bobweaver: I think it depends on the device00:02
mhall119I'm not sure there's an actual default00:02
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RobbyFmhall119, I was looking to install some core-apps via the daily ppa but I guess wifi isn't working on raring?00:55
mhall119RobbyF: raring on devices?00:56
mhall119I didn't know we had raring images yet00:58
mhall119must be really new then00:58
mhall119I haven't tried it00:59
RobbyFhalf a week or so00:59
RobbyFoh, I thought you posted something on G+ about it00:59
RobbyFmaybe it was someone else00:59
mhall119not about that, no00:59
RobbyFoh, wasn't on raring maybe.00:59
RobbyFyour post from 9.5 hours ago. no worries, I'll go watch a movie.01:00
mhall119always a good option for a Friday night01:02
tmm6can you still use the nexus4 as a phone with ubuntu touch?01:25
Fr34klo ppls01:35
wilee-nileeA little curious about the raring-preinstalled-phablet-armhf.zip install. Does it run more or less the same as the previous tablet developer version. On the nexus 7 it was a little problematic, no biggie just curious if this might a slight improvement.01:36
mhall119wilee-nilee: RobbyF was saying earlier that some stuff (wifi)_wasn't working01:39
mhall119but I don't know what device he was using01:39
wilee-nileemhall119, Cool I have a ether plug set up so I will probably just check it out, I have my android roms backed up.01:40
mhall119ethernet plug for a Nexus 7?01:40
wilee-nileemhall119, Yeah you can get them on amazon hold on.01:40
mhall119cool, didn't know that01:41
wilee-nileemhall119, http://www.amazon.com/BobjGear-Ethernet-Ultrabooks-ChromeOS-Included/dp/B007RTACDM01:44
wilee-nileeworks great no drivers needed01:44
wilee-nileeYou just need a usb to mini plug adaptor as well01:45
Fr34kquick question??01:47
Fr34kI have the asus memo pad 7...will I be able to flush it ?01:47
mhall119!devices | Fr34k01:48
ubot5Fr34k: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices01:48
Fr34kI have been there, so only those 4 available then?01:48
mhall119officially, there are lots of others that are provided by community developers01:49
mhall119but those 4 are the ones provided by Canonical and installable with the phablet-flash tool01:50
Fr34kok thnx... is there a forum or place to get hold of someone ?01:51
Fr34kI really love ubuntu..and really need it on my pad01:51
Fr34kmhall119: can I try doing this myself?01:54
mhall119Fr34k: do what?01:55
Fr34kmhall119: chnage ubuntu to work on my pad.... point me to some resource to do this please?01:55
mhall119Fr34k: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting has some good instructions01:56
mhall119you can often find people in here to help too, at least during the week01:56
Fr34k<mhall119>: you're the man  :)01:56
mhall119just trying to be helpful :)01:57
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natxohi! I installed Ubuntu touch from one pc without problems. Now I want to reinstall another daily build with another pc and it doesn't find the phone. Do you know why?06:33
Namidairoadb/fastboot drivers06:36
natxook, stupid problem: the usb cable was guilty. Thanks any way06:38
littlei want to isntall ubuntu on my windows yoga of lenova06:51
littlewill the ubuntu 12 give the same funcationality as ubuntu tablet or there will be separate iso for the same06:51
littlethere is no clarity in the site306:51
littlehas anybody tried it06:52
littlehow does it work06:52
NatxoHi! After dowloading a new daily build I get the message: Not enough space in /data. What should I do?07:01
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wilee-nileeNatxo, this might be some help, is the device full? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=217275007:15
NatxoYes, it is helpful. But why I was able to reinstall a daily build previously but not now07:17
wilee-nileeNatxo, How filled up is the device, is there enough free space?07:23
Natxo3.9 G07:24
wilee-nileeNatxo, If you look in the data folder what do you see, just somewhat guessing I see people using a delete there as well07:29
NatxoI've followed this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/279726/how-to-wipe-data-on-nexus-4-to-install-ubuntu-touch uing the recovery mode option. At this time I can't reboot ubuntu... WiP07:33
wilee-nileeNatxo, I had a install of ubuntu touch on my nexus 7, and had to do a factory install to get back to my custom roms, the touch was not cleanable.07:35
NatxoDefinitely I can't reboot ubuntu after wipe data/factory reset!!!07:39
wilee-nileeNatxo, Right you have to reinstall ubuntu, if you factory wiped07:41
wilee-nileeNatxo, How you installed originally, you must be using the phablet PPA's tools07:42
NatxoI used phablet-flash, but now I can't use it because I can't boot, I can't start anything on the phone07:44
wilee-nileeNatxo, Ah the factory reload did not work?07:44
NatxoI think it worked.07:44
wilee-nileeNatxo, Can you boot to the stock image?07:45
NatxoI only can boot in fastboot mode (the robot, etc)07:47
wilee-nileeNatxo, you would have to run the sudo fastboot oem unlock to get things gong again from the wiki, since you flashed it stock.07:47
wilee-nileeI would think it has to have been able to run the stock image to prove your in good shape to flash the touch again.07:48
wilee-nileeNatxo, In the recovery choose backup and restore then delete then run the factory wipe and install, that is what I had to do to get mine to the stock image.07:52
NatxoI'm trying manual installation. WiP07:55
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NatxoFinally, it worked. I've ubuntu again. Thanks wilee-nilee. Bye, bye08:24
h01gerso i upgraded to raring, rebooted and now the screen stays black (nexus 4), i can still ssh in but i kinda like to see a UI too ;) known problem? known fix?09:53
ebottaHello anyone can help me with returning android after ubuntu touch install? This is all what I get ... http://pastebin.com/bFS5PGpN12:23
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PolandUserI want to install Ubuntu Touch port on my Xperia Mini Pro14:48
ogra_see if there exists a port on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices ... else you need to port it yourself https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting14:49
PolandUserI find the port on xda-dev14:49
PolandUserI must install cm10.1.zip and after what i am do?14:50
ogra_follow the wiki instructions14:51
ogra_there is a manual installtion section on the install page14:51
PolandUserstart from step one or step 3?14:52
PolandUseri have unlocked bootloader14:52
ogra_use the "manual install" section14:53
RobbyFgood morning ubuntu-touch team14:58
wilee-nilee I know very little of it though. ;)17:57
Immutablehas anyone installed ubuntu-touch on a lenovo tablet?19:55
jackie_i have questions about ubuntu touch. who should i approach21:21
bef0rdjust ask if somebody knows they'll answer21:22
bef0rdthere is also ubuntu stackexchange page21:22
jackie_thanks bef0rd..i have a galaxy tab as a gift..i want to wipe the android on it and install ubuntu touch. i know it's still under development. how do i do this?21:25
wilee-nileejackie_, The touchpad link is in the channel header.21:26
wilee-nileeUh I mean ubuntu-touch Doh.21:26
jackie_that's perfect. will i be able to run libreoffice on it?21:28
wilee-nileejackie_, Not sure here I have not used it long enough, I guess there is a raring desktop about a week old in development in the touch now as well, not familair with it eithier.21:29
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