snap-lWindows really hates me.01:34
jrwrensnap-l: i'll have to snag that Ivan Moravec. I assume you like his interpretation?12:35
rick_h_woot, first bookie commit from the tablet13:03
rick_h_and double woot for a new contributor13:03
snap-ljrwren: It works for me, but I'm not a piano snob13:52
snap-lI have no idea what too much rubato is. :)14:09
snap-lI really, really hate Windows XP19:32
snap-lMore importantly, I hate whomever decided to not ship device drivers for different hardware.19:32
snap-lSo now I have a copy of my parent's machine that won't boot because it's in a virtual machine19:33
snap-lIt gets to mup.sys, and promptly shits19:34
dzhoeverytime I add a network printer to someone's win box, I have similar dark thoughts.20:02
dzhowhy tf couldn't they have just put generic ps and pcl drivers in there?20:02
rick_h_the thing is that windows XP is OLD! Linux or even OSX from that long ago (...what year did OSX come out?) would also suck20:08
derekvwindows is bs.20:27
derekvsimply BS20:27
derekvfrankly the reason for its popularity is largely due to ms office20:32
derekvI use OS/220:33
derekvmuch better =p20:33
derekvtrying to figure out why i keep getting charged like .45c/mo from aws when the panel reports i got no instances and nothing in s320:39
dzhorick_h_: you know, PCL and PS are even older.21:02
dzhoand, last time I had this experience it was on something newer than XP21:02
dzhowin 7 I think21:02
rick_h_dzho: I did mean more for snap-l and the install issues21:28
rick_h_dzho: for printing yea, everyone wants a special driver that puts a pretty special UX in front of the user and comes with some lovely branding for you to get advertised through21:28
derekvopen letter anyone who makes an app/application for steaming audio and does not provide a place to tweak buffering settings-> your app is BS.21:48
derekv(this includes iTunes)21:48
derekvalso i frequently regret having bought this ipad when i think of how much it costs compaired to a nexus721:53
derekvlike i'd rather program for ios than actually use it =p21:54
derekvthe way that apps are so isolated seems a bit dumb, like almost you are stepping back to dos days21:54
snap-lrick_h_: understood, but ffs you would hope it wouldn't take a complete dump just because you replaced the machine.22:50
snap-li find that line of thinking rerprehensoble22:50
snap-lBut, on the plus side, it got my parents to consider using a Virtual machine.22:54
snap-lSo that's a plus22:54
derekvanyone used carbonite22:59
derekvrates look reasonable23:00
snap-lderekv: I have not, but TWIT advertises them23:00
snap-lSo at least they pass some of the twit muster23:00
snap-lThat said, they advertised the Drobo like crazy, and now they don't.23:00
derekvthey sure like spinright23:01
derekvfeel like its half the show23:01
derekvthis week in spinright is awesome23:01
derekvthe whole twit podcasts thing sortof not my favorite, good guys but they are long winded, they tend to explain things in a pretty good way but take a long time to do it23:02
derekvthen they talk about spinright and other sponsers a lot and i just can't take it for 2hrs23:02
derekvi usually learn stuff when i listen but feel like it should be 45 minutes not 2hr23:03
snap-lSpinrite is pretty good, though23:06
snap-land that's how Steve Gibson makes his money23:06
derekvstatic site generator based (hoisted) hosting service23:52

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