valoriehave you seen this? http://www.webupd8.org/2013/04/fix-skype-not-working-in-ubuntu-1304.html?m=100:08
valoriequem: ^^^00:08
quemvalorie: no, thank you00:23
quemvalorie: yeah, that fixed it, sorta... thank you again.00:26
benthello! if I install Ubuntu 13.04 beta now and then do dist-upgrade after release, will I have (for all practical purposes) the same system?01:12
wilee-nileebent, all dist-upgrade does is install in the release your in. A regular update will have you equal to the release.01:41
valoriebent, yes, that01:44
valories what I generally do01:44
valorieif I've tested the beta, anyway01:44
markmcbanyone having intermittent network outages (or possibly just ssh outages … i'm headless) with 13.04? it keeps dying on me anytime i begin to ramp up net traffic04:27
markmcbdo digging a little deeper, I see this in auth.log: sshd[1247]: Received signal 15; terminating04:46
markmcbwhat would be sending sshd signal 15?04:46
markmcbit immediately restarts04:47
markmcbbut it's super annoying as it results in a short outage04:47
kanliothow do i report a bug against the driver for usb audio, it's cutting out after an hour or 206:58
murlidharhi all .i am getting errors when i do sudo apt-get update07:23
murlidharwhat should i do ?07:23
kanliotask in #ubuntu07:26
kanliotmake a note of the exact error07:27
murlidhari am on raring ringtail.07:27
valoriemurlidhar: the exact error message is needed07:31
valorieif it's long, please pastebin it07:32
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:32
murlidharseems to be ppa problem. purging the ppa to see if it helps valorie07:32
murlidharit now works :$07:35
geomyidaeHey, does the installer still fail magnificently with a btrfs raid setup?07:41
exalthello yesterday i accidently removed most of /dev/*, when i rebooted my system gave an error. a few times later it worked again like nothing happend how is this possible ?08:02
valorieexalt: reading over http://www.tldp.org/LDP/sag/html/dev-fs.html -- it would seem that your system recreated those files08:05
valoriewhen you look now, do you see the files?08:05
valorieit seems rather risky to remove part of your system files like that08:05
exaltvalorie: yea it was a mistake when i tried to create a livecd from my harddisk loil08:10
valorieI guess all's well that ends well08:11
lordievaderGood morning08:55
Ian_CorneLol, i seem to have lost my sources.list10:36
Ian_Corneanyone else?10:36
Voro2still have it here10:49
Voro2say, did they change gnome-session-properties somehow? It only shows a few items now, doesn't seem nearly complete10:49
Ian_Cornefor me that gives startup programs10:54
Ian_Corneand that's it10:54
Voro2Ian_Corne, well at some point in the past I could for example stop file managers from other desktop environments from starting that way, but they're now no longer listed there10:58
Voro2its title also says 'extra startup programs', as if there's another list10:58
Ian_Cornewell, I guess there's the default list?11:00
Ian_Corneand for me it says: "Startup Application Preferences"11:00
Ian_Cornenot extra11:00
Ian_CorneUbuntu one is not on the list, but it does startup when I log in11:00
Voro2might be the dutch translation but that'd be weird11:00
Voro2running 13.04?11:01
Voro2ok maybe my adding/purging gnome-ppas screwed up stuff, I'll keep looking :p11:02
Voro2thanks for thinking along11:05
BluesKajHowdy all11:19
BluesKajhey penguin4211:32
penguin42Hey BK, how goes?11:34
BluesKajok here , and you ?11:35
Dark_lightI'm trying out 13.04 with yesterday's build but I'm econuntering a few hiccups11:39
Dark_light1- on the livecd if I try to use apt-get to install any software it's unable to locate the packages11:40
Dark_light2- the installer hangs pretty much at the beginning11:40
lordievaderDark_light: You are using Ubuntu? I think you have not forgotten to run apt-get update?11:45
