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slinnkyhey, is the gnome-shell from gnome-3 ppa uninstallable right now? I'm trying to install gnome-shell and am getting  unmet dependencies error12:08
slinnkylibgjs0c and gjs12:09
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sepisoadhow input devices is handled in ubuntu desktop?17:44
sepisoadhow to add a new device to this list17:45
sepisoadhow to capture input devices events/intrrupts?19:03
c_smithHey, my HDMI port from my AMD Radeon 6670 card won't appear (using the OSS drivers is out of the question as I get a kernel panic soon after boot with them), is there something I can try? the card appears in aplay -l but not in pavucontrol, ALSAMixer or the GNOME volume settings dialog.21:22
c_smithI've tried adding radeon.audio=1 to GRUB, which does nothing.21:23
tommie-liec_smith: is it connected to something?21:24
c_smithtommie-lie, yes, that's what I'm viewing everything through, but the only sound device is the headphone jacks.21:42
c_smithI'm about to revert back to Ubuntu GNOME 12.10 to see if the issue persists there.21:43
c_smithI'm not against using a slightly older version of GNOME, I did so on Arch.21:43
tommie-liec_smith: ok, then I don't know, because for me the HDMI output only appears in the mixers when I have a television plugged in.21:44
tommie-lieanyhow, I think that #ubuntu may be of more help for you as the problem seems not to be gnome-centered21:44
c_smithtommie-lie, alright, but I DO get the feeling this is an issue with the new FGLRX 13.3 drivers.21:44
c_smithhaven't had the issue with 13.1 in 12.1021:45
tommie-lieyes, probably, but even then, ubuntu-gnome only uses the same packages as the rest of the ubuntu world, so I'd rather ask there, you have more than 30 people there ;-)21:46
atrusif aplay -l shows it, you might want to try asking in #pulseaudio as well21:47

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