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trevorjHey guys, how's the status on the HA juju charms for grizzly openstack going? Last time I tested it out, there were a couple things I had to change to get grizzly a-workin for a certain packages, but they worked very well ;)06:09
trevorjs/a certain/a few/06:09
AskUbuntujuju, dnsmasq and `.localdomain` | http://askubuntu.com/q/28162807:43
AskUbuntuJuju not seeing the MaaS slaves... at least not after some time? | http://askubuntu.com/q/28164008:29
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kirminasHey , maybe some of you could help. Thanks in advance http://askubuntu.com/questions/281640/juju-not-seeing-the-maas-slaves-at-least-not-after-some-time11:13
kirminas Hey , maybe some of you could help. Thanks in advance http://askubuntu.com/questions/281640/juju-not-seeing-the-maas-slaves-at-least-not-after-some-time12:36
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sidneihazmat: environment snapshot alternative?13:27
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wedgwoodis the openstack provider expected to be working in juju-core?14:03
wedgwoodI ask because I get an error when I try to bootstrap: 'error: secret-key: expected nothing, got "<the key>"'14:10
wedgwoodmramm: is the openstack provider working in juju-core?16:21
mrammwedgwood: The basic openstack support is in, so you can deploy charms, add relationships, etc16:22
wedgwoodmramm: when I try to bootstrap: 'error: secret-key: expected nothing, got "<the key>"'16:23
wedgwoodI've copied over my (working) config from pyju16:23
mrammthe config file has changed somewhat16:23
mrammand go juju does not accept some of the python keys16:23
wedgwoodah ok. I spit out the example, but I'm not sure I see where to plug in some of the values16:24
mrammdid you spit it out with juju generate-config -w16:25
mgzwedgwood: for this particular case, your issue is probably that keypair auth isn't in yet16:25
mgzyou can use userpass auth for now16:25
wedgwoodmgz: do you know if juju-core has been used against canonistack?16:26
mrammwedgwood: yes, it has16:27
mrammthat was the first testing platform16:27
mrammthere are some issues with not having available public IP addresses there16:27
sidneiwedgwood: last i heard it still requires a public ip address per machine, which makes it unusable with canonistack16:28
mrammthere is a workaround16:28
evilnickveitchwedgwood, there is a funny glitch in the parsing that will give you an error for supplying the key value, even if you choose "userpass"16:28
wedgwoodmramm: perhaps avoiding expose?16:29
mrammit is more than that, since juju core actually communicates between the agent and the server on the public ip addresses16:29
wedgwoodanyone have notes? I'd like to give it a try.16:30
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wedgwoodif AWS is a path of less resistence, I can get started there, but I'd like to start trying things out in openstack16:31
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Erik_Trying to deploy wordpress.  /var/lib/juju/units/wordpress-1/charm/hooks/config-changed failed with exit code 1.  The output of hook scripts get logged anywhere?17:33
Erik_I think `unit-get private-address` is failing.  Anyone know how I can lookup the CLIENT_ID so I can run `unit-get` from within the container?17:40
sarnoldErik_: check /var/log/juju -- iirc, there are logs in there..17:41
evis there a known issue with pyjuju where it forever sits with "instance-id: pending" without actually creating an instance in openstack (lcy01)?18:46
evIt seems no matter how many times I try to create a three node cassandra cluster, this happens for third node. This wasn't always the case, though.18:46
evand there it is: ProviderInteractionError: Unexpected 413: '{"overLimit": {"message": "SecurityGroupLimitExceeded: Quota exceeded, too many security groups.", "code": 413}}'18:47
evapols, clearly that's on my end18:47
sidneiev: indeed, but i think the failure mode could be improved. i also had similar issues where i had api quota exceeded or some other error that caused the instance to end up in ERROR state but show as pending in pyjuju.19:02
evsidnei: *nods*19:03
sidneiby api quota exceeded i mean openstack's api rate limiting, where if you do too many api calls in sequence it forces you to back off19:03
evoh interesting. I wasn't even aware that existed.19:05
evI've always associated the error state with the canonistack node running out of free memory :)19:06
sidneiif you're a light user you might notice it, but if you do add-unit -n 15 or something more abusive. ;)19:08
evcanonistack tends to fall over long before I approach 15 units. It's great fun trying to run lp:error-tracker-deployment (~12 units).19:19
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