DaveInTOanyone here using mythexport?19:02
DaveInTOCan't seem to tell if its working or not19:02
DaveInTOI addede a video to the queue..backend status says its running19:03
DaveInTObut I don't see any tasks in my process list that look like its doing anything19:03
tgm4883rhpot1991, ^19:03
DaveInTOall i see is mythexport_addjob don't see any ffmpeg or avconv of mythtrans19:05
rhpot1991DaveInTO: what version of mythtv?19:12
DaveInTOsaw on the wiki its not supported19:14
DaveInTObut also saw that other people got it working via STARTIMEUTC19:14
DaveInTOis it much work getting this going? or should i look at nuvexport?19:17
DaveInTOI just need to get my recordings into smaller files that my wireless network at home won't choke on19:17
rhpot1991DaveInTO: just need to adjust a few things19:17
rhpot1991finding you links to the bugs19:17
rhpot1991give me a few19:18
rhpot1991those 3 are most likely biting you, each one has an easy fix in the descriptions/comments19:19
rhpot1991DaveInTO: ping me or email me if you still have issues after that19:21
DaveInTOshould i see a daemon running?19:21
rhpot1991only after you fix the log bug19:22
DaveInTOthat was the 3rd bug19:22
rhpot1991then you will need to restart it yourself19:22
rhpot1991sudo service mythexport restart19:22
DaveInTOi had to make mythexport.log19:24
DaveInTOdidn't exist on my system19:24
DaveInTOi think we are in business19:24
DaveInTOi see some ffmpeg goodness in the log19:24
rhpot1991DaveInTO: no problem, I have to get those closed the 0.26 one is biting me cause I need to detect which version19:26
DaveInTOor create a page...with the answers...19:28
DaveInTOthe ubunty mythexport page is gone also19:28
DaveInTOthe one that is refferenced during the install of myth export19:28
rhpot1991tgm4883: did we not bring that over?19:29
rhpot1991DaveInTO: got a link to where it should be?19:29
tgm4883bring what over?19:29
DaveInTOone sec19:29
rhpot1991tgm4883: the mythexport wiki page19:30
* tgm4883 shrugs19:30
DaveInTOthat guy19:30
rhpot1991oh thats the old one19:30
tgm4883doesn't look like it19:30
rhpot1991which linkes to a bad page19:30
rhpot1991I think I need to just replace all of that19:30
rhpot1991DaveInTO: what kind of device are you using btw?19:31
tgm4883rhpot1991, I thought you moved it to your site19:31
rhpot1991for playback of exported vids19:31
rhpot1991tgm4883: I moved the configs part to my site19:31
rhpot1991no big deal if we can't get it19:31
tgm4883hmm ok19:31
rhpot1991no one complained till now19:31
tgm4883I'm unsure if we can get it19:31
tgm4883maybe via google cache19:31
rhpot1991and new release is coming19:31
rhpot1991so I'll just remove the link and deal with it19:31
rhpot1991most of it was outdated info for old releases19:32
rhpot1991that the config stuff on my site replaced19:32
rhpot1991"what to do if ffmpeg changes flags for the ten millionth time"19:32
DaveInTOrhpot1991: thanks again..working perfectly now20:03
DaveInTOnow i just have to get home and try those vids out on my xios and see20:04
rhpot1991DaveInTO: very nice20:10
rhpot1991let me know how they work with that device20:10
DaveInTOmight have saved me from having to run wire in the wall20:10
DaveInTObut then again..now i have 50 feet of cable i bought this weekend sitting there waiting to be installed somewhere20:11
ubuntuaddictedcan someone please help me? I installed ubuntu minimal and then mythbuntu, i am trying to configure my backend but it's failing to even add my user to the mythtv group because of password failure. I am entering the same password as I use to login22:17
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, you only have the single user?22:19
ubuntuaddictedit keeps brining up this user group membership dialog box thing22:20
ubuntuaddictedi have triple checked my user's password and even changed it but still this dialog about my user not being within mythtv group isn't accepting my password22:21
ubuntuaddictedi even went into users and groups and manually added my user to the mythtv group22:21
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, you logged out and back in after it added your user to that group?22:21
ubuntuaddictedno BUT why is it not accepting my password within the dialog box22:22
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, IDK22:22
gedakcubuntuaddicted:  I believe you need to log out and log back in to acquire your new group rights as mentioned by tgm4883.22:24
ubuntuaddictedsome glitch in the dialog box that appears because after I manually added my user to the mythtv group and logged out and back in, it's now working. BUT previously whenever I clicked on to configure my mythbackend setup, the dialog box to add my user to the mythtv group failed with whatever password I entered22:25
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, IDK. Perhaps it was added and it was failing because it was already added22:26
* tgm4883 shrugs22:26
ubuntuaddictedmy point being is that clicking mythbackend setup within mythbuntu prompts to add my user to the mythtv group fails no matter what password I entered22:26
ubuntuaddictedit kept saying the password I entered was incorrect when it wasn't22:26
ubuntuaddictedoh well, at least now I can get into mythbackend setup.22:27
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, IDK, but it works now right?22:27
tgm4883ok good22:27
ubuntuaddictedbut now, I want to restore my mythconverg from a 0.21+fixes mythbuntu setup. do I just perform a normal setup and then do a full database restore from my mythbackup.pl script?22:28
tgm4883from 0.21 fixes? I think you have to go to 0.24 first22:28
tgm4883ubuntuaddicted, I don't remember, you should probably ask in #mythtv-users22:28
ubuntuaddictedi thought the restore process updates the database schema during the restore22:29
ubuntuaddictedbut i will ask over there. thanks22:29
ubuntuaddictedok, weird. now the next box password prompt isn't working. it's saying "please enter your current login password" but when I do it just fails22:33
ubuntuaddictedit fails to stop the backend because password fails22:35
ubuntuaddictedthen it says "please your current login password to start the mythtv backend" but of course it fails even though I am entering the correct password.22:37
tmktrhpot1991: hey hey22:45
tmktany easy trick to the missin faac?22:45
tmkti have medibuntu22:45
tmktdownloaded the newest confits22:45
ubuntuaddictedit's more strange because when I make a change in the mythbuntu control center, it asks for authentification and when I enter my users password it works22:45
ubuntuaddictedso, I don't know what password it's asking for with that other dialog box22:45
ubuntuaddictedi just noticed when I enter the password enough times it says it failed to start the mythtv backend as user root22:58
ubuntuaddictedwhy is it trying to start the myth backend as user root?22:58
ubuntuaddictedok, looking at /var/log/auth.log I see a bunch of failed su for root by daniel, what do I do to fix this?23:05

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