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andrewshhello everyone11:54
andrewshwhat can be done so I could maintain some of my packages in Ubuntu directly11:55
andrewshwithout waiting for someone who re-uploads them from Debian?11:55
siretartandrewsh: file bugs with patches, find someone to apply and upload them in the appropriate places12:11
siretartwhich often is Debian12:11
Dark_lightI'm having issues with the installer of 13.0412:11
Dark_lighthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/5707491/ here's the debug file12:12
Dark_lightI'm using yesterday's build12:12
andrewshsiretart: the question about doing things directly12:13
siretartandrewsh: that comes with a lot of commitments, see https://nm.debian.org/public/newnm for pointers12:14
siretartandrewsh: sorry, I meant to refer to http://www.debian.org/devel/join/newmaint12:15
andrewshsiretart: I'm a DD12:15
siretartandrewsh: oh, I'm sorry, I wasn't aware.12:15
siretartandrewsh: in that case, have you seen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Ubuntu/ForDebianDevelopers yet12:16
andrewshsiretart: the problem is that the usual import process is too slow12:17
andrewshnot yet12:17
andrewshI haven't12:17
siretartthat page contains a lot of pointers, espc. with links how the syncing process works. I suggest that you first try working with those processes12:18
siretartif things are still too slow, then you should consider applying for MOTU and/or per-package-upload-rights (that works a bit similar to the debian maintainers ACLs in Debian)12:19
andrewshwell, let's try this requestsync thing12:27
andrewshprobably it's not quite what I want12:28
andrewshwell, I think I just keep the thing as it is now12:31
andrewshthanks anyway12:31
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nigelblucas: Congrats!17:06
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