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MartijnVdSgood morning everyone!07:32
dwatkinshiya MartijnVdS07:47
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brobostigongood morning everyone,09:31
Lil-|^RedMeanwhile in South Korea http://www.youtube.com/user/officialpsy?feature=inp-lt-psy-us09:47
brobostigonwow, on my eeepc, while doing apt-get update, the load have gone over 105.09:58
brobostigonjust went down to under 20, very weird behaviour.10:07
NET||abusehi folks, i have a really irritating with my ethernet connection10:56
* dwatkins assumes NET||abuse accidentally a word10:57
NET||abuse:P my nick is an old joke from #perl that stuck10:58
NET||abuseor do you mean i forgot a word in my question?10:58
dwatkinsYes, NET||abuse.10:58
NET||abusewell, doesn't matter, my connection detects that i plug in the wire.10:58
NET||abusebut on any given boot up, the dhcp never succeeds.10:59
NET||abusei reboot andd it can work every second or third bootup10:59
dwatkinsDoes the card show up in lspci and is the module loaded for the card as shown in lsmod?10:59
NET||abuseok, one sec11:00
NET||abuselspci output is    00:19.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection (rev 04)11:00
NET||abusetrying to find it in lsmod11:01
dwatkinsalso, does the card show up in ifconfig?11:01
NET||abuseyeh, it shows up in ifconfig11:01
NET||abuseeth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr d4:be:d9:10:84:a1   ... etc.11:02
dwatkinsand if you disable and re-enable networking from the icon near the clock, does it work?11:02
NET||abuseanyway, on the gui side, the cable goes in. it starts dhcp searching.11:02
NET||abuseyeh, i've tried that.11:02
NET||abusei disconnect the cable and the icon on the top bar notices11:02
NET||abusei reconnect then it shows upthere too, and setarts to search but doesn't find it.11:03
NET||abusei've tried the disconnect menu option before, i'll try it now again.11:03
jacobwWhat happens if you try to connect and disconnect to the wired network a few times?11:05
popeybrobostigon: not weird, just io intensive on a machine with a slow storage device11:05
NET||abusejacobw: tried it about 3 times already this boot.11:05
brobostigonpopey: good point, yes. very true.11:06
NET||abusethe disconnect menu option and the reconnection eht0_auto option isn't working also11:06
NET||abusediconnecting over and over, nothing11:10
NET||abusedamn, 6 times a charm11:11
NET||abusei'm back without rebooting. hah,, what a pain in the ass11:11
NET||abusethanks for the input.. wonder why it's so unreliable.11:13
jacobwIt sounds like a network-manager problem11:17
MyrttiI swear to Gaia I'll buy that password notebook11:21
* Myrtti stabs Keepass2 a little bit11:22
ThomasM_Hello everybody, i have strange problem by creating symlinks via udev rules on Ubuntu 12.10.11:59
ThomasM_This rules is working fine to create a symlink from a ttyACM device12:00
ThomasM_KERNEL=="ttyACM[0-9]*", SUBSYSTEM=="tty", ATTRS{idVendor}=="1ffb", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0089", MODE="0666", OWNER="thomas", SYMLINK+="ttyServo"12:00
ThomasM_Now iw want to do the same for a ttyUSB device like an FTDI USB to TTL Converter12:00
ThomasM_KERNEL=="ttyUSB[0-9]*", SUBSYSTEM=="tty", ATTRS{idVendor}=="0403", ATTRS{idProduct}=="6001", MODE="0666", OWNER="thomas", SYMLINK+="ttyRoboClaw"12:01
ThomasM_but this rule doesn't work12:01
ThomasM_Then I tried a simpler rule like this:12:02
ThomasM_ATTRS{idVendor}=="0403", ATTRS{idProduct}=="6001", MODE="0666", OWNER="thomas", SYMLINK+="ttyRoboClaw"12:02
ThomasM_but the created symlink links to  "ttyRoboClaw -> bus/usb/001/012" the bus instead of the original device path "ttyUSB0"12:04
ThomasM_I tried several rules but sometimes the rule isn't created and sometimes it i created but points to the bus12:05
ThomasM_for the ttyACM devices everyting works fine12:05
ThomasM_also rules work for video devices linke this:12:06
ThomasM_KERNEL=="video[0-9]*", SUBSYSTEM=="video4linux", ATTRS{idVendor}=="5986", ATTRS{idProduct}=="0361", SYMLINK+="video-cam0"12:06
ThomasM_but like i told you not for the ttyUSB device, its very stange for me at this point...#12:06
ThomasM_maybe someone of you have a solution for me12:07
