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brobostigongood morning everyone,06:24
dwatkinsmoin moin06:32
kvarleyDoes this ( http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=amd_opensource_uvd&num=1 ) mean I can now game using open source AMD drivers?07:46
kvarley-liveI'm currently on the 13.04 installer09:44
kvarley-liveJust clicked to continue on the 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen and it's not doing anything but apparently loading09:45
kvarley-liveFor anybody else who bumps into this, it's this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/108070109:54
lubotu3Ubuntu bug 1080701 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Raring) "After 'Preparing to install Ubuntu' screen, raring installation hangs" [High,Confirmed]09:54
popeyresorted to using windows today as the wifi is just unbearable10:09
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: hows the face?10:21
popeylooked really bad10:21
SuperMatttime to get my code on, yo!10:21
TheOpenSourcerermorning  popey10:22
TheOpenSourcererIt hurts. A lot10:22
TheOpenSourcererI will take another piccy in a mo. Bruising quite nicely now :-)10:22
popeyhah, glad you're in good spirits about it10:22
popeytbh when I fell over at the maltings when buying this years beerex tickets I thought I'd be injured more than I was10:23
TheOpenSourcererIt looks worse that it really is.  A few scratches and bruises but nothing broken.10:23
TheOpenSourcererYou fell over before the beer ???10:23
popeyyeah, at ~6am10:23
popeythe set of steps near the bridge, on the maltings side10:23
popeyi was standing on the brickwork looking to see how long the queue was10:24
popeymissed footing fell (rolled) down the steps10:24
popeyjohn said it looked like i might stop at some point, but no, i kept on rolling10:24
popeyplenty of bruises under my clothes but nothing too bad, and no facial/head injuries10:24
SuperMatthow do I update my current bzr check out to the latest revision?10:25
TheOpenSourcererWhat I still can't work out about this is how I was so drunk without having drunk that much (for me) and I didn't have a hangover from hell yesterday...10:26
popeybzr pull10:27
TheOpenSourcererI can't remember anything about the afternoon after listening to Gareth Edwards speak. But at the point I'd probably only had 2 pints of bitter and 3/4 of a bottle of wine.10:27
TheOpenSourcererI do wonder if there was some spiking going on...10:28
MyrttiI've Had the reverse10:28
apacheukquick question, I've been messing around with python/quickly and built a simple little app.... created a ppa and everything is hunky dory.... I've just installed 13.04 on my laptop, how do I get the ppa built for 13.04? Or do I have towait til its officially released?10:29
Myrttihangover from hell after one .33l can of 4.7% cider10:29
MartijnVdSapacheuk: submit a package with "raring" in the debian/changelog (and probably another version number.. :)10:30
Myrttibut not being drunk at all10:30
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: looks much better10:30
popeynow you can open your eye!10:30
apacheukMartijnVdS, cheers.... guess I have some reading to do :)10:30
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: http://www.jaren90muziek.nl/data/eslqkyxy/front.jpg10:31
TheOpenSourcererMartijnVdS: qu'est ce que c'est10:33
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: The cover of a single from the 90s.. your pic reminded me of it :)10:34
TheOpenSourcererOh I see.10:34
MartijnVdS(it's "happy hardcore".. *shudder*)10:35
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: has anybody offered information on what happened?10:40
TheOpenSourcererbigcalm: Well, my mate Roger who brought me home said I had just fell over a few times - the last one using a car door mirror and my face to slow me down...10:42
MartijnVdSshotwell won't show its main window10:42
TheOpenSourcererBut my mind's a blank really - which is odd. Because I have a reasonable capacity for alcohol and in reality I don't think I'd drunk that much10:42
MartijnVdSwell. it's trying to but no contents10:43
TheOpenSourcererAnd I had no hangover to speak of yesterday.10:43
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: the only time I've had memory loss was when I got a concussion from being hit from behind while bicycling10:43
