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Kilosmorning all06:49
magespawngood morning early birds07:46
* magespawn nudges Kilos and Squirm07:47
Squirmhi magespawn 07:47
Squirmto all ye linode users07:48
Kiloshi there magespawn 07:50
magespawnhey hey07:50
magespawnSquirm: did they get hacked or something?07:51
KilosMaaz: define hey07:52
MaazKilos: Hey \Hey\, a. [See {High}.] High. [Obs.] --Chaucer. [1913 Webster], Hey \Hey\, interj. [OE. hei; cf. D. & G. hei.] 1. An exclamation of joy, surprise, or encouragement. --Shak. [1913 Webster]  2. A cry to set dogs on. --Shak. [1913 Webster]07:52
magespawnwell i am not setting the dogs on you07:53
Kilostoo many yankee movies07:57
Kiloshey dude07:57
magespawnKilos apparently 8ta is going live with LTE in april07:57
Kiloswhat is lte magespawn 07:57
magespawnor "good day" *said with oz type accecent*07:58
magespawnblazingingly fast speed07:58
Kilosabout time 8ta is at its slowest since i started using it07:58
Kilostook 5 hours to get 400m last night07:59
magespawnwow 07:59
Kilosneed to fone them on monday and rev them07:59
Kilosused to get up to 300 kB/s07:59
Squirmmagespawn: uh07:59
Kiloslast night must been around 50 kB/s08:00
Squirmyes they still decided to reset passwords08:00
Squirmjust to make users nervous08:00
magespawnahh well that is 'good' security practice08:00
KilosMaaz: tell mazal why you pop in and out?08:33
MaazKilos: Righto, I'll tell mazal on freenode08:33
Kiloswonder where he has been08:33
Kilosvery busy he will say08:33
Kilosmagespawn: where did you hear the 8ta news09:04
magespawnzatech show podcast09:09
magespawnapparently they are going to have 1000 base stations with lte so will cover a much larger area than any of the other networks09:10
Kiloshows 8ta doing there by you?09:11
magespawnit is not09:11
Kiloscomplain man09:12
magespawnthey have no dedicated towers here and mtn is already overloaded in town09:13
Kilosif there is an mtn tower near then they build onto it09:13
Kilosbut here 8ta actually put their own equipment onto the mtn tower09:13
Kilosso it aint roaming 09:13
magespawnvodacom in town is about the best, about 18kms out of town towards sodwana mtn is the best09:14
Kiloswhere do you stay in relation to town09:14
Kilosthat tiny place09:14
magespawnabout 5km out but well within range of the vodacom 3G tower09:15
Kiloswhich direction?09:15
magespawntowards sodwana09:16
magespawnbut that is 5 road kms 09:16
Kilosso straight through on the main road 09:16
magespawnfrom the tower probable about 1-3 kms09:16
magespawnlet me get a map09:17
Kilosah similar to here but mine is an mtn 8ta tower and the voda peeps moved their equpment  off this tower to their own about 5 ks away09:18
magespawnhttp://goo.gl/maps/AlTf8 where the hluhluwe airport is marked the houses to the left is where i stay09:23
Kilosyou even have an airport?09:24
magespawngrass strip09:25
Kilosai! i battle to work that map thing09:30
Kiloseverything so tiny and when i zoom i end up somewhere else09:30
magespawnnot too serious09:32
magespawnnew server on the p3 up and running, fully updated09:33
Kiloslekker works good hey09:33
Kilosp3's still have their uses09:33
Kilosnot having a gui makes a diffs09:34
magespawnindeed going to have learn how to use samba09:43
Squirmmagespawn: it's not that bad11:01
Cantideo hai~11:03
Kiloshi charl Cantide 11:09
CantideKilos, '-'/11:09
Kiloslo Vince-0 11:23
Vince-0Hi Kilos 11:25
Vince-0Lekka dag here11:25
Kilosbit cool here11:27
charlgood afternoon11:45
charlhi Kilos 11:45
magespawnhey Vince-0 charl11:48
magespawnno do not think so Squirm, just something new11:49
magespawnKilos have another pc with an amd 980mhz chip and a nvidia card11:50
charlhi magespawn 11:51
Kilosgood magespawn make it work too11:52