ThomasM_Thank you12:07
ThomasM_second client I am still here :)12:19
ali1234how do i display the build dependencies of a package if they are already installed?13:36
directhexali1234, apt-cache build-dep packagename?14:04
ali1234E: Invalid operation build-dep14:09
directhexapt-cache not apt-get14:17
AlanBellthat isn't an apt-cache command14:18
ali1234yes, that is what i typed. it does not work14:18
AlanBellapt-get -s build-dep gedit14:18
AlanBellbut that probably doesn't help if you have them installed14:19
ali1234yeah that only shows the ones that are not currently installed14:19
ali1234what i did was apt-get source and then look at debian/control14:19
directhexoh, hang on14:21
directhexit's showsrc14:21
directhexdoesn't list version requirements though14:22
directhexand the formatting is generally hard to machine-parse14:22
ali1234that's ok, i don't want to parse it and i don't want really care about ersions as i know the ones in the repos work14:22
ali1234i'm on a system with no -src repos configured and i want to build a package. so i can't apt-get build-dep... so i need to install dependencies manually14:23
dwatkinshey peeps, has anyone installed 12.10 on a uefi motherboard recently? We're getting a grub prompt, so I assume we need to follow this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=159929315:05
dwatkinsany suggestions welcome, though15:05
jacobwI have installed on UEFI motherboard, and there no difference to an non UEFI motherboard15:09
lubotu3UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI15:09
dwatkinshmm, i wonder why we're getting the grub prompt, then15:10
magpiewhat's the problem dwatkins?15:10
dwatkinswe get a grub prompt booting from usb to install 12.10 amd6415:11
jpdsdwatkins: Hit tab.15:13
dwatkinswe get a list of commands, jpds15:13
dwatkins'boot' fails15:13
jpdsdwatkins: live?15:13
dwatkinstrying the procedure in my link above fails at the point of loading the loopback module, saying we should disable secure boot15:14
dwatkinsso i guess we should do that ;)15:14
magpiewhen did it start happening?15:14
dwatkinsyes, trying to install from unetbootin-created usb device from the 12.10 64-bit iso15:15
dwatkinsjust trying to find the secure boot settings15:15
magpiedid you format it to fat32 and set bios to boot from usb yeah?15:19
magpie@ dwatkins15:20
directhexunetbootin doesn't support uefi15:22
dwatkinsyay we have a kernel :D15:22
directhexit has not created a uefi-capable install medium15:22
dwatkinsfollowed the instructions in my link, we now have a gui15:22
magpiedwatkins did your format to fat32?15:28
dwatkinsmagpie: yes, the usb is vfat15:45
dwatkinsonly problem now is that grub hasn't recognised that windows 7 is on the first hard disk, so we can boot windows 7 manually from the uefi, but when powering the machine on it goes straight into Ubuntu with no grub menu15:45
dwatkinsI suspect this may be because we didn't select the option to mount the partition on which windows 7 is installed during partitioning, not sure though.15:46
dwatkinsi.e. ubuntu installed ok, windows 7 still boots manually, but grub never shows the menu15:47
magpiedwatkins i think you may have forgot to change ur bios setting back?15:47
dwatkinsaha which setting do we need to change back, magpie? the secure boot one?15:49
dwatkinslooks like there are three boot records to choose from, two of which identify themselves as 'ubuntu', so presumably one is grub, the other is the newly installed OS15:51
magpieii'm not 100% certain because I haven;t had dual boot for a long time but I believe you would need to change it from the usb back to your hard disk15:51
kvarleyIs there an editor that will let me print my code with syntax highlighting and indentation?15:51
magpiethen after that it should come up with the promt you need15:51
dwatkinswe removed the usb stick to avoid possible confusion15:51
dwatkinskvarley: vi with syntax on?15:51
magpiegrub is the ubuntu boot15:52
* kvarley hates vi15:52
magpieyeah remove the usb15:52
kvarleydwatkins: Any GUI apps?15:52
magpiereboot and press f12 (usually)15:52
dwatkinsmagpie: aha, it's now showing grub's menu, although it didn't detect windows 715:52
magpiethen it will have a list of drives u can boot from as your primary boot15:52
