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codefreethis is not the same as ubuntu phone is it?16:14
codefreethis is the actual thing, right?16:14
codefreeWhy was there any need for ubuntu phone, though?16:15
tassadar_probably because desktop system shrinked to small screen is really not easy to use16:16
codefreeI mean, are we ever going to have support for the actual thing on phones?16:16
codefreewell that doesn't apply to galaxy mega and tablets, right?16:17
tassadar_touch and "the actuall thing" should be eventually the same thing16:17
codefreebut I heard ubuntu phone will only get html 5 apps16:17
codefreeor was that firefox os?16:17
codefreeso we're free to use gcc on ubuntu phone?16:18
tassadar_that's the goal I think16:18
codefreeThanks. any idea for when they're going to support other devices than the nexus 7 or atleast get brand new ones on the market?16:19
popeymany of your questions are answered on the wiki codefree http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch16:20
tassadar_not really, no, but touch and normal ubuntu should merge in 14.04 release16:20
codefreeOh. So that's what I was missing. Searching for mobile didn't return me anything. Thanks guys.16:20

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