MartijnVdSTheOpenSourcerer: could it be that you hit your head *that* hard?10:44
TheOpenSourcererYeah - I guess so.10:44
bigcalmTheOpenSourcerer: seeing a doctor and getting a scan wouldn't be a silly option10:51
TheOpenSourcererMy wife has been suggesting the same thing. But apart from an aching face I feel fine.10:53
bigcalmSo I managed to get nut working with my Belkin UPS. What's odd is that the current load is 0. How can this be?10:53
MartijnVdSbigcalm: nothing's attached to it?10:53
MartijnVdSbigcalm: power is still on, so the battery is not "loaded"?10:53
StevenRbigcalm: either, nothing is connected to the UPS, there's a rounding issue, or the software is wrong10:53
MartijnVdS(note: OR not XOR)10:54
bigcalmI'm visiting my parents this weekend, so I can't poke things right now. But I'm fairly sure I plugged into the UPS the extension block connecting the cable modem, router, micro server and desktop10:55
StevenRbigcalm: how big a UPS is it?10:58
bigcalmStevenR: domestic device: http://www.belkin.com/us/support-product?rnId=67210:59
StevenRbigcalm: ok, I'd expect to see a load of around 25-35% (for the kit you describe above - I'm estimating a little there), so it's probably not a rounding error... which suggests either there's nothing plugged in, or the driver/software can't read that value from the UPS (which is odd, because it's getting lots of other data from the UPS)11:03
bigcalmOdd indeed. I guess I'll have to play more when I get home11:06
bigcalmThe UPS itself might be fudged11:11
bigcalmI had to replace the batteries. Maybe I killed something in the process11:11
StevenRbigcalm: you can't put fudge in a UPS. That'll definately affect the load reading ;)11:14
kvarleyJust got 13.04 installed ... Wow, Ubuntu never ceases to amaze me11:30
popeythat bad huh?11:30
kvarleyHad a bit of trouble installing (known bug), then needed proprietary drivers for Unity to become usable and there is a bug with the drivers at the moment but I've patched it up.11:30
kvarleypopey: No, it's good :)11:30
kvarleyGetting more and more usable all the time11:30
kvarleyIs turning off "Record Activity" and "Include online search results" all I need to do to maintain my privacy?11:33
popeydepends how you define privacy11:34
popeyuse tor, don't use google, use an adblocker.. etc11:34
kvarleypopey: I mean, some people said the online search results raise privacy issues. I was just trying to disable those features. Admittedly I do use Steam and closed source drivers tho11:36
popeyread more about it than just what "some people say" imo11:37
kvarleyOk, I mean as far as I can tell they're complaining because it's on by default. Couldn't a toggle be included in ubiquity to make them happy?11:38
popeyno, because it wouldn't make everyone happy11:39
popey"them" implies there's one big group11:39
popeythere isn't11:39
MartijnVdSespecially the design team11:39
popeythere's a load of individuals who have differing opinions11:40
popey(most of which don't use ubuntu and probably never have, and probably never will. e.g. RMS)11:40
kvarleyOh, ok. Well I've been round the block of other distros to see what the alternatives are and none of them compare to Ubuntu or XUbuntu11:40
kvarleyThe animations on 13.04 are absolutely gorgeous, it feels like a whole different OS11:43
MartijnVdSkvarley: animations?11:45
kvarleyMartijnVdS: Minimizing windows, tiling windows, opening windows, etc :)11:45
MartijnVdSI don't see a difference?11:46
kvarleyThe tiling animation and minimize are different from 12.1011:47
ali1234that stuff is animated?11:47
kvarleyali1234: Transitions are animated right?11:48
ali1234not on my computer11:48
ali1234because i use nvidia and the frame rate is too low for them to be visible11:48
kvarleyAh, I'm on AMD FGLRX11:48
ali1234but openarena runs at 6 million FPS11:48
penguin42kvarley: I thought there was now a big toggle that they had added specifically for the privacy switches11:49
ikoniakvarley: you mentioned earlier that you had to use the propritary drivers as if it was a "bad thing", did you expect the open drivers to power your card sucessful11:58
MartijnVdSikonia: it works like that on intel :)12:05
ali1234i constantly hear from AMD fanboys about how they are so much better than nvidia because "they open sourced all their drivers"12:05
MartijnVdSali1234: amd fanboys are not smart people, I guess?12:06
