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xubuntu848I'm having an awful time trying to install Xubuntu on a computer from 200206:50
SunStarany specific error messages?06:50
xubuntu848It has 512 mbs of ram, and runs Windows XP just fine06:50
SunStarwhere ya stuck?06:50
xubuntu848I go through BIOS to load the CD up, and after about 5 minutes of the Xubuntu logo and the blue bar going back and forth06:50
xubuntu848It just lapses into a black screen, and then displays a tonne of messages06:51
xubuntu848All beginning with 'Starting' or 'Stopping' different commands / protocols06:51
xubuntu848All have [ok] listed down the opposite side06:52
xubuntu848Except for "Stopping cold plug devices"06:52
ubuntufan123did you take a 32bit xubuntu-cd-image for that install?06:53
ubuntufan123I guess the 64 bit won't boot on the pc you describe, sorry if you did that already06:54
xubuntu848I took the 32 bit image06:55
ubuntufan123That's strange then, have you tried pressing Ctrl+Alt+F1 to go to a terminal?06:56
xubuntu848I'll give it a shot06:58
xubuntu848I just got a tonne of 'Authentication Error' messages in a stack06:58
SunStarseems some one came across this issue befor and fixed it. this is his journey: http://stephen.rees-carter.net/thinkpad-l520-ubuntu/11-04/06:58
xubuntu848about 10 of them06:58
poisoned_dragonDoes anyone know how to change the theme to LightDM in Xubuntu? I wanna see if I can find something better than greybird.07:44
baizonpoisoned_dragon: http://askubuntu.com/questions/75755/how-to-change-the-lightdm-theme-greeter07:47
no7870any xubuntu developers here?07:47
baizonno7870: there are always xubuntu devs here, just ask your question07:48
no7870I'm patient, and not a newbie linux user. I found a real problem.07:48
no7870here it goes07:49
poisoned_dragonThanks, baizon. However, I've seen that page already. It does't cover how to change the theme. It's a case of, "everything, but the kitchen sink."07:50
no7870I dualbooted linux with an AMD 5570 card, with a fresh install of xubuntu where it re-partitioned the drive, everything worked great, was watching youtubes, even with my usb logitech headset07:50
no7870then I upgraded my power supply and my video card to an amd 7870 and rebooted. xubuntu lost its sound07:50
no7870after googling myself to death for 3 hours and trying different things to get my sound back, I finally gave up07:51
no7870I reinstalled xubuntu again07:51
no7870figuring the default install with my new 7870 amd video card would work out07:51
baizonpoisoned_dragon: change this line in /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf : theme-name=Bluebird07:52
baizonno7870: i think your default sound change to your graphicscard output07:53
poisoned_dragonSo, what qualifies as a usable theme in lightdm? Does it have to be gtk3?07:53
baizonhave you checked that?07:53
poisoned_dragonI saw that line, I just wanted to be sure it was that easy.07:53
no7870I just printed that recommendation and will do that and come back07:53
poisoned_dragonOh, is the built in card using hdmi?07:53
no7870btw, I really love xubuntu developers who want to hear user feedback like this, especially late at night. it makes linux great07:54
no7870should I leave and try the /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf right now07:55
no7870could it be that simple?07:55
baizonpoisoned_dragon: http://www.mattfischer.com/blog/?p=507:55
no7870it boggles my mind on how video should have anything to do with sound07:55
baizonno7870: that was the answer for poisoned_dragon07:56
baizonno7870: install pavucontrol and check the settings there07:56
poisoned_dragonSorry for the cross talk, no7870. :)07:57
no7870thanks :)07:57
baizonno7870: if your output is set for your sound card or the HDMI output07:57
no7870I've got 4 different computers in my office here, I'm going to reboot this machine back into ubuntu and rejoin IRC on a second machine07:58
no7870to be honest, I'm not one to ask for help easily. :P  I rather RTFM first. :) heheh07:58
no7870ok, brb07:58
no7870ok, on console #2 different computer, can you see me?08:01
no7870ok doing reboot on computer #108:01
no7870to be honest I'm running 12.04, I know 12.10 is out, but I didn't see anything in the changelog saying anything significant that would make a difference between a raden 7870 and killing the sound from a fresh install08:03
no7870ok booted up. right away my desktop complains about a crash about /usr/bin/blueman-applet08:04
no7870please send me that config edit again08:05
no7870oh wait, I printed it sec08:05
no7870I was told:08:06
poisoned_dragonStill not finding info specific to themes in lightdm, baizon. It's just going to have to be trial and error.08:06
no7870going to edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm-gtk-greeter.conf08:07
poisoned_dragonI just know that the theme lightdm uses is based on gtk308:07
poisoned_dragonSo, I'll have to find those kinds of themes.08:07
no7870changing theme-name from Greybird-lightdm to Bluebird08:08
poisoned_dragonI don't want Bluebird.08:09
no7870no, still dead. :( I can give root access to my machine while I figure this out. the weird thing is that lsamixer sees my usb headset fine, just Xfce is oblivious08:12
no7870anyone willing to SSH in and take a peek?08:12
