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RarrikinsHow do I report a bug in the part of the system that handles #! lines at the top of scripts?22:23
jtaylorthat would be the kernel22:24
jtaylorbut are you sure you found a bug?22:24
jtaylorthats pretty old and established code22:24
jtayloranything odd is more likely a feature :)22:24
RarrikinsYes, if you have a script with DOS line endings, it gives a completely wrong error message.22:24
jtaylorwhat kind of a message?22:25
Rarrikins": No such file or directory"22:25
jtaylorthats the expected message22:25
jtaylorif anything goes wrong with the shebang you get that, including when it can'T find a linker etc22:26
jtaylorits a very hard fix22:26
jtaylormaybe even impossible22:26
RarrikinsCouldn't it be something like "Couldn't load script interpreter" or something?22:28
RarrikinsThat's pretty uninformative as is.22:28
jtaylorno the kernel gives you back a ENOENT#22:28
jtayloryou would have to change the kernel interface and add a new error code22:28
jtaylorthat can#t really be done22:28
RarrikinsYou could change the error message for ENOENT.22:29
jtaylorthen it would be wrong for all real "file not found" errors22:29
RarrikinsIt could be made suitably generic. I think the specificity is the problem.22:30
jtaylorsee here for some discussion: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=60988222:32
ubot2Debian bug 609882 in command-not-found "libc6: "No such file or directory" error when attempting to execute LSB executable without lsb-core" [Wishlist,Open]22:32
RarrikinsOK, thanks22:33
jtaylorits not exactly the same, but I imagine the reason it is hard to fix is the same22:33
jtaylorsee also here: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=697299#4422:34
ubot2Debian bug 697299 in command-not-found "misleading error message when ELF interpreter does not exist" [Wishlist,Open]22:34

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