myscithamanwhich adober flash do i need for xubuntu?00:06
GeissTGenerally, the Linux one for your architecture (32 or 64 bit)00:11
myscithamanlook on the following website, please check drop down list, isnt one of those good for xubuntu?  http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/00:11
GeissTXubuntu is Linux yes? Then choose the linux one.00:12
GeissTAPT is your preferred.00:12
myscithamanthank you00:12
knomewell the preferred one is from the repositories00:12
GeissTknome: Agreed, but as myscithaman asked about the website I thought it best to point him/her there. 'sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer' will work too myscithaman00:16
myscithamanknome, how do i get my firefox to run all kinds of vids and java and well, be media friendly?  I am testing out this xubuntu, and it looks great, but it just crached the software center and said there is no flash plugin.00:16
xubuntu541hi, I'm having troubles with my time setting on the top panel of my xubuntu. I go into time and date and set the time with my password and everything, but it always wants to go back an hour the next time I log in. In other words, it won't stay set. How do I fix it?00:17
myscithamanthanks, i'll do that one00:17
GeissTxubuntu541 have you tried any solutions from here? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185835400:17
GeissTSometimes the GUI can be a little clanky :)00:18
knomemyscithaman, i would suggest installing the "xubuntu-restricted-extras" package00:18
knomemyscithaman, that will install the flash plugin as well as other things you might want, like an mp3 codec00:18
xubuntu541no   o.k. this site will help with my time setting?00:18
GeissTxubuntu541: It should do, if not we can try something else.00:19
xubuntu541o.k. I'll try it  thanks00:19
GeissTYou're welcome00:19
myscithamancntrl alt T doesnt work :-(00:21
myscithamanwhat is going to make it work ? :(00:21
myscithamanoh, super t yaya, something new :)00:22
GeissTxubuntu541: if that didn't work, this can also be a solution (http://askubuntu.com/questions/232592/xubuntu-12-04-wrong-time-change-system-language)00:24
xubuntu541o.k. so at that site, they say to go to time and date and let it load up the internet connection for setting the time. Is that o.k. on xubuntu?00:27
xubuntu541bazhang  are you saying "sure" to me?00:29
myscithamanxubuntu is pretty good, but the restricted extras still did not let the cnn play the vid00:36
SunStartry installing totem and all its extras, rhythembox n its extras n vvlc00:49
SunStarone of those should fix it00:49
knomemost probably not.00:52
lderanis there a way to stop notifications from appearing on both my screens?00:53
knomepleia2, look at the same url00:54
knomepleia2, re: bar/session photo, you can decide00:54
knomeoops :)00:55
star5gyhujklp9i8i was using a 32 bit on 64 amd 64 bit system lol no wonder everything wasnt working right i have amd 64 bit copy of xubuntu 12.10 now i have audio and my docky is working right02:00
ballIs docky the poppy-up thing at the bottom of my screen?02:01
ballIs there a way to permanently remove that?02:01
lderanhover over it02:02
lderanright click and remove from panel, when you're hovering over the grey bit02:02
star5gyhujklp9i8all you have to do go to software center to delete it  i think02:03
lderanor not, weird02:03
ballCan I make the whole panel go away and never come back?02:03
pleia2ball: under panel preferences the big red - sign is to remove it02:04
lderanah ha found it02:04
lderanthats it02:04
star5gyhujklp9i8i like myself lol02:04
pleia2(that will fully delete it, you can't get it back)02:04
ballGreat, thanks!02:04
ballI'll add that to my list of things to fix whenever I install Xubuntu02:05
Unit193ball: It's actually just xfce4-panel.02:05
ballUnit193: I was going to ask whether that was an Xfce thing or something Xubuntu-specific.02:06
star5gyhujklp9i8plz tell me are they going to fix the error in raring ringtail xubuntu when youadd files to k3b02:06
Unit193ball: It's Xubuntu, but it's only using the xfce4-panel.02:07
* ball nods02:07
ballSomeone probably finds it useful.  Not everyone uses computers the way I do.02:07
Unit193star5gyhujklp9i8: No idea, k3b is a KDE application, so you could just the Kubuntu release notes too when it's released.02:07
Unit193ball: Indeed, indeed.  Everyone (should) have their own setup instructions. :)02:08
star5gyhujklp9i8i love xubuntu 12.1002:08
star5gyhujklp9i8raring ringtail is just a maintence os02:08
ballI don't even know what version this is.  It's getting wiped tonight but I'll probably install it on another disk in the same computer.02:08
ballI'm doing some disk-juggling02:09
star5gyhujklp9i8i dont do that . im happy with my hp 6 dandelion breeze02:10
star5gyhujklp9i8i just recently replaced my hard drive too'02:10
ballNo idea what a "Dandelion Breeze" is.02:14