Kilosfaster than a p3 i think11:52
magespawnit is, just put some extra memory in it11:52
magespawna little yes11:52
Kilosdoes it help putting money into a pc11:53
Kilosnot better to get parts for it and put them in?11:54
magespawnhad only 128 now up to 256mb ram11:55
magespawnbut it has no network card, so i will have to add that in12:13
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theblazehenhi Kilos 14:11
Kiloshi theblazehen 14:20
Kiloswhats news by you14:20
Kilosmeeting monday evening hey14:21
theblazehennot much. I know14:21
theblazehenordered a couple vps's a few days ago14:21
theblazehenmining litecoin on them14:21
Kilosmagespawn: you still at work?14:21
magespawnyup but busy studying14:22
Kilosah sorry14:22
magespawnno worries14:22
magespawnaudio so i can type and listen to the lecture as the same time14:23
magespawntheblazehen: read an article that basically said that was not worth while14:23
magespawncost of vp versus value of litecoins gained14:24
theblazeheni ake about $1 a month14:25
SquirmI'd rather mine Bitcoin14:26
magespawnthe dollar value of those are like a yoyo14:29
SquirmI'm running dd, copying a partition to another partition. do you think it'll work?14:30
magespawnwhy not?14:30
Squirmor do I have to align partition tables or something14:30
magespawnshould work fine14:30
theblazehenSquirm, I convert it to BTC14:30
magespawndo not know about that14:31
theblazehenbut LTC is ore efficient on cpu14:31
Squirmdd if=/dev/sda4 of=/dev/sdb1 bs=1M14:31
magespawntheblazehen: are litecoins easier to mine14:31
magespawnlooks okay to me but inetpro would know more14:31
theblazehenmagespawn, less beginner friendly, but easy enough. If you only have a cpu available you make about 10x more profit14:31
magespawnmmm might take a look then14:32
magespawnhave a few spare pcs to dedicate14:32
SquirmI'm busy pulling bit together to put up a little CentOS server14:34
SquirmI really, really would like an HP Microserver though14:34
theblazehenmagespawn,  build minerd from these instructions: https://www.litecoinpool.org/help then register at http://ltc.nushor.net/ you can then run the miner with ./minerd -o http://ltc.nushor.net:8998 -u $name_of_worker,defaults_to_username.x -p $password,defaultis_x14:35
magespawncool ty theblazehen14:35
Squirmtheblazehen: what's the CPU usage like?14:36
theblazehenSquirm, as high as you let it14:36
theblazehenbut you can always run it with nice14:36
SquirmI mean, thinking of running it in the background or something14:36
theblazehenDo it al the time on my netbook14:37
theblazehenyou can see their status on theblazehen.com14:37
Squirmmy office machine is up all the time14:37
theblazehenSquirm, good14:37
Squirmand the current exchange rate?14:38
theblazehen$1.8 per LTC14:38
magespawnSquirm: one of these http://is.gd/6QtICy ?14:39
Squirmmagespawn: yes14:39
theblazehenltc/usd is 2.5500280914:40
magespawnmmm i have ooggling those for awhile too14:40
Squirmmagespawn: small form factor, low electricity consumption, quiet14:40
magespawnthey are relatively cheep too14:44
Squirmyes they are. But I can't afford to get something like that. It'll sit and I dunno what it will do14:46
magespawncool just finished my n+ course material15:19
charlnaas botha?15:37
magespawnanyway home time now, later all15:44
charlgood evening all17:51
charli had a very interesting week17:51
charlhad to figure out how to package oracle java for ubuntu17:51
charlended up being a complete mess17:51
charli need to find a bug report or submit one myself if i can't find it17:52
charltook me a whole day just to come up with a functional package17:52
charland still not sure if it's perfect17:52
inetprogood evening18:14
charlhi inetpro 18:16
charlhi smile4ever 18:16
smile4everhi charl :)18:19
