dr_willisCorruptedHelix:  and now you know why it can be differnt on differnt pcs00:00
brightsparkCorruptedHelix: mmc is multi media card, so I'm 95% sure you've correctly identified it.00:00
nexus`in my opinion you should always do it no matter how stable the distro is00:00
nexus`remember 12.04 is LTS 12.10 isnt00:00
CorruptedHelixThere's no /dev/zero, by the way00:00
CorruptedHelixlsited on blkid00:00
dr_willisCorruptedHelix:  yes.. theres most lilkely hundereds of /dev/XX things not shown. :) sionce they are not 'disk drive' type devices00:01
dr_willislook in /dev/ sometime00:01
CorruptedHelixBasically, it should be the correct one as you typed it, correct?00:02
dr_willis'sudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/mccblk0 bs=1M'00:02
mojeimewtf retrivin file  26 of 5700:02
CorruptedHelixI'll type that, then, I blame you if anything goes wrong. :p00:03
vltman shred00:03
erpoMy HDD is dying and I'm about to install 12.10 on the replacement. Is btrfs stable enough for everyday use in 12.10?00:03
mojeimef it is updeating on it self newer told it00:03
CorruptedHelixErm, it still worked by the looks of it. Lucky me, because I forgot to unmount it.00:03
s1pherwilee-nilee: I cannot find apt.sources.list.d00:03
CorruptedHelixShould I do it again after unmount?00:03
dr_willisYou dont work on mounted partions......00:04
dr_willisit will get confused. ;)00:04
CorruptedHelixThen I suppose it wasn't mounted after all00:05
CorruptedHelixOkay, I did the command, I'll paste the output...00:05
CorruptedHelixdd: writing `/dev/mccblk0': No space left on device 1808+0 records in 1807+0 records out 1895743488 bytes (1.9 GB) copied, 2.94789 s, 643 MB/s00:05
dr_willisyou can still do the dd command...   just dont try to access the device - untill you reboot.. is my suggestion00:05
CorruptedHelixwell, it should've been in line breaks, but w/e00:05
dr_willisit wrote 2 gb of zeros..00:06
dr_willisi suggest rebooting, and repartioning the thing with gparted now.00:06
CorruptedHelixShould I reboot into Windows or do I need to repartition in Ubuntu?00:06
CorruptedHelixFair enough00:06
CorruptedHelixyou answered before I asked00:06
dr_williswindows may or may not work.00:06
CorruptedHelixWell, I'll use gparted for the time being, then00:06
|nv|s|b|enever do00:06
CorruptedHelixBe right back00:06
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wilee-nilees1pher, From the terminal gksuo nautilus, in the file that open click file sytem, then etc, then apt, then sources.list.d then find the files with the ppa name00:08
s1pheroh ok thanks00:09
CorruptedHelix_I'm back, gparted is now scanning my devices00:09
dr_willisCorruptedHelix_:  if you did a 'gksudo gparted /dev/mmc(whatever)' it would not have to scan all the drives. ;)00:09
CorruptedHelix_Oh look, looks like I left a ghost00:09
CorruptedHelix_Better fix that00:09
CorruptedHelix_dr_willis: too late00:09
CorruptedHelix_still shows an input/output error on that drive00:10
CorruptedHelix_which means it didn't work, dr_willis00:10
s1pherwilee-nilee: Anything with quantal in it?00:10
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BaribalHi. I've got a few environment variables that I need to be set, and not just in shells. How can I do that?00:11
th0rBaribal: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnvironmentVariables00:13
th0rBaribal: I think .profile is what you want00:13
dr_willisCorruptedHelix:  gparted gave an io error when you partioned then formated it?00:14
dr_willisCorruptedHelix:  gparted gave an io error when you partioned then formated it?00:14
CorruptedHelixdr_willis: .00:15
CorruptedHelixSaid I was banned00:15
mojeimedownloading languge paks 20mins00:15
CorruptedHelixdr_willis: Yes00:15
CorruptedHelixErm, no00:15
CorruptedHelixI rebooted00:15
CorruptedHelixand when I loaded gparted00:15
CorruptedHelixit gave that error when it scanned it00:15
dr_willisso gparted gave an io error when scaning the device?00:15
dr_willissounds like the sd card is gone bad.00:16
CorruptedHelixjust like the first time00:16
CorruptedHelixdr_willis: Any suggestions?00:20
dr_willisbuy a new sd card.. that one is dieing00:21
CorruptedHelixFair enough. I was about to use this thing for Wii homebrew, but wiiload is a lifesaver. I can load it wirelessly, I suppose.00:22
CorruptedHelixThanks for the advice, I don't know why it died. :/00:22
CorruptedHelixerm, overuse obviously00:22
CorruptedHelixBut yea.h00:22
yahyaa_hello all can some one please help me???00:23
ADzebicDoes anyone know why java programs with animation lag on my linux system? I've tried searching all over the web but can't seem to find a solution..00:25
erpoyahyaa_: The way to ask for help is to state the problem you are having as clearly as possible. If anyone knows the solution, they will respond.00:25
yahyaa_ok thanks00:26
erpoADzebic: Which program? Java applet or application? What kind of animation? Stuttering lag or smooth but delayed playback lag? Is there audio desynchronization?00:26
Tex_NickI just completed a new hardware (PC) build for my kids & grandkids ... OS is next and it will be dual boot (win xp & ubuntu 12.10)00:27
ADzebicerpo: Both give the same results00:27
erpoADzebic: Which question are you answering?00:27
Tex_NickI'm going to disable grub by setting timeout to zero, because i want to see if i can get kids & grandkids to accept Linux ... only reason for dual boot (win xp) is if I find some applications they need that won't run on wine00:27
Tex_NickI would like to have to user accounts ... one for me (Admin) and one for family (Limited Privilege) ... is there a way i can set family account up for auto-login (to bypass lightdm) unless a hotkey is pressed, which would enable lightdm for full login privilege00:27
ADzebicerpo: It's a simple bouncing ball program and it lags as a Java applet and a regular application..00:28
yahyaa_I am running Kubuntu 12.10 on a compaq presario and for some reason I can not see network connections under the wlan interface!00:28
Tex_Nickto have TWO ^00:28
ADzebicerpo: It's a stuttering type of lag. Not sure about the audio00:28
erpoADzebic: How is your CPU usage?00:29
erpoyahyaa_: Are you familiar with pastebin?00:30
erpoTex_Nick: You have a lot of questions there. Let's take them one at a time. How about virtualbox for Windows XP instead of installing it alongside ubuntu?00:30
ADzebicerpo: Using conky and htop, my cpu usage is fairly while the program is running00:30
AmbreiousIuxnayeHey all, when a website tries to access my webcam or microphone, Adobe Flash player asks me to allow, or deny, but i cannot interact witht he menu at all. What do?00:30
erpoADzebic: Your CPU usage is fairly? What does that mean?00:31
ADzebicerpo: fairly low*00:31
erpoADzebic: Have you tried to view the animation on a different computer? It could just be that it's a choppy animation.00:31
ADzebicerpo: I have tried it on my windows machine and it works fine00:32
AmbreiousIuxnayeHey all, when a website tries to access my webcam or microphone, Adobe Flash player asks me to allow, or deny, but i cannot interact witht he menu at all. What do?00:32
Tex_Nickerpo : ok hey that is an option ... MAIN goal here is to NOT use Win Xp ...only question was to bypass lightdm unless a hotkey was pressed ... other info was to clarify wha i'm doing ;-)00:33
erpoAmbreiousIuxnaye: The normal way of doing things is to ask the question once and wait. If anyone knows the answer, they will say something.00:33
AmbreiousIuxnayeerpo: alrighty.00:34
yahyaa_no I am not familiar with it, I am new to linux00:34
StR34kHey guys, I have a question about grub... I would like to add a custom entry, that only includes a singe kenel param to all the kernels detected... I hope someone will help...00:34
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erpoTex_Nick: Ok. Yes, you can go to the User Accounts tool when signed in. From there, pick the limited user account and change the Automatic Login toggle switch to "On".00:34
shapeCan someone please help me, I get this from playing 1080p videos http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/4205/matrixscreenshot.png (I have tried ALL the Nvidia drivers in Jockey and even tried vdpau hardware acceleration, any ideas?00:35
erpoTex_Nick: As far as pressing a hot key, I don't know. However, you would be free to boot the system, let it log into the limited user account, and then log out to get to the login screen.00:35
compdocheh:  A Linux version of Office 2013 could be released sometime next year, possibly soon after the debut of the Android build, according to a report by ExtremeTech.00:35
ADzebicerpo: Could it be something with my video card drivers?00:35
StR34kIE: there is the default entry, and a rescue entry, and I'd like to see my entry there....00:35
shapejoin mplayer00:37
erpoyahyaa_: Can you get the laptop on the Internet through a wired connection for testing?00:37
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erpoADzebic: Possible. Which JRE are you using?00:37
erpoOk, do that, open up a browser, and go to http://pastebin.com/ .00:38
ADzebicerpo: i'm using jre7 openjdk00:38
mark2can someone help00:39
yahyaa_ok wait one00:39
dr_willismark2:  tell the channel the issue...00:40
mark2i like to know when i use ubuntu can i use it from virtualbox00:40
erpoADzebic: I don't know for sure what the problem is. The first thing I would try is installing the official Oracle/Sun JRE since I've had bad luck with others.00:41
StR34kmark2: Depends, what do you need help with....00:41
shapedr_willis: I get this from playing 1080p videos http://img90.imageshack.us/img90/4205/matrixscreenshot.png (I have tried ALL the  Nvidia drivers in Jockey and even tried vdpau hardware acceleration, any ideas?00:41
shapeIt's pretty bad I have to boot into Windows just to watch a movie :(00:42
StR34kmark2: You can install and use ubuntu in virtualbox. I've done it before, using both windows and linux, however, you should expect performance to be reduced.....00:42
mark2I dont wanna use ubuntu for anything i just like it better then window but problem is when i use ubuntu from virtualbox ubuntu runs very slow00:42
shapemark2: so you don't want to use it but you want to use it?00:44
dr_willisshape:  looks like typical video 'tearing' to me.00:44
brute`good evening all :)00:44
ADzebicerpo: Thanks for the help, I'll go and try that now00:44
shapedr_willis: Yup, btw that's only a frame screenshot, and it just tears a lot when there is a lot of action going on.00:44
dr_willisshape  enable vsync in ccsm and the players and the drivers.. i belive.00:44
mark2i just wanna run ubuntu at all times00:44
srini232323Hey guys. This is probably more of a vmware question than a ubuntu question, but I've been trying to get VMWare Tools to work with Ubuntu and I can't seem to get it to. I'm using VMWare Workstation 9.0.2 with Ubuntu 12.10 (kernel 3.5.0-27-generic)00:44
dr_willisi rarely see tearing when i use  vlc00:44
brute`I've been having a hell of a time on 12.04 trying to change the ulimit (file open)00:45
brute`is there an official procedure for doing this?00:45
srini232323I saw online somewhere that I had to switch from Ubuntu's unity to GNOME, which I have00:45
shapedr_willis: It's the same in VLC too btw00:45
srini232323And I've reinstalled VMWare tools a bunch of times (I do have the kernel headers installed as well)00:45
dr_willissrini232323:  for running in a vm - i tend to use Lubuntu00:45
StR34kmark2: anytime you virtualize a system, you're running it with reduced resources, since you're running it under another OS, the primary OS gets the majority of the available resources, and therefore the guest OS will be slower00:45
gottwisstmark2: If you want to run Ubuntu at all times, I would suggest you install it00:45
dr_willisshape:  check ccsm, and the drivers, and vlc settings for that vsync or whatever its called00:45
srini232323Well, I have a quad-core so I don't have any perf issues at all00:46
dr_willisshape:  vlc has filtering options i recall using ages ago on a low end netbook00:46
erposhape: The filename ends in .part. That means the file is incomplete. I would try waiting for the download to complete, or playing the movie from the disc. You do own the disc, don't you?00:46
dr_willissrini232323:  when running in a VM.. yes you can have issues00:46
StR34kAnyone here familiar with grub? I want to add a custom entry like the rescue mode....00:47
srini232323True, but my problem was getting drag and drop to work, perf is certainly lower than what it would have been under a clean install but it's not too important to me right now00:47
dr_willisStR34k:  look at /etc/grub.d/40_custom  and add one perhaps?00:47
srini232323Unless there's another reason you recommend Lubuntu to VMs00:47
srini232323*for VMs00:47
mark2ok i also downloaded ubuntu without a virtualbox that seems to run faster would that be fine00:47
shapeerpo: It doesn't btw, it's a longer name, the extension is avi. And this happens to me with all HD movies, that was just an example.00:47
dr_willissrini232323:  it uses less ram. ;) and does all the basics just fine00:48
StR34kdr_willis: Looked at that, doesn't seem to be what I want, or else I don't fully understand it....00:48
yahyaa_that looks like a site to blog or something00:48
dr_willisStR34k:  ive no idea what you want then.00:48
yahyaa_why should I go to that site?00:48
dr_willisStR34k:  its just adds extra entries to the end of the grub menu.00:48
erpoyahyaa_: Good. Now open a terminal, type ifconfig, and hit enter.00:48
erpoyahyaa_: That site is the polite way to send lots of text to other people over IRC.00:49
StR34kdr_willis: I just want to add a custom kernel parameter that will update with update-grub / grub-install and create a new entry....00:49
gottwisstmark2: Ubuntu running as an installed OS should be fine.. it should definitely have better performance than in a virtualbox.00:49
dr_willisStR34k:  custome paramaters would be in /etc/default/grub00:49
srini232323So you're saying VMWare Tools might not be working because I don't have enough RAM?00:50
dr_willisStR34k:   if you want a standard entry AND a custome entry. you will need to do some bash scripting i imagine and look at /etc/grub.d/ for examples00:50
brute`i added a conf in limits.d, rebooted, ulimit still 102400:50
brute`any ideas?00:50
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Akumahello, I just went through an upgrade and I can no longer seem to be able to connect to my database server remotely00:50
Akumawhen I connect on localhost it works fine00:51
shapedr_willis: getting ccsm seems lots of tutorials for tearing recommend it for fixing it, will let you know if i solved it :)00:51
dr_willisStR34k:  all i ever do in 40_custome is add in some static entries for booting some rescue isos. and a windows entry - if ubuntu gets it wrong and wont boot windows for me00:51
Tex_Nickerpo : I think i complicated my goal ... i just want the box to auto login to "family account" with "limited privilege" ... so would I also set my account (admin) to also auto login ... then to access my account ... logout to lightdm and then choose my account ?00:51
mark2gottwisst i did install ubuntu so would it be fine to use that one isnt installed in virtualbox?00:51
erpoTex_Nick: No, only set your family account to auto login.00:52
gottwisstmark2: If it is installed, then yes00:52
erpoTex_Nick: I think you can only set one account to auto login at a time.00:52
gottwisstmark2: It should be absolutely fine - in fact, it should run better than in virtualbox00:52
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wilee-nileeerpo, I think you can set any to autologin, however it will only do so from the last one run, automatically.00:53
dr_willisTex_Nick:  err. make a 'faimly' user then? and everyone uese that.. seems sort of a step backwards00:53
Tex_Nickerpo : ok so if i do that light will have to be displayed for multiple logins ?00:53
mark2without installing in a virtualbox isnt that gonna ruin my computer?00:53
yahyaa_ok i typed it in now what?00:53
Tex_Nicklightdm ^00:53
wilee-nileeor at its choice in the login probably00:53
dr_willistrain people to login to their account. ;)00:53
erpoyahyaa_: Did a lot of text come out?00:53
yahyaa_yes two paragraphs00:53
brute`is anyone available to help me with my ulimit issues? please :)00:54
gottwisstMark2: Do you mean ruin your currently system? No, not if you install it on an unused part of your harddrive00:54
wilee-nileedr_willis, A little pavlov's training with gummy bears. ;)00:54
mark2yea that what i mean00:54
mark2all i did was install it not on a hard drive00:54
erpoyahyaa_: Great. Copy and paste all of it into the box on the pastebin.com page and click the Submit button.00:54
gottwisstMark2: If you install it over top of your current Windows system, obviously your Windows system will no longer be available to use00:54
dr_williswilee-nilee:  works for my wife..  the grandson allready figured it out on his own. ;)00:55
gottwisstMark2:But you can choose how to install it using the live CD00:55
gottwisstMark2:So that shouldn't be a problem00:55
erpobrute`: Silence doesn't mean we're ignoring you. It means we don't know the answer. If you wait, someone who does know the answer may join the channel. If the channel is busy, I would limit asking the question to once every 30 minutes or so.00:55
mark2i still have windows im on it now00:56
StR34kdr_willis: Sounding like some scripting will be in order, I want a new option for a single kernel parameter....  /etc/default/grub won't work since I need to add a parameter to the kernel to run on a seperate monitor.... (odd I know but I'm working with the cedarview drm drivers)00:56
yahyaa_did that now what?00:56
gottwisstCool. Well, if you installed Ubuntu after you installed Windows, you will also have grub200:56
gottwisstSo you can choose which opperating system to use when you boot up again00:56
gottwisstmark2: see above00:56
erpoyahyaa_: Now copy the URL from the browsers (it should be something like pastebin.com/xxxxxxxxx) and paste it into this channel.00:56
ansiktHeya.  How do I change an application's icon/name/search keywords in Unity?   I'd love to be able to have different icons for the native and wine versions of Steam, and to be able to differentiate them in search.00:57
erpo*browser, not browsers00:57
mark2i see00:57
yahyaa_its on a different laptop00:57
erpoThen look at the different laptop and type what's in its URL bar into the chat window.00:58
gottwisstmark2: If you installed ubuntu on a completely different harddrive, I'm not entirely sure, but you may need to specify to the bios which harddrive to boot00:58
StR34kgottwisst: looks like mark2 has rebooted..... (mark2 (mark@66-188-82-32.dhcp.mdsn.wi.charter.com) has quit)00:59
erpoTex_Nick: When you boot the machine, it will log straight into the family limited account. When you log out, it will show lightdm and let you choose which account to sign into.00:59
yahyaa_just did00:59
erpoyahyaa_: What is the URL?00:59
erpoyahyaa_: Just to be clear, the stuff on that page came out of the laptop that won't connect to WiFi, right?01:01
erpoyahyaa_: What version of Ubuntu are you using, and what is the exact model number of the laptop?01:02
leptonei followed this article for 64 bit ubuntu but it doesnt seem to work does anyone know one for 12.04 specifically? http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/12/install-google-play-music-manager-in-ubuntu-12-10-quantal-quetzal/01:05
histoleptone: you can add their repo and try apt-get install whatever01:06
histoleptone: http://www.google.com/linuxrepositories/01:07
Tex_Nickerpo : ok, that's exactly what i want ;-) ... i want box to login straight to "family account" ... bypassing GRUB & lightdm ... what's confusing me is if my account is not set to auto login, light would still be displayed ... I need to do it to see how it works ... hey thanks for your input ;-)01:08
yahyaa_erpo: whats up? did u come up with anything?01:09
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gottwisstHey, um, anyone know how to install Xonotic on Ubuntu 12.10?01:09
leptonehistro got it thx01:10
dr_willisgottwisst:  and whatsd xonotic?01:11
dr_willis!info xonotic01:11
ubottuPackage xonotic does not exist in quantal01:12
gottwisstdr_willis: a free fps game based on quake 1 engine01:12
gottwisstforked from nexuiz01:13
gottwisstI have the package from the main website, and there are no installation instructions that I can find. In Windows, you just run the exe file...01:13
gottwisstBut I have found no files that work like that on Xonotic inthe package01:14
gottwisston Ubuntu, not Xonotic01:14
relipsei have a user 'jim' how do i give him access to '/var/www/foobar/' ?01:14
NeoCondriteHello, when a websites asks permission to my cam or mic, i cannot interact with the box? Anyone know why not?01:15
histoNeoCondrite: flash sucks01:18
DarkAceZLartza, you still around?01:18
DarkAceZhow do I check how many a certain process has open?01:19
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yahyaa_is there anyone here who can help me with a wifi issue???01:21
=== yahyaa_ is now known as yahyaa
gottwisstHey, how do you enable all of Ubuntu's repositories?01:23
dr_willisgottwisst:  uncomment them in the sources.list file.. if you need all the official ones01:23
yahyaaomg is everyone just ignoreing me???01:24
yahyaaI knew I should have stayed with Microsoft, I wouldn01:24
yahyaat have these problems01:25
gottwisst... Perhaps I can help you01:25
gottwisstWhat is the problem01:25
yahyaai can not see the different networks on my wifi under wlan interface01:26
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: chill. what's your problem exactly?01:26
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: okay. can you see SOME networks or none at all?01:26
SineTheCreatorokay. stop screaming :d01:27
SineTheCreatorchances are, your wifi driver is not installed01:27
SineTheCreatora problem that would also exist on windows, btw.01:27
tgm4883what wifi card?01:27
SineTheCreatorwhat kind of card?01:27
SineTheCreatorrealtek cards have good linux support01:27
SineTheCreatordo you know the exact model of the card?01:27
yahyaabut it is 8...something01:28
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: what version of ubuntu? 12.10?01:28
yahyaakubuntu 12.1001:28
SineTheCreatorokay, do this for me please01:28
coinheadhello, my ralink 3290 wireless doesnt work, module rt3562sta is loaded but ifconfig or iwconfig doesnt show the device. what can i do?01:28
SineTheCreatoropen a terminal and run sudo lspci01:28
zykotick9SineTheCreator: fyi, there is no reason to use sudo with lspci01:29
SineTheCreatordown the lspci list you should see something like "Network Controller: Wireless etc etc"01:29
SineTheCreatorzykotick9: ahh, right. my bad.01:29
SineTheCreatorso just lspci is needed01:29
SineTheCreatorfor reference, mine says: Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g]01:29
SineTheCreatoryours should list realtek as manufacturer and the model of your chipset01:30
yahyaaits open01:30
SineTheCreatoronce we have that we can proceed01:30
yahyaashow 22 lines of information01:30
SineTheCreatorthe only line that matters is the line for your wifi card01:30
MerkidemisIs there a way to force APT to use IPv4?  It keeps trying IPv6 and getting errors without falling back to IPv401:31
* [gnubie] waves01:31
SineTheCreatorMerkidemis: you can disable ipv6 in network interface options.01:31
SineTheCreatorthat should help i think01:31
yahyaa here is the model number RTL -8139/8139c/8139c+01:32
MerkidemisSineTheCreator: Where would I do that? I am running a command line only version of Lucid01:32
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: okay.01:32
SineTheCreatorMerkidemis: ahh. /etc/network/interfaces01:32
SineTheCreatoryou'll have to add the appropriate line manually, google for the answer :(01:32
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: the 8139 is your wired ethernet card01:33
[gnubie]my newly setup server is running on precise. i'm having an issue with regards to ssh key based auth. as far as i understand, permissions user's directory and .ssh directory are correct.. also, the authorized_keys seems correct.01:33
SineTheCreatori need the chipset for the wireless card01:33
[gnubie]debug1: Offering RSA public key: /Users/bintut/.ssh/id_rsa01:33
[gnubie]debug2: we sent a publickey packet, wait for reply01:33
[gnubie]Permission denied (publickey).01:33
yahyaaok so how do I find that out01:33
MerkidemisSineTheCreator: I'll see what I can find, there isn't anything in there for IPv6 now...01:33
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: run lspci again. there would be TWO network cards listed. one is ethernet, one is wireless.01:33
yahyaaoh i see it01:34
=== rafael is now known as Guest41440
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: okay. what's the chipset model for the wireless card?01:34
yahyaait is Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless Lan Controller (rev  02)01:36
SineTheCreatorahh perfect!01:36
SineTheCreatorthats the same card i have01:36
SineTheCreatorit's easy to setup01:36
MerkidemisSineTheCreator: I don't have an ipv6 address when I run ifconfig, so I am confused as to why apt-get would even bother trying01:37
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: for that broadcom card, open a terminal and run: sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer01:37
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: it will automagically download and install the correct firmware for your card. after it's done, reboot your machine to make wifi work.01:37
zykotick9Merkidemis: perhaps check for ipv6 option in /etc/apt/apt.conf?  i certainly don't remember lucid defaulting to ipv6 for apt!01:37
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: i think you and me may have the same laptop D:01:40
SineTheCreatori have exactly the same ethernet and wifi chipset01:40
Merkidemiszykotick9: odd, I don't have a /etc/apt/apt.conf file01:40
Merkidemiszykotick9: Currently when I try to run an apt-get update command I get a lot of errors like: W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release.gpg  Could not create a socket for 2001:67c:1360:8c01::18 (f=10 t=1 p=6) - socket (97 Address family not supported by protocol) [IP: 2001:67c:1360:8c01::18 80]01:41
chessmatehi all01:41
zykotick9Merkidemis: that's ok.  humm, i have no idea why apt would be using ipv6.  best of luck.  (not too much life left in lucid (less then a mounth, May 9th i believe), it was the last ubuntu i actually ran)01:41
yahyaawell that is my neighbors laptop I have a toshiba satelite01:41
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: ahh.01:41
SineTheCreatordid the firmware installer package work for you?01:42
chessmateI have a problem with the screen dim, can someone help me, please?01:42
Merkidemiszykotick9: (server is LTS until 2015, but I am not looking forward to the dist-update as those never go well for me01:42
zykotick9Merkidemis: i wouldn't be surprised if canonical's servers are perhaps ipv6 only and they forgot about lucid?01:42
SineTheCreatorMerkidemis: that is one reason i use debian for my servers. can't get much more long-term than every five years ;)01:43
MerkidemisStrange as I can ping the addresses over IPv4 just fine.01:43
zykotick9SineTheCreator: no they don't.  debian is about a 3 year on average (there have been some much longer gaps) support lifespan.01:44
SineTheCreatorzykotick9: i know. my virtual machine provider doesn't offer LTS for some reason. that's another reason :D01:44
SineTheCreatorthey only offer ubuntu 10.x and 11.x01:45
SineTheCreatorone thing though, debian does at least keep packages for older versions in the archive repos01:45
SineTheCreatorubuntu does not in my experience01:45
tgm4883Merkidemis, are you using apt-cacher or squid deb proxy?01:46
yahyaasinethecreator you are the bomb!!!01:47
yahyaathanx it worked01:48
Carlos30Hi, one question, if I install the beta 2 of ubuntu 13.04, when the final version leave should i reinstalling or upgrading would not be necessary to reinstall it?01:48
zykotick9!final | Carlos3001:48
ubottuCarlos30: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.01:48
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: sure. give linux a proper shot, you'll find that there's nothing it doesn't do as well as windows. except gaming. and music, photo, and video production ;)01:49
SineTheCreatorbut yeah for everything else it's great01:49
Carlos30thank you zykotick9 && ubottu01:49
yahyaaok I do have one more issue01:49
SineTheCreatorCarlos30: ubottu is a chatbot ;)01:50
yahyaaI have the HP OfficeJet 660001:50
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: okay. usb or networked?01:50
coinheadhello, my ralink 3290 wireless doesnt work, it is llisted by lspci and lshw, module rt3562sta is loaded but ifconfig or iwconfig doesnt show the device. what can i do?01:50
Carlos30i know SineTheCreator , but it helps me :P01:50
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: okay. go to system tools -> printers01:50
yahyaai got the printer to print, but I can not get the scanner to be recognized by simple scan01:51
Merkidemistgm4883: I don't know what either of those are, so I doubt it.01:51
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: in that case i have no idea. mine 'just works'01:52
recurryso I want to make a bootable encrypted usb running ubuntu01:53
recurryI'm following these instructions01:53
recurry..but it says I'm going to lose all my data01:53
recurryI'm confused01:54
yahyaawhat app are u using to scan01:54
recurryI don't  understand?01:54
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: install the 'hplip' package if it is not already01:54
SineTheCreatorapparently that should help01:54
SineTheCreatoralso i never scan with mine01:54
yahyaahow do I do that01:55
yahyaaremember I am new to linux01:55
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: open terminal. sudo apt-get install hplip01:55
yahyaathats it ok01:55
dr_willisrecurry:  backups are always a good idea...01:55
recurrybetter learn to do that first, but I don't understand how it is possible to make an encrypted booting usb01:55
dr_willisrecurry:  ive never really tried.. or worried about it01:56
yahyaait seems that it is already installed01:56
recurrybut are you a linux wizard?01:56
yahyaabut y cant I get it to work01:56
SineTheCreatoryahyaa: once that package is installed, delete the printer in system settings -> printers and reinstall it. this time select HPLIP as the print driver.01:56
yahyaaok let me try that01:57
dr_willisrecurry:  been using linux for years.. i havent the need for encrypted home/dirs/devices01:57
recurryhave you ever had you laptop stolen?01:58
recurryI had accounts stolen off my stolen computer01:58
guangi have no /proc/net/wireless.01:58
SineTheCreatorrecurry: you can use luks and luksOpen to encrypt a usb drive i believe01:58
recurrybut will it boot?01:58
guangi try to install wireless tools,but even i have installed it,it sill has no /proc/net/wireless01:59
SineTheCreatorrecurry: ahh. in that case i have absolutely no idea. you may need to have a separate partition on the stick.01:59
zykotick9dr_willis: encyrpted filesystems: required by 0.001% of people, used by much more ;)01:59
SineTheCreatori keep all my really important stuff on an encrypted network drive01:59
SineTheCreatorthat way even if someone steals my home linux server they cant access the real stuff without my key02:00
recurryI had the fucking police reading my private journals02:00
dr_willisi keep mine  on a post-it-note on the wall.02:00
recurryreally pissed off02:00
recurrythis time I'm going to keep my shit encrypted02:00
shapedr_willis: I've just tried everything in various  online tutorial ccsm, vsync is enabled, etc. I even tried some old drivers just now and I still get tearing. :( It used to work about a year ago, I had no tearing. What am I left to do, driver hop?02:01
SineTheCreatorrecurry: if you really want to do that i recommend installing a full install of ubuntu and creating a separate partition you can use for your docs02:01
SineTheCreatoralternatively, you can simply set /home to be encrypted.02:01
SineTheCreatori believe it will not decrypt until your password is entered at login02:01
recurryhmm just /home?02:01
SineTheCreatorrecurry: there ARE ways to encrypt / (root) but it's quite difficult to make it boot unless you have a partition or drive for /boot to 'kick it off' so to speak02:02
SineTheCreatorwhen the system is booted the kernel has to look for the key02:02
SineTheCreatorgetting that to work when the key is INSIDE your encrypted root partition is quite difficult. but possible.02:02
SineTheCreatorunfortunately i don't know how to do it02:03
SineTheCreatori always just went with easymode. encrypted /documents partition :D02:03
dr_willisshape:  ive never found drivers to be the issue.02:04
SineTheCreatorsure. sorry i couldnt be more help02:04
yahyaai could not find the hplp driver02:04
shapedr_willis: so then with that options am I left with :(02:04
dr_willisshape:  try xbmc and the xbmc session. ;)02:05
dr_willisshape:  all ive ever had to do when using vlc was enable that v-sync in ccsm. and perhaps enable a filter on vlc.02:05
RyuGunsI was following the rust-lang tutorial and I typed "curl -0 http://static.rust-lang.org/dist/rust-0.6.tar.gz" into the terminal, then it just started spitting out random characters so I panicked and pressed Control+Z.02:05
RyuGunsCould someone explain what it was doing?02:05
dr_willisRyuGuns:  ctrl-c 'stops02:06
dr_willisRyuGuns:  ctrl-z sends to background. ;02:06
dr_willisRyuGuns:  it downloaded the file to the stdout  sounds like02:07
trismRyuGuns: it's an -O not a -002:07
RyuGunsOn the website it looked like -0, thanks a lot!02:07
dr_willis0o0  <-- a fish. ;)02:07
zykotick9RyuGuns: you might want to try "fg" and see if it's still running02:07
dr_willisgotta love font mixxups02:07
RyuGunsYeah, it was still running, thanks people.02:08
shapedr_willis: btw, I am running Xubuntu, and Xubuntu doesn't use compiz, would that make it more a Graphics card Issue?02:09
zykotick9shape: actually, i believe it's possible to run compiz in xfce as well.  yes, xubuntu/xfce doesn't by default.02:10
dr_willisshape:   hard to tell.  I rarely have tearing issues.. but i tend to watch anime/non hd videos02:10
keithclark_I just installed Ubuntu on a new home built machine but it just boots to a purple screen.  Nothing else.   Ideas?02:11
shapezykotick9: I am trying to fix HD video tearing and it's driving me nuts, already tried 6 nvidia drivers and I have tried enabling and disabling sync to Vblank, etc.02:11
shapedr_willis: np, I'll see what I can find to fix this :)02:12
lotus-bladeis there an easy way to tell what version of ubuntu i have?02:13
zykotick9shape: honestly, i've always had tearing in Xorg :(  numberous nvidia (and some intel) gpus.  swithcing from dual monitors (of different resolution) to a single monitor helped a lot, but i still see some.  screen tearing is one of the arguments for the replacing of xorg.  good luck.02:13
jrib!version | lotus-blade02:13
ubottulotus-blade: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »02:13
shapezykotick9: I'm only on 1 monitor tho :(02:14
keithclark_maybe this is a uefi problem that is not possible to install ubuntu on?02:14
shapezykotick9: and replace it with what?02:14
jackwwhen 13.04 is going to arrive?02:14
jackwCan't wait for it02:14
zykotick9shape: well, ubuntu is going to something there creating in-house called Mir.  the rest of the gnu/linux community seems to be going to something called wayland.02:15
hrolfHey, is there anyway that I can log, all those commands that are run/executed in a terminal?02:16
hrolfWith its time?02:16
keithclark_Anyone see me?02:16
hrolfI mean start time02:16
zykotick9keithclark_: no02:16
beanhrolf, check out snoopy02:16
keithclark_whew, I thought I was invisible02:17
nurowback in the day, I remember there was an application I used for palm ecognition on my click pad, and overall better functionality. anyone know what that might be?02:17
shapezykotick9: It seems wayland has been released since 2008, so I could change to it correct?02:18
dr_willisshape:  if wayland was in any way actually useable... ;)02:19
zykotick9shape: i'd recommend against trying to change away from Xorg.  More hastle then it's probably worth!02:19
dr_willisshape:  last i looked into wayland.. it was not in a state that normal people could use it02:19
shapedr_willis: yeah it seems so. Check my pm btw!02:19
keithclark_Anyone could help with a new uefi install?02:20
dr_willisi rarely even see pm messages ;)02:20
seekanethey all02:20
dr_willisjust how my clients/znc are setup02:20
seekanetSource: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick  - Does this mean just put the iso on theUSB, or extract the files within the iso on theUSB stick?02:20
seekanetNEvermind that! I didnt read itall02:21
dr_willisseekanet:  you IMAGE the iso onto a stick using a special tool normally02:21
dr_willisseekanet:  or use a special tool to put the files on the stick and make it bootable.02:21
seekanetYes dr_willis  that was totally my fault I did not read. I shouldnt' dothat02:21
tazaI want to install Ubuntu and wipe a device's partition table. However, I *know* for a fact that said device's hard drive has bad blocks.02:21
tazaWhat should I do?02:21
recurryseekanet, you can't install ubuntu onto the usb from the same usb02:22
