pleia2no added apps or changes00:00
genii-aroundAh, OK. I'm on Kubuntu 13.04 but changed wallpapers, etc00:00
* pleia2 nods00:00
pleia2I'll just toss it on a VM :)00:00
pleia2I think I need a nap while these download00:01
knomepleia2, i guess you're not awake anymore ;)09:22
knomeochosi, there's a slight problem with the lightdm theme, but only a slight...11:09
knomeochosi, if you have two users who both have same *realname* there's no way to make a difference between them11:09
knomepleia2, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/marketing_magazine11:27
knomepeople with twitter, please retweet https://twitter.com/Xubuntu/status/32304562118132531212:11
lderanknome, is this how you wanted the top of the moin output to be http://paste.ubuntu.com/5704563/12:26
knomelderan, that looks great :)12:30
pleia2knome: these are going to be in a magazine, so they'll show up pretty small, think you can make some of your shots so they'll shrink well?14:22
pleia2like xubuntu-autostart.png probably want to make it smaller14:22
pleia2I'm thinking we just want the application, not the whole desktop14:22
pleia2are you good with the articles? I'll send them off in a bit when I'm more awake if so :)14:23
* pleia2 just got up for some water14:23
lderanknome, even more progress for you to check :P http://paste.ubuntu.com/5704881/14:32
lderanknome, also is this how you would like #info and #actions to be formatted in the summary? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5704946/14:56
lsdmaHi to all, Newbie at testing here. Iv'e got just a short question: while testing a Live Session all went fine except a game (gnome-sudoku) not starting. Shall i report it as failed, because the Testcase was not fullfilled? And if so shall i put that Bug into the critical Bug field?  15:14
holsteinlsdma: what test case? from the qa tracker?15:15
holsteinlsdma: if it didnt pass, then, it didnt pass... is there a bug already?15:16
lsdmayepp 112435615:16
holsteinlsdma: sounds like you are doing it right15:17
skellatLP Bug #112435615:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1124356 in gnome-games (Ubuntu) "gnome-sudoku crashed with NotImplementedError in __init__(): Setting properties of type 'GdkEventMask' is not implemented" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/112435615:19

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