magpiegrub won't detect it15:53
magpiegrub is the ubuntu bootloader15:53
dwatkinsI mean when the menu.lst was created during install15:53
magpieiit should be asking u whether u want to boot into grub or whatever windows bootloader is15:53
magpiehave u booted into the bios yet?15:54
magpieu need to go to the bios to check ur primary boot disk15:54
magpiethere is a much easier way to do this though with this http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/windows-installer15:56
dwatkinsno, grub doesn't have windows in the boot manu15:56
magpiegrub is not the same thing as the bios15:56
magpieassuming u partitioned ur hard drive and grub is on one partition with windows on the other yes?15:58
dwatkinspretty much - two physical disks, windows 7 on the first15:58
magpiewell i think the problem is simpler then15:59
magpieyou have two seperate hard drives each with an install on them?15:59
magpieur bios is booting into one because you have set it to primary (or that is the default)16:00
magpieI am not sure how you can set neither as default but I imagine there is a way. What make is ur motherboard, do you know?16:01
dwatkinsI imagine we probably need to re-run grub-update and get it to detect Windows 7 so it can add it to the menu.lst16:02
dwatkinsor update-grub16:03
magpiei would check the bios settings first16:03
magpieit's probably ur primary hard disk set to the hard disk with the ubuntu install on it16:04
dwatkinsyeah, we had to change the order to get the grub menu16:06
dwatkinsI'm guessing we need to install grub to /dev/sda and hope it automatically detects Windows 716:11
* directhex waits for melted computer16:12
magpiewas it not detecting windows when the windows bootloader was default you mean dwatkins?16:12
directhexinstalling grub to a partition header is a BIOS/MBR thing.16:13
directhexit explicitly does not do anyting, and may make your system unbootable, if you're on UEFI-only boot.16:13
directhexand the model with UEFI is *not* to boot windows from grub. that's not how it works16:13
directhexthe model is to hit the "select boot device" button, typically F12, and pick "Windows Boot Manager" rather than "ubuntu" from the list16:14
magpieecho directhex16:14
directhexyou can change which EFI application is the default with efibootmgr16:16
directhexif the system is booting grub before giving you the chance to hit the "select boot device" menu, then you have UEFI Fast Boot enabled (which skips a lot of initialization and jumps straight to the default application)16:19
* directhex wonders if dwatkins has read any of the above, or if he's facing the charred remains of his computer16:24
dwatkinsdirecthex: heh, just been looking in to what's in /boot/efi/efi16:27
directhexpresumably a bootx64.efi (windows boot manager)16:28
dwatkinsthanks directhex, this starts to make sense now16:29
dwatkinsthere's no 'press F12' option that I'm aware of on this motherboard, but perhaps it's obfuscated16:29
debasheezhow can i make a usb bootable windows xp in ubuntu?16:29
debasheezwill unet botin do?16:30
directhexdwatkins, maybe f2. there's definitely a key.16:30
jacobwdebasheez: I don't think so16:30
directhexdebasheez, i don't think so. i'm sure i've done it somehow, but it might have been with the MS utility in wine16:30
debasheezso how do i do that16:31
directhexbut xp is, like, 12 years old. it's not designed for fancy things16:31
dwatkinsdebasheez: no, unetbootin doesn't support XP, there are tools from Microsoft which will allow you to create a bootable USB device with XP, if I remember correctly.16:31
dwatkinsmaybe just Windows 7/Vista, I've not used it16:31
debasheezhow can i create it then/16:31
debasheezmy xp is too banged yp16:32
debasheezit does not even connect to internet....half the things dont work16:32
dwatkinsdebasheez: google ' usb boot  boot windows '?16:32
dwatkinsoops, two 'boot' but you get the idea16:32
debasheezyeah i got it16:33
dwatkinsah ok, no idea how you'd do this without internet access, I don't think it can be done from within Ubuntu.16:33
dwatkinsyou could just use Ubuntu...16:33
jacobwYou can do it from Powershell or cmd.exe, and there's Windows applications that can automate the process.16:33
