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ihe_billAnyone know what the leadtimes look like for commercial apps?14:28
xnoxihe_bill: hmm.... i'm not sure that commercial apps are discussed here at all. You mean to get published initially?15:15
ihe_billWhere is support for commercial apps then?15:54
ihe_billAlso, I'm confusd about open source and commercial apps being seperate15:54
xnoxihe_bill: i am confused what are you after at all.16:08
ihe_billWe submitted a "commercial" app and want to know how much longer we have to wait16:08
ihe_billAlso, we want to charge for an app and make it opensource which makes some of the information confusing16:09
xnoxihe_bill: well, if you package and sell the app it will be available for purchase. If you publish the code somewhere else, that's fine as well (e.g. as a launchpad bzr branch or a git repo on github, etc)16:12
xnoxihe_bill: w.r.t. waiting it can take some time.16:13
xnoxihe_bill: what's the name of the app? I can try asking around where in the queue it is.16:13
xnoxihe_bill: see PM.16:15
ihe_billWell the confusing part is trying to figure out how to get distutils to handle installing to /usr, /opt and still work on a Mac16:17
xnoxihe_bill: yes, you may need to have separate packaging branches to keep everything working and organized =)16:31
sepisoadhow input devices are handled in ubuntu desktop?17:52
sepisoadIf i want to make any change where should I look into17:52
sepisoadX input or Gnome input or something else?17:52
sepisoadow to capture input devices events/intrrupts?19:03
vadi2Are there any recommendable dbus explorers? I remember one being called something "peek" before, but I can't find it now.23:43

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