lderanknome, how does this look http://paste.ubuntu.com/5706406/00:16
Unit193Hrm, he didn't change it so it said "Created by Meetingology"?  That's alright.  He may or may not be sleeping, it  is 3am his time.00:19
knomemmh, right.00:19
knomeUnit193, hah, i'm still here!00:19
knomelderan, personally i think the action items are useless (you only need the "by person" really)00:20
Unit193lderan: You have a place you're slapping the code?  I think I have a clone of meetingology.00:20
lderanUnit193, yeah i have it running locally00:20
knomelderan, hmm. i'm wondering about the subtopics00:20
knomelderan, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PasiLallinaho/MeetingologyOutput00:21
knomelderan, see how that turns out in moin?00:22
knomeactually, that's fine00:22
lderanah okay 00:22
knomenvm that.00:22
knomei was wondering that it was weird that the items not under a subtopic appeared at the same level as the subtopics00:22
knomebut it's not00:23
knomeanother idea is to make the subtopics bold00:23
knomethat would probably make them stand out enough00:23
knomealso, another thing i'm generall wondering about00:23
knomethe main topics do not have times, so why should the subtopics (or the items?!)00:24
knomepeople may disagree about that, but for me, having the times for each item is just overhead00:24
lderancan agree with that00:24
knomeand i don't think it matters too much who "posted" them00:24
knomewhat about... (just a sec00:25
lderanif you wanted to know the time the chat log has them00:25
knomesomething like that, maybe?00:26
knomei mean the times for topics are fine, because that allows you browsing the logs quickly if you are looking for some particular discussion00:26
lderanshould be much of a do to do that00:26
knomei'm not even sure if the minutes are necessaru.00:27
knomeseconds :)00:27
knomeor just...00:27
knome(again, sec)00:27
knomeanother idea added at the wiki00:29
knomethe time is a bit obtrusive on the title though00:29
knomeor just s/@/at/00:30
knomewhatever you think is good00:31
knomethat's just minutiae00:31
knomeit's great to get the output fixed generally00:31
knome(thanks! :))00:31
lderanno problem at all00:31
* lderan goes to find where it generates the string (nick time)00:32
pleia2knome: see my comments about the size of screenshots?00:36
knomepleia2, yes.00:36
knomepleia2, i read it, but i didn't read it.00:36
knomepleia2, i'm fine with the articles as they are though00:36
knomepleia2, i can boot up my vbox if you want me to take more/new shots00:36
pleia2yeah, so for like http://temp.knome.fi/temp/xubuntu/marketing_magazine/xubuntu-taskmanager.png I think we want it cropped just around the task manager00:37
pleia2and the task manager should maybe be made smaller, so people can actually read it once it's shrunk00:38
knomehttp://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/marketing_magazine/taskmanager.png ? :P00:38
knomethat was already there!00:38
knomebut i can take a shot of an even smaller one00:38
pleia2yeah, a bit smaller would be good00:38
knomejust tell me what you want me to do and i'll do it as you say00:39
pleia2like xubuntu-adjusting-sound.png I think we can just crop it around the dialog itself00:39
pleia2smaller and cropped xubuntu-autostart.png too00:40
knomethat's a shot for that and the soundmenu.00:40
pleia2it's going to be impossible to read when shrunk for the magazine00:40
knome"read" ?00:40
knomeit's an image...00:40
pleia2the images have words on them, mute, sound settings, etc :)00:41
skellatApply Gaussian Blur for good measure just in case :-)00:41
pleia2otherwise they all look like "desktop with some blurry tool"00:41
knomeyou stupid :P00:41
pleia2that one is fine00:42
pleia2I'm talking about the control from the panel00:42
knomei'll take a new one with more action though00:42
knomeso, then?00:42
pleia2I can just do the cropping00:42
pleia2did we change the default wallpaper?00:43
pleia2(I'm running beta2 and it's still the 12.10 one)00:44
