KilosMaaz: coffee on08:06
* Maaz puts the kettle on08:06
Kilosmorning all08:06
Cantidethanks :)08:06
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!08:10
KilosMaaz: danke08:10
Kilosaw for once mxit is sick08:15
Kilosnormally very stable, reliable, and fast08:15
not_foundwhatsapp is where its att now :p08:22
CantideKakao Talk <308:29
Kiloshi not_found hard work to get whatsapp going on a pc08:36
Kilosi tried a while back. tons of android stuff to download and still couldnt get it to work08:37
Kilosi cant even get mxit on a browser so their servers here must be sicka08:38
Kilosnot a fan of trying to chat on a cell08:39
* not_found goes sleepy for night shift... have a good one08:48
Kilosyay mxit must been down for upgrading09:07
Cantideis it back now?09:13
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Kilosyip Cantide 10:05
Kilosall good10:06
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Squirmbroken quadcopter :/12:13
Squirmno it's not12:14
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Kiloshi psyatw Trixar_za 14:15
Trixar_zaHey Kilos14:16
Kiloswhat do you know about floppies14:16
Kilosis there such a thing as a 2.88m floppy or is it a 1.4m formatted that way14:16
Kilosi find nothing about 2.88m floppies with google14:18
psyatwhi Kilos 14:20
psyatwhi Trixar_za 14:20
Trixar_zaHey psyatw14:21
SquirmKilos: I've only heard of 1.4mb14:28
Kilosyeah me too but in bios you can choose 2.88m as well. does bios control the size?14:29
Squirmit'll be the disk itself14:29
Squirmmaybe it's a similar concept to cds and dvds. same physical size, different way of burning the data to them14:30
Kilosai! one of them will sort all my bios flashing probs14:30
Squirmanyway, I have to go now14:30
Kilosgo safe14:30
Squirmchat later14:30
Kilosyo Cantide 14:32
Cantidehello :p14:32
Cantidejust cycled 8 km14:32
Cantidei am unfit :<14:32
Kilosat least you made 8 ks14:42
Cantideshould make 15 easily14:42
Kiloshi Mezenir Vince-0 15:01
charlhi Cantide 15:12
charlhi Kilos 15:12
Cantidehi :)15:12
charldid you see psy's new music video?15:13
Kiloshi charl 15:13
charli don't know what to make of it, it's catchy but i don't like the "abuse" in it15:13
Kilosnope dont look at vids they eat data15:13
charlyeah it's a problem if you don't have internet15:13
charlwas wondering what cantide thought though, considering it's going korea :)15:14
charl*he's sorry :)15:14
charltalking about people on irc as "it" is not so good :D15:14
Cantidei don't classify that as abuse though15:14
Cantidemore like practical jokes15:14
Cantidebut yeah, it's not really good15:14
charlbut i mean for him to try and repeat his previous success would be impractical15:15
charlsomething like gangnam style you only do once15:15
Cantideyeah, because nothing will live up to it15:15
Cantidehe's just riding the gravy train :p15:15
charlyou shouldn't even try15:15
charllol precisely15:15
charli'm busy watching the 6-part bbc "africa" documentary15:15
Cantidethe BBC were undercover in North Korea 2 weeks ago15:16
Cantideposing as students15:16
Cantidei want to see that when it's released :D15:16
charloh yes certainly15:16
charli want to see it as well15:16
Cantidethe monkey in the picture looks like he's wearing a red tie :)15:17
charlyup exactly15:17
Mezenirhey kilos :)15:17
charlfunny enough i thought the same thing subconciously :)15:17
charlhi Mezenir 15:18
Mezenirhi charl15:18
Cantidecharl, what's your take on this whole North Korea "crisis" at the moment?15:19
charli think it's a big blown up thing personally15:19
Cantideit is15:20
charlespecially because america seems to have provoked it15:20
Cantideand i think the media is fueling it 15:20
Cantidebut ultimately i can't see a war starting15:20
Cantideit's in no one's interest, especially not North Korea's15:20
charlyeah they will be flattened15:21
Cantideso my plans are still on, unless something drastic happens soon15:22
charlhow can the small north korea take on south korea, america, japan and everyone else15:22
charleven russia seems to be siding with america on this one15:22
Cantideand they barely have enough food and fuel15:22
Cantideif the war lasts anything longer than 3 days, which it will, North Korea will be forced to surrender15:22
Cantidethe only worry is China15:22
Cantidebut they don't want a war15:22
charlwell, not right now15:23
charli don't trust china but they have made no signal of open hostility towards anyone at this point15:23
Cantidebut why are they still supporting NK via aid?15:24
charlit's an old communist bond i think15:24
Cantidethey could cut off supply unless NK abandon their insanity15:24
Cantideprobably that15:24
charlwe should not forget where modern china came out of15:24
Cantidealso, i think if things got really bad, China would have 20 million refugees to handle15:24
charlthere's a theory that america is trying to drive a wedge between north korea and china with this nonsense that they provoked15:25
charli get the impression that america is behind most of the BS15:25
charland north korea seems to be "falling" for it perfectly and playing into their hands15:25