Dark_lightlordievader: I've ran it and it runs fine11:46
Dark_lighthowever that's the lesser of the two problems if it's limited to the live session , the biggest one is not being able to install11:46
lordievaderDark_light: True, I agree, however I have no idea on how to debug your second problem...11:47
lordievaderDark_light: Perhaps they can tell you in #ubuntu-devel.11:48
BluesKajDark_light, can you open any webpages on the live cd using a browser?11:49
Dark_lightI'm on the live cd right now on irssi11:49
Dark_lightso the connection is not the issue11:50
BluesKajodd , then apt-get should work11:50
BluesKajdid you try the package manager , Dark_light?11:51
lordievaderDark_light: Does apt-cache work? For example apt-cache search apache?11:51
Dark_lightI've tried enabling universe and now apt-get seems to be working ok although I didn't know stuffs like htop were in universe11:53
lordievader!info htop11:53
ubottuhtop (source: htop): interactive processes viewer. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.2-1 (raring), package size 66 kB, installed size 185 kB11:53
Dark_lightwell then that was my fault11:54
Dark_lightbut still the installer just hangs11:54
BluesKajDark_light, I had the same problem , it's a bug on 64 bit amd systems ... I installed 12.10 then did a ,  do-release-upgrade .d , from there to insatll 13.04 , there was no other way for my hardware to be recognized by the the installer /ubiquity11:59
Dark_lightit seems to be a locale issue from /var/log/installer/debug12:00
BluesKajnot all 64bit amd , tho12:00
Dark_lightBluesKaj: or a permission issue http://paste.ubuntu.com/5707491/12:11
BluesKajDark_light, then  your issue is different then mine , the live cd won't even boot into the desktop here.12:13
Dark_lightBluesKaj: oh it didn't here either if I choose the default boot option12:13
BluesKajthe no acpi or any of the others didn't work either12:15
Dark_lightI just choose to boot on of the other options can't remember which one12:15
BluesKajunfortunately the devs don't seem to be able to fix the problem or it's so rare that they aren't taking it seriously because it's regarded as an anomaly, Dark_light , perhaps file a bug on your issue.?12:20
mnkhi all - anyone know how I can get the indicator thingy for dropbox on ubuntu 13.04 64 bit? I have installed and reinstalled dropbox but I just can't get the thing working. Dropbox itself is syncing etc - but just no indicator12:43
BluesKajmnk, is dropboxd script in system settings/startup13:13
mnkBluesKaj, how can I find that out?13:26
BluesKajopen system settings > startup , look for a daemon called dropboxd , not sure exactly how it looks in unity/gnome , mnk13:31
mnkyes it is in start up13:32
mnkdropxbox is actually syncing fine13:32
mnki just can't see it in the notification thingy13:32
BluesKajmnk, ok ,well then it's working . I'm not sure how to get the icon to show in the system tray on ubuntu/unity panel. I'm a kde user , it just shows up.13:34
BluesKajunless you need a reboot13:35
mnkrebooted already a lot of times13:41
BluesKajand you ran the dropbox GUI installer13:47
mnkbut where it says restart nautilus i did that but nautilus never restarted13:47
mnkso I had to just open File Manager (nautilus)  from the unity launcher and it just restarted fine13:47
mnkbut dropbox didn't do anything after that13:47
mnkbut I know the files are syncing fine13:48
BluesKajit didn't take you thru the steps to join dropbox and ask about the account etc ?13:48
mnki already have the db settings though probably cos I have been using db for a while13:49
mnkBluesKaj, I tried installing and uninstalling a number of times - same problem13:53
BluesKajmnk, is .dropbox-dist in your /home dir ?13:58
mnk$ ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd14:00
mnkAnother instance of Dropbox (10853) is running!14:00
