newz2000nigelb: well, I didn't look at it that closely, but I did look after the first disk failed and I was thinking the CDs held 800MB (actually it's 700MB or 80min)18:46
newz2000either way, I was just being a litle grumpy yesterday, in the grand scheme of things it is a minor issue.18:47
nigelbheh :)18:47
nigelbI haven't used my cd drive in so long that I don't know if it works or not.18:47
nigelbI have a keychain with a USB drive that's a live cd.18:48
nigelbseemed the best place.18:48
newz2000yeah, I was going to help a friend whose computer was dieing. It was an old one and I didn't know if I'd be able to boot off of USB.18:50
newz2000turns out his hard drive crashed, so not much could be done.18:51
newz2000i think there's some law (maybe related to Warsaw's laws) that says the closer it gets to the tax deadline (Apr 15 in the US) the more likely you are to have a catastrophic computer problem if you haven't done your taxes yet)18:51

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