mwhudsonRAOF: ayt?00:25
RAOFOh, are you there.00:25
RAOFI guess I've also answered, then :)00:25
mwhudsonRAOF: i'm doing that terrible thing were i bug a person who i think knows about X00:26
mwhudsonRAOF: but i'm getting lots of "soft" gpu crashes with sandybridge on recent quantal00:26
mwhudsonRAOF: do you know anything about that?00:26
RAOFBy "soft gpu crashes" what you mean is "apport pops up saying the GPU has crashed, but you haven't noticed anything wrong", right?00:27
mwhudsonmore or less00:27
mwhudsonit freezes for a second or two, so i know something has happened00:27
mwhudsonbut i don't have to restart00:27
mwhudsonand there are messages like "[drm:i915_hangcheck_hung] *ERROR* Hangcheck timer elapsed... GPU hung" in syslog00:28
mwhudsonWARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-3.5.0/drivers/gpu/drm/i915/intel_pm.c:2505 gen6_enable_rps+0x706/0x710 [i915]()00:29
infinitymwhudson: That's probably old crashes all being reported in a batch since your last reboot.00:29
infinitymwhudson: Check timestamps in /var/crash.  If they're all old, just wipe 'em out and try fresh.00:29
infinityOh, if you're seeing new hangs in the kernel rungbuffer, ignore me.00:29
infinityringbuffer, even.00:29
mwhudsoninfinity: xserver-xorg-video-intel.2013-04-15_12:25:14.100714.crash00:29
mwhudsonthat's about 5 minutes old00:30
infinityKay, nevermind.  We just had a case of "I rebooted quantal and apport went insane and I'm blaming it on the new kernel" a few days ago.00:30
infinitySo, that's my go-to. :P00:30
RAOFSorry s baby attack00:41
RAOFmwhudson: I don't know anything specific about that - have we updated mesa in quantal recently? You say it only recently started?00:45
mwhudsonRAOF: yeah, it only started a week or so ago00:45
mwhudsonRAOF: oldest thing in /var/crash is from apr 9, but i don't know if that gets auto-pruned00:46
* mwhudson times out launchpad a few times00:47
mwhudsonRAOF: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/+publishinghistory does show things from around that time00:49
RAOFYeah, we would seem to have pulled in the 9.0.3 mesa point release.00:50
RAOFWhich would be a plausible cause.00:51
RAOFI don't suppose you'd feel like downgrading to the previous mesa package and seeing if the hangs still occur?00:52
mwhudson... if i can still download the previous package from somewhere?00:56
RAOFYeah, launchpad. Let me slurp you up a link.00:57
RAOFmwhudson: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/9.0.2-0ubuntu0.1 has links to all the various builds; presuming you're after amd64 packages you can get them from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mesa/9.0.2-0ubuntu0.1/+build/431258101:02
mwhudsonthat's a lot of packages :/01:04
mwhudsoni guess i don't need -dev or -dbg?01:04
RAOFNor any of the swx11 ones.01:05
RAOFIn fact, you only need the ones that you've currently got installed, which is not likely to be *too* much more than libgl1-mesa-glx and libgl1-mesa-dri01:06
mwhudsonoh god i have 32 bit mesa installed too it seems01:07
mwhudson(probably because of steam?)01:07
RAOFYeah, that'd be right.01:07
RAOFSo, you'll need to grab the i386 versions, too :)01:08
* mwhudson runs sudo dpkg -i *mesa*9.0.2* in a loop while downloading more and more things01:10
RAOFYeah, that's about the shape of it.01:10
mwhudsonok, i think i have that working again :)01:17
mwhudsoncan't restart now but will get back to you later ,,,01:19
RAOFmwhudson: Ta01:29
hyperairany archive admins around? (bug #1069292)01:45
ubottubug 1069292 in Ubuntu "[needs-packaging] New package tegaki-zinnia-traditional-chinese" [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/106929201:45
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Mirvslangasek: you may be right. the thing that pointed towards it was that the skype crasher is very popular and happens right when the program starts, while none of the other packages have any recent crash or "doesn't start" reports04:04
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dholbachgood morning06:36
iongood ****ing06:37
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apacheloggerchrisccoulson: bug 116815207:09
ubottubug 1168152 in firefox (Ubuntu) "package kubuntu-firefox-installer 12.04ubuntu1 [modified: usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop] failed to install/upgrade: Versuch, »/usr/share/applications/firefox.desktop« zu überschreiben, welches auch in Paket firefox 20.0+build1-0ubuntu1 ist" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116815207:09
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trijntjepign cjwatson: will there be another translations export of ubiquity-debconf before the 13.04 release?08:11