dr_willistaza:  prepare for hd failure in the near future?02:22
tazadr_willis: Mostly I want Ubuntu to not try to use said blocks02:23
keithclark_Is uefi just not installable?02:23
tazaThe system is only for internet use anyway.02:23
shapedr_willis: check pm again! :)02:23
RyuGunsHai DangerOnTheRangr, long time no see.02:24
DangerOnTheRangrHiya :)02:24
RyuGunsHow is everyone in PAnda?02:25
DangerOnTheRangrPretty good, though I haven't had time to idle there for a while, unfortunately02:25
keithclark_So is new hardware just not >Ubuntu friendly?02:26
RyuGunsDangerOnTheRangr: How is that game you were working on?02:26
tazadr_willis: I have a list of said bad blocks generated by badblocks, I just need to know how to keep the Ubuntu Installer from trying to use them.02:26
dr_williskeithclark_:  depends on the hardware.. Alienware now sales ubuntu-prenstalled pcs from what ive seen02:26
keithclark_dr_willis, yeah, it seems that affordable hardware is no longer Ubuntu friendly.02:27
dr_willistaza:  if they are all in one group/area - ive made partions that include the bad areas. and just make sure to not use that ares02:27
DangerOnTheRangrRyuGuns: It's coming along pretty well, but studies and stuff are taking up a lot of my time02:27
keithclark_dr_willis, Windows bound I guess02:27
RyuGunsDangerOnTheRangr: :( Alright, hope you have progress with that.02:27
DangerOnTheRangrThanks :)02:27
dr_williskeithclark_:  my $35 raspberry pi is affordable and linux friendly. ;)02:27
tazaOkay, asking generally: I have a list of bad blocks generated by badblocks. Any way to tell the Ubuntu installer about them to avoid using them?02:27
keithclark_dr_willis, yup...not for gaming though02:28
tazaGood luck getting a $35 Raspberry Pi, or to get Linux running on it.02:28
taza... Linux? Ubuntu.02:28
keithclark_dr_willis, I guess Linux is bound for pi type of hardware?02:28
RageRiothi folks, I've just tried to install ubuntu but after reboot windows loaded. during the installation I was sure I chose the correct drive which contained the boot loader. I used a tool called boot repair to generate a report. http://paste.ubuntu.com/5706595/02:28
dr_willistaza:  :) i got 2 of them/.02:28
tazadr_willis: $65 where I am, and haven't even seen how to make Ubuntu run on it02:29
dr_willisMy 2 yr old system does windows games decently well.  on linux and windows.  but i guess its the game02:29
dr_willistaza:  use rasbian. ubuntu arm dosent support the pis arm chip.02:29
dr_willistaza:  theres dozens of othe mini-arm gizmos out there also . if you dont have to hae a pi. ;)02:30
tazadr_willis: Raspberry Pi prices: $65 for one, $100 for 2.02:30
guangwhy i run command "iwconfig",all four interface shows no wireless extension?02:30
dr_willistaza:  you should be able to order them direct from england for less. ;)02:31
tazadr_willis: Those are the website prices.02:31
tazaWell, dunno about the one copy 'cuz they don't show that to people who haven't logged in02:31
* zykotick9 wishes raspberry pi's ran on all free/open driver/hardware... but they don't...02:32
keithclark_I guess the days of homemade pc's are over now for Linux.02:32
tazaMe too. The Raspberry Pi makes a decent server, but the installing is so difficult and the binary blobs make security doubtful.02:32
dr_willisits being worked on i hear zykotick9 .. but who knows. the thing has only been out for like a year.02:32
dr_williskeithclark_:  i homemake mine all the time for linux.. im not sure what you are going on about02:32
keithclark_dr_willis, uefi02:33
RageRiotI was just going to say the same thing.02:33
dr_willisUEFI can work in linux02:33
keithclark_dr_willis, Will not allow Linux to run02:33
Morph4mekeithclarke:  uefi  is supported in the linux kernel ....ubuntu 12.1002:33
Morph4mei have it running in this machine02:33
RageRiotI'm pretty sure manufactureres would get a shock when their hardware sales drop from linux users not making systems02:33
tazaI trust Broadcom to not try to overtake my Pi, but I don't trust their binary blobs are secure enough.02:33
dr_willisseems like a good read on the topic. ;)02:34
RageRiotcould my boot problem be due to UEFI? I'm running win 7 from an SSD, I just installed ubuntu but it booted to windows after installe02:35
* zykotick9 use to think uefi was a bad thing - the uefi talk at libreplanet 2013 (video NOT online yet) changed his mind.02:35
keithclark_This uefi is a nightmare02:35
dr_willisinstalled it where?02:35
RageRiota seperate HDD02:35
Morph4meif windows is installed using the uefi then ubuntu has to be installed using uefi02:35
tazaI have a list of bad blocks generated by badblocks. Any way to tell the Ubuntu installer about them to avoid using them?02:36
RageRiotdoes win7 even suppor UEFI ?02:36
dr_willisRageRiot:  issue could be that 'secure boot' stuff.. but i dont know about it02:36
dr_willis 64-bit Windows Vista (SP1+), Windows 7 and Windows 8 versions support booting using UEFI firmware.02:37
RageRiotUEFI is still new to me. I reclll installing windows 7 the same way I always do.02:37
zykotick9taza: i think that's the drive's bios' job.  i doubt there is a way to tell the install about them (i also doubt there "should" be).02:37
Morph4mekeithclarke not really just read your manual and set your bios accordingly02:37
keithclark_dr_willis, secure boot does not have an effect either.  Tried to turn it off02:37
keithclark_Morph4me, read the manual and applied.  Still no go02:37
dr_willisunplug the windows hd .. and see  if it boots.. :)02:37
dr_willisOne way to trouble shoot.02:38
dr_willisbe sort of silly if all this time it was due to bios not wanting to boot the hd.. and that was the issue02:38
dr_willisor however uefi sets that boot item02:38
RageRiotyeh, secure boot is diabled. I read that this secure UEFI is only a worry when windows 8 onwards..02:38
wcchandlerwin7 supports uefi02:38
RageRiotby default ?02:39
wcchandlerpretty much02:39
wcchandlerdepends on how you boot the windows installer.02:39
Morph4me keithclark , what mobo do you have in your system ?02:39
keithclark_Morph4me, Asus F2A55-M02:40
wcchandlerthen it'll install it the uefi partition if it can...  which is the disappointing part of linux..  not of the big dogs seem to do it as intuitively as that.02:40
Morph4meuefi works great cuts the boot time way down02:40
ivotklHello everyone. =)02:40
wilee-nileeRageRiot, I would use the ubuntu forums make a thread and post the bootinfo summary.02:40
Morph4mekeithclark ty02:40
zykotick9Morph4me: boot time is not the advantage of uefi, security is02:41
Morph4meyes that too02:41
wcchandlerit also maps devices better and correctly, and more... logically.02:41
Morph4meadded perk02:41
keithclark_zykotick9, only if you can actually boot02:41
wcchandlersecurity is not an advantage to uefi.  that really wasn't part of the initial protocol.  it was to be a replacement for bios, then people saw the perks of adding security features.02:42
zykotick9wcchandler: i'm pretty sure "signed boot" is fairly fundamental element to uefi, and that's the security i'm refering too02:43
RageRiotjust to get my head around Somthing, during the ubuntu installer appart from selecting the drive to install ubuntu too. Do I select the boot loader drive or the boot loader partition( the part that windows boots from)02:43
Pinkamena_DHello, I just tried to install the ati driver with this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52JRCddtZLk It ended up saying on the second to last step "could not find compatable adapter"02:43
Morph4mekeithclark if you haven't looked at this you might want to check this out      https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI02:44
wcchandlerzykotick9: signed boot wasn't part of the original RFC for uefi02:44
Pinkamena_DNow, after a restart, I am left with a darker color screen and sluggish-er graphics02:44
RageRiotI'l look at that as well. :)02:44
keithclark_Morph4me, Yep, no luck02:44
Pinkamena_DAll of the commands he did in the video are in the description02:44
Pinkamena_DDoes anyone know how to reverse them?'02:44
keithclark_Morph4me, still boots to purple screen02:44
Morph4mekeithclark are you dual booting win7 on that machine ?02:45
=== pedro_ is now known as Guest70591
Guest70591hi every one02:45
Pinkamena_DI had the problem at the step he numbered "5"02:45
Morph4meif it's purple uefi is not set in the bios02:45
Guest70591i need help whith my pinguy os02:46
keithclark_Morph4me, what do you mean set?02:46
Guest70591i cant update my OS02:48
wilee-nileeGuest70591, Not supported here you need #pinguyOS02:48
ivotklGuest70591, What's wrong exactly?02:48
Morph4mekeithclark your manual will tell you how to enable it ...if however you have win 7 in legacy mode set... know this that when uefi is then set windows will not boot02:48
ivotklOh, he/she had Pinguy...02:48
ivotkl*Oh, he/she has Pinguy...02:48
keithclark_Morph4me, no windows.  Raw system02:49
zykotick9wcchandler: really? that surprises me - thanks.02:50
Morph4mewell if your mobo has the capability of uefi it's just a matter of enabling it ....on this asus z77 board it's rather simple02:51
Guest70591Could not download all repository indexes02:53
keithclark_Everything we try is just purple screen.02:53
keithclark_I'm going to assume that Ubuntu is just not compatible with new hardware anymore.02:53
Guest70591it is normal ?02:54
dr_williskeithclark_:  that assumption is incorrect.02:54
dr_willisyou said you installed.. so it aparently did boot and ran..02:55
keithclark_dr_willis, nope, just installed.  Not running02:55
=== puff` is now known as puff
dr_willisYou used the live-cd-desktop to install? if so - it did run02:55
Morph4mekeithclark in your manual if you have it look under section 2.7 you will see the boot tab02:55
dr_willisit could be as trivial as grub is on the wrong hd..02:56
keithclark_dr_willis, yes, live CD ran.  Install did not02:56
Morph4meclick csm on the list and set uefi to auto02:56
dr_willisif you have 2 hds/. i would try unplugging all but the linux hd.02:56
Morph4meleave secure boot to standard on the next screen it shows you from there02:56
Morph4meit's the same bios screen as mine02:57
Morph4meof course make sure you download the 64bit version of the ubuntu 12.10 os02:57
keithclark_Lost here, what to try next?02:57
Morph4meyou have your manual ?02:58
keithclark_What manual?02:58
shapedr_willis: you here?02:58
Morph4meof the mobo02:58
keithclark_Yes, Windows oriented02:58
shapedr_willis: I fixed the tearing! what I did was add under Section "Screen":02:58
keithclark_No Linux info02:58
shapedr_willis Option         "TripleBuffer" "True" and then run sudo nvidia-xconfig --no-composite02:59
Morph4mei know im talking about your bios settings02:59
shapezykotick9: I fixed the tearing! I disabled composite in xconf!02:59
zykotick9shape: nice!02:59
Morph4mesection 2.7 shows the boot tab in your bios02:59
shapezykotick9: ROFL! was just writing to you02:59
dr_willisshape:  i think vlc also has some extra-buffers filters03:00
shapedr_willis: zykotick9: it still tears very little but it's watchable now :)03:00
shapedr_willis: what do you mean, what about those?03:00
dr_willisshape:  ive used them  to get rid of tearing on my netbook.03:00
Morph4meand just follow what i said  up ^^^^ there when you see it03:00
dsl1159hie pedro_03:01
keithclark_So give up for me?  Just Windows?03:01
keithclark_Seems like Linux has a major new problem with uefi!03:02
=== dsl1159 is now known as perl1994
dr_williskeithclark_:  more likely its either an issue with your specific hardware.. or you just dont hae a setting correct./03:02
Morph4meok so i see where this is going ...stepping out of it ...goodluck keithclark  ...your maunal has the info and you just have to read it for it to work03:02
thoonaidoes it sounds normal that the debian (6.0.7) installer can't detect ubuntu luks crypted disks?03:03
dr_willisbut it seems you want to argure more then listen. good luck03:03
keithclark_Morph4me, I've read the manual03:03
Morph4medr.willis amen03:03
shapedr_willis: hmm I don't seem to find them, extra buffer you say?03:03
wilee-nileekeithclark_, Problem is the boot, the setups are different per manufacturers.03:03
=== perl1994 is now known as tinycore
dr_willisshape:  im on windows right now. i recall vlc having some advanced option. and showing of diffent filters03:03
shapedr_willis: yup I was looking through them but nothing extra buffer related03:04
shapedr_willis: wait let me print screen for you03:04
dr_willisvlc -> tools -> preferances  CHeck the 'all' button.03:04
keithclark_wilee-nilee, maybe but I don't seem to be able to find the solution.  Just purple screen03:04
shapedr_willis: yup already did that03:04
lumbertI have, what I assume, is a basic question. I'm trying to browse the contents of a CD in my CDROM. I've gone to /media/cdrom and run "ls -a" and "ls -l" but nothing is there regardless of what cd I put in the cdrom. the /media directory only has cdrom, no cdrom1/2/3/etc.  Anyone have any ideas? I know the cdrom works because I installed the OS using it.03:04
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wilee-nileekeithclark_, Use the ubuntu forums, there are daily users there focusing on uefi.03:05
dr_willisshape:  i see motion blur.. but not sure what else i played with. ;)_ theres a lot of fun filters03:05
keithclark_wilee-nilee, yeah, probably easier for my Son to just buy Windows.03:06
shapedr_willis: yeah, that's the only one close I guess03:06
keithclark_uefi is the death of Linux03:07
thoonaikeithclark_: don't hope so :)03:07
keithclark_thoonai, seems so03:07
shapedr_willis: but it's alright, it's watchable now, I don't have to boot into windows anymore to watch HD movies :)03:07
thoonaikeithclark_: yeah your right, lets take torches and pikes03:07
n-iCeI think my fans are not working03:07
shapedr_willis: definitely the disablind of composite did the trick03:07
n-iCelaptop gets really hot since I installed ubuntu03:07
thoonaiTORCHES AND PIKES!03:07
n-iCehow can I check?03:08
keithclark_thoonai, I wish it were like that03:08
dr_willis!fud | keithclark_03:08
ubottukeithclark_: Please do not fall prey to, or spread FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) - it is not welcome here!  Please see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fear,_uncertainty_and_doubt03:08
thoonaikeithclark_: who would not change his opinion if a mo with torches and pikes is coming?03:08
keithclark_dr_willis, well I have perfectly good hardware here with uefi the will not allow Linux to install.03:09
dr_williskeithclark_:  you havent really shown us that you have tried  most of the suggestions we have given..03:09
dr_willisyou said it DID install. but is not booting the install.. 2 very differnt things03:10
thoonaidr_willis: my asus e45 board with freeDOS uefi doesnt want to boot linux either (except ubuntu live sticks < 11.04)03:10
keithclark_dr_willis, What do you require as proof?03:10
dr_willisone bit of hardware having isues does not prove that uefi is the death of linux.03:10
thoonaidr_willis, keithclark_ we should ,move over to #offtopic and let the support been done here03:10
n-iCehow can I activate my laptop fans?03:11
dr_willisthoonai:  ;) i just get sick of ranting03:11
keithclark_thoonai, but I require support!03:11
linux_pinguyhi pp03:11
n-iCelaptop us burning, and everything is running so slooooow03:11
SonikkuAmerican-iCe: Are they plugged in03:11
n-iCeSonikkuAmerica: is a laptop, yes.03:11
thoonain-iCe: second03:11
linux_pinguythe best linux distro are Linux pinguy and linux cylon03:11
n-iCeindeed I thikn they are running, but very slow, I can hear like they are running03:12
dr_willislinux_pinguy:  i dont see much point in pinguy to even exist..03:12
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:12
thoonaikeithclark_: hoo? support?03:13
keithclark_thoonai, help then?  Whatever it takes to get Ubuntu installed on an uefi machine03:13
thoonaikeithclark_: sure ^^03:13
SonikkuAmerican-iCe: What kind of laptop is this?03:13
linux_pinguydebian ubuntu is the best distro base03:13
thoonaikeithclark_: no support is ok too, but FUD and ranting belong to #offtopic03:14
thoonaikeithclark_: do you have a legacy bios mode?03:14
keithclark_thoonai, ok so I assume that uefi installs are offtopic now<?03:14
thoonaikeithclark_: m(03:14
dr_willisagain with the sillyness..03:14
IdleOnekeithclark_: ask a specific question, moaning about stuff and not stating what you have tried or what errors you are getting is offtopic.03:15
keithclark_IdleOne, When a fresh install boots to just a purple screen, what to do?03:15
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:15
keithclark_IdleOne, No errors03:15
thoonaitry tty103:16
IdleOnekeithclark_: I didn't say to direct all your questions at me.03:16
dr_willisYou can also set it to boot to text mode keithclark_  and see if any messages/consoles work03:16
ubottuTo start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode03:16
IdleOnesee the nomodeset info ubottu just gave03:16
Morph4mesmell a troll ..trust me if he read the mobo  manual UEFI enabling is no issue ....section 2.7 ,but he has been told that03:16
dr_willisbut.. you said it wasent booting.. if you see the plymouth/aniation.. it has booted..03:17
zykotick9n-iCe: install lm-sensors, and from a terminal type "sensors" do you see cpu/mb temps?  do you see fan speeds?03:17
keithclark_Morph4me, I did this stuff from 2.703:18
thoonaisomeone using debian and ubuntu?03:18
leptonehow do i add more work spaces?03:18
keithclark_Morph4me, Why a troll?  I just want to get hardware that my Son bought to work.03:18
dr_willisleptone:  using Unity? Hmm. I think the ccsm tool/general tab.. had settings for that.. but  that may be the old skool way03:18
thoonaileptone: right click on the workspace bar and set in the properties03:18
n-iCezykotick9: http://pastebin.com/eGP0T1Cr03:19
thoonaileptone: for gnome-shell03:19
Morph4mekeithclark if after reading and wait it has pics of what to do and you still don't get it then yeah stick to windows you would be better off.... enough said03:19
keithclark_Thanks Morph4me03:19
zykotick9n-iCe: sorry i don't go to pastebin.com if you repaste to paste.ubuntu.com i'll go.03:19
leptonedr_willis, yeah unity thanks!03:20
thoonain-iCe: this is about 20 degrees to hot03:20
leptonethx thoonai as well03:20
shapezykotick9: Upon further research I've been reading that it's actually the XFCE4 compositing manager that is causing the problem. If I install ubuntu net install with openbox only do you think this problem will be solved?03:20
dr_willisshape:  or just 'sudo apt-get install openbox' and select it at the login screen....03:21
dr_willisshape:  or use any of the DOZEN other window managers out there. ;)03:21
n-iCezykotick9: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5706670/03:21
zykotick9shape: well, openbox IS a windows manager, which replaces compiz 100%.  but for your specific case?  i have no real idea.03:21
shapedr_willis: yup, i3 and awesome are good too, etc.03:21
dr_willisshape:  xbmc even adds its own 'xbmc' session to give you a videoplyer desktp03:21
dr_willisI dont find awsome very awsome. ;)03:21
shapedr_willis: oh i see, I'll try that and see then, much easier :)03:22
dr_willisshape:  if you are big into videos. you may want to check out xbmc and that xbmc session03:22
shapedr_willis: yeah definitely, installing it now03:22
n-iCezykotick9: what do you think?03:23
dr_willisnight all03:24
zykotick9n-iCe: 70+ degree is highish for sure...  don't really have any suggestion for you, BUT my desktop is in the 38-60 range doing nothin' at all.  load average: 0.21, 0.18, 0.2203:25
SpazTrooperI need help03:25
zykotick9SpazTrooper: ask your question - all on one line03:25
keithclark_As a side note, Ubuntu needs to find a solution to this 'uefi install' problem.  I have no choice but to go and buy Windows now because of this issue.  I'm sure I'm not alone.03:25
nightdemon666whats up spaztrooper?03:25
moppersit does intall on UEFI, what';s the problem?03:26
keithclark_moppers, purple screen on bootup03:26
SpazTrooperI am trying to boot windows 7 via USB. I am running Lubuntu on this computer. I have the .iso and I took instructions from the forums using Gparted but I keep getting "BOOTMGR missing"03:27
nightdemon666keithclark, are you sure that uefi isnt configurable to allow ubuntu install??? ive read many article explaining how to accomplish it successfully03:27
SpazTrooperWhat did I do wrong?03:27
keithclark_nightdemon666, on or off, same result. Purple screen03:27
mopperskeithclark_, do you have the logos at the bottom?03:27
keithclark_moppers, nope03:28
mopperskeithclark_, 64 bit?03:28
SpazTrooper*I am trying to boot Win7 on another PC from my Lubuntu03:28
keithclark_moppers, yup03:28
IdleOnekeithclark_: if you are seeing the purple screen then Ubuntu is installed. the problem is not uefi it is your graphics drivers and you have not bothered to tell us what graphics card you have or tried the !nomodeset that was suggested.03:28
wilee-nileeSpazTrooper, How did you load the usb?03:28
keithclark_IdleOne, how to try the nomodeset?03:29
IdleOne!nomodeset | keithclark_03:29
ubottukeithclark_: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter03:29
SpazTrooperI used Gparted and formatted the USB to NTSF03:29
SpazTrooperThen Copy and pasted the .iso on the formatted USB03:29
IdleOne!usb | SpazTrooper03:29
ubottuSpazTrooper: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent03:29
nightdemon666hmm, spaztrooper... i remember booting win7 from a flashdrive before. i used a tool from a web site that described how to install win7 from an image that you would have already had the licence for.. i'll look it up now03:29
wilee-nileeSpazTrooper, All gparted does is make partitions, how did you get W7 on the usb, I assume that is waht you have done.03:30
thoonaihelp! debian doesnt recognize ubuntu crypted hdds - the ubuntu way of os sucks03:30
SpazTrooperAll I did was take the .Win7 .iso and paste it in the NTSF USB03:30
IdleOnethoonai: ask #debian for debian support03:31
moppersi dont know of any tool to make a bootable win7 usb from within linux - the microsoft one doesnt run. and n you cannot copy/paste the win7 iso03:31
thoonaiIdleOne: I crypted the disks with #ubuntu ^^03:31
keithclark_IdleOne, which file to modify?  I see a lot of info but not the basics03:31
lucasdeabreuSpazTrooper, unzip it before and put on usb03:31
IdleOnethoonai: but you are having a problem with debian03:31
wilee-nileemoppers, Easily done.03:31
SpazTrooperYes I did03:31
IdleOnekeithclark_: read the wiki it tells you03:31
nightdemon666spaztrooper, what i did was use the  Windows 7 USB/DVD download tool in provided in this url link http://www.pcworld.com/article/248995/how_to_install_windows_7_without_the_disc.html. i suggest trying it to see if it works for you. it worked for me like a charm :)03:32
keithclark_IdleOne, what wiki?03:32
IdleOne!nomodeset > keithclark_03:32
ubottukeithclark_, please see my private message03:32
SpazTrooperOk thank you. I will try it and see if it works03:32
mopperswilee-nilee, if you have info on making a bootable/installable win7 USB from an ISO in Linux, I'd be interested03:32
lucasdeabreuSpazTrooper, bootsect /nt60 I03:32
thoonaiIdleOne: true, but #debian just ignores their 'special' installer ;)03:32
lucasdeabreuSpazTrooper, make ufb bootable03:33
keithclark_IdleOne, but you PM points to the same page.03:33
SpazTrooperIT twas bootable03:33
IdleOnekeithclark_: the answer is on that page03:33
mopperswilee-nilee, i have tried DD'ing the iso03:33
SpazTrooperThe flag was set to boot03:33
keithclark_IdleOne, Holy cow, I'm a simple guy here.03:33
lucasdeabreuu need faith soo03:33
jmaccOla :)03:33
IdleOnekeithclark_: there is no "magic" button. you're going to have to read some and learn a little.03:34
wilee-nileemoppers, Ntfs partition with a boot flag, extract it with archive manager to the partition.03:34
nightdemon666ah crap.. i missed the point of you doingit on lubuntu huh spaztrooper :( well, i suppose you could always do it from a VM running windows... for eample virtual box03:34
keithclark_IdleOne, I did and understand zero here.....what you have to be a techie to get Linux to work now with uefi?03:34
mopperswilee-nilee, have you tested that?03:34
keithclark_(sorry, very frustrated)03:35
wilee-nileemoppers, Many times works with W8 as well.03:35
SpazTrooperWhat does me being on Lubuntu do with it?03:35
IdleOnekeithclark_: last time, your problem is not uefi. your problem if I may be blunt is you.03:35
nightdemon666lol, keithclark, my magic 8 ball points to "yes" you have to be a techie to get anything working in linux :P03:35
keithclark_IdleOne, ok, thanks\03:35
SpazTrooperIm running on a netbook...03:36
keithclark_nightdemon666, I see that\03:36
lucasdeabreukeithclark_, what's ur problem?03:36
mopperswilee-nilee, ok, looking at it03:36
wilee-nileeSpazTrooper, Your best with generating a bootinfo summary from the bootrepair tool to see what is where, then using a recovery or install W7 disc to fix it.03:36
thoonainightdemon666: so my granny is a techie o.O03:36
* thoonai is not sure about this03:36
mopperswilee-nilee, how ar you installing the boot loader though?03:36
SpazTrooperOk, Im on a netbook. No CD drive or anything.03:36
nightdemon666spaztrooper, i realized that you said you were runninglubuntu, and werent tryingot get the win7 iso image to boot using a window os, but instead from the lubuntu os? true?03:36
wilee-nileemoppers, YOu don't have to the bootflag triggers the extract to boot.03:37
mopperswilee-nilee, marking it as boot flag in gparted etc, copy the files - you still need a boot loader, surely?03:37
xzcvczxSpazTrooper: go to nearest electronics store, buy a usb cd drive, do what you need to, return drive saying it wasn't compatible03:37
Cache_MoneyHow would I be able to tell whether a specific cronjob is running?03:37
wickedpuppykeithclark_: try this section --> "How to temporarily set kernel boot options on an installed OS (not wubi)". See if it works03:37
mopperswilee-nilee, ok building an ISO03:37
SpazTrooperYes, I need to make the bootable USB from my lubuntu to put on another netbook that will run the Win703:37
xzcvczxCache_Money: you can set it up to log, check the logs or if its currently running ps aux03:37
Cache_Moneyxzcvczx: It's currently running and I'd like to stop it and make a few changes (as the script will run for almost 6 hours)03:38
InfinixWhy does my screen flicker when I run wine. I use Intel graphic card03:38
nightdemon666OR..... just simply run a windows image in virtualbox on your lubuntu install. run that tool i showed you in the link i provided (http://www.pcworld.com/article/248995/how_to_install_windows_7_without_the_disc.html) and install your win7 image to flash drive that way... yeah yeah, i know, its not fully dependent on lunix, yeah yeah i know its a long way about getting it to work, but its a way :P03:38
xzcvczxCache_Money: then killall <name> or kill <process id03:39
keithclark_IdleOne, your answer is for WUBI03:39
thoonaiInfinix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IVpOyKCNZYw03:39
thoonaidoes killall * works?03:40
xzcvczx no03:40
Cache_Moneyxzcvczx: is this the right pid?  root       723  0.0  0.1  19104   992 ?        Ss    2012   1:27 cron03:40
Cache_MoneyOr is that a system cron?03:40
xzcvczxCache_Money: thats the cron deamon, you need to look for what the cron script runs03:41
nightdemon666truely SpazTrooper, useing windows to perform some things is acceptable, you are after all attempting to accomplish a task that involves windows software, so let windows handle that job... thats the way i see it. as linus torvalds says, "use the best tool for the job" :)03:41
Cache_Moneyxzcvczx: I dont' see the file name/path when I run $ ps -ef03:41
xzcvczxnightdemon666: wow a torvalds quote that doesn't contain swearin03:41
xzcvczxCache_Money: are you sure its running then?03:41
xzcvczxcron is designed for jobs that run every x time periods then quit and are started again at the next time period03:42
nightdemon666lol, thats funny, i dont actually recall torvals quotes with swearing but funny that he does.. i have watched some of his videos, and such dry humor he has, but i dont remember swearing... im sure he does like the rest of us lol03:42
Cache_Moneyxzcvczx: maybe I didn't set it up properly.  How do I set up the cron to log?03:42
xzcvczxCache_Money: there is plenty of documentation available on the google for that03:43
nightdemon666um, "man cron" thats what i would do...03:44
InfinixUmm how does that help me fix my problem. There is only an Intel graphic card on my laptop.03:44
xzcvczxInfinix: what are you trying ot run in wine?03:45
nightdemon666infinix, sounds like a driver issue :/03:45
DarthExpeditorAnyone here use NetBean and Zend?03:45
nightdemon666graphics driver03:45
nightdemon666cant say that ive heard of those DarthExpeditor03:45
DarthExpeditorNetBeans is an IDE for development and Zend is a framework for PHP development.03:46
xzcvczxDarthExpeditor: are you sure this is the best place to ask and not on help site for zend or netbeans?03:46
DarthExpeditorIts all good. They have a room but no one is talking right now.03:46
InfinixSo basically Intel graphic card driver keeps switching back to Vesa huh?03:46
xzcvczxthat doesn't make this the right place to ask03:46
nightdemon666anyone else think that by tomorrow an update for Firefox 20000000000.1.0 will be popping up on your screen???03:47
InfinixAny way to fix graphic driver issue?03:47
shapeOMG, did dr_willis leave? I really wanted to thank him for recommending me XBMC (Holy hell that XBMC session is so awesome), because now if I load up the xbmc session there is absolutely no tearing and rendering is completely like in Windows. It was definitely the xfce composing manager.03:47
zykotick9IdleOne: well sat is almost over, time for me to turn back into a pumpkin, and disappear.  you do a great job in #ubuntu :)  you deserve a !cookie (in #d they have beer ;)03:47
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xzcvczxInfinix: what are you trying to run in wine03:47
nightdemon666seems like every 5 minutes another update comes out :/03:47
thoonaiyeah again 30MB over dsl 10003:47
shapezykotick9: Hey, so I finally solved it for good with the xbmc session. Absolutely no tearing. It's definitely xfce fault since compiz is not even installed.03:47
keithclark_hmm...even booting from the onboard video does not work with Ubuntu03:47
thoonainightdemon666: firefox is like a doomsday machine. updates kill my parents internetz03:48
Betanu701Hey guys, I am trying to get a basic script (to run rsync) at shutdown and startup. I have tried putting it in /etc/init.d and then running update-rc.d but it still will not run. and ideas?03:48
InfinixHow come? Why can't it?03:48
thoonaiare there rules for updates? like security-important-less ?03:49
xzcvczxthoonai: you apparently never had dialup03:49
thoonaixzcvczx: update via dial up? I went to university with my car to update03:50
keithclark_There just seems to be no way to install on a uefi enabled motherboard03:50
keithclark_Not without doing handstands03:51
keithclark_On one foot03:51
xzcvczxkeithclark_: well i have a uefi enabled motherboard and it was simple03:51
xzcvczxkeithclark_: if you look properly you will find the information03:51
keithclark_xzcvczx, well not here03:51
xzcvczxwell as was referrenced earlier it seems to be a PEBCAK problem03:51
keithclark_xzcvczx, we are simple folk, not tekkies03:52
kewelI got my android phone attached to my lubuntu box with a usb cable .. how do I access it's sdcard?03:52
thoonaikeithclark_: probably you should change your mobo03:52
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keithclark_thoonai, yeah, to a much more expensive model....always money03:52
SpazTrooper_My internet died03:52
thoonaikewel: first select mass storage option on the phone, then it should pop up as a mass storage usb key03:53
SpazTrooper_I was saying I dont think I can run a VM on my OC03:53
thoonaikeithclark_: what are you using now?03:53
thoonaiyour motherboards number03:53
kewelthoonai: checkin .. thx03:53
thoonaibye back to lab03:55
keithclark_SpazTrooper_, Asus F2A555-M03:56
keithclark_Sorry, Asus F2 A55-M03:57
Betanu701Hey guys, I am trying to get a basic script (to run rsync) at shutdown and startup. I have tried putting it in /etc/init.d and then running update-rc.d but it still will not run. and ideas?03:58
PlastikSporkTrying to get Google Chrome to open Deluge when clicking on Magnet Link... Right now it just opens up another Chrome Browser window.  So far I have tried this: http://tinyurl.com/8jc2us2 and http://tinyurl.com/d5odytc  I am running Lubuntu 12.0404:01
wilee-nileePlastikSpork, Download the link and set deluge to read downloads04:02
PlastikSporkwilee-nilee: how do you set Deluge to read the downloads?  I've gone into deluge settings and clicked "Associate Manget links with Deluge"04:04
wilee-nileePlastikSpork, Preferences-downloads tick auto add torrents to downloads.04:06
wilee-nileenot to from sorry04:06
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PlastikSporkOk but a magnet link is not a .torrent file... you don't download magnet links04:10
wilee-nileePlastikSpork, Deluge will pop a gui to add it.04:10
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PlastikSporkwilee-nilee, what you want me to do by adding .torrent files and have deluge automatically download them is not going to work with a magnet link. .torrent files and magnet links are completely different things04:12
Seven_Six_Twodeluge can do magnet links04:13
Seven_Six_TwoI just right click on magnet link, paste-as-text in add>>url04:14
wilee-nileePlastikSpork, I'm using Firefox if I click on a magnet link it asks me what I want to open with I choose deluge and then you see this. http://imagebin.org/25393504:15
wilee-nileechrome is not the only browser04:15
PlastikSporkSeven_Six_Two,  Yes doing it your way works, but I am working on someone elses computer and they are not very computer literate and your way is to complicated...04:15
Seven_Six_Twois that a deluge client? I thought it was all web-based interface04:16
wilee-nileePlastikSpork, Cool, however I don't think you have to set the add torrent from just use FF pick deluge and add it.04:17
PlastikSporkyeah Firefox does work and ask me what app to use04:19
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Scotch`Slugworthhmm, is it possible to do a install of ubuntu/kubuntu and tell it /not/ to format the partition?04:23
Scotch`SlugworthI would like to do a inplace install (move the old /home to /hombk). I just do not want to spend the time to pull /home from backup (its 600GB+)04:24
Seven_Six_TwoScotch`Slugworth, yes, do manual partitioning and you don't have to format your home04:25
Scotch`SlugworthSeven_Six_Two: its a flat partition do /home is in /04:26
Seven_Six_TwoScotch`Slugworth, oh, then I don't think you can. You have to format / during an install04:27
martukasGood evening, folks. I am having some trouble accessing a LUKS encrypted disk. Could anyone help out?04:27
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Scotch`SlugworthSeven_Six_Two: arg. / is clean and fine, i just want to switch cleanly heh04:27
Seven_Six_TwoScotch`Slugworth, to a different distro?04:28
Seven_Six_TwoScotch`Slugworth, take the hit now. back up home and create a separate partition for it.04:28
Scotch`SlugworthSeven_Six_Two: from Gentoo, tried of the upgrade & package hell. No i would NOT be keeping user data live04:28
Scotch`SlugworthSeven_Six_Two: ive got it backed up, it just takes forever to restore it04:29
Blue1Seven_Six_Two: and dont forget /etc04:29
thoonaimartukas: depends. tell me more, but I have still the same problem ;)04:29
Seven_Six_TwoBlue1, depends on him. I don't back up /etc for a single user system.04:30
martukaswell something got corrupted enough that it wont boot so I just need to get one file out, but I'm not sure how to mount it properly from console04:31
martukasthe volume in question shows up on my desktop, but how do I know it's source address in /dev ?04:32
thoonaiyou mount it twice, first the device, then the crypted containes afairc04:36
martukasyes, i know that - but how do i know what to mount?04:36
martukaswhat's the device name to supply as argument to cryptsetup?04:37
thoonaidid you checked how many drives you have in /dev?04:44
martukasI have this thing on my desktop labeled "8.3 GB Encrypted". If I try to open it and enter the password for cryptsetup via gui it fails and I don't get any more detailed errors. To mount it via console I need to know the device id for it. Those desktop links lack any kind of "properties" and the stuff in /dev/disk is opaque  to me, so how do I identify the volume?04:44
davfAm I missing something or is Ubuntu 13(beta) nautilus dumping list view?04:44
davfNot detailed04:45
davfaka compact view04:45
thoonaiuse the programm 'disks' if u use unity just type it in the dash04:46
nightdemon666martukas, i think sudo fdisk -l command will help you04:46
martukasin /dev/disk/by-id I see over a dozen vbox harddrives with long hexadecimal ids thought i have only 2 images actually mounted in vbox04:46
nurowhmmm, how do I execute a sudo command on boot?04:46
nightdemon666well, which one is 8.3 encrypted? many?04:46
