CheeryIs Mir going to provide an alternative driver model, which would separate the compositor's protocol from the drivers?17:52
Cheeryso that closed source drivers do not need to provide handlers for different window system bindings.17:53
thomirobert_ancell: ping?23:51
robert_ancellthomi, hello23:52
thomirobert_ancell: hey - I just heard back from my fellow QEs regarding allowing non-canonical employees to trigger CI & autolanding in MPS.23:52
robert_ancellduh duh... duh!23:52
thomiessentially: it's a security risk, but we have a whitelist for people we trust, as long as: 1) we really trust them, and 2) they've signed the CCA23:53
thomiso, if there's anyone you want us to add to the whitelist that meets both these criteria, please let me know23:53
robert_ancellthomi, could you add david.edmundson - he's the main one23:54
robert_ancellthomi, he works for blue systems, has been working on lightdm/kubuntu for ages23:54
thomirobert_ancell: can you get him to sign the CCA? I think when you do you get added to a launchpad group, which I don't see on his lp.net page23:55
robert_ancellthomi, he already has23:56
robert_ancellthomi, yeah, I don't know who manages that group but none of the people I have got to sign show up on it23:56
thomioh, huh, i thought there was a group or something... I guess not23:56
robert_ancellthomi, https://launchpad.net/~contributor-agreement-canonical23:56
thomirobert_ancell: ok, I sent the request off, and CCed you23:58
robert_ancellthomi, ta23:58
thomiahh, he is there too - I missed it23:59

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