Myrttiyou shouldn't really do that08:17
no7870I know08:17
no7870just weird how a fresh install of 12.04 xbuntu with a radeon 7870 kills sound08:18
no7870I'm on a limb. I've helped a lot of other ppl other ways. just looking for someone interest in xubuntu who is a developer looking to see whats up08:19
no7870you're right though Myrtti08:19
poisoned_dragonI wish I could help, but my Xubuntu install uses an intel chip.08:19
no7870but to be honest, doesn't it seem weird that sound issues change with a different GPU08:20
no7870that doesn't make sense to me08:20
poisoned_dragonI've avoided using Linux with an AMD or Nvidia chip, in order to make installation and use easy.08:20
poisoned_dragonIt depends on where you were getting your sound from, no787008:20
no7870on the taskbar up top, I see a speaker with three dots, it's unavailable08:21
poisoned_dragonI meant hardware wise.08:22
Tm_Tno7870: radeon and sound issues, could it be that sounds are pushed to hdmi?08:22
poisoned_dragonIs it a separate sound chip with a headphone port, or is it hdmi?08:22
no7870but if I go into the terminal and run alsamixer, I can choose F6 and pick device 1 = Logitech USB Headset08:22
Tm_TI had that issue with some radeon at one point08:22
no7870Its a USB headset with its own built in sound device apparently logitech is good that way08:23
Tm_Tno7870: yeah, you have to find a way to disable hdmi sound entirely quite possibly in order to it work properly08:23
Tm_Tthat was my experience anyway08:23
no7870true. my dmesg said "too many HDMI devices" --  think what you are saying is close that08:23
no7870I thought HDMI was strictly video -- apparently not08:23
no7870I have onboard integrated HDMI and now the 7870 brought 2 more08:24
poisoned_dragonNo, HDMI pipes video and audio. That's why when you plug it into a tv, there's no set of audio cables to connect.08:25
no7870interesting. its the HDMI thing that might be getting in the way here. never thought of that08:25
no7870at least now I have an idea of what might be happening now. thanks a lot08:25
no7870alsamixer at shell isn't confused, just xfce is08:26
no7870For the longest time I thought it was user error, but after a fresh install, I now know its the distribution not coping with today's hardware correctly08:27
no7870hdmi is quite often integrated these days on motherboards. Add a Radeon 7870 with two HDMI ports, and xubuntu 12+ can't take it08:29
no7870let me post my dmesg so you can see it08:30
poisoned_dragonIf you put in an add on graphics card, how is the onboard chip not disabled?08:30
no7870Take a look here:08:33
no78702/3 down the scroll you'll see xubuntu complain about too many HDMI devices08:34
no7870neat error. bad for the user though08:35
no7870too many HDMI devices = NO SOUND IN xfce08:36
no7870now we understand each other. :))08:38
poisoned_dragonI'm sure it's not an issue with xfce alone.08:38
no7870you're going to be right on that08:39
poisoned_dragonIt sounds like any DE would suffer as a result of that error08:39
poisoned_dragonIf anything, it's a failing of Alsa.08:39
no7870I pulled my hair out for 3 hours, and I finally gave in and said, I can't figure this one out by myself08:39
poisoned_dragonHave you tried testing the output through alsa alone?08:39
poisoned_dragonIf it works in alsa, it might be a pulse audio thing.08:40
no7870not exactly sure how to do that. would it mean having an mp3 on the disk and playing it some how from shell?08:40
no7870btw, alplay -l shows all the audio devices and usb headset is listed as card 108:42
poisoned_dragonUm... I think the aplay command, in terminal, could assist you.08:44
poisoned_dragonyou can test an interface with a sound file.08:45
no7870please take one more look at this, and scroll to the bottom of the page08:46
no7870all I want is xfce is to use card 1: [Logitech USB Headset] as the default sound card08:48
no7870the OS sees it. Xwindows can't. argh.08:48
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poisoned_dragonin the audio mixer, there's a green circle, with a check mark, next to each audio interface. Which ever input/output you want to use, you have to click that circle next to it.08:50
poisoned_dragonDo they show up in the audio mixer?08:50
no7870define in detail how you get to the "audio mixer"08:50
no7870with xfe08:50
poisoned_dragonthe sound icon in your notification tray of your panel.08:51
poisoned_dragonclick on it and select sound settings08:51
no7870Thats my nemesis. I see it, and it looks like a speaker on the left that has three dashes next to it08:51
no7870if I click it, it becomes depressed, and does nothing08:52
no7870if I right click it, it says Move, Remove, or panel08:52
no7870the notification is dead weight at this point :P08:52
no7870btw, when my amd 5570 was installed before, I did do that, and I was able to choose between speakers and my usb headset and it worked perfectly. so I understand the importance of that system tray notification icon08:53
poisoned_dragonThough I know what you mean by depressed, it still sounds funny at a glance.08:54
poisoned_dragonSo... lets recap.08:54
poisoned_dragonThings were fine until you installed a new graphics card, right?08:54
no7870btw, I admire your persistance, thank you for that08:55
