derekvi wasn't really crazy about the last two dr episodes00:48
derekvbut I'm a sucker for disapointment00:48
snap-lyeah, i thinkthisseasonisgoingtobeastinker03:04
snap-lwell, i need to use the space bar03:04
snap-lGood morning, fellow Earth travellers14:41
brouschit is snowing14:47
snap-lEither it's brilliant, or stupid. Cannot determine which15:10
brouschsnap-l: fucking brilliant20:59
brouschThe ability to disable a toy from anywhere20:59
brouschTo find a remote stuck in the VCR21:00
tony-smlrSMLR is live now!  Video: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB0VMOf9Kw53CMh9bl4X5nA?v=lqJjdPX9pSY , Audio: http://live.smlr.us:8000/streaming23:03
snap-lI <3 the Salvation Army.23:14
snap-lPicked up a disc on a lark (Ivan Moravec plays Chopin). Didn't know who he was prior (I'm a luddite some times), but apparently he's regarded as one of the foremost interpreters of Chopin.23:15
snap-lAlso found an Astor Piazzolla recording with Astor Piazzolla performing his own work.23:16
brouschI have no idea what you're talking about23:58

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