frankbanhi rogpeppe: would you like to take another view at https://codereview.appspot.com/8716043. It includes s/st.client.Call/st.call/ in all the client calls.09:55
rogpeppefrankban: looking09:55
frankbanrogpeppe: thanks09:55
rogpeppefrankban: nicer when using .call(), isn't it? :-)09:56
frankbanrogpeppe: absolutely, less code and repetition09:56
rogpeppefrankban: thanks for making the changes09:57
frankbanmy pleasure09:57
rogpeppefrankban: LGTM09:58
frankbanrogpeppe: cool! merging09:59
gary_posterteknico, sorry I was in a rush I guess, but yes, your shrinkwrap docs were excellent and much appreciated. :-)12:08
gary_posterand hi12:09
teknicogary_poster, hi, thanks, it feels like getting docs right on first try is even less likely than code :-)12:10
gary_posterhiya bac.  fix fakebackend addRelation is still in landing on kanban.  I'm guessing that is an oversight?12:10
bacgary_poster: yeah, i'll move it12:10
gary_posterteknico, :-)12:10
gary_posterthanks bac12:10
gary_posterrick_h_, hi.  I marked "remove charm panel for the charm browser integration" as blocked on the charm browser being ready.  Even if/when it is ready I'd like to hear what the plans are before we do them (my basic goal being the usual "does everything still work after this commit"12:13
* teknico lunches12:18
rick_h_gary_poster: rgr, makes sense12:18
benjigary_poster: I suppose the high priority cards in story 1 are the best to draw from, in particular the ones that require changes to juju-core.  Is that right?12:40
gary_posterbenji, absolutely (though I hope that none of those actually require juju-core changes; I don't think they do)12:41
gary_posteruistage is down12:41
gary_posterI'm trying to figure out why and get it back12:41
benjigary_poster: oh, I mesread the "Implement resolved in the Go environment" bug.  I don't think any have juju-core-side work.12:42
gary_posterbenji, good.  relatedly, my understanding of bug 1169167 (thank you for filing) is that we are currently getting constraints, but not config; and that we can work around that absence in the GUI by  explicitly getting service data before rendering the pertinent pages.  Are things better than I understood (config is also included in the deltas, as your bug implies) or otherwise different?12:45
gary_poster"currently getting" == "currently getting from the watcher deltas"12:45
benjimy understanding (from frankban, hi frankban!) is that both the config and constraint data is coming in via watcher, but neither is wired up yet12:46
gary_posterok great12:46
frankbanbenji, gary_poster: looking to the ServiceInfo structure (which I suppose it is included in the delta), I see "Constraints constraints.Value", but not the settings. So I guess the constraints are there, not the settings, as Gary mentioned.12:49
gary_posterteknico, shrinkwrap is broken somehow on uistage12:49
gary_posterfrankban, ack thanks12:49
gary_posterteknico, if you are around let me know and I will ask you to help me diagnose on guichat12:50
frankbanrogpeppe: do you confirm? ^^^12:50
frankbanrogpeppe: re: constraints and settings in delta12:50
benjigary_poster: I'll ammend the bug.12:50
benjiShall I add another about adding config data?12:50
frankbangary_poster: any error from uistage make?12:50
rogpeppefrankban: you don't get settings yet12:51
gary_poster(I told rogpeppe that we could work around the config being absent from the deltas for now; it is a nice to have)12:51
gary_posterrogpeppe, if we can get it in the next day that would be cool, but not counting on it :-)12:51
frankbanrogpeppe: but we get constraints, right?12:51
rogpeppefrankban: yes12:51
gary_posterfrankban, yes make fails with npm error12:51
frankbangary_poster: npm version?12:52
frankbangary_poster: and nodejs?12:52
gary_postererror is Error: No compatible version found: chai@'chai@1.5.x'12:52
