smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR: \o/01:08
JoseeAntonioRhey, smartboyhw01:09
skellatpleia2: Adjusted the summary of the blogpost in UWN's Google Doc to note that, no, Ubuntu Ohio is not shutting down.  Only the High Council is shutting down.  We're in the middle of a census poll to see who is still out there: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-ohio/+poll/active--2013-04-1201:09
skellatpleia2: Already had some interesting replies back to me as leader from people who had forgotten there was a LoCo...01:10
pleia2skellat: hah, thanks, I haven't looked at the summaries yet01:10
skellatI re-wrote it.  Ubuntu Ohio is definitely **not** dead yet.01:10
* pleia2 nods01:10
smartboyhwskellat: Thx :) (I didn't write that part, phew)01:11
skellatAs Rumsfeld said once on war, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you think should have01:19
smartboyhwskellat: :)01:29
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR: You have an Ubuntu Forums account?01:31
JoseeAntonioRsmartboyhw: I do, why?01:42
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR: You do have access to post to the UWN session of the Forums;03:15
JoseeAntonioRno, but don't worry about it03:17
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR: good luck in releasing then03:19
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR: speaking about this, I mentioned you in my newest blog post :P03:20
JoseeAntonioRoh, cool,03:20
JoseeAntonioRlink to it?03:20
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR: Go to smartboyhw.tk/wordpress_smartboyhwp03:21
smartboyhw(without the final p)03:21
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR: You will see you are mentioned;P03:21
* smartboyhw does wonder why his post isn't in this week's UWN03:23
* smartboyhw bangs his phone.03:41
pleia2smartboyhw: JoseeAntonioR will work with akgraner to release things, she has access to everything06:56
JoseeAntonioRyep, I'm assuming that06:56
* pleia2 hugs JoseeAntonioR 06:56
pleia2thank you :)06:56
* JoseeAntonioR hugs pleia2 back06:56
* smartboyhw hugs JoseeAntonioR and pleia2 :P06:56
JoseeAntonioRno worries :)06:56
* JoseeAntonioR hugs back06:56
pleia2I should be somewhat pingable on monday, but conference and all, things get hectic06:57
JoseeAntonioRpleia2: if there's anything else I can help with, let me know06:57
* pleia2 goes to get some rest06:58
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, it does feel weird though. You seemed doing external contributions (i.e. On Air & UWN) while I do more technical things (e.g. QA and packaging):P06:58
smartboyhwpleia2, wish you a good rest:)06:58
JoseeAntonioRnight, pleia206:58
JoseeAntonioRsmartboyhw: I do tech things too, but it's not too broad06:59
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, but I don't do external things:P06:59
JoseeAntonioRoh, ok06:59
smartboyhwEveryone has their own development though06:59
JoseeAntonioRwell, I'm out for today too07:01
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, bye bye:)07:01
smartboyhwMakes sense though (it's SUNDAY!)07:01
JoseeAntonioRit's 2:02am over here07:02
smartboyhwJoseeAntonioR, have a nice sleep:)07:02
smartboyhwpleia2, hey thanks for adding me into LinkedIn. Good morning to you (presuming you just awoke:P)14:48
pleia2good morning14:48
pleia2I've been up for a while, was resizing my linode14:48
pleia2(which is why I was offline :))14:48
smartboyhwpleia2, :)14:49
pleia2anyone about to do some more summaries? looks like we still need everything in blogosphere14:51
smartboyhwpleia2, wait wait. I will do it:)14:55
smartboyhwJust let me load the doc.14:56
pleia2thanks smartboyhw \o/15:22
smartboyhwpleia2, all done:)15:23
pleia2going to move these over :)15:23
smartboyhwpleia2, now we could move these over, tell the editors and get JoseeAntonioR to release:P15:23
pleia2we don't release until Monday :)15:24
pleia2need to wait until the end of Sunday UTC to make sure no more articles come in that are important, and add stats and such15:24
smartboyhwpleia2, I know:P15:25
smartboyhwpleia2, I wonder can I add in my teenager post:P15:25
smartboyhwThat *could* qualify to UWN I think.15:25
smartboyhwpleia2, who *runs* the stats BTW?15:25
smartboyhwI know there is a script.15:26
pleia2I usually run them, but sometimes JoseeAntonioR does them15:26
pleia2and no, I didn't include your teenage post15:26
smartboyhwpleia2, oh.15:26
pleia2ok, time for me to get back to home things and prep for class15:27
smartboyhwpleia2, :)15:27
smartboyhwpleia2, I played with the askubuntu script. should I add it to the wiki draft then?15:31
smartboyhwNot yet I think:P15:32
pleia2I haven't actually looked at that script, they changed their site a bit and it stopped working properly a long time ago15:44
smartboyhwpleia2, hmm...15:46
smartboyhwpleia2, I think it DOES work since questions include upgrades from 12.10 to 13.04.15:46
smartboyhwAnd Friends.15:46
smartboyhwAnd the people DOES make sense either.15:47
pleia2oh good, they fixed it \o/15:48
pleia2the script could use formatting change though15:49
pleia2should be:15:49
pleia2* How to add support for new services to Friends? http://askubuntu.com/questions/279971/how-to-add-support-for-new-services-to-friends15:49
pleia2rather than how the output is now15:49
* pleia2 fixes that up15:50
smartboyhwpleia2, \o/15:51
pleia2smartboyhw: just pushed up the revision if you want to give it a spin16:00
pleia2(was just a quick reordering of vars)16:00
smartboyhwpleia2, OK16:10
smartboyhwpleia2, ok it works.16:10
smartboyhwpleia2, gotcha sleep now:)16:11
smartboyhwpleia2: Here I am^16:14
akgranerpleia2, I'm here as well17:33
akgraneryou all are awesome - ping me if you need me :-)17:38

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