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kbmonkeygreets fellows and lassies18:28
charlhi kbmonkey 18:29
charljust finished watching death race 318:29
charlmost of it has been shot in south africa18:29
kbmonkeyhi charl :) cool I have not seen that yet.18:30
kbmonkeyI've got the Devil's Rejects for later18:30
kbmonkeyhow was it?18:31
charlit was a typical action movie but very good18:33
Kiloslo inetpro kbmonkey charl Trix[a]r_za 18:33
Kilosand smile4ever 18:33
charlhi again Kilos 18:34
kbmonkeyhello Kilos 18:36
Kiloshows my monkey18:36
smile4everand Kilos :p18:36
kbmonkeyook ook18:36
smile4everbyeee :)18:38
magespawnevening all18:48
charlwb magespawn 18:48
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:04
Kilosdont forget mondays meet19:04
kbmonkeyman I'm getting hungry again. :)19:08
Squirmplayback never worked :/19:08
Squirmif someone has tried to contact me in the last 4 hours, please state your claim19:08
Squirmmy ZNC usually plays back what I've missed in the channel19:21
charloh i see19:28
charli run irssi inside a screen session on a server so i can just ssh and reattach and use the page up key19:28
charlmany years ago i used psybnc though19:29
Squirmcharl: yeah, not a fan of irssi though. still like some of my gui stuff19:34
Squirmthought of that. haven't seen it though. I like xChat :)19:35
charlam the opposite of that, i like to try and do as much possible at the console/command line19:35
charli'm busy transitioning from kde to i3 though19:36
charlTonberry_: http://i3wm.org/19:37
magespawni am just getting used to kde19:38
charli have used kde now for 13 years, time for a change19:39
charlnot constantly though, i have been on gnome and openbox for a while too19:39
magespawnmmm indeed, i have not even been using linux that long19:41
Squirmcharl: fine, I use the cli as much as possible as well. Am doing my RHCE exam next month. But on a desktop, I like certain things to be gui based19:45
charlrhce - they still have that? interesting19:56
charlit used to be quite a big thing some time ago19:56
charlhaven't heard of it much the last few years though19:56
charli think it's because most people moved away from redhat but it still gets used in many companies19:57
Squirmcharl: if not RedHat then something like CentOS. Or any linux distro. The concepts pretty much stay the same. The packages are pretty much available across all distros19:57
charlyeah even oracle linux uses the same packages, also based on redhat19:58
charlsame as what ubuntu is based on debian19:58
SquirmCentOS = RedHat19:59
Squirmit's a package for package clone19:59
SquirmRH is still opensource, so the CentOS guys just compile the RH packages with the CentOS logos, etc20:00
magespawnand the linux certification is based on CentOS20:00
charlhahaha, i wonder why people still use redhat then, perhaps just for support20:00
Squirmyeah, it's the support you pay for20:00
Squirmwhich is meant to be pretty good20:00
SquirmI enjoy RH20:01
Lil-|^Red~OT |Meanwhile in Nigeria ^_^ :::::::: || http://motherlandnigeria.com/games/ayo.html :::: END20:01
Squirmvery clean distro20:01
charlobvious spam is obvious20:02
Vince-0ya wot, 20:02
charlabout redhat, we also use it at work, but considering we never make use of the support, i wonder why20:02
Vince-0dunno why anyone would spam that20:02
magespawnbit like running into a room shouting a word or sentance and then running out20:02
magespawncharl: maybe because it is proven20:03
Squirmmagespawn: CentOS = RedHat20:03
Squirmexcept without the support20:03
charlmagespawn: proven? :)20:03
charlcentos is also pretty proven imho20:04
Vince-0ya most software is tested with Centos20:04
charli used centos for the first time probably like 7 years back20:04