BluesKajmnk, try ~/.dropbox-dist/dropboxd , in a terminal to see if the gui will start or the icon shows up14:00
mnkGtk-Message: Failed to load module "overlay-scrollbar"14:01
lordievaderDropboxd, will not start a gui.. its the daemon.14:01
mnkthat's after killing the one that was running14:01
lordievaderYou need the dropbox executable.14:02
mnk$ ~/.dropbox-dist/dropbox14:03
mnkGtk-Message: Failed to load module "overlay-scrollbar"14:03
mnkand it didn't open up the indicator thingy either14:03
mnkbtw thanks for your help peeps! really appreciate it14:03
BluesKajodd the gui will usually start if the daemon fails '14:04
mnkI think the daemon is actually running - but it's just the indicator that isn't showing up14:04
BluesKaj]yes , the icon fails to load in the panel due to that gtk error14:05
mnkhmm interesting14:05
lordievadermnk: I think you should investigate on how to fix that gtk error.14:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1134202 in overlay-scrollbar (Ubuntu) "Removing overlay-scrollbar causes lots of noise" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:06
BluesKajmnk, are you using any fancy themes ?14:06
mnknaa default one14:06
mnkshould I install overlay-scrollbar?14:07
BluesKajdunno :) ...probly worth a try14:07
mnkoverlay-scrollbar is already the newest version.14:08
BluesKajupdated or upgraded lately?14:10
mnknew install14:10
mnk64 bit14:11
BluesKajalways update and upgrade a new install14:11
mattwj2002when is 13.04 being released?14:11
mnkyeh i've done all the updates and upgrades14:11
BluesKajdoesn't mean up to date , mnk14:11
mattwj2002final I mean14:12
BluesKaj10days to 2 weeks mattwj200214:12
mnkmattwj2002, 25th April I think14:12
mnkanyone here running dropbox on ubuntu 13.04 64 bit?14:14
kvarleyI can't install r8168-dkms on 13.04 here is the error messages & log http://paste.ubuntu.com/5707761/ Any ideas?14:15
BluesKajInstallation of the r8168-dkms package will disable the in-kernel r816914:18
BluesKajmodule. To re-enable r8169, the r8168-dkms package must be purged14:18
BluesKajkvarley, no ethernet connection with your existing nic ?14:19
mnkany other ideas about dropbox app indicator?15:17
Cheri703I just got an email from someone and it says "via canonical.com" asking about 13.04 beta2. I have NO idea why this email would come to me, nor how to solve their problem.15:30
thiebaudeI got a question, when playing a movie  vlc opens then it closes, any ideas why? on ubuntu 13.0415:32
BluesKajthiebaude, are you choosing vlc to open the video?15:33
BluesKajCheri703, did you register with ubnuntu or canonical recently ?15:33
BluesKajer ubuntu15:33
Cheri703nope, been an ubuntu member for quite some time, but no idea why what looks like a general support email would come to me15:34
penguin42Cheri703: via a forum?15:34
Cheri703I wouldn't think so?15:35
Cheri703I'd have thought it'd indicate forum?15:35
Cheri703and I have nothing to do with 13.0415:35
Cheri703I'm using xubuntu 12.10 right now15:35
BluesKajthiebaude, only a particular video or all of them ?15:35
penguin42difficult to know without seeing the headers/footers - or you could just ask them where you got the address15:35
Cheri703ohhhhh, weird15:35
Cheri703when I went to forward it, I saw the bit that had been hidden. "this message was sent by launchpad by <person> using the "contact this team's admins" link on the Ubuntu-Women Team page" -_- what the heck?15:36
thiebaudeall the netflix dvd's i have tried, use to not have this problem, before it would play them with no problem at all15:36
IdleOneCheri703: I would say ignore it. probably just some email bot spam thingy15:36
Cheri703why the heck would someone email the admin of u-w about a 13.04 question?15:36
BluesKajmaybe it's mistake and it was sent out to all ubuntu members instaed of a certain group15:37
penguin42Cheri703: Don't assume that people do sane things15:37
