benkaiserHey was there an Ubuntu Australia meeting going on tonight or am I in the wrong place?10:10
jaredbenkaiser: you're right and in the right place, just appears not many others remembered10:15
jaredI forgot myself but I'm at the computer studying so saw your comments. I wonder if anyone else is lurking10:15
benkaiserokay, I set a reminder for it last night, thought it might have been fun to join in... not going to be too much fun if no one shows aha10:16
jaredbenkaiser: anything in particular you wanted to know about. talk about or otherwise?10:16
jaredNo point wasting a good catch up :)10:16
jaredWho knows, you might pick something interesting someone else was wanting to ask 10:17
benkaiserjared, uhmmm, not really I guess. Do you know if there is a Melbourne 13.04 launch party planned yet? I live in Geelong10:17
jaredbenkaiser: I only know of a Sydney one confirmed, a Brisbane one possible.10:18
jaredNo reason you can't pick a time and place and make one though10:18
jaredA lot of the time people are too reluctant because they feel there is some sort of "officialness" required, but really it's as simple as that.10:18
benkaiserYeh true. Guess I just don't know anyone else that uses Ubuntu, or Linux for that matter, I don't go to any user groups or anything :\10:19
jaredbenkaiser: I believe the Melbourne LUG is pretty active from what I hear10:20
benkaiserYeh I think it is too, saw the venue they were booking out for the last meeting  and it was a decent size. My main problem is transport at that time of night (think they caught up from 7pm or something)... 10:21
benkaiserjared, do you guys ever do G+ hangouts? 10:24
jaredbenkaiser: people have suggested it in the past, I personally just don't know how it all works. If you're keen I'd suggest shooting an email to the list and setting one up.10:26
benkaiserI think someone just makes the chat and invites the other people, problem is there is a limit of 10 people. This could be solved by including the chat on IRC for people who don't want to be heavily involved / go on cam.10:27
jaredI know there is already a Ubuntu-AU group on there as well10:29
benkaiserOh yeh I just remembered... It has 4 members and I am one of them ahaha10:29
jaredReally? Thats a bit sad, perhaps people don't know it's there?10:31
benkaiseryehh probably, the Ubuntu community has 69,004 members, so 69,000 more... aha10:32
jaredWell if you're active in social media circles I'm more than happy to help give you access to try to revive things if you're interested.10:34
benkaiserthanks, but I am not very active, like I use social media a lot, but I am not pro-active? I guess thats the word.10:36
jaredFair call, my idea of social media is linkedin and even then, it's really only passive.10:36
benkaiserI just put a post on the Ubuntu Australia G+ community and will wait and see if anyone checks it over the next few days10:36
benkaiserHey jared can I pm you?10:37
jeabenkaiser: We were thinking of doing G+ hangouts10:57
jeaI just haven't had the time to do one yet10:58
jeajared: sorry about the meeting tonight10:58
benkaiserjea, I would be keen to join in if we did get around to doing them10:59
jea_benkaiser: You are approved for facebook group now11:18
jea_also, not sure if you got my earlier message about G+ - We are looking at using hangouts, but I haven't had time yet to hold one11:19
benkaiserthanks for that jea, is your Internet cutting in and out atm or something?11:22
jea_my VPS is not going so well tonight11:23
jea_that is what you get for cheap hosting11:23
jea_luckily I have a stable uni server to use instead11:23
benkaiserfair enough :)11:24
benkaiserhey jea , not sure if you saw, but the G+ community for ubuntu AU is not listed in the wiki for ubuntu-au. Are you the person to talk to about adding that?11:25
jea_Yep, I can do that11:26
benkaisersweet :) I only noticed it browsing the wiki before, and noting that the FB group has 300 members and the G+ community has 4 members11:27
jaredPfft who uses social media :)11:30
jea_I guess I could try promoting the community within the main Ubuntu community11:31
benkaiserjea_, yeh :)11:31
jea_does this link work to the community?11:33
benkaiserjea_, worked for me11:33
jea_great. I will use it then11:34
jea_benkaiser: page should be updated now11:38
benkaiserjea_, we looking at different pages or? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam#Various_Web_Groups11:44
jea_ah, different page then11:44
jea_I will update that one too11:44
jea_in the meantime, check out this https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AustralianTeam/ContactUs11:45
benkaisersweet :) thanks for this jea_11:46
jea_no problem11:47
jea_benkaiser: front page is now update11:56
jea_currently looking at the headers to get them rounded again11:56
benkaiserLove the s/update/updates ... is that a sed expression?11:59
jea_um, vim find replace12:00
jea_could be used elsewhere too, not sure12:00
benkaiseryeh, are you a coder jea_ ? I only use vim every now and again to edit odd files in the terminal, only started getting into the past few weeks (very amateur at this stage)12:01
jea_I am a coder (doing Software Systems and Aerospace Engineering). Can't say I am that great at vim, but I find it pretty good12:02
jea_still use Sublime for all of my main text editing/coding though12:02
benkaiserjea_, yeh sublime it is for me too. I am just finishing a double degree myself (Ba. Tech and Ba. Business).12:03
benkaiserjea_, do you use unity or another DE / WM?12:03
jea_I use unity when I use ubuntu12:03
jea_but currently have OSX12:04
jea_I used unity before I got a mac though12:04
jea_so the mac look wasn't an influence on me liking it12:04
benkaiserjea_, fair enough, I have Macs but still run Ubuntu (still dual boot into Mac for iOS stuff), but yeh I don't use unity, not out of hate for it, just because I can navigate easier in WMII (a tiling window manager where you can do almost all window operations from the keyboard)12:06
jea_I have seen tiling WMs, but they have never interested me all that much.12:07
jea_They just don't suit my use quite as much12:07
benkaisertbh they fit your use if you want to be able to manager your windows fast and easy. Key problems though are lack of GUI statusbars and application launchers, it has a built in statusbar but I use xfce4-panel for my panel applets)12:09
jea_I might try one out eventually12:11
benkaiseryeh :) I held off for a while, but seeing all these old LAS episodes where Brian Lunduke kept raving about xmonad I had to try one out :)12:13
benkaiserjea_, so do you just stick in Mac nowadays? no Ubuntu or other Linux distros?12:17
benkaiserMac OSX*12:17
jea_I have recently. I don't feel like dual booting my Air, so stick to OSX. Still have many VMs with Ubuntu 12.04, 12.10, 13.04, Win XP, Vista, 7, 812:18
jea_If I had a standard laptop, Ubuntu would be on straight away12:19
jea_jared: there is a new look for l.u.c12:28
jea_quite different12:28
jea_welcome back12:39
jea_corners are rounded again too12:39
benkaiserjea_, sweet, yeh didn't even notice the disconnection -_- mobile Internet...13:07
jea_ah, true13:11
jea_i am off to bed. might see you on here again soon (I am always here, as long as my server doesn't crash)13:12
benkaiserokays catch jea_13:15

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