debasheezwhich one16:34
jacobwI don't think you can do it without Windows utilities/helpers.16:34
debasheezwill wine do the trick?16:34
jacobwI don't know16:36
debasheezhmm lemme try16:36
debasheezthe primary bootloader is grub16:36
debasheezthen i get an option to choose windows or ubuntu16:37
dwatkinsWhat's actually the problem with XP, debasheez? Virus? Malware? BSOD?16:37
debasheezi guess its either a virus or a malware16:38
dwatkinsthere are antivirus bootable images from the likes of AVG, I believe, possibly Symantex too16:38
dwatkinsSymantec, even.16:39
debasheezi dont think the anti virus will help much16:39
debasheezthe right click does not work even16:39
dwatkinsWhat are they symptoms, debasheez?16:39
debasheezwell right click does not work16:40
debasheeznetwork properties does not open16:40
dwatkinsthat could just be a hardware problem16:40
directhexsounds like the install is just bonged16:41
directhexit happens16:41
directhexwindows degrades16:41
debasheezand i let my pc be used my noobs16:41
debasheezplugged in their infected usb16:41
debasheezand slowly the windows is unusable16:42
debasheezlet me reboot and try installing it via win 2 flash16:43
debasheezwine does not seem to work here16:43
jacobwn00bs, indeed.16:45
brobostigonnew Dr Who bbc1 6pm,16:45
Myrttisounds like a good time to go grocery shopping then16:46
MyrttiiPlayer ftw!16:47
jacobwWhoop whoop16:48
magpiecan I make a suggestion?16:49
brobostigonno spoilers?16:49
magpiedon't worry about windows you don't really need it :)16:49
dwatkinslooks like my friend is happy to just manually select the disk from the bios/efi16:57
directhexthe application, not the disk :D16:58
directhexbooting "a disk" or "a partition" is a MBR thing16:59
dwatkinsah i see, thanks - i have a lot to learn/update17:01
dwatkinsbbl, catching the bus17:01
* popey fixes bug 116816017:06
lubotu3bug 1168160 in popey "Hair cut required" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116816017:06
directhexdwatkins, basically, with BIOS, when booting the computer, there's 448 bytes (iirc) of 16-bit 8086 code near the start of the disk drive, which is executed on your 16-bit 8086. this code may contain just enough code to load more code from somewhere else on disk, or a redirect to another 448 bytes of 16 bit 8086 machine code on the header of a partition (rather than the header of an entire drive)17:14
AlanBellW: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/raring-security/multiverse/binary-i386/Packages  Cannot initiate the connection to fe80::211:3bff:fe17:c2d5:8000 (fe80::211:3bff:fe17:c2d5). - connect (22: Invalid argument)17:21
AlanBellwhy is it doing ipv6?17:22
AlanBellapt-get update isn't working because it wants to do v6 connections it seems, I can ping stuff and it pings the normal IP address just fine17:23
shaunoI don't believe security.ubuntu.com has an ipv6 address.  and it's certainly not fe80::, that's link local (eg, it's you, or the other end of the wire, and nothing else)17:24
shaunooh, they do hvae ipv6 now .. that's news to me.  but the link-local bit stands17:25
AlanBellah, might be squid-deb-proxy getting upset about something17:26
AlanBellyup, it was17:27
AlanBellhow do I tell apport to just let things crash and not be annoying?17:29
AlanBellah, /etc/default/apport17:30
* dwatkins clicks 'restart current programme' on iplayer17:31
dwatkinsdirecthex: ah yes, the two stages of grub, I assume17:32
jacobwAlanBell: Yep17:33
bigcalm_laptopGood evening peeps19:06
bigcalm_laptoppopey: mcping19:06
mungbeanhow was doctor whop compared to last week?19:13
brobostigonmungbean: miles better.19:13
mungbeanlast week getting 2/1019:13
AlanBellthe singing one was dreadful19:14
mungbeanyeah shockingly bad19:14
mungbeani didnt watch a whole series once when that tate cvame along19:15
AlanBellI like Clara19:16
brobostigonbillie piper has my preference.19:16
mungbeanthat was when the writing got stupid19:17
mJaykAfternoon all19:17
mungbeanlove/messiah/cap jack19:17
directhexthe best companion was Jamie McCrimmon.19:17
mungbeanthe bimbo boy19:17
AlanBellRiver Song was also very good, much better than Amy19:18
mungbeani just tried to open an easter egg and failed19:18
directhexBrigadier Lethbridge-Stewart?19:18