IdleOnesometimes people go on launchpad and click the email team button looking for support15:37
IdleOneyou can either ignore it, or point them to this channel or the forums/askubuntu.com15:38
* Cheri703 forwarded it to IdleOne so he can deal with it ;)15:38
BluesKajthiebaude, install ubuntu-restricted-extras15:39
smartboyhwIdleOne, the Ask Ubuntu guys won't support a pre-release (a.k.a. 13.04)15:39
smartboyhwCheri703, probably divert to the Forums then.15:39
thiebaudeok BluesKaj i'll do that, thanks15:39
IdleOneCheri703: that person was in here yesterday asking the same question. I guess they got impatient and went around emailing everybody they could.15:40
Cheri703ah, lovely15:40
* IdleOne deletes the email because they already know about IRC15:40
smartboyhwCheri703, people DO get impatient.15:40
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hutchHi I have a problem with rtl 8723 wifi driver. (Signal keeps dropping). Any way to boost it. It wasn't production ready in 12.10 but is included in 13.0415:50
hutchIt doesn't cut out so no major issue just want to boost it if poss15:55
wilee-nileehutch, Never seen a booster.15:55
wilee-nileehutch, If you just watching the icon it is not really accurate, if you are not loosing a signal fahget about it.15:56
hutchok np I'll wait for upgrades. I used it in Mint 14 as well before and it was dropping to 30%15:58
hutchIn 12.10 Ubuntu I was getting system errors with it but they've stopped in 13.04 :)16:00
MonkeyDustdang! I miss F3 dual view in nautilus16:06
MonkeyDustwhyever has it been left out16:11
kvarleyBluesKaj: Sorry for the massive delay. Yeah I do have a net connection with the currently module but it hangs at times and is slower than expected.16:48
packetfrogHas anyone used the daily raring server build?16:48
packetfrogI keep getting unmet dependencies when installer tries to install kernel16:50
Dark_lightHow usable is 13.04 at this stage?18:02
bazhangroughly two weeks from release18:03
bekksDark_light: As a beta, it is not usable for production yet.18:03
BluesKajDark_light, usable as a home user here18:04
Dark_lightwell I can deal with the occasional bug but I'd need something that  is stable enough not to crash xorg or become unbootable18:05
Dark_lightafterall at two weeks away from release I hope most of the critical bugs have been sorted out18:06
Dark_lightor am I wrong?18:07
BluesKajno gurantees at this stage , if you have a back up OS then by all means try it18:07
bazhanghard to say18:07
Dark_lightone more question, I haven't used *buntu distro in a while, If I install a beta and just keep it up to date I should end up with the final release without hiccups right?18:08
bazhang!final | Dark_light18:08
ubottuDark_light: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.18:08
Dark_lightok thank you18:11
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Dark_lightHow'd you install 13.04 the installer keeps hanging on me20:29
FernandoMiguelDark_light: tried another build?20:29
wilee-nileeDark_light, You checked the disc integrity, and or the md5sum20:30
Dark_lightwilee-nilee: it's a known issue I don't have the link to the bug report at hand but it's easy to find googling20:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1080701 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs" [High,Confirmed]20:32
Dark_lightI managed to get past that20:38
Dark_lightjust a question to stay current on a beta should I run apt-get dist-upgrade too or just update?20:39
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade20:39
FernandoMiguelor is it !final ?20:39
ubottuIf you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.20:40
wilee-nileeDark_light, The only thing I would say is that you are working on assumptions to some extent you may have a bad download.  dist-upgarde20:40
Dark_lightso dist-upgrade only for the transistion to the official release?20:40
