RobbyF_polto_, can't create users yet00:26
_polto_RobbyF, I was able to create a user, it have it's own home, accessible via ssh, but I do not know how to login with this new user...00:36
RobbyFit's not built to that extent yet.00:36
_polto_RobbyF, how can I reset phablet user so ? to use it with my personal data ?00:37
RobbyFyou can remove some of the pre-installed data, is that what you mean?00:37
_polto_I would like to test SMS, ... address book , ...00:37
_polto_remove pre-installed data.00:37
RobbyFscroll down to Sample content section00:37
_polto_got it00:38
wilee-nileeSo is the raring development in the touch auto installable with the phablet tols?01:37
onewanman_how is the OS progressing03:28
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dholbachgood morning06:45
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Akiva-MobileI was just learning about c++ so I could develope for ubuntu-phone in the future. I then found out that a lot of people hate it, especially linus torvalds :http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.version-control.git/57643/focus=57918.  Before investing a lot of time in learning more C++, I was thinking that maybe it would be better to learn C, seeing as I already know a oo language [python].06:56
Akiva-Mobilemy question is whether that is fine if I plan to work with QT?06:57
Akiva-MobileI am a pretty new programmer, but I figure if it works well with c++, it should also work well with c.06:57
Akiva-MobileIf I plan to write applications with QT gui's, the ubuntu touch, etc, can I get by with just knowing c?06:58
bef0rdqt is c++07:01
bef0rdbetter learn qt and Qml07:01
Akiva-Mobilebef0rd: I do not get it; does ubuntu touch applications run on qt? I thought that was just the GUI, where as everything else was c++?07:08
bef0rdlearn what qt is07:15
bef0rdand yes, ubuntu touch apps are qt/qml07:15
Akiva-Mobilebef0rd: You could just tell me. It says "Application framework", which means... what? You can use it to make a calculator, or you can use it just to make the framework for a calculator, where as the rest of it has to be done in literal c++?07:22
chriadamAkiva-Mobile: Qt is a set of C++ libraries, basically.  When you write Qt code, you're writing C++ - but instead of using standard types, you're using types provided by the Qt libraries.  QML is different: it's a separate language, whose implementation was written in C++, but client code doesn't have to be C++ (you can use just QML syntax + JavaScript)07:25
chriadamQML has deep integration with normal Qt C++ types, so you can mix and match Qt C++ and Qt/QML code, in various ways.07:26
Akiva-Mobilechriadam: QML just strikes me as a html renderer basically. Is that partly correct?07:26
chriadamit doesn't use a DOM or a HTML rendering engine07:27
Akiva-Mobileokay. why did it choose to use html code?07:27
chriadamit didn't07:27
Akiva-Mobileim a goof07:28
Akiva-Mobilethats what I meant; a javascript renderer07:28
Akiva-MobileQML just strikes me as a JAVASCRIPT renderer basically. Is that partly correct?07:28
chriadamit chose JavaScript for expressions basically because it's a well known language, with C-like syntax so it's familiar to most people.  also, QML has similarities to JSON, and JS and JSON are familiar friends.07:28
chriadamJavaScript and rendering are completely unrelated concepts07:29
bef0rdthere's no need to guess, search for QML documentation07:29
Akiva-MobileThanks for letting me know~07:29
chriadamQML uses an optimised, OpenGL scene-graph renderer, written in C++.07:30
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Akiva-Mobilechriadam|away: Why is it not more logical to use C++ for expressions, seeing it is working with a c++ based language qt?07:41
chriadam|awayI'm about to head home, unfortunately.  but, briefly: because expressions are (or can be) dynamic.  You can't resolve dynamic things at build time.07:42
Akiva-MobileWhy can't dynamic things be resolved at build time?08:04
Akiva-MobileDynamic things as I understand it, is just an equation broken up into smaller equations (supposedly for multitasking)08:06
Akiva-Mobileis that like to say, that when c++ compiles, it will solve the  various equations, and save to memory only the results?08:07
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shadeslayerogra_: so, I got the bootlooping to stop, but since the screen is always off idk whats happening08:11
ogra_shadeslayer, try to enable the serial gadget in your kernel, that should give you serial output on USB after the kernel is up10:10
shadeslayeryeah I tried that, but there was no /proc/bus/usb/devices10:11
ogra_on your PC ?10:12
ogra_you want /dev/tty....10:12
ogra_check dmesg while booting the n10 with an exisring USB connection10:12
shadeslayeroh, I was following https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/usb/gadget_serial.txt10:13
ogra_shadeslayer, you ant it builtin  and it should just come up automatically10:14