AlanBellI remember him from the books, never watched those ones19:19
AlanBellthat was the doctor that had the intertial damping car19:19
AlanBellbessie I think19:19
mungbeani joined love film purely for dr who reasons19:19
mungbeantheres a cool cybermen one wher they lost 2 episodes and animated them19:20
mungbeanbut really well19:20
directhexthey basically burned most of the second doctor19:20
directhexto save storage space19:20
mJaykmungbean: Can you get love film on Android ?19:23
mungbeanthis was 7 yrs ago and exhausted their suiuply of dr who dvd in the post19:24
mungbeanthen i cancelled after no more left to watch that i hadnt seen19:24
mJaykah okdokay19:24
lornaAnyone around tonight?19:53
bigcalm_laptopNot really19:53
bigcalm_laptopEvening anyway :)19:54
lornaEvening. How are you?19:54
bigcalm_laptopWishing for longer weekends. You?19:54
lornaLooking forward to a fairly settled Sunday.19:55
lornaHave you any plans for the rest of the weekend?19:55
Lil-|^RedOT | FYI Linode admin P/words need updating BTW. :::: || http://blog.linode.com/2013/04/12/security-notice-linode-manager-password-reset/ ||19:58
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mungbeanyes, this dr who is an improvement on last week20:30
mungbeanhow was the lanuage transation working, tardis was not in vicinity?20:31
ali1234same way it works on star trek even when they are not on the ship20:33
mungbeanusually they say, ooh tardis is nearby, the language matrix works20:33
brobostigonali1234: those are built after TOS into the communicators. in TOS they used to be seperate devices.20:34
* AlanBell thought it was the bable fish20:35
* brobostigon walks around moping like marvin.20:36
brobostigonali1234: i do believe it is babel fish.20:37
brobostigonAlanBell: i do believe it is babel fish.20:37
brobostigonsorry ali123420:37
mungbeanalso why do daleks have a strong accent but the russians have english accent20:39
brobostigonlol, same problem, why dont the daleks speal20:39
brobostigonlol, same problem, why dont the daleks speak dals spoke?20:40
brobostigonthe same language,20:40
brobostigonsame reasoning, why doesnt davros neither.?20:41
brobostigonalthough i think davros was a kaled.20:42
dwatkinsthings weren't being translated last week20:49
dwatkinswell, some things - the barking20:49
mungbeanand allons-y20:57
mungbeanmaybee dr whitelists some words20:58
mungbeanor maybe theres millions of holes in the plot every week20:59
mungbeanbut they get cute assistants to dazzle the people who might notice21:00
dwatkinsI don't mind little translation issues, perhaps the barking was an exception somehow, or the Tardis had never encountered it before. Plot holes are annoying, though.21:00
mungbeani cant help thinking that the best way to get measles is to stand in a queue with other unvaccinated kids21:01
dwatkinsHence chicken pox parties.21:01
mungbeanneeded a wee since 8pm, but sleeping baby might wake as shes on my lap..#dadproblems21:02
mungbeanall i can do is surf and watch tv21:03
dwatkinsI thought kids slept through anything.21:03
dwatkinsThere's a massive continuity failure in the film The Punisher - he gets shot, but then later on his t-shirt is fine.21:03
mungbeanonly when the bottle aint finished21:03
dwatkinsPerhaps he has a wardrobe full of them.21:03
mungbeanin a recent dr who episode, they drove out of the tardis on a motorbike/harley21:04
dwatkinsyeah, that was cool21:04
mungbeanthen as they drove away the door was shut21:04
mungbeanbut noboydy closed it21:04
dwatkinsI noticed that, he's closed the door by clicking his fingers in the past, though.21:04
dwatkinsHe should have done that then.21:04
mungbeanthey stayed on the doc the whole time21:04
dwatkinsJust a bit of a continuity failure.21:05
mungbeanyeah spoils it for me21:05
mungbeanand for the missis cos then i;m moaning21:05
dwatkinsI tend to make up some reason it happened as above, and move on.21:05
mungbeanthe main reason is cos its a kids programme21:05
dwatkinsthis is also true, yes21:06
mungbeaneveryone knows the sonic screwdriver fixes it every week21:06
dwatkinsYeah, and he can magically read all sorts of information off it and control it without it needing a keyboard.21:06