Dark_lightwilee-nilee: well the bug report is there and apparently I'm not the only one I just followed a dirty fix posted there20:41
BluesKajdist-upgrade , upgrades the installed packages , not the OS20:41
wilee-nileeDark_light, You are still assuming in all that. ;)20:42
Dark_lightwilee-nilee: well yeah I haven't made an extensive test to sort out all the probable causes but that one seems to be the most probable one I think, anyway I'm installing :-)20:43
FernandoMiguelalias distupgrade='sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'20:43
FernandoMiguelI just run that everytime I login20:43
FernandoMiguelbeen doing that for half a decade20:43
Dark_lightI've never used a *buntu or debian distro long enough to have the chance of using it hence the confusion :P20:44
Dark_lightI mean using dist-upgrade20:44
Dark_lightso basically dist-upgrade is used when jumping between versions even from like a beta to a rc?20:46
Dark_lightsorry if the questions seems stupid as I said I have very small experience with apt-get20:46
maxbdist-upgrade should really have been named full-upgrade20:46
FernandoMiguelI almost always have packages that require dist-20:47
maxbBasically it means "upgrade, even upgrade stuff if you have to add and remove other packages to satisfy dependencies"20:47
BluesKajDark_light:  on the same OS version, it upgrades the packages within it20:47
Dark_lightok but aren't versions "fixed" once it's stable?20:48
Dark_lightor in a freeze20:48
BluesKajDark_light:  there are always upgrades20:48
Dark_lightok then I'll run both, thanks for the help ;-)20:49
Dark_lightbtw just finished installing too20:49
Dark_lightrebooting brb20:49
BluesKajyou can keep a particular setup like a LTS20:49
wilee-nileeTo update upgrade I run. sudo apt-get autoremove ; sudo apt-get autoclean ; sudo apt-fast update ; sudo apt-fast dist-upgrade ; dpkg --get-selections > ~/my-packages  this last part save the installed list20:50
wilee-nileeFernandoMiguel, apt-fast calls multiple repos at once it is faster and loads the installs at the same time20:51
wilee-nileeyou just choose yes or no for the install20:51
FernandoMiguelI miss the MIRROR feature :(20:51
FernandoMiguelit's dead20:51
wilee-nileeI have the daily development release at the very end as well. click it and forget it, lol20:52
FernandoMiguel# deb mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt raring main restricted universe multiverse20:54
FernandoMiguelI mean this wilee-nilee20:54
FernandoMiguelit would pick the best mirror for you20:54
e\ectrohey has anyone used gptsync before?  I'm having an issue getting it to see the partition i have flagged as boot.20:54
wilee-nileeFernandoMiguel, I use the main, I'm in the U.S. I have found some faster, however apt-fast would make that even faster.20:55
FernandoMiguelthen you get mirrors outdated and you are screwed20:56
FernandoMiguelI used to pull from 320:56
FernandoMiguelnow I just use a close fast one that rsyncs every hour20:56
BluesKajapt-fast is ok , just don't use any ppas20:56
wilee-nileeFernandoMiguel, never had a problem.20:56
wilee-nileein 5 years20:56
FernandoMiguelnever hear of it20:57
BluesKajmucked up my sources list , wilee-nilee20:57
wilee-nileeBluesKaj, How so you can get a new list easily.20:57
BluesKajwilee-nilee:  yeah , but sometimes one forgets about ppas and I didn't know that the ppas would break the sources access20:58
FernandoMiguelBluesKaj: LOLOL backups backups backups20:59
BluesKajanyway my sources here in Canada are pretty quick20:59
wilee-nileeI clone all my installs and rsync home, and keep most everything on externals except the OS's21:00
BluesKajyeah , I do that with important files21:01
wilee-nileeI hate asking for help, so I'm setup to just learn from others mistakes. ;)21:02
wilee-nileeand mu own I figure out21:03
FernandoMiguelI would love to know who messed up grub2 iso boot21:10