knomewe're in the progress00:44
knomethat should've happened already ages ago, but it slipped my monitor back then00:45
pleia2hehe, monitor00:45
skellatpleia2 knome I still haven't seen anything on #ubuntu-release that the new xubuntu-artwork has gone in yet.  It is the weekend, though, so perhaps we might see it Monday or Tuesday.00:46
knomeskellat, micahg promised he could do that upload00:47
knomeskellat, we need the upload for the shimmer-themes bug too, and that's a bit more kinky00:47
skellatI know00:47
knomeskellat, i'd really like mr_pouit handling it, because he knows how to do it and it'd take him much less time than for anybody else00:47
skellatubuntu-sponsors have been pinged so it is past what I have rights to do within the current infrastructure00:47
skellatWhere has mr_pouit been lately?00:48
pleia2knome: we using bar photo or uds room photo? and did you want to crop the knome presentation photo or should I do it? (evil laugh!)00:49
knomeoh, i should do that00:49
knomejust a sec as i upload these shots00:49
knomeskellat, living his life?00:49
skellatknome: :-)00:50
knomepleia2, http://temp.knome.fi/xubuntu/marketing_magazine/00:50
pleia2ty <300:50
knomeso, let's look at the photo00:50
knomewrong channel00:55
knomepleia2, look at #xubuntu :P00:55
knomeyeah, it's 4am here... :)00:56
knomeif you are concerned about the image still being too small, feel free to crop more from the top-right00:57
knomei'd say that the cropping on the lower left is fine now00:57
pleia2should be ok00:58
pleia2I am thinking bar pic, want to crop that one?00:58
knomeif you have a link handy, that would be... handy00:59
knomebut if you don't it's as much browsig for me than it's for you01:00
knomefound it.01:00
knomei was just being lazy.01:01
knomeor, uploading.01:02
pleia2can you make a smaller session and startup one too? :)01:07
knomelet me boot up the vbox again!01:07
knomei'll do it, it just takes some time.01:08
knomebtw, did you notice my grand idea in twitter?01:11
knomeyou now have some screenshots to choose from01:12
knomethe one with a vertical panel (hozza) could be good for inclusion01:13
knomeand probably the one with that wacky conky setup (the one in googleuser...)01:14
knomethere was also one which i thought wouldn't be fine for inclusion01:15
knomei'm glad he opened a window at least.01:16
knomeso do you think we could use those?01:20
knomei would imagine the posters do not have problems with us using them, because they specifically sent them to us... but if you want, you can contact them to ask if you want to attribute them01:21
pleia2I don't think I'll bother01:21
knomeor just attribute to @TwitterUser01:21
knomei think i'll retweet the ones we've chosen, just for the laughs.01:22
knomedo you need something else from raring?01:22
knomei'm going to bed next.01:22
knomei don't think it's too bad if we send better pics later01:23
knomebrb, brushing teeth01:23
pleia2all is good, I'm prepping these articles to send in a bit :)01:24
knomeok good01:26
pleia2doh, pavucontrol2.png is another task manager01:30
pleia2but I can retake this one01:31
knomei can too01:31
knomejust a sec01:32
pleia2is ok, I got it01:32
knomei'm shutting down vbox and the pc now then01:33
knomethanks for taking care, and see you01:33
pleia2sure, good night01:33
knomenighty! :)01:33
pleia2shipped \o/02:34
pleia2that was a lot more work than I had anticipated when we started this02:34
ochosiknome: two users 08:01
Noskcajochosi, how random08:02
ochosiknome: two users with the same realname will most likely still have either dofferent avatars or wallpapers08:02
Noskcajnever mind08:02
ochosibut yeah, we can think about this scenario in the next greeter-release08:02
skellatFrom #ubuntu-release (08:44:50 AM) queuebot: (notice) [03:46:07] Unapproved: xubuntu-artwork (raring-proposed/universe) [13.04.3 => 13.04.4] (ubuntustudio, xubuntu)12:48
lderanknome, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5707741/ also have added it to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PasiLallinaho/MeetingologyOutput#preview13:48