mungbeanthey do have a habit of finding the most attractive girls on telly21:07
dwatkinsI have two sonic screwdrivers, I used one to put a wardrobe together, but they don't tell me how far above or below sea level I am, sa.21:07
mungbeannext it will be the countdown girly21:07
dwatkinshaha, Carol would be great as a companion.21:07
mungbeanmy one is always out of charge when i need it most21:08
mungbeanno, rachel is the CG now21:08
dwatkinsoh righyt21:08
mungbeanthat wouls be funny though CV as dr who girl21:08
bigcalmYay, irssi proxy via firewall. Hope it stays safe21:12
bigcalmAnybody here use nut for UPS monitoring?21:12
Lil-|^RedOT | Could S -Ubuntu be called "Socotra" Release ?   ::: |   http://www.thecircumference.org/socotra-island      ::  Note:  Ignore if misguided. |21:14
Myrttiso random.21:14
dwatkinsUbuntu Scotland21:14
mungbeannahm they'll be wanting independence before long21:16
mungbeanso excited at my new airbrush delivery, have zero time to use it :(21:17
StevenRbigcalm: I used apcupsd. Was dead simple. Even wrote a script to put it into nagios :)21:22
bigcalmStevenR: I've used apcupsd with APC upses. My current UPS is by Belkin, hence needing another solution. Nut seems to support it but I'm having trouble21:23
* popey boggles21:27
* bigcalm googles21:29
* Laney gobbles21:29
bigcalmThis is confusing21:31
* dwatkins goggles21:33
* mungbean wobbles21:33
* dwatkins dabbles21:33
bigcalmSo, any UPS monitor systems that work with Belkin UPSes?21:37
popeywhat do you use a ups for?21:38
bigcalmMicroserver, cable modem, router, desktop21:39
popeyyou get a lot of power cuts?21:39
bigcalmpopey: no, but it only takes one to really tick you off21:39
bigcalmUsing the grill has the chance of throwing the power. So I have to shut everything down just in case21:40
* popey reboots into 12.0421:41
mungbeani used belkin UPS as door stops before21:42
mungbeanthey didn't work as UPS21:43
dwatkinsI'm overdue a power cut.21:46
dwatkinsI live in a block of flats that was built in the 1890s, I'm amazed I can get fast internets at-all, let alone consistent power.21:46
mungbeani just watched a video of a walrus doing situps21:54
mungbeantime to finish my internet for the day21:54
bigcalmRebooting helped22:01
dwatkinsMy home server has a built-in UPS - it's a netbook ;)22:09
popeybug 116701922:09
lubotu3bug 1167019 in linux (Ubuntu) "wifi packet loss on intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 " [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116701922:09
popey_so_ annoying22:09
* Lil-|^Red draws his pillow at : penguin42 ,& the angry mob . [OT] http://youtu.be/cOIXmhBh1rY?t=2s 22:11
Lil-|^Redboom \o/22:11
popeythat's getting as annoying22:12
shaunowho broke him?22:12
mungbeanpopey: had a similar bug on centrino 6230 with certain APs22:13
mungbeanended up with a workaroud that disabling wifi power saving via powertop fixed it \o.22:13
* popey tries that22:13
mungbeanalthough it was only manifested on certain APs22:13
popeythis never used to be an issue22:14
mungbeanour work wifi is all aruba controllers. when they upgraded their firmware i \o/22:14
popeygot worse with 13.04 kernels22:14
mungbeani'm suffering a gpu lockup issue that loads of people getting22:14
popeywireless power saving is already off it seems22:14
mungbeanbug 114071622:14
lubotu3bug 1140716 in linux-lts-quantal (Ubuntu Precise) "[regression] 3.5.0-26-generic and 3.2.0-39-generic GPU hangs on Sandybridge" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/114071622:14
mungbeangone from system lockup->hard reboot required, to 10 sec GPU hang, and then recover working22:15
mungbeanafter installed 3.5 kernel22:15
penguin42very few people seem to really understand that stuff22:19
mungbeancute feature in chrome. start typing ebay.co.uk in the url bar, then press tab while doing it22:22
mungbeane.g type eb-tab-kindle22:22
popey   mungbean i think you're right22:29
popeyi might try 12.04 with the older kernel22:29
popeylooks like 12.04 shipped with 3.2..22:30
* popey looks for a 12.04 iso22:32
popeyhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/release/ wins22:33
popeymaybe not22:33
popey12.04.2 there22:33
penguin42popey: It's surprisingly hard to find iso's on ubuntu.com these days22:33
