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damitokay I installed xen and I want to figure out how to install ubuntu server on the system as a virtual machine is there a guide for this?03:14
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SharetelHi, can someone please let me know the command to check the package version in apt-get prior to its installation?06:16
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acidflashjoin #c08:34
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WaltherReliable way to list all disk drives connected, even ones not mounted, not formatted, not having a partition table on?10:32
Waltherfdisk -l returns nothing10:32
Jeeves_ls -al /sys/block ?10:34
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joshudo I need to setup split-dns if I'm configuring a backup mx postfix server behind NAT?11:54
LionheartedI am using virtual mashine on windows 7, running ubuntu server latest version and i need to configure simple DNS and DHCP server, and can someone point me to some good tutorial (for noobs) THANKS11:54
Joel_rehey does ufw persist iptables rules, or is that upto the admin?11:55
rbasakWalther: I usually use "cat /proc/partitions". Also lsblk is nice.12:26
RoyKJoel_re: ufw rules survive a reboot, yes12:47
smbDaviey, Do you know whether there is someone special on the SRU team for Xen?13:01
Joel_reRoyK: ok, which file does ufw write to when rules are added using the ufw command?13:04
RoyKdon't remember13:05
Joel_rehrm /etc/ufw/*.rules <- those are edited by users not ufw .. is that correct?13:05
jdstrandJoel_re: /lib/ufw/*rules13:05
Joel_rejdstrand: thank you sir13:06
jdstrandJoel_re: /etc/ufw/*rules is for admins, yes13:06
jdstrand(fyi, man ufw-framework tells you where everything is and how it works together)13:06
Joel_reah ok13:07
matziehello, I'm looking for a PPA of libvirt that I can use in quantal with more recent versions than
RoyKmatzie: raring isn't far ahead, so it should be safe-ish to upgrade to the prerelease. I've been using that for a couple of months for a raidtest vm13:33
matzieI'm considering that, thanks.13:34
RoyKmatzie: release date April 25th13:34
RoyKso do-release-upgrade -d ;)13:35
matzieheh, neat - started an extra failsafe sshd on a new port.  impressed.13:37
RoyKI've never had to use that13:38
RoyKbut it's neat :)13:38
patdk-wk_I had to use it once13:39
patdk-wk_but that was back in feisty or so13:39
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RoyKpatdk-wk_: a wee while ago ;)13:54
kirklandroaksoax: ping14:11
roaksoaxkirkland: pong14:13
Davieysmb: hey, infinity is probably the best person for xen sru.16:20
smbDaviey, that  probably is true16:20
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SabbathlivesCould someone help me? I am currently learning Ubuntu server. I have made a users. I created folders in the admins root directory not knowing where else to place them for easy sharing. Now i am trying to access these folders but don't know how using the command line17:17
SabbathlivesCorrection: I'm trying to access them from another user.17:18
sarnoldSabbathlives: placing shared data in /root is not ideal -- typically, a user's home directory would have the data, if one user could be said to be the 'owner' of the data -- if not, then a dedicated directory in /home or /srv might be better. (it's not exactly something that's well-described...)17:21
sarnoldSabbathlives: check out the filesystem heirarchy standard (FHS) -- it's _not_ a standard, and not even all that common among distros :) -- but it will give you a good idea of what sorts of files go where17:22
SabbathlivesSarnold: So it be better to place these folders in the system directory?17:25
sarnoldSabbathlives: I'd probably put them in /home/data or /home/shared or something like that instead.17:25
SabbathlivesSarnold: How do i navigate to the /home/shared directory using command line?17:31
sarnoldSabbathlives: cd /home/shared17:31
SabbathlivesSarnold: Thanx, shared folder doesn't exist but i was able to access the home folder17:32
sarnoldSabbathlives: then you'll want to 'sudo mkdir /home/shared' to create the directory; you'll need to decide who gets to work with the directory, with what permissions. that can be annoying.17:34
SabbathlivesSarnold: thanx, i ended up just throwing them into the /home for now. The folders i moved already have access permission attached to them using ACL.17:39
sarnoldSabbathlives: probably the easiest thing to do is to make sure your filesystem mounts with 'bsdgroups' option, add your users to  a group, set the group owner of that directory to the group, and then set the setgid bit. It's a bit complicated, sadly, but that will let everyone in the group access the directory without needing sudo...17:40
sarnoldSabbathlives: aha :)17:40
Sabbathlivessarnold: Thank you, so much for the help17:41
sarnoldSabbathlives: have fun :)17:41
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ruben231hi guys i ahve a apache2 web server but when i do this none returns ---> netstat -tulpn | grep :8  ---> just blank19:38
RoyKruben231: check the apache logs19:52
thesheff17anyone have experience with lxc containers inside amazon cloud...anytime I run lxc-shutdown -n severName it just shut downs the whole server19:55
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benedict_hi, i bought a computer and a 3 TB hdd in order to back up a 320 GB hdd. what would you suggest for partiitoning, filesystem, etc.?21:06
benedict_i have some folders of important data which i want to be backed up but a good part of it not required to be backed up21:07
benedict_do you think that a cron, that updates 320GB->3TB is enough?21:07
sarnoldbenedict_: you may need gparted to partition. I still like ext3, I21:07
sarnoldbenedict_: .. I'll let others test ext4 a bit more first..21:08
benedict_sarnold: ok - i'm not going for any edge technology anyway :P21:08
sarnoldbenedict_: rsnapshot may be useful to you.. I like it, anyway. :)21:08
benedict_i was thinking that RAID would be a bit over the top21:09
benedict_also the point is that i am not the one to maintain this system - so i would not go too high in terms of complexity21:10
sarnoldraid is nice but no backup solution..21:10
benedict_ok, i see what you want to point out21:11
markthomasMirroring and RAID help prevent data loss from drive failure, but not user error.  +1 for rsnapshot.21:12
benedict_markthomas: what portects against bit-flipping?21:13
benedict_e.g. if the active hdd flips a bit by accident21:13
markthomasbenedict_: that's a problem for RAID, not rsnapshot.  The latter is file-level backup.21:14
sarnoldmost drives spend roughly 540 bits to store 512 bits of data -- by the time you get an error that can't be recovered, I'd be surprised if it is just a bit flipped rather than the entire sector reports unreadable..21:14
benedict_markthomas: but in case the bit flips - rsnapshot would take over that change21:15
markthomasWhich is why it stores whatever combination of hourly, daily, monthly, etc. backups you specify.21:16
sarnoldyou could always store checksums or detached gpg sigs or something to keep track of your data integrity..21:16
benedict_not that i reject rsnapshot - i will try it for sure... just trying to find things i have not considered yet21:16
markthomasversioned backups are always a good layer to have in your D.R.21:18
* RoyK uses bacula and crashplan21:19
benedict_markthomas: D.R. ?21:20
benedict_thanks for your suggestions - have a good day/night21:23
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DuelEHey guys. I've put in a bit of study today on IPTABLES and have gotten a simple set of rules running smoothly. But, if anyone can provide me with links to examples of an advanced implementation that uses two nics (one internet one lan obviously) I would greatly appricate it.. or please direct me to a different channel if I am asking this in the wrong place22:25
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