no7870yes, the default install of xbuntu 12.04 with a different graphics card which was an AMD 5570 worked fine08:56
poisoned_dragonThe HD5570 was an add on card, or an internal card?08:56
no7870I swapped it out for a 7870 and ever since then I can't get sound with a fresh install08:56
no7870the HD5570 on the same board was a separate card08:56
poisoned_dragonAh, ok.08:56
no7870I think I have an integrated HD 4250 on this motherboard08:57
no7870the motherboard itself is a M4A89GTDPRO/USB308:57
no7870with an integrated HD 425008:57
no7870and I know how my situation can quickly become annoying and I apologize for that08:58
poisoned_dragonAre you using the open source drivers for your video and sound?08:59
no7870its just new to me how upgrading a GPU can break xubuntu08:59
no7870well I did take proprietary drivers before directly from AMD on the last install08:59
SunStari know that the AMD drivers dont work on that card and HDMI wont work08:59
poisoned_dragonThe last install with the HD5xxx card?08:59
no7870but this install I'm completely opensource drivers named fgrl or whatever they are called09:00
SunStarAMD considers the HD 2x, 3x and 4x, series legacy and are no longer supporting them09:00
SunStarthe fglrx wont work on that card unless you go back to Xubuntu 1109:00
SunStarthe 425009:00
no7870don't care about the 425009:00
poisoned_dragonHis HD4xxx chip is the integrated chip. When you install a PCIe card, it disables the onboard chip. So, that's a non issue.09:01
* SunStar runs away09:01
no7870I don't even care much about the 7970 either09:01
no7870I mostly care about stop stealing my youtube video sound with my logitech usb because of a video driver issue09:01
no7870...to put it bluntly09:01
poisoned_dragonMaybe you should try the catalyst drivers for your HD7xxx card. It might resolve your audio issues.09:02
no7870did that09:02
poisoned_dragonOh. :(09:02
no7870actually sec09:02
no7870will give you the reveal on that09:02
no7870hold on09:02
no7870little blue bird top left corner09:02
no7870actually I'm not that far in this particular install09:03
no7870last time I had AMD catalyst.09:03
no7870this is just a default install and reformat of the xbuntu partition09:03
no7870last time I did this, the catalyst stuff recognized the card fine, but I still had no sound09:04
no7870it looks like it is going to be a kernel issue09:04
no7870with "too many HDMI devices"09:04
no7870and we all know, when the kernel can't cope, nothing works09:05
poisoned_dragonDoes the HD 7xxx card also have hmdi?09:05
no7870it has two09:05
no7870and my integrated motherboard has 109:05
no7870so I have 3 total09:06
poisoned_dragonThe one on the MB is irrelevant, I hope.09:06
no7870I'm learning how to love alsa but hate xfce09:06
poisoned_dragonIf installing the new card doesn't disable hdmi audio on the motherboard, you might have to kill it in the bios.09:06
no7870well I'm on a separate terminal right now, let's see if I can do that..sec09:07
no7870ok, I got into something on the bios, it says 890GX configuration as the internal graphics configuration09:09
no7870AMD 880 HD Audio is already disabled. hmmm09:10
poisoned_dragonThen it does get disabled automatically.09:10
no7870ohh got one here. "HD Audio Azalia Device [enabled]" in the bios, gonna disable that before reboot09:11
poisoned_dragonThat should be the analog output09:12
poisoned_dragonI dunno if it'll have an effect.09:12
no7870booting... fingers crossed ...09:12
no7870nope. no difference. but if I remember correctly linux really doesn't care about the bios like Windows does...09:13
no7870it just seems to weird how linux command shell can see everything but Xwindow and xfce is so stumped09:15
poisoned_dragonI wish I were more helpful, but I don't use any hardware with hdmi. So, it's difficult for me the wrap my head completely around it.09:15
no7870you've given your best stab at it poisoned_dragon, and that's nice of you to give it your best shot09:16
no7870I'm gonna reboot and try and shut off more in the bios right now09:16
no7870I got one weird thing to configure in bios and I don't get it myself09:18
no7870it says this:09:18
no7870Primary Video Controller:09:18
no7870there is 4 choices:09:18
no7870I ssume most of these with IGFX means "integrated Graphix"09:19
no7870so I'm going to select the PCI one09:20
poisoned_dragonit's the order in which to find graphics cards09:21
no7870didn't work. I'm giving up for tonight. this is the price you pay when you buy leading graphics cards on the market. but to be fair, the 7870 has been out since 2011 so I'm still 2 years ahead of ubuntu development09:23
no7870whatever. :(09:23
poisoned_dragonI'm sleepy too. It's 5:23am here09:23
poisoned_dragonActually, it might be the price you pay for buying AMD/ATI.09:24
poisoned_dragonNvidia has issues too, but I hear fewer complaints.09:24
poisoned_dragonStill, this is an audio issue, until we prove otherwise.09:24
no7870gnite, and thanks a million. :)09:26
no7870just walking beside me through this problem was plenty of help, it really was09:26
no7870sleep tight, gnite09:26
no7870and BEST of all, I didn't have to give ssh + root access to my machine LMAO09:27
no7870bye everyone. l8r09:28