pleia2the internet tells me it's a pretty laptop with dandelions on it :)02:18
shapeHi, anyone have any suggestions for fixing HD video tearing in Xubuntu? most fixes on the wikis recommend CCSM (which I have tried regardless anyway), and i have already been through 6 nvidia drivers.02:23
star5gyhujklp9i8how to get single mp3s for free in xubuntu 12.1002:37
Unit193You can use http://www.jamendo.com/, but that's a little out of scope for here.02:38
ballstar5gyhujklp9i8: how is that a Xubuntu question?02:38
star5gyhujklp9i8well im using xbuntu02:39
Unit193Sure, but it isn't an Xubuntu question.02:39
star5gyhujklp9i8what channel to got o02:39
ballI use Xubuntu, what kind of roof should I buy for my house?02:39
star5gyhujklp9i8lol i see your point'02:40
Unit193ball: Blue.02:40
star5gyhujklp9i8how can i get my revolving wallpaper to stay changing .  i got it set to image list and i set it to1 min.  it doesnt stay changing02:43
ballThanks Unit193. :-)02:43
star5gyhujklp9i8im running 12.1002:43
xubuntu833I',m running 12.10 and it's bored, it's best mac or windows :/02:44
xubuntu833Alguien habla español. ?02:45
ballxubuntu833: do you mean it's bored or that it's boring?02:45
ball(that you find it boring?)02:45
star5gyhujklp9i8my wallpaper does not want to change after i add my pics to image list02:45
xubuntu833bored :c02:45
xubuntu833its bored02:45
ballI don't think that makes any sense in English02:45
Unit193xubuntu833: Let it play tick tack toe?  Can you restate your question using different words?02:46
xubuntu833nobody speack spanish ?02:47
Unit193!es | xubuntu83302:47
ubottuxubuntu833: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #xubuntu-es; escriba "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro. Si nadie responde, puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.02:47
n-iCexubuntu833: dime02:47
star5gyhujklp9i8WE SPEAK ENGLISH02:47
n-iCexubuntu833: dime qué pasó?02:48
star5gyhujklp9i8I DONT SPEAK SPANISH02:48
Unit193star5gyhujklp9i8: Calm down, he's talking to the person that does.02:49
Unit193!caps | star5gyhujklp9i802:50
ubottustar5gyhujklp9i8: PLEASE DON'T SHOUT! We can read lowercase too.02:50
Unit193star5gyhujklp9i8: You're seeing this?  https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=14084302:51
star5gyhujklp9i8i cannot get my wallpaper to change very well and ive add them to image list02:51
Unit193It's not made to switch like that, as far as I can tell.02:52
Unit193You could use something like wally or use crontab to reload xfwm4.02:53
n-iCeI think my fans are not working03:04
n-iCeHow can I check it?03:04
n-iCelaptop gets really hot since I installed xubuntu03:04
sudoair_anyone care to help a noob04:29
holsteinsudoair_: just ask, and see if a volunteer can help04:29
sudoair_ok, so i'm trying to install xubuntu but my wired connection doesn't connect, it just keeps trying and then tells me its disconnected04:30
sudoair_so i'm trying to follow some of the fixes on here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=196846904:30
holsteinsudoair_: do you want to install? or connect the live CD to the internet?04:30
sudoair_i've already installed04:31
holsteinsudoair_: i woulnt necessarily do both04:31
sudoair_without internet04:31
holsteinsudoair_: ok.. so, youa re *not* trying to install xubuntu then, correct?04:31
holsteinsudoair_: you *have* already installed?04:31
holsteinsudoair_: ok.. and the wired network is not working?04:31
holsteinsudoair_: are you sure the hardware is functional?04:31
sudoair_well, it has worked in the past04:32
holsteinsudoair_: if you "hit a wall" with this, you might want to confirm the hardware is functional04:32
holsteinsudoair_: have you checked the bios to see if its disabled there? open a terminal and run "lspci" and see if you see the NIC04:32
sudoair_i see PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller04:33
holsteinsudoair_: do you have another way to connect that is working?04:34
sudoair_no, all i have is a usb wireless adapter and it does not work without some effort04:34
sudoair_as in, getting ndiswrapper and some drivers04:35
sudoair_the ethernet was working just a couple hours ago04:35
sudoair_when i accidently installed the 32bit version of xubuntu04:35
sudoair_and now that i've installed the 64 bit, it no longer works04:35
sudoair_i was going to try http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1968469 post #504:35
holsteinsudoair_: if this is a fresh install, i would just go back to the 32bit.. though, its likely you did 32bit one version and 64 another04:36
sudoair_but i can't install gedit04:36
holsteinsudoair_: you can use nano instead of gedit04:36
holsteinsudoair_: just install the 32bit...04:36
holsteinsudoair_: if you want to try that "fix", use nano04:37
martukasrecovering data from an encrypted xub volume has unraveled into an LVM problem. can anyone help me navigate this?05:34
