bazhanglooks like #ubuntu he hit too00:28
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, Ben64 said: !war is What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.02:06
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, SonikkuAmerica said: !war is <reply> What is it good for? Absolutely nothing.02:07
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, rww said: !war-#ubuntu-offtopic is <alias> peace-#ubuntu-offtopic02:08
jribI have to head out but if anyone is alive, FrankeH123 and Andreuls might need some watching in #ubuntu03:37
bazhangcommercial is actually really easy07:07
bazhangok thats questionable advice07:12
Myrttihere's a thought that occurred to me, what's the status of Ubuntu Gnome's IRC channels?11:49
AlanBellMyrtti: #ubuntu-gnome looks fine11:55
Myrttiis it a core channel?11:56
jussiI don't beleive so11:56
AlanBellteam channel11:56
Myrtti"people in china"13:55
PiciMyrtti: I was thinking that too13:56
LjLand wastrel13:58
LjLor not, but not due to lack of trying13:59
Tm_TMyrtti: it's not core channel, yet16:16
MyrttiUnit193: ping?20:30
Unit193Myrtti: Pong.20:33
jribPici: are you also in boston?22:08
Picijrib: no, just happened to see you say something in #bostonbombing22:09
jriboh ok22:09
LjLuh, that's a busy channel, how did everyone know to join there22:10
Picihave some friends that live/work there though.22:10
PiciLjL: reddit22:10
Myrttiyeah, reddit22:16

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