cyberglyphwhats going on guys15:42
cyberglyphanybody in here?15:42
cyberglyphI installed xubuntu alongside windows server and now I get a flashing grub prompt now what?20:10
wilee-nileecyberglyph, Is this a msdos partitioning setup, and is there more then one HD?20:12
cyberglyphone hdd20:12
wilee-nileeany uefi, raid..etc20:13
cyberglyphmsdos partition I don't believe so I just followed the gui prompts to install20:13
cyberglyphno its older system no sufi i wish lol20:13
cyberglyphuefi sorry20:13
wilee-nileecyberglyph, msdos is a standard setup. HD amount?20:13
cyberglyph61 gig hdd20:14
cyberglyphi thought it would boot into windows or xubuntu with the choice20:14
wilee-nileecyberglyph, the easiest way for me to diagnose is with a script you can run from a live cd, however you may just need grub reloaded to the mbr, what sounds best for you?20:15
cyberglyphI can run the live cd again20:15
wilee-nileeit should give you a grub menu if it is all correct, what xubuntu release is it? cyberglyph20:15
wilee-nileecyberglyph, here is a tool, use the bootinfo summary button and post the url. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair20:17
cyberglyphits 12.0 xfce relase20:17
wilee-nileeCool, the script generated will tell us what is up and if anything is missing and other cool stuff. ;)20:18
cyberglyphso just reboot into the live cd again20:18
wilee-nileecyberglyph, Yeah, it can be run from a install, or a live cd.20:18
cyberglyphok rebooting now20:19
wilee-nileecyberglyph,come back to the channel while in the live20:19
cyberglyphok in the live version now what20:25
wilee-nilee cyberglyph, here is a tool, use the bootinfo summary button and post the url. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair20:26
cyberglyphgo to that site on my linux machine ok will do20:27
wilee-nileejust load the app per the instruction and launch it and pick the bootinfo summary button, you will get a url and post it cyberglyph20:27
cyberglyphthat fixed it ! wee!20:43
wilee-nileecyberglyph, cool I wondered if the basic fix would work. ;)20:44
cyberglyphyeah it booted into the grub and then I picked linux and boot it booted20:44
cyberglyphthe only other problem I have is that there is another HDD in the system but it doesn't see it not sure why20:45
wilee-nileecyberglyph, Does it have a OS you are looking to boot? post that url of the script if you saved it.20:46
wilee-nileeI asked about more then one HD to begin with to make sure we were om the same page and needed details.20:47
cyberglyphthe bios sees the other hdd but any software doesn't thats why I wasn't worried20:49
vastkahunaDoes anyone know how to get netflix to work on linux?22:54

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