MartijnVdS(this is implied in the word "fanboy", I guess)12:06
ikoniaMartijnVdS: he's not using intel though, so I was curious to his expectation on ati12:08
MartijnVdSwell there _are_ free ati drivers12:09
MartijnVdSand AMD has just released some new video decoding stuff under a free license12:09
ikoniaali1234: I doubt the people claiming ati are better because they are open are fanboys...just ill informed12:09
kvarleyikonia: I use the proprietary drivers because I have to in order to get good performance. Ideally GPU vendors would open source everything12:12
ikoniakvarley: I appreciate you "had" to use it, however you spoke of it as a negative thing12:13
kvarleyali1234: I only like AMD because it's the best performance per £. I know Intel CPUs and Nvidia GPUs outperform AMD on just performance. I'm not a fanboy of AMD, I buy whatever brand is best for my needs12:13
ikoniaor like you expected to be able to use the open driver12:13
ikoniaintel out perform ATI ?12:13
kvarleyikonia: I just mean that I'd have hoped the performance would have been better with the open source drivers but obviously that isn't down to the driver developers but AMD for keeping FGLRX closed source12:14
kvarleyikonia: I said AMD. Intel CPUs generally out-perform AMD's12:14
ikoniaahh cpu12:15
ikoniaATI=AMD, I thought you where still referencing gpu12:15
kvarleyWell ATI are no more no, just AMD isn't it?12:19
ikoniayes, re-directs to AMD12:20
kvarleyIs there an easy way I can limit Steam's download speed?13:05
kvarleymagpie: Doesn't have an option as far as I can see13:10
magpiethere's a way to limit your download speed in general i don't know the method for a specific program13:10
magpiewhat is steam?13:11
magpiemaybe if you linked the command to the PID13:11
magpieyou could do it that way13:12
kvarleyI have the realtek 8168 chipset but the current kernel module that is loaded is 8169 - why?13:20
MartijnVdSkvarley: because chip manufacturers sometimes have a bunch of chips with different numbers that are different in details only14:13
MartijnVdSso one driver is written14:13
kvarleyMartijnVdS: What seems to be the issue he is it's loading one module because it supports a lot of chipsets but the chipset I'm on isn't fully supported by it so I'm getting poor performance. I'm trying to build the module manually, run into some errors (I'm on 13.04) so I'm asking in #ubuntu+1 thanks anyway :)14:17
MartijnVdSmanually building modules is almost never the answer :)14:17
Myrttiachievement unlocked: went to Hobbycraft, didn't buy yarn.15:13
penguin42what did you buy instead?15:14
Myrttiwatercolours, and a Tala jam canning kit15:17
Myrttilatter was twice the price that it would have been in another stores but oh well.15:17
MyrttiI made a special effort to not Amazon every product I saw there with my phone.15:17
MartijnVdSMyrtti: next challenge: one day without a phone15:52
penguin42wth are people offering OLD scsi drives for $100 on amazon15:57
MartijnVdSpenguin42: not ebay?15:57
penguin42I've just pulled a 1G and 4GB SCSI drive out of an old case I've had sitting here for years, and looked up the drive numbers on line, and  found offering prices of over $10015:58
MartijnVdSpenguin42: I'm seeing £167 for "72Gb hot-plug serial SCSI HDD"15:58
MartijnVdSbut wow.. scsi :)15:58
penguin42MartijnVdS: I think they're circa 9716:00
* MartijnVdS wonders if it'd be worth it to put the old 350D up for sale somewhere16:00
stgraber /win 4116:00
MartijnVdSstgraber: /lose ;)16:00
MartijnVdSpenguin42: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canon_EOS_350D16:00
MartijnVdSooh! there's a chdk version for it16:02
penguin42a what?16:05
bigcalmpenguin42: open source camera firmware16:08
penguin42ah neat16:09
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: I have a 350D, my neice really wants it - then I got a mywi card for it, which means I don't need to plug it in (it's technically unsupported, but seems to work)16:09
dwatkinsThat reminds me, I must check it's still working.16:10
MartijnVdSeye-fi you mean?16:10
dwatkinsoh yeah, sorry16:10
dwatkinsgetting confused between wifi devices16:10
MartijnVdStoo many "-fi" names!16:11
shaunoI didn't know the eye-fi cards came in CF ?16:12
MartijnVdSshauno: cf-to-sd adapters exist16:15
penguin42MartijnVdS: Just reading the chdk stuff - neat16:17