gary_posterwhich is odd because it then says that 1.5.0 is a valid install target12:52
frankbanbenji: time for a quick review? https://codereview.appspot.com/876804312:53
benjifrankban: sure12:53
frankbanbenji: thanks12:53
gary_posterfrankban nodejs is 0.8.11, npm is 1.1.62.  I will see if I can update12:53
frankbangary_poster: I had npm errors in trunk, resolved updating npm and node from the ppa12:53
gary_posterack thanks12:53
frankbangary_poster: after updating I have $ npm -v12:54
frankban[master]frankban@syd76:~/devel/juju/ui/bug-1168449-releation-names$ nodejs -v12:54
gary_posteryeah, same here locally12:54
teknicogary_poster, getting there12:55
benjiI think I'll add "LGTM" to my email signature.12:56
gary_posteruistage is back thanks to frankban and teknico13:10
bachi gary_poster13:18
gary_posterhi bac13:18
bacgary_poster: in reviewing my destroy service branch makyo suggested that the corresponding units and machines should also be removed13:19
gary_posterbac, I saw13:19
bacgary_poster: i agree about removing units and have done that13:19
bacgary_poster: but what about machines?  if they need to be removed should removeUnits take care of that?13:19
baccurrently it doesn't13:19
gary_posterbac, interesting question: AIUI pyJuju keeps machines around and jujucore does not.  Given our current goals, I think an XXX with that comment, with the expectation that we will add a "removeMachines" flag to removeUnits when we implement the Go side of the sandbox, is a good way forward.13:21
bacgary_poster: good idea.  doing that and landing my branch.13:22
gary_posterawesome, thanks13:22
frankbanrogpeppe: I am confused about "ResolvedResults" in params.go: I think it is not used anywhere, and the Resolved call just returns an error13:25
rogpeppefrankban: looking13:25
hatchgood morning all - looking for 2x reviews -> (at least one familiar with relationships) https://codereview.appspot.com/8735043/13:25
rogpeppefrankban: looks bogus to me. i think it can go.13:26
gary_posterhatch, I'm doing one (and marked it on kanban)13:27
gary_posterand good morning :-)13:27
hatchalright thanks :)13:27
frankbanbenji: in case you already investigated, does goenv.resolved need something back from the api backend?13:27
benjifrankban: I don't know that yet.  Shall I look?13:28
hatchbenji: I noticed that you used Y.Object.each() on an array in your last landed branch, why use that vs Y.Array.each?13:28
gary_posterOr even Y.each13:28
benjihatch: I changed it to Y.Array.each as suggested.  Did that message not get sent from Rietveld?13:29
frankbanbenji: no rush, please let me know when you figure it out13:29
hatchbenji: oh I just looked at the merge and it showed that Y.Object.each was still being used13:29
frankbanhatch: what's the difference between Y.Array.each and [].forEach?13:30
benjithat's because "lbox submit" doesn't update the review.  It should.13:30
* gary_poster guesses browser support13:30
hatchfrankban: if the browser supports it....nothing :)13:31
hatchwell it executes the callback under the proper context13:31
hatchthat would have to be manually defined (which isnt' really an issue) if going straight native13:32
frankbanhatch: do you know if forEach is supported by all the browsers we support?13:32
hatchsee http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/files/yui_js_yui-array.js.html#l9613:32
hatchfrankban: it is13:32
hatchI think all of the array methods we use are13:33
gary_posterbenji, hatch, we should be using Y.Array.each in app/views/service.js on the env.genericConstraints.  Pre-existing problem to benji's branch13:34
benjigary_poster: I'll make up a quick fix branch and throw in a couple of little things I have lying around13:35
gary_postercool thanks benji13:35
benjibranch stew I call it13:35
hatchahh yeah I see that on line 65213:35
hatchfrankban: I created a ticket to discuss switching to use native methods https://canonical.leankit.com/Boards/View/102529849 feel free to comment on it if you would likke13:43
