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breedHey, can someone gimme a hand?03:42
breedAnyone around?03:45
wgrantbreed: Hi03:50
breedOh, wgrant04:01
breedSorry, didn't hear it ping me04:01
breedStill around?04:01
wgrantbreed: Yes, what's up?04:02
breedOkay, so I followed all the steps to install this PPA, but I have no clue how I access it now.  I can't find it when I search or anything04:03
breedNo clue where it is or how I get to it04:03
wgrantYou'd install a package that the PPA contains.04:03
wgrantWhich PPA?04:03
wgrantThat's not a full PPA URL04:04
breedOh, you want the IRL04:04
wgrantWell, there could be a thousand PPAs named bitcoin-qt owned by different users.04:05
breedSorry, I'm new to Linux04:05
breedIf that's not the right thing, lemme know04:06
wgrantHow did you add the PPA?04:06
breedThrough command line.  I followed the instructions here: https://launchpad.net/~bitcoin/+archive/bitcoin04:07
wgrantOpen Ubuntu Software Center and search for bitcoin. Hopefully it'll find the package04:07
wgrantOtherwise, run 'sudo apt-get install bitcoin-qt'04:08
breedYeah, I looked for it in the Center before, but nothing came up04:08
breedI'm trying that line now04:08
breedLooks like it's working, thank you04:08
breedWorked!  Thanks a bunch.  I had one more issue, if you don't mind04:09
breedHow do I edit my repositories list?  I'm trying to install Spotify from here: https://www.spotify.com/int/download/previews/04:10
breedNot sure if it's the same as a PPA though04:11
wgrantbreed: That's a bit more awkward than adding a PPA. Open up Software Center, Edit->Software Sources, Other Software, Add, enter the "deb http://..." line from that page, then run the "sudo apt-..." commands in a terminal04:12
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breedwgrant: I got an error when I tried 'sudo apt-get update'04:16
breedW: GPG error: http://repository.spotify.com stable Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 082CCEDF94558F5904:16
StevenKbreed: You need to run the apt-key line too04:17
breedI dunno how to do that...sorry04:19
breedIt says some stuff on the site04:19
breedBut idk how to input ot04:19
breed# 2. If you want to verify the downloaded packages,04:19
breed#    you will need to add our public key04:19
breedsudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys 94558F5904:19
StevenKbreed: Copy the 'sudo apt-key ...' line into your terminal and run it04:20
breedTHe whole thing?04:21
StevenKJust like you did with sudo apt-get update04:21
StevenKYes, the whole line.04:21
breedAh, that didn't work the first time.  Must've had a typo.  Thank you, StevenK04:22
breedThanks for the help, guys04:28
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ojiiis there a convenient way to test a branch of a ppa on launchpad? (as in "upgrade" my local installation of that package using that branch)14:55
dobeyojii: i don't quite understand the question. PPAs don't have branches.15:10
ojiidobey, maybe I don't understand how launchpad works at all. there's a package in a ppa which fixed a bug i reported in a branch, now I wanna test it15:13
ojiiso I hoped there was an easy trick to do so, something like apt-get install this-branch-on-launchpad15:14
dobeyyou add the PPA to your apt sources, and then install/upgrade the package15:14
ojiidobey, I did that, but doesn't that just get the main branch/package?15:15
dobeyapt-add-repository is the command line tool to add a PPA, it takes the ppa:owner/name uri as an argument15:15
dobeyapt-cache policy $package will show you where the package is installed from, and where other versions are available, given your apt sources (and an updated cace after apt-get update)15:16
dobeyojii: i think you're using the term 'branch' wrong here. PPAs are not branches of things. and binary packages do not have branches. source packages /may/ be stored in a branch, but it is not a requirement15:17
ojiidobey, I mean the source package then.15:18
ojiiI thought launchpad did some magical auto-building of packages15:18
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