delocazHello! Xubuntu won't install for me. It boots up to the screen that says Xubuntu 12.10 and has the 4 dots, then blackscreens.11:02
delocazCan anyone help?11:02
delocazNo installer or anything11:03
john__hello, is it possible to customize right click behavior on titlebar? actually i want to disable window moving, i only want window manager menu with right click, like any other window menager11:07
baizonjohn__: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=110516211:09
john__baizon, thank you for the quick response, but this is not what i want, i mean, for example in kwin and metacity, whatever... when i press right click on title bar, i get the window manager menu, while in xfwm i have to press and then release the right click to get this menu11:19
john__it's just because in xfwm when you press right click on titlebar it moves the windows, that's why i'm asking if it is possible to disable this, i want to get window manager menu when i press right click and not when i release it11:20
baizonjohn__: #xfce or #xfce-dev would be the best channel to ask this i think11:20
john__the same happens in xfdesktop11:20
john__it's not a major issue of course, just a bit annoying behavior :)11:21
baizonyes, but it's xfce related i think. You can write a bugreport11:22
delocazCan anyone help me with Xubuntu not booting up to the installer?11:25
delocazOnly gets to the part with 4 dots and text saying Xubuntu 12.1011:25
john__yes it is xfwm issue, and as I saw there is no option in xfce4-settings-editor to disable this11:26
knomei'd say it is unlikely for this to be "fixed", but feel free to file a bugreport in the xfce bugzilla11:28
john__ok, thank you guys, i'll file a bug report for this, keep up the good work, xubuntu is getting better with every release! bye12:08
knomethanks, and enjoy12:08
delocazWhy is everyone ignoring me -.- Asked over an hour ago, no response.12:28
delocazXubuntu won't boot up from the live CD, not launching the installer at all12:28
cfhowlettdelocaz, did you (1) verify the iso with md5sum and (2) check the cd for errors?12:29
Yotsonnot knowing an answer looks like ignoring from your side. They aren't the same though. ;)12:29
delocazcfhowlett, I have no idea how to do that :) I used the Windows Disc Burner thingy and checked the Verify Disc option.12:29
cfhowlettdelocaz, no worries.  I'll send you the md5sum link.  checking the disk for errors comes up once cd boots ... oh, right.12:30
ubottudelocaz,: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows12:30
cfhowlettdelocaz, and the reason why is that bad downloads happen to good people12:30
delocazcfhowlett, no, MD5 sums matched...12:34
delocazBoth are bd87be6626efa4ebf7678f5e2c942b5712:35
cfhowlettdelocaz, good.  so NO boot?  are you sure the bios is set to boot the cdrom?  could the cd drive itself have failed?12:35
cfhowlettdelocaz, optionally, have you considered making a USB rather than a cd?12:35
delocazIt boots, and as stated above, says "Xubuntu 12.10" and the 4 dots that change colors appear12:36
delocazThen black screen12:36
cfhowlettdelocaz, ah, I missed that ... and I have a possible solution12:36
ubottudelocaz,: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:36
cfhowlettdelocaz, the mode setting on graphics card can cause precisely the error you experience.  try the mo mode set options as a workaround12:37
delocazOh, so that's what the little keyboard = man is for!12:37
delocazLet me try that...12:37
delocazDoesn't react to keypresses...12:40
delocazStill "boots up" as normal12:40
cfhowletttry again to get the options menu12:41
delocazcfhowlett, for some reason the keyboard only recieves power after that little picture goes away...12:46
cfhowlettdelocaz, come over to #ubuntu and present this issue.  pretty sure someone can walk you through it12:48
delocazOkay... I changed it to nomodeset, and it booted up, flashed a cursor for half a second, then went black.13:06
delocazThen flashed a cursor again, then went black13:06
cfhowlettdelocaz, keep it in #ubuntu13:08
cfhowlettdelocaz, usb keyboard ... no internal keyboard?13:18
jacklkanyone ever tried Cannabis Energy Drink?13:22
ubottujacklk,: #xubuntu is the Xubuntu support channel, #xubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Xubuntu, and #xubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!13:23
Myrttijacklk: you're really not doing well.13:23
jacklkMyrtti: i know lollllllllllllllllllllllllllll13:24
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Tm_Tsorry for being slow13:25
gryoh, hello Tm_T, long time no see, recall seeing you a year ago or a couple13:26
Tm_Tgry: can't be that long (:13:27
xubuntu072hi i have a question... Do any of you use the new nvidia 319 drivers with xubuntu 13.04?13:37
Myrttiyou could ask in #ubuntu+113:39
ubottuEster: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».16:30
poisoned_dragonhey baizon, I figured it out.17:22
xubuntu772i have a problem with a video acquire card17:25
xubuntu772video capture scheda17:25
xubuntu772how can I tell if it is installed?17:26
poisoned_dragonum... if you do lspci in the terminal, it should show up in the list.17:26
poisoned_dragonBut, I don't know if that means there is a driver loaded for it.17:26
xubuntu772ok.. i see now..17:27
xubuntu772give me a second17:27