frankbanhatch: cool13:44
rick_h_jcsackett: https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/juju-gui/update-urls is the branch I'm working on13:45
hatchrick_h_: need review on 8768044?13:45
rick_h_hatch: sinzui was going to grab it in a sec 13:46
rick_h_hatch: but jcsackett will need a second one in a few min13:46
* sinzui is reading it13:46
rick_h_hatch: once lbox burns enough cpu cycles13:46
hatchheh - I noticed it doesn't put both cores into 100% on my machine13:46
hatchI have been meaning to investigate13:46
rick_h_hatch: that'd be cool if it ran test-debug/test-prod at once in diff cores13:48
hatchhehe I agree!13:49
sinzuirick_h_, do "we" dislike the "unless" handlebar helper?13:49
rick_h_sinzui: no opinion that I know of but it's not come up. 13:50
sinzuithank you13:50
rick_h_sinzui: if you're not a fan it'd be great if we can land but add a card/bug for a followup drive by branch13:50
sinzuiI am not a fan of an empty if-block, but the else-block has code13:51
sinzui"unless" is used for if-not and huw might not know that13:51
rick_h_sinzui: yea, I've got that on a 'bring up to him' but I wanted to look over the file in full more carefuly and pull notes together I send him at EOD here. 13:52
rick_h_sinzui: so we're not having the monday sync call today correct? We had it friday. 13:53
sinzuirick_h_, I have it on my calendar still. Antonio was looking to move it.13:54
rick_h_sinzui: ok, I wasn't sure if friday replaced it this week13:55
hatchgary_poster: if possible could you QA the relation code? Just so we can be sure there isn't any other odd issues like last time?13:55
gary_posterhatch, will do.  I'm being picky in the code too, because I don't understand some of it at first reading.13:56
hatchsure no problem13:56
gary_posterbut trying to be helpful too :-)13:56
jcsacketthatch, rick_h_: if you have the time https://codereview.appspot.com/861204514:07
jcsackettlbox has burned its cycles. :-P14:07
rick_h_jcsackett: will do14:07
gary_posterhatch quick chat in guichat?14:24
hatch5 mins? I just have some eggs in the pan :)14:24
gary_posterhatch sure14:25
hatchok egged up14:31
hatchgary_poster: guichat?14:31
gary_posterhatch come on by :-)14:32
benjigary_poster: little branch here https://codereview.appspot.com/877004414:58
benjihatch: you might be interested in reviewing this branch, it quiets the linter down: https://codereview.appspot.com/877004414:58
hatchsure I'll check it out14:58
rick_h_jcsackett: the api guides use 'term' for the search phrase15:00
rick_h_jcsackett: so I was wondering if you mind doing a s/text/term/g15:01
jcsackettrick_h_: i would rather update the api guides.15:01
jcsackettrather than landing another branch against charmworld just to get this rolling.15:01
jcsackettdo you really have a strong concern about term/text?15:02
rick_h_jcsackett: just hate 'text' as it's so generic and was looking to sync with the api docs. I didn't realize the server side wasn't term as well :(15:02
jcsackettrick_h_: i don't really know that "text" is generic...it is, in fact, a "text" search, right?15:02
jcsackettand yeah, the api is already implemented with text rather than term.15:03
jcsackettsee the link in my reply.15:03
rick_h_jcsackett: then yea match the server and I've got a good card for 'slack time' one day :)15:03
rick_h_jcsackett: the last thing was yuo were doing extra work in the test than just create the data source and update it in the instance. 15:04
rick_h_jcsackett: but I guess that was to get the url updated to check?15:04
rick_h_jcsackett: if that's the case ignore me15:04
jcsackettrick_h_: the extra calls are to change sendRequest into something that captures data in a way the test can interrogate.15:08
