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philipballewlousygarua, greetings!17:09
lousygaruaphilipballew, hi17:09
lousygaruawha'ts up17:09
philipballewlousygarua, not much. Just doing homework and printing off a few maps for when I go to Mexico this weekend.17:10
philipballewlife good lousygarua ?17:10
lousygaruaall is fine17:15
lousygaruabeing busy playing around with C++ and JACK17:15
lousygaruaphilipballew, how about you?17:17
philipballewlousygarua, Im just trying to type a paper this week. 8 pages on why people think the world is more violent due to watching tv.17:18
philipballewhow is c ++17:19
lousygaruaphilipballew, just a language for shooting yourself in the leg, but it's a tool for smt more interesting17:20
lousygaruai'm playing around with audio stuff17:20
philipballewlousygarua, you play any instruments?17:22
lousygaruaphilipballew, yeah i'm a guitarist17:23
lousygaruahow about you?17:23
philipballewlousygarua, I am a drummer. We should make some music17:25
lousygaruaphilipballew, what's your style? i play hard rock and metal as main genres17:25
philipballewlousygarua, I can do that. I can play any type of funky beat, or if I need to maybe some blast beats17:26
lousygaruaphilipballew, do you record?17:27
philipballewlousygarua, I could!17:27
lousygaruaphilipballew, i really need a drummer for some band project i wanna do17:28
lousygarua*sigh* only if you were living in tel aviv :)17:28
philipballewlousygarua, fly me out, and we can record17:28
philipballewor I try to record here and send it to you17:28
philipballewlousygarua, Send me some cool tracks if you have the time17:35
lousygaruaphilipballew, http://loudnclear.bandcamp.com/17:37
philipballewlousygarua, have you ever herd Jono's band?17:39
lousygaruaphilipballew, yeah severed faith :)17:40
lousygaruadidn't hear too much material though17:40
philipballewlousygarua, nice! YOu should fly out here and I will show you the area sometime.17:41
philipballewthen jam17:41
lousygaruaphilipballew, sure, it will happen someday, it's just not the time right now17:44
lousygaruai gotta start earning some money :)17:44
lousygaruaand school and all17:44
philipballewlousygarua, me to. I am poor17:44
Ohadיש כאן מישהו?18:18
Ohadיש כאן מישהו שיכול לעזור?18:46
Zeev_le ma18:47

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