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:27
SonikkuAmericaCan we have them?17:27
SonikkuAmerica(We need our own Supybot in here)17:28
xubuntu77203:0f.0 Multimedia video controller: Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Video Capture (rev 11) 03:0f.1 Multimedia controller: Brooktree Corporation Bt878 Audio Capture (rev 11)17:29
SonikkuAmericaIt took ubottu that long...17:29
xubuntu772i have more of this message17:30
xubuntu772i read on card.. the model17:30
xubuntu772i return in 5 minutes .. turn off the pc17:32
xubuntu772.. sorry.. see you later17:32
Discordian93Can someone help me? i'm at a friend's house trying to make his old computer work for a while longer with xubuntu, but I'm having some trouble.17:42
Discordian93basically, there's no way to watch youtube videos without problems. Firefox plays the video right but without sound and chrome has sound but has super jerky video.17:42
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:43
SonikkuAmericaSuper jerky?17:43
SonikkuAmericaCan you [ lspci ] it for me?17:43
Discordian93sorry, I don't lnow what that means. Is lspci a command?17:44
SonikkuAmericaAnything I type within [ ] is a terminal command.17:45
Discordian93here's the output from lspci: http://pastebin.com/0gzjjXm417:46
SonikkuAmericaSorry, I cross multiple *buntu channels17:51
Discordian93no problem, just wanted to know you were stlll online17:52
SonikkuAmericaI didn't quit or part the channel :)17:52
SonikkuAmericaJust mention my name and it'll show up in blue on my client17:53
SonikkuAmericaDiscordian93: So it's an Intel 915G integrated.18:01
SonikkuAmerica{ATT 2: No response from query} Discordian93: So it's an Intel 915G integrated.18:14
Discordian93SonikkuAmerica: So, can something be done?18:16
SonikkuAmericaWell... I would say a new GPU is in order... but that isn't possible. So not that I know of.18:16
SonikkuAmericaI have a 965 and thank God every day it works 'cuz it ain't supported by anything or anyone anymore.18:19
Discordian93yeah, thought so18:19
Discordian93Noproblem, we've just bought a new computer18:19
SonikkuAmericaI'm even surprised that Google fixed Pepper Flash 11.7 for it to work on Chrome for 965s18:19
Discordian93Seems no more use can be squeezed from this dusty pentium 4.18:20
SonikkuAmericaLubuntu maybe, but not with that GPU.18:20
Discordian93okay, thanks for the help. Bye!18:21
lacrimje suis nouveau sur xubuntu et mon pc ram je comprend pas pourquoi19:53
Unit193!fr | lacrim19:54
ubottulacrim: Nous sommes désolés, mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.19:54
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CarlinhosCan I install 13.04 beta while preserving /home even though it isn't on a  separate partition (default Ubuntu partitions)?20:28
TheSheepback it up, reinstall, then recover it from backup20:29
TheSheepyou should make a backup anyways20:30
Carlinhoswell i guess I will just do a backup and this time make sure /home is in a  separate partition so it won't be a problem in future upgrades20:31
TheSheepmake sure to leave some extra space on your system partition, in case you need to install some more programs20:31
Carlinhosi'm thinking 25GB for / just in case20:32
CarlinhosI have 500GB20:32
TheSheepsounds good20:32
Carlinhosdo i need any more partitions other than / and /home? I have 4GB ram20:34
David-ACarlinhos: you dont "need" any partitions except /, but I would recommend a little swap.20:39
lderanCarlinhos,  if you like organising stuff into multiple partitions then yeah. Hard disks i think support upto 4 then any additional ones become virtual20:39
CarlinhosI just want a separate /home so those 2 should be enough. I'm thinking about a swap one in case I want to hibernate.20:41
TheSheepactually you can put swap in a file20:42
TheSheepwith 3.x kernels it's as fast as a partiion20:42
Carlinhos<zheoffec> Carlinhos: I think ubuntu have removed the option to hibernate, leaving only  the suspend option - wich i think only suspends to disk, not RAM20:43
CarlinhosI can make/delete a swap file after instalation right?20:43
David-A(with a msdos partition table, there are max 4 "primary" partitions, beyond that one can have an "extended" partition that is a placeholder for "logical" partitions)20:44
TheSheepCarlinhos: yes20:44
lderanDavid-A, ah that's it20:45
CarlinhosThen I guess it will be 25GB / and the remaining will be /home20:45
David-ACarlinhos: if a swap file instead of swap partition, remember to have enough space for it in the / partition20:46
CarlinhosHmm good point20:46
David-A(is there any real performance penalty for swap "file", compared to swap "partition"?)20:46
CarlinhosI've just been told I need a partition in order for hibernate to work.20:49
CarlinhosThen again, I never use hibernate so the additional space would probably be more useful.20:54
TheSheepDavid-A: no penalty in the recent kernels21:01
poisoned_dragonFor future referemce, if you want to customize the color scheme in LightDM, for Xubuntu, just use GTK3 themes from Gnome-look.org21:05
poisoned_dragonTook me forever to figure that out.21:09
=== v1adimir is now known as kgb
PeyamAnything new  in 13.04? and worth to upgrade21:40
Peyamthe changes in xfce is not so big I hert21:40
