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zequenceapw: lowlatency kernels ready07:56
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apwzequence, ta08:48
zequenceapw: Are we doing the same procedure for S? I wouldn't mind rebasing the development version of the kernel too.08:52
apwzequence, we could indeed ...08:54
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* ppisati -> out for lunch10:53
* rtg -> coffee. back in 1011:17
* Gaudasse -> went to poop, back soon11:27
Kanohi, does anybody like to update unstable-3.9 branch? i get that pae pagefault error with chrome relatively often with rc612:05
Kano[91923.928016] Bad pagetable: 000f [#4] SMP 12:06
KanoProcess chrome (pid: 11475, ti=cd36a000 task=e7188000 task.ti=cd36a000)12:06
Kanoi left out some lines12:06
rtgogasawara, looks like the N4 kernel is accepted into the archive. Mayhap we should get the touch image builder to incorporate that kernel first since it appears to work (as opposed to the N7 which still has a touchpad issue)14:34
ogasawarartg: ack, I think all we need to do is ping rsalveti 14:35
ogasawararsalveti: ^^14:35
rsalvetiogasawara: cool, was planning on doing that later today to be able to use lttng14:36
rsalvetiright timing 14:36
rtgogasawara, I got stalled on flash-kernel last Friday after bricking my N4 3 times. still haven't quite figured out why.14:36
ogasawararsalveti: sweet, thanks.  let us know when you have an image and I'll have my guys with an N4 test it.14:36
rsalvetirtg: do you know if all the configs used by the android tree is still marked as built-in?14:36
rsalvetijust to know if we'd also need to make the modules to work right during the boot14:37
rsalvetiuntil we flip the container model14:37
rsalvetiogasawara: sure, thanks14:37
rsalvetican check later as well14:37
rtgrsalveti, there is likely still some config work yet to be done. which ones are you concerned about in particular ?14:37
rtgppisati, have you been able to get back to the N7 touchpad issue yet ?14:38
rsalvetirtg: none in particular yet, just to see if I should expect issues14:38
ppisatirtg: nope :(14:38
ppisatirtg: still on highbank14:39
rtgrsalveti, I've been able to install the vmlinuz by hand on the N4. everything seeems to work OK14:39
rsalvetirtg: cool, then we should be good14:39
ogra_yeah but that wont work if you have an abi bump14:40
ogra_the modules lve in the android image14:40
ogra_and we have no way to regenerate that on the fly in a running system14:40
rtgogra_, well, if I could get flash-kernel working....14:40
ogra_(or do we ?)14:40
ogra_rtg, flash-kernel wont help the modules14:41
ogra_you need to re-roll the system.img and flash it 14:41
rtgI thought abootimg flashed both vmlinuz and the initrd ?14:41
ogra_rtg, but not the android rootfs :)14:41
ogra_you want /system/lib/modules/ to be filled with the right modules for your abi14:42
ogra_we load the modules from android, not from ubuntu atm14:42
rtgogra_, so, the Ubuntu N4 kernel must have enough stuff built-in that modules aren't a problem (yet)14:42
ogra_thats why rsalveti said above we need to wait for the container model flip14:42
rtgok, I get it now14:43
rsalvetiyeah, the default from the original config is enough already14:43
rsalvetiat least from what I saw at nexus 414:43
ogra_(currently nearly everything is stucvk on that ... )14:44
* ogasawara back in 2014:47
* ppisati -> EOD15:30
popeyjsalisbury: yo, wrt bug 1167019 which exact raring kernel should I test on precise?18:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 1167019 in linux (Ubuntu) "wifi packet loss on intel Centrino Wireless-N 1000 " [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116701918:25
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jsalisburypopey, The latest would be good.  You can get the .debs from: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/3.8.0-18.28/+build/448606019:02
popeysuper, thanks19:04
popeyjsalisbury: i am confused... http://paste.ubuntu.com/5711280/19:34
* popey removes headers and expects all to be fine anyway19:37
* popey reboots into raring kernel19:37
* popey sets a ping going and pops to the shops19:40
jsalisburypopey, thanks for testing19:53
popeyupdated the bug report19:55
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