Vince-0Scientific Linus is binary compatible with RH i think20:04
Squirmcause it's RedHat :p20:04
SquirmVince-0: probably cause it's based on CentOS20:05
charllots of people use fedora instead, but afaik fedora is much more on the cutting edge20:07
charlso you perhaps get less stability20:07
charlbut you do get newer versions of the software quicker20:07
SquirmI didn't enjoy Fedora20:08
magespawncharl: as in all those other people use it so it must be okay for us20:08
Squirmit broke easily20:08
Squirmfelt... clunky20:08
charlcan't say i have had much negative experience with fedora myself20:08
charlthe only thing i had was some issues with graphics card drivers on nvidia but that's nothing out of the ordinary20:08
charli had to replace nouveau with some binary drivers but that was a number of years ago20:09
SquirmI'd definitely have CentOS/RH as a server. I am really enjoying Mint MATE on my desktop20:09
charli assume nouveau is up to scratch now20:09
charli use ubuntu 12.10 for both desktop and server now, although at work i mostly run the latest lts release 12.04 on servers20:10
charlbut for my personal server i try and stay on the latest release20:11
charlit's nice running exactly the same on both desktop and server because all the packages are the same etc20:11
charlat work you obviously don't "just" upgrade servers :)20:11
Squirmwe were running Fedora, squid was unstable, the server was unstable. After I went on the RH course, I asked if I could test CentOS, just to see if it helped20:14
Squirmwe haven't had a problem yet20:14
magespawni try to keep all my stuff on LTS, but the desktops in the shop are on 12.1020:14
Vince-0I run Fedora17 at work laptop which is pretty usable without graphics, Centos on servers20:14
Vince-0I've takend a liking to Enlightenment DE20:14
magespawnahh the wonders of open source choice20:15
Squirmso many choices20:15
Squirmso many preferences20:15
magespawnawesome stuff20:15
Vince-0see Google's recent fork of Webkit as Blink?20:15
Vince-0gonna get more choice in browsers20:16
SquirmI may stick to Chrome20:16
Squirmwaiting for my Nexus 4. Then I can sync everything to my phone as well :P20:17
Vince-0not to mention the recent forks made for Ubuntu graphics 'nstuff20:17
Vince-0yaa chrome is nice for that20:17
Vince-0the only thing it lacks is a decent tab grouper20:17
SquirmFirefox does it too20:17
Squirmhmm, tab grouper20:17
Squirminteresting idea.20:18
Vince-0too many tabs, firefox just puts em in boxes and remembers it for next time20:18
Squirmmeh. I have to install windows on a machine. but cause i'm home I only have 1 set of everything20:19
Squirmand my laptop isn't here20:19
Squirmwell, parents place20:19
Squirmso bbl20:21
Vince-0please excuse the long URL, my firefox tabs20:23
Vince-0chrome add-ons claim to do group tabs but naay20:25
magespawnwow thought  i used a lot, but i have never had that happen20:25
Vince-0I like to keep em open for particular subjects20:26
kbmonkeywow Vince-0, that is insane. I have no more than 5 at any time20:26
Vince-0oh, kinda replaced bookmarks and just keep em there so I can see where I was last at20:27
kbmonkeyholy crud, it's past dinner time XD20:27
Vince-0yar its like almost midnight snack time20:27
kbmonkeyI'm a sucker for minimalism. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/18686471/images/2013-04-13.22341365885296.png20:38
kbmonkeygoing to catch up on chow...20:40
charlkbmonkey: which desktop environment is that?20:47
charlalso looks like some tiling implementation20:47
magespawnlater all, bed time, good night all20:49
charlnn magespawn 20:49
Squirmpc is up and running21:12
Vince-0charl, think its openbox21:52
Vince-0or not, I can't remember21:58

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