chrisccoulsonapachelogger, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mozillateam/firefox/firefox-trunk.head/revision/166808:12
RAOFHm. How do we get out-of-date packaging branches dealt with, again?08:12
apacheloggerchrisccoulson: ah sweet08:12
seb128RAOF, open a bug against UDD?08:12
seb128RAOF, https://bugs.launchpad.net/udd08:13
RAOFseb128: Ta08:13
trijntjecjwatson: the reason I ask is that the dutch team recently (yesterday) fixed some very visible errors in the installer, and we would like to see those fixes show up in 13.04 if possible08:24
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cjwatsontrijntje: import, you mean?  we usually do one between now and release, yes09:36
cjwatsonoh, well, export from LP's point of view, import from ours :)09:36
mptev, any progress with the weighting recalculation?09:36
evmpt: good timing (for certain definitions)09:37
evthe test of it just timed out while repopulating09:37
evit did 12.9 million reports over the weekend out of some 45 million09:37
evbut since we were calculating a new denominator at the same time, I should be able to generate a test graph with the data we have09:37
mptWhat period, do you know?09:38
evreports are not stored by date09:38
mptSo, scattered across the whole time since tracking began?09:38
ev(technical: cassandra arranges row keys based on a selected partitioner. We use the random partitioner, since the order-preserving partitioner brings serious performance concerns with it)09:39
evmpt: correct09:39
evif you come over here I can tell you more09:39
mptMy curiosity is assuaged for now :-)09:40
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stgraberrobert_ancell: hey, I took a quick look at lightdm in the raring upload queue and was wondering why we need those changes in raring.10:13
Laneyrejecting libcolumbus (commented on the mp)10:15
seb128stgraber, you would prefer raring to stay on an unstable lightdm version?10:15
seb128Laney, :-(10:15
Laneyseb128: it wasn't for raring10:15
stgraberseb128: no but there's no indication in the changelog that the current version is unstable10:16
stgraberseb128: it just says that the new one is a bugfix release even though one of the so called bugfixes is actually a new feature10:16
seb128stgraber, it's 1.5.n (odd numbering = dev serie, a la GNOME)10:16
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Laneyhuh, thought this was -release10:17
seb128Laney, k, I though it would be the fix for https://code.launchpad.net/~jpakkane/libcolumbus/lessfuzz-test/+merge/15859510:17
Laneyno :-)10:18
stgraberseb128: ok. I'll let it through then. I don't think I agree with upstream's definition of "bugfix" but well, it's not causing any actual change in behaviour for the user.10:19
seb128stgraber, is that because of the vnc option?10:19
stgraberrobert_ancell: It'd be great if in the future you could put something in the changelog when moving from an unstable to a stable release. Here all I saw was 1.5.3 => 1.6.0 both of which were referred to as "New upstream bugfix release".10:20
seb128stgraber, but I guess you could try arguing with robert_ancell over it10:20
stgraberseb128: yeah, the Qt change looks like a bugfix10:20
stgraberseb128: I usually see adding config options (including change to the default/example conffile) as a feature change10:20
stgraberanyway, accepting10:20
seb128yeah, I agree this one is a bit borderline10:21
robert_ancellstgraber, ok, I'll note that the releases are switching from unstable to stable in the future10:22
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cjwatsonBenC: your new linux-ppc has belatedly landed11:52
mitya57pitti: I've assigned you to bug 1162931, but I'm happy to work on it myself if you say where I should look12:14
ubottubug 1162931 in Ubuntu Translations "Calculator app UI is not translated" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116293112:14
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mitya57(looks like there is some list of packages that needs to be updated)12:14
seb128mitya57, dpm just approved the new templates last week12:17
seb128not sure if they made it to langpacks yet12:17
mitya57seb128: thanks, I'll mark it as fix committed then12:21
mitya57(the current langpacks were built earlier)12:21
seb128check that those have the translation or maybe check with dpm12:22
dpmmitya57, I approved the gnome-calculator last week after I noticed the name had changed. That one and others where that rename happened should appear in the next full language pack12:23
dpmseb128, ^12:23
seb128dpm, hey, when is the next "full" planned?12:24
mitya57dpm: did you approve new GNOME games?12:24