popeyeven  http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/ has 12.04.122:34
popeyoh, no it doesnt22:34
popeyit lies22:34
popeyit says .1 at the top22:35
* popey wgets http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/12.04/ubuntu-12.04-desktop-amd64.iso while network is working22:35
penguin42I would appreciate it if you could get someone to fix it22:36
popeywell, anyone could do what I'm doing22:37
popeytrying to find out at what kernel version it broke22:37
penguin42http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/ might help22:38
penguin42popey: Yeh, but finding the isos is way too hard these days22:38
popeyyeah, been doing that22:38
dwatkinsooh, I can boot my Mac from USB, that wasn't possible with Ubuntu before afaik.22:40
dwatkinsIt got very warm whilst I was typing in insmod commands to the grub prompt.22:41
popeytrying to just find an old iso which actually works before updating22:41
* popey dd's an iso to usb22:41
dwatkinsdon't forget the bs22:42
shaunoI'm pretty sure the bs option is only there to annoy bsd users :/22:45
penguin42popey: Without bb you end up doing 512byte read/writes and it's slow as heck22:46
penguin42popey: Use bs=1M and it speeds up nicely22:46
popey732213248 bytes (732 MB) copied, 267.068 s, 2.7 MB/s22:47
* popey reboots into retrobuntu22:47
shaunoannoying trivia .. gnu's dd takes bs=1M, and complains 1m isn't a number.  bsd's dd takes bs=1m, and complains 1M isn't a number.22:48
penguin42oh that's annoying22:48
penguin42shauno: Submit patches for both?22:49
shaunothanks to some variation of murphy's law, I'm positive I get the wrong case more often than I don't22:49
penguin42well yeh, if you have a pair of confusing things like that you're bound to22:50
* popey uses Linux ubuntu 3.2.0-23-generic for a bit22:50
Seeker`penguin42: patches to both to swap them round?22:51
penguin42Seeker`: Haha no!22:52
penguin42Seeker`: To let you use either m or M on either; of course they'll each object that the other is wrong22:52
Seeker`just to really confuse the people that have currnetly managed to remember which way round it is :P22:52
* Seeker` ponders getting up / staying up to watch the F1 at 6am22:53
penguin426am doesn't happen on Sundays22:53
Seeker`it might do for F122:54
Seeker`followed by a looooooong nap22:54
* popey installs from one usb stick to another22:54
* popey installs using btrfs for the crack22:54
popeyubiquity crashed22:55
penguin4212.04 you're using? (not .1 or .2 ?)22:55
* dwatkins credits popey 22:55
penguin42I think you're supposed to be able to put the old harrdware layer on the newer 12.0422:56
popeyyes, 12.0422:56
mungbeanwhen everyone's on btrfs maybe ubuntu can have better snapshotting / system point in time restores22:57
penguin42popey: Yeh ok, I doubt you'll get much excitement for anyone to fix it in plain 12.0422:57
popeythats not the goal22:57
popeythe goal is to find when it broke22:58
=== SavageWolf_ is now known as SavageWolf
popeyi want to start from a working machine22:58
mungbeanwhich is the way to find the bug22:58
penguin42popey: I'd just roll the kernel back (although they might also want the firmware rolling back?)22:58
mungbeanaren't there old kernels kicking around on your grub list?22:58
popeypenguin42: i know, thats not what i want to do22:59
popeyi want to start from a working point22:59
penguin42ah, ok23:00
popeyhmm, ubiquity crashed formatting ext4 too23:00
popeythis is not good23:00
popeyubi-usersetup crashed23:00
penguin42popey: Try 12.04.123:00
popeyits still formatting and copying files23:00
ali1234if you want to find where it broke why are you not testing mainline kernels?23:01
mungbeanpopey is the 1 man wrecking ball23:01
popey"try again" worked23:01
popeyali1234: i will23:01
popeyonce I get a known good state23:02
popeywhich 12.04 seems to be so far23:02
ali1234bisecting across branches isn't fun23:02
ali1234you'll need to go back to the 3.2.x that the ubuntu kernel is based on and test that23:03
popeyalthough getting significant packet loss with 3.2, but not enough to drop my ssh connection it seems23:04
popey Host                                Loss%   Snt   Last   Avg  Best  Wrst StDev23:04