nurowI am having the on-going gpe13 bug reported here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/88779304:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 887793 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kworker constantly taking about 100% CPU" [Medium,Confirmed]04:47
thoonaimartukas: uhm you should check for /dev/sd(a,b)04:47
nightdemon666nurow, what exactly do you mean by that?04:47
nightdemon666the sudo command on boot, like when the os has fully loaded?04:47
martukasnone of them have that name :) i don't know how the gui generated that name04:47
nurowthere is a kernal bug that casues my cpu to go crazy. the only way to stop it currently is to execute a command as root.04:48
nurowso I want that command to automatically run when I start my computer04:48
martukasah that last command seemed to help thanks04:48
nightdemon666nurow, run the command in the rc.local file04:48
XMLnewbiI have a LifeCam NX-3000 for some reason skype doesnt reconize it04:49
nightdemon666 XMLnewbi, does your comoputer recognize it? can use it with cheese application?04:49
XMLnewbiim in vmware, and yes it reconizes it. I can google cheese04:50
Pinkamena_Ddoes anyone know where to get the propriatary driver for a ATI M56GL [Mobility FireGL V5200] video card? Usual google searches don't seem to help. Is theira general database for this?04:50
nurownightdemon666, if i need "sudo su" to execute, how do I give it those permissions in this file?04:51
nightdemon666dont bother googleing cheese, just simpley sudo apt-get install cheese. if the cam works, then it will work in cheese. if it works in cheese it "should" work in skype... a troubleshooting tip to use cheese to make sure the webcam is working in the os in general befoe blaming skype.04:52
nightdemon666nurow, first, why would you need sudo su?04:52
nightdemon666second, you need ot make sure that the file is owned by root04:52
nurowthe command won't execute under sudo04:52
nightdemon666sudo chown user:group /path/to/file04:53
XMLnewbino device found in cheese, redeploy? looks like it should "just work" https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeWebCams04:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 887793 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kworker constantly taking about 100% CPU" [Medium,Confirmed]04:54
nurowthey seem to recommend a different method here, but I can't tell where this script is supposed to be placed?04:54
nightdemon666you can make user root, and group root... sudo chown root:root /path/to/file04:54
nightdemon666then execute command04:54
nightdemon666sudo chmod 0700 /path/to/file04:54
nurowis it in rc.local?04:54
nightdemon666it needs to be in rc.local04:54
nightdemon666/etc/rc.local i think04:55
nightdemon666XMLnewbi, thats why i suggested seeing if it would work in cheese... does the kernel see it? run lsusb or lspci and look for anything that looks like " LifeCam NX-3000"04:56
martukasafter cryptsetup does its thing, I try to mount the result and get this - mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'04:57
mattclarkHey, Im having a problem booting my Installed version of Ubuntu 12.10 LTC on a Asus F2 A55-M LK MotherBoard with a A6 AMD APU04:57
mattclarkThe computer itself boots fine, But it just gives me a Purple screen when I try to load Ubuntu 12.1004:58
nightdemon666 nurow, if you are not comfortable with command line, you can perform the same things via gui. sudo nautilus, then do it graphically :)04:58
=== f00dMonsta_ is now known as f00dMonsta
nurowwell, i'm confused as to which aspects of these instructions are to be performed manually in command line, and which sohuld be in that file04:59
nightdemon666what is the command nurow? the command that cures the cpu issue05:00
valhalla_what issue?05:00
nurowecho disable > /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/gpe1305:00
nurowvalhalla, this issue: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/88779305:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 887793 in linux (Ubuntu) "Kworker constantly taking about 100% CPU" [Medium,Confirmed]05:01
mattclarkDoes any one know a solution?05:02
wxlok folks, i'm looking to get a bcm4318 going in a live session. works on install with b43-fwcutter and the firmware (on a flash drive) and a restart, but i want to do it without a restart. modprobe b43 fails despite what the wiki says.05:02
wxlnightdemon666: gksudo nautilus, you mean, no?05:03
valhalla_anyone know when the next LTS is going to be released?05:04
betraydmattclark: that issue has been addressed05:04
wxlvalhalla_: 25 apr but https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for future reference05:04
wilee-nileevalhalla_, About 12 and 1/2 months05:05
valhalla_wxl thanks!05:05
betraydi can't recall where they posted the solution though,maybe swing by the forum, search05:05
wxler not 25 apr duh05:05
nightdemon666sorry nurow, i think i managed to confuse my self on this one, i should have kept it more simple... i "think" you should be able to run that line of command at the bottom of the rc.local file. just open rc.local in gedit and paste that command "echo disable > /sys/firmware/acpi/interrupts/gpe13" root will run it at boot, and root owns the rc.local file anyway.05:06
nurowok, cool, i'll try that05:07
nightdemon666wxl, i still run sudo nautilus. i havent had to run it as gksudo. i think running gksudo causes the password request to be displayed on gui screen where as sudo requests the password from command line05:07
betraydnurow if there is an 'exit 0' in rc.local your command should precede that05:08
wxlnightdemon666: i guess i don't mess with nautilus on the command line. i just use, well, the command line. but mixing gui programs with non gui programs is generally bad news.05:09
nurowI wish ubuntu had a right-click -> run as su command05:10
betraydi run Guake/yeahconsole and stay as root there05:11
* betrayd drinks potofcoffee05:12
nightdemon666wxl, agreed. i prefer the command line interface as well... i tend to want to tell people to sudo vi /blah or cat /blah or what ever, but then i realize that many people on in this room are probably beginers and arent really interested in the cli. although ther are some, and i still continue to offer cli suggestions, i just tend to think, "what if they want to do it graphically" technically, you can perform certainn jo05:12
martukasan encrypted volume won't mount, producing - mount: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member' - if I google it I mostly find discussions on how to open fedora volumes of this type, which is not my case. Anyone have some ideas?05:13
ntzrmtthihu777hallo. anyone help me with getting mingw set up for cross-compilation from ubuntu to windows?05:13
wxlnightdemon666: and indeed if you're trying to speak to your audience, gksudo for graphical apps, e.g. sudo vi or gksudo gvim but not vice versa05:13
betraydmartukas: have you run lvm commands like vgchange, etc05:13
betraydthey are usually found in those fedora forums05:13
betraydhave to run those commands before attempting a  mount05:14
nightdemon666nurow, on the contrary, i DO NOT want that. thats just like a windows hting to do, and i'll bet many of exploit allow for malware to proliferate because of such option. best to keep the su-ing of command in the command line.. thats my opinion05:14
martukasbut this was a xubuntu volume to begin with, created couple months ago with whatever encryption defaults offered during regular setup05:15
nurowi just find it a nuisance. I know its windowsy, but its not like they can't ever be right, lol05:15
nurowI mean... maybe it would be an option or a piece of software you could enable.05:15
nightdemon666nurow, i'll bet the ubuntu team will add it eventually...05:15
nurowfor advanced users who know what they are doing05:15
slinnkyis the BSD networking stack windowsy?05:15
betraydmartukas: an LVM is an lvm regardless of distro05:16
slinnkyubuntu should get rid of that crap05:16
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=== buhman is now known as kaictl
wxlanywho, no one's remotely familiar with manually installing broadcom (b43) drivers without a restart?05:16
=== wally__ is now known as Guest58458
=== alsofishes is now known as kaictl
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: I've done it before, can you give me the lspci -nn for it?05:17
nightdemon666wxl, hate to argue that because it makes since, but then i'd wonder... "why type two more characters, and see additional graphics when i can accomplish the same thing slaving a virtual terminal???" lol, its all about preference :P05:17
wxlntzrmtthihu777: it's a bcm4318 if that helps. so i know it's the b43 driver that's needed and there's no other driver for it, so there's no need to blacklist.05:17
yahyaaomg can someone please help me get my scanner working in kde???05:18
nurowi also don't understand why Unity doesn't seem to have the ability to browse through all apps on my computer.05:18
nurowi have to search..05:18
slinnkyyahyaa, what scanner model?05:18
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: yeah, I'm almost certain I know what you need to do, but I would like to be sure it's the right broadcom before I point you in the wrong directions.05:18
nurowam i missing something?05:18
wxlnightdemon666: it's not quite about preferences. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo#Graphical_sudo05:18
yahyaaHP Officejet 6600 e-all in one05:19
ntzrmtthihu777nurow: install gnome-panel and get rid of unity, lo.05:19
wxlntzrmtthihu777: right, so bcm4318 :)05:19
nurowyeah i've been a cinnamon person, but i just thought i'd give it a try05:19
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: not a clue. thats why I'm asking for the output of lspci -nn.05:19
Lainey4214I can't get youtube videos to play without crashing.05:19
nurowmy cinnamon had been bugging out on me05:19
wxlntzrmtthihu777: i'll boot the thing up but it's doubtful that you'll get anything different…05:20
slinnkyyahyaa, what's wrong? it should be detected automatically05:20
Lainey4214I turned off hardware accelerator.05:20
ntzrmtthihu777nurow: I tried cin. once, acted prety funky.05:20
nightdemon666wxl, ah, that would be a difficult habit to break lol, thanks for showing me that :P05:20
yahyaait works fine when I print, but when I try to scan it says that it can't find the scanner05:20
martukaspvs identifies the 'intermediate' mount produced by cryptsetup as belonging to volgroup 'xubuntu', which if I try to do anything else with (i.e. lvdisplay, vgscan, vgchange) it actually tackles my primary volumes running the OS, not the encrypted one05:21
betraydlvdisplay should list the fullname  of the volume members, all of them05:22
betraydthen you can address by that name05:22
Lainey4214Can someone help me.05:23
wxlnightdemon666: 06:02.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4318] (rev 02)05:24
wxlnightdemon666: oops addressed that at the wrong person :)05:24
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:24
betraydLainey4214: ^05:25
martukaspvs gives me   /dev/mapper/encrypto1 xubuntu lvm2 a--   7.75g 32.00m which is correct, but if VG is 'xubuntu' then I should do lvdisplay /dev/xubuntu ? this one gives me references to my primary drive, not the one I'm after05:25
superfreeflectorWHEN is 13.04 release????????05:25
wxlntzrmtthihu777: 06:02.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM4318 [AirForce One 54g] 802.11g Wireless LAN Controller [14e4:4318] (rev 02)05:25
superfreeflectorTELL ME I MUST KNOW!!!! 13.04 release date! :D05:25
wxlsuperfreeflector: 25 apr05:25
superfreeflectorthis is worse than the xbox 1080 release!05:25
superfreeflector12 more days!! NOOOO!!05:25
superfreeflectorbut thank you very much, wxl.05:26
superfreeflectori've been looking everywhere05:26
wxlsuperfreeflector: well not everywhere05:26
sudoairmy ethernet connection doesn't work on a brand new installation of ubuntu05:26
wxlsuperfreeflector: case in point—05:26
superfreeflectori couldn't find it on the forums05:26
wxlsuperfreeflector: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases05:26
superfreeflectoroh, duh05:26
wxlduh indeed.05:26
superfreeflectori was using search indians05:26
superfreeflectorwell, I DIDN'T KNOW :(((05:27
superfreeflectorthere was a wiki05:27
superfreeflectori'm only 10, leave me alone05:27
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: do you have an ethernet connection to use?05:27
superfreeflectorso far, i've war-dialed 3 area codes :D05:27
sudoairmy ethernet connection doesn't work, any tips?05:27
ntzrmtthihu777superfreeflector: well congratulations on adopting ubuntu so early, I wish I knew about linux when I was your age05:27
wxlntzrmtthihu777: that's the whole concept, no. but i do have the firmware and b43-fwcutter on a flsah drive, if that's what you're getting at.05:27
superfreeflectori found a reality BBS system while war dialing05:28
superfreeflectorlike, real estate05:28
superfreeflectorperhaps it wasn't a real estate BBS system at all... probably a front company for the intel agencies05:28
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: according to a askubuntu problem I found linux-firmware-nonfree will include what you need.05:28
superfreeflectorok, enough tin foil hat talk. ever saw Signs movie?05:29
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: same exact model as you: http://askubuntu.com/questions/171427/wireless-isnt-working-in-12-0405:29
superfreeflector12.04 is a lost cause, even 12.10 leaves it in the dust. and the 13.04 beta left 12.10 in the dust.05:30
ntzrmtthihu777superfreeflector: as much as I love your enthusiasm this is a support channel. if you want to just chat check out #ubuntu-offtopic05:30
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:30
superfreeflectoroh, sorry :/05:30
wxlntzrmtthihu777: and now to find a .deb of it05:30
superfreeflectorok, and my rage quit is... KERNEL 3.8 IS AWESOME!!!! :D05:30
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: not too hard, need a hand?05:31
wxlntzrmtthihu777: nope found it, thankfully. now we'll see what issues we have with deps.05:31
ntzrmtthihu777XD don't forget the modprobing05:32
martukashey, so anyone knowledgeable about LVM, or maybe you know of a channel that may be more specialized in that sort of thing?05:32
sudoaircan someone help me get my ethernet connection to the internet working? i'm using a fresh install of ubuntu and its not working05:32
ntzrmtthihu777sudoair: lspci -nn should give you a clue.05:33
sudoairwhat kind of clue?05:33
wxlsudoair: a good one.05:33
sudoairi see my ethernet controller05:34
sudoairREaltek Semiconductor Gigabit Ethernet controller (rev 06)05:34
ntzrmtthihu777sudoair: identifying names. google search for that, and see if you don't find exactly what you need05:34
Vivekanandahey everyone a question. What does -- exec $SHELL -l mean ?05:35
Vivekananda when I type it in ubuntu on cli05:35
wxlntzrmtthihu777: you rock. i'll make sure to edit the wiki.05:37
guest-YdKMtwHi, Igo05:37
guest-YdKMtwt got this issue'05:37
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: what wiki?05:37
guest-YdKMtwI couldn't login to my account05:38
ntzrmtthihu777and thank yah, I try :D05:38
guest-YdKMtwwith my password05:38
wxlntzrmtthihu777: the b43 wiki. it fails to mention that possibility, though it does suggest to grab b43-fwcutter and the firmware. having the firmware in a package is a HUGE improvement as i had to hunt down the most recent firmware and the way it's written, the wiki will easily go out of date.05:38
guest-YdKMtwwhen i enter the password it reopens the boot page making me enter password again05:39
wxlguest-YdKMtw: probably wrong password, honestly. you can try to hit ctrl-alt-f1 and see if you can login there. if not, then it's probably your password. btw, you can get back to where you were with ctrl-alt-f705:40
betraydmartukas: are you sure it's not /dev/mapper/xubuntu or something05:40
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: ah, gotcha. edit away, and I hope you do well05:40
wxlVivekananda: http://www.basiclinuxcommand.com/linux-command/exec.html05:41
guest-YdKMtwif i give wrong password it sows05:41
martukasno I had cryptsetup put it exactly there, thats why the name is so weird :)05:41
guest-YdKMtwshows that05:41
psamim1Hi everyone, How can I install a newer version of curl on my ubuntu 12.04 precise? Thanks.05:41
wxlguest-YdKMtw: so try logging in via the virtual terminal with ctrl-alt-f1. let's make sure, first.05:41
machy, people...  i downloaded one archive with CR OS LINUX I686-2.4.1290.raw .. raw? what to do?05:42
sudoairalright heres whats fucked up, 64bit version of linux makes my ethernet not work05:42
sudoairbut 32bit version works05:42
machy, people...  i downloaded one archive with name "CR OS LINUX I686-2.4.1290.raw" .. raw? what to do?05:42
psamim1Hi everyone, How can I install a newer version of curl on my ubuntu 12.04 precise? Thanks.05:43
guest-YdKMtwI could see the terminal wxl05:43
wxlpsamim1: just download it and put it in ~/bin until ubuntu ocmes out with a new version.05:44
wxlguest-YdKMtw: what version are you using?05:44
guest-YdKMtwwhen i give user and password05:44
guest-YdKMtw12.04 wxl05:44
psamim1wxl: thanks for reply! so you mean I cannot use another version! hm?05:45
guest-YdKMtwnaa his nickname i mentioned05:45
wxlpsamim1: you have to go through a lot of trickery to use older/newer versions. so just install it local in the interim. or find a ppa if you feel you can trust that.05:46
wxlguest-YdKMtw: did it used to work before? or is this a new install?05:46
ntzrmtthihu777mac: run file CR yada yada and it will give you a clue05:46
guest-YdKMtwtill yesterday at office i was working05:46
wxlguest-YdKMtw: have you done any updates?05:47
mactnx.. i go google this..05:47
guest-YdKMtwin guest session too i cant give that password05:47
guest-YdKMtwno updates05:47
wxlomg don't go google yada yada that won't help05:47
wxlguest-YdKMtw: ok, here's a thought, then: maybe try some updates. you can do this in that virtual terminal.05:48
wxlmac: um, no.05:48
macany other idea?05:48
wxlmac: do what he said. run the file.05:48
guest-YdKMtwBut even for updates it asks for password, don't you think wxl05:49
macok, i will go goolgle it how :)05:49
sect0ranyone recommend a good clipboard manager?05:49
wxlguest-YdKMtw: yes but your problem is lightdm or something, not your password. we figured thta out.05:49
wxlmac: double click on it!05:49
wxlsect0r: i like clipit.05:49
guest-YdKMtwif it doesn't take password it won't update right05:49
sect0ri'll check it out thanks05:50
macunpackit first, right? out of tar.gz05:50
wxlguest-YdKMtw: the virtual terminal liked it, right?05:50
ntzrmtthihu777mac: I though you said it was .raw05:50
wxlmac: yep05:50
* wxl facepalms05:50
macyes, it is... inside05:50
guest-YdKMtwyes wxl05:50
wxlguest-YdKMtw: so once you're inside the terminal, you can run updates happily with your password05:51
macopen with shotwell??05:51
wxlmac: try it05:51
betraydah I see it mistook RAW for a photo/camera shot05:52
betraydthats why it wants to open in shotwell05:52
macwtf is raw?05:52
betraydthose hi -rez photos05:52
wxlmac: maybe more importantly, wtf is this darn file you're messning with?05:52
macdarn file?05:53
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:53
wxllet's not say shoot either, folks.05:53
wxlgolly, no.05:53
betrayddarn tootin05:53
wilee-nileeacronyms are not allowed05:53
dodo3773wxl: I think it was for "wtf"05:53
wxlit could have been what the filibuster, no?05:54
wxli won't argue this any further, but you're splitting hairs.05:54
maci wished to try out google chrome os in oracles vm... :(05:54
maci gues it is another fail..05:54
wilee-nileewxl, There is no arguement this is a family channel we just ask you respect that, ;)05:55
betraydmac so you probably double-click and 'Use another application to run this file'05:55
betraydand make it point to your oracle vm thing05:55
macok.. with what?05:55
dodo3773mac: What's the problem you're having?05:55
wxloracles vm is called virtualbox. do you have it installed, mac?05:55
wxlmac: and furthermore, raw is not a filetype virtualbox understands, typically.05:56
dodo3773mac: Which download did you do? Link05:56
betraydnothing else in that tar.gz mac?05:56
macno, nothing05:57
bharat_hello there...05:57
wxlwell, crap. crappy crap crap crap.05:57
macdont know.. i downloaded 17 different cr os.. nothing worked.. i got 32bit os and.. i fail to succesfully run or log-in once bootet.. :(05:58
wxlmac: http://geeklad.com/download-the-google-chrome-os-virtual-machine05:58
dodo3773mac: Did you try this one: http://distribution.hexxeh.net/archive/vanilla/3996.0.2013_04_13_1739-rabe5f462/ChromeOS-Vanilla-3996.0.2013_04_13_1739-rabe5f462-VirtualBox.zip05:58
dodo3773mac: Oops it got split between lines05:58
wxlyeah vanilla is purdy easy05:59
dodo3773mac: http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/ <-- is this what you're looking for? Down by the bottom virtualbox images05:59
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
maci tryed one Vanila people gaved me here.. didnt work (32bit linux)05:59
wxlmac: did you try http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/download/vanilla?version=3996.0.2013_04_13_1739-rabe5f462&type=virtualbox06:00
wxlthat's the latest version that's meant to work with virtualbox06:00
=== nick is now known as Guest32450
dodo3773Hmm how to not split links when pasting in irc?06:00
macwow.. nice06:00
macnow.. i have a 32bit 12-04 lts.. will work this ?06:01
=== Guest32450 is now known as Tex_Nick
betrayddodo3773: run it through a url shortener like is.gd or goo.gl06:01
wxlyou should have no problem06:01
wxldodo3773: indeed, what betrayd said. in irssi, yash is nice.06:02
betraydbut your chat client might have a plugin for that already06:02
dodo3773wxl: betrayd: Yeah I got that. I was wondering if there was a way to do it specifically in irc06:02
wxldodo3773: irssi+yash.06:02
dodo3773wxl: I spent the last week setting up weechat so no more irssi for me06:02
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: info on yash, if you don't mind? I run irssi inside of screen, so it happens to me at times.06:02
wxldodo3773: but, no, typically no irc server is going to do it ofr you.06:02
dodo3773wxl: Ah okay.06:02
betraydweechat +1 dodo377306:02
betraydi use it too06:03
maccan anyone please tell me if this is version for 32bit comp? http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/download/vanilla?version=3996.0.2013_04_13_1739-rabe5f462&type=virtualbox06:03
wxlntzrmtthihu777: http://www.miiro.com/code/irssi/yash/06:03
leptone_trying to follow this tutorial for netflix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfte5su5DIA and seeing these errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/5706877/06:04
dodo3773betrayd: I used irssi for quite a while on the "if it's not broken don't fix it" principle but decided I wanted to use something that was still actively developed06:04
wxlmac: just go try it.06:04
=== seednode- is now known as seednode
betrayddodo3773: i d/loaded the urlshortener (in ruby) from weechat scripts06:05
betraydworks like a charm06:05
macyeah.. that whats i whose afraid of... got bad connection06:05
wxli'd love to go weechat but i need a few days or weeks to get it set up :)06:05
dodo3773mac: oh so you need a 32 bit build? Let me look06:05
macdod3773 winner06:06
leptone_on 64 bit 12.04  im trying to follow this tutorial for netflix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tfte5su5DIA and seeing these errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/5706877/06:06
wxldodo3773: i already looked and it wasn't apparent that they have both options06:06
jason552What would cause this error message "FATAL: Module ndiswrapper not found." I need to enable a USB adapter.06:06
dodo3773jason552: do you have ndiswrapper installed?06:06
dodo3773wxl: it may say somewhere though. Better than wasting the bandwidth06:07
betraydwxl maybe if you need serious windowing like 2x4 or 2x2 layouts, the main reason i moved from irssi06:07
wilee-nileeleptone, The tor PPA stopped at oneric no precise support06:07
jason552dodo3773: no candidate from repositories.06:07
ntzrmtthihu777test of yash: http://is.gd/waZ7EO06:07
wxlbetrayd: that's my plan, eventually.06:07
leptone__wilee-nilee, sry what?06:07
betraydgood plan, need vacation time =)06:07
ntzrmtthihu777ahh, very nice, thankya06:08
wxlntzrmtthihu777: you could have at least /shay'd something fancy :)06:08
wilee-nileeleptone,  Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubun-tor/ppa/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found   is not supported by oneric06:08
wilee-nileesorry precise06:08
ntzrmtthihu777wxl: other concerns atm than being fancy. trying to set up a cross-compilation environment for SFML projects.06:08
leptone__so can i need to find a dif place to get the PPA?'06:09
wilee-nileeleptone__, You need to remove it, not sure if there is another you have a couple of other 404 not found06:10
dodo3773jason552: Have you read this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/Ndiswrapper06:10
maci need some answers.. i am loged on gnome.. do i use it? if not how? and where can configure screen saver?06:10
jason552dodo3773: that's what im on now.06:10
dodo3773jason552: Oh okay. Did you find it just now? Or is that what you've been using?06:11
jason552dodo3773: that's what i've been using.06:11
dodo3773jason552: Oh I see06:12
betraydmartukas: the only thing i can think of is pick one (forum) site that deals with both lvm AND the encryption, the commands there all work in ubuntu...following names can be tricky without knowing your exact layout06:12
dodo3773konecktd_: test back06:12
wxlalright i'm out of here. thanks for showing me how to google ntzrmtthihu777 :)06:13
jason552dodo3773: It says hardware present: but I can't go further.06:13
dodo3773jason552: Not sure. I don't have an aweful lot of experience with ndiswrapper. You loaded the module and plugged in your device and that's when you came across this error?06:14
robkI was in the process of setting up pam.d w/ ldap on a machine I'm playing around with. I can no longer log into the machine. When i go into recovery mode on ubuntu and type in the original username, it just kicks me out of the prompt and back into login.06:14
jason552dodo3773: yes06:14
robkhow would I go about reconfiguring the root password? I originally never set one since I did everything from sudo, that was a mistake.06:15
dodo3773mac: almost done downloading it. will try to see if the builds are 32 or 6406:15
jason552dodo3773: after "sudo modprobe ndiswrapper"06:15
macthank u, very much!!06:15
dodo3773jason552: that's when you get the error?06:16
jason552dodo3773: yes06:16
dodo3773jason552: So you've got the driver (windows driver gets shoved into ndiswrapper?)06:17
jason552dodo3773: yes06:18
jason552dodo3773: ndisgtk that is06:18
dodo3773jason552: Okay so you pointed ndisktk to the windows driver file and it installed it?06:21
dodo3773jason552: Maybe the card has to be pulled out and plugged back in and / or the module reloaded or something?06:22
dodo3773jason552: yeah I'm not much help on this issue. I haven't had a driver that the kernel or kernel + firmware couldn't handle yet06:23
jason552dodo3773: lucky you. I'm plagued with issues.06:24
shapeDoes anyone know what might happen if I ssh from my android home to my ubuntu desktop and try to run nautilus or firefox?06:25
Userrbitcoin distro is more popular that ubuntu06:25
dodo3773jason552: Yeah. What's this device anyways?06:25
dodo3773jason552: So I can never ever ever but it ;)06:25
=== mac is now known as mac-AFK
dodo3773jason552: But seriously what is it?06:25
dodo3773mac-AFK: still there?06:25
dodo3773what's user-AFK mean?06:26
jason552dodo3773: brand new custom build.06:26
dodo3773jason552: Oh it's an internal laptop component or something?06:26
shapedodo3773: Away from Keyboard06:26
=== mac-AFK is now known as mac
jason552dodo3773: oh, network card? i thought you ment system.06:27
dodo3773shape: Oh right like that movie I see06:27
dodo3773dodo3773: Oh no I meant the device you can't get working. Congratulations though on the custom built computer06:27
dodo3773mac: Okay I have the file. I extracted it. Just need to find out the arch Ill boot it up06:28
macanother virtual mashine?06:28
macdifferent version?06:28
=== Userr is now known as Coinbird
=== mac is now known as mac-crossedFinge
dodo3773mac: The architecture of the virtualbox image I mean. whether its 32 or 64. That's what you wanted to know right?06:30
mac-crossedFingers-< | yeas and thank u very much..06:30
mac-crossedFingers-< | those it work ?06:31
mac-crossedFingers<- | some versions i tryed.. i whose able to boot it, but cant log in.. no mather what.. :)06:33
SecretFireanyone have the same problem? I am running 12.10 and have nvidia, and randomly get logged off?06:34
l_ris the release date of 13.04 confirmed?06:34
l_rno delays?06:34
mac-crossedFingeouch, that suks.. to be loged off any moment :/06:34
SecretFirethe calendar said it was the deadline06:34
dodo3773mac-crossedFinge: just need to figure out the default password. at the top of the build it said x86 so I think we're good. Just want to verify with unam06:35
SecretFiremac-crossedFinge : any suggestions?06:36
mac-crossedFingeSecretFire.. lol... u found the most stupid newb here... :D06:36
dodo3773mac-crossedFinge: Yep. i686.06:36
mac-crossedFingebut.. i am sure, people here are allready working on your problem06:37
dodo3773mac-crossedFinge: so 32 bit. i686 is 32 bit. As long as your processor supports that06:37
mac-crossedFingehm.. i got hp compaq 6710b06:37
Betanu701Hey guys, I am trying to get a basic script (to run rsync) at shutdown and startup. I have tried putting it in /etc/init.d and then running update-rc.d but it still will not run. and ideas?06:38
dodo3773mac-crossedFinge: What does uname -a tell you?06:38
mac-crossedFingers<- | terminal?06:38
dodo3773mac-crossedFinge: Of the computer in question. Yeah in a terminal06:39
=== hygratt is now known as Ta-Mere-Est-Hawt
mac-crossedFingeLinux Z-I-O-N 3.2.0-40-generic-pae #64-Ubuntu SMP Mon Mar 25 21:44:41 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux06:39
dodo3773mac-crossedFinge: See ^^ i686 same as virtualbox image06:39
dodo3773mac-crossedFinge: You're good to go. Go for it06:39
mac-crossedFingecan u please paste me the link again? i whose given 3 different ones...06:40
dodo3773mac-crossedFinge: Yeah sure06:40
mac-crossedFingecorrection... 206:40
mac-crossedFingewt*? am... those sites that contains malware? damage linux?06:41
dodo3773mac-crossedFinge: http://chromeos.hexxeh.net/ go down to the picture of virtualbox and click the icon and it will take you to download. after it finishes extract the zip file and load it in virtualbox06:41
=== mac-crossedFinge is now known as mac-happy
mac-happydodo3773, thank u, very much.. if u drink.. u got a virtual beer in good :)06:42
mac-happyversion? latest?06:43
dodo3773mac-happy: Hahaha. Nah I gaev up drinking years ago. Thanks though ;)06:43
dodo3773mac-happy: I grabbed latest but grab whatever you want06:43
dodo3773mac-happy: Write this down in case you need to switch to a tty to login: username:chronos password:facepunch06:43
dodo3773mac-happy: Its the default password ^^06:44
mac-happyuuu... deep :)06:44
mac-happythank u06:44
dodo3773welcome. I am grateful to be of service to you my friend. Have a great night06:44
dodo3773later everyone take care06:44
mac-happyits morning!06:45
mac-happysunday.. and still stoned from yesterday..06:45
Betanu701Depends on where they are located^_^06:45
mac-happygod ****06:45
dodo3773mac-happy: haha. I see right. Well every one have a "good {morning,day,night}"06:45
=== mac-happy is now known as mac-less-happy
rajubash or ksh ? which one is the best one >06:46
mac-less-happy16h to download complete06:46
dodo3773raju: zsh06:46
vsumraju: for what purpose ?06:46
mac-less-happyu 2 :)06:46
mac-less-happyevery1 shell enyoj what thay do.. or stop doing it :/06:47
dodo3773raju: zsh is better than everything. It's pretty much the greatest application period I found all year last year. I can't sing it enough praise seriously06:47
mac-less-happyeee... while i am at that subject...06:47
dodo3773raju: Of course that's just my opinion. vsum question is relevant though. depending on what your using it for (scripts init etc)06:47
contrapunctusraju: .in?06:47
mac-less-happywhat is the zeitgeist plugin for???06:48
mac-less-happyi know zeitgeist.. but plugin?06:48
rajudodo3773, ok I am just trying to use it for scripting.06:48
rajuvsum,  scripting06:48
rajucontrapunctus,  in Ubuntu06:48
dodo3773raju: Then it doesn't matter really. You can decide whatever shell you want your scripts to run with in the shebang line at the top06:49
vsumraju: scripting for what purpose ? general admin ? or seriuos programming ?06:49
=== mac-less-happy is now known as mac
rajuvsum,  I am learning it with some programming language , you can consider me as a medium level programmer .06:49
dodo3773ayu_: hey06:50
rajuvsum,  my friend what do you suggest for admin too ?06:50
vsumbash is widely used , so I would suggest to start with .06:50
historaju: bash is more widely used06:51
dodo3773raju: My suggestion was for a user shell. Like if you pretty much live in the shell sort of thing.06:51
Betanu701How can I get a script run at startup and shutdown. I have already added it to /etc/init.d and did update-rc.d still won't run06:51
dodo3773raju: will the scripts be run on a linux system?06:51
rajuvsum,  ok cool . you mean bash for both (admin,programmer )06:51
rawrishanyone care to answer a random off the wall question, but related to those that are of intelligence ?06:51
rajuhisto,  yeah usually and the default shell is bash only but i have gone through the name of ksh today .06:52
dodo3773Betanu701: Is it an init script?06:52
rajudodo3773, yes in a Ubuntu Linux machine06:52
rajurawrish, ask it , we give our best.06:52
Betanu701dodo3773: It is a .sh script, basically running rsync to my computers06:53
histoBetanu701: if it's not an init script try /etc/rc.local06:53
histoBetanu701: Do you want it to just run on startup or on a time based interval?06:53
rawrishraja alright…so I'm on the search for a forum or channel of intellectuals, something or a place that people discuss ideas that push the norm of what is acceptable ideology06:53
rawrishbe it philosophy or science06:53
rawrishweird i know...06:53
rawrishbut i can't write a #bash script for this lol06:53
histo!alis | rawrish06:54
ubotturawrish: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*06:54
Betanu701hist: I want it to run at start up and when I shutdown.06:54
dodo3773Betanu701: If it's not an init script then don't put it in *init* directory. Could be very problematic for you. /etc/rc.local is where that stuff goes like histo said06:54
dodo3773Betanu701: From there you can call your script externally if you need to06:55
Betanu701How would I go about calling it externally?06:55
dodo3773Betanu701: or if it isn't too complex just add it there06:55
histoBetanu701: Betanu701 you could use upstart to call it on shutdown and startup also06:55
histoBetanu701: https://synapse.wordpress.com/2007/03/24/run-a-script-on-startup-shutdown-in-linux/06:56
dodo3773Betanu701: Seriously. I've had to chroot in and fix systems because they wouldn't boot because of bad hand made init scripts in the past06:56
Betanu701dodo3773: Oh I have had to do that alot. lol06:57
histoBetanu701: I would suggest using cron though to avoid the problems like dodo3773 is describing06:57
dodo3773Betanu701: Externally? Like putting a script within a script. just put the /path/to/your/script.sh make sure you don't do ~/script.sh or $HOME/script.sh go like /home/username/script.sh instead06:58
Betanu701I attempted cron, problem is I do not want this computer (the main database)06:58
Betanu701on all the time06:58
dodo3773Betanu701: If you need to put multiple stuff in there make sure you remember "&"06:59
macdodo3773, thank u.. again06:59
histoBetanu701: right just have it run your script like every hour when it's on with cron06:59
dodo3773Betanu701: I'm outta here though. Take care06:59
dodo3773mac: your welcome. take care06:59
mac14h to complete.. u too06:59
Betanu701have a good night06:59
machave a nice.. whatever?06:59
=== mac is now known as mac-gone
histo!away > martukas07:01
ubottumartukas, please see my private message07:01
Betanu701Histo: do you know if I place it in rc.local will it run at shutdown as well?07:01
histoBetanu701: no only startup07:01
histoBetanu701: the only way to do what you want is to use upstart07:02
Betanu701I am reading the site you gave me to try and do it07:02
histoBetanu701: I'm trying to find a more usefull site for you atm07:03
Betanu701histo: Haha thanks, been working on this for probably 7 hours07:04
rajuhey friends one more question . what exactly going to happen If i have removed the .profile file ?07:04
histoBetanu701: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpstartHowto07:04
historaju: copy a new one out of /etc/skel/07:05
lonejackHi, passed to 12.04(from 10.04). Unity OK. I was watching on synaptic. There are a lot of gnome-* packages. Can I remove them?07:06
rajuhisto,  I mean how my shell behaves07:07
wilee-nileelonejack, Why would you want to, what is your goal here?07:07
rajuhisto,  nothing is there in the directory , its just example.desktop07:07
Betanu701Histo: I keep getting this I will call it an error  System start/stop links for /etc/init.d/backup.sh already exist.07:07
