s4zandoHey all!20:28
s4zandoI'm struggling with a a new steup/install, getting a frontend to operate.20:29
s4zandoI'm wuing separate backend and frontend machines.20:29
s4zandoI think I got thru the initial prompt for locale and db setup for frontend to connect to backend, but the GUI for the frontend never comes up on screen.20:30
s4zandoI'v elooked atthe frontend.log and it's just not giving any real errors that would point me in a direction to look.20:31
s4zandoI have the verbose output from the log file, but I won't flood the channel - if someone wants to view it, I'll gladly send it along... Just let me know.20:36
s4zandolog pasted to pastebin...22:12

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