rick_h_jcsackett: right, you wanted more than the res of makeRequest. I folow now. Just seemed extra work from the test I'd done before 15:08
rick_h_jcsackett: ignore me, all good. 15:08
jcsackettrick_h_: cool, thanks. :-)15:09
jcsackettrick_h_: you want me to update the API guides?15:09
jcsackettor leave them alone and you'll do your slack card one day?15:09
rick_h_jcsackett: :/ I guess. No sense having bad known info out there. It'll bite me down the road when I go to look at how to generate an api req by hand for that15:09
jcsackettrick_h_: when you say api guides, you mean the "Api sketch" doc in g drive, yeah?15:10
rick_h_jcsackett: rgr15:10
jcsackettrick_h_: actually, reading the api sketch, term is used as a parameter when looking for autocompletion.15:13
rick_h_well as per above, ignore me15:14
jcsackettso term=apa will return interfaces, owners, charms, etc, that you might want to autcomplete too. there's no mention of term used for full-text; just a mention of text=apache2 as an example in some searches.15:14
jcsackettrick_h_: just updating you, so you know what's in there. :-)15:14
rick_h_let me know how wrong I am please kthx :)15:15
jcsackettless letting you know how wrong you are, more letting you know you have more work to do in your future slack time. :-)15:15
gary_posterhatchm I'm having to get my laptop on raring working.  almost done, I think...15:21
gary_posterhatch ^^^15:21
hatchooo living on the edge :)15:21
gary_poster:-) on the laptop, at least15:21
hatchI usually wait a couple months so others can deal with the driver issues lol15:22
hatchI don't think I can upgrade my laptop to 13.04 because it was originally installed with wubi and 13.04 doesn't have wubi15:23
hatchI could be wrong with that though15:23
hatchI should probably ask15:26
bachi frankban, i'm having trouble accessing a gui charm launched on juju-core on ec215:26
bacfrankban: i set the juju-gui-source but juju status still shows it as a cs: charm15:27
bacfrankban: password of 'passwd' is rejected.  has something changed i missed?15:27
bacfrankban: nm, i see admin-secret now works...15:29
frankbanbac: auth is now enabled on juju-core api, you should use your admin-secret15:29
bacfrankban: i'd accidentally cut-n-pasted the secret-key, not admin-secret.  thx.15:30
MakyoThank goodness I don't have that 53 mile commute anymore. http://ubuntuone.com/3OEL5eifsK690J9p0dRzX715:42
hatchMakyo: awesome!15:43
MakyoIn the last six hours.15:43
MakyoStill coming down like crazy.,15:44
hatchright on! I wish I was there15:44
benjifrankban: to answer your question from earlier: no, resolved doesn't return anything (other than an error indicator) and the front-end doesn't need it to, either15:46
frankbanbenji: cool, thanks15:47
gary_posterIf anyone pinged me in the past 15 minutes, I didn't see it, so please re-ping15:49
gary_poster20, even15:49
gary_posterand meanwhile...15:50
gary_posterjujugui, please update kanban board.  I'll review soon15:50
gary_posterhatch, I'm in guichat.  Things are kinda sorta working.  :-/15:50
gary_posterjujugui call in 215:58
gary_posterMakyo, starting16:01
teknicohatch, https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/02bb45411739e441fe107c9f66e2a8cc36ba4ba7?authuser=0&hl=en ?16:15
benjigary_poster: are the bugs I'll be filing "High-Priority Maintenance"?16:22
gary_posterbenji, good question.  at this stage in the game they are all kind of flowing together into "things we have to fix in order to deliver."  Yeah, I think that sounds right16:22
gary_posterbenji, but please put the high priority marker on them in the card16:23
* gary_poster will think of some better name for that lane in the future :-P16:23
gary_posteror someone will tell me of one :-)16:23
benjigary_poster: I suggest "Story Alpha"16:24
gary_posterbenji :-P there actually is intended to be some meaning to the "maintenance" part of the name :-)16:25
benjiJust ribbing you on the "Story 1"/"Story A" thing16:25