dpmmitya57, I remember approving gnome-mahjongg and gnome-mines. Was there any other one?12:24
dpmseb128, we haven't got any one planned, but the LP export is next Wednesday, so it might be worth making that one a full lp12:25
seb128dpm, well, hard freeze for raring is this week, so that would be good12:26
mitya57dpm: gnome-chess gnome-nibbles iagno quadrapassel gnome-tetravex gnome-robots gnome-klotski five-or-more12:26
dpmmitya57, thanks. Have all these been uploaded?12:26
seb128some of those are in universe12:27
mitya57dpm: yes, but $(whatSeb128Says)12:27
dpmmitya57, seb128, looking at gnome-chess, it seems no translation template has been uploaded: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring/+source/gnome-chess/+imports12:30
seb128_dpm, it's in universe12:30
dpmsame for gnome-nibbles12:30
mitya57dpm: looks like everything I named is in universe :)12:30
dpmmitya57, ok, so it seems we're all sorted12:31
seb128_dpm, mitya57: thanks12:31
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mitya57dpm: while you are here: do you have any plans to look at bug 861455 / bug 886968 / bug 886971 / bug 1134393?12:34
ubottubug 861455 in Ubuntu App Developer site "Fix Qt documentation links" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86145512:34
ubottubug 886968 in Ubuntu App Developer site "Very old Qt tutorial" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88696812:34
ubottubug 886971 in Ubuntu App Developer site "Qt Creator tutorial is not the most recent one" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88697112:34
ubottubug 861455 in Ubuntu App Developer site "duplicate for #1134393 Fix Qt documentation links" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86145512:34
mitya57(or is there any branch I can file a MP against?)12:34
dpmmitya57, wow, that's a quite a few bugs in a row. Give me a few minutes to look at them one by one :)12:37
mitya57dpm: probably some/all of these are duplicates12:38
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celsopeople, someone knows a kernel bug ? i am still getting an annoyign bug that leaves me with a black screen after the updates. i thought it was because my intel hd3000 but happens after the updates even with my  ati card.13:37
celsopeople, someone knows a kernel bug recently that guives black screen ? i am still getting an annoyign bug that leaves me with a black screen after the updates. i thought it was because my intel hd3000 but happens after the updates even with my  ati card.13:38
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infinitytseliot: Hrm.14:08
tseliotinfinity: yes?14:08
infinitytseliot: That move to xorg-driver-binary is shiny, but it doesn't mean you can drop the conflict and/or replaces on all the old ones that you have file conflicts with.14:08
infinitytseliot: Otherwise, upgrades from previous releases will asplode.14:08
infinity(Or, potentially will)14:09
tseliotinfinity: I think I removed conflicts from initial debian releases14:09
tseliotinfinity: the rest should be pretty useless too14:09
infinityYou might need to expand that sentence to tell me what it means.14:09
cjwatson[also file conflicts should be expressed with breaks/replaces, not conflicts/replaces]14:10
tseliotcjwatson: is it really necessary?14:10
infinityA hard conflict and nothing else isn't world-ending either.  But none of the broken provides/conflicts/replaces madness, since fglrx never actually should have PROVIDED nvidia-foo, etc.14:10
infinitytseliot: It's absolutely necessary to provide smooth upgrades if there are file overlaps.14:11
tseliotinfinity: right, and xfree86-driver-fglrx, xorg-driver-fglrx, fglrx-kernel-source, libamdxvba1, fglrx-modaliases come from very old releases14:11
cjwatsontseliot: Normally, keeping the Breaks/Replaces is way cheaper for everyone than trying to figure out whether they're strictly needed.14:11
infinitytseliot: Since you can't go back in time and make the precise packages provide xorg-driver-binary, you still need to deal with that.14:11
cjwatsontseliot: The failure mode is pain for users and results in hard-to-decipher upgrade failures; what's the point in inviting that?14:12
infinity(You can drop all of that after 14.04, though, and just use the new method)14:12
tseliotinfinity: right, they all conflict/replace/provide with fglrx-driver, same as in previous releases14:12
tseliotcjwatson: I'm trying to understand what kind of failure a missing Breaks can cause. This wasn't the case with Nvidia, at least according to my tests14:13
infinitytseliot: But fglrx and nvidia don't conflict.  Is there actually a file overlap between them?14:13
infinitytseliot: Or was that conflict just poorly-expressed?14:13