historaju: there is a .profile in /etc/skel07:07
rajuwilee-nilee,  hey07:07
rajuhisto,  I cant see anything here.07:08
histoBetanu701: aparently there is already a job for that script07:08
historaju: ls -a /etc/skel/07:08
rajuhisto,  aah! I understand now . hidden file.07:08
historaju: or just cp /etc/skel/.profile ~ && chown raju:raju ~/.profile07:09
Betanu701but there is nothing that shows up in any of the rc*07:09
histoBetanu701: well remove the job first07:09
lonejackwilee-nilee, to clean the house. The sping is near(at least in europe)...07:10
rajuhisto,  got it & so every time we modify the .bashrc and .profile of home user , are these files will be updated automatically or they just stood to default07:11
wilee-nileelonejack, To be honest that makes no sense. unity is a plugin in compiz running on top of gnome, I would not touch them. If you want to remove or exchange full desktops there is a website with correct lists to do so. See playing around in  this link. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/07:12
historaju: those are default skeleton files that are copied to a home directory when a user is created07:12
tozenhi all where is mc config now? there is nothing in to ~/.mc07:13
rajuso they wont update right ?07:13
rajuhisto,  cool friend .07:13
historaju: right they will not update. You can make changes to the skeleton files and then any new user added would get the new files07:14
lonejackwilee-nilee, I was not aware about that. I'll not touch anything. Thank you07:14
rajuhisto,  yeah its clear now . Thank you.07:16
rabbi1i got macbookpro and installed ubuntu 12.04 on virtualbox.  Everything works good, except the USB is not detected in the ubuntu.. any suggestion…. USB is displayed under devices menu in the VB but greyed/ unable to select07:19
guy555hello, question about alsa-daily build, is this correct channel?07:19
shaperabbi1: when you press settings USB > Enable USB controller07:20
shaperabbi1: when the machine is off07:20
phixhey, I want to use  memcached from within LXC guests, should I run it on the host and configure the guests to use it or configure it on all guests?07:20
rabbi1nope, machine is running07:20
wilee-nileerabbi1, You would ad it in the settings of vbax-usb off the main vbax gui where you start the installs.07:20
phix(all of the guests are "trusted")07:21
shaperabbi1: you need to turn it off first07:21
rabbi1shape: under usb devices i can see my USB detected, but unable to select/ deselect07:21
guy555latest alsa-daily build won't install, any suggestions?07:22
shaperabbi1: power off the machine then go Settings > USB07:22
rabbi1shape: yeap, doing it07:22
wilee-nileeguy555, This a PPA, you have any errors?07:22
shaperabbi1: and then see if Enable USB 2.0 Controller is ticked.07:22
wilee-nileeguy555, I meant is this a ppa07:23
historabbi1: usb inside of vbox?07:23
guy555yes it seems to be contingent on an i686 install but i think it recognizes my system as i38607:23
phixso any ideas gang?07:23
guy555it is from a ppa, yes07:23
rabbi1shape: yeah, it wasn't checked, i did it… now got to install extension pack.. Is it out to be downloaded separately ?07:24
wilee-nileeguy555, That should not matter what are the errors oyu are seeing, is it being held for install?07:24
rabbi1histo: yeap, brb07:25
shaperabbi1: yes you need to install the separate extension pack07:25
guy555wilee-nilee: (im on precise) it said ready to install from update manager, but it won't install, also tried manually yesterday before update came07:25
wilee-nileeguy555, Can you link me to the PPA?07:26
guy555wilee-nilee: ppa:ubuntu-audio-dev/alsa-daily07:27
IR8481i need to find a chat for APPLE stuffs07:27
IR8481any idea?07:27
shaperabbi1: btw it's super easy make sure you get the extension pack for your version of Virtual box from their website, double click it and youre' done07:28
bazhang!alis | IR848107:28
ubottuIR8481: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*07:28
rabbi1shape: yeap, searching07:28
=== nathan is now known as Guest66645
wilee-nileeguy555, Can you pastebin a sudo apt-get update from the terminal?07:28
shaperabbi1: I can help you what virtual box version you have? Help > About07:28
IR8481no, in this server there s no channel related to it07:29
guy555wilee-nilee: not familiar with pastebin, sorry, lol07:30
wilee-nilee!paste | guy55507:30
bazhangIR8481, ask in #freenode for help07:30
ubottuguy555: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.07:30
rabbi1shape: i use mac so, its not under help > about…. ;)07:30
histoIR8481: there are plenty of apple channels on this server07:30
shaperabbi1: this is the one you need :download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.2.10/VirtualBox-4.2.10-84104-OSX.dmg07:30
wilee-nileeguy555, Just copy and paste all the text from that command run in the terminal, and post the url here.07:30
shaperabbi1: shit sorry dont lcick that07:31
Bodsdashape: watch the language please07:31
IR8481for example...07:31
shapeBodsda: I apologize07:31
shaperabbi1: THIS IS IT: download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/4.2.10/Oracle_VM_VirtualBox_Extension_Pack-4.2.10-84104.vbox-extpack07:31
shaperabbi1: now all you need to do is have virtualbox open and click that file from the link I gave you07:31
histoIR8481: Do you have a ubuntu mac related question?07:33
IR8481not really07:33
shapeIR8481: I knew some channels where I asked some mac questions wait07:33
bazhang!ot | IR848107:33
ubottuIR8481: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:33
IR8481i need a good one07:33
IR8481all right all right!07:33
rabbi1shape: thank you, starting vb - ubuntu07:33
rabbi1hope it works07:33
guy555wilee-nilee: http://pastebin.com/aeKP4MD607:34
histoIR8481: /j #help if you want to learn how to use irc not here.07:34
rabbi1shape: and i have another problem of permission every time i start OS from vb… every single time i need to change permission for my /Application folder.. wondering what07:34
IR8481how to use.... of course, that is exact what im looking for07:34
shapeIR8481: macrumors07:34
shapeIR8481: irc.krono.net on channel #macrumors.07:35
rabbi1shape: same problem again, can't enable usb07:35
shaperabbi1: did you go into settings and enabled USB 2.0 controller?07:35
historabbi1: /j #vbox07:36
rabbi1shape: yeap i did07:36
wilee-nileeguy555, Was there any text past the end after Reading package lists... Done besides your user@user:~$07:36
guy555wilee-nilee: no07:36
amit`Is there support for AMD A10-5800k APU on ubuntu? Does this OS support GPU and audio ?07:37
wilee-nileeguy555, A regular update does not show a upgrade of anything, when you open update manager always run a check before installing.07:37
chunkyheadguys, what's ubuntu git?07:38
auronandace!git | chunkyhead07:38
ubottuchunkyhead: git is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)07:38
truexfan81there is a guy in #debian asking if the AMD A10-5800k APU drivers are included in the latest ubuntu07:39
guy555wilee-nilee: do you want me to paste the error log from the failed update?07:39
wilee-nileeguy555, sure.07:39
chunkyheaddoes it come preinstalled or we have to install it auronandace07:40
guy555wilee-nilee: http://pastebin.com/bVDuNXzd07:40
amit`truexfan81: That was me. It seems like there is no true support yet but drivers have to be compiled from sources.07:40
truexfan81amit`: imo the hardest part of compiling is getting all the necessary dependencies to get a successful compile, once you have those its pretty easy, so maybe these guys can tell you what deps you will need07:43
wilee-nileeguy555, Not sure honestly, why do you have this ppa, ppa's can be unstable. I have never had a problem, however i'm careful what I add to my sources.lists07:43
amit`truexfan81: The driver asked for fglrx or something similar.07:43
=== patr|ck_ is now known as patr|ck
AaronThat's why you always check the ppa status of the package,07:44
guy555wilee-nilee: well, it was a long story of troubleshooting sound problems, i thought that ppa was ok though, never had any problems until this one, and it's the only one i've added right now07:45
truexfan81amit`: is it wanting the actual fglrx? or the -dev package? sorry i can't really help, i've always used nvidia with linux07:46
wilee-nileeguy555, I see people on the channel with sound problems on occasion, I can't really give you a definitive answer, maybe others can. ;)07:46
amit`truexfan81: Yes, it is asking for fglrx, which is a dependency.07:46
histo!fglrx | amit`07:46
ubottuamit`: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto07:46
guy555wilee-nilee ok thanks, i think that it won't install because it is looking for my system arch to be i686 when it probably shows up as i38607:47
=== Yakko is now known as YakkoAFK
=== YakkoAFK is now known as Yakko
tokern3when someone has windows and download ubuntu how make sure the downloaded file is complete? they can't use md5 yes?07:50
shapetokern3: correct, it's very easy07:50
tokern3but can they do md5 in win7?07:51
shapetokern3: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM07:51
shapetokern3: scroll down to MD5SUM on Windows07:51
truexfan81tokern3: you can use md5, also i believe the boot menu on the disc or usb will have a checker that you can run, it will tell you if its bad07:51
wilee-nilee!md5sum | tokern3 Yes07:51
ubottutokern3 Yes: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows07:51
tokern3is there a way to check it in windows707:51
wilee-nileeyes read the bots links07:52
shapetokern3: I just pasted you the link man, check the link I showed you and scroll down and you will see how to do it in windows 707:52
tokern3thanx shape07:52
shapetokern3: there is nothing to worry about if you follow the instructions it's like 5 clicks or something, super easy07:53
truexfan81well i'm gonna close this tab, cya later07:53
kewelupdate manager won't let me install any updates because one of the is unauthorized.07:53
kewelwhat to do?07:54
richwnhey hey, anyone able to spare a minute? this is gonna be a fast 'its gonna work or not' one07:54
MonkeyDust!ask | richwn07:55
ubotturichwn: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:55
kewelya .. audacious is linked to untrusted sources07:56
kewelI'm trying to install like 190 updates07:56
richwnunderstood! I've gone through usb installation for 13.04 (and for 12.10) and same error on both - my installation completes but im left with just black screen/blinking cursor on boot. Wont accept any kind of input07:57
=== teco is now known as Guest656
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | ri07:57
ubotturi: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:57
MonkeyDust!nomodeset | richwn07:57
ubotturichwn: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter07:57
tozenhi all where is mc config now? there is nothing in to ~/07:58
histotozen: what is mc?07:59
tozenhisto: midnight commander08:00
exalthello yesterday i accidently removed most of /dev/*, when i rebooted my system gave an error. a few times later it worked again like nothing happend how is this possible ?08:01
tozenhisto: asking because other linux resources says it should to be into ~/.mc08:01
histotozen: ~/.config/mc/ini08:01
tozenhisto:  seems i'm smtms an idiot!! thx pal!08:02
histotozen: np man pages are really usefull btw08:03
Bodsdaexalt: just out of interest, how do you 'accidentally' remove most of /dev/?08:03
MonkeyDustBodsda  i was thinking the same thing08:04
llutzexalt: /dev/* is created at boottime by udev08:05
CapprenticeHow to purge the update list ? My update manager shows I have 300 MB of Updates. I dont want to install anything. My previous experience says, updating will again break something. Do you know how I disable Update and Disable the popup. I already changed the setting to "never check for update", but it does not seem to work !08:05
BodsdaMonkeyDust: it sounds like one of my favourite games titled "Delete an important looking system file, reboot, see what happens :)"08:05
richwnthis is kinda what im looking for but not quite08:06
richwnit doesnt boot into pure black screen or distorted splash like it describes, its more like a fullscreen cmd08:07
richwne.g where you'd normally just type startx08:07
histo!pin | Capprentice08:08
ubottuCapprentice: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto08:08
richwnherp got it my bad08:12
richwnproblem was caused by Quick Boot being enabled in my BIOS08:12
richwnfor some reason it was messing with the whole thing getting to GRUB08:12
nroxana_hello guys, I just installed the latest nvidia driver on my ubuntu 12.10 but the launcher disappeared after reboot. Is there a chance to have the driver installed properly?08:16
ronalds_mazhello I get problem with matlab on ubuntu as it shows this error "Cannot write to preference file "matlab.prf" in "/home/ronalds/.matlab/R2010b".08:17
ronalds_mazCheck file permissions."08:17
histonroxana_: how did you install the driver08:19
historonalds_maz: what are the permissions of the file?08:19
historonalds_maz: ls -l /home/ronalds/.matlab/R2010b/matlap.prf08:20
richwn^ and ive literally just had the same error as this guy, enabling proprietary drivers through settings removes the usual interface and leaves blank wallpaper08:20
ronalds_mazcannot access08:20
nroxananroxana_ here, I tried this http://sn0v.wordpress.com/2012/12/07/installing-cuda-5-on-ubuntu-12-04/08:20
historonalds_maz: I had a typo there matlap instead of matlab.prf08:21
ronalds_maz-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2034 apr 12 12:29 /home/ronalds/.matlab/R2010b/matlab.prf08:21
ronalds_mazhow do you change this by terminal08:22
historonalds_maz: chmod08:22
ronalds_mazchmod /home/ronalds/.matlab/R2010b/matlab.prf08:23
ronalds_mazit says I'm missing operand08:23
historonalds_maz: just chmod go+rw /home/ronalds/.matlab/R2010b/matlab.prf08:24
nroxanarichwn, how did you solve your problem with the drivers?08:25
ronalds_mazit worked with sudo08:25
richwni havent yet, compiz just keeps dying as soon as i start it08:26
historonalds_maz: so the issue is the owner of the file08:26
richwnmines an AMD card but the issue is similar08:26
richwnAlt+F2, see what you get08:26
historonalds_maz: sorry I wasn't paying attention to closely sudo chown ronald:ronald /home/ronalds/.matlab/R2010b/matlab.prf && chmod go-w /home/ronalds/.matlab/R2010b/matlab.prf08:27
ronalds_mazhisto, problem was that to install matlab, it installs it as root, and it gets the rights of that account I guess,08:27
ronalds_mazbut now it works08:27
historonalds_maz: right you can chown the files if you want08:27
ronalds_mazmatlab is hardcore to install for new users, as it has problems with gaining sudo rights, and there are plenty of errors on different systems08:28
histo!info matlab08:29
ubottuPackage matlab does not exist in quantal08:29
historonalds_maz: I would look for a ppa for matlab may work better08:30
histo!search matlab08:30
ubottuFound: matlab08:30
ubottuMATLAB is a high-level language and interactive environment that enables you to perform computationally intensive tasks. More info and install instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB08:30
historonalds_maz: there is instructions08:30
ronalds_mazyeah that was what I was talking about, but it's all good08:31
ronalds_mazmath is harder than installing matlab08:31
richwnahh, ye olde drivers08:35
richwnat least networking works this time around08:35
delocazHello! I have gotten Xubuntu installed from the mini ISO, but now it blackscreens whenever it starts. I used the mini ISO because the regular would blackscreen too. Can anyone help?08:36
phixctrl+alt+f1 get you to a terminal?08:37
delocazLet me try08:37
phixif so log in and restart hdm or lightdm, awhat ever it is using08:38
phixgdm* (touch pad fail)08:38
phixlongcat_ is long08:38
richwnohhh hello segfaults08:40
richwnits been just over 6 versions since i last installed ubuntu08:41
zheoffecdelocaz: what is your video card?08:45
delocazzheoffec: some crappy Silicon Integrated Systems08:45
delocazNow it flashes between black, and garbled with a white box in the middle and a mouse08:46
delocazmouse, as in cursor, not xfce logo08:46
K3T4M1NEhey guys. I could really use some help if anyone isn't horribly busy08:47
delocazAnd Ctrl+Alt+F1 does nothing, neither does F2 or F308:47
delocazK3T4M1NE: just ask :)08:47
wickedpuppyK3T4M1NE: if you don't ask , nobody can help you08:47
zheoffecK3T4M1NE: what is your problem?08:48
richwnfrom the sound of it delocaz that could be the problem someone recommended me help for earlier, they sent me this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=161313208:48
delocazI have already tried nomodeset, but I can try it again if that would help08:48
K3T4M1NEWell. I decided to do an ubuntu minimal install. I partitioned the drives as follows: 72GB /home encrypted, 4GB swap encrypted, and a 10GB / partition that I flagged as bootable as I was having grub install issues. So I did the partitions like that and told grub to install to the / partition. Everything seemed to go swimmingly. I rebooted and told rEFInd to boot into linux and all I seen was GRUB GRUB GRUB GRUB08:49
richwnahh if you've been there done that then probably not i guess08:49
Noskcajhow do i report bugs in ubuntu etherpad?08:49
wickedpuppyi never know swap can be encrypted ...08:49
delocazthat might be your problem, yes08:50
delocazswap being encrypted08:50
zheoffecK3T4M1NE: did the installer run grub-install or did you?08:50
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c2tarunI placed one folder in FTP but the problem is there are many folders inside that folder and the user I created for ftp access don't have access to all the folders. How can I give access him to all the folders?08:50
K3T4M1NEThe installer did. it asked me where to put it08:50
K3T4M1NECan I go without swap? I have 16 gb of memory08:50
zheoffecK3T4M1NE: what did you put?08:50
K3T4M1NEzhengyi,  /dev/sda3 which was the / partition08:50
K3T4M1NEHave mac os x on the other chunk of the HD08:51
wickedpuppybtw 10 gb for / is pretty small .... after all it will have everything besides /home08:51
zheoffecI think when running grub-install, you should use the device, not the partition08:51
zheoffeceg. /dev/sda, not /dev/sdax08:52
zheoffecx == int08:52
delocazc2tarun: I don't know what the solution is, but it's something with chmod, google it :)08:52
K3T4M1NEzhengyi,  tried that, it failed08:52
chunkyheadhow to execute shell commands which are in anther folder apart from the home folder, like we usually do ./shellfilename.sj and it executes what if it was in my documents folder then waht to do?08:52
zvacetK3T4M1NE: can you somehow refresh mac bootloader and maybe then you will be able to boot in ubuntu08:53
delocazchunkyhead: ~/Documents/shellfilename.sh08:53
delocazthe dot only means "this folder"08:53
chunkyheadthis folder as in current folder right?08:54
K3T4M1NEzvacet,  I tried that. rEFInd has no refresh that i aware of so I made a bootable rEFIt cd and synched the partitiong and it did not work08:54
delocazchunkyhead: yes. you can replace the dot with any other folder and it would work08:54
chunkyheadoh ok thanks a ton delocaz08:54
K3T4M1NEI had a weird issue when trying crunchbang. It would not let me use /dev/sda3 or what not so I told it /dev/sda and then it said no bootable device. I had to eventually flag the / partitiong as bootable and it worked08:55
zheoffecK3T4M1NE: did you use the mac installer or the default x86_64 one?08:55
K3T4M1NEbut this issue is literally the word grub like a million times lol08:55
K3T4M1NEzhengyi,  let me look at the page I can't recall08:55
Noskcaji can't install updates anymore because /boot is too small08:55
K3T4M1NEzhengyi,  "64-bit PC (amd64, x86_64)" is what i used08:56
zvacetNoskcaj: remove old kernels from synaptic  ;)08:56
K3T4M1NEits an intel mac of course08:56
zheoffecK3T4M1NE: you know you can just type in the first few letters of a name and then press tab to autocomplete? eg. zhe[TAB] -> zheoffec08:56
Noskcajzvacet, sounds good, ty08:56
K3T4M1NEzheoffec,  ya i did and got the other name by accident lol08:56
zvacetNoskcaj: keep two latest just in case08:56
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wickedpuppyK3T4M1NE: press tab one more time08:58
K3T4M1NEwickedpuppy, ty, wasnt aware of that feature08:58
zheoffecK3T4M1NE: there is a special mac version here - http://releases.ubuntu.com/quantal/ - did you use that one?08:59
delocazrichwn: No, it did not help08:59
delocaznomodeset, that is08:59
K3T4M1NEzheoffec, no i assumed i could use the PC one as it is an intel mac. Does this version come in ubuntu minimal?08:59
delocazK3T4M1NE: If it is an intel mac, the normal should work, but yes, there's a PPC mnii09:00
brian_hello i am having issues with xen and x11 here is my xorg.log http://pastebin.com/vMaESZT209:00
K3T4M1NEdelocaz,  kind of at a loss as to why my grub is screwed up =\09:01
zheoffecK3T4M1NE: it doesnt seem so, why cant you use the default installer?09:01
K3T4M1NEzheoffec,  dont care for the bloat or lovely amazon garbage09:01
zvacetzheoffec:  I think PC(Intel x86) desktop image is right choice for  K3T4M1NE09:01
zheoffecK3T4M1NE: so use the Server version09:01
zheoffecor install arch ;)09:01
K3T4M1NEzheoffec, already installed arch, i liked it but i needed something that might support vga switching09:01
delocazK3T4M1NE: That's why there is Kubuntu, Xubuntu and Lubuntu09:02
zheoffeczvacet: no, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/37999/what-is-different-about-the-mac-iso-image09:02
delocazNone of them run Unity09:02
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Arun_hi guys09:02
Arun_how to run smartcam ?09:02
Arun_i have got a big headache09:02
delocazSo can anyone help me with what I think is X crashing over and over again?09:03
MonkeyDust!info smartcam09:03
ubottuPackage smartcam does not exist in quantal09:03
zvacetzheoffec:  tnx for info  :)09:03
Arun_so smartcam doesn't work in quantal ?09:03
K3T4M1NESo is the general suggestion to reinstall instead of trying to fix the bootloader issue?09:03
zheoffecArun_: see http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=97077709:04
Arun_i tried but doesn't work09:04
histo!derivatives | K3T4M1NE09:04
ubottuK3T4M1NE: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)09:04
Arun_it give lots of problems09:05
histo!notunity | delocaz K3T4M1NE09:05
ubottudelocaz K3T4M1NE: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.09:05
K3T4M1NEhisto, not seeing ubunut minimal in that list but alright09:05
histoK3T4M1NE: you were talking about crunchbang09:05
histo!grub2 > K3T4M1NE09:06
ubottuK3T4M1NE, please see my private message09:06
K3T4M1NEhisto,  way earlier. you missed the entire topic09:06
Arun_guys while i try to run it , it give error to load insmod and chmod09:06
Arun_i can't figure out what to do09:06
delocazI have gotten Xubuntu installed from the mini ISO, but now it blackscreens whenever it starts. I used the mini ISO because the regular would blackscreen too. Can anyone help? I have tried nomodeset...09:06
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter09:07
Arun_i tried installing the other versions also but while compiling it gives lots of erroes09:07
Arun_please help me09:07
ubottuXEN is a virtual machine monitor for x86 that supports execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation. Information on installing it for Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen09:07
zheoffecdoes `cheese` do what you want?09:07
zheoffec( Arun_ )09:07
Ben64Arun_: don't do that09:07
Arun_no cheese doesn't work09:07
histo!patience | Arun_09:08
ubottuArun_: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/09:08
KM0201what are you trying to compile?09:08
Arun_does any one use smartcam here?09:08
Ben64Arun_: we can't support you on compiling something09:09
Arun_hey but help me man09:09
rymate1234<Ben64> Arun_: we can't support you on compiling something09:09
Ben64you should see if smartcam has any support09:09
rymate1234we can't09:09
Arun_hey how to load insmod and chmod09:09
zheoffecArun_: what problems are you encountering with insmod?09:10
Arun_while loading smartcam , it gives error that the files are not found and load insmod and chmod 666 (/dev/videoX09:11
Ben64we still can't help you with it. if it's not in the repositories, it doesn't belong in #ubuntu09:11
MonkeyDust!cam | Arun_09:12
ubottuArun_: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras09:12
KM0201Arun_: are you running 32 or 64bit?09:12
Arun_32 bit09:13
KM0201there's a 32bit debian package available, have you tried it?09:13
brian_does anyone know how to force the vesa driver to load under xen?09:14
KM0201oh i see, he got it to install, he just can't get it to start09:14
* zheoffec is temporarily afk09:14
Ben64!away > zheoffec09:14
ubottuzheoffec, please see my private message09:14
Arun_help me guys <KM0201> help me09:15
KM0201Arun_: i don't respond to whining09:15
Arun_guys me man09:15
Arun_hey don't claim me whining ha09:16
MonkeyDustArun_  behave09:17
Arun_i can't figure out it so,,,... it became a lot of days i am roaming the forums for it but can't configure it correctly ....09:17
KM0201Arun_: for one, the last update to that app, is 2009.. it's quite possible, it's just not supported anymore09:18
KM0201best bet is to learn to use cheese09:19
Arun_so smartcam can't work anymore ?09:19
KM0201thats not what i said09:19
Arun_then what?>09:19
Ben64it's definitely not supported in this channel09:19
KM0201Arun_: for one, the last update to that app, is 2009.. it's quite possible, it's just not supported anymore09:20
Arun_it's just not supported anymore09:20
histoArun_: Ask the devs of smartcam09:20
KM0201i think they all got real jobs histo09:21
Arun_where can i meet them09:21
guy555hi, recently tried to install oem-audio-hda-daily-dkms from a ppa from the ubuntu audio dev team, but it has failed would anyone know how to sucessfully install it under 12.04?09:21
KM0201Arun_: #smartcam   all the people having probs w/ that app go there09:21
histoArun_: http://sourceforge.net/projects/smartcam/support09:21
Arun_thanks i will try09:21
Arun_but many have used smartcam ...but how ??? don't know09:21
histoArun_: there are multiple bugs filed that it doesn't compile or work on ubuntu09:22
KM0201Arun_: many have used it?... looking at their support forum, the last post is from 2/18/13, and before that, it was 9/4/2012...09:23
phixhey, what is a good imap proxy? (basically I have three IMAP servers with unique mailboxes on them, I want a way to combine them together / use one IP address to access all mailboxes accross three IMAP servers)09:23
phixI am using cyrus, I considering setting up murder however from what I can tell it requires a single master process to always be available, my three sites are connected via VPN so they may drop out, if they drop out I still want the other mailboxes to be accessible09:23
histoArun_: with no resolution it looks like a dead project09:23
MonkeyDustArun_  by now you should have understood, that you won't find any help in this channel09:23
Arun_oh yeah i also think so09:23
histoArun_: I would find a different application to accomplish the same thing. Something that's updated09:23
Arun_hey whats that alternative ?09:24
KM0201but you said it didn't do what you wanted09:24
phixAny ideas gang?09:24
KM0201(my guess is, you didn't even try it))09:24
histoArun_: I would google for smartphone webcam ubuntu09:24
Arun_whats the result ?09:25
KM0201you gotta admit, that was funny09:25
histoArun_: what kind of phone?09:26
Arun_n72 s60V209:26
delocazI have gotten Xubuntu installed from the mini ISO, but now it blackscreens whenever it starts. I used the mini ISO because the regular would blackscreen too. Can anyone help? I have tried nomodeset...09:27
delocazAnd sometimes flashes garbled stuff09:27
histoArun_: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=n72+s60V2+webcam+linux09:27
KM0201delocaz: did you try nomodeset as i suggested earlier?09:29
delocazKM0201: Yes09:29
delocazDid not change anything09:29
histodelocaz: what video card?09:32
delocazhisto: Silicon Integrated Systems, that's all I know09:32
KM0201hmm, when i dealt w/ one of those, nomodeset worked09:33
KM0201they're a PITA though09:33
delocazEither I did it wrong or nomodeset doesn't work in this case09:34
delocazProbably the first :)09:34
zheoffecdelocaz: you are supposed to change /etc/default/grub and then run grub-mkconfig, or update-gtub - did you do that?09:35
hghi guys plz tell me how to connect my android phone with pc through usb cable it doesnt show up any directories for the mobile thanks in advance09:36
delocazzheoffec: Bit hard when I don't have access to a terminal :)09:36
MonkeyDust!phone | hg09:36
ubottuhg: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch09:36
zheoffec!info android09:37
ubottuPackage android does not exist in quantal09:37
MonkeyDusthm, wrong factoid09:37
Ben64hg: you have to have the phone set to be used as a flash drive09:37
zheoffecnope ;)09:37
zheoffec`# apt-get install mtp*`09:37
hgit only offers MTP connectiohn option09:37
Ben64zheoffec: don't recommend using a root shell09:38
zheoffechg: is there a `gmtp` package in ubuntu?09:38
Ben64hg: what kind of phone do you have09:38
zheoffecBen64: why?09:38
delocazRight now I have a Lubuntu live cd in the SiS box, and it flashes mouse off and on09:38
Ben64zheoffec: because it's not the ubuntu way09:38
hglg optimus L5 e61009:38
zheoffechg: is there a `gmtp` package in ubuntu?09:39
zheoffecBen64: why?09:39
MonkeyDust!find mtp09:39
ubottuFound: libesmtp-dev, libesmtp6, libmtp-common, libmtp-dbg, libmtp-dev, libmtp-doc, libmtp-runtime, libmtp9, clamsmtp, dovecot-lmtpd (and 29 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=mtp&searchon=names&suite=quantal&section=all09:39
Ben64zheoffec: we have sudo09:39
hggmtp !! im brand new with linux dont know what it means09:39
zheoffecBen64: so he can use `sudo -i` then09:39
MonkeyDustzheoffec  root shell is dangerous for people who don't know what they are doing09:40
Ben64zheoffec: don't recommend that stuff09:40
zheoffecis the universe repo enabled by default in ubuntu?09:40
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.09:40
DJoneshg: Is it Android 4.0 or above? I used the Airdroid app on my phone and was able to connect via a web browser, that seemed to work best for me09:41
hgits 4.009:41
zheoffechg: try `$ sudo apt-get install gmtp`09:42
greg_hello,  i got a question: If I install the daily build today, and run apt-get upgrade on release date, will it then be like the real release? (with custom installed software)09:42
zheoffecgreg_: I think you will have to run dist-upgrade instead09:42
DJoneshg: My S3 wouldn't connect using Gmtp very well in 12.10 which was why I used Airdroid, once 13.04 is released that appears to connect perfectly to the phone though09:43
hgi did it but it dont make any change09:43
greg_Is the build 13.04 or 12.10 if install the daily build (from today)?09:44
DJones!final | greg_09:44
ubottugreg_: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Raring and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 13.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade » in a terminal.09:44
gpledtried changing my video driver, now i lost x window09:44
DJonesgreg_: If you have any other questions about 13.04, best asking them in #ubuntu+1 though09:44
gpledany idea how to fix things?09:44
MonkeyDustgreg_  i'm running 13.04 as we speak09:45
hgit sounds like an issue for ubuntu with android :D09:45
zheoffecgpled: what driver did you try to install?09:45
gpledzheoffec: one of the vendor ones.09:46
MonkeyDustgreg_  keep it in the channel please09:46
gpledhave console access09:46
zheoffecgpled: yes, AMD or nvidia? Proprietary or free?09:46
zheoffecwhat does fglrxinfo give you gpled09:47
gpledunable to open display09:48
zheoffecrun `lsmod | grep fgl` and report the output09:48
zheoffec( gpled09:48
kutulalhow to use ftpmail09:48
gpledfglrx 4715455 5509:50
zheoffecwhat about `lsmod | grep radeon` gpled09:50
zheoffecgpled: is that all the output?09:51
kutulalhow to use ftpmail? I tried to send 'help' request to ftpmail@sunsite.unc.edu but the delivery failed saying the account didn't exist!09:51
gpledamd_iommu_v2  19228 1 fglrx09:51
gpledno radeon from lsmod09:51
zheoffecgpled: is that `grep radeon` or `grep fglrx`?09:52
greg_MonkeyDust: was afk, the question was if it is safe to use the daily build now09:52
zheoffecgpled: did you run `aticonfig --initial --force`?09:52
gpledzheoffec:  i think i did09:53
kutulalNeed help please!!how to use ftpmail? I tried to send 'help' request to ftpmail@sunsite.unc.edu but the delivery failed saying the account didn't exist!09:53
MonkeyDustgreg_  you mean 13.04 beta?09:53
greg_MonkeyDust: y09:53
zheoffecgpled: are you sure?09:53
gplednot with force though, but init09:53
gpledi can run it again09:53
MonkeyDustgreg_  i'm using it, there are some bugs, but better go to #ubuntu+1 for more support or questions09:54
zheoffecgpled: what card do you have?09:55
gpledrebooting, will take a while09:56
zheoffecgpled: what card do you have?09:56
gpledRadeon HD 677009:58
Kroachcan I make Firefox execute a custom command when it finishes downloading files?09:59
hgi will log in with windows and come later to see more options for the mobile connection thanks for all of you for help see you09:59
zheoffecgpled: has it rebooted? what is the status10:01
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* zheoffec is playing teeworlds10:04
gpledsame.  x screen says out of range10:04
gpledis this just xorg.conf being wrong?10:05
kutulalNeed help on ftpmail!!!!!10:05
kutulalCan anyone help?????10:06
gpledhow do i restart x from command line?10:07
MonkeyDustkutulal  simply repeat your question every 10-15 minutes, in one line, until someone enters who can help10:07
kutulal<MonkeyDust> OK10:07
deffragHello! I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 and while updating and upgrading packages I got errors as pasted here - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5703828/ .Its around grub as far as I could understand. /etc/grub.d/40_custom.save - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5703837/ . Could anyone help understand the problem and solve it?10:09
rockworldmiIs it possible to use nginx,,, like every users can set his/her "rewrite" options, without "restart" of nginx and 10:09
rockworldmi I am asking something on the idea like shared hosting, or hosting similar to Cpanel hosting, but without Cpanel of course.10:09
MonkeyDustrockworldmi  480+ people in #nginx10:11
kutulalNeed help on ftpmail! I tried to send 'help' to ftpmail@sunsite.unc.edu but the delivery failed, saying Domain name not foundCan anyone help?10:11
rockworldmiMonkeyDust: nobody replies there :(10:11
MonkeyDustrockworldmi  maybe be more patient10:12
kutulalNeed help on ftpmail! I tried to send 'help' to ftpmail@sunsite.unc.edu but the delivery failed, saying Domain name not foundCan anyone help?10:13
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innedhelpcan somone help me10:18
innedhelpi installed ubuntu and i think my video drivers are wierd and it is slower the Zorin (and zorin is an ubuntu clone)10:18
rockworldmiinnedhelp: but why not use Ubuntu then10:19
innedhelprockworldmi:  i am using it now10:19
rockworldmiok you meant slower *then10:20
innedhelprockworldmi:  i have problem on 12.10 on zorin 12.04 my  drivers worked normal now it think they dont10:20
Ben64are you on ubuntu now?10:21
rockworldmiinnedhelp: which card you have?10:21
innedhelpit worked just fine on 12.04 lst but today i installed 12.10 and my pc slowed10:21
innedhelpyes i am ubuntu10:21
innedhelp4650 ati10:21
innedhelphow can i see if my drivers are installed?10:23
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Ben64innedhelp: you probably just need to install the proprietary drivers10:23
Ben64!ati | innedhelp10:23
ubottuinnedhelp: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto10:23
innedhelpok ty10:23
Effectiveguys how do I keep all the data I have on windows even after I install ubuntu10:25
Effectiveand I don't want dual boot10:25
Effectiveonly ubuntu10:25
The_CogEffective: Back it up to an external USB drive first?10:25
Effectivebut will I be able to restore it all ?10:26
Effectiveof course I shouldn't do the windows backup thing,but actually a manual backup in which I choose the files I want to keep10:26
The_CogEffective: Yes. Linux can read FAT and NTFS partitions. And yes, copy the files, not windows backup.10:27
The_CogEffective: Of more concern is does Linux have apps that can read the files - proprietart data formats etc.10:27
kutulalNeed help on ftpmail! I tried to send 'help' to ftpmail@sunsite.unc.edu but the delivery failed, saying Domain name not foundCan anyone help?10:28
EffectiveI'm sure that I can find alternative apps on linux that worked on windows..I just need to keep my data safe10:28
The_CogEffective: Then I think a USB drive is the answer. It's what I use.10:29
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VGI have a q about kernel and tp_smapi module10:54
VGcan anyone help me?10:54
histo!ask | VG10:54
ubottuVG: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience10:54
VGok :D10:54
VGI cannot load tp_smapi module using modprobe10:55
histoVG: what happens when you try?10:55
VGFATAL: Error inserting tp_smapi (/lib/modules/3.2.0-38-generic-tuxonice/extra/tp_smapi.ko): No such device or address10:55
VGit gives me this error10:56