gary_posterrogpeppe, you available for a quick call?  I was writing you another novel, and I think talking might be better :-)16:28
rogpeppegary_poster: definitely. give me a few minutes and i'll ping you16:29
gary_posterthanks rogpeppe 16:29
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
hatchrick_h_: avail to chat now?16:41
rick_h_hatch: sure16:43
hatchok in guichat16:43
MakyoReally need to shovel the deck.  Back in a few.16:45
hatchgary_poster: ok done the calls so whenever you want to continue with that relations stuff17:00
gary_postercool hatch.  My call now is cancelled.  I'm kind of hungry though.  Maybe call in 20?17:01
hatchsounds good17:01
gary_postercool tty then17:01
hatchrestarting the CI - it hung17:01
rick_h_gary_poster: jcastro ping'ed me asking about the gui on the tablet and the uistage url is showing the circles but not the squares/etc. 17:03
rick_h_gary_poster: did that get working? He's asking if yuo could email a status update for the gui on the tablet to robbie and cc him. 17:04
gary_posterrick_h_, tell him to reload, and give him Makyo as contact17:04
gary_posterrick_h_, sure will do.17:04
rick_h_gary_poster: thanks17:04
gary_posterMakyo, I'm going to forward your email to Kapil, plus a note about the reload for circles -> squares17:04
Makyogary_poster, ack.  Hoping it's just a cache thing.17:05
rick_h_hah just got as text to nvm it works!!17:05
rick_h_gary_poster: Makyo ^^17:05
gary_posterrick_h_, sent Jorge and Robbie the email anyway.  Makyo, cc'd you.17:08
Makyorick_h_, Hah, yeah, probably the cache, then.  Should be fine on reloads, since the cache will be populated.17:08
rick_h_cool, thanks guys17:09
MakyoShould look into gzipping the svg assets.17:09
rick_h_sounds like they're having fun at the conference17:09
gary_poster:-) cool17:09
=== matsubara_ is now known as matsubara-lunch
benjisemantic difference between go- and python-back-ends: the go back-end resolves the unit as a whole while the python back-end can resolve just a unit or a unit/relation pair17:17
rick_h_hatch: https://codereview.appspot.com/8679045 is the up and ready for destruction :)17:52
hatchhaha alright do I need to qa it?17:53
rick_h_hatch: hmm, you can. You have to hit each url manually. I can give you a list 17:53
rick_h_oh actually I need to add the commit message on there still doh17:53
=== matsubara-lunch is now known as matsubara
rick_h_hatch: I think just the code for now will be cool and QA once the missing bits get added. 17:54
hatchalright sure17:54
rick_h_it's a bit of a regression for us atm.17:54
rick_h_but urls ftw17:54
hatchCI hung again it looks like it was only able to requisition a single machine17:55
=== deryck[lunch] is now known as deryck
bcsallerMakyo: Might you have time soon to help look over my charm branch?18:09
hatchrick_h_: done - few things to chat about in the review18:21
rick_h_hatch: looking now18:21
Makyobcsaller, These docs are getting out of hand, but I'm at a good stopping point now.18:21
bcsallerMakyo: up to you. lp:~bcsaller/charms/precise/juju-gui/sandbox-charm/ has the current. I'm testing my latest updates now. I'd also be happy to walk you through the changes18:23
rick_h_hatch: did yuo want to chat then?18:24
Makyobcsaller, looking through diff over lunch, give me a few, then I'll QA best I can.18:34
bcsallerMakyo: happy to answer questions, there is both new code and new features 18:36
hatchgary_poster: back from lunch yet? :)18:41
gary_posterhatch, sorry, yeah, been back.18:42
hatchno problem, I'm at a good point to get back onto the relation stuff if you are available18:42
gary_posterhatch, cool,let's do it. see you in guichat in 2 min.18:43
Makyobcsaller, looks fairly straight forward.  What backend should I test first?19:01
bcsallerMakyo: sandbox: true, staging: true is the config set we want right now19:02