cjwatsontseliot: see policy for why Breaks in addition to Replaces14:13
infinitytseliot: As in, precise's nvidia-* and raring's fglrx.14:14
cjwatsonIt's a corner case that's cheap to avoid, so why not avoid it ...14:14
cjwatson(Assuming this is actually a case of file overlaps)14:14
infinitycjwatson: I think it's actually a conflict in this case anyway, they should never be installed together.14:14
tseliotinfinity: nope. It was a poor attempt at saying that one package could be replaced by the other instead of making apt complain about having to remove either of them manually14:14
infinity(Or, that's what I gathered from all the hackish relationships)14:14
cjwatsontseliot: If you mean why Breaks instead of Conflicts for file overlaps (in cases where there isn't a real conflict), there's an extensive discussion in the policy manual about that14:15
infinitytseliot: So, what's preventing me from having precise's nvidia-foo and raring's fglrx installed together now?14:15
infinitytseliot: And isn't that a Very Bad Thing to let happen, hence all those conflicts in the first place?14:15
tseliotinfinity: they conflict/replace/provide one another14:15
infinitytseliot: But they don't, as of this upload.14:16
infinitytseliot: See my point?14:16
tseliotinfinity: they all conflict/replace/provide xorg-driver-binary14:16
tseliotcjwatson: they don't really overlap14:17
infinitytseliot: Not in precise...14:17
infinitytseliot: I'd just keep a conflicts line that lists all the binary drivers that shipped in precise-release and quantal-release (don't worry about updates, since you can make those provide xorg-driver-binary), and leave it be.14:18
tseliottools such as jockey or its successor, don't remove any other installed driver before installing a different graphics driver, so, if, for example, nvidia-310 is already installed, and you want to install nvidia-304, apt will complain unless they all conflict/replace/provide the same thing14:19
tseliotinfinity: I'm planning to update the drivers in Precise too (I forwarded the email to both of you)14:19
infinitytseliot: Yes, but you can't update the ones shipped in the release pocket.14:20
infinitytseliot: And while we *technically* don't "support" upgrades from the release pocket only, there's no point in making them gratuitously more difficult.14:20
tseliotinfinity: in Precise all the drivers can be installed at the same time without problems. Thanks to the alternatives system only one will be used14:21
infinitytseliot: Erm, you mean none of those conflicts are in the precise packaging?14:21
tseliotinfinity: no, just in quantal and raring14:21
infinitytseliot: Or, you mean that if they weren't there, they'd be coinstallable and it would sort of work? :)14:21
tseliotinfinity: so, they conflict only in quantal and in raring but, even without that, things wouldn't explode14:22
tselioteach driver lives in its own set of directories and the files in common are handled using alternatives14:23
infinityHrm.  Kay.  Then maybe my concern is unfounded.14:23
infinity(Does jockey/ubuntu-drivers-common manually twiddly alternatives?  Ew)14:24
tseliotinfinity: jockey certainly does, ubuntu-drivers-common does not14:24
infinityOkay, so in the post-jockey world, you really can't install two together.14:24
ogra_we really have to many  ...14:24
infinityI mean, you can install them, but the one you want won't necessarily work. :P14:24
tseliotinfinity: nope14:24
* ogra_ wonders if mtp has seen the UI in a recent raring with nvidia card 14:25
ogra_*mpt even14:25
ogra_definitely not something my mother would get along with14:25
tseliotinfinity: well, it's either one driver or the other...14:25
infinityAnyhow.  If they all conflict in raring, that'll work fine.  And I think you've satisfied me on the upgrade front.  Ish.14:26
tseliotogra_: I didn't really work on the UI14:26
infinityThis is all such a mess.14:26
ogra_tseliot, yeah i wonder if thats solvable at all14:26
tseliotinfinity: welcome to my world ;)14:26
mptogra_, let me guess, the description of the driver is hundreds of characters long?14:26
ogra_but we definitely have to much choice there14:26
infinityWhy doesn't someone just write an nvidia shim driver that checks your PCI ID and dlopens the right one, and you can ship them all in one?14:26
infinityThat's what the ATI driver does...14:26
infinity(The free one, not the binary one)14:27
ogra_mpt, well, no, but you have an nvidia-1-* mvidia-2-* nvidia-1-updates nvidia-2-updates nvidia-5-experimanetal etc14:27
ogra_mpt, (example numbers indeed)14:27
tseliotinfinity: I guess they simply want you to pick a driver version and use that. This is entirely our problem14:27
