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[|HuGO|]hi can help me please?01:11
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ddkРус есть?09:59
ddkanybody rus?09:59
ubot5Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.10:11
shadeslayerddk: ^^10:11
ddkokay... =(10:12
ubot5Iru al #ubuntu-eo, Bonvole.10:15
elhanathere is noone in esperanto channel :(10:16
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MeizirkkiI'm thinking about getting a nexus 10 and installing ubuntu10:56
MeizirkkiHow much different is the Ubuntu Tablet os from the desktop ubuntu?10:57
MeizirkkiIt's using android kernel and stuff?10:57
Meizirkkisorry got to go nevermind10:58
MeizirkkiHi again11:29
MeizirkkiSorry i had to catch a bus11:30
MeizirkkiIs ubuntu-touch using wayland?11:31
shadeslayerit's using SurfaceFlinger at the moment and will use Mir in the future11:31
shadeslayeras for your question regarding the Nexus 10, the UI is fairly different from the desktop ui11:31
shadeslayerthen again, I don't use unity, so I'm probably not the best person to listen to ;)11:32
MeizirkkiYes, i'm more curious of the technologies used11:32
MeizirkkiI don't use unity either11:32
MeizirkkiI'm a fAn of e1711:33
MeizirkkiAnd so i was curious whether i could compile and run it on nexus11:33
shadeslayerme and some other folks here are trying to get a debootstrapped ubuntu running11:33
shadeslayeron the Nexus 1011:33
shadeslayerwithout any android bits11:33
shadeslayerso far the status is that it needs an initrd, ChickenCutlass was working on that11:34
shadeslayerno idea if he got it up11:34
MeizirkkiIs the nexus 10 hardware similar to the chromebook ?11:35
MeizirkkiPart from cpu, that is11:35
plot44Hi  anyone used ubuntu touch on lenovo s10 netbook/tablet?11:35
MeizirkkiI've been considering both chromebook3 and nexus 10 lately, but neither is available in finland too easily :/11:36
shadeslayerMeizirkki: the idea is to flash the userdata partition with the ubuntu rootfs and flash a working initrd + kernel combo to boot.img and pass root=/dev/block/mmcblk0p9 to the boot parameters11:36
shadeslayeryeah, I got mine from the UK, so expensive to get these :/11:36
MeizirkkiOkay :) i'm not much of a coder/hacker but when I get my nexus 10 i'll gladly help you guys any way i can. I can do testing and bug reporting :)11:39
shadeslayeras soon as I have a working initrd I can make images :P11:40
MeizirkkiWhat's the problem with initrd atm?11:41
shadeslayerfor me it bootloops11:41
shadeslayerno serial console to look at, so debugging is hard11:41
MeizirkkiCya later11:45
ogra_shadeslayer, what ChickenCutlass works on has nothing to do with getting rid of the android bits (pretty much the opposite)12:00
ogra_he works on moving the android bits into a special container so that the ubuntu rootfs can instead move out of the container12:00
shadeslayerogra_: by android bits I meant not using /system12:00
ogra_its a flip ... not a removal of anything12:01
ogra_it will still use /system and fully depend on the andrpid HW bits12:01
shadeslayerI see12:01
shadeslayerbut no SurfaceFlinger ?12:02
shadeslayerand Mir ( or if I want, X) instead?12:02
ogra_same thing as today ... no changes at all12:02
shadeslayer I see12:02
ogra_the container flip wont change anything apart from the fact that you will be able to use udev and friends (which you currently cant in the container)12:02
shadeslayerokay, so it'll stil use SurfaceFlinger .. hmm12:03
ogra_and the the /proc space is handled differently12:03
ogra_no cahnges ... as i said12:03
ogra_it will soon be Mir but thats totally independent from the container stuff12:04
shadeslayerah well, I'll have to wait for his initrd since I can't get it to boot at the moment :P12:04
ogra_you cant boot with a std ubuntu initrd ?12:04
ogra_that should just work12:04
shadeslayernope, it bootloops12:04
shadeslayerwell weird12:04
ogra_what do you use exactly atm ?12:05
shadeslayerthere was one other issue12:05
shadeslayerwhen I flashed userdata using fastboot, I got a failiure saying something about sign12:05
ogra_a self compiled kernel from the android source with options changed, a std ubuntu initd and a debootstrap based rootfs should just work12:05