shaunointeresting, I had no idea  (and ditto on chdk)16:17
MartijnVdSmagic lantern will blow your mind then ;)16:18
shaunodidn't expect that one because I believe SD cards are serial/usb, and CF is ATA/IDE16:18
MartijnVdSshauno: SD cards use a very simple protocol. It's easy to build a tiny chip to translate reads/writes16:18
penguin42shauno: But CF cards are huge compared to an SD, plenty of room to put a micro in a converter16:19
penguin42shauno: http://www.play.com/Electronics/Electronics/4-/28850789/680800863/SD-Card-to-CompactFlash-Card-Adaptor/ListingDetails.html?_%24ja=tsid:13315|cat:28850789|prd:28850789&ef_id=Rv5QOWfVyg4AAAcR:20130414161909:s16:19
popeyseems disabling 802.11n has "solved" my wifi woes.16:21
dwatkinsshauno: indeed, I have a CF-SD adapter for my 350D, it's specifically stated as being unsupported on the eye-fi site, but mostly seems to work16:21
MartijnVdSpopey: that used to be the "Fix" on 2007-8 era Intel wifi as well16:22
dwatkinshmmm, at least it did...16:22
dwatkinsflibbertyjibbet, it's not uploading new photos anymore16:23
dwatkinsstrange, the card thinks it's tomorrow morning... aha, now it's trying to upload images16:26
MartijnVdSdwatkins: *whistles Doctor Who theme*16:26
dwatkinshehe, spoooooky huh?16:26
dwatkinsI'm looking at my DHCP leases file, and the last one is at epoch time 1365999607, has the eye-fi's name and that's Mon Apr 15 05:20:07 BST 201316:27
* dwatkins wonders if this is dnsmasq's fault16:27
MartijnVdSdwatkins: "date" on the dnsmasq machine16:28
dwatkinsroot@ubuntu-eee:~# date16:29
dwatkinsSun Apr 14 17:29:21 BST 201316:29
MartijnVdSlooks OK16:29
MartijnVdSisn't it the lease _end_ time?16:29
* dwatkins moves the camera closer to the router16:29
MartijnVdSnow + 12 hours?16:29
dwatkinsoh is it?16:29
MartijnVdSjust wondering16:30
dwatkinsbingo - it wasn't getting a strong enough wifi signal16:30
dwatkinsprobably something to do with my camera being made of metal ;)16:30
MartijnVdSand your hands of mostly water, blocking 2.4GHz signals quite effectively ;)16:31
* dwatkins considers keeping the Linksys WRT54G he's currently installing so his brother can throttle his kids' youtube usage ;)16:31
MartijnVdSdwatkins: WDR4300 + OpenWRT ;)16:31
dwatkinshaha, it was just sitting on the bed, but there are a couple walls between me and the router, and a sofa or two16:31
MartijnVdSdwatkins: get 600 mbit 802.11n, AND throttling16:31
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: I havn't done anything like this before, I was thinking of using the Tomato firmware, but if there's a Better Way, I'm all ears16:31
dwatkins(as much as one can use one's ears on IRC)16:31
MartijnVdSdwatkins: I'm running OpenWRT on mine :)16:32
MartijnVdSYou can get it from their site, or compile it yourself for flexibility16:32
dwatkinslooks like a nice router16:32
dwatkinsI bought a WRT54G off e-bay to try this out with.16:32
MartijnVdS(I disabled the web interface, ssh + vi ftw ;))16:32
dwatkinsyeah, I tend to administer the above-mentioned server mostly via ssh.16:33
MartijnVdSthis has twice the flash (8MB instead of 4) so you get a bit more space to install stuff16:33
dwatkinsThat can be my next project, I'll use my brother's router as a learning experience.16:34
MartijnVdSmake sure you read the openwrt wiki page for the router before flashing16:34
dwatkinsMartijnVdS: does it lose all the settings when flashed? I configured the wifi of the linksys I'm about to setup for since I already have another network16:34
MartijnVdSdwatkins: it loses settings if you flash a different "kind" of firmware16:35
MartijnVdSdwatkins: (openwrt -> tomato, or tomato -> dd-wrt, etc.)16:35
dwatkinsI assume this Linksys just has the default firware on it, looks like it from the web-interface.16:35
MartijnVdSbut openwrt can save settings over a reflash using the "sysupgrade" command-line tool (and/or the "Upgrade" functionality in the LuCI web interface)16:35
MartijnVdSthen first make sure which firmware to get from the wiki :)16:36
dwatkinsyeah, I bought a specific version of this router so it's well supported, v2.0 iirc16:36
dwatkinsLinksys Firmware Version: v2.02.716:37
MartijnVdSdwatkins: http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/start#linksys :)16:38
MartijnVdSdwatkins: linksys firmware version doesn't really matter16:38