* mpt reads scrollback14:28
infinitytseliot: Nonsense.  You can't just pick one as a distribution, since we have to support multiple cards and they keep bumping them out of support.14:28
mitya57dpm: any progress?14:28
tseliotcjwatson: I'm doing what "7.6.2 Replacing whole packages, forcing their removal" says, and I think it should be fine14:28
cjwatsonIf it's a case of a true conflict and not just a file overlap, sure14:29
cjwatson(I didn't check, just triggered on the "conflicts/replaces for file overlaps" notion14:29
ogra_mpt, http://img6.imageshack.us/img6/6692/screenshotfrom201303140.png thats what i mean14:29
tseliotinfinity: I've never said it would make sense ;)14:29
infinitycjwatson: It's a real conflict, thanks to how well they don't work when installed together.  There's apparently no file overlap at all. :P14:30
* mpt wonders why it's "Using" rather than "Use"14:30
* infinity wonders why those lines start with the same redundant verb at all.14:31
ogra_mpt, well, i dont really care about the wording, but the amount of choice (and actually understanding what they mean) seems awful14:31
ogra_my mom would definitely not get along with it14:32
mptinfinity, good question ... Because normally there's only two or three of them, and repeating the verb is less waste than having a whole extra "Use:" intro line14:32
cjwatsonAnd with that amount of choice they badly need to be sorted14:32
ogra_there wqere three of them in the far past :)14:32
ogra_thats long gone i think14:32
mptinfinity, AIUI in code this is called "inlining" :-)14:32
infinitympt: This is a funrolled loop, clearly.14:33
mptBut when it gets to six, it starts looking silly14:33
infinitympt: Gentoo dialog.14:33
ogra_(what the heck is VDPAU ?!?)14:33
mptThis reminds me of when we used to show kernels going back years in Grub14:33
mptNow we have just "Ubuntu" and "Ubuntu (other options)", or something like that, right?14:34
infinity1) Free, 2) Proprietary and tested, ** divider ** 3..inf) other crap?14:35
infinityAssuming that one I slotted in (2) isn't a case that exists twice, which it might for some PCI IDs.14:35
infinityBut I guess then you just pick the highest version one. :/14:35
infinityIn conclusion: Eff you, nvidia.14:36
ogra_which might or might nort work on your card depending on how the nvdidia dev slept last night14:36
ogra_otr only have half baked support for exactly that card etc14:36
infinityI miss the good old days when their drivers supported everything from the TNT to the latest and shiniest GeForces.14:37
mptinfinity, after five years, today I finally understand that the "funroll loops" in <http://funroll-loops.info/> is an actual thing. Thank you.14:37
infinityThough, I can sympathize with their urge to drop compatibility code for shader emulation and other madness.14:37
infinitympt: It's a compiler switch. :)14:37
ogra_you could still ship different binaries in one tarball14:38
infinitympt: -funroll-loops does what you'd expect.14:38
mptAll this time, I thought it was dried fruit leather.14:38
mptogra_, so I can tell you that fewer choices would probably be better, but I am clueless as to which choices to hide or de-emphasize14:42
ogra_mpt, heh, yeah14:43
mptMore consistently structured titles would be nice, too14:43
infinityWell, in that screen shot, the only two I would expect people to select are the first one, and the free driver.14:43
infinity"Regular" users, that is.14:44
mptAlso, it's not shown in the mockup, but in <https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SoftwareAndUpdatesSettings#drivers> I suggest that the branch should start by labelling the hardware we're talking about, in this case "Graphics card:"14:45
mpt(e.g. "Graphics card: NVIDIA G86 (GeForce 8500 GT)")14:46
ogra_infinity, how about steam users ? :)14:46
infinityogra_: If we screw it up really badly, they'll end up replacing our dialog with their own. :P14:48
infinityogra_: (Steam on Windows has builtin driver updaters for nvidia and ATI)14:48
ogra_so we should just not change it and wait for the contribution then :)14:49
cyphermoxmpt: I think initially the "Graphics card: " prefix was there14:52
cyphermoxnot sure why it's not, now14:52
mptcyphermox, could you find out? :-)15:02
cyphermoxmpt: sure. should just be a matter of digging through the branch history15:03
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dokojibel, thanks for the autopkg updates. had some of those done. did you see any other test failures?16:06
victorpmdz, ping16:16
smbinfinity, I got two Xen packages in the sru queues for q and p which I would like to see getting accepted for proposed rather sooner that later. Would you be able to work some "magic"?16:23