martukaspvs gives me   /dev/mapper/encrypto1 xubuntu lvm2 a--   7.75g 32.00m which is correct, but if VG is 'xubuntu' then I should do lvdisplay /dev/xubuntu ? this one gives me references to my primary drive, not the one I'm after05:37
greg_hello,  i got a question: If I install the daily build today, and run apt-get upgrade on release date, will it then be like the real release? (with custom installed software)09:42
baizongreg_ yes09:55
xubuntu884this might seem a super stupid question but how do i install xubuntu from a cd or sd card to my HDD (got 8gb sd card and 800mb disc thats my only options)11:08
baizonxubuntu884: http://www.tecmint.com/xubuntu-12-10-desktop-quantal-quetzal-linux-installation-guide/11:09
baizonthis is a guide for example11:10
xubuntu884baizon i get this message "unable to find a medium containing a live file system"11:17
bazhanghow did you write it11:19
bazhangif this is the hybrid iso ie 12.10 you have more options than before11:20
xubuntu884I just downloaded the iso and dragged and droped it on to the cd and then put cd in my pc and booted off it11:22
bazhanghttp://askubuntu.com/questions/197845/from-terminal-how-make-a-live-usb-for-all-distros-not-only-for-ubuntu  xubuntu88411:22
bazhangyeah drag and drop is not going to work11:23
xubuntu884what have you got to do then? :S11:23
bekksxubuntu884: So you created a data CD, containing just one file, the .iso - thats not supposed to be bootable-11:23
bazhangsee the link above. you can dd it or even use cat11:23
bazhangpretty nifty that you can use cat these days11:24
bazhangread the link I posted above for you xubuntu88411:24
MySciThaManhey guys, i'll come back in a little while.14:56
tadsqsomeone know why fn+f9 dont work on xubuntu but is fine on ubuntu ?15:17
myscithamanhi guys, when i run the mint 14 xfce i get cnn working with video right off the bat.  why does it work and xubuntu doesn have it?  whats missing in xubuntu?  how can i make xubuntu do that?  I like xubuntu  and the set up, the color, the way things are laid out, i just need to be able to watch news vids etc etc15:37
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Myrttimyscithaman: xubuntu-restricted-extras15:46
myscithamani tried that Myrtti it didnt work15:49
Tm_Tmyscithaman: what didn't work?15:49
Myrttiso what videos specifically do you want to watch, what encoding?15:49
myscithamanmaybe it needed restart15:49
Myrttiand with what did you try to watch them?15:50
myscithamani am trying something, but basically i want to be able to play browser vids, conn youtube etc etc, it doesnt play them, xubuntu says i need flash, btu then there is not flash installer in the software center, i will try the flashplugin-installer thing15:50
myscithamancnn, i tried cnn15:50
Myrttiwell you do need to restart the browser after installing flash15:51
Myrtticnn is flash video15:52
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myscithamanhey guys a little help getting flash to play on xubuntu??  http://pastebin.com/sL4AnYFL16:16
myscithamanthe paste has what i have attempted so far... any ideas?16:17
Myrttimyscithaman: so your computer can't get the packages from the internet.16:22
myscithamanthis is a live disk, is that why?16:23
Myrttidoes the internet work otherwise?16:24
myscithamanyeah it is working16:24
myscithamanyou think i should try it again?16:24
Myrttiwell you could16:25
myscithamani installed adobe flash through software center, and restared firefox, maybe this time16:25
myscithamanit seems to be working now16:27
myscithamandark lightning radiation strikes?  cnn works, but really? lightning that gives you cacner in a second?  owell, hey thanks Myrtti16:29
myscithamana debconf window keeps poping up and closing quickley. what is that? and the script keeps asking if it should keep running.  is that normal? i think it is an ad16:34
semitoneshello peeps16:56
semitoneshey you gusy16:56
semitonesI am thinking of switching to xubuntu on my slowish laptop16:56
semitonesand I've heard16:56
Cheri703semitones: ! welcome :) I've made the switch myself, a few months ago16:57
semitonesin the olden times, that xubuntu was slower than ubuntu. Is this still the case?16:57
semitonesCheri703, hey cool!!!16:57
Cheri703I've found it the same or faster16:57
bazhangif its really slow then lubuntu would be a better fit semitones16:57
semitonesWhat would be really cool is if I could install both lubuntu and xubuntu, and try them out.16:58
semitonesbut I don't know a good way of removing the DE cleanly16:58
semitonesCheri703, not a bad idea :D16:58
semitonesi think i'll try that16:58
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »16:58
Cheri703bazhang: that so does not work16:58
Cheri703at least it NEVER has for me16:59
bazhangor purelxde16:59
bazhangCheri703, thats odd it works just fine here16:59
semitonesbazhang, thanks16:59
