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fwereade_thumper, heyhey21:01
thumperhi fwereade_21:01
thumperfwereade_: just reading some review comments21:01
thumperwhy do I feel like I'm wading in treacle?21:01
* fwereade_ sighs a little21:01
fwereade_thumper, I do not get what's going on there21:02
thumperthere seems to be some fundamental differences in design opinion21:02
fwereade_thumper, yeah... I have developed a nose for things-people-won't-like and tend to avoid them where possible, but I haven't been able to comprehend the underpinnings21:03
thumperthere are fundamentals and techniques...21:03
fwereade_thumper, in particular the "abstraction too far" business21:03
* thumper doesn't want to preech to the converted21:03
thumperI've not read all the comments yet21:04
thumperI need to go through them...21:04
fwereade_thumper, yeah, I suspect we'd just loudly agree with each other for a bit21:04
thumperso you have a branch that changes the precise/local env default for tools upload to?21:05
fwereade_thumper, I have something that by default uploads to host, default, and precise21:36
fwereade_thumper, I feel somewhat bad about the code dumps I have been indulging in this weekend21:37
fwereade_thumper, but it turns out that when you're trying to integrate things you end up uncovering a lot of weirdness... the sort with tentacles21:37
* thumper does something to make dave happier22:07
thumperfwereade_: still around?22:24
fwereade_thumper, yeah22:24
thumperfwereade_: care to comment on the trivial->utils proposal?22:25
thumperfwereade_: it is entirely mechanical22:25
thumperfwereade_: although I did want to have utils.ReadYaml and utils.WriteYaml move into a package utils/yaml and change the methods to Read and Write22:25
thumperfwereade_: then the code would be yaml.Read instead of utils.ReadYaml22:26
thumperfwereade_: but I held myself back22:26
fwereade_thumper, I'd still consider that mechanical, but yeah, why not, save it for another day :)22:26
thumpernamespaces are a honking good idea, lets do more of those22:26
thumperso says the zen of python22:26
fwereade_thumper, LGTM trivial22:28
thumpernow just to wait for dave to turn up22:28
thumperfwereade_: I have a few comments on the set one22:28
thumperfwereade_: I'm not strictly attached to StringSet22:28
fwereade_thumper, in case it's not clear, btw, "trivial" means "go ahead and merge it"22:29
thumperfwereade_: what I really want is a generic set22:29
thumperfwereade_: oh, I didn't realise that22:29
* thumper goes and merges then...22:29
fwereade_thumper, (even if it wasn't trivial, the urge to badge that one trivial would have been almost overwhelming)22:29
thumperfwereade_: set.NewStrings ... are you happy with that name?22:30
thumperand set.Strings as the type?22:30
* thumper wants set.Set<string>22:30
thumperbut hey22:30
fwereade_thumper, set.NewStrings and set.Strings SGTM22:30
* thumper nods and edits22:31
thumperonce the submission is noe22:31
thumperI did it in the pipe prior to set22:31
thumperI will get a clash on directory names22:31
thumperbut I'll resolve that22:31
thumperand move forwards22:31
fwereade_thumper, (but please keep the useful methods that make it a set)22:31
thumperfwereade_: oh, I will22:32
thumperdon't worry about that22:32
* thumper does a little research on python set methods and c++ set methods to get precedence22:32
* thumper pushes latest string set changes22:43
* thumper takes the care quickly to an engineering place, bbs23:07
davecheneypackaging ... packaging ... packaging23:32
thumperdavecheney: morning23:39
thumperdavecheney: I think we should have more namespaces, not less...23:40
thumperset.Strings makes more sense than utils.Strings23:40
davecheneythumper: i disagree23:40
thumpersince the rename that rog wanted23:40
davecheneyif you want to write java, write java23:41
davecheneybut i honestly can't give a fuck about this bikeshedding23:41
thumperthis isn't about java23:41
* davecheney goes to change his vote on that CL23:41
* thumper likes the zen of python23:42
davecheneythumper: you've got 223:42
thumperand lots of c++ namespaces23:42
davecheneysubmit it23:42
thumperdavecheney: ta23:42
thumperdavecheney: how about https://codereview.appspot.com/8701043/ ?23:51
* davecheney is looking23:55
davecheneythumper: do you have a test for23:57
davecheneyvar s set.StringSet23:57
davecheneys.Add("hello"); s.Add("world")23:57
thumperdavecheney: yep23:57
davecheneyok, cool23:57
thumperI found myself wanting all the methods to work propery with uninitialized variables.23:58
davecheneyyeah, that is very nice23:59

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