infinitysmb: Tomorrow, I can.16:24
smbinfinity, Ok, that would be soon enough for me16:24
evmpt: so much for that theory: http://jsfiddle.net/Ra4xT/4/ (see "Precise (again)")16:25
evit might be a lack of data, but I think I should look for the problem elsewhere before I commit webops to a full run16:25
mptev, are any of those "(original)" lines actually plotted?16:26
evif you click on them they are16:26
evall the items in the key can be toggled16:27
evunchecking raring makes things much more readable ;)16:27
mptev, is October 11 the date of the first Raring reports?16:28
mpt(or at least, the first ones included in this sample)16:28
jibeldoko, not with 2.7 but there are 4 failures with 3.3 and 3.3dm http://paste.ubuntu.com/5710791/16:29
evmpt: perhaps it would be interesting to see what this looks like with the weighted data we have, but unweighted16:30
evto see if it's missing data that's proving to be the problem16:30
evthat is, taking the the number of instances from the weighted CF and just not weighting them16:30
evI'll do that nowish16:30
mptev, okay, so if the formula was working, then weightedRaring(2012-10-11) = 1/90 * Raring(2012-10-11) = 1/90 * 0.81 = 0.009.16:30
mptAnd it isn't.16:30
evI haven't adjusted raring yet for the second run16:31
evsorry, I've only done precise16:31
evprobs should've mentioned that16:31
=== beuno_ is now known as beuno
mptev, that would be the easiest way of telling whether the formula was working, though. Because that's the only date on which all the machines you're seeing for a particular series are brand new.16:31
evah, I'll run through raring as well.16:32
=== deryck is now known as deryck[lunch]
evand check that date16:32
mpt(I'm distinguishing here between "the formula working" and "the formula being correct". We know it isn't correct, but it'll be a lot closer than what we have now.:-)16:33
evmpt: you do realise we're going to have to give this a fancy marketing name if it gets too far away from "average errors per calendar day"16:33
dokojibel, hmm, I didn't see the test_shutil failure16:34
dokojibel, is this some kind of summary? note that the failed tests are re-run at the end for details16:34
evhm, no data on systems running raring in this set until 2012-10-23, and even then only 516:44
evperhaps I really do need to just bug webops to run the full thing.16:44
ev(which would take 2-3 days)16:44
cjwatsonev: raring wasn't created until about then.16:44
evoh, strange16:44
evI wonder why we have data from the 11th then16:45
cjwatsonev: Any report on raring from 11 October is a misconfigured clock.16:45
cjwatsonOr something.16:45
evit would imply our clock16:45
evI'll have to investigate that16:45
cjwatsonIt may have been in existence a bit before the 23rd - would need to check full logs to make sure.  But definitely not the 11th, which was a week before quantal release.16:47
evmpt: http://jsfiddle.net/Ra4xT/8/ - added 'Raring (again)'16:53
evI'll get the full data set building (in production) tomorrow16:53
mptev, no need really16:55
mptev, November 10th was the 17th day you got reports for Raring. On that day originalRaring = 0.89, so weightedRaring would have to be 17/90 * 0.89 = 0.168 at most, and would probably be much less. But on that graph, it's 0.49.16:58
mptev, whoops, replace "0.89" with "0.81" everywhere above, so weightedRaring would have to be 0.153 at most. The point stands.17:00
evI do worry that the early days of raring are just noise from so few people using it17:00
argesslangasek: fyi. bug 1157678 seems to be fixed with a later xserver-xorg-video-intel patch, is this something that should be an FFE for raring, or should wait until the first updates? I know its _really_ late at this point.17:00
ubottubug 1157678 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "unplugging an external monitor from laptop results in corrupted screen. Logging out fixes it." [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115767817:00
slangasekarges: so the patch applies against the X driver, not against the kernel?17:01
slangasekarges: have you tested cherry-picking this onto current raring?17:01
argesslangasek: Yes its X driver. And yes I'm cherry-picking the fix now17:02
evmpt: so something is clearly wrong in the code then17:03
evokay, I'll have a dig at it tomorrow17:03
evthanks for the math :)17:03
slangasekarges: so it's basically a two-line fix; and there's no FFe needed, this is a bugfix not a feature; if the X folks are ok with it (bryce, tjaalton, mlankhorst?), then we should just take it now17:04
