bkerensaslangasek: do we have a authoritative page for instructions on install Ubuntu alongside Windows 8?00:15
slangasekbkerensa: why should Windows 8 be special?01:40
bkerensaslangasek: someone was asking on the PLUG mailing list and was concerned about trying to install Ubuntu on their new Thinkpad and voiding their warranty and if it didnt work they would be out of luck01:41
slangasekthat doesn't really answer the question I asked01:41
bkerensaso I was seeking to reassure them but didn't know if we had a reliable wiki covering UEFI support01:41
slangasekUbuntu is Just Works™ on all supported hardware; no specific instructions for Windows 8 / UEFI01:42
bkerensaslangasek: I understand that but convincing others is another thing.... There is a quantity of FUD out there especially on LUG mailing lists where people are having distro measuring contests and spread misinformation01:43
bkerensaslangasek: this was the thread and I replied two messages down http://lists.pdxlinux.org/pipermail/plug/2013-April/077895.html01:44
slangasekwell, I can't offer any reassurance that Ubuntu is going to install on any particular piece of hardware that I haven't tested01:45
slangasekbut he can search for his system here: https://friendly.ubuntu.com/01:45
bkerensaslangasek: yeah its not listed there or on the Ubuntu Certified list01:47
bkerensaoh well01:47
slangasekhis warranty concerns are certainly misplaced01:47
slangasekbut I'm not going to try to convince him of that01:47
slangasekeh... I'm only one of the developers who worked on UEFI support :-P01:48
slangasekfeh, why does https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI point to "Linux-Secure-Remix" first?01:49
bkerensaslangasek: idk... ahh someone else helped you add the support? I thought you did the work on the Ubuntu side of things01:49
slangasekit's not a one-man show01:50
bkerensawell yeah01:50
bkerensaI know matthew garret made the shim for fedora01:50
slangasekColin Watson gets most of the props01:50
bkerensaI thought you just forked it... changed it and implemented it01:50
slangasek"Notifications sent to: yannubuntu"01:54
slangasekah, of course01:54
slangasek... the creator of Linux-Secure-Remix :P01:55
slangasekgah, help.ubuntu.com is such a ghetto01:56
slangasekreally loving that the page tells users "oh Secure Boot might not work, here's how you disable it", let me tell ya02:02
slangasekgreat, yeah, just tell the users to disable secure boot without talking to the developers about a feature being broken that we believe is working perfectly02:02

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