bcsallerMakyo: you're the first to look at the new backend code, that looked sane to you?19:02
Makyobcsaller, yeah, I think so.  I wasn't expecting the chain/merge stuff, but it makes sense when I read throughit.19:08
bcsallerMakyo: yeah, composition patterns rather than inheritance 19:09
Makyobcsaller, yeah, makes sense.19:09
* bac reboots19:15
Makyobcsaller, Testing's going okay so far, minus EC2 problems.19:44
bcsallerIf I was doing core dev right now I think I'd be working on a Docker provider, local provisioning of units should only take seconds and the way it is now is driving me crazy 19:49
MakyoA pox on all self-signed certs.20:09
MakyoI'm getting "SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected end of data" now, though, which is new.20:09
bcsallerI haven't seen that one20:10
MakyoI'm trying to figure out how to make firebug break on errors, so I can figure out what it's talking about.20:10
MakyoOh, derp.20:11
bcsallerMakyo: any update?20:20
Makyobcsaller, Trying to dig into the uglified source.20:21
Makyobcsaller, from the look of it, sandbox isn't being set in config.js20:24
MakyoMaking sure it's not just a cache problem.20:24
MakyoYeah, not cached.20:25
MakyoSo it's trying to connect to pyjuju's ws, which isn't running.20:25
bcsallerMakyo: it should be set, that would be a real issue, I haven't seen that not work. The improv server doesn't run in a sandbox though, the ws faked on the client20:27
* benji records in the Big Book of Things About Working from Home... Danger 27: chatty pest control guy20:28
Makyobcsaller, yeah, not seeing a sandbox attribute in config.js20:29
MakyoShould note that I forgot to specify the juju-gui-source and changed it later with juju set, I'm sure that regens the config.js file, but I'm chcking20:30
bcsallerbenji: chatty pests are worse20:34
bacbenji: i really need a pest control guy.  we've got a mouse who has eaten/contaminated about $200 of food last week.20:35
Makyobcsaller, damn, config on install wasn't applied, bet it was a typo on my part.  Trying with set.20:35
bcsallerMakyo: I might properly have triggered the change in the case you're looking at either though, been checking into it20:36
benjibac: yow (I think the previous owners of this house (the ones that had it forclosed and taken away from them) had a bad rodent problem, judging from all the mummified ones I found when I tore out the kitchen; makes the fees seem worth it)20:37
baci got a good whack at him the other night with a broom.  missed but he ran away and hasn't been back yet20:38
bacof course there is no food out for him now.  that may have more to do with it20:38
bcsallerIsn't this the Future with a capital 'F'? Why do we still have rodent home invasions? 20:39
bcsallerMakyo: I pushed an update that may help in that case, but calling set might do it as well. 20:40
Makyobcsaller, Alright.  This thing's being stupid anyway.20:44
bacgary_poster: the config/settings bug is marked as blocked.  any info?20:50
gary_posterbac, yes, Roger might magically fix it in the watcher between now and tomorrow evening.  If he does, then this card will mean work A, otherwise it will mean work B.20:51
MakyoHad to resolve a unit to destroy a service due to hook failed, then had to terminate the machine, now the whole environment's hosed.20:51
gary_posterSo, since we can do either after the go env is frozen, we are waiting for roger, bac20:51
MakyoOr, maybe just status?20:51
bacgary_poster: "A" being adding it to serviceInfo handler?20:51
gary_posterbac, right20:52
* bac does QA while waiting for two reviews, he said in his most aggressive passive voice.20:54
gary_posterjujugui ^^^ 20:54
MakyoRunning into https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1168155 again, sorry this is taking a while bcsaller 20:56
Makyo_mup_, not a fan?  #116815520:57