histoVG: what is the module for?10:56
MonkeyDustVG  and what is smapi supposed to do?10:56
VGit is for Thinkpad laptops10:56
histoVG: do you have the hardware that the module is for?10:57
MonkeyDust!find smapi10:57
ubottuFound: tp-smapi-dkms, tp-smapi-source10:57
VGit can used to change battery charging thresholds10:57
=== Termana is now known as Guest26373
VGyes, it's installed by tp-smapi-dkms package10:58
MonkeyDustVG  ok, now put all these answers in one line and repeat that line every 10-15 minutes, don't forget your ubuntu version10:59
VGMonkeyDust: ok10:59
VGI can not load tp_smapi module in 3.2.'0-38-generic-tuxonice'. "FATAL: Error inserting tp_smapi (/lib/modules/3.2.0-38-generic-tuxonice/extra/tp_smapi.ko): No such device or address". what am I supposed to do???11:01
VGI can not load tp_smapi module in '3.2.0-38-generic-tuxonice'. "FATAL: Error inserting tp_smapi (/lib/modules/3.2.0-38-generic-tuxonice/extra/tp_smapi.ko): No such device or address". what am I supposed to do???11:02
VGI can not load tp_smapi module in '3.2.0-38-generic-tuxonice'. "FATAL: Error inserting tp_smapi (/lib/modules/3.2.0-38-generic-tuxonice/extra/tp_smapi.ko): No such device or address". what am I supposed to do???11:04
histo!patience | VG11:04
ubottuVG: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/11:04
peccneed to make a copy of my current boot drive, cannot access root because I'm "not the owner" -- how do I proceed?11:06
peccaddendum: the new boot drive should include all installed programs etc so installing Ubuntu clean on the drive won't cut it11:07
histopecc: boot to a  live distro and copy11:08
* [gnubie] waves11:09
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histopecc: or boot in single user mode and copy11:10
The_Cogpecc: Boot a live CD. The program dd can make an exact clone of one disk onto another disk as long as the new disk is at least as big as the old one.11:10
[gnubie]i'm having an ssh key based authentication problem in here. as far as i know, my sshd_config is properly configured and my authorized_keys has a correct permission. what do you think that causes here in ubuntu that i always get a Permission denied (publickey)?11:12
VGI'm trying to remove tuxonice kernel to solve the tp_smapi problem...11:12
vlt[gnubie]: try ssh -vvv11:13
histo[gnubie]: error in copying the key11:15
[gnubie]vlt: http://pastie.org/751302411:16
[gnubie]histo: as root user, it works11:16
jrib[gnubie]: you mean when you ssh root@host it works?11:16
[gnubie]jrib: yes.11:17
jrib[gnubie]: what's the client and server OS?11:17
[gnubie]i just created an ordinary user: useradd -m -c "GNUbie" -s /bin/bash gnubie11:17
[gnubie]jrib: server is ubuntu precise 32bit. client is mountain lion11:18
jrib[gnubie]: ls -ld ~gnubie/.ssh ~gnubie/.ssh/*    (on the server)11:18
The_Cog[gnubie]: Could it be  a problem with wrong upper/lower case on the username/home directory?11:19
vlt[gnubie]: Check ~gnubie/.ssh/authorized_keys on the remote.11:19
[gnubie]i have a feeling that there is something in this ubuntu precise that prevents some permission or something11:19
BluesKajHowdy all11:19
[gnubie]but i don't know what is it11:19
jribhello BluesKaj11:20
BluesKajhi jrib11:20
histo[gnubie]: why is root enabled in the first place?11:20
histo[gnubie]: disable key auth and try via password11:20
azbarcea[gnubie]: it is not the right key11:20
[gnubie]histo: it's from digital ocean.11:20
azbarcea[gnubie]: try with ssh -vvvv gnubie@host.example.com (to be more verbose)11:21
[gnubie]azbarcea: it is the right key. root works while an ordinary does not work.11:21
histo[gnubie]: root has a different key probably11:22
bekks[gnubie]: The root user and an ordinary user do have different keys.11:22
jribwe're just guessing until you provide details11:22
azbarceaon the host.example.com, you are sure you have the /home/gnnubie/.ssh/authorized_keys11:22
[deXter]Hi all, just a request for anyone who's on 12.10 and has an up-to-date system: What version is your GParted? thanks!11:23
jrib!info gparted | [deXter]11:23
ubottu[deXter]: gparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.12.1-1 (quantal), package size 522 kB, installed size 1832 kB11:23
[deXter]Oh, sweet11:24
[deXter]Thanks jrib, looks like Ubuntu is safe then11:24
jrib[deXter]: you can use http://packages.ubuntu.com as well11:24
histo[deXter]: safe?11:24
[deXter]FYI: Latest version of Gparted has a bug which causes data loss / corruption when performing operations with partitions11:24
[gnubie]azbarcea: http://pastie.org/751345311:24
[deXter]Affected version is 0.15.x11:25
jrib[gnubie]: ls -ld ~gnubie/.ssh ~gnubie/.ssh/*    (on the server)11:25
histo!info gparted raring11:25
ubottugparted (source: gparted): GNOME partition editor. In component main, is optional. Version 0.12.1-2 (raring), package size 531 kB, installed size 1840 kB11:25
azbarcea[gnubie]: what is in hour example.com:/home/gnubie/.ssh/authorized_keys ?11:25
BluesKaj[deXter], I still use a 3yr old live-cd version of gparted , nothing like tried and true11:26
bekks[deXter]: Which bug exactly?11:26
[deXter]BluesKaj, good idea :)11:26
[deXter]bekks, http://gparted.sourceforge.net/news.php?item=16211:26
azbarcea[gnubie]: can you access your example.com ?11:27
azbarcea[gnubie]: using root?11:27
peccThe_Cog: I'm running a Live CD right now, how to run dd? Via Dash or Terminal?11:28
* r0kis /amsg Hello guys, I need your help, got a task at university, to make a neclase and make it popular in facebook, so if you dont mind, PLEASE go to http://pieceof.com/products/basket/ and vote for my hand made neclase, I'll be really grateful <3 :)11:28
peccThe_Cog: I'm running a Live CD right now, how to run dd? Via Dash or Terminal?11:28
jribpecc: why do you want to run dd?11:28
The_Cogpecc: In the terminal. It's a command-line thing.11:28
histopecc: terminal11:29
histopecc: be very carefull with it11:29
peccjrib: to copy the exact contents of my Live CD (SD card) onto a USB drive since I'm trying to boot Ubuntu on a laptop that has a BIOS password and no one knows what it is.11:29
pecchisto: thanks, will be11:29
The_Cogpecc: First, make sure you know the right device designations for the two disks. Use "sudo fdisk -l" to list the attached drives11:29
bekkspecc: Booting of a livecd will not help you to guess the bios password.11:30
histopecc: dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdx#(dev of sdcard)11:30
bekkspecc: You should search for master passwords or things like that instead.11:30
TomyLoboor a "clear bios" switch on your mainboard11:31
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histopecc: you could just remove the cmos battery11:31
peccbekks: I did search for master passwords, the ones I found didn't work and I don't want to risk blocking access due to too many failed attempts11:31
Ben64pecc: what brand laptop11:32
bekkspecc: Can you even boot a CD - or is the password blocking it?11:32
pecchisto: I could if my mother wasn't here XD it's her computer, and she'll have a fit if I did such things11:32
Guest72499hi installed ubutnu form windows installer, seems to have disk space issues, how do i check this?11:32
peccbekks: I probably could but I can't do a CD11:33
histopecc: there are bios password recovery applicationis as well11:33
peccBen64: HP Compaq nw-something,11:33
TomyLobooh, laptop11:33
BluesKajGuest72499, wubi ?11:33
Ben64pecc: yeah, remove battery11:33
bekkspecc: Do you have any other bootable CDs, to check wether your laptop even boots off a CD?11:33
Guest72499Bluees, yes11:33
TomyLobothat makes even *finding* the mainboard kinda hard11:34
BluesKaj!wubi | Guest7249911:34
ubottuGuest72499: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Oneiric/11.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/oneiric/wubi.exe11:34
peccbekks: my only current Live CD is an SD card and neither of the computers I could use to make one on an actual CD/DVD is willing to let me boot from an SD card (the other won't let me access BIOS, the other one's BIOS simply doesn't realise the SD card as an option--I tried)11:35
[gnubie]guys, kindly check http://pastie.org/751414911:35
cfhowlettGuest72499, wubi is on the way out, no longer to be supported.11:35
Ben64TomyLobo: uh, no it doesn't. there is approximately one board in a laptop.11:35
[gnubie]azbarcea: more info at http://pastie.org/751414911:35
bekkspecc: Dont you have any other bootable CDs? A plain old windows cd would do the job too.11:35
[gnubie]azbarcea: yes, i can access my server using the root user having the same ssh public key.11:36
Guest72499ok got it, so u suggest making "normal install" ?11:36
[gnubie]azbarcea: of course, i have to set PermitRootLogin to yes first and just comment the AllowUsers line before I can login using the root user11:37
BluesKaj[gnubie], some detail along with your posts would be helpful , so we don't waste our time on issues we have bo knowledge about11:37
peccBen64: I'd gladly try that but if I could just copy my current Live CD onto the other device it'd be much easier since the one existing Live CD is my only way of running Ubuntu atm (laptop doesn't have hard drive)11:37
dappeHeya, just installed Linux Lite, and having some problems with flash it crashes, and VLC crashes aswell. Anybody got any suggestions on what i can do? Tried reinstalling flash but didnt work11:37
peccBen64: (and no I cannot add one, short circuit)11:37
[gnubie]BluesKaj: what details you need?11:37
bekks[gnubie]: The AllowedUsers line is not necessary. :P11:37
BluesKajtoo late  [gnubie]11:38
bekksdappe: Then please seek the Linux Lite support - this is Ubuntu support only :)11:38
dappeHm, where can i find that?11:38
histopecc: removing the battery or resetting the bios via jumper is the safest method for resetting the password.11:38
[gnubie]bekks: afaik, it is for me because i want to restrict only to gnubie user11:38
bekksdappe: I never used Linux Live, I have no clue about that.11:38
dappeIts built on ubuntu i belive11:38
jribpecc: can't you reset the bios password?11:38
bekksdappe: But its not an official derivate.11:39
peccjrib: I'm not sure if I dare, it's my mother's laptop and I'm not certain what such a reset could entail11:39
[gnubie]BluesKaj: what do you mean by too late? i already posted http://pastie.org/7513453 a while ago11:39
[gnubie]BluesKaj: and posted this => http://pastie.org/751414911:40
jribpecc: google "model reset cmos"11:40
pecchisto: the BIOS password is almost certainly the original/reset one11:40
[gnubie]any idea what's in ubuntu that prevents me from ssh'ing using an ordinary user?11:41
azbarcea[gnubie]: what is your command when you connect with root, but with your gnubie user?11:41
jrib[gnubie]: nothing11:41
bekks[gnubie]: Some misconfiguration by the user that set up that box.11:42
histopecc: Manufacturers do not include a bios password by default11:42
[gnubie]is there such thing like selinux or something else in ubuntu that do this permission issue?11:42
jrib[gnubie]: not by default.11:42
[gnubie]bekks: i'm the one who set this up11:42
bekks[gnubie]: Then you misconfigured something ;)11:42
azbarcea[gnubie]: what is the permission for ls -al /home/gnubie/.ssh11:42
[gnubie]azbarcea: ssh -vvv root@host.example.com and ssh -vvv gnubie@host.example.com11:42
[gnubie]azbarcea: it's at http://pastie.org/751414911:43
azbarcea[gnubie]: I saw that11:43
azbarceabut for all files in .ssh folder11:43
pecchisto: there is a BIOS password and my mother hasn't ever accessed BIOS and she's the first owner...11:43
bekks[gnubie]: Why is ~/.ssh/ owned by gnubie:root ?11:43
bekkspecc: Then call the HP support.11:43
bekksazbarcea: He posted both.11:43
azbarceaput 600 for all chmod -R 600 .ssh11:43
peccbekks: I think I will, though I'd like to make a copy of my Live CD anyways11:44
histopecc: What is your question?11:44
jribazbarcea: that would make it inaccessible to everyone, no?11:44
azbarcea[gnubie]: you posted with "ls -ld", I want ls -al11:44
histo[gnubie]: disable key based auth and create a key and use ssh-copy-id to move it to the server. then enable key based auth and be done11:44
azbarcea600 is accessible only for your user ...11:45
jribazbarcea: not for a directory11:45
jribazbarcea: well for the contents anyway11:45
azbarcea640 (like it is now), is accessible for group too11:45
bekksazbarcea: Which will not show you any valuable information not already provided.11:45
jribazbarcea: .ssh is 750 according to the pastebin11:45
azbarceayes! that's the problem ...11:46
bekksazbarcea: It isnt.11:46
jribI would start the server in debug mode and check output (sudo /usr/sbin/sshd -d)11:46
azbarceathe rights for the files within .ssh I'm interested in, and not the folder!11:46
jribazbarcea: ok, but the command you gave also changes permissions on .ssh11:47
[gnubie]guys, brb..11:47
azbarceahttp://www.howtoforge.com/set-up-ssh-with-public-key-authentication-debian-etch, best practices ... chmod 700 ~/.ssh11:47
azbarceaand chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys11:48
pecchisto: how to copy the contents of the Live CD I'm running my system from right now, onto another device (also, how to format said device for Linux)11:48
blackdoggyhi there is there any fix to IO error 1111:48
azbarceayou should look into /var/log/auth to see the actual reason for that key being discarded11:48
pecchisto: I've been informed of a program called dd11:48
bekks!details | blackdoggy11:48
ubottublackdoggy: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:48
[gnubie]guys, please continue on your discussion about my problem. i will scroll up later when i comes back. thank you very much for trying to help.11:49
histopecc: dd if=/path/to/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/of/your/sdcard11:49
jribazbarcea, bekks: it could be what someone said earlier regarding the case on his username...11:49
azbarcea[gnubie]: tail -fn 100 /var/log/auth11:50
djddutyHey guys, brand new ubuntu user, and I am using it on my laptop, normally I roll with Arch. as an Arch user I feel more comfortable starting in a command line, and launching my x session manually, is there any article to disable the auto-start desktop environment?11:50
pecchisto: won't that only copy the system files?11:50
jrib!nox | djdduty11:50
ubottudjdduty: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode11:50
blackdoggyI am running 12.04 with 32 bit, System crashes and takes me to log in screen every now and then figured out that there is Gdk-WARNING: gnome-session: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.#01211:50
djddutyAs I am not a fan anyway, and I want to switch to just plain openbox.11:50
pecchisto: I'm needing the entire contents of the card11:51
djddutyjrib: thanks.11:51
jribdjdduty: you can just install openbox and you'll get an option in lightdm to choose openbox for your session11:51
histopecc: I thought you wanted to create a bootle sdcard?11:51
=== _gcx is now known as gcx
djddutyjrib: I have always like to manually launch x using startx, since usually I do not even need a DE.11:52
blackdoggybekks is that enough information ? I am fairly new with ubuntu11:52
djddutyespecially not on my laptop.11:52
bekksblackdoggy: And is that keeping your from working?11:52
cfhowlettruslanry, greetings11:53
pecchisto: heh, the other way around: I need to create a bootable USB drive from the bootable SD card I'm running my system on now, also the USB drive should include all the installed programs and media files etc that are on the SD card11:53
blackdoggybekks I can work but uncertain of when its going to log me off and I dont get any running applications when i log iin again11:53
histopecc: is the usb bigger than the sdcard?11:54
pecchisto: verily11:56
histopecc: and you don't care about any files on the usb right?11:56
pecchisto: that's right, I've copied them elsewhere and formatted the USB. Unfortunately I formatted it into FAT32 and I'm not sure how to format drives in Ubuntu.11:57
histopecc: dd if=/dev/of/your/sdcard of=/dev/of/your/usb   ; if just means in file  and of means out file in dd11:57
pecc(i.e. I haven't googled it yet)11:57
DylanClHello. I'm running ubuntu 12.04 LTS, if I download the new version, will it override that version?11:58
cfhowlettDylanCl, yes.11:58
ruslanryкак настроить autofs, на автоматическое подключение сетевого ресурса11:58
ubotturuslanry,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.11:58
histopecc: you just have to find your devs now.  use something like sudo blkid11:58
histopecc: also you have to umount your usb first11:58
blackdoggyI am running 12.04 with 32 bit, System crashes and takes me to log in screen every now and then figured out that there is Gdk-WARNING: gnome-session: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.#01212:00
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DylanClIs there a way to stream the game Minecraft to twitch.tv on ubuntu? Like, a program?12:00
pecchisto: I've run sudo fdisk -l , it lists things that are in the /dev/stuff/here/ format -- I can use those?12:00
bekkspecc: It lists /dev/sdX only12:01
pecchisto: also shows my USB is in FAT32 format -- should I format it again for Linux?12:01
bekkspecc: And fdisk shows the partition type, not the filesystem type-12:01
histopecc: no when you dd it will overwrite everything on the usb filesystem and all12:02
histopecc: that's why it's very dangerous if you switch the if and of you are hosing your data.12:02
histo!dd | pecc12:02
pecchisto: good to know, I'll try12:02
peccbekks: well I ran fdisk -l and it gives me the following: Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System12:03
bekkspecc: Yes, for a specific /dev/sdx device.12:03
dancapp@Anyone - I've just had to reinstall KDE/Ubuntu and the 'User Management' icon is missing from 'System Settings'. What's the deal with that?12:03
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jimmywong1111Hello guys12:05
cfhowlettjimmywong1111, greetings12:05
=== Termana is now known as Guest37939
histodan2k3k4: you mean user accounts?12:06
jakey1hi, how do you make a page directly to paste bin from command line of an intenet page or a screen shot12:08
histo!paste | jakey112:08
ubottujakey1: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:08
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com12:08
spanner3003 hi why do the pulseaudio header file have #ifndef foomainloophfoo for example, in them?12:09
pecchisto, bekks: I'm not sure if my SD is sda1 or sda5, please see http://paste.ubuntu.com/5707501/ for my terminal output?12:09
bekksspanner3003: For avoiding including it multiple time, which can be checked by defining a global symbol.12:10
histopecc: it's /dev/sda12:10
histopecc: and usb is /dev/sdb12:10
Justuspecc: sda1 and sda5 are partitions on sda which is an sd12:10
histopecc: for get the numbers you want to copy the entire card you said12:11
pecchisto: alright, thanks!12:11
histopecc: so sudo umount /dev/sdb1 && sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb12:12
blackdoggyI am running 12.04 with 32 bit, System crashes and takes me to log in screen every now and then figured out that there is Gdk-WARNING: gnome-session: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.#01212:12
bekkspecc: disable swap as well.12:12
peccbekks: how?12:12
histopecc: sudo swapoff12:12
bekkshisto: Since sda is far bigger than sdb, dd will fail.12:13
histooh lol12:13
histopecc: this won't work12:13
peccbekks: the other way around, sda is 32G and sdb 100G12:13
histopecc: you said the usb was bigger than the sd12:13
histopecc: if that's true it will work12:14
blackdoggyI am running 12.04 with 32 bit, System crashes and takes me to log in screen every now and then figured out that there is Gdk-WARNING: gnome-session: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.#01212:15
histopecc: so sudo swapoff && sudo umount /dev/sdb1 && sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb12:15
spanner3003oh ok, i trying to build unity-next on ubuntu 12.10 and i keep getting CMakeFiles/test-voice.dir/test-voice.c.o: In function `context_drain_complete': /media/android/Development/unity/unity_build/hud/tests/test-voice.c:107: undefined reference to `pa_context_disconnect' for every reference to pulseaudio in test-voice.c12:17
DylanClIs there a way to stream the game Minecraft to twitch.tv on ubuntu? Like, a program? A script?12:19
=== Plinker_ is now known as Plinker
packetfrogis there a server specific channel?12:20
spanner3003this is the whole output from the start of the error http://pastebin.com/bND2DCbj12:20
bekkspacketfrog: #ubuntu-server12:20
DylanClis there also ubuntu-games? :P12:20
packetfrogahh thanks   i left out the -12:21
packetfrogDylanCl, Only game worth playing is urbanterror!12:21
histoDylanCl: how dod you broadcast on twitch? and how is any of these questions related to ubuntu?12:21
DylanClI'm running ubuntu and I want to stream a game on ubuntu.12:22
jakey1OerHeks, please can you give me the command line example of pastebinit12:22
DylanCl...relevant for me12:22
=== themill_ is now known as themill
DylanClAnd on windows there are a ton of programs that you can stream with12:22
bekksjakey1: yourcommand | pastebinit12:22
histoDylanCl: with a third party streaming service. perhaps you should ask the service provider how to stream with them.12:22
jakey1say I want a specific web page12:22
DylanClHisto, the only program that streamed is now inactive.12:23
jakey1or I have a .jpoeg file to send to paste binit12:23
histoDylanCl: huh?12:23
bekksjakey1: pastebinit puts the output of a command into a pastebin and gives you the URL.12:23
bekksjakey1: For pictures, you need an image hoster.12:24
DylanClI tried that one but I want to add some things and I don't know how to work with bash stuff :/12:24
jakey1bekks, so for example www.foo.com | pastebinit12:25
histoDylanCl: you need to ask the twitch.tv people how to interact with their service. Has nothing to do with ubuntu12:25
bekksjakey1: No.12:25
DylanClThe link with a script in it has to do with ubuntu12:25
bekksjakey1: www.whatever.com is not a command on your host. It is an URL.12:26
histoDylanCl: no that is using ffmpeg to stream to justin.tv12:26
jakey1How do I send that link to pastebinit12:26
bekksjakey1: If you want to share a picture, just give us the URL instead of trying to include a picture into a text-only pastebin.12:26
jakey1bekks, maybe it was imagebin then12:27
bekksjakey1: A pastebin is text-only. You cant send pictures to it. You need an image hoster and you can provide the image URL to us.12:27
DylanClI'm asking for a line of code in a .sh script. That's related to ubuntu12:27
histojakey1: you can't send webpages to pastebin it's text only12:28
jakey1whats the one for pictures12:28
histojakey1: yes12:28
bekksjakey1: There are zillions out there.12:28
histo!paste | jakey1 as you've already been told12:28
ubottujakey1 as you've already been told: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:28
Stanley00DylanCl: what kind of relate?12:28
judashow does exportfs work? i only get "access denied" on the client12:29
judasthe client can mount nfs shares that are in 'export' but not those via exportfs12:29
DylanClRunning ubuntu, asking for a line of code on ubuntu...12:29
Stanley00DylanCl: and what will that line do?12:30
bekksDylanCl: a line that interacts with some service of some service provider.12:30
cfhowlettDylanCl, you MIGHT be able to get more info on streaming from #ubuntu-server ... I suspect someone there has actually set up what you're describinhg12:30
DylanClI already have a script that connects to the provider12:30
DylanClI just want the line to add a box that is my current resolution so I can put my game screen in there12:31
bekksDylanCl: I guess you have to ask the service provide on how that line should look like.12:32
=== _gcx is now known as gcx
DylanClHow will they help me?12:32
DylanClIt's a site with a million of users12:32
DylanClthey barely know what linux is12:32
histoDylanCl: It's their stupid service12:32
DylanClthat's why I cam here12:32
cyrano_is there a way to automount usb devices in ubuntu? where some devices can automount to certain locations based on a UUID and other devices would get a generic mount point automatically?12:32
DylanClI'm not talking about their service12:32
DylanClI'm talking about the script12:32
FloodBot1DylanCl: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:32
bekksDylanCl: How do you expect us to help you - we dont know their service not their service interface.12:33
histoDylanCl: that script is for justin.tv you asked about twitch.tv12:33
DylanCljustin.tv is the same as twitch.tv12:33
histoDylanCl: adjust the inres and outres12:33
DylanClWhat are you talking about?12:34
DylanCl"I just want the line to add a box that is my current resolution so I can put my game screen in there"12:34
* [gnubie] waves12:34
pecchisto, bekks: should umount be umount or unmount?12:34
histoDylanCl: you want to run the game in a window or fullscreen?12:34
bekkspecc: umount12:35
histopecc: umount12:35
DylanClIn a window12:35
cfhowlettDylanCl, 2 seconds of google search shows multiple hits on your topic ... http://multiboxing.com/world-of-warcraft/wow-game-news/how-to-stream-hdhq-video-to-justin-tv/12:35
histoDylanCl: I don';t think ffmpeg can do that.12:35
pecchisto, bekks: ok, just got suspicious since dd has been running for 15 mins and hasn't finished yet12:35
DylanClcfhowlett: are we talking about ubuntu or windows there?12:35
histopecc: 32GB to USB is going to take a little bit.12:36
DylanClLet me explain it...again. INRES="1366x768". OK? I want the line to show a box that is 1366x76812:36
jakey1histo, please can you give me the exact command line for taking a screenshot of and piping it to image bin dorectly from the commanline thank you12:36
cfhowlett!wine|DylanCl, for windows, try setting things up via wine12:36
ubottuDylanCl, for windows, try setting things up via wine: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu12:36
pecchisto: closer to 5G, unless it takes time to transfer all the marked-for-empty data as well?12:36
LiquidDemocracyWhat is the best open-source, multi-platform free media player as of today? VLC?12:36
snuggl /last DylanCl12:36
bekksjakey1: There is no such command.12:36
histoDylanCl: It doesn't do boxes12:37
DylanClWine doesn't work12:37
DylanClHisto, I don't want FFMPEG to do it. I just want a line to do it.12:37
cfhowlett!best|LiquidDemocracy, do polls please ...12:37
ubottuLiquidDemocracy, do polls please ...: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.12:37
snugglDylanCl: "lines" doesnt run code, applications does12:37
[gnubie]crap! i can't scroll up to the previous messages here.. :(12:38
DylanClIt has been done before...I saw somebody do it but didn't explain how12:38
snugglDylanCl: that paste IS using ffmpeg12:38
histoDylanCl: that script just uses ffmpeg to take the cool colors you see on your screen and change them to a format that justin.tv understands12:38
hendrikHi, on Ubuntu 12.10 after the recent updates, compiz/unity crashes a couple of seconds after logging in. I am left with the open applications windows without frame. Initially I got a crash report for X11 and compiz which indicated an issue with the nvidia driver, so i downgraded that from nvidia-current-updates to nvidia-current.12:38
DylanClhisto: Yes, I know that.12:38
hendrikI am lost on how to get more information about this issue.12:38
histoDylanCl: okay then what is your question12:38
DylanClsnuggl: Well, what program should I use to draw a box so I can put my window in there?12:38
snugglDylanCl: what do you mean with draw a box?12:39
snugglwhat is the result you are after?12:39
[gnubie]anyone knows where i can read the transcript for the past hour?12:39
histohendrik: does the problem persist after you downgraded?12:39
snugglblack borders for your stream?12:39
hendrikhisto, yes. But no more crash report window.12:39
histoDylanCl: gtkrecordmydesktop can do that but it will not stream on the fly to twitch.tv12:39
snugglDylanCl: maybe a screenshot could illustrate the problem?12:39
DylanClYeah, will do that12:39
djddutyI cannot seem to permanently disable lightdm so that I boot into command line...12:40
djddutyanyone know how to do this?12:40
snugglhisto: x11grab has that part covered12:40
histohendrik: can you past a screen shot of what you mean12:40
vlt!text | djdduty12:40
ubottudjdduty: To start your system in text-only mode append 'text' (without the quotes) to the kernel line in the grub menu. You can access the grub menu by pressing Esc (Grub legacy) or Shift (Grub2) during boot. For more info see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions#Text%20Mode12:40
djddutyvlt: I did that =/12:40
bekks!nox | djdduty12:40
vlt!grub | djdduty12:41
ubottudjdduty: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub212:41
histodjdduty: sudo update-rc.d lightdm remove12:41
djddutyoh, wait, I've got it12:41
djddutyhisto: I didn't want to remove it entirely12:42
[gnubie]my fault that i didn't checked the settings of my irc client.. :(12:42
mnkhi all - anyone know how I can get the indicator thingy for dropbox on ubuntu 13.04 64 bit? I have installed and reinstalled dropbox but I just can't get the thing working. Dropbox itself is syncing etc - but just no indicator12:42
ubottumnk: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+112:43
hendrikhisto, after logging in, i get the unity starter. I can start a terminal window. A couple of seconds later, the unity starter and the title bar of the terminal window disappear and show up again. A little later they disappear again and stay away. I can still use the mouse but not the keyboard.12:43
histodjdduty: that stops it from starting doesnt' remove anything other than that12:43
submanI have a fresh 12.04 install on a machine that booted up live fine, but now once installed I just get a purple screen.  I've tried the nomodset and noapic and still just the purple screen.12:43
[gnubie]anyone here knows what prevents from reading the user's authorized_keys in ubuntu precise 32bit?12:43
histohendrik: idk12:43
histo[gnubie]: What do you mean prevents how are you trying to read them?12:44
[gnubie]histo: relevant information from my ubuntu precise 32bit server is at http://pastie.org/751414912:45
no_gravityHello! I have this problem on my notebook: Sometimes I boot, Gnome comes up and there is no network applet and no network. I reboot. The same. I reboot. I reboot. And at sometime the net suddenly works and the network applet is there. Any ideas how to go about this? What would you do, when the machine is booted and there is no network applet?12:46
[gnubie]histo: the output of my ssh connection attempt from my mountain lion ssh client is at http://pastie.org/751345312:46
histo[gnubie]: hold up let me read12:46
[gnubie]histo: sorry, the client's logs is at http://pastie.org/751863112:47
histo[gnubie]: I told you how to fix it previously12:47
histo[gnubie]: your key for gnubie on the server is not the key from the client12:48
[gnubie]histo: i lost the messages. it was my fault that i forgot to raise the value of my scroll on my irc client. so, i don't know what was your advice.12:48
peccno_gravity: have you tried toggling WLAN on and off via your notebook's fn/special keys or some such?12:48
histo[gnubie]: also your authrozied key file is wrong as it has key root@whateverhost instead of key gnubie@whateverhost12:49
[gnubie]histo: they're the same.12:49
histo[gnubie]: disable key based login and use password login. Generate a key on your client and use ssh-copy-id to copy it to the server. Make sure it works then enable key only login.12:49
no_gravitypecc: no. let me try...12:50
histo[gnubie]: I know that the problem12:50
histo[gnubie]: they shouldn't be the same12:50
bekksThe authorized_keys file on the server should not contain any @yourserver lines. It should contain a user@client line12:50
DylanClsnuggl: something like this http://i.imgur.com/bVw3Y1F.png12:51
DylanClWhenever I run that streaming script I want it to show those lines(if that's possible)12:51
histobekks: right his user authorized_keys contains   KEY....   ROOT@CLIENT  instead of KEY..... USER@CLIENT I don't knwo how else to explain to him that it shouldn'tb e the same as root's authorized_keys12:51
[gnubie]histo and bekks: isn't it that the authorized_keys file is actually whatever the contents of id_rsa.pub file?12:51
histoDylanCl: ask ifn #ffmpeg it's not possible as far as I know.12:52
bekks[gnubie]: Yes, of your client, not your server.12:52
[gnubie]histo: kindly check line 15 of http://pastie.org/751414912:52
histo[gnubie]: You don't understand keys and how they work. I've told you how to fix it.12:52
bekksGnurdux: And you should not use the same keys for root and users.12:52
histoffs i'm done12:53
[gnubie]the contents of my authorized_keys file is the same as to the rest of the non-ubuntu servers that i am managing.12:53
histo[gnubie]: THEY SHOULD NOT BE THE SAME!!!!12:53
no_gravitypecc: when i press the wifi key on the keyboard, the bluetooth thingy disappears/reappears on my taskbar.12:53
bekks[gnubie]: Dont use the same keys on more than one box. Dont use the same keys amongst users.12:54
[gnubie]histo: i'm sorry if i'm disappointing you but you should not shout. i'm not ignoring you.12:54
histo[gnubie]: please look at the authorized_keys file for /home/gnubie/.ssh/authorized_keys  tell me what user@client is in there12:54
submanany ideas on the purple screen of death?12:54
histo[gnubie]: you obviously are ignoring us12:54
[gnubie]bekks: i understand your concern.12:55
histosubman: video drivers?12:55
[gnubie]histo: it ends with gnubie@example.com12:55
submanhisto, what about them12:55
histo[gnubie]: and your /root/.ssh/authorized_keys  what user@client does that have12:55
[gnubie]histo: same.12:55
histo[gnubie]: THis is on the server right?12:56
submanhisto, is ubuntu compatible with the new A6 APUs?12:56
histo!fglrx | subman12:56
ubottusubman: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto12:56
DylanClhisto, #ffmpeg is dead12:56
[gnubie]histo: simply because, i created the /root/.ssh/authorized_keys and /home/gnubie/.ssh/authorized_keys files which contents coming from my id_rsa.pub which is also the same ssh public key file on my non-ubuntu servers.12:57
histo[gnubie]: because your files are wrong. if your root's authorized_keys file has gnubie@example.com12:58
[gnubie]bekks: once the ordinary user can access already, i will remove root's access and the /root/.ssh recursively.12:59
histo[gnubie]: if you want to keep screwing around go ahead but i've told you how to fix it and copy the keys the proper way from the client with ssh-copy-id12:59
bekks[gnubie]: hist just said it all.12:59
[gnubie]histo: i understand what you're trying to say. thanks.12:59
* histo is doubtfull13:00
[gnubie]one question and sorry for my ignorance in ubuntu. is there an rbac or similar to that prevents file permissions or changes in the file system?13:01
bekks[gnubie]: Not by default. You already asked that and you've already got answers.13:01
[gnubie]bekks: if in case it's enabled, what could that be?13:02
submanhisto, I didn't find anything useful on that referenced page.13:02
bekks[gnubie]: the one and only thing preventing it from working is your wrong configuration. You have been told already.13:02
szekelyaHi.Just bought an ASUS U32U RX004D laptop without OS. How do I find ut whether I need the 32 or 64 bit Ubuntu?13:02
bekks[gnubie]: You have been told very clearly whats wrong - if you keep ignoring us, we cant help you.13:02
vltszekelya: Run a live CD, then look for the "lm" flag in /proc/cpuinfo13:03
vltszekelya: lm = 64 bit13:03
szekelyavlt: any hint in BIOS?13:03
cfhowlettszekelya, look it up on the ASUS site and see if it's 32 or 64?13:03
histoszekelya: what type of cpu is in it?13:03
vltszekelya: The 32 bit version should run on everything.13:04
bekksszekelya: You need to know which CPU it is.13:04
AsterfieldIs it possible to simulate a Fn key press with a keyboard that has no Fn key?13:04
RarrikinsIf /tmp isn't writeable and I reboot, will SSH access still work?13:04
[gnubie]bekks: i'm not ignoring you. i am just puzzled here. why in non-ubuntu works in the same way i try to do it here in ubuntu precise?13:04
szekelyaAMD Brazos Dual Core E45013:04
[gnubie]szekelya: if you don't have 4gb ram, just use 32bit13:04
bekks[gnubie]: Using that wrong configuration, it will not work on any host OS.13:04
szekelyaexactly 4gb13:04
bekksszekelya: if your CPU supports 64bit, use 64bit.13:05
[gnubie]bekks: but again, it works in non-ubuntu.13:05
[gnubie]bekks: please, don't argue with it.13:05
histo[gnubie]: the problem is your authorized_keys files on the ubuntu server.13:05
bekks[gnubie]: I will not argue, I will ignore you, since you are ignoring us.13:05
francesco_mint with mate or cinnamon? Or Chakra linux? :)13:06
bekksfrancesco_: Ubuntu.13:06
cfhowlettfrancesco_, none of which are supported here.  ubuntu13:06
francesco_thx.. (excue me for the of topic.. :P)13:06
DylanClWhat is the best program to record videos besides recordmydesktop?13:06
Asterfield"re-map" the Fn key to right Ctrl or something perhaps?13:06
[gnubie]is "id_rsa.pub == authorized_keys" ?13:06
histoDylanCl: ffmpeg13:06
bekks[gnubie]: No.13:07
histo[gnubie]: not your jacked up ones13:07
DylanClAnd with ffmpeg you can record and upload to youtube?13:07
DJonesfrancesco_: None of those are supported versions of Ubuntu, you'll need to ask in the appropriate channels for advice on those13:07
AsterfieldDylanCl: recordmydesktop vidoes are uploadable to youtube13:07
