jarnosHow can you disable screensaver or blanking of screen? I think kaffeine activates some automatic blanking that does not stop even if you quit kaffeine.05:48
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cerebratedomo arigato meeeester ubottu13:31
ahoylubuntu keeps crashing randomly14:51
ahoywhat can i do about it?14:51
RaphaelBarrosHi guys, do you know any place where I can get some cool panel images for the lxde panel? I only found one entry in gnome-look and they were quite ugly.16:11
hpuser4466Problem:  gpicview (image viewer) scrambles jpeg images.  Fix?16:34
hpuser4466Problem2:  pcmanfm won't show jpeg thumbnails.  Fix?16:35
hpuser4466Ok i fixed the thumbnail issue by increasing the KB size limit for thumbnails.16:43
hpuser4466gpicview is still scrambling the image.16:48
hpuser4466screenshot >>    http://imagebin.org/25413816:49
zleapwhat program allows me to edit the menu in 12.0417:44
SonikkuAmericazleap: leafpad works17:44
zleapso where are the files then17:44
zleaploclal i guess17:44
zleaplocal (as in user directory)17:45
SonikkuAmericaTry this link, it might help >>> http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Main_Menu17:45
hpuser4466Inkscape (vector graphics editor) won't print from within inkscape. I have to print to file (as .pdf) and then print the document via the pdf viewer.18:43
hpuser4466On the bright side,  the pdf documents print quite fast.18:45
zleapwhy does lubuntu 12.10 need over 200mb to install a menu editor , granted alacarte doesn;t work anyway according to one website19:35
zleapbut to request 200+ mb of extra packages19:35
phillwzleap: I believe this has been answered on the mailing list, but for the record. Head over to https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/non-official-apps and use menulibre19:53
phillwThings do get developed outside and along side our 'committed' stuff that may well appear in a future release.19:54
zleapi just installed it19:56
phillwzleap: the things are there are the 'thoughts' of our devs. Getting xombrero to build is a great help for the low-resource computers, we will discuss what goes forward for 13.10 after 13.04 is released. but, you cannot keep the devs from thinking and working on things :D19:59
zleapok np19:59
phillwalso the dev version of Chromum is now available for raring, from yet another 'non-official' ppa. I use that rolling release all the time, it only broke for 24 hours in the time I've used it in precise... But, it is a -dev release :)20:01
phillwdepends on how 'bleeding edge' you like to be :D (Or, also as it is a browser; how fast you want security issues dealt with).20:03
zleapi followed the instructions there20:04
zleapso added the ppa and added the sources to /etc/apt/sources.list20:04
zleapthen did update20:05
phillwzleap: if you are testing 13.04, that is correct. (it is the same version for all, so it is a minor point if you are running precise / quantal etc.)20:07
zleapwell it runs20:07
zleaplxpanelctl restart < do i need to run that to re-read the files so the new menu - what i have turned off displays20:07
zleapi am removing the games that come with ubuntu from the menu20:08
zleapor some of them anyway20:08
zleaplubntu sorry20:08
phillwI've not played with menulibre hopefully someone else here, or on the mailing list can help you out.20:12
zleapit works20:12
zleapjust need to play around with it20:12
phillwzleap: hopefully some one will post up some links to the lubuntu wiki team so we can get instructions / screen shots etc. sorted out :)20:19
zleapi will try to get some up for lxmed20:21
phillwzleap: thanks, we are planning a review of the lubuntu wiki docs area, so please feel more than welcome to join that team at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/DocumentationTeam JasonO is the Team Leader for that group.20:24
zleapok joined20:33
zleapI will try and write some instructions for the lxmed program too20:34
phillwzleap: I've approved you :)20:36
phillwJasonO:  will get an email informing him and will be able to scroll back and see our conversation on here.20:37
zleapok thanks20:42
zleapok quick lxmed how toi http://zleap.net/lubuntu-menu-editing-lxmed/20:56
matt1003I have been trying to use xrandr to setup two 22" LCD monitors; the left monitor in landscape orientation and the monitor right in portrait orientation. I have got the image on the portrait monitor to rotate correctly, however this causes the task bar to drop off the landsacpe monitor.23:24
matt1003I would like the task bar to appear only in the landscape monitor; is the possible to configure on lubuntu with xrandr?23:26
phillwhi matt1003 This tool doesn't aim to be a full xrandr frontend. It is meant for beginners rather than geeks. If you need the full power of X RandR extension, use xrandr (console) or arandr (GUI) and read some tutorials.23:28
phillwit is a 'low-fat' version23:28
phillwxrandr will be fully customisable for you.23:29
phillwit worked fine for me to hook up an external monitor for my laptop.23:29
matt1003I have been using xrandr (console), however i don't think it has the ability to control where the task bar is placed with the desktop.23:33
phillwmatt1003: you may want to have a look at http://lubuntu.net/blog/lubuntu-screencast-multi-monitor-tips-tricks#comments leszek does make good screen casts, and there are comments that discuss your issue (from what I can read)23:34
phillwI've not tried arandr, I must give it a go some time :)23:35
matt1003Cheers, I will take another look at that link.23:37

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