bcsallerMakyo: I understand about it taking a while, I appreciate you looking it. I fought with this over the weekend and each iteration takes far too long20:57
bcsallerMakyo: you might change the hash on your ec2 control-bucket or delete the s3 bucket directly 20:58
Makyobcsaller, Yeah, starting over anyway.20:59
rogpeppegary_poster: ping21:00
gary_posterhey rogpeppe 21:00
rogpeppegary_poster: i've just discovered a slightly annoying wrinkle21:01
rogpeppegary_poster: to the service config watching stuff21:01
gary_posterbcsaller, "each iteration takes far too long": I want to explore that with juju core for 13.1021:01
gary_posterrogpeppe, uh-oh?21:01
rogpeppegary_poster: which is that watching the settings collection doesn't actually tell us all the current values of the settings21:01
rogpeppegary_poster: because the settings collection only holds values that have been set explicitly21:02
gary_posteras opposed to defaults?21:02
rogpeppegary_poster: yup21:02
gary_posterrogpeppe, I don't think that's too bad21:02
rogpeppegary_poster: so... you do *theoretically* have all the info you need to do the defaulting21:02
gary_posterrogpeppe, right, we always work off of a model21:02
gary_posterand the model isinstantiated with data from call to get service info21:03
gary_posterwhich I am pretty sure has the settings21:03
rogpeppegary_poster: you can get the defaults from the charm metadata21:03
* bac -> dogwalk. bbiab.21:03
gary_posterrogpeppe, ok, we already have that too, and mutate the service on the basis of it for the endpoints21:04
gary_posterso we can set up the initial values from the charm at that point21:04
rogpeppegary_poster: so the question is: is it easier for me to do the "right thing" than for you to cope with the wrong thing at your end?21:04
gary_posterrogpeppe, where the right thing is to include defaults?21:05
rogpeppegary_poster: yeah21:05
rogpeppegary_poster: although... i'm not totally sure21:05
rogpeppegary_poster: it's actually unnecessary network traffic21:05
gary_posterrogpeppe, if you are contacting me, I suspect it is not trivial on your side.  I think it will approach trivial on our side, and I don't mind the semantics in the abstract.  Not 100% convenient, but not horrible.  I wouldn't mind if you only sent us config changes, in fact, and might think about this approach as an approximation thereof21:06
rogpeppegary_poster: ok, that sounds good21:07
gary_postercool thanks rogpeppe 21:07
rogpeppegary_poster: i'll go with that for now21:07
rogpeppegary_poster: the implementation is basically done, i think - "just" the tests to go21:07
gary_posterrogpeppe, :-) great!21:07
Makyobcsaller, ip-10-212-73-147:2013/04/15 21:17:21 INFO worker/uniter: HOOK ValueError: Unable to use staging with go backend21:18
bcsallerMakyo: thats true :)21:19
bcsallerno improv and we only implement the pyjuju protocol for sandbox currently 21:20
Makyobcsaller, alright.  Should I test something other than staging: true, sandbox: true?21:20
bcsallerI suppose the next would be to verify a normal python install on ec2, I've done it locally but not there yet. If that works then the charm is still valid for its primary use-case21:21
bcsallerMakyo: ^^21:21
Makyobcsaller, alright, will do.21:22
Makyobcsaller, looking good.21:34
bcsallerMakyo: thank you :)21:41
gary_posterbcsaller, I have to run.  where are we with charm?21:52
MakyoChecks out on python and go (before I messed it up)21:52
Makyogary_poster, bcsaller ^^^21:52
gary_posterMakyo, great!  You tried the new features as well, with sandbox and the "look someplace else" functionality?  prob hard to qa that last one21:53
Makyogary_poster, just straight deployments, but I can.21:54
gary_posterMakyo, thank you.  sandbox should be relatively easy to test (within constraints of what sandbox privides21:54
Makyogary_poster, alright, on that one now.21:55