shadeslayerI see10:14
ogra_and there is no need for any drivers on the PC side ... just watch dmesg when booting, you shoould see the tty device appear10:15
shadeslayerogra_: and you were right about the the toolchain10:22
shadeslayerall of my compile issues went away when I used the ubuntu toolchain10:22
shadeslayerso much easier to just export CROSS_COMPILE=arm-linux-gnueabihf-  and run make :)10:23
nerochiarotmoenicke: hi, have a question about the OSK. right now it seems that when you tap and hold on a button, you don't get repeated events. but it would be really useful to have instead10:35
shadeslayerogra_: uh, nothing shows up in dmesg10:38
xnoxLook how hot this is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5710034/ c++ demangled dpkg symbols file =)10:42
ogra_shadeslayer, hmm, weird10:43
shadeslayernote that I /think/ the device booted the kernel because it feels warm when you touch it10:43
shadeslayerthere's no output on the screen, so I can't tell10:44
ogra_well, you need to make it output somehow ... either through g_serial or through a framebuffer console10:44
ogra_thats always the first essential step10:45
Quintasanshadeslayer: you got n10?10:46
QuintasanTch. Gibe one plax10:47
ogra_xnox, and do these symboals actually have something in their back or is it just stubs10:47
shadeslayerQuintasan: whut10:48
Quintasangive me one10:48
shadeslayerhm, this config has some weird command line options10:50
shadeslayerCONFIG_CMDLINE="vmalloc=512M debug_core.break_on_panic=0 debug_core.break_on_exception=0 no_console_suspend s3c2410-wdt.tmr_atboot=1 s3c2410-wdt.tmr_margin=30"10:51
ogra_yeah, ignore them, usually the bootloader sets it anyway (and overrides it)10:51
shadeslayerif I completely remove all those options, I don't get a bootloop, but don't get a fb as well10:51
ogra_just make sure the bootloader config is right10:51
shadeslayerogra_: actually CONFIG_CMDLINE_EXTEND=y10:51
tmoenickenerochiaro: when you keep a button pressed, usually a popup comes up offering extended keys like umlauts10:52
tmoenickenerochiaro: which we will have soon10:52
shadeslayerthing is, if I completely remove those options, then I don't get anything ( no bootloop as well )10:52
ogra_try console=ttyGS010:52
ogra_that should force it to use the g_serial console10:53
nerochiarotmoenicke: but that doesn't apply to keys like backspace10:53
nerochiarotmoenicke: which need repeats to quickly delete text10:53
shadeslayerogra_: so all it should pass to the kernel is root=/dev/block/platform/dw_mmc.0/by-name/userdata console=ttyGS010:53
tmoenickenerochiaro: yep for that case, true10:54
tmoenickenerochiaro: the maliit-keyboard has that10:54
ogra_shadeslayer, no idea if that device path exists ...  but yeah for the console ...10:54
ogra_if you boot into an initrd prompt root= doesnt really matter anyway10:54
shadeslayerheh okay10:54
nerochiarotmoenicke: any way we can get that fixed ?10:54
ogra_just make sure to have the right break= optiojn set too10:54
shadeslayerbreak=top ?10:55
tmoenickenerochiaro: yep the new keyboard does that10:55
ogra_and well, make sure its actually an ubuntu initrd :)10:55
shadeslayerhaha ofcourse10:55
xnoxogra_: what do you mean "in their back"?10:56
ogra_xnox, well, are there actually sensors to get data from ?10:56
xnoxogra_: maybe =)10:57
ogra_(is it linkled into some android lib, libhybris ... libfoo ?)10:57
xnoxyeah, it's libhybris dependant implementation library.10:57
ogra_ah, good10:57
xnoxogra_: the "original" symbols are C++ ugliness which can be arch dependant: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5710076/10:57
ogra_though i think hybris doesnt have any sensors connections yet ... might be stubs there10:57
xnoxogra_: I didn't know up until today that dpkg-gensymbols supports (c++) tag to filter the symbols via c++filt10:58
ogra_symbols are a pain in C++10:58
xnoxwell with c++ tag they are ok, but I am worried that mangled symbol might change/dropped while demangled name stays the same.10:59
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delaya73p990 adb not work, usb connect error: usb device not configured, error -2211:04
delaya73error on the side of the phone11:05
delaya73lsusb not list device11:07
delaya73new bootloader11:07
ogra_delaya73, i guess you are better off asking in the xda forums11:09
ogra_(in the linked thread from the wikipage)11:12
shadeslayermmmm ... nope, still doesn't show up in dmesg11:12
krabadorogra_, why raring haven't the new core apps inside quantal?11:28
ogra_krabador, i think they arent built for raring yet ... the raring image is still experimental11:28
ogra_which reminds me ...11:29
ogra_sergiusens, all raring bits (except changelog and the still empty manifest) are on cdimange now, shoould be ready for testing changes to phablet-flash11:29
ogra_i just linked the android parts11:30
sergiusensogra_: nice, I'll make the necessay changes11:50
sergiusenscan you tag todays quantal build as well?11:51