knomelderan_, shiny!15:57
knomelderan_, though i think that the meeting ending time could be grouped with the starting time/info.15:57
knomeochosi, yes, no rush with that. just something to think about (show username somewhere, since that needs to be unique)15:58
knomeskellat, cool15:58
knomepleia2, great!15:58
lderan_knome, good idea15:59
knomeLO in raring looks better than previously, ++ there16:01
knome(i mean the startup/load screen)16:01
knomethat got some literal thumbs up from me16:02
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ochosiknome: easy and obvious way is to do "Real name (username)" in the combobox16:37
lderanknome, so something like  * #channelname: test meeting, 14:44:44 ~ 15:55:55 - 14 Apr 201317:02
knomeochosi, or username on hover19:28
knomelderan, s/~/&mdash;/19:29
knomelderan, and "test meeting, 14 Apr at 14:44:44 – 15:55:55" is probably better19:29
lderanso remove the channel name from it as well?19:33
knomefor my purposes, it's unnecessary19:33
knomebut i suppose it can be there19:33
knomejust not sure if it should be the first one19:33
knomepleia2, d'oh! can you resend me the articles email when you get back? :)19:36
knomeif somebody does upgrade tests "from image", see bug 115516719:44
ubottubug 1155167 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Upgrade from image prompts creating a new user" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115516719:44
knomethat bug happens at least with newly installed quantal being upgraded to raring19:44
knomeand i don't see any reason why it wouldn't in any case19:44
lderanknome, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5708658/ can move the channel name easily enough19:45
knomelderan, heh, with &mdash; i mean literal "–" (without quotes)19:45
knomelderan, also, can you drop the seconds from the stamps?19:45
knomethat would be good, even easier to read19:46
knomelderan, have you shown your work to AlanBell?19:47
lderannot yet19:47
knomelderan, hmm. i suppose there wasn't any more output on the voting?19:50
knomei mean, in the channel, i remember the bot saying something like "motion carried"19:50
knomealso, we need to tweak the current output as well19:50
knomeif not else, we need to add a * to make the results a list item19:50
lderanit does say "motion carried" in the irc window19:51
Unit193Hrm, should bump Alan about private votes too.19:51
knomewhat if the subitem was "  * Motion carried (For/Against/Abstained: 1/0/0) or so?19:52
knomelderan, oh btw!19:52
knomelderan, add [[ ]] to wrap the log link19:52
lderanso it'll be fulls logs at [[ url ]]?19:53
knomewithout spaces, i think19:53
knomenot sure how moin handles the spaces...19:53
lderanokay 19:53
knomesince we are this far, i'm wondering if we should link all the timestamps19:53
knomelet me look at it.19:53
knomeoh, that won't work without modifying the other output runners19:55
knomeso nvm19:55
lderanknome, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5709000/ done the voting bits, working on removing the seconds next but first sleep :P22:18
lderan&mdash; is accepted by moin it seems22:18
knomeyeah it should, it's standard html entity22:19
knomethe votes look great now22:20
knomesad meeting btw, bot said more lines than you22:20
knomeon output, "Motion deadlock" -> simply "Deadlock"22:21
knomealso, if it's not too hard, the votes could show up in the summary22:23
knome(not the results, just as items like "  * Vote: Topic" (and possibly "(Carried)" or sth)22:24
knomeand the votes section could then be called "Vote results"22:24
lderansounds good to me22:28
knomegood :)22:30
knomeanyway, good night :)22:30
lderanaye good night22:31
micahghrm, when are we voting on project lead?22:40
knomemicahg, because the strategy document said a term is three releases when i was elected22:43
knomeoh, when.22:43
knomemay 1-222:43
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