FernandoMiguelmy 3yo DOCs are no long valid21:10
wilee-nileewhen it hit the actual 2 build I saw users loosing their boot, it was funny.21:11
wilee-nileehappened once to me21:11
wilee-nileesupergrub to the rescue easy boot in a reload, rather then booting a live cd or manually booting.21:12
FernandoMiguelI used to have a daily iso and the latest stable iso plus chromiumOS21:15
FernandoMigueland now it doesn't work :\21:15
wilee-nileeFernandoMiguel, You have them in a non os partition?21:18
FernandoMiguelon /boot21:18
wilee-nileeFernandoMiguel, I have not booted them this way, however the wiki suggests a partition just for ISO's.21:18
FernandoMiguellike I said, something changed21:19
FernandoMiguelI used to be able to mount-loop them from any location21:19
wilee-nileethat info has been there for awhile, but they did update the page in march.21:19
FernandoMiguelsudo apt-get install grml-rescueboot21:22
FernandoMiguelwell, let's test that. thanks wilee-nilee21:22
packetfrogI keep getting unmet dependencies when installer gets to installing the kernel    anyone have any ideas?21:22
FernandoMiguelwilee-nilee: I wrote the 1st failsafe wiki for booting grub2 from iso even before the official packaged mentioned it21:22
FernandoMiguelpacketfrog: it was fine here21:23
FernandoMiguelFound Grml ISO image: /boot/grml/raring-desktop-amd64.iso21:24
wilee-nileedarn grub develops, lol21:24
wilee-nileeFernandoMiguel, your are not a former UF mod are you?21:25
FernandoMiguelnoo, not the international ones,  no. just a loco ones21:25
FernandoMiguelfrom what I read, it was the UEFI changes that broke it21:25
packetfrogWhy oh why does raring hate me so21:26
FernandoMiguelI remember having to compile grub2 from source to get UEFI booting on our DELLS21:26
FernandoMiguelpacketfrog: it doesn't hate you, it's just picky with whom are his friends21:26
packetfrogwell spit on him21:26
wilee-nileeAh, I was wondering if you were drs305 they had all the good grub stuff going on for awhile21:27
packetfrogWhy would'nt the installer download something if needed it?21:28
packetfrogim confused21:28
FernandoMiguelwilee-nilee: FernandoMiguel for a while now, and BUGabundo for over a decade before21:28
FernandoMiguelpacketfrog: known bug21:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1080701 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs" [High,Confirmed]21:29
packetfrogpoor little raring has a bug!21:29
packetfrogwaste of a cdr21:29
FernandoMiguelpacketfrog: protip netbootme21:30
FernandoMiguelthat's who I install/test dailies21:30
FernandoMiguelor with grub booting isos21:30
FernandoMiguelpacketfrog: ??21:31
packetfrogFernandoMiguel, That is awesome21:33
bjsniderbugabundo: a decade or borked software, and many, many bug reports21:35
bjsniderbut few, few fixes21:35
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: and many many hours spent in here acting like a bot21:36
packetfrogFernandoMiguel, netboot.me is almost as awesome as rice   and rice is really awesome21:36
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: it's that attitude that led to the decline of me filing bugs21:36
FernandoMiguelI still have on package in the archive with my patch :p21:37
FernandoMiguelit's better than nothing21:37
bjsnideroh, you thought the purpose of reporting bugs was that they get fixed...21:40
packetfrogAre you guys friends?21:40
packetfrogbah  figures. netboot.me loads up goes black and hangs21:42
packetfroganother cdr for the trash21:42
FernandoMiguelpacketfrog: did you make your own package yet?21:43
FernandoMiguelI have it on a 4yo dvd :p21:43
packetfrogYAY it did something this time21:43
packetfrogthird time was a cahr,21:43
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packetfrogmy own package no21:45
packetfrogi downloaded the cd and burned it like an idiot21:45
packetfrogapparently it is NOT updated at all21:46