MartijnVdSdwatkins: if the wifi chip in it is new enough, it can even support multiple wifi networks at once16:39
dwatkinsthanks MartijnVdS, will have a look16:40
dwatkinsI'm tempted to use the Tomato firmware if its nice and easy to use - my brother doesn't want to have to learn all about the comand line just to change his daughter's bandwidth ;)16:40
MartijnVdSdwatkins: OpenWRT comes with an easy to use web interface, "LuCI"16:41
MartijnVdSdwatkins: it can do QoS/bandwidth management as well, if you install the right package(s) (also from the web interface!)16:41
dwatkinshaha the newest release is called "attitude adjustment"16:41
dwatkinscool, thanks16:41
MartijnVdSdwatkins: yeah they're all named after cocktails.. "Kamikaze", "White Russian"< "Attitude Adjustment", "Barrier Breaker"16:41
dwatkinsI'm a bit concerned at this: On modern OpenWRT, brcm47xx that supports a linux 2.6 kernel, the luci web interface is so slow that sometimes the watchdog timer restarts the router.16:42
MartijnVdSdwatkins: hmm.. I haven't noticed that yet16:43
MartijnVdSdwatkins: it's not like that on the WDR4300 ;)16:43
dwatkinsyeah, i guess better specs help16:43
MartijnVdSit has a way better CPU16:43
MartijnVdSand more RAM16:44
ali1234what tool can plot data with variable time step?18:32
MartijnVdSali1234: rrdtool?18:32
ali1234wrong answer18:32
ali1234rrdtool requires that the data has a fixed time step18:33
MartijnVdSyou can backdate data points and skip data points18:33
* dwatkins suspects gnuplot might be able to plot all sorts of things18:33
ali1234that isn't helpful at all18:33
MartijnVdSyeah if gnuplot can't plot it, nothing can :)18:33
ali1234the way rrdtool works is if you have a gap in the data it just plots nothing18:33
MartijnVdSali1234: you can make it plot the last-known value18:34
ali1234if i have readings taken at 1, 2, 3, 10 then i have two choices: i can have a graph with timestep 10 that shows only the readings at 1 and 1018:34
ali1234or i can have a graph with timestep 1 and a large gap between 3 and 1018:34
ali1234you can't make it plot the last known value because it won't even store it18:35
MartijnVdSali1234: I suspect graphite (http://graphite.wikidot.com) can do it18:36
ali1234does it run on command line and is packaged in ubuntu?18:36
MartijnVdSali1234: you send it messages over some simple MQ thing18:36
MartijnVdSgraphite-carbon - backend data caching and persistence daemon for Graphite18:37
MartijnVdSali1234: message queue.. it can do rabbitmq18:37
ali1234i have a text file with lines like: date,value18:37
penguin42variable step seems actually quite hard18:37
ali1234i want to plot them into a png file18:37
MartijnVdSoh you can do a simple text protocol as well18:37
MartijnVdSlibgd 8-)18:37
penguin42anyone any good with gephi?18:38
ali1234using a command line like "plot -o stats.png data.txt"18:38
penguin42ali1234: It might be worth looking if there is a python graphing library?18:39
ali1234there is pylab18:41
ali1234it's kind of overkill though, and also it makes very ugly charts18:41
* penguin42 is currently having the problem with the other type of graphs18:41
dwatkinsI keep meaning to look into flotr2: http://humblesoftware.com/flotr2/18:43
ali1234http://matplotlib.org/examples/api/date_index_formatter.html \o/18:46
ali1234matplotlib need x11 and gtk installed19:32
mungbeanevening fans19:45
popeyBARK BARK BARK! mungbean BARK BARK!19:45
* mungbean gives popey a doggie treat19:47
* popey belches dog breath at mungbean 19:47
mungbeantomorrow i will embark on ubuntu openstack testing/learning. is 12.04 image still the latest for cloud servfer?19:48
popeyi believe all the important bits are backported or in PPA's yes.19:49
popeyDaviey knows more19:49
popeyalso https://twitter.com/DailyLinuxSteam/status/323523248983797760 lots of games in steam19:49
popeywas 25 on release, now ~170 odd19:49
mungbeangrrr baby fell asleep 10ml into a 120ml bottle19:50
diplo_heh seems normal mungbean19:50
mungbeanall that screaming over nothing19:50
* diplo_ thinks someone will be woken up later19:50
=== diplo_ is now known as diplo
mungbeanbieber lol19:55
mungbeankids today eh19:55
mungbeanwatching the LAS owncloud 5 review20:05
mungbeanrealised havent watched las for over a yea r20:05
mungbeanquiet here, is there something great on telly im missing?21:08

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