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Snarkinfinity: about https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gmp/2%3A5.0.5%2Bdfsg-2ubuntu307:41
Snarkwho is the patch author (they're not documented as per DEP-3)07:41
Snarkwhere those patches forwarded to gmp upstream?07:42
Snarkand to mpir upstream, since they're a fork and they help there too?07:42
hrwinfinity: can you grab vboot-utils from NEW queue? one step closer for chromebook support ;D09:14
infinitySnark: The patch author was me, if I uploaded it.  And no, I didn't forward it upstream at the time, because it was a known binutils bug that I figured would get fixed.10:19
Snarkinfinity: did it get fixed? Will the patch break compilation with earlier binutils?10:27
Snarkdo you have a link to the binutils bug?10:28
infinitySnark: Not sure, no, and not at home right now to look.10:28
Snarkok ; when can I ping you again to know?10:30
infinityTuesday, or try talking to SteveMcIntyre, I vaguely recall that he was looking into (or having someone look into) the binutils bug.10:32
infinityAnyhow, the patch is harmless when used with old binutils, so if you want to submit it to upstream(s), go ahead.10:32
Snarkinfinity: ok10:33
hrwok, chromebook users will have to wait for 13.1010:36
ogra_hrw, why ?10:45
ogra_vboot-utils just went in10:45
hrwo. I got rejection email so though badly10:46
ogra_i see it on -changes10:46
hrwok, so one thing less to worry10:46
infinityhrw: I synced it instead of taking your fake sync.10:48
infinityhrw: Should have mentioned that.10:48
marvin24janimo: I'm looking for a sponsor: https://launchpad.net/~marvin24/+archive/ppa10:48
hrwinfinity: I should check debian new first10:52
janimomarvin24, ack, I do not have time ATM though and my ac100's wifi broke months ago11:11
janimobut I hope I'll get some time this week and I may be able to test then11:11
ogra_note that thursday is final freeze11:12
janimoogra_, yes I know we are close to release. Just that I have no time for distro stuff lately and my ac100 is gathering dust :)11:14
ogra_same here11:14
marvin24next kernel will be multiarch11:16
diwicmine too! shall we setup a computing cluster of dust-collecting ac100s?11:16
marvin24so I hope no need anymore for ac100 specific kernels11:16
marvin24it's not the fault of the ac100 that it collects dust11:16
janimomarvin24, indeed, in my case the availability of more powerful and convenient linux arm machines11:17
janimothat plus ac100' hw failure11:17
marvin24my wifi and 3g modem also died in one of my machines11:17
marvin24seems to be a hw bug or so11:18
marvin24will ubuntu powered  ARM servers also use the android kernel?11:19
* marvin24 hopes not11:19
janimomarvin24, no11:20
janimomobile uses android kernels as those are the only ones that support the hw11:20
* ogra_ sees janimo's mail and wonders why the maguro image should work on an ac100 11:23
janimoogra_, he said he tested maguro11:24
ogra_oh, i see11:24
janimomarvin24, on the phone mailing list unrelated11:24
ogra_he went offtopic in his ownb thread :P11:24
janimowell, the topic is black screen and errors in logcat11:24
janimowhich quite a few devices seem to share11:24
janimoincuding one I have been looking at11:24
ogra_well, he started with his ac100 issue ... i didnt even know he does more than ac100 and HP touchpad11:25
janimono idea why though, maybe phablet and android 4.0 binaries not being compatible11:25
ogra_well, CM 10.1 is 4.2.211:25
ogra_or 4.2 at least11:25
janimoI think it's only the last mail he said he also tested gnex to rule out other issues11:25
janimo4.2.1 indeed11:25
ogra_yep ... just looked through the thread again11:26
janimonot sure what gothas there are with 4.0 binaries11:26
ogra_different toolchain/bionic ?11:26
ogra_though i know the maguro images are regulary tested in house ... so that should definitely work11:27
janimothe vendor bits need to be added manually since they are not in the tree, that can be a common reason for buildable but nonworking images11:28
janimobut let's see what he answers11:28
janimoI also cannot get nexus4 to boot now but I could previously, need to track down why, (also forgot vendor blobs at one point)11:29
ogra_well, does it work with the cdimage image ?11:30
janimotesting now :)11:30
ogra_these images are definitely regulary tested11:31
janimoit worked with a build I had done last week, now I did a fresh build on a different machine and this one does not work11:31
ogra_so at least the friday build should be good11:31
janimoright, I know they are supposed to wor11:31
ogra_(i doubt anyone actively tests on weekends)11:31
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