popey 1.                      33.4%   887    7.6   8.4   4.0 131.1   9.723:04
mungbeanhumour me by checking the wifi power saving again?23:04
popeyi have an mtr running. and its showing packet loss going up, but this ssh session is surviving23:05
popeymungbean: can i check that without powertop?23:05
popeyi dont want to apt-get anything while ubiquity is installing23:06
popey(on a live cd)23:06
ali1234you can poke around in /sys23:06
ali1234if you can figure out what the numbers and letters mean23:06
mungbeanmaybe iwconfig23:06
mungbeaniw wlan0 set power_save on23:06
=== graingert_ is now known as graingert
popeyi dont want to set, i want to query surely?23:06
popey          Power Management:off23:07
popey(from iwconfig)23:07
mungbeanoff for me, let me check powertop agrees23:07
popeyI'll reboot to 13.04 in a bit when this install finishes to see what the setting is there23:08
mungbeanpowertop says "BAD" so seems to agree PS is off23:08
popeythats what it said for me earlier23:08
popeyoh dear. ubiquity shows tweets with & instead of &23:11
dwatkinsThaat's just <silly&gr;23:12
penguin42why does ubiquity show tweets at all?23:12
popeybecause its the last slide23:12
popeynothing else to look at, lets promote ubuntu :D23:12
SavageWolfHmm... People, what is your "impulsive first impression" of my username handle thing?23:19
popeyReminds me of an old sinclair spectrum game23:20
popeybut the name escapes me23:20
popeyguess my brain is mixing it up with SabreWulf23:20
SavageWolfI keep thinking it's too "violent" or something... o_O23:20
popeychange it to SavagePony23:20
SavageWolfAlso, the input field seems to have bad kerning...23:21
mungbeanby bug byte if i recall23:21
popeyalso there was a gave made by Savage something.. might just have been Savage23:22
popeywhich had giant sprites23:22
popeyvery colourful23:22
popey(for a speccy)23:22
SavageWolfI never grew up with any of those games consoles computer things, annoyingly.23:23
SavageWolfAnyway, I worry that my username will give a bad "first impression" about me, and stuff like that. Especially to future potential employers and such like.23:25
SavageWolfSince I use this name for everything.23:25
popeyis it your email address & IM too ?23:25
popeyi.e. is it on your CV?23:26
shaunoheh, nothing cracks me up like seeing xXepicbaby94Xx@hotmail.com on a CV23:26
popeyand do you care what a potential employer thinks? I mean, depends on what your job is really.23:26
popeyif you were a game dev then not so much23:26
SavageWolfI have two email addresses, one of them is my real name which I use for "professional" things.23:26
popeyas many as two!23:26
SavageWolfAnd I intend to make games and whatnot.23:27
SavageWolfMy personal website thing is essentially my username.23:27
popey\o/ install finished, reboot time23:28
SavageWolfThough I was thinking of making a portfolio site thing where I go "here is what I have made" which uses my real name.23:28
mungbeanlike github?23:28
SavageWolfI have a github, and my username there is "SavageWolf".23:28
popey\o/ back in 13.0423:29
popey          Power Management:off23:29
popeymungbean: ^23:29
mungbeanwas on by defaulr my centrino 623923:29
popeynetwork droped a second after you said that23:30
popeydrops for ~1 min23:30
mungbeandmesg says?23:31
mungbeanturn off your microwave23:31
SavageWolfIt would be so awesome if in syslog there was a line saying "Microwave detected, please turn off microwave before retrying.".23:32
popeygot something in dmesg, not super useful23:32
mJaykYou dont have a new neighbour do you ? using the same wireless channel23:32
popeyit cant be that, i can boot to a different kernel and itsfine23:34
mJaykdo the different kernels use different drivers @ all ?23:35
popeygah, this is pissing me off too much now. going to bed23:36
popeycompletely unusable, will test more tomorrow nn all23:36
SavageWolfI should stop being concerned with what others think of my username, I suppose.23:42
shaunointrospection and 1am tends to end up in a bottle of whisky23:45
SavageWolfIt's not introspection, it's paranoia.23:45
SavageWolfAnyway, I should go sleep, yes.23:46
penguin42Net Upgrade Size:       -155.98 MiB   hmm23:51
penguin42oops, wrong channel23:51

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