TheSheepMFP support, I guess21:41
poisoned_dragonI never thought to look.21:41
TheSheepif you have an android device21:41
knomethere's always new things. if it's "worth" upgrading depends what you think is worth, but if you are on 12.10, you should upgrade.21:41
Peyamknome: couse of the LTS?21:43
PeyamThey have Gimp installed21:45
PeyamWhich I hate anyway21:45
poisoned_dragonWhy hate gimp?21:46
* TheSheep looks towards #xubuntu-offtopic21:46
knomePeyam, 12.10 is not LTS, and you have no other upgrade path than upgrade to all releases up to 14.04. after that, LTS->LTS is possible too.21:46
* TheSheep wiggles his eyebrows21:46
PeyamI menat 13.04 sir21:46
knomePeyam, you can always remove gimp.21:46
knomePeyam, yes. did you read what i wrote?21:47
PeyamYes. it seemed like you didnt understand that I was talking about 13.04 :) yes I know. But if it is one the few changes so it feel unneccesero21:47
knomei did understand.21:48
knomei said "if you are on 12.10 (now), ..."21:48
PeyamI knew that :)21:48
PeyamSo what is new beside this? XFCE is still on 4.1021:48
poisoned_dragonOh, he means that it doesn't matter if it's worth your while. You should upgrade,21:48
poisoned_dragonIf you were still using the LTS, you could just wait for the next LTS.21:49
PeyamDoes it mean a whole fresh install?21:49
poisoned_dragonYeah.... sorry.21:49
knomePeyam, if you are on 12.10 now, you don't have other option to upgrade than go to 13.04, or do a fresh install at 14.04 to get LTS.21:49
poisoned_dragonI don't know if dist upgrading through apt is supported.21:49
Peyamnot good. I will wait to 13.1021:49
PeyamI usually dont use lts21:49
knomePeyam, you can't skip from 12.10 to 13.10 either.21:49
knomePeyam, and 13.04 is not an LTS release.21:50
PeyamI know.. I mean i do a fresh install then21:50
PeyamIsn't it?21:50
Peyam04 s are usually lts releases21:50
knomealso, i don't see 13.10 suddenly getting gimp dropped.21:50
knomePeyam, no, LTS releases are released every two years, so every *other* .0421:50
knomePeyam, besides, i don't know why you would want to avoid LTS releases21:51
PeyamI dont know if I get new computer when I install 13.10. 12.04 had some peoblem with my hardware which 12.10 didnt21:51
knomeissues are always possible, but it doesn't have anything to do with LTS's21:52
poisoned_dragonPeyam, you can always use alternate install isos. I believe gimp isn't included in them.21:52
knomea regular release might introduce new issues as well.21:52
knomepoisoned_dragon, we don't offer alternate ISOs after 12.04. if we would, they would have gimp though.21:53
Peyamknome: yes .. you are right.. but everytime I get a new computer it happens to be in january :D21:53
poisoned_dragonI don't remember having to remove gimp from Xubuntu 12.0421:53
Peyam12.10 doesnt have gimp preinstalled21:53
poisoned_dragonAnd Ubuntu 12.10 does have an alt install.21:54
Peyambut it is not an issue21:54
knomepoisoned_dragon, xubuntu 12.10 doesn't. believe me, i made the decision to drop the alternates.21:54
PeyamI think xubuntu should take a other step to user freindlyness.21:54
poisoned_dragonI know Xubuntu doesn't21:54
poisoned_dragonBut Ubuntu does21:54
PeyamI like xubuntu most of all dists21:54
knomePeyam, which is...?21:54
w30I am trying to use VLC to play my TV card but I can't get sound. What divice must I use for sound device in VLC? Nuthin' works21:56
PeyamI usually use programms like matlab, maple, etc which I should installed. When I need to uninstall them I go to the file and run .uninstall file which can be dificult for some new users. If xubuntu had a "Remove /install programs" like in windows it would be perfect21:56
knomePeyam, if you installed the applications from the software repositories, ubuntu software center does exactly what you are asking for21:57
knomePeyam, if you needed to install them via non-regular ways, there's no way xubuntu would know how to uninstall those applications21:57
Peyamand it is easy? I should add it! which makes it confusing anywat21:57
Peyamyes but windows does! and Im sure xubuntu can do much better21:57
poisoned_dragonI never had to hunt down orphan files left behind by apps installed by the software center.21:58
knomePeyam, i don't think the applications you mentioned have repositories (or maybe PPAs)21:58
w30hw:0/Line works for Tvtime. but not in vlc21:58
Peyamknome: no they have'nt. that's what im saying!21:58
knomePeyam, that's because the applications have windows installers, and they tell windows what they are removing.21:58
knomePeyam, a similar approach for (x)ubuntu would be to have .deb packages (in package repositories) for the applications21:59
Peyamso you think the companies should make a .deb file to be installed regularly?21:59
SunStarwell maybe some one should come up with some stardards for app uninstall so we can just have one place with all installed apps with one simple uninstall button21:59
Peyamknome: yes. I though about it too21:59
knomePeyam, if they did that, then yes, you should be able to uninstall those applications/packages cleanly.21:59
knomeSunStar, there is, it's called the debian packaging (.debs)22:00
PeyamActully i dont have prolems with this kind of things. but many of my friends ask me about how to uninstall an application..22:00