shadeslayeryep what I did was : abootimage -x boot.img12:06
ogra_something identically to the nexus7 image12:06
ogra_(teh desktop one)12:06
shadeslayerthen grab the zImage from that, an initrd from a debootstrapped ubuntu with the kernel installed + root=/path/to/userdata12:06
ogra_that cant work12:06
ogra_you need a sanely comppiled kernel12:06
shadeslayerI see12:07
ogra_with things like fbcon enabled12:07
shadeslayerI am not entirely certain as to what options I do need to enable, do you have a list of sorts?12:07
shadeslayerI can have a look tomorrow then12:07
ogra_start with the kernel, and get it to output console stuff on your screen ... thats a good start (might need cmdline changes too ... some android devices set contole= (with no value) which breaks output)12:08
ogra_once you are at that point, get an ubuntu initrd to work ... (it helps to have a USB keyboard) and break into it (cmdline option break=top or  whatever break level you want)12:09
ogra_if you are done with that you can mount partitions, copy rootfs tarballs around, etc12:10
ogra_that should eventually get you to a working rootfs12:10
ogra_if you have *that* running you start caring for X12:10
shadeslayerheh :)12:10
ogra_i should write a howto one day12:11
ogra_the process differs slightly from device to device ... but its the same thinng in its basics every time12:11
spanner3003 i trying to build unity-next on ubuntu 12.10 and i keep getting CMakeFiles/test-voice.dir/test-voice.c.o: In function `context_drain_complete': /media/android/Development/unity/unity_build/hud/tests/test-voice.c:107: undefined reference to `pa_context_disconnect' for every reference to pulseaudio in test-voice.c12:24
shadeslayerogra_: does the kernel need to be compiled with the ubuntu toolchain or the Android one?12:25
spanner3003this is the whole output from the start of the error http://pastebin.com/bND2DCbj12:32
Namidairopulse seems to be missing12:38
Namidairocursory google would have showed that12:38
spanner3003pulseaudio is installed12:42
shadeslayerogra_: and when you say start with the kernel, you mean the one from https://android.googlesource.com/kernel/samsung.git12:42
ogra_shadeslayer, userspace doesnt care with what the kernel is compiled (i would use the ubuntu toolchain because its simply easier) ... and yes, whatever the android source tree for your device is13:50
shadeslayerogra_: thanks :)14:01
spanner3003would anyone be willing to help me to port ubuntu-touch to the asus PadFone 2, atm i'm trying to build cm10.1 for it but as it is not supported i finding it hard14:13
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shadeslayerogra_: re enabling fbcon, is that FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE  in .config?15:01
shadeslayerexynos4_defconfig sets console=ttySAC115:14
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shadeslayerogra_: @_@ .... the source from the git repo doesn't even build :/16:22
shadeslayerI'll try the cyanogenmod kernel now16:22
shadeslayerwrong git repo :/16:28
iz1glghello. anybody here?16:59
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iz1glghi guys.. can anyone explain me if on ubuntu touch I can install deb apps or if it is just an android with different user interface ?17:15
NOTE2OwnerWondering if anyone knows if there are any developers working on touch for SCH-I605 Samsung Note 2?17:41
_polto_I just installed touch on my nexux4, how can I create a new user please ? Really, can't find any info about on the web.18:05
_polto_how can I run a shell ? adb shell open some limited android shell.19:07
_polto_I would like to create a new user, install SSH, and some other services...19:07
_polto_ok, find everything here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/ReleaseNotes19:12
SecretFirecan I put ubuntu touch on my motorola atrix 4g?20:32
RobbyF https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices20:36
n-iCehello guys, the GS3 GT-I9300 is not supported, can I do something to install it and try it or to help to make it work?21:36
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