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argesslangasek: so actually its 9dae6f9f1f169c228929185a8bd94e82afe92574 that fixes the issue (according to Chris Wilson) and that's a pretty large patch. I'm going to test that cherry-picked into the current raring versuion17:05
slangasekarges: ah, ok17:05
slangasekyeah, much bigger change17:06
slangasekmost of it's code reorg though17:06
* bryce looks17:07
brycethere's some code refactoring there that may be making the patch bigger than it actually is17:09
argesbryce: it not a completely clean cherry-pick, but it applies only after a one line move in src/sna/kgem.h17:10
infinityarges: Oh, hey, I just ran into that bug this weekend.  Yay for it having a fix.17:12
infinityarges: Anyhow, if you're fixing that, you might also need to fix the driver to not FTBFS. :P17:13
infinity(Or back out the valgrind changes)17:13
argesinfinity: : ) yup upstream really helped.17:13
bryceso essentially it's a) changing from calling sna_mode_has_pending_events() once to "until no events remain" in sna_mode_close(), and b) adding event checking (and a cache cleaning) to sna_mode_resize().17:13
argesinfinity:  yea looking at that too cause i was going to test the xorg edgers package.17:13
bryceinfinity, what broke exactly?  :-/17:13
bryceinfinity, does removing the added --enable-valgrind in rules fix it?  It built fine for me locally.17:14
argesbryce: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa/+build/4488414 do we need enable-valgrind?17:14
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infinitybryce: Dunno, looks like it's just missing a -I/usr/include/valgrind or something.17:14
argesits listed as a dependency17:14
infinitybryce: I didn't look hard at it, was going to fix tomorrow if no one beat me to it.17:15
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bryceinfinity, I'll take care of it.17:16
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argesbryce: so i'm building a test xserver-xorg-video-intel with that cherry-picked patch. How do you guys track patches in this package btw?17:17
brycearges, in git17:18
argesoooo wheres the git tree?17:18
brycearges, ^ everything you'd like to know and more17:18
argescool i'll provide a patch that if that makes sense17:18
argesbryce: also i have to fix the valgrind.h to backport this patch anyway17:18
brycearges, I was just going to revert the --enable-valgrind17:19
argesok either way, just have to use something to get it to build : )17:19
bryce(it just slipped it because it was hanging around in the unreleased debian experimental branch)17:20
infinitybryce: With the current patches applied (which you could revert to the version in the release pocket, I guess), you'll need an explicit --disable-valgrind, since enable is the new default.17:20
bryceinfinity, hmm!17:20
bryceyep looks like you're right.17:21
bryceok in that case, arges go ahead with your fix, that's probably the least invasive solution.17:22
infinitybryce: Well, that's how I read configure.ac ... But I'm now confused because none of that changed between ubuntu1 and ubuntu217:22
argesok its building17:22
infinityAnyhow, --disable-valgrind is probably less hassle than working up a proper fix for not finding the headers.17:23
brycemy concern is mainly stability - this is a new feature and if there is one bug somewhere however minor, experience says there's bound to be another...17:24
infinitybryce: Yeah, but the debdiff between -release and -proposed has no code changes.17:25
infinitybryce: So changing code now seems like probably not the way forward.17:25
bryceinfinity, you mean because there's nothing aside from the --enable-valgrind in the rules?17:27
infinitybryce: Yeah...17:28
brycewell, I'm fine with reverting just that change if that's the cleanest solution, but I'd like to see what arges comes up with first.17:29
infinitybryce: So, I suspect I misread configure and it defaults to off, since it's clearly not enabled in the previous build.17:29
infinitybryce: Disabling valgrind is certainly the more tested solution, since we've never successfully built with it enabled.17:30
infinitybryce: And final freeze is in a few days.17:30
bryce              AS_HELP_STRING([--enable-valgrind],17:30
bryce                             [Enables valgrindified ioctls for debugging [default=no]]),17:30
brycesounds like, default=no17:31
argesbryce: well i just built it with --disable-valgrind, but i'm just trying to test teh cherry-pick for now17:31
jibeldoko, it was a grep FAIL in the logs, here with the traceback http://paste.ubuntu.com/5710948/ , I'll have a look tomorrow morning to eliminate any error that could be introduced by the testing env.17:31
infinityYeah, I misread something later in configure.ac ... It was a late night.17:31