SunStartrue that22:00
PeyamOne more problem is the mounter22:00
SunStarbut .tar.gz is more popular cuz not everyone runs a debian22:00
knomeSunStar, sure. but that's always unclean in every distro, and you always need to use the applications own uninstaller.22:01
SunStarstandards ftw22:01
PeyamThe right click on the desktop that shows the menu is awesome. thanks to the person who had that idea22:02
knomethe point is, .tar.gz isn't/can't be any standard.22:02
Peyamit makes my work so much faster22:02
knomePeyam, thank the xfce developers for that22:02
PeyamI should22:02
Peyamamazing job22:02
SunStarabiding to a global install log cant be that hard22:02
Peyamthe greybird theme is amazing.. The person made it has a very good taste22:03
knomeSunStar, the ultimate point here is that if there would be one way that all developers could agree on, there wouldn't be different package management systems22:03
knomePeyam, thanks. i'm a contributor to that, but ochosi has made most of the work on it22:04
poisoned_dragonI just use a second panel for quick access to apps.22:04
Peyamknome: keep on the good work! you are awesome22:04
knomewe will. enjoy :)22:04
poisoned_dragonAutohide ftw22:04
poisoned_dragonI'm just glad I finally figured out a way to change themes in LightDM.22:05
SunStarthey can install however they want and do whatever they want, but if everything was polite n said "hello my name is ... and my files are here x, here, and here x," it wouldnt matter22:05
SunStarin one master file*22:05
knomeSunStar, that's what package management systems are designed to do.22:06
knomeSunStar, but in addition to that, they allow tracking versions and many cool things most people don't think of22:07
poisoned_dragonAlso, when you uninstall an app, you can later remove all the other packages that it installed, if no other software needs them.22:07
knomeyes, dependencies are one of the cool things.22:07
poisoned_dragonknome, I'm actually a sad panda about the idea of phasing out alt installs.22:08
knomepoisoned_dragon, lubuntu still has them22:08
poisoned_dragonIf it's weren't for the alt install, xubuntu 12.04 wouldn't fit on my eeepc 701.22:08
Peyamknome: I can't see different kind of battre usage plan " like pawer saving .", "high performance"...22:08
poisoned_dragonIt only has a 4gb ssd.22:08
PeyamDo I miss something?22:08
poisoned_dragonEeeeewwwww.... Lubuntu.22:08
knome!minimal | poisoned_dragon22:08
ubottupoisoned_dragon: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD22:08
poisoned_dragonI'm too noob for the minimal image.22:09
knomepoisoned_dragon, if you aren't for the alt image, you aren't for the minimal one. you can simply select to install the xubuntu desktop drom the minimal image.22:09
SunStarif i have to code for multple browser support cuz no one can agree how the internet works whats the problem?22:09
poisoned_dragonI never said I wasn't for the alt install.22:09
poisoned_dragonI needed the alt install for the net book.22:10
knomePeyam, i'd assume they only differ when you try to use most of the resources (power saving doesn't let you use as much as high perf probably does)22:10
poisoned_dragonThe alt install settled at 3.5 in used space. Then I had to trim some fat. :)22:10
knomeSunStar, welcome to #xubuntu-offtopic to discuss the changes in the web world ;)22:10
Peyamknome: well I ment on battery I want to use a certain plan and on AC on something else.22:11
knomePeyam, i'm not sure i'm following22:12
poisoned_dragonThe power manager in the settings manager should help you with that, Peyam.22:13
SunStarpower management is in the settings manager22:13
poisoned_dragonknome: I think he means power profiles.22:13
Peyamknome: I mean some king of Power manager. not the regular one on xubuntu becouse it isnt soo welldone I think22:13
poisoned_dragonI didn't have a problem using the power manager. :/22:13
knomeif you don't like the xfce power manager, there's always the gnome one22:14
David-APeyam: (off topic) right-click on background for a program menu is not a new thing, it is a very old concept. (maybe even from before you were born)22:16
PeyamDavid-A: Still like it. Im new to xubuntu as you know my old dear freind22:17
David-APeyam: if you install a program in the software center or synaptic or with a .deb, you can uninstall with software center or synaptic. if you install a windows program (.exe) it is run in wine, and you shuld be able to uninstall with the add/remove programs menu in wine.22:20
David-APeyam: how did you install matlab?22:20
PeyamDavid-A: it's an different issue. I installed matlab as an .iso file. not a .deb one22:20
poisoned_dragonFor some reason, I find it easier to install downloaded debs with gdebi.22:21
knomepoisoned_dragon, that works as well, they are still installed within the package management that way too22:22
Peyamknome: what do you think about POWERTOP?22:25
knomePeyam, i haven't used it.22:25
Peyamknome: how is the gnome power manager?22:27
knomePeyam, why don't you try it out yourself and see if it fits you?22:27
Peyamalwasy nice to hear other's feedback :)22:28
knomei haven't used it too much either, but i've heard there's some more options in it. i don't know if the xfce one has gotten closer lately though, it's some time since i saw anybody say anything about gpm22:29