Cheri703semitones: on my primary computer I always do upgrades/switches on separate partitions, I can move stuff over at my leisure, and if it freaks out? I just boot back to the other one :)16:59
semitonesCheri703, that's cool -- I used to try keeping my /home separate, and just migrating it over to brand new installs,17:00
semitonesbut I never was very comfortable with the permissions transferring over17:00
semitonesi don't think I knew enough to do it right :p17:00
Cheri703I don't bother with that, I have symlinks to my dropbox (formerly ubuntu one til it ate stuff) and then it will all sync to one spot and everything can see it. :)17:00
Cheri703only on things that won't poop themselves due to new versions though17:01
Cheri703stuff like tomboy, my mouse config, etc17:01
drcQuick Question:  What happens if, after using the Additional Drivers on 12.04 to install the Nvidia driver (iirc 310.14), one wanted to install a later driver (say 310.44 from the nvidia website, which installs and runs perfectly on Slackware, Salix and Debian) ?17:31
fowlslegsHello people :-) Would any of you be so kind as to help me with a problem or point me in the right direction fro researching it more? I need to edit my BIOS.17:48
drcfowlslegs: Like bazhang said, there are better places to ask about this (it's really depending on your hardware), but you might ask the question based on whether you actually need to edit the BIOS or just change some settings.17:50
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xubuntu336i have a problem with a card video Model kmc 4400r19:47
holsteinxubuntu336: feel free and elaborate.. what problem... etc19:48
xubuntu336how do I make it work?19:48
holsteinxubuntu336: the vesa driver should work with any device...19:49
ubottuA common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter19:49
xubuntu336ok.. i see the link..19:50
holstein!ati | xubuntu336 check this for installing proprietary graphics drivers19:51
ubottuxubuntu336 check this for installing proprietary graphics drivers: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto19:51
xubuntu336ok... if i send this command "xawtv-device / dev/video1"19:53
xubuntu336WARNING: No DGA direct video mode for this display. WARNING: couldn't find framebuffer base address, try manual          configuration ("v4l-conf -a <addr>") v4l2: WARNING: framebuffer base address mismatch v4l2: me=(nil) v4l=(nil) Alsa devices: cap: (null) (/dev/video1), out: default19:54
xubuntu336i have this output19:54
holsteinxubuntu336: i would try booting a live CD with the nomodeset option.. then, i would try other drivers.. then i would try a custom xorg.conf file19:55
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SonikkuAmericaRunning 12.04 LTS in VBox (mainly because I don't wanna have to mess with partitioning or reinstall my current configuration), is it better to install the Guest Additions in "Additional Drivers" or through the VBoxGuestAdditions.iso in the Extension Pack?21:08
holsteinSonikkuAmerica: i would try the ones in the repos first probably.. really shoudnt matter or be a "better"21:09
SonikkuAmericaThe ones in Additional Drivers then?21:09
n-iCewhen is 13.04 realesed?21:10
SonikkuAmerican-iCe: 2013.04.25 (discuss it in #ubuntu+1)21:10
SonikkuAmericaYep, the 25th21:11
SonikkuAmerica11 days21:11
holsteinSonikkuAmerica: the "additional drivers" is the name of the package.. i would try installing them from the ubuntu repos in the guest, but the other way is fine as well21:11
sudoairhey, i have this issue where i can't connect to the internet via ethernet on my 64 bit installation of xubuntu, ubuntu, or mint21:23
sudoairbut it works on windows 8 64bit21:23
sudoairand it also works on 32bit installations of xubuntu21:23
holsteinsudoair: why not just use the 32bit version?21:25
holsteinare you sure its not different releases as well? like 32bit 12.04 vs 64bit 12.10?21:25
holsteinsudoair: xubuntu *is* ubuntu.. and mint is likely using the same kernel21:26
sudoairthats a good point21:27
sudoairmaybe i'll try linux mint debian21:27
David-Asudoair: do you have ISP or router that wont issue a dynamic ip-address until a certain time has passed?21:37
David-Asudoair: (in case you are dual booting)21:37
rusman_yare there unity in xubuntu 12?23:36
knomexubuntu never used unity.23:36
rusman_yoh good23:36
knomeand there's no "xubuntu 12" either, only 12.04 or 12.10.23:36
rusman_yis xfce the same as mate?23:39
rusman_yknome whichever is more lightweight xfce or mate how do you think?23:41
knomei haven't used mate23:41
rusman_yor gnome2?23:42
knomexfce should be ligther, but it also depends on the applications you are running23:42
rusman_yi just wondering install xubuntu or mint(mate)23:44
rusman_ycan not make choice23:45
knomewell you're on the xubuntu channel now... guess what we're recommending?23:45

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