brycearges, aha alright.17:31
dokojibel, thanks! delaying uploads then17:31
infinity(Not that it's a bad idea to use enable/disable explicitly anyway, so upstream changes don't cause surprises)17:31
argesbryce: but i haven't put anything in git, so I can change it accordingly17:31
bryceinfinity, ok good point about final freeze.17:32
bryceI'll go ahead and revert it.17:33
argesok test build here http://people.canonical.com/~arges/lp1157678.1/ I'll work on the git patch now, since it seems to work for me.17:35
argesbryce: is this the tree i need to clone btw: git://git.debian.org/git/pkg-xorg/driver/xserver-xorg-video-intel17:37
slangasekarges: yep17:39
brycearges, yes and use the 'ubuntu' branch17:41
brycealright, uploading the --enable-valgrind revert.17:42
jtaylordoko: numpy merge I mentioned last week, bug 116865217:43
ubottubug 1168652 in python-numpy (Ubuntu) "merge python-numpy 1.7.1-1 from debian experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116865217:43
mlankhorstbryce: boo valgrind is good :(17:55
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brycemlankhorst, totally agreed.  But since this is sort of new functionality, I'm thinking we probably should have done an FFe on it anyway, with some docco for how to use it, what it does, etc.18:13
brycemlankhorst, if you think it's worth having it in raring, and the build breakage is simple to fix, you might write up an FFe for it and we can try again.18:13
mlankhorstmeh it was meant to be enabled way early18:13
mlankhorsthowever due to a bug it never was18:13
mlankhorstvalgrind has been a build-depend on intel for ages18:14
mlankhorstand on uxa it already works (through libdrm)18:14
brycemlankhorst, so I take it this makes it run during package build?  how's it detect if there's a problem - does it block the build from completing?18:16
mlankhorstvalgrind just adds a bunch of special assembly ops that does nothing if valgrind is not running :)18:18
mlankhorstsee /usr/include/valgrind/valgrind.h18:19
mlankhorstit does a 2 rolls for a total of 64, causing edi to be the same as it was before, then does a xchgl, with %eax set to the op18:21
mlankhorstso all you have is a bunch of fancy nops if valgrind is not enabled :)18:24
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argesbryce: ok patch posted here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/1157678/comments/5618:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1157678 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "unplugging an external monitor from laptop results in corrupted screen. Logging out fixes it." [Medium,In progress]18:58
argesafter using the correct branch the cherry-pick was easy save a small conflict. this patch matches what I've already tested and have installed on my laptop18:59
sepisoadow to capture input devices events/intrrupts?19:03
brycearges, ok19:44
mlankhorstbryce: anyway i dont think enabling valgrind is worth the paperwork for a ffe, I'll enable it in s19:45
mlankhorstand lts-raring I suppose :P19:46
brycemlankhorst, sounds good19:46
brycemlankhorst, guessing it's already on in xorg-edgers?19:46
mlankhorstdno, it's mostly nops if valgrind is not found at runtime, so if it builds it works19:47
mlankhorstthat nexus 7 touch corruption bug is annoying btw, xserver adds so much obfuscation through the keyboard/mouse emulation layer19:49
brycemlankhorst, referring to 1002788?19:53
brycemlankhorst, anyway yeah can't tell whether we need to pull the patch in that bug, or if it is indeed just the nautilus bug mentioned in the last comment.19:54
stgraberpitti, cjwatson: ping (TB meeting in 4min)19:56
pittistgraber: hello19:56
mlankhorstbryce: hm actually i should bisect the series tomorrow just in case I can find what is causing the corruption that way, maybe I'll get more lucky this time19:57
mlankhorstwith the other things fixed19:57
brycemlankhorst, alright.  want to take the bug for now then?19:58
mlankhorsthttps://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=56578 btw19:58
ubottuFreedesktop bug 56578 in Server/Input/Core "race condition with active/passive grabs when opening menus with touch" [Normal,Assigned]19:58
cjwatsonstgraber: ack19:59
stgrabercjwatson: meeting notes (as short as they are) are in ubuntu-devel-announce's queue20:14
cjwatsonstgraber: processed20:14
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mwhudsonRAOF: huh22:19
mwhudsonRAOF: so i just had another gpu hang (not restarted yet) and font rendering in ff has gone _very_ funky22:19
mwhudsonanyway, i think i will now restart...22:25
sarnoldthat'd be cool effect if you wanted it..22:26
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