godbykjbicha: Thanks for the ubuntu-docs instructions. I'll give it a test run now and see how it goes.21:52
godbykjbicha: For translations (.po files) that are new (have never existed before), should I add those to the repository or ignore/delete them?22:25
jbichagodbyk: add them and also add them to ubuntu-help/Makefile.am22:46
jbichaalthough a lot of the languages are virtually untranslated so it might not help much22:48
godbykjbicha: Okay, will do.22:48
godbykThat's true.22:48
godbykjbicha: Any pointers or tips on building the .deb? I've been going through the Ubuntu packaging guide but I suspect there's a lot of 'first time .deb file' stuff there that I can ignore.22:49
jbichawell there's a few different ways of doing it, I use sbuild and here's a draft of instructions that I wrote for the packaging guide: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5709067/22:52
godbykOkay, thanks. I'll give that a shot.22:54
godbykShould the .pot file from Launchpad be committed to the bzr repository along with the updated .po files?22:54
jbichano, the .pot in Launchpad comes from the .pot in the bzr tree22:55
godbykOkay. With the ubuntu-manual project, I ignore Launchpad's .pot, too, because it typically just rewraps the lines.22:57

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