packetfrogsuper lame21:47
wilee-nileepacketfrog, use zysnc on the dailies21:49
* packetfrog looks at wilee-nilee blankly21:49
wilee-nileethen you will know, zync reads the iso\ and adds updates if needed21:50
FernandoMiguelsudo ionice -c3 zsync -i /boot/raring-desktop-amd64.iso -o /T/raring-desktop-amd64.iso http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/raring-desktop-amd64.iso.zsync21:51
FernandoMiguelhere's another protip for you guys21:51
FernandoMiguelpacketfrog: that's the beauty of it21:51
FernandoMiguelyou make your own receipt and give the ID on  boot21:51
FernandoMiguelno more need to change the CD21:52
packetfrogWhile I am sure that all makes sense to you but it does not to me.21:52
packetfrogFuck your self?21:52
packetfrogRude pricks21:52
FernandoMiguellet's avoid faul language21:53
packetfrogLets avoid being a prick.21:53
FernandoMiguelfor real, just create an account21:53
FernandoMiguelcreate a receipe21:53
packetfrogI am not asking for an explanation21:53
FernandoMigueland boot from it21:53
wilee-nileepacketfrog, Don't take things personally I was loling at FernandoMiguel and now you are in ignore.21:53
packetfrogReading the manual is very helpful, when I know wfm I am looking to read. Was my point.21:56
packetfrogI do not know if you are talking about netbootme21:56
packetfrogor my messed up ubuntu iso21:56
packetfrogor santa21:56
packetfrogthanks anyway. I wont be coming here again21:56
FernandoMiguelwilee-nilee: I used to have a very long and complex setup to get, md5,  and boot images, 32/64, flavours, cd/dvds21:58
FernandoMiguelRead /boot/grml/raring-desktop-amd64.iso. Target 37.9% complete.21:59
FernandoMiguelthat's just sad :(21:59
FernandoMiguelI need a bigger SSD.... not enough space in /boot/grml to put a nightly of chromiumOS22:01
FernandoMiguelI should write a wiki page on my swap over LAN setup LOL22:01
wilee-nileeFernandoMiguel, I bought a 256 gigger run nicely22:01
FernandoMiguelwaiting to get a new job to upgrade my NAS and the SSD should come afterwards22:02
FernandoMiguelneed ~1k€ for the NAS and drives alone22:02
wilee-nileefinancila aid here,22:02
wilee-nileeFernandoMiguel, financial aid for grad school.22:02
FernandoMiguelrebooting to test grub with the new changes22:03
FernandoMiguelif I don't come back, either I screwed it or pidgin is crashing again22:04
FernandoMiguelwell that worked. thank you wilee-nilee for the heads up22:14
FernandoMiguelnow to fix chromium22:14
MikeRLI cannot believe what the computer just did. I ran e4defrag -v / thinking nothing significant would be found, but then it said 9% fragmentation. The fragmentation did not go down after a defrag. Call it a nervous habit from Windows, but I'm glad I checked. Is this some sort of bug? But then the fragmentation rating is a 3. What's going on?!? This is funny. I've never seen this on any Linux install of mine before.22:23
maxbI've never bothered to assess my ext3/ext4 fragmentation22:27
MikeRLI don't get it either. It's probably a bug. What could have caused it. I've never seen it before. And this is not a lie.22:27
MikeRLWhat could cause this anomaly?22:29
maxbWhy would you care?22:30
jtayloris your disk almost full?22:30
MikeRLIs 9% bad enough to cause slowness? No it's not almost full.22:30
MikeRLMaybe it's just one large file that cannot be defragmented.22:30
MikeRLYeah I've used Linux for years (since Ubuntu 9.04) but I just don't understand this. Is there anything that could produce a high fragmentation percentage with a low fragmentation score?22:33
MikeRLI don't care if it's one large rarely used file, but if it's a bunch of files I might have a problem.22:35
jtaylorwhat was the full output of your e4defrag run?22:43
MikeRLHold on for a sec, I'll copy and paste it to dropbox. Give me 30 sec.22:43
jtaylorpastebinit is probably simpler22:43

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