gary_posterMakyo, the other functionality might be best tested by verifying that deploying it fails, then logging in and verifying that no ppas are installed in etc/apt/sources.list.d.21:56
gary_postermaybe you or ben have better idea21:56
gary_posterback later21:56
gary_postermust write email about charm to is tonight21:56
bcsallergary_poster: I think we can use the branch for now, and then do another rev once its code reviewed 21:57
gary_postercool thanks bcsaller.  shoot me a mail with branch pls21:57
* bcsaller nods21:57
hatcham I supposed to be able to create a relation from wordpress to puppet in the UI? or do I need to do something fancy to get the subordinate relations?22:06
Makyogary_poster, bcsaller Good to go on sandbox.22:07
hatchdo we support deploying subordinates in the sandbox?22:07
hatchI don't get the subordinate UI in the sandbox after deploying puppet22:08
bcsallerhatch: if we don't its a bug22:08
hatchalrighty I'll file22:09
bcsallerhatch: I think we previously set a flag on the incoming delta that might not be happening in deploy. I expect there is that and not joining peer relations that might be issues with sandbox deploy at this time22:09
hatchalright - so because of that I can't create a subordinate relationship to QA22:10
hatchbut normal relationships are good22:10
MakyoAlright, dogwalking time.22:14
bachi Makyo, still here?22:14
Makyobac sure, for a minute or so22:14
bacMakyo: sorry to keep you.  doing QA and wondered if there was a bug for the trail of artifacts left on the canvas when dragging around a service?22:15
Makyobac, not seen that yet, but dragging a service only updates element attributes, not create new elements.  Can you check in the DOM through firebug/JS tools?  If there are extras, definitely worth a bug.22:16
bacMakyo: will do.  have a nice walk.22:17
Makyobac, cheers22:17
rick_h_hatch: updated per your review. Working on jcsackett's now. If you get a sec can you toss a LGTM or even a LGTM with the following XXX so I can finish/land it later tonight if possible? 22:17
bcsallerhatch: in looking at it, removeUnit checks service.get('is_subordinate') but I think for service its just get('subordinate') (no 'is')22:17
hatchbcsaller: if you get a chance before EOD https://codereview.appspot.com/8735043/22:18
bcsallerhatch: I can do it now, the charm is 'good enough' for now22:18
hatchrick_h_: sure thing lemme take a peek22:18
hatchrick_h_: which patch set should I be looking at?22:23
rick_h_hatch: yea, latest. 22:23
rick_h_hatch: no hurry. I won't get back to it for a couple of hours22:23
hatchrick_h_: done!22:26
rick_h_hatch: thanks again22:27
bcsallerhatch: thanks, nice branch22:37
hatchright on22:38
hatchgreat comments ;)22:39
rick_h_feel the <3 22:40
hatchI didnt know about passing to done() that's pretty cool22:42
rogpeppegary_poster: https://codereview.appspot.com/8761045/22:46
MakyoWalking two young dogs in 8" of wet snow is basically the worst.22:46
rick_h_Makyo: love when my neighbor snow plows a circle in his yard for his little dog to go out in. Like a nascar track of space taller than it is22:47
Makyorick_h_, Haha, awesome :D  We had to do that for Zephyr when he was a puppy. http://www.flickr.com/photos/ranna/4056585833/in/set-7215759440903934722:48
MakyoOf course, now he can set his head on the dining room table without stretching, so really, he should be the one shoveling.22:49
bacwhy does our 'high priority maintenance' section have so many low-priority bugs?22:51
hatchlow priority high priority is still higher priority than normal priority22:51
hatchcontext is everything ;)22:51
Makyobac, some of those were deprioritized in order to get essential tablet stuff done before ODS.22:52
bacMakyo: it was more of a philosophical question/smart-ass observation.  :)22:52
bacgood night gents.22:53
Makyobac, hah, goodnight22:53
bacbe nice to someone tonight22:53

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