bekks[gnubie]: The authorized_keys on the server has to contain the public key of the client - as you have been told multiple times.13:07
histo[gnubie]: with the proper user@client13:07
DylanClWell, for whatever reason, when I record wwith recordmydesktop my footage speeds up like, 10 times13:08
histoI'm out good luck [gnubie]13:09
AsterfieldDylanCl: I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you can lock the framerate13:09
DylanClI have it set to 50 frames per seconds13:09
AsterfieldDylanCl: With the --fps N option?13:09
DylanClWhat do you mean?13:10
snugglDylanCl: the easiest way would be to open a black fullscreen window below it13:10
snugglDylanCl: and run the game witout window borders13:10
submanI'm still stuck on the purple screen of death here13:10
Asterfield$ man recordmydesktop: "Image options" "--fps N(number>0.0) "A positive number denoting desired framerate"13:11
[gnubie]bekks: isn't it that the ssh public key is the one that is generated as id_rsa.pub file?13:11
RarrikinsIf /tmp isn't writeable and I reboot, will I still be able to log in remotely via SSH?13:11
AsterfieldDylanCl: ^^ :P13:11
bekks[gnubie]: Yes.13:11
[gnubie]afaik, the client don't actually need the id_rsa.pub. what is required on the client side is the id_rsa or the public key.13:11
bekks[gnubie]: The client needs the public key, since its the public key that identifies the client on the server.13:12
[gnubie]on the server side, the contents of the id_rsa.pub should be on the authorized_keys. if the username allows multiple users to use it, the contents of the authorized_keys will have more than one line of different id_rsa.pub13:13
[gnubie]bekks: not the private key?13:13
[gnubie]bekks: whatever it is, my client comes both the id_rsa and id_rsa.pub13:13
bekks[gnubie]: No. You have to put the public key of the client into the authorized_keys file on the server. I told you minutes ago.13:14
* vlt did hours ago13:14
[gnubie]bekks: that's the same way i did already.13:14
bekks[gnubie]: Obviously you didnt.13:14
snuggl[gnubie]: are you on ubuntu as client too?13:14
[gnubie]bekks: how should i prove you that i did? should i send you my id_rsa.pub and authorized_keys files?13:15
[gnubie]snuggl: nope. i'm on mountain lion.13:15
no_gravityHello! I have this problem on my notebook: Sometimes I boot, Gnome comes up and there is no network applet and no network. I reboot. The same. I reboot. I reboot. And at sometime the net suddenly works and the network applet is there. Any ideas how to go about this? What would you do, when the machine is booted and there is no network applet?13:15
snuggl[gnubie]: do you have the command "ssh-copy-id" ?13:15
snuggl[gnubie]: if so, thats a tool to copy your id files to the remove server13:15
snugglin the correct place etc.13:16
[gnubie]snuggl: not on mountain lion13:16
hello_Mr123   13:16
mikerussel_pidgin sucks :(13:17
snuggl[gnubie]: and you are correct, the server shall have the public key and the client the private13:17
snugglnot the other way around13:17
vlt[gnubie]: Did you paste ~gnubie/.ssh/authorized_keys already?13:17
snuggl[gnubie]: it also needs to be chmod 700 else sshd will ignore it13:17
=== acidflash__ is now known as acidflash
snugglor 400 of whatever, just not world readable.13:18
=== zz_Karbowiak is now known as Karbowiak
[gnubie]vlt: not the contents. as i've said, the contents of my /root/.ssh/authorized_keys and /home/gnubie/.ssh/authorized_keys files are the same contents of my id_rsa.pub file. kindly check line 15 of http://pastie.org/751414913:18
compdocno_gravity, do you know how to use pastebin.com? show me the file:   /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules13:18
snuggl[gnubie]: that paste clearly show the error13:19
snuggl(15:16) ( snuggl) [gnubie]: it also needs to be chmod 700 else sshd will ignore it13:19
no_gravitycompdoc: how shall i reach pastebin without internet?13:19
[gnubie]snuggl: you mean the authorized_key should be in 700 permission?13:20
vlt[gnubie]: remove world readable13:20
MerkidemisCan someone help me with an error? I am trying to do an apt-get update on my lucid server and get the following: W: Failed to fetch http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/lucid/Release.gpg  Could not connect to archive.ubuntu.com:80 (2001:67c:1360:8c01::1a). - connect (101 Network is unreachable) [IP: 2001:67c:1360:8c01::1a 80]13:20
snuggl[gnubie]: if its world readable sshd will ignore it13:20
snugglyours is world readable13:20
snugglso sshd ignores it13:20
MerkidemisAny thoughts? I've been working on this for a day and a half13:20
[gnubie]snuggl: actually, it used to be 440. i set it to 644 because i was testing it also13:20
KatyPerryX420ok so i rented a ubuntu VPS and i don't have remote desktop access and need to set it up thanks for the help and i do have SSH client installed on my windows 7 pc if anybody is willing to help i have teamviewer 8 on my laptop13:20
cfhowlettMerkidemis, ask in #ubuntu-server13:21
snuggl[gnubie]: make it 60013:21
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server13:21
[gnubie]snuggl: so, i have to set it now to 600 and test it.13:21
KatyPerryX420it's ubuntu 12.04 64 bit13:21
snuggl[gnubie]: best bet is to look at the log file13:21
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)13:22
=== matthew is now known as Guest31489
Merkidemisubottu: no such channel13:22
ubottuMerkidemis: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:22
KatyPerryX420let me do a fresh install on the server real quick so we can start from scratch13:22
[gnubie]snuggl: where is the default log file for ssh connection attempts in ubuntu precise?13:22
brute`why does it seem impossible to change the ulimit?? ive tried everything!13:22
Guest31489Please tell me how can i change my nick name?13:23
scotty^mode scotty^ -i13:23
RarrikinsGuest31489: Type /nick ZomgRaptor13:23
snuggl[gnubie]: around /var/log i guess, /var/log/auth.log might tell you13:23
[gnubie]Guest31489: /nick NEWNICK13:23
snuggl[gnubie]: it didnt solve the problem?13:24
=== Guest31489 is now known as Mt
Mtthank you13:24
[gnubie]snuggl: i'm checking. please hold on. thanks!13:24
snuggl[gnubie]: with ssh -vv user@host, does it even try with key auth?13:24
snugglturn on verbose else and check that its actually trying with the key13:24
snuggl[gnubie]: your local, private key, also needs special permissions13:25
Sven_vBHow do I select the gateway to use to connect to a /27 IP range? sudo LANG=C route add -net 62.x.x.x/27 gw 192.168.x.x => "route: netmask doesn't match route address"13:25
[gnubie]snuggl: from my mountain lion on my previous ssh connection attempt => http://pastie.org/751863113:25
cfhowlettMerkidemis, try again.  #ubuntu-server is an open channel ...13:25
[gnubie]snuggl: my client machine, the id_rsa comes with 600 file permission13:26
Merkidemiscfhowlett: its because I am an idoit and don't always add the leading # to channel names13:26
[gnubie]snuggl: i changed it just now to 400, same issue.13:27
FoxhoundzI can't seem to ssh into my box13:27
vltsnuggl: According to earlier pastebins from [gnubie] the client does try pubkey.13:27
Foxhoundzbut I know it's running correctly13:27
cfhowlettMerkidemis, As far as Operator Headspace Errors go ... I've seen worse.13:27
KatyPerryX420this is the version of ubuntu i have reinstalled on the VPS http://gyazo.com/a3a0460e2a5fec3f0b843ba8e582171e.png?136594599213:27
FoxhoundzI'm getting "connection refused"13:27
yeatsFoxhoundz: how do you know SSH is running on the remote box?13:27
Merkidemiscfhowlett: after working at a helpdesk, so have I13:27
Foxhoundzyeats: Apache is accessible, a node.js app is also running fine13:28
Foxhoundzboth attached to a screen13:28
yeatsFoxhoundz: but do you know that SSH is running?13:28
scotty^I'm running nano on Precise.  When I press ^T for spellcheck I get an errror message - "Spell checking failed: Error invoking "spell": Operation not permitted".  On the nano manpage I found this "If no alternative spell checker command is specified on the command line or in one of the nanorc files, nano will check the SPELL environment variable for one."13:29
snugglvlt: row 7 is a bit wierd tho13:29
scotty^Any ideas?13:29
snuggl[gnubie]: did you remove the header from the key?13:30
Foxhoundzyeats: I was running a session minutes before, closed putty, and decided to run it again a few minutes later13:30
vltsnuggl: The NEWKEYS line?13:30
snuggl[gnubie]: the first row if id_rsa, is it "----BEGIN STUFF----"13:30
Foxhoundzcould this be a key issue?13:30
compdocscotty^, google has hits on adding spell checkers to nano, but not sure why you would want to. gedit is pretty nice13:31
vltsnuggl: He says that key based root login works fram that very same client.13:31
[gnubie]snuggl: thanks for pointing me to /var/log/auth.log . after changing the permission of the authorized_keys to 400, the log actually says account is locked13:31
yeatsFoxhoundz: connection refused means sshd is not listening on port 22 (or is being blocked)\13:31
snuggllocked account might explain it yes =)13:31
vlt[gnubie]: Does password login work?!?13:32
snugglvlt, password auth is turned off in the conf13:32
scotty^What can I say - I miss the good old days :)13:32
snugglFoxhoundz: the server crashed13:32
scotty^It might also come in handy one day if I cant boot into X.13:32
KatyPerryX420it's online again who's willing to help me set up remote desktop from windows to ubuntu VPS have SSH set up on windows computer and teamviewer 813:32
snugglFoxhoundz: can you ping it or connect to any other port?13:33
* no_gravity still without network.13:33
snugglelse, find a way to reboot13:33
Foxhoundzsnuggl: ping works fine and several apps are running on it13:33
[gnubie]vlt: i haven't created a password for the ordinary user account. but for root, yes.13:33
snuggl Foxhoundz, then either you or then firewalled you away, or the sshd crashed13:33
snugglor them*13:33
yeatssnuggl: that's jumping to conclusions - sounds like Foxhoundz problem is with SSH alone13:33
submanI seem to be stuck now at kernel_thread_helper any ideas?13:34
yeatsFoxhoundz: do you have physical access to the box?  can you log in to a terminal?13:34
FoxhoundzI should note the box is accessed through LAN13:34
Foxhoundzit's a raspberry pi sitting in the corner13:34
snugglyeats: what?13:34
yeatsFoxhoundz: can you access it directly?13:35
snugglyeats: ssh crashing would be a problem with sshd alone13:35
AsterfieldSimulating an FN keypress on a keyboard that has no FN key. Is this possible?13:35
snugglAsterfield: FN isnt a real key13:35
yeatssnuggl: don't worry about it - when you said " snuggl> Foxhoundz: the server crashed" - it sounded like you were saying the entire box had gone down13:36
snugglyeats: ah, i was talking about the server as in sshd13:36
Asterfieldsnuggl: So, I'd have to find out the keycode of the fn modified key on the original keyboard?13:36
snugglAsterfield: FN doesnt have keycodes13:36
snugglthey arent real keys13:36
[gnubie]snuggl: thanks!13:37
Asterfieldsnuggl: so let's say I needed to trigger whatever event fn+f8 would have triggered on the original keyboard?13:37
FoxhoundzI just rebooted the server13:37
Foxhoundzit seems to work fine now13:37
[gnubie]histo, bekks and vlt: thank you for trying to help.13:37
hisbili'm from indonesia..13:37
Foxhoundzis there any way to make it so sshd restarts if it crashes?13:37
[gnubie]guys, it works now.13:37
snugglAsterfield: check with some log what keycodes the respective presses generate13:37
cfhowletthisbil, greetings13:38
scotty^KatyPerry420:  I've never tried it before, but it looks like you need to install xrdp on the Ubuntu box.13:38
hisbilguys, how make database mysql on ubuntu ??13:38
snugglFoxhoundz: sshd usually doesnt crash, but you can handle it with some process monitor13:38
hisbilplease help..13:38
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.13:38
Asterfieldsnuggl: The original keyboard in this case is busted. There's no way for me to know what keycodes it generates13:38
snugglAsterfield: then you have to google around, it depends on who made the computer/keyboard13:38
snugglthere are no standard solution13:38
snugglAsterfield: some are handled in BIOS, some in the keyboard hardware13:38
cfhowletthisbil, https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/mysql.html13:39
naresh_Hey guys can anyone help in miniprojects13:39
Asterfieldsnuggl: Aw drat, googling has left me high and dry for the first few hours I searched :\13:39
yeatsFoxhoundz: you should investigate the logs to see what actually made it crash13:39
snugglAsterfield: what fabricate is it?13:39
hisbilwhen i have created mysql database on my ubu, but the file not .mysql file..13:39
submanI'm stuck at 'kernel_thread_helper' when booting.  It goes no further13:39
snugglhisbil: whats a .mysql file?13:39
snugglhisbil: what are you to use that file with?13:40
hisbilsorry.. i mean .sql..13:40
scotty^KatyPerryX420:  I've never tried it before, but it looks like you need to install xrdp on the Ubuntu box.13:40
hisbili wanna use to my qt..13:40
snugglhisbil: .sql files arent used in mysql13:40
snugglyou can load the content of the files into mysql if you want13:40
hisbilwaht ??13:40
hisbilthere is the link ??13:40
snugglno SQL server uses .sql files directly13:41
snugglhisbil: think itts mysqlclient < file.sql or similar13:41
snugglto load it13:41
snugglbut ask in the mysql channel instead13:41
snugglor just google how to load sql files13:41
snugglthere should be plenty of hits13:41
hisbilthanks for answers..13:42
[gnubie]snuggl, histo, bekks, vlt: since the log says the username is locked, i unlocked it by just creating a password for the user. now, i will change its shell to rbash. thank you very much for all your help.13:42
submanCould this be a uefi issue?13:43
vlt[gnubie]: yw13:43
[gnubie]so the problem was not about the permission nor the authorized_keys file. the problem was because the user is still locked on the system.13:43
snuggl[gnubie]: you can unlock with "passwd -u user"13:43
snuggland lock with -l13:44
KatyPerryX420thanks i'm in and i'm outta here if i need any help setting up my ajax server i will be back13:44
[gnubie]snuggl: that's what i did. but it prompted me that the user don't have a password yet. so i realised, maybe i skipped on creating the password that causes this problem. in ubuntu, if the user don't have a password yet, it is automatically locked to prevent a passwordless login.13:45
submanAny ideas on the 'kernel_thread_helper' freezing issue?13:48
submanok, how about 'kernel panic try passing init= option to the kernel'13:53
kvarleyI can't install r8168-dkms on 13.04 here is the error messages & log http://paste.ubuntu.com/5707761/ Any ideas?13:55
ubottukvarley,: Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+113:56
thoonaiwhere do I can finde the non-pae alternate installer version of ubuntu? searched for it yesterday but didn't find it13:59
compdocsubman, youre crashing at boot?13:59
ubottuTo use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info13:59
submancompdoc, yes13:59
compdocdid it ever work?13:59
submancompdoc, nope13:59
scotty^compdoc: Thanks.  It turns out that Ubuntu has aspell installed by default, so I followed the instructions at http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-921921.html13:59
compdocwhat version of ubuntu?13:59
submancompdoc, 12.0414:00
compdocscotty^, have fun with your cli editer14:00
compdocsubman, what cpu and board is it?14:01
scotty^I will :)  Thanks.14:01
submancompdoc, Board is Asus F2A55-M  APU is AMD A6 5400K14:01
scotty^subman:  That's one of the new "Richland" APU's. right?14:02
compdocthats an old chipset, but I use apus with ubuntu woith no problems14:02
submanscott__, yes14:02
submanscotty^, yes14:03
compdocI would have gotten an a75 or a85 chipset,14:03
compdocsubman, can you boot the live dvd?14:03
submancompdoc, yes14:03
submanwell live usb14:04
compdocare you choosing options when installing? or just letting it install the way it wants?14:04
submaninstall as it sees fit14:04
compdocwell, with uefi, there are options for legacy booting, and on some boards, even legacy video options. have you tried those?14:05
compdocdoes ubuntu see the hard drive when you try to install?14:06
submanInstall completes fine14:06
submanI've gone through all the uefi stuff.  It is booting with legacy14:07
compdocif theres an option for IOMMU? disable that14:07
compdocand if you see an option for PCI Latency Timer, set that to 3214:08
submanIOMMU is disabled14:08
compdocyou ever run memtest?14:08
compdochow much ram is there?14:09
subman8 GB14:09
compdocin some, theres an option for memory hole. you might toggle that setting14:09
submanTesting now14:10
submanmemory hole?14:10
compdocyeah, its a bios option for some boards. if you dont see it, no worries14:11
scotty^subman: I'm not sure why it won't boot, but for X you might need http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/drm/commit/?id=36a2daad2416ad55a859c483b0d7ed93a5eff6e014:12
=== rcerny is now known as miup
scotty^subman:  And for 3D (eg Unity/Gnome shell/KWin) you'll need http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?id=03eef7f8ef98f1008a8687bbd7ee0141b433887a and http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/xf86-video-ati/commit/?id=3e5350bedf50a1a140e0eba08c39ed2451fb911514:13
thoonaihey im searching for a non pae version of ubuntu, anyone able to point me where I find it?14:13
submanscotty^, I have no idea what to do what that!14:13
compdocsubman, are you installing the 64bit version of ubuntu?14:14
submancompdoc, yes14:15
scotty^git of the latest libdrm, xf86-video-ati and mesa master should take care of it.  But you still need to get it to boot   Hopefully compdoc can help you with that.14:16
submanWow, it is becoming a Windows world with all this new hardware14:16
thoonaifound,  but the canonical website isn't that clear14:17
submancompdoc, are you thinking that 32 bit might be a better choice?  With PAE?14:26
scotty^subman: git of the latest libdrm, xf86-video-ati and mesa master should take care of it.  But you still need to get it to boot   Hopefully compdoc can help you with that.14:26
LiquidDemocracyIs there an open-source, free alternative for FInal Cut pro for Ubuntu Linux?14:26
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=== rAg3nix is now known as yoda
scotty^subman:  In fact, the mesa commit is in mea 9.1.114:26
=== yoda is now known as Guest8958
=== Guest8958 is now known as masteryoda
scotty^subman:  oops, I meant mesa 9.1.114:28
alamihello, i'm connect to my dlink wireless router with a realtek wireless card, but everything is slow, also the gateway, when i ping i need a lot of time to get respond, why?14:28
=== masteryoda is now known as rAg3
alamii have ubuntu Ubuntu 12.1014:28
=== stork is now known as sotrk91
rAg3hi sotrk9114:29
sotrk91I am looking to set an alarm that wakes the computer up from suspend14:29
sotrk91I DO NOT want to take the time to learn how to do this from the terming14:29
sotrk91as I want to be in bed already14:29
she_dyeduse the PC as alarm? sotrk9114:30
sotrk91I have spent this whole day without booting my windows pc, and I would like to wake up with Ubuntu14:30
she_dyedcant suspend afaik14:30
she_dyedit wont take you14:30
gp5sthello. i'm installing 12.04 amd64 desktop on a desktop and it's just hanging on "settuing up linux-headers-generic (" i do have a not so great internet connection, but it shouldn't be downloading anything right now?14:30
alamican any one help me with a network issue?14:30
gp5stis it borked? should i reboot and attempt to reïnstall?14:31
gp5stalami: noöne can help you if you don't tell us what the problem is14:31
sotrk91she_dyed, then how do I use Ubuntu as an alarm? Something I have done from windows with foobar2000 for nearly 10 years.14:31
she_dyedsee if repos let you d/load lsalarm14:31
alamigp5st: you have to read it :P14:31
she_dyedkde dekstop also has app14:31
alami16:28 < alami> hello, i'm connect to my dlink wireless router with a realtek wireless card, but everything is slow,  also the gateway, when i ping i need a lot of time to get respond, why?14:31
gp5stalami: i just got here, i never saw it14:32
she_dyedsotrk91: what desktop are u using14:32
she_dyedor use your cellphone sotrk91 to save power14:32
alamigp5st: no Problem, do you understand the Problem?14:32
thoonaidoes the non-pae kernel contains the vdr packages and drivers?14:32
she_dyedlearn it another day14:32
gp5stalami: no, not really :(14:32
scotty^LiquidDemocracy:  maybe OpenShot?  - see http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTM0NDI14:33
sotrk91she_dyed, Ubuntu 12.04 64bit14:34
alamigp5st: i'm connect to my router, and i have get the ip adress via DHCP, and i have a very very slow internet, when i ping also, i get some packet lost14:34
submanI have to go to work:(  Back later....14:34
scotty^LiquidDemocracy:  The professional-grade Lightworks is also being open-sourced and ported to Linux - see http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTMzMDU14:34
she_dyedsotrk91: nah idk on that desktop14:35
gp5stalami: does this happen when you connect with a wire?14:35
gp5stit could be the driver or the card14:35
alamigp5st: nope, that happend only when i connect via wirelles, i thing the driver is right14:35
alamirtl8187 is the right driver for Bus 003 Device 002: ID 0bda:8187 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8187 Wireless Adapter14:36
alamigp5st: any other idea?14:38
sotrk91Congratulations Ubuntu... you failed to do everything I needed you to in one day.14:38
sotrk91You almost made it14:38
sotrk91you were very very close.14:38
sotrk91ffs, why is it so hard to find simple common sense shit?14:38
IdleOnesotrk91: Please keep the language clean14:39
scotty^sotrk91:  You were unable to download lsalarm from the repositories?14:40
sotrk91frustrated. I was so happy to be free of microsoft for a day, and now at the VERY end of that day, I have to return to windows just to wake up the next day.14:40
pecchisto: dd hasn't yet finished, should I expect trouble?14:41
sotrk91I dont know where to get it from14:41
she_dyedjust try it as is14:42
she_dyedit will say if its not found14:42
rAg3sotrk91: you should not take out your frustration here , if no one at this moment here can help you that doesnot mean nobody can , there are those who arent online as of now , you have to be patient and just ask someother time , i would also suggest if you would please post it on askubuntu as well !! someone will respond14:43
scotty^sotrk91:  Indeed it's not in the repositories.  But you didn't look very hard. It's at http://freecode.com/projects/lsalarm14:43
she_dyedsotrk91: www.wakeupdialer.com14:43
IdleOnesotrk91: you can install the "alarm-clock" package from Software Center or sudo apt-get install alarm-clock14:43
she_dyedfree wake up call14:43
tintinHi, is ubuntu for everyone?14:43
bekkstintin: Yeah.14:44
sotrk91IdleOne, dl link there is dead14:44
compdoceveryone can try it, but not everyone will like it14:44
tintinIs ubuntu for me?14:44
IdleOnesotrk91: I don't know what download link you are talking about14:44
sotrk91IdleOne, the download link on the page you  linked me to14:45
IdleOnesotrk91: I didn't link you any pages. you can install the "alarm-clock" package from Software Center or sudo apt-get install alarm-clock14:45
sotrk91I meant scotty^14:45
tintinDoes ubuntu loads the fist desktop screen slowly?14:46
sotrk91scotty^, your link has a dead dl link14:46
tintinas ubuntu takes too much resource/memory14:46
tintinlatest ubuntu-13.0414:46
sotrk91IdleOne, that app doesnt wake my desktop14:46
tintin2GB ram enough?14:46
=== eagle is now known as Guest6512
sotrk91IdleOne, I have already tried it and others14:46
rAg3sotrk91: http://ltsword.allegronetwork.com/src/lsalarm-0.85.tar.gz14:46
scotty^sotrk91 - Indeed it is.14:46
she_dyedsotrk91: suspend and none will work14:47
sotrk91rAg3, that link it dead to me14:47
sotrk91why can I not suspend?14:47
she_dyedPC goes to sleep14:47
rAg3sotrk91: sorry , it is14:47
tintinCan anyone answer my question?14:47
she_dyedno alarm will remain active in a suspend14:48
compdocif ubuntu is right for you?14:48
sotrk91she_dyed, yes. It does. And an alarm program should wake it14:48
she_dyedno your thinking of something else14:48
tintindoes ubuntu loads slowly ?14:48
tintinto get the first desktop screen14:48
compdocnot on fast systems14:48
sotrk91in Windows7 this as easy as setting task scheduler to open Foobar at a time, and ticking "wake from hibernate"14:49
IdleOnetintin: try it and find out14:49
she_dyedthere you go14:49
gp5stso i just installed 12.04 desktop and when i run sudo apt-get update i'm told there is a lock on the dir, but i don't see any apps open that would be using it?14:49
LiquidDemocracyscotty^, I am looking for a program suitable for beginners14:49
sotrk91she_dyed, in Windows7 this as easy as setting task scheduler to open Foobar at a time, and ticking "wake from hibernate"14:49
rAg3tintin: it depends on what all processes/services are started during bootup , and as compdoc said .. system specs also matter14:49
she_dyedthere you go ^14:49
IdleOnegp5st: rm the lock file that it tells you is in use and then try update again.14:50
sotrk91there I do what?14:50
tintinsome say, lubuntu is faster to load than ubuntu14:50
scotty^LiquidDemocracy:  Probably OpenShot then.  I've never use it myself.  There is also Pitivi.14:50
she_dyedreboot and take care of an immediate need14:50
LiquidDemocracyscotty^, thx14:50
she_dyedor use the free wake up call14:50
sotrk91she_dyed, huh?14:51
she_dyeduse the right tool for now14:51
she_dyedone that works14:51
sotrk91the point of all of this is NOT turning on windows for 1 day.14:51
sotrk91Ubuntu has failed in this.14:51
she_dyedtrhe point right now is to wake you14:51
rAg3tintin: ubuntu by default uses unity, lubuntu lxde. lxde is not as intensive as unity14:51
LiquidDemocracyscotty^, ah OpenShot is for Gnome, right? I am on KDE.14:51
rAg3so comparatively , yes , lubuntu should bootup faster than ubuntu tintin14:52
she_dyedi add a line to my crontab and works for me14:52
submanOk, at work but back.14:52
rAg3she_dyed: for waking up pc from sleep ?14:52
duhamelim dual booting ubuntu 12.10 and win 8 on hp envy M6 (amd version) i cant get wireless to work. hw version rtl8111/8168b14:52
logabrhi guys i am having some issues with upstart. I am running 12.04 x64 and installed mongodb from 10gen's repository. I am able to start mongo when I run it cli myself( sudo /usr/bin/mongod --config /etc/mongodb.conf) but when I run sudo service mongodb start nothing happens14:52
submancompdoc, come up with anything?14:52
she_dyedrAg3: not yet14:53
logabrmy guess is that my mongodb.conf file is not working correctly14:53
xzcvczxlogabr: check the logs14:53
duhamelive tried updating and upgrading, ive also tried replacing/updating kernel headers14:53
compdocsubman, I only use AMD cpus/apus for ubuntu, but sometimes you just have to be there in person to find the answer. try installing ubuntu server, and if that boots ok, add the desktop. thats how I do it14:54
duhamelive downloaded the drivers and tried a few walkthroughs ive found but still nothing14:54
tintinhow can i make ubuntu boot faster?14:54
compdoctintin, get an ssd drive14:55
r00thi . I had a issue with xorg . "no screen" issue . I was able to fix it by reinstalling server-xorg . the problem is now when I log in to the account I reinstalled xorg . it get loggout automaticlly . but my guest account works fine .14:55
she_dyedrAg3: so its been done http://is.gd/m6WI9014:55
tintincompdoc: what is that ssd drive? why do i need it? i have 1TB hard drive14:55
submancompdoc, I shall give that a shot14:55
WeThePeoplehow do i fix broken pipes to load ubuntu14:55
she_dyedrAg3: except i can't try it14:55
she_dyedmaybe from suspend i can14:56
compdocsubman, for server, I always select LAMP, samba, and openssh for the services14:56
r00tsomething maybe got wrong in that account . coz I used fluxbox instend of gnome to log in to that acccount . still it get rebooted when I open chromium browser . but I was able to open the terminal and create a new account . and Im in that account at the moment14:56
rAg3she_dyed: wait , let me check it out14:56
r00tneed some guide to fix this14:56
tintincompdoc: what is that ssd drive? why do i need it? i have 1TB hard drive14:56
duhamelhello, im dual booting ubuntu 12.10 and win 8 on hp envy M6 (amd version) i cant get wireless to work. hw version rtl8111/8168b14:56
compdoctintin, a 1TB drive should be modern enough to be fast14:57
tintindoes hard drive make ubuntu to boot faster?14:57
xzcvczxtintin: a ssd would14:57
rAg3she_dyed: it uses rtcwake , and rtcwake fails to suspend my system14:57
esingDoes flash update with ubuntu update/-grade or do I have to update flash manually14:58
tintinxzcvczx: why?14:58
rAg3she_dyed: suspend to "standby" not available , thats the error i get , limitation of my bios , maybe14:59
xzcvczxtintin: http://bit.ly/117beBR14:59
compdoctintin, what cpu do you have?14:59
tintinintel pentium D14:59
she_dyedrAg3: uspend to standy != hibernate?14:59
compdocpretty old, isnt it?14:59
rAg3she_dyed: nope !!14:59
rAg3she_dyed: hibernate is suspend to disk14:59
duhamelhas anybody had any problems with realtek wireless drivers on laptop with 12.10?15:00
tintincompdoc: so what?15:00
she_dyedbecause a reboot her rAg3 will cause it to go to wrong OS15:00
xzcvczxtintin: so if you get a newer computer it will help speed up the boot15:00
she_dyedrAg3: let me try15:00
esingabout:plugins in firefox reveals that I have  flash 11.2 r202 ; I guess this is already the newest flash available for ubuntu?15:01
rAg3she_dyed: i didnt get u !! if u have grub installed , u can configure it to boot to os of your choice15:01
duhameltintin: how old is the install and which ubuntu version is it?15:01
tintini am going to install ubuntu 13.0415:02
she_dyedrAg3: i know, but xp did a hiccup on this dual boot and when graub came back i can't seem to find the original source/config it came from15:02
she_dyedrAg3: i want a way to pick the default from grub cli and save that15:02
she_dyedrAg3: but thats another issue for another day15:03
rAg3 she_dyed you can always make changes in grub config file and use update grub, u have to use "savedefaults" for that15:03
duhamelubuntu 13.04 boots fast all on its own. solid state will definitely shave lots of time off not only boot but all r/w actions15:03
she_dyedrAg3: but i can't find the config it came from15:03
rAg3she_dyed: what version of ubuntu are u using?15:04
duhamelpatition /boot, swap, / on ssd the /home on hdd.15:04
johnjohn1011how fast does it boot off of ssd?15:04
duhameli have xubuntu 12.04 on ssd my boot time is about 3 seconds after splash screen15:05
johnjohn1011just a curious question.  won't swap wear out that part of the ssd?15:05
she_dyedrAg3: let me check that suspend15:05
rAg3duhamel: thats FAST !! faster than mine :D15:05
duhamelfrom the time splash comes up to the time i can get on the net.15:05
RarrikinsI can't get mysql-server reinstalled15:06
rAg3duhamel: ok , much faster15:06
RarrikinsIt says that it can't set the root password.15:06
RarrikinsHow do I fix that?15:06
johnjohn1011what is your cpu speed and ram for that time frame of bootup time?15:06
duhamelrAg3: you are booting from hdd?15:06
bekks!root | Rarrikins15:06
ubottuRarrikins: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo15:06
RarrikinsI'm using apt-get15:07
rAg3duhamel: yes15:07
konecktdLooking for a new lappy top throw Ubuntu on? I bought an Ideapad yesterday and OOTB Ubuntu loads like a dream, FYI!15:07
rAg3Rarrikins: use sudo apt-get15:07
duhameli have mindows 7 and ubuntu on ssd with my /home partition on 3tb hdd15:07
johnjohn1011rarrikins, are you talking about the root password for mysql or ubuntu?15:07
RarrikinsI do15:07
RarrikinsIt can't set the MySQL root password.15:07
packetfroguse sudo!15:07
RarrikinsI do15:07
bekksRarrikins: How do you try to set it?15:07
RarrikinsThe installer asks me for a password.15:07
RarrikinsThen it says it can't set it.15:07
packetfroghoastnom& set mysql plz root15:08
duhameli never use my windows but i keep it in case i ever want to game15:08
rAg3Rarrikins: is ur mysql server running ? ps -e | grep mysql15:08
RarrikinsNo, it can't start15:08
RarrikinsIt says something about a socket file being missing15:08
duhamelhello, im dual booting ubuntu 12.10 and win 8 on hp envy M6 (amd version) i cant get wireless to work. hw version rtl8111/8168b15:08
rAg3Rarrikins: have you tried purging the installation , removing its config from etc and reinstalling it ?15:09
duhamelany direction would be greatly appreciated15:09
johnjohn1011Rarrikins: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/recover-mysql-root-password.html15:09
RarrikinsrAg3: I've tried all but removing the config15:09
RarrikinsrAg3: Let me try that.15:09
she_dyedrAg3: brb15:09
rAg3she_dyed: ok :D15:10
WeThePeoplehow do i fix this error>>> "could not update .ICEauthority file /home/ace/.ICEauthority" when i try to login to ubuntu 2D, but the kicker is when i exit the screen i have to logout. there is a "logout" button beneath the error message15:10
rAg3Rarrikins: ok15:10
duhameli need to get this working so i dont have to use windows when im out and about15:10
rAg3duhamel: what version of ubuntu are you using ?15:11
jribWeThePeople: probably a permissions issue.  You should be able to just rename the file and let the system recreate it15:11
rAg3have you checked it in the third party drivers ?15:11
duhamelrAg3: yes15:12
duhamelin system settings? all thats in there are graphics drivers.15:12
rAg3duhamel: oh !! ok15:12
rAg3duhamel: let me check15:12
WeThePeoplejrib, will do15:12
packetfrogduhamel, http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=8075715:12
rAg3duhamel: rtl8111/8168b are you sure its a wireless device? i searched for it and it says its ethernt15:13
rAg3duhamel: sorry , it is15:14
duhameloh snap. that would make sense.15:14
duhamelthe first time i unpacked that and tried to install it i lost my wired connection.15:15
rAg3duhamel: do lspci -nn and see if your "wireless" device is listed there15:15
rAg3duhamel: yeah .. you were trying to install wireless drivers for a ethernet device :P :D15:15
easy2ubuntuis any one got an error for intel gpu?15:16
easy2ubuntui allways got15:16
rAg3easy2ubuntu: what error?15:16
easy2ubuntuit just checkout a error box and  i look for the detail :it's about intel gpu15:17
easy2ubuntumy system is ubuntu 12.0415:18
duhamelrAg3: there is no "wireless"15:18
duhamel01:00.0 Unassigned class [ff00]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. Device [10ec:5289] (rev 01) could this be it?15:18
rAg3duhamel: it will not be specified specifically as wireless !!  but something related15:19
submanHas anyone installed ubuntu successfully on an AMD A6-5400K?15:19
compdocI have on an a8-5500, and an fx-410015:19
submancompdoc, yeah from what I'm reading the A6 seems to be an issue15:20
rAg3duhamel: nope .. thats your card reader15:20
Guest18649i'm compiling a vala made program but valac says: gmodule-2.0 not found???? can't find any pakage with it???15:20
duhamel01:00.2 Ethernet controller [0200]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller [10ec:8168] (rev 0a)15:20
duhamel02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Ralink corp. Device [1814:3290]15:20
compdocsubman, wish I could try it15:20
rAg3duhamel: do lspci -nn and paste it to paste.ubuntu.com and give me the link15:20
submancompdoc, that's why I'm trying to see if it has been installed before on this processor.  I dont' seem to be able to find one case yet.15:21
=== Guest18649 is now known as master
rAg3duhamel: yeah ... ralink corp it is15:21
she_dyedrAg3: it worked for me15:21
she_dyedrAg3: rtcwake + crontab15:22
pradyumnaWhat is the window manager in ubuntu?15:22
johnjohn1011what are the issues that you are experiencing with ubuntu and the MD A6-5400K?15:22
henryCMy emu 0404 lived a full life but as much as I can tell, one broken channel now unfixable.  Anybody can advise?  I mostly need 1/4" jacks, and midi.   and I googled this but I want real person input: http://ocremix.org/forums/archive/index.php/t-7681.html15:22
rAg3she_dyed: what did you do ? the rtcwake command specifically15:22
submancompdoc, I even put a different video card on the machine and disabled the integrated one.  This is a proven video card with Ubuntu and still no go.15:22
duhamelearlier i did lshw -network or something like that and it was listed as unclaimed15:22
masterpradyumna: compiz15:22
she_dyedrAg3: rtcwake -m mem -s 12015:23
she_dyedas root15:23
submanjohnjohn1011, It is a kernel panic error upon booting.  no init, try passing init= to the kernel15:23
rAg3she_dyed: wait .. let me try ... oh .. i didnt do it as root :P15:23
pradyumnaI want to get the feel and look of the windows in ubuntu should i install compiz then?15:23
henryCafter all, it's not 2007 anymore either15:23
compdocsubman, yeah, I would still bet on a bios setting15:24
masterpradyumna: it is already installed15:24
she_dyedrAg3: and thats 2 minutes15:24
submancompdoc, Yeah, I'm still looking......15:24
johnjohn1011subman: lastest bios on MB?15:24
duhamelrAg3: earlier i did lshw -network or something like that and it was listed as unclaimed15:24
pradyumnai am building from scratch from a debian net install15:24
pradyumnainstalled openbox15:24
she_dyedpradyumna: first time linux?15:25