charlmaybe america wants to use this as an excuse to put more forces and arms in the area, perhaps as a measure against other (real) threats15:26
charlyou can carry on speculating15:26
Cantidethose are some good speculations though15:26
charlwell america have decided to put a smaller missile defence installation in eastern europe and increase their defenses in alaska instead15:27
Cantidestill, i wish they would just wipe out the North Korean government / military, liberate the people and then work towards reunification15:27
charli wonder if they are scared of china/russia, but it's hard to see it on the front15:27
Cantidethey very well could be15:27
Cantidestill, i think the world has moved on after WW215:28
Cantideit's all about resources now15:28
charlperhaps, china and japan had a military show-off about some territories that are high in oil15:28
Cantideand they use those islands as a facade for their true purpose15:29
charlit's a blurry mess if you look at it, but i get the impression that these "conflicts" are an excuse for governments to keep pushing money into military resources15:30
Cantideand that15:30
charland look at the debt that is being racked up by it15:30
Cantidewell, having a strong military is a useful thing15:30
charlthat debt has to be payed sooner or later15:30
charleventually the whole world belongs to the IMF15:30
charlbsh i dunno, i try not to overthink these things :P we'll see where it goes regardless15:31
CantideSouth Africa is relatively neutral15:31
Cantidebut moving to Asia might put me in harm's way15:32
charlin south africa the conflict seems to be internal15:32
charlat the end of the day, you could die no matter what you do15:32
Cantidei feel more at risk in SA than i do in Korea, despite the war15:32
charlthe rumors in europe are so bad about south africa, you would believe you get shot on the street if you visit15:32
Cantideit's true - but only if you're on the wrong street :p15:33
charlyeah that's what i also try to tell people15:33
Cantidei'm sure if i go to one of the more dangerous areas i'd be at serious risk15:33
charlit depends on where exactly you are15:33
Cantidewell, i live in a relatively safe area15:33
Cantideand this morning my dad was threatened while taking the dog for a walk15:33
Cantidewell, some people said they'd hit him15:34
Cantidefor what reason i don't know15:34
charlooh :(15:34
charli once went with a former colleague of mine (canadian) and she accidentally steered us into south east london15:34
Cantidehe doesn't know either15:34
Cantidewhat's down there?15:34
charleven in europe there are some places that are better to stay out of15:34
charldunno but the people that live there looked shady15:34
charlthe two of us got pretty freaked out15:34
charlgot out of there asap15:35
Cantidei think one of the biggest threats here now is drugs15:35
charlmaybe it's just because we don't know the region, it's easy to make assumptions15:35
Cantidepeople on drugs commit crazy crimes to try to get money for more drugs15:35
Cantidestill, if you don't feel safe, rather get away :p15:36
charlin cape town there was always a big problem with drugs15:36
CantideKZN, too15:36
charli used to work at the university of the western cape at the FSIU15:36
Cantidewb Kilos 15:36
Cantidei have to help with dinner15:36
charlone of the projects that one of my colleagues was working on was for providing drug users with help15:36
charlciao Cantide 15:37
Cantidethat's a difficult project :<15:41
charlwell we were just opening up a channel of support16:13
charlso that on its own wasn't too bad16:13
charlbut it's a difficult area to work in16:13
charli wasn't directly involved though16:14
Vince-0Squirm, you tried it?17:39
SquirmVince-0: nope, still phoneless17:40
Vince-0meh, you might be better off17:41
Vince-0I use mine for games mostly17:41
Squirmtrying to get the Nexus 4. I know someone coming over from the states, just waiting to hear if he can bring it over17:42
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Symmetriasup all18:19
* Symmetria went and bought loads and loads of good kenyan coffee today18:20
SquirmSymmetria: k, I'm coming around then18:23
Symmetrialol I bought 4.5kgs worth18:23
Squirmok, then we're all coming around :P18:23
Symmetriaits pretty damn cheap here, basically 100 dollars for 4.5kgs worth of coffee beans18:24
Squirmthat's a lot of coffee18:24
Symmetriahehehe yeah but now Im stocked for at least 2 months18:29
Squirmdepends if I visit18:37
Squirmthough it is a little far for some coffee18:37
magespawnevening all18:45
magespawnnot if the coffee is that good18:46
Kiloshi magespawn 18:57
magespawnhey Kilos 18:57
KilosMaaz: announce Meeting tomorrow night guys and gals18:58
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! Meeting tomorrow night guys and gals18:58
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:58
charlSymmetria: very good, i spent about a month in kenya and was complete spoiled by both the kenyan coffee and the kenyan tea19:11
charlsome of the best coffee and tea i have ever had19:11
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