Peyamwhat do you use personally?22:31
knomexfce power manager is fine for me22:32
Peyamknome: I installed startup diskcreator and I uninstalled it.22:37
Peyamit is still in my setting manager22:37
knomePeyam, file a bug.22:39
knome(at least it sounds like one)22:39
xubuntu840I am new with linux and xubuntu. Soon, I will want to stick in a USB stick with pictures on it. How does that work in Xubuntu?22:41
knomeshould be no problem.22:42
David-Axubuntu840: if the device is not mounted automatically you can select it in the Places menu, and it will be mounted and opened.22:43
xubuntu840o.k. where is the "places menu'? or will that just pop up?22:44
David-Axubuntu840: there are settings what to do automatically, in Settings>Removable drives22:44
w30I need help setting my sound device in VLC for my TV card. Anyone familiar with the config?22:44
graphmanHi, Are anypeople having no graphic interface launching xubuntu since last update ?22:44
xubuntu840o.k. sounds easy. thank you22:45
graphmanAnd no x serv launched ...22:45
knomew30, have you looked at pavuccontrol?22:45
David-Axubuntu840: I I R C there is a places menu next to the program menu in default xubuntu session. otherwise you can add a places menu wherever you want it in a panel.22:45
PeyamHow do I edit Setting manager windows so it shows what I want it to show?22:46
w30knome, what's pavuccontrol and what's it doing messing with my VLC player and video card?22:46
knomew30, pavucontrol is an application to control the sound devices and their volume levels.22:47
knomePeyam, what is is what you are trying to achieve?22:47
knome*is it22:47
PeyamI want to get the rid of Startup Creator in my setting manager22:48
Peyamirritates me22:48
w30knome, VLC volume works fine except it needs the right device config name for sound in tv play22:48
knomePeyam, find the .desktop file for that and remove it22:48
knomePeyam, yes, the settings manager icons are essentially just launchers.22:48
Peyamcant find it22:51
Peyamwhere the hell is it22:51
Peyamdo you know the name of it?22:51
w30knome, I tried all the possible device names in the graphic VLC audio device chooser like hw:1,0 etc.22:51
Peyamw30: what was ur problem againg?22:52
David-APeyam: do you have the package "usb-creator-gtk" installed?  (in my old system it holds the .desktop file)22:52
knomePeyam, please watch the language...22:52
w30I need help setting my sound device in VLC for my TV card. Anyone familiar with the config?22:52
PeyamDavid-A: yes. but what is the name of the .destop. I have milions22:53
Peyamwell go to VLC options22:53
Peyamit should be somthing there22:53
David-APeyam: if you have uninstalled usb-creator, just uninstall usb-creator-gtk too22:53
w30Peyam, nope, nothing there that works22:54
heoyeause pulseaudio control22:54
PeyamDavid-A: I dont have it installed22:54
w30heoyea, ok, pulseaudio what?22:55
knomew30, see my comment about pavucontrol before.22:55
knomew30, i don't know if pavucontrol shows actual device names though22:55
w30VLC works fine in sound except it can't find a hardware device for my TVcard22:55
knomew30, have you checked if lshw shows the device?22:56
PeyamDavid-A: can't still find the desktop file22:56
David-APeyam: what does this command say? (in a terminal):  dpkg-query -S usb-creator-gtk.desktop22:57
heoyeacreating live usb?22:57
PeyamDavid-A: http://pastebin.com/YuHi0qMS22:57
PeyamDavid-A: still there22:59
w30knome, lshw show a bunch of Conexand stuff but nothing VLC can use for a device config22:59
bynwHi, I booted my computer up. And it gives me the message of Error: Unknown Filesystem with a grub rescue prompt22:59
bynwi am currently running a ubuntu live cd in it (but irc'ing from another machine)23:00
w30TVtime uses hw:0/Line23:00
w30but that doesnot work for VLC23:01
w30If I could get a list of possible config entries, I would try them all one at a time.23:05
w30I tried a whole bunch of hw:0.0   0,1 etc. hw:1,2 whatever's23:06
w30/dev/vbi0 dev/dsp etc. nuthin' works23:07
heoyeaalsamixer then hit F623:08
knomew30, i'd both 1) google if somebody else found the solution  2) try to find support in vlc support23:08
heoyeaor F2 to find other cards23:08
w30heoyea, Conexant CX8801 in F^23:09
w30heoyea, also in lshw23:10
heoyeathose are the numbers to ur device23:11
w30heoyea, VLC won't accept that spelling or number23:11
w30heoyea, I been waiting 10 years for sound support in Linux, 3 or 4 more years won't hurt anything *sigh*23:13
knomew30, patches are welcome... :)23:13
heoyeahas nothing to do with linux, just stuff u buy that dont support linux23:14
w30 knome, I can patch tires and blown head gaskets, software not so much so.23:15
knomew30, same here. there are other ways you can help though, and i am...23:15
w30knome, any coders out there with car trouble.....23:16
knomew30, heh. i'm referring to for example http://xubuntu.org/contribute/ :)23:17
Unit193w30: If you open advanced, select a file, doupble click on that file you can edit to alsa://hw2,1 (or something like that.)23:19
w30Unit193, I tried every combo I could think of....23:22
w30Unit193, I haven't hit one yet23:23

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