compdocsubman, whats the board again? Ill look at the manual15:25
masterpradyumna: pro, normal or noob??15:25
rAg3she_dyed: i tried  it works for me to :D15:25
she_dyednice rAg3 !15:25
rAg3she_dyed: i had to mention that -m mem15:25
pradyumnabetween noob- normal15:25
submancompdoc, Asus F2A55-M15:25
rAg3duhamel: let me check15:25
submanjohnjohn1011, Brand new motherboard just purchased15:25
she_dyednow rAg3 i have an entry in /etc/crontab to play music at fixed time, so rtcwake+/etc/crontab will be my alarm!15:26
masterpradyumna: do you mean the window theme??15:26
pradyumnaDo i require Gnome for hta?15:26
compdocsubman, do you have the latest bios installed?15:26
rAg3she_dyed: nice , i dont need an alarm  . i love my sleep way to15:26
rAg3she_dyed: nice , i dont need an alarm  . i love my sleep way too much15:26
submancompdoc, well it is brand new15:26
compdocthat means nothing15:27
she_dyedlol got to get to work though15:27
she_dyedfor me15:27
compdoccould be sefveral bios behind15:27
submancompdoc, not even sure how to update it!  How would I if I cannot boot?15:27
masterpradyumna: you will properly find something at gnome-look.org15:27
rAg3she_dyed: i am still a student .. i can bunk classes15:27
she_dyedrAg3: it didn't even kick you out of irc then15:27
compdocsubman, if you can enter the bios, thats all you need to update it15:27
submancompdoc, and an internet connection I assume.  I'm just on wireless....15:28
kutulalhello world!15:28
pradyumnaSo Gnome is required ?15:28
rAg3she_dyed: i am connected through tor network , it has considerable lag , so by the time the server got to know i was away , i was back15:28
johnjohn1011subman you should be able to download bios to usb and then update from there15:28
rAg3she_dyed: it was only for 60 secs15:28
masterpradyumna: what do u use now??15:28
she_dyedoh rAg3 'man rtcwake' to find out all it can do15:28
compdocsubman, how many sticks of ram do you have?15:28
she_dyedrAg3: there is no 'wake the dead'15:28
pradyumnai have nothing installed i grabbed a debian net install and installed openbox in it15:29
submancompdoc, two.15:29
rAg3duhamel: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2104129 try this15:29
compdocsubman, what speed are they?15:29
submancompdoc, I was testing until I had to come to work.  I'll have to call home to check on it.15:29
kutulalcan any of you guys tell me how to run a screensaver in GNOME. I'm using Ubuntu 12.0415:29
submancompdoc, I'll check on the speed as well15:29
duhamelrAg3: thanks i will. brb.15:29
rAg3she_dyed: i was not dead ... it was just sleep for mere 60 seconds15:29
pradyumnamaster: and x-window-system15:30
masterpradyumna: gnome is not required to make your install look like windows but i recommend gnome15:30
compdocsubman, on that board, one ram stick goes in the slot closest to the cpu, then you skip one slot15:30
kutulalcan any of you guys tell me how to run a screensaver in GNOME. I'm using Ubuntu 12.0415:30
pradyumnaI do not want to install Gnome . It is huge .15:30
she_dyedrAg3: these commands I save as notes in a README text file that I maintain15:31
masteri know :D :D15:31
pradyumnaSo what should i install inorder to get the feel of ubuntu windows.15:31
kutulalcan any of you guys tell me how to run a screensaver in GNOME. I'm using Ubuntu 12.0415:31
compdocsubman, so that the ram is like this:  x o x o. x = stick, o = no stick15:31
gp5stwith this new backup utility, can i attach custom scripts ot it?15:31
she_dyedubuntu 12.04 pradyumna ?15:31
she_dyed =)15:31
rAg3she_dyed: i always think to do so .. but then i do so many hits and trials .. it becomes too much of a task :(15:31
packetfrogpradyumna, Xubuntu.15:32
packetfrogit uses XFCE not gnome15:32
henryClot of people with names who start with "A", all sitting in silence I presume.15:32
pradyumnaDebian Net install + x-window-system + openbox15:32
duhamelrAg3: the links in the post lead to missing repositories.  :(15:32
she_dyedrAg3: no just up arrow put in quotes echo 'command here' >> README15:32
kutulalcan any of you guys tell me how to run a screensaver in GNOME. I'm using Ubuntu 12.0415:32
submancompdoc, there are only two slots for RAM15:32
packetfrogkutulal, Settings Manager>Screensaver Settings15:32
compdocsubman, oh, the manual shows 415:33
kutulalpacketfrog: thanks!15:33
rAg3kutulal: sudo apt-get install xscreensaver , did u try it ?15:33
pradyumnashe_dyed: packetfrog I want to get the feel of ubuntu windows what to install . (Not Gnome)15:33
kutulalrAg3: No, trying now.15:33
submancompdoc, It is still running the RAM test so I cannot verify the speed yet.15:33
she_dyedpradyumna: like you want Unity so you get to hate it15:33
packetfrogpradyumna, Xubuntu15:33
packetfrogpradyumna, Xubuntu.org15:33
rAg3she_dyed: from now on i will do so !!  it becomes a task to search for solutions at every fresh install15:34
rAg3duhamel: oh15:34
cyberglyphhey guys15:34
pradyumnapacketfrog: I am trying to do a minimal install with some of the features i like15:34
submancompdoc, maybe wrong manual?15:34
packetfrogpradyumna, Xubuntu.org15:34
cyberglyphcan i get a question asked i have a couple looking for experienced people this seemed like the perfect place15:35
compdocsubman, the title is: F2A55-M15:35
Johnny_AppleseedMorning everybody!15:35
compdocshows 4 ram slots15:35
packetfrogpradyumna, Or ubuntu server > hit f4 at first menu > minimal install   apt-get what you want15:35
she_dyedas long asits ubuntu cyberglyph15:35
compdocbut could be just generic15:35
duhamelrAg3: what would the name of the driver i need to download be? can you tell from thew small sippet i posted?15:35
kutulalpacketfrog: There is no Screensaver settings in settings manager15:36
pradyumnapacketfrog: I installed Debian Net install + x-window-system + openbox .15:36
yaccAny idea how to figure out why pulse audio is playing music?15:36
pradyumnaThat is around only 230MB15:36
compdocsubman, be sure the 4-pin cpu power connector is attached to the motherboard15:36
cyberglyphyeah! I have a old p4 1.6ghz with 1.12 gig memory and I want to turn it into a proxy server but not sure how to do it.  Its running windows server standard now but its windows! bleck! any ideas?15:36
rAg3duhamel: on the same page , scroll down , you will find the file attached15:36
submancompdoc, I had the paper physical manual and it shows two slots.  The online one might be generic15:37
rAg3duhamel: you would need rt3290firmware15:37
packetfrogkutulal, http://www.liberiangeek.net/2012/04/add-enable-screensavers-in-ubuntu-12-04-precise-pangolin/15:37
submancompdoc, memory passed the test15:37
rAg3duhamel: snippet u mean that lspci -nn output ?15:38
hutchwhat channel is used for 13.04?15:38
submancompdoc, speed of RAM is 1600 MHz15:39
johnjohn1011hutch: #ubuntu+115:39
compdocthats good too15:39
myscithamanhi guys, when i run the mint 14 xfce i get cnn working with video right off the bat.  why does it work and xubuntu doesn have it?  whats missing in xubuntu?  how can i make xubuntu do that?  I like xubuntu  and the set up, the color, the way things are laid out, i just need to be able to watch news vids etc etc15:39
hutchthanks johnjohn101115:39
compdocsubman, on the manual, there shows a switch for GPU Boost function. it is disabled by default15:40
submanIn the BIOS?15:40
wilee-nileemyscithaman, This is ubuntu support mint has there own channel. ;)15:41
compdocno, its a physical switch on the board15:41
compdocF2A55-M, current BIOS 600215:41
compdocwhat is your bios?15:41
cosmiccigaretteis this the english support channel?15:41
myscithamani am not asking for mint help, i am asking for xubuntu help, and noone is responding in xubuntu.15:41
compdocno smoking, tho15:41
cosmiccigaretteok... nevermind15:42
wilee-nileemyscithaman, "when i run the mint 14 xfce "15:42
pradyumnawilee-nilee: Afraid of the grammar nazis... :P15:42
th0rwilee-nilee: keep reading15:42
submancompdoc, where on the board is it?15:42
myscithamanread the rest and realize its a question about how to get xubuntu to run vids through firefox15:42
=== sandro__ is now known as |Slacker|
wilee-nileepradyumna, Lol no just a habit from being a grad student.15:43
compdocsubman, maybe I dont have the same manual15:43
submancompdoc, BIOS version is 530415:43
rymate1234how would one install a very basic KDE desktop in ubuntu?15:43
pradyumnapradyumna: Post-Grad Student15:43
rAg3myscithaman: it depends on the type of video you would want to see !! example, is it quicktime , or wmv .. u need to install required plugins for them15:44
duhamelrAg3: i have downloaded the firmware as tar.gz. i will up pack it but then what do i do?15:44
cosmiccigarettemaybe you folks can help me on this: i use ubuntu on a netbook(eee pc seashell in case anyone cares) and i use an external keyboard with a numpad. since i first connected the external keyboard ubuntu tries to use the same keyboard layout for my internal keyboard as it uses for the external. the problem is the internal doesnt have a numpad so the keyboard layout is now messed up because the system tries to use the right half of15:44
cosmiccigarettethe internal keyboard as a numpad... any ideas on how to fix this?15:44
compdocsubman, yours must be the F2A55-M LE. that has two ram slots15:44
submancompdoc, I'm checking15:45
compdocor the LK15:45
myscithamanrAg3: i think it is flash15:45
=== Zeev__ is now known as Zeev
submancompdoc, Ah, the Asus F2A55-M LK15:45
compdocok, let me get that manual15:45
rAg3duhamel: put it in /lib/firmware/15:45
compdocits not the F2A55-M LK PLUS?15:45
wilee-nileecosmiccigarette, Go to keyboard and assign the keyboard15:45
rAg3myscithaman: then this might work , sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer15:46
cosmiccigaretteassign to what?15:46
submancompdoc, No plus15:46
rAg3myscithaman: restart the browser15:46
compdocsubman, current bios is:  F2A55-M LK BIOS 600215:46
compdocwhat version is yours?15:46
duhamelrAg3: thats it? mv /path/to/firmware /lib/firmware/?15:46
submancompdoc, 530415:46
rymate1234how would one install a very basic KDE desktop in ubuntu?15:46
myscithamanthanks rag, I wasnt looking for a maybe, but thank you.  I am trying to find out why mint xfce works out of the box to surf internet, play vids, but xubuntu does not.15:47
compdocsubman, version 6002 supports the newer cpus15:47
ronalds_maz_I have /dev/sda11 sda10  sda9 sda8 and sda6 as 4 gb partitions and they don't have any file system15:47
packetfrogrymate1234, ii) kde-plasma-desktop --- This will install the core -- the bare-minimum required-- of KDE. That is, kdebase-apps, kdebase-runtime, kdebase-workspace and kdm.15:47
ronalds_maz_is it normal?15:47
duhamelrAg3: sorry im a noob15:47
compdocyou are two versions behind15:47
submancompdoc, link for the update?15:47
myscithamanthe reason is that i wold prefer to use zubuntu, or at least try it out, but i cant get it to playy vids right on the browsers, i need chrome and firefox15:47
rymate1234thanks packetfrog15:47
packetfrogrymate1234, sudo tasksel kde-plasma-desktop15:47
packetfrogi think15:48
pradyumnacompiz core couldn't open display15:48
rAg3duhamel: yes , make sure u extract it and copy it there15:48
pradyumnano protocol specified15:48
th0rmyscithaman: ubuntu used to have a package called ubuntu-restricted-extras or some such. It contained all the codecs that are usually supplied by other distros by default. Don't know if that will help you or not, but worth a shot15:48
=== Neozonz|Disconne is now known as Neozonz
rAg3duhamel: its alright ... everyone is at some point15:49
rAg3duhamel: i still am :D15:49
myscithamanthanks th0r i tried it, didnt work, maybe it needed restart.15:49
henryCmaybe this UCA202?  but what are the inputs?  I see no midi in.15:49
th0rmyscithaman:  I have also run into problems with the restricted version of ffmpeg that ubuntu uses....it isn't complete.15:50
pradyumnaWhat shoudl i install to get compiz running?15:50
duhamelrAg3: all together we only know a drop of all there is to know. our species is noob in the cosmic scheme of things.15:51
rymate1234pradyumna, sounds like your not running in an Xorg session15:51
rAg3duhamel: that was too much for me to digest in one go !! i'll save this for later reference15:51
=== elixir_ is now known as elixir
she_dyedpradyumna: afaik openbox won't play with compiz15:52
she_dyedit has an available compositor iirc15:53
pradyumnarymate1234: Xorg session is running15:53
cosmiccigaretteid need some more help by someone...15:53
she_dyedpradyumna: might be easier to install xubuntu or ubuntu then start stripping unwanted featres15:53
pradyumnashe_dyed: what do i install ?15:53
rAg3cosmiccigarette: just ask for it .15:53
cosmiccigaretteok so heres my problem once again15:54
cosmiccigarettei use ubuntu on a netbook(eee pc seashell in case anyone cares) and i use an external keyboard with a numpad. since i first connected the external keyboard ubuntu tries to use the same keyboard layout for my internal keyboard as it uses for the external. the problem is the internal doesnt have a numpad so the keyboard layout is now messed up because the system tries to use the right half of the internal keyboard as a numpad...15:54
cosmiccigaretteany ideas on how to fix this?15:54
compdocsubman, I have seen bios updates slove many problems. you just need to but the new bios on a usb stick, then enter the bios and use the flash util inthere15:54
cyberglyphback again sorry internet problem.  How do I use ubuntu for a proxy server and which version do I use?15:54
submancompdoc, I'm working on it now15:54
she_dyedpradyumna: what packetfrog was suggesting15:54
johnjohn1011compdoc.   yes usb update of bios is an awesome feature15:55
MonkeyDustcyberglyph  #ubuntu-server15:55
th0rcosmiccigarette: you need to tell the netbook you are using a different keyboard. When you open the screen to define the keyboard, it will give you the chance to test the various keys to make sure you have picked the right one15:55
cyberglyphok never used command line before is it pretty tough?15:55
cosmiccigarettewell i have picked the right one15:55
she_dyedgo xubuntu or Ubuntu depending how precious your time is15:55
packetfrogUbuntu is crap.15:55
cosmiccigarettethe problem is i need two different layouts because i have one keyboard with and one without numpad15:55
* packetfrog hides15:55
she_dyedsee realworld experience lol15:56
th0rcosmiccigarette: and each time you switch you are going to have to tell the system which one you are using15:56
cloudgeekduring boot i getting this not able to login *Help15:56
cloudgeek Could not update ICEauthority file /home/me/.ICEauthority15:56
cosmiccigarettehow so?15:56
rAg3cyberglyph: for a http proxy ?15:56
rAg3cyberglyph: will it be a caching server?15:56
th0rcosmiccigarette: in xubuntu it is in Settings - Keyboard15:57
cyberglyphhttp proxy I believe Im not sure what caching server is sorry kinda new to proxy stuff15:57
packetfrogcosmiccigarette, Did you hit Num Lock on the keyboard?15:57
cosmiccigaretteyes i did15:57
santiago__alguien de españa15:58
ubottuEn la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:58
cosmiccigaretteif numlock is disabled on the external keyboard the keys on the internal are disabled too15:58
cosmiccigarettebecause the system takes them as a numpad15:58
rAg3cyberglyph: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proxy_server#Caching15:58
pradyumnahow to search with apt-get? Like in Yum search *****15:58
she_dyedpradyumna: try apt-cache search15:58
cloudgeeki have done a dierctory rm -rf about 1 minute ago now how i can retrive that file15:59
rAg3cyberglyph: read it and then tell me what do you decide , caching proxy or a transparent one15:59
cosmiccigarettethere is no keyboard layout with/without numpad theres just layouts for different languages...16:00
=== security is now known as megha
cyberglyphIt looks like transparent proxy to hide my ip from the internet and surf anonymously.16:01
packetfrogcyberglyph, Is this server going to be on the same network as your computers you use?16:01
duhamelrAg3: i moved the bin file into /lib/firmware and rebooted but there is no difference16:02
rAg3cyberglyph: its not that transparent !!16:02
cyberglyphyeah its gonna be right next to my main pc and other wireless computer on my home network16:02
rAg3cyberglyph: use polipo proxy server16:02
packetfrogcyberglyph, It wont hide you then.16:02
packetfrogcyberglyph, It will show up outside as your same external IP.16:03
rAg3cyberglyph: with ubuntu 12.04 , and no proxy server is entirely anonymous16:03
packetfrogif the proxy is IN #1network its not hiding your networks external IP16:03
rAg3duhamel: download firmware for your device http://www.mediatek.com/_en/07_downloads/01_windows.php?sn=50116:04
cyberglyphI want to surf safe and not goto a website and see where I live16:04
duhamelrAg3: when i ls in that directory the other firware files similar to that one are in blue but the one i pasted is in white. do i need to change permissions on that file?16:04
rAg3duhamel: do ls -la , you'll know the permissions of all other files16:05
cyberglyphlike : whats my ip website tells exactly my current static ip and exactly where I live yikes!16:05
packetfrogcyberglyph, http://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html16:05
rAg3duhamel: it should b rw-r--r-- for all files16:05
packetfrogits not exactly where you live16:05
packetfrogits where your ISP is located16:05
rAg3duhamel: and owned by root16:05
Santoshanyone played "Speed Dreams on Ubuntu 12 ?16:06
=== Santosh is now known as Guest60679
rAg3cyberglyph: thats not possible , or u can use tor to do that !!  that way no one will know your real location16:06
Guest60679hows the control ?16:06
cosmiccigarettefor secure proxies trry: blackvpn.com or http://ovpn.to/16:06
duhamellrwxrwxrwx  1 root    root         10 Apr 13 12:09 rt3070.bin -> rt2870.bin16:06
duhamellrwxrwxrwx  1 root    root         10 Apr 13 12:09 rt3090.bin -> rt2860.bin16:06
duhamel-rw-r--r--  1 duhamel duhamel    4096 Mar 15 10:09 rt3290.bin16:06
cyberglyphright I have see anonymouse.org have see that I thought if I used a proxy server I could get the calling card without disclosing my iso info16:07
Guest60679anyone played the "Speed Dreams" game ? howz the control ? is it as crappy as Torcs's ?16:07
packetfrogcyberglyph, Unless you are doing something illegal or something that is going to piss off a government   I bet you wont continue to use any method that will make you anonymous for very long.16:07
duhamelrAg3: that is what it says.16:07
packetfrogIts slow and annoying16:07
rAg3duhamel: just make the changes and it should work16:07
cosmiccigarettepacketfrog its only slow if youre using stuff like tor16:08
cyberglyphwhy is it bad to do that?16:08
rAg3duhamel: no .. u see .. the duhamen duhamel ? it is owned by you , it should b owned by root root16:08
wilee-nileecyberglyph, On the IRC you want to register and get a cloak, your IP is seen here.16:08
Guest60679are the controls on speed dreams any better than torcs ? is it worth installing ?16:08
rAg3duhamel: so just do this .. sudo chown root:root rt3290.bin16:08
BluesKajcyberglyph, in #freenode you can give yourself some anonymity by asking for a cloak16:09
submanAnyone know how to update the BIOS?  I'm using the new UEFI Asus bios16:09
cosmiccigaretteor use a vpn proxy for a few bucks a month16:09
BluesKajcyberglyph, strictly for frenode server tho16:09
Guest60679Any one knows how I can stop jackdbus from autostarting ? there seems no conf in /etc/init16:09
Guest60679but still jackdbus auto starts.16:09
submanI dont' seem to be able to find any information on how to do that16:09
dexterdjBluesKaj : how can one ask for a cloak ?16:09
duhamelrAg3: should i also change permission?16:10
BluesKajdexterdj, in the #freenode chat16:10
ubottuTo get any kind of cloak (ubuntu member or any other kind) you first need to set up your nick as detailed in this FAQ: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup -  For Ubuntu member cloaks, ask in #ubuntu-irc and provide your launchpad page, for unaffiliated ones, ask in #freenode.16:10
rAg3duhamel: no the permissiions are fine16:10
wilee-nileesubman, If there is a bios update it would be on the manufacturers site, see what it is if there is one. Updating the bios has inherent risks, and what makes you think you need to.16:10
submanwilee-nilee, all other options to install Ubuntu on this new machine have failed16:11
dexterdjThank you.16:11
wilee-nileesubman, I doubt a bios update will fixs it, have you read the UEFI wiki?16:11
she_dyedsubman: its easy to blame BIOS16:11
submanwilee-nilee, yes.  Ubuntu installed, it just won't run16:12
shmoonwhats the difference between chroot and jail ?16:12
wilee-nilee!details | subman16:12
ubottusubman: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:12
duhamelrAg3: still a no go16:12
ubottuARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.16:13
wilee-nileeshmoon, Chroot is accessing a OS from another in root, jail is locking up something.16:13
codefreeit's not the same as ubuntu phone is it?16:13
submanwilee-nilee, I can boot from the live usb and it installs fine.  When I try to boot it, it stops at 'kernel panic- not syncing: no init found.  Try passing init=options to the kernel16:13
rAg3duhamel: ok .. one more try, download your corresponding driver from http://www.mediatek.com/_en/07_downloads/01_windows.php?sn=50116:14
submanwilee-nilee, RAM has been tested and passed16:14
tigeraniyatry changing boot parameters in grub16:14
rAg3duhamel: and delete the one you copied into /lib/firmware16:14
shmoonwilee-nilee: sorry i am confused. from what i understand chroot is changing the root of a process, and i thought the restricted environment caused in effect is the jail, but some people say they're completely different16:14
|pez|Is it possible to jail ssh users to a directory?  Wanting to offer some hosting to some friends, but don't want the hassle with ftp and stuff.16:14
wilee-nileeshmoon, Completely different.16:15
shmoonwilee-nilee: can you explain16:15
submanwilee-nilee, motherboard is an asus F2A55-M LK and the cpu is an AMD A6 5400K16:15
rAg3|pez|: yes it is , shared hostings do it all the time , limiting users to their assigned directories16:15
submanwilee-nilee, Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit is being used16:16
|pez|Without using ftp or anything like that?16:16
tigeraniyapez yes you can restrict predefined commands in ssh ..  by creating a new account for ssh and settting its shell as rssh ..16:16
|pez|Cause that'd be perfect.16:16
duhamelrAg3: how do i find out which file to download?16:16
tigeraniyainstall rssh and see /etc/rssh.conf16:16
wilee-nileeshmoon, Not really treally any better this is ubuntu support not technical explanation, that info is on the web in millions of pages.16:16
|pez|Ooh, rssh will be checked out. Thanks!16:16
ubottuA chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot16:16
wilee-nileeshmoon, Give the channel your info, not me.16:17
rAg3duhamel: give me the snippet again ? lspci -nn for your wireless ?16:17
spacedementia87hi there, I am having a problem.  I am using the XBMCbuntu live CD and when I boot I get an error telling me "mmio address already in use" and then the screen goes black.  A signal is still being put out as the screen does not go into standby, but it is just black.  Can anyone help me16:17
shmoonwilee-nilee: can you link me to a page that explains differencE?16:18
shmoonhonestly when  read this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot - then thats what i understand16:18
wilee-nileespacedementia87, This is ubuntu support of canonical releases.16:18
duhamel01:00.2 Ethernet controller [0200]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller [10ec:8168] (rev 0a)16:18
duhamel02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Ralink corp. Device [1814:3290]16:18
myscithamanhey guys a little help getting flash to play on xubuntu??  http://pastebin.com/sL4AnYFL16:19
spacedementia87wilww-nilee ahh ok, I thought you guys might be able to help.  I will try to find a xbmcbuntu channel.  hanks16:19
duhamelrAg3: 3290 PCIe?16:19
MonkeyDustmyscithaman  try sudo apt-get update, first16:20
rAg3duhamel: see your device comes with identifier as [vendor_id:device_id] as in here as [1814:3290] , so as long as u know this u can get driver for your device easily , so in the link i gave .. just find the firmware corresponding to your device id16:20
myscithamani did16:21
myscithamani am doing it again16:21
myscithamanit is doing something16:21
rAg3duhamel: download it , copy it to /lib/firmware , change ownership to root .. i need to go have my dinner before 10 !! :D brb16:21
duhamelrAg3: thanks a million. ill let you know if it works.16:22
duhamelif i find you in here again.16:22
cxybhi @all16:27
cxybanyone in mood to help out newbie?16:27
MonkeyDustcxyb  if you're sweet16:27
submanwilee-nilee, was that information helpful in describing my problem?16:27
cxybquite sure i am16:28
cxybso..i'm quite new to ubuntu, i have 12.10 with 3.5.0-27-generic kernel installed on thinkpad t 520 and i was absolutly amazed by its speed and smoothness but i'm expiriencing some kinnd of gpu  hangs and i coudnt find good answer googling16:28
cxybit is all about optimus technology i guess, justa cant pull intel and nvidia to work nice16:29
KxTwocan anyone tell me what is the difference between 51-android.rules and 99-android.rules is?16:29
MonkeyDustKxTwo  how is that ubuntu related?16:30
cxybit is wuite alot bigger number16:30
KxTwoGotta love irc16:30
cxybso monkeyDust, are you in for a help?16:31
KxTwoThe spirit of sharing knowledge is so strong.16:31
MonkeyDustcxyb  no, repeat your question every 10-15 minutes, until someone can help16:31
cxybi dont like spamming16:32
cxybwhy dont you help me?16:32
cxyb :(16:32
Ihateeveryonewhomacs suck am i right? fuck macs and fuck steve jobs16:32
Ihateeveryonewhoeven though that'd be considered necrophilia16:32
MonkeyDustIhateeveryonewho  wrong channel16:32
myscithamanyou should respect the dead.16:33
cxybjust do /j #necro16:33
wilee-nileesubman, UEFI help is not real solid here. The ubuntu forum has daily helpers that focus on this area. One of the problems with uefi is the manufacturers have tweak the new boot code to their own liking so it is a bit of hit and miss, try the forums it is your best help really. ;)16:33
IhateeveryonewhoI do respect the dead16:33
Ihateeveryonewho(with my 4 inch cock)16:33
Bus_08-10anyonw willing to help out a ubuntu newbie?16:33
MonkeyDustIhateeveryonewho  keep the channel clear for support questions, please16:33
submanwilee-nilee, yeah, it is becoming a Windows only world on new hardware now16:33
Bus_08-10anyonw willing to help out a ubuntu newbie?16:33
she_dyed!anyone > Bus_08-1016:34
ubottuBus_08-10, please see my private message16:34
cxybwhat is your problem16:34
she_dyed!ask > cxyb16:34
ubottucxyb, please see my private message16:34
Bus_08-10installed ubuntu abt an hour ago. tried to install ror and teamviewer. neither will install. also, keep getting continuous gui lockup error16:35
cxybi'm quite new to ubuntu, i have 12.10 with 3.5.0-27-generic kernel installed on thinkpad t 520 and i was absolutly amazed by its speed and smoothness but i'm expiriencing some kinnd of gpu  hangs and i coudnt find good answer googling, anyone in for a help?16:36
she_dyed'tried to install' Bus_08-10 isn't detailed enough. try again16:36
Bus_08-10same problem with me cxyb16:36
sanavi'm currently using ubuntu 10.04 .By default it have python 2.6 .Now i want 2.7 .Please help me .I don't want to change my Distro version .16:36
cxybwell...we'r fucked16:36
cxybwhat hw do you have?16:37
sanav!ot | cxyb16:37
Bus_08-10i used terminal to install rigs of rods(open source vehicle simulator) and teamviewer. neither will successfully install, using ubuntu 12.1016:37
ubottucxyb: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:37
shishireI remember that an older version of ubuntu had an Authorizations gui, which acted as a front-end to policykit.  I'm running 12.10 and I'm trying to allow a specific subset of stuff for a standard user on the machine.  Is there such a gui still?  Or at least a human readable list of all the permissions and how they interact?16:37
DJonessanav: 10.04 support ends very shortly, so you're likely to need to upgrade anyway16:37
MonkeyDustsanav  10.04 desktop will be !eol soon16:37
wilee-nileesanav, That will be end of life in about three weeks.16:37
she_dyedBus_08-10: form ubuntu repo?16:38
MonkeyDustsanav  better upgrade, first, instead of strugling with 10.0416:38
Bus_08-10no, used the teamviewer graphical install and used the ppa from rigs of rods16:38
sanavi think, i have no option left16:38
MonkeyDustsanav  indeed16:39
she_dyedBus_08-10: use a pastebin and post the errors there16:39
she_dyedfrom your ror attempt16:40
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge16:40
Bus_08-10how do I do that? Still trying to figure out everthing16:40
she_dyeduh oh what ubottu said16:40
she_dyedlooks like you're on your own now16:40
acu how can I start nautilus dolphin or konqueror as root - not through cli (I know I could just open bash and type as root - nautilus - but I guess there should be a way to run as root a program16:41
acuin kde16:41
MonkeyDustacu  if you don't know, then you shouldn't16:42
acuMonkeyDust: very inteligent and useful16:42
mythwebkit is compiling16:42
Bus_08-10ok, another question. how come i am continuously getting gui lockup?16:42
mythoh lord16:42
MonkeyDustacu  if you don't know, it means you're very familiar with ubuntu and shouldn't run a file manager as root16:42
mythBus_08-10: it freezes?16:42
MonkeyDustyou're not very familiar*16:43
Bus_08-10yes, almost every time i open more than 2 programs16:43
mythBus_08-10: cursor stops working?16:43
Bus_08-10yes and all it displays is gui lockup and attempts to restart some sort of channel16:43
acuMonkeyDust: where do you take your wisdom ? Such useful advise...16:44
Bus_08-10myth: yes and all it displays is gui lockup and attempts to restart some sort of channel16:44
mythBus_08-10: unity, right?16:45
mythno idea how to help, see what the error message is after a while, and write it down.16:45
myththen you should come back in here so someone might be able to help.16:45
Bus_08-10do you think i should just go with lubuntu for a performance boost16:46
mythbut right now, what you're giving simply isn't much info.16:46
mythBus_08-10: yes!16:46
mythgive it a try16:46
Bus_08-10i think i will16:46
deffragHello! I'm using Ubuntu 12.10 and while updating and upgrading packages I got errors as pasted here - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5703828/ .Its around grub as far as I could understand. /etc/grub.d/40_custom.save - http://paste.ubuntu.com/5703837/ . Could anyone help me understand the problem and solve it?16:46
=== miro is now known as Guest72800
onelinerhello there, just got this strange warning when attempting a sudo command --> sudo: timestamp too far in the future: Apr 14 13:04:46 201316:51
aguitelonly 10.04 run fine in my old laptop16:51
onelinerwas wondering if anyone new what i break this time :)16:51
shishireoneliner: looks like your system time is set wrong.  What is it set to?16:51
onelinershishire checked against phone, seems accurate, i ve made no changes related to internal clock or timezones16:52
onelinerthe sudo command went on hapilly doing its stuff thought16:52
cornfeedhoboexcuse me... i have been searching for a bit and cant seem to figure out which package has pythons matplot.dates?16:53
cornfeedhoboi obviously installed matplot and matplot-data16:54
MonkeyDustoneliner  what's the output of apt-cache policy sudo | pastebinit ? paste the url here16:54
bazhangpython-matplotlib-data  cornfeedhobo you mean this?16:54
cornfeedhobobazhang: i installed that already :(16:54
delocazHello, it's me again. I have given up on Xubuntu, and I'm wondering how to get Lubuntu installed on my computer, which has a SiS "graphics card". It just blackscreens, flashes something about stopping, then flashes a cursor every once in a while.16:54
bazhangdelocaz, the package is lubuntu-desktop you might try nomodeset16:55
trismcornfeedhobo: it is matplotlib.dates16:55
onelinerohh, MonkeyDust the ve. subdomain for repos is giving out 50016:55
bazhang!nomodeset | delocaz16:55
ubottudelocaz: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter16:55
delocazbazhang: Not sure how lubuntu-desktop is relevant, but i'm gonna try nomodeset16:55
semitonesHello, long time no see! I did a quick google search on my question and thought I'd better ask here: what can I do to resolve "device or resource busy" when "sync" didn't work?16:55
cornfeedhobotrism: on what repo?16:55
MonkeyDustoneliner  i guess you're 'sudo' command is part of an old repo16:55
bazhangdelocaz, thats to install the lubuntu system16:56
trismcornfeedhobo: in the python-matplotlib package16:56
onelinerMonkeyDust, oneiric is that old alread? time passes by too fast16:56
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was the fifteenth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111016:56
ubottuUbuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) was the twelfth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/1004 - Supported until April 2013 (Desktop), April 2015 (Server)16:57
mythoneliner: it's been obsolete for a while ;)16:57
cornfeedhobotrism: damn you are right thank you... but i have that installed already and its not finding dates.py ("import matplotlib.dates")16:57
she_dyedsemitones: try fuser command16:58
asmcoder8hello all16:58
she_dyedsemitones: type man fuser to see if its applicable16:58
cornfeedhobotrism: is there some python specific linking i did not do or something?16:58
delocazbazhang: nomodeset did not change anything16:59
onelinermyth about that. i was meaning to upgrade any day now, but i fear i might have mangled the core with some ppa i needed to get it to work(ironically in this same chan they told me my hardware was "too new" when i first tried installing) because i had issues with ethernet, nvidia, 2tb harddrive17:00
submanWell after using Ubuntu since 2007 on all my machines I have to throw in the towel and install Windows.  All due to this new UEFI garbage.  Sad17:00
she_dyeddelocaz: where did you type it, its for boot/grub screen17:01
semitonesshe_dyed, thanks17:01
mythsubman: why?17:01
delocazshe_dyed: On the screen where you can pick "try before installing" etc, I hit F6, selected nomodeset and pressed space, then ESC, then enter17:01
mythsubman: UEFI isn't much of an issue.17:01
histo!nomodeset | she_dyed17:02
ubottushe_dyed: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:02
submanmyth, it sure is on this motherboard/cpu combination17:02
semitonesshe_dyed, so, for example, "fuser -m /dev/sdb1" to see what's using that device?17:02
mythsubman: no it isn't17:02
submanmyth, ok17:03
she_dyedsemitones: ii think it's different for device, sometimes umount would be enough17:03
mythsubman: have you tried installing ubuntu on that box yet?17:03
submanmyth, yup17:03
semitonesshe_dyed, i mainly want to see what process is using that device, so I can decide if it's important or just hung17:03
myth32 bit version?17:03
submanmyth, 6417:03
mythsubman: tried disabling secure boot?17:03
submanmyth, yup17:04
mythsubman: what was the issue?17:04
onelinersubman nvidia graphics?17:04
submanmyth, stops booting at:  stops at 'kernel panic- not syncing: no init found.  Try passing init=options to the kernel17:05
mythuh... install gentoo17:05
aguitelis possible to continue use 10.04 ?17:05
histosubman: what cpu?17:06
histoaguitel: yes17:06
submanhisto, AMD A6 5400K17:06
bekkssubman: That means the initrd file is not found - use a live cd to check the settings of your bootloader and the existance of that file.17:06
histosubman: What disk are you usijng to install?17:06
aguitelhisto, what about updates ?17:06
submanhisto, 64 Bit Ubuntu live usb17:06
bekksaguitel: Only for the server edition, not for the desktop.17:06
histo!eol | aguitel17:06
ubottuaguitel: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades17:07
histosubman: which version17:07
submanhisto, 12.0417:07
histosubman: is the cd booting in efi mode?17:07
onelinerlive usb17:07
histoerr usb17:07
submanhisto, the bios shows the usb stick to be in EFI mode17:07
onelinermake sure mainboard allows booting from alternate devices17:07
histosubman: yeah that doesn't mean squat. let me send you directions from ubottu17:08
delocazHello, it's me again. I have given up on Xubuntu, and I'm wondering how to get Lubuntu installed on my computer, which has a SiS "graphics card". It just blackscreens, flashes something about stopping, then flashes a cursor every once in a while.17:08
histo!uefi | subman efi is quite tricky to get working17:08
ubottusubman efi is quite tricky to get working: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI17:08
submanhisto, yeah, follow those directions.17:08
=== alexis is now known as Guest91904
histosubman: well can you disable efi in the bios and enable legacy mode?17:09
submanhisto, oops, yes, I've followed those instructions17:09
submanhisto, yes.17:09
histosubman: and when you boot in legacy mode?17:09
submanhisto, same result.  No boot, kernel panic17:11
cornfeedhobotrism: figured it out. i need python3 version which is only in raring17:12
histosubman: well is it booting in bios mode or not. Youc an tell by the grub screen if you read the uefi instructions. Also how did you make this usb?17:12
