bkerensajbicha / godbyk : I am going to build the ubuntu docs package now and have someone sponsor its upload01:51
bkerensaI have a few people I can nag for sponsorship :P01:52
godbykbkerensa: Great!02:23
godbykbkerensa: Let me know if I can do anything to help.02:23
bkerensagodbyk: did he tell you what version for the changelog02:23
godbykbkerensa: And please try to document the procedure as you go along.02:23
bkerensagodbyk: I assume 13.04.1?02:23
godbykbkerensa: That's what I assumed, as well.02:23
godbykbkerensa: I used the following three lines for the changelog entry:02:24
godbyk  * Merged updated gnome-docs02:24
godbyk  * Capitalized Dash and Launcher consistently02:24
godbyk  * Bumped version numbers on the "What's new in Ubuntu 13.04?" page02:24
bkerensajbicha: oh this is slower than normal package building02:32
* bkerensa might just leave this and go have a snack or something02:32
bkerensagodbyk: building the package now02:32
godbykbkerensa: Excellent!02:37
godbykbkerensa: Don't forget to bump those version numbers in the html dir.02:38
bkerensabuild complete without errors02:38
godbykbkerensa: Yeah, I just stumbled across those tonight. Also, you'll need to take all the screenshots for the html/ stuff to build properly.02:40
godbykbkerensa: I'm not sure that the html/ dir is required for the system docs package, however. That might be solely for the website.02:40
jbichabkerensa: you should wait until at least Monday evening for the actual upload to give the translators as much time as possible02:40
godbykjbicha, bkerensa: which means you'll want to download the latest translations from launchpad a the last moment.02:42
bkerensajbicha: make: Nothing to be done for `html'.02:44
bkerensajbicha: ok well I will grab the tarball again tomorrow and rebuild again tomorrow02:44
bkerensabut the build was clean anyways02:45
godbykbkerensa: cd html; make02:45
godbykbkerensa: it has its own Makefile.02:45
Fudgehi guys, I have been trying to figure out how to get our documentation for vinuxproject.org into .md files and authored as malard so that we can include on our images to work with Yelp. If anyone may have blogged about this how to achieve I would love to read as my current efforts are not being very successful :D thanks02:56
bkerensajbicha: Were you expecting the build to fail btw? Because I got a successful build ;o03:01
godbykbkerensa: Since there haven't been many changes this cycle, I would expect the build to succeed since it presumably succeeded for 12.10.03:05
godbykbkerensa: There may be some failures in the translations, though. (Though again, there haven't been too many changes there either.)03:06
jbichabkerensa: if you didn't include updated translations then the build shouldn't have failed; it's the translations that cause the problems03:16
bkerensajbicha: i introduced the current tarball into the branch.... Maybe no changes were made? I havent really looked at translations03:17
bkerensajbicha: there were some warnings during the build for some translations saying they couldn't be merged (not sute what thats about) but the build succeeded03:17
jbichadid you rename the .po files?03:18
bkerensajbicha: yeah :)03:18
jbichayes the translations tend to have lots of warnings, it's the errors that stop the build that are of high priority03:19
jbichamaybe yelp-xsl and the other tools are more resilient to broken translations these days too03:19
bkerensawell thats good :)03:19
bkerensajbicha: you must be busy with a gnomebuntu03:19
shaunmFudge: you author in markdown and want to convert to mallard?12:21
shaunmbkerensa: regarding the warnings you get when merging translations for documents, those kinds of warnings happen when translators write something that isn't a well-formed xml fragment12:22
shaunmitstool parses when merging. if it can't parse, it can't merge.12:23
Fudgeshaunm  thanks so much for replying, yes I am hopeful.  Am using this p12:45
Fudgewhoops url didnt paste: http://www.jpfleury.net/en/software/gedit-markdown.php12:46
Fudgeshaunm  it's very possible I am screwing something simple up, I feel like I need some hand holding at this stage loL12:47
shaunmFudge: markdown and mallard are both syntaxes. to write in one and distribute another, you need a converter12:51
shaunmand now I wish I'd stuck with my work on getting mallard support into pandoc12:51
shaunmI just don't know of a markdown->mallard converter right now. I'd like to know of one, if somebody has one12:52
FudgeOh right, sounds like it would be useful. May I clarify what you ahve said? If I write our stuff in Malard then I can call it with Yelp for our specific documentation to ship on images?12:56
shaunmcorrect. Yelp has native support for Mallard, DocBook, HTML, man pages, and info pages. For anything else, you have to convert it into a format Yelp supports.13:14
Fudgethat is very cool mate13:23
bkerensajbicha:  Hey so slangasek will sponsor my build but I could just push the final stuff to a branch and MP it right?16:31
bkerensalike do the make html and make sure the latest translations are imported and then just push that to a branch?16:31
jbichathere's several different branches, if you're talking about sponsorship I'd just ask slangasek what format he'd prefer to sponsor16:40
jbichafor the lp:ubuntu-docs branch, yes we need a merge proposal with the updated translations and changelog (and he could possibly just use that to sponsor from)16:41
bkerensajbicha: ok18:14
bkerensa-ODSpreparing final MP for raring docs23:19
bkerensa-ODSsponsorship will occur tonight23:19
godbykbkerensa: Great! Thanks for your help!23:21

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