submanhisto, here is the output from the boot-repair if that is of any help.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/5708205/17:13
trismcornfeedhobo: ah that would do it17:13
submanhisto, it does not boot in legacy mode.17:13
histosubman: how'd you get boot repair to run?17:14
submanhisto, live usb17:14
histosubman: So the live usb boots fine?17:15
submanhisto, yes17:15
delocazSo can anyone help me with my problem?17:15
histosubman: it's booting the live usb in efi mode but /dev/sda doesn't have efi stuff on it at all from that boot repair info17:16
eXcAliBuRwhat should i use to have a IMAP email serv running on ubuntu 1217:16
pasqualefilm 2013 ita17:16
cornfeedhobojain kubuntu17:16
histosubman: also sda is partitioned using msdos mbr instead of gpt and there is no fat32 efi partition17:17
submanhisto, so I guess the default install does not work properly with 12.04?  We just chose to erase the disk and install Ubuntu17:17
histosubman: It's supposed to according to that uefi link from ubottu right? Although I believe it says something about 12.10 having more efi fixes17:18
submanhisto,  actually the uefi ubuntu page says 12.04.02 and 12.10 should handle this all automatically17:19
BluesKajdelocaz, SiS "graphics card ? are you sure , run lspci | grep VGA and pastebin the out put pls17:19
delocazBluesKaj: How do I get to a terminal from a live CD that won't load the GUI17:20
theadmindelocaz: Ctrl-Alt-F2, but I suggest you not use Ubuntu on such old hardware. There're better options.17:20
delocaztheadmin: That's why I said *L*ubuntu :)17:21
submanhisto, so this uefi stuff really is a nightmare17:21
theadmindelocaz: Oh, sorry, I joined not so long ago and didn't see17:21
Random832hey, question17:21
pasqualefilm una famiglia perfetta17:21
BluesKajdelocaz, you're in the tty , just run the command17:22
theadmindelocaz: Aaaaanyway, if you can't run X on the livecd you can use the alternate CD to install (with 12.10, hold Shift during boot and select textmode install, can't quite recall where it was)17:22
Random832i get some weird mouse lag - like, when i start dragging, it doesn't properly pick up the drag until like half a second later17:22
=== lukas_ is now known as Guest85111
histosubman: yes. It's even worse with 32bit efi17:22
Random832so instead of dragging from the point i clicked on it drags from whatever the mouse was over when it kicked in17:22
Random832any way to figure out why it's doing this?17:22
histosubman: I would create the paritioning my self. ensure that the usb is booting in efi mode. You can tell by the grub screen if it's graphical or text mode when the usb boots.17:22
submanhisto, not really installable anymore by the average person now.17:23
wilee-nileedelocaz, the alternate is now a net install. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/alternative-downloads17:23
histosubman: it's new. With each new version of ubuntu it will get better. Like 13.04 etc...17:23
histosubman: and people don't understand it completely17:23
delocazWhere is the | key on an English keyboard or how do I change the layout17:23
submanhisto, yes but I need hardware running now17:23
NewbieBodhiany codeblocks users here?17:24
theadmindelocaz: It's supposed to be the same key as \, but on the second level (Shift)17:24
delocazand \ is... where? :)17:24
Random832delocaz: it's near the enter and backspace keys17:24
TheCrownedFoxHowdy! So I have a script that I made being created in /etc/profile.d every time I login, and I'm not quite sure how to go about getting rid of it anymore. where should I be looking?17:24
Random832exact position varies depending on keyboard especially with international layouts17:24
Random832what is your physical keyboard layout?17:24
theadmindelocaz: err, well: http://i.imgur.com/pNrmwFQ.png17:24
Random832like, on UK it's equivalent to the #/~ key i think17:25
delocazOn Danish keyboards it's Alt and the key next to +17:25
wilee-nileeNewbieBodhi, The channel works with you stating an actual problem. ;)17:25
kevin^|hey all. i have a question regarding automounts. so, i have an sshfs in /etc/fstab that when i boot my computer it goes "Error mounting /x/y/z. Press M for manual recovery or S to skip", so I press S to skip, but everything gets mounted properly as soon as i do 'sudo mount -a' .. any thoughts?17:25
histosubman: try 13.0417:25
Random832...right no i mean i would say which key on your keyboard is the same physical key as \ on US17:25
delocazOkay, it's next to Z17:25
submanhisto, well the rest of the fix seems beyond my capabilities.17:25
Random832ah, no, the one next to Z is a different one17:25
Random832try your '/* key next to enter17:26
Random832(if the one next to z works, great for you, but that key doesn't physically exist on US keyboards)17:26
Random832and some US keyboard layout software may not support it17:26
NewbieBodhiI'd like to change the terminal codeblocks is using for the run-command. It wants to use xterm, but i have no xterm installed, and don't want to install it. I'd like it to use terminology17:26
musiekhelo  i have  problem  with  my new vebcam,  can not  finde  a  driver  for  thise model  Z-cam MT4029B17:27
delocazBluesKaj: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter17:28
MonkeyDust!cam | musiek start here17:28
ubottumusiek start here: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras17:28
wilee-nileeNewbieBodhi, I see a #codeblocks channel few users but maybe some more help.17:28
submanhisto, I'll give 13.04 a shot then if that does not work, towel is thrown in!17:28
NewbieBodhii have postet my question in the codeblocks channel, 10 minutes ago. until now i got no answer there, wilee-nilee17:29
histosubman: or try another distro after that. Like debian wheezy17:29
musiekubottu  thx i  try  fix it17:29
ubottumusiek: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:29
theadmindelocaz: Yeah, the one next to Z seems to be added as extra, not sure I've selected the right keyboard model :/ Anyway, it shouldn't even be there.17:30
submanhisto, I'd love to but I dont' have a whole bunch of time17:30
musiekubottu ok but u know  more  as me17:30
ubottumusiek: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:30
submanhisto, this has to be costing Linux a lot of new users17:30
Shadow__XHello power management is not working within my ubuntu 12.04.2 virtual machine and would like to get it working. Nothing shows up under /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/ . I have isntall cpufreq and under /proc/cpuinfo power management is blank. The cpu is an amd fx832017:30
theadminsubman: Well, UEFI is fairly new. Ubuntu has the best support for it, actually.17:31
histosubman: yes there are a lot of people that don't want to read or understand it.17:31
delocazwilee-nilee: Yesterday I tried the alternate installer for Xubuntu, and after installation, it gave me a garbled screen with a cursor17:31
histotheadmin: that's not true17:31
theadminhisto: Who does it better?17:31
theadminhisto: Apart from Windows/OS X of course. I mean Linux distros.17:31
wilee-nileemusiek, Not much on the web on this camera and ubuntu, I found this no fix it seems, I would get a cam that plugs and works if it were me. https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cheese/+question/21249317:31
pasqualefilm 2012 ita17:32
DJones!piracy | pasquale17:32
musiekubottu :P17:32
ubottupasquale: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o17:32
hyprvxwait, crap17:33
wilee-nileedelocaz, I thought you had.17:33
musiek<wilee-nilee> but it  dont  work  at  skype17:33
delocazHad what?17:33
histotheadmin: arch ... debian wheezy17:34
wilee-nileemusiek, Is that the only problem, it works otherwise?17:34
musiek<wilee-nilee> not good  but  my pc  see it17:35
theadminhisto:  You may be right, but those are absolutely impossible to install for someone new to Linux.17:35
histotheadmin: so is ubuntu for subman17:35
delocazWondering if I should give up on Ubuntu for an SiS card and just proceed to Debian or Arch17:35
wilee-nileemusiek, If you want help you have to give exact details.17:36
musiek<wilee-nilee> my  skype  dont  see my webcam17:36
wilee-nileemusiek, di you install from the repos or skype, and what release are you running?17:37
musiek<wilee-nilee> yes17:37
dr_willisi imagine sis sucks on every distro  delocaz17:37
musiek<wilee-nilee> from skype webside17:37
wilee-nileemusiek, You can tab complete nicks as well, and I saked you a question yes does not answer.17:37
delocazdr_willis: I tried Debian and it worked... Wanted Ubuntu though17:38
wilee-nileeah skype website, what ubuntu release? musiek17:38
dr_willisdelocaz: drivers and xshould be the same.  check the versions17:38
delocazdr_willis: What?17:39
dr_willissame versions of x should work   delocaz17:39
musiek<wilee-nilee> http://www.skype.com/pl/download-skype/skype-for-computer/17:39
TheCrownedFoxHowdy! So I have a script that I made being created in /etc/profile.d every time I login, and I'm not quite sure how to go about getting rid of it anymore. where should I be looking?17:39
wilee-nileemusiek, What is your native language we are not communicating here?17:40
spacedementia87hi there, I am now trying to install ubuntu 12.10 on my pc.  The install seems to have locked up at the "Who are you?" screen17:40
dr_willisim suprised sis works on any linux. ;-)17:40
delocazdr_willis: How do I see which versions of X Debian and Ubuntu has?17:40
delocazspacedementia87: Try shutting down your computer and starting it back up. You're lucky it didn't freeze while it was partitioning :)17:41
musiek<wilee-nilee> polish17:41
spacedementia87I have already tried that17:41
spacedementia87Stopped at the same place17:41
dr_willisdelocaz:  package manager tools17:41
wilee-nilee!pl | musiek YOU might get better help here.17:41
ubottumusiek YOU might get better help here.: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.17:41
wilee-nileesorry for the caps, lol17:42
spacedementia87can anyone help?  I think it is something to do with the next setup screen.  It requires you to choose a picture or something17:43
=== dpac|away is now known as dpac
delocazspacedementia87: Press any key while the screen is blank and there's a little icon in the bottom middle, before the 4 dots come on.17:43
delocazspacedementia87: Then select something about checking CD integrety17:43
clarkkI need to be alerted on my desktop when the contents of a directory changes (recursively). Does anyone know how I can do that please?17:44
wilee-nileespacedementia87, Have you checked the disc with a md5sum or at the power on choices?17:44
spacedementia87I am booting off the USB but I will try that anyway17:44
wilee-nileespacedementia87, You can check the md5 of the ISO.17:44
spacedementia87just did the integrity check.  Seems to be fine17:45
spacedementia87oh no sorry, it is still going on17:45
wilee-nileespacedementia87, Where?17:45
wilee-nileespacedementia87, Yeah 10 seconds does not do it.17:45
spacedementia87Whilt it was booting. I pressed any key and chose file integrity check17:45
johnjohn1011how accurate in the coretemp program for indication of cpu heat?  my cpu says 59 degrees C but when i turn off  pc and go directly into bios it's at 39 degrees C17:46
spacedementia87Errors found in 1 file aparently17:46
musiek#ubuntu-pl.  im only there17:46
spacedementia87shall i shut down and redot my liveUSB?17:46
wilee-nileespacedementia87, Check the md5 of the ISO as well, I would do a fresh download if it were me use the torrents from the ubuntu website.17:46
spacedementia87will report back in a bit17:48
moh10lyhey guys, I'm running Pisguy 12.04 LTS and I installed teamfortress 2 but its not running17:49
fowlslegsHello people :-) Would any of you be so kind as to help me with a problem or point me in the right direction fro researching it more? I need to edit my BIOS.17:49
bazhangmoh10ly, pinguy?17:49
MonkeyDustmoh10ly  better ask in #pinguyos17:49
bazhangfowlslegs, I just told you..17:49
moh10lyyeah bazhang, it's a tribute to ubuntu i think17:49
wilee-nileemoh10ly, pinguyos is not supported here they have a channel #pinguyOS17:49
bazhangmoh10ly, its not supported here17:49
moh10lyok thanks17:49
SiebenHello everybody17:50
SiebenI launch sudo ecryptfs-mount-private17:50
Siebenand nothing happen17:50
=== seednode- is now known as seednode
wilee-nileeSieben, here is a link. http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/natty/man1/ecryptfs-recover-private.1.html17:52
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
smartcamhelphelp me troubelshoot and run smartcam17:58
smartcamhelpguys please17:58
bazhang!webcam | smartcamhelp17:58
ubottusmartcamhelp: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras17:58
at-912hi! anyone uses dlna server for streaming movies to network enabled TV? which package do you use?17:59
smartcamhelpitsnot a cam17:59
OerHeks!details | smartcamhelp18:00
ubottusmartcamhelp: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:00
wilee-nileesmartcamhelp, Use the polish channel, chnging your nick does not change your ability to communicate18:01
OerHeksi see the version 1.4 is  ... old, 2009>>  http://sourceforge.net/projects/smartcam/files/smartcam_linux/smartcam_linux_v_1.4.0/18:01
smartcamhelpthe thing is when i install smartcam , and while opening it , it give some error to load insmod and chmod 666 (/dev/videoX) and files are not found18:02
spacedementia87Ok I have made another bootable USB.  Checked md5 before writing it18:02
spacedementia87Shall I erase old install and try again?18:02
wilee-nileespacedementia87, It sounded like all you did was make the partitions, and was getting stuck in the setup process is this correct?18:03
Shadow__Xis there a way to get /proc/cpuinfo to display the power managemnet for the cpu? currently it is blank18:04
she_dyedsmartcamhelp: the X in videoX should be changed18:05
smartcamhelphow ?18:05
she_dyedsmartcamhelp: you can press tab where the X is see if tab-completion will do for you18:05
smartcamhelpxrn: what?18:06
OerHekssmartcamhelp, i assume /dev/video018:06
smartcamhelphelp me step wise man i can't understand u18:06
spacedementia87it seems to be stuck on the same screen.  The copying files bar is about 50% done18:08
she_dyedsmartcamhelp: start by changing your name18:08
spacedementia87This bar wasn't there last time18:08
she_dyedsmartcamhelp: just kidding18:09
she_dyedpaste the command that you tried here18:09
she_dyed1 at a time18:09
she_dyedsmartcamhelp: ^18:09
smartcamhelpadshia sdhakhjshd akjshdkja sdkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjahkjahksha hskhdkas18:10
smartcamhelpadl'akjs;ldka'lkdj;a'j;sdj a;ljsd18:10
FloodBot1smartcamhelp: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:10
spacedementia87And the check file integrity option doesn't seem to be there this time18:10
=== HelenCrowley is now known as LS-MFT
wilee-nileespacedementia87, Did you just use the same ISO, I have seen disc not work with a good md5 check.18:13
Sabandoes anyone here know about ssl client certificates ?18:13
spacedementia87Nah, I downloaded again from the ubuntu website18:13
Ari-YangHi I have a question. is it recommended to disable framebuffer and vertex buffer objects in compizconfig settings manager?18:14
wilee-nileespacedementia87, I'm not aware of the who are you screen, is this the set user name and password part of the install?18:16
wilee-nileespacedementia87, and you are putting in a password, can you describe this freeze?18:16
spacedementia87I put in a password and choose log in automatically18:19
spacedementia87then I click next and it stays on that screen, the install bar stops moving, and the cursor stays as the spinning "busy" cursor18:19
she_dyedat which point spacedementia87 can hit ctl-alt f4 to see what its doing18:21
she_dyedor was it f618:21
spacedementia87ok I will try that next time18:21
Shadow__XI am unable to get power management working on my machine. Nothing is listed under /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq the folder does not exist18:21
she_dyedShadow__X: start looking at logs, and your BIOS should say 'Let OS handle power management YES'18:23
qq99hello, I'd like to go about making a sandbox for running one particular program and saving output to a file.  The arguments to this program will be from the internet.  Anyone suggest a good approach / place to start looking?18:24
qq99ideally, they should not be able to run anything else but this one program18:24
spacedementia87i tried ctrl+alt+F1-618:24
spacedementia87all just show a prompt and nothing else18:25
wilee-nileespacedementia87, Did you make new partitions, or try to install in what is already there.18:25
spacedementia87asking me to log in18:25
spacedementia87Yes I made new partitions18:25
Shadow__Xshe_dyed: well cpufreq fails to modprobe and other machines are properly handing power management its just this linux machine18:26
she_dyedBIOS checked out Shadow__X18:26
=== oscailt is now known as updates
delocazOdd... Why doesn't Lubuntu work with SiS cards when Zorin OS (Lubuntu derivative) does?18:27
Shadow__Xshe_dyed: yup. Its an ubuntu VM on esxi 5.1 The other virtual machines handle power management as expected this problem is within the ubuntu vm18:27
=== updates is now known as oscailt
spacedementia87any ideas18:28
she_dyedShadow__X: modprobe will work if its got direct access to HW18:28
Shadow__Xin cpuinfo it does list the cpu18:28
she_dyedand cpu0?18:29
=== dpac is now known as dpac|away
Shadow__Xshe_dyed: but power management is blank. cpu0 is present but there is not a cpufreq folder18:29
airepwn-ng<airepwn-ng> i have another question18:29
airepwn-ng<airepwn-ng> i cant install ubuntu on this computer18:29
airepwn-ng--> Jevermeister (~Jevermeis@unaffiliated/jever) has joined ##c18:29
airepwn-ng<airepwn-ng> but i still love it and i wonder if there some ability to tweak the live cd so i dont apt-get every time the packages and include the whole thing in iso18:29
FloodBot1airepwn-ng: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:29
she_dyedShadow__X: perhaps it does find cpu0 but in a vm won't let you  supersede the host's power management18:31
spacedementia87am I just stuck on installing ubuntu then?18:32
she_dyeddelocaz: find out what driver zorin uses then18:34
zerobytedamn* MAtrox graphic card :/18:35
Shadow__Xshe_dyed: the vm should be able to control the cpu power management18:36
Shadow__Xshe_dyed: in a freebsd vm (pfsense) and in a windows 7 vm the cpu will clock down without a problem18:36
=== SpindizZzy|AFK is now known as SpindizZzy
JuNiOxhello guys, I'm getting problem with boxfs "Error while logging in to Box.net" (even though the user/pass are correct)... on /var/log/messages it says "kernel: [12913459.413557] boxfs[7789]: segfault at 18 ip 0000000000402c7b sp 00007fff1f955fe0 error 4 in boxfs[400000+9000]"  , any idea? or any alternative for cloud storage mounted as FS?18:37
spacedementia87Ok just tried installing again without repartioning and the same happens.  Locks up when I type in my username and password etc..18:39
spacedementia87it is relatively new hardware, should I try 64bit?18:40
mariorzI'm getting some git issues on a newly upgraded 12.04 system18:40
mariorzapt-get -f install18:40
mariorz"dpkg: warning: there's no installed package matching git:i38618:40
mariorzdpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of git-core:18:40
mariorz git-core depends on git (>> 1:; however:18:40
mariorz  Version of git on system is 4.9.4-1.18:40
FloodBot1mariorz: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:40
delocazspacedementia87: Sure :) If it breaks everything, try 32-bit instead18:40
spacedementia87Well I can't get 32bit installed18:41
mariorzhow is git at 4.9.4?18:41
wilee-nileespacedementia87, If it is 64 bit I would use that, however that probably isn't the problem. Have you googled that computer and the release, and or the hardware specs?18:41
BluesKaj!git | mariorz18:41
ubottumariorz: git is a distributed revision control/software code management project created by Linus Torvalds. For more information, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Git_(software)18:41
spacedementia87I have, it isn't very widely used so I don't fin much.   have seen videos of people running xbmc on it though18:42
mariorzthat was not really helpful18:42
BluesKajmariorz:  do know haow to use git ?18:42
BluesKajdo you rather18:42
mariorzyes, why?18:43
BluesKajok then finish installing theose git depends18:43
wilee-nileespacedementia87, You could try the mini cd netinstall, however if a regular install gets stuck that may be a inherent problem, I would look up the hardware with the ubuntu release you are trying.18:43
mariorzOkropNick: how does that follow?18:44
mariorzsorry, BluesKaj ^18:44
Ari-Yanganyone have solutions for fixing screen tearing in videos played by a media player?18:44
tjingboemDoes one use OPCODEDIR64=/usr/local/lib/csound/plugins64 or OPCODEDIR64="/usr/local/lib/csound/plugins64" if one wants to set an environmental variable?18:44
spacedementia87ok i'll report back what I find18:44
mariorzi thought the point of apt is that in handles deps for you18:44
wilee-nileespacedementia87, lspci in the terminal will list some hardware.18:44
spacedementia87I know I am using the ASROCK E350M18:45
she_dyedShadow__X it would do to post in the forum as well18:50
Bus_08-10problem: cant get rigs of rods to install. using lubuntu 12.1018:54
Ari-Yanghow do I check to see if there are any updates for my open source driver?18:56
Ari-YangOpenGL vendor string: X.Org18:56
Ari-YangOpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on AMD CEDAR18:56
Ari-YangOpenGL version string: 2.1 Mesa 9.0.318:56
Ari-YangOpenGL shading language version string: 1.3018:56
Ari-YangOpenGL extensions:18:56
FloodBot1Ari-Yang: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:56
dream_hello how do i fix server 10.04 lts, system broke while trying to upgrade18:56
Ari-Yangsorry for the flood :V18:56
iansirtrying to edit /etc/network/interfaces document - getting a permissions error.. my user is the administrtor account18:57
dream_server cd with fix option didnt work for me as i couldnt choose right options as i didnt want my partition to be destroyed18:57
the_eye_iansir, use sudo18:57
bekksiansir: sudo vi /etc/network/interfaces18:57
jab416171I need a way to adjust my brightness that isn't echo 1200 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness18:57
=== M98542 is now known as SpindizZzy|AFK
iansirah thanks you're the man!18:58
iansirdidnt know about "vi" command18:58
Ari-Yangmy mesa version is 9.0.3, is that the latest?18:59
BluesKajdream_:  normal apt-get update and upgrade ?18:59
LinuxHorstwhy doesnt empathy show all infos of whois?18:59
=== roko is now known as stabyou
yeatsiansir: you can do 'sudo nano <file>' too - it's probably easier to use than vi if you're new18:59
dream_no not that way bleu18:59
dream_i saw a command on console for upgrading18:59
dream_sorta alert and ran that command18:59
bekksLinuxHorst: Because empathy is an instant messenger and not an IRC client :)19:00
iansiryeah im trying to run openVPN on a VMware Player Ubuntu instance19:00
yeatsdream_: no backups?19:00
iansirsteep learning curve19:00
dream_no backups19:00
LinuxHorstbekks, it is also an irc client19:00
dream_but upgrade failed and system always hangs when rebooted19:00
the_eye_dream_, use a live cd to take a backup first19:00
wilee-nileeAri-Yang, If you spread the info over the channel instead of one detailed statement it is hard to follow or understand you problem.19:01
bekksLinuxHorst: It is an instant messenger with basic IRC functionality added.19:01
yeatsdream_: +1 what the_eye_ says19:01
BluesKajdream_:  what command exactly , you can scroll back in the terminal prompt using the ^ arrow keys to find it.19:01
dream_iblah blah release blah blah19:02
Ari-Yangokay I'll say it again (I did say this earlier o:). I'm experiencing tearing when watching videos on my media player. Any solution to resolve this? Even when sync to vblank is enabled, I still get tearing.. I don't know if it means that I have to update my open source driver or not.19:02
BluesKajdream_:  that's some helpful detail19:03
wilee-nilee!details | dream_ You are missing a handful of these19:04
ubottudream_ You are missing a handful of these: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."19:04
the_eye_Ari-Yang, what is your vga ?19:04
wilee-nileeno upgrade from to for example dream_19:04
Ari-Yang@ the_eye_ http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=e1Ud04uW here it is19:05
wilee-nileedream_, There is also the #ubuntu-server channel as well.19:06
brianherman  Is there any way to force the vesa driver to load under ubuntu 12.04 while running xen?19:06
the_eye_Ari-Yang, Sorry i don't know about ATI series19:07
Ari-Yangand here is my glxinfo http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=YUFVVVmX not sure if there are updates for open source driver (and dunno if that would help solve tearing)19:07
Doug666Hi Guise!!!! anyone experienced with rkhunter that could take a look at my log and see if this box is compromised? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5708555/19:08
yeatsDoug666: what would make you think the box is compromised?19:09
=== SpindizZzy|AFK is now known as SpindizZzy
Doug666because I found some ports opened ... without installing anything else.. and I get some warnings on the rkhunter logs19:10
iansirhmm i had better luck editing that file with19:10
iansirgksudo gedit19:10
oalAll of a sudden, my mouse pointer started jumping to the center left of my screen. It happens a second or so after moving the cursor. Really annoying. Any ideas?19:10
Doug666yeats, because I found some ports opened ... without installing anything else.. and I get some warnings on the rkhunter logs19:10
yeatsDoug666: I don't see anything obviously wrong in what you pasted19:10
yeatsDoug666: what ports?19:10
Doug666I already closed them but let me check the history just a sec19:11
the_eye_oal, try a new mousepad19:11
oalthe_eye_: It's a desktop, with a normal mouse19:11
the_eye_oal, mousepad not touchpad19:12
dream_wilee-nilee your very right as to ask for spesific details but i m really a noob, that was my testing web server, the only thing i would ask is the simplest method to get my bash back19:12
Doug666yeats, 50505 tcp, 7634 tcp, 7337 tcp, 3790 tcp, 3001 tcp19:12
oalthe_eye_: oh, well, it can't be that. It jumps to the exact same position every other second. 50% down and ~5% from the left edge19:12
dream_after the ....release ..upgradee command it downloaded all necessary files is all i can say19:13
dream_but gave an error as it couldnt finish the tast19:13
chunkyheadhow to pm on irc channel19:13
dream_is there a way i can reinstall 10.04 without losing data and without having to repartition?19:14
jab416171I need a way to adjust my brightness that isn't echo 1200 | sudo tee /sys/class/backlight/intel_backlight/brightness19:14
yeatsDoug666: if you're concerned about unauthorized access, check the /var/log/auth logs (and probably syslog and any others)19:15
BluesKajchunkyhead:  always ask the person you want to pm first , if yes , the right click on his/her nick and choose "open query"19:15
yeatschunkyhead: better to ask ubuntu questions to the full channel19:15
chunkyheadBluesKaj, is there a command instead of clicking? yeats i knw i will ask someone and then pm i'm just exploring irc hence was asking yo guys19:16
Ghost_562Howdy, I'm thinking of running ubuntu server for a home media server, would this work for me?19:16
wilee-nileeDoug666, nothing looks out of place there, hoever using that tool is a waste of time without knowing what you are doing.19:16
jab416171chunkyhead: /msg <user> <message>19:16
the_eye_Doug666,  try sockstat -4l19:17
oalthe_eye_: haha, it was my wacom tablet that was plugged in, and the pen was lying on the tablet ... I feel stupid now :p19:17
Doug666wilee-nilee, could you please check http://paste.ubuntu.com/5708583/19:17
chunkyheadjab416171, thanks :D19:17
the_eye_oal, :)19:17
chunkyheadjab416171, message should be in quotes?19:17
wilee-nileeDoug666, loosen the tinfoil cap. ;)19:18
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
jab416171chunkyhead: depends on the client, !tias19:18
Ari-Yanghmm... I tried x11 video output on my media player, and it doesn't look like I get tearing..... technically not a solution, but if I don't get tearing then I might as well use it instead of opengl...19:18
spacedementia87Ok I found a message saying I needed to use the 64bit version.  So i have tried that and get exactly the same problem19:18
jab416171!tias | chunkyhead19:18
chunkyheadwhat's tias? jab41617119:18
jab416171try it and see19:18
Doug666the_eye_, it says it is the wrong command19:19
Doug666the_eye_, that option 4 is not a valid argument19:19
Ghost_562Howdy, I'm thinking of running ubuntu server for a home media server, would this work for me?19:19
chunkyheadjab416171, what do you mean try?19:19
Ghost_562using ubuntu server?19:19
jab416171chunkyhead: try PMing someone with and without quotes, and see what happens19:20
chunkyheadjab416171, can i pm you?19:20
spacedementia87:( this is really sucky.  Why can't I install ubuntu?19:20
Ghost_562spacedementia87, whats the problem?19:20
the_eye_Doug666, try this : sudo lsof +M -i419:21
Ari-Yangthough the problem with x11 is that the colorspace details are not fully supported =/19:21
spacedementia87I boot up from the liveUSB and then I go through the setup process after the "who are you?" screen the install just locks up.  The cursor stays on the busy circle thing19:21
Ghost_562spacedementia, maybe bad usb?19:22
spacedementia87this is the 4th I have tried19:22
Ghost_562hmm, what program are you using to load the OS onto the USB?19:22
spacedementia87I have tried LiLi and universal usb installer19:22
Doug666the_eye_, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5708601/19:23
Ghost_562format usb, and use Unetbootin.19:23
NvveenHello all, I'm having drive issues. I have two laptop hdd's as sda and sdb, all setup with lvm and all of a sudden /dev/sdb can't be found at all with fdisk, vgchange -ay won't activate, dmesg is filled with errors and smartmontools says my HDD is perfectly fine. Can anyone direct me to another tool to check other types of HDD errors?19:23
the_eye_Doug666, do you use openvpn ?19:23
=== jack is now known as Guest36931
Doug666the_eye_,  yeah I use it19:24
thoonaibad idea ;)19:24
thoonaijust my 5cents19:24
spacedementia87ok will try19:25
the_eye_Doug666, it seems ok, if you need extra security use firestarter19:26
Doug666cooool !!! thank you the_eye19:26
Doug666the_eye_, is it better to use firestarter or to use an external firewall?19:26
bekksDoug666: Use both.19:27
Doug666bekks, coool will do :) thank you.19:27
the_eye_Doug666, whatever you like19:27
Doug666nice.. thank you the_eye19:27
tomatobrosNvveen did u tru badblock ?  sudo badblocks -v /dev/sdb19:29
WillisIVXXany advice for installing ubuntu 12.04.2 on a win 8 machince?19:29
reokieCan anyone explain to me why most of the linux community counts user-Unfriendliness as a strength? (not trying to flame)19:30
Nvveentomatobros, I did, it just spits out numbers19:30
wilee-nilee!uefi > WillisIVXX yes read this and use the ubuntu forums for help.19:30
ubottuWillisIVXX, please see my private message19:30
reokieI feel like the linux community focuses too much on the RTFM mentality sometimes19:31
Ghost_562!ot | reokie19:31
ubottureokie: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:31
Nvveentomatobros, I think smartmontools actually failed. I installed gsmartcontrol and it won't let me do the short test19:32
NvveenSays it fails19:32
rymate1234why do my gtk apps in kde look like relics from windows 98?19:32
yeatsrymate1234: that's not just you - the two environments don't play well together visually19:33
tozenrymate1234: because knowlege and the way of hot to solve the problems is better then noobism19:33
=== hack is now known as Guest47808
tozenreokie: because knowlege and the way of hot to solve the problems is better then noobism19:34
BluesKajrymate1234:  you need to set the gtk fonts up in kmenu.system settings>applications&appearnce19:34
rymate1234I have19:34
rymate1234set it all to oxygen-gtk19:34
rymate1234still looks fugly19:34
johnjohn1011what is the best way to access a folder on another ubuntu machine?19:34
Ghost_562johnjohn1101, walk over and use the mouse xD19:34
BluesKajrymate1234:  do so as root in the run command (alt+F2) , kdesudo systemsettings19:35
tomatobrosNvveen try Spinrite19:35
rymate1234BluesKaj: does nothing19:35
the_eye_johnjohn1011, nfs19:35
Nvveentomatobros, never mind, another test was still running for some reason19:35
BluesKajrymate1234:  try a relogin19:35
rymate1234I just did one19:36
rymate12345 minutes ago19:36
BluesKajthen reboot19:36
rymate1234why should I need to reboot?19:36
BluesKajafter the changes as root ?19:36
rymate1234files can be changed as they are being used19:36
rymate1234this isn't windows19:36
* BluesKaj prays for patience19:37
iansirhow can i move a file from ~/Downloads to /etc/openvpn? "cp  file1 /etc/openvpn" isn't working19:37
iansirPermission denied19:37
=== Garr2551 is now known as Garr255
rymate1234I already rebooted after i installed BluesKaj19:37
iansirso annoying19:37
rymate1234so I don't know why I should have to reboot again19:37
BluesKajok then fine , have it your way , rymate123419:37
tomatobrosiansir sudo ?19:38
rymate1234BluesKaj: I wouldn't expect kdesudo to work when I haven't explicitly installed it19:38
rymate1234I only installed kde-plasma-desktop and the packages I thought would make gtk apps not suck19:39
iansirthanks tomato19:39
iansirforgot that part :/19:39
=== qos is now known as qos|away
BluesKajrymate1234 , then have fun , keep thinking19:40
FMKiloCan anyone help me with amazon instant video on chrome?19:40
FMKiloamazon support told me to do exactly what I had already done.19:41
FMKilothen I had to install firefox to prove that the same issue persisted19:41
Ghost_562fmkilo, post the question/error, if someone knows/has the answer they will help.19:41
spacedementia87Ok I used that new USB creator tool I was recommended and I am getting stuck at the same place19:42
Ghost_562spacedementia, you get any error?19:42
FMKiloAn error occurred and your player could not be updated.This is likely because your Flash Player or Browser needs to be updated.This update is required to play back this video.19:42
spacedementia87no just see the spinning busy cursor again19:42
Ghost_562you give it any time to think?19:43
Ghost_562FMkilo, flash up to date?19:43
spacedementia87It has been like that for 5 minutes now19:43
Nvveentomatobros, gsmartcontrol does the same thing again now, the short self-test keeps hanging at 90%19:43
FMKiloupdated it today19:43
Ghost_562FMKilo, updated browser?19:43
rymate1234BluesKaj: surprisingly, kdesudo now works after I installed the package. No reboot required19:43
FMKiloupdated today.19:43
Ghost_562spacedementia, any black screen, maybe usb is loose?19:44
tomatobrosNvveen is /dev/sdb mounted ?19:44
Ghost_562FMKilo, any system updates pushed?19:44
OerHeksFMKilo, known issue, see this tread > http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2121086&page=2  solution i do not recommend: downgrade flash19:44
spacedementia87No no black screen, Still showing the "Who are you?" screen19:44
BluesKajrymate1234:  i never had to install kdesudo ,, i've been on kde for yrs so ne need19:44
BluesKajno need19:44
spacedementia87USB is in fine.  Would be quite a coincidence if it locked up at the same place every time19:44
tomatobrosFMKilo try google chrome with pepper flash it may help19:44
Ghost_562spacedementia, is your hash the same as the one on the ubuntu website?19:45
Nvveen_tomatobros, gsmartcontrol does the same thing again now, the short self-test keeps hanging at 90%19:45
FMKilopepper flash doesn't work at all. it tells you to disable it.19:45
spacedementia87I will check now, but it was last time I checked19:45
rymate1234BluesKaj: well I only installed it today, and I didn't install kdesudo19:46
tomatobrosNvveen_ if /dev/sdb mounted try umount and run test again19:46
tomatobrosbtw short test is useless if disks have bad sectors19:47
BluesKajkdesudo is just command for root permissions for guis , sudo is the same as ubuntu in the terminal, rymate123419:47
spacedementia87hmm I can't find the hash on the ubuntu site now19:47
Nvveen_tomatobros, /dev/sdb isn't mounted, fdisk doesn't even list /dev/sdb19:47
Ghost_562spacedementia, can you enter anything on the "Who are you" Screen?19:47
rymate1234BluesKaj: so why didn't you just tell me to run sudo systemsettings?19:47
spacedementia87I have enetered all the stuff on that screen and clicked continue19:48
spacedementia87that is when it locks up19:48
FMKilorolling back flash worked. Not to say that I like to run older versions of flash, but that version is still quite new.19:48
BluesKajbecause system settings is a gui , rymate123419:48
rymate1234and sudo systemsettings works perfectly19:48
Ghost_562on the username, try removing capital letters if it has any.19:48
rymate1234also kdesudo is is a gui for sudo19:48
BluesKajit's the same as gksudo for gnome/unity19:48
spacedementia87nop no caps in there19:49
FMKiloI have an interesting question that's not related to my previous one.19:49
rymate1234all wrappers for sudo19:49
aguitelhow install ubuntu server edition over 10.04 desktop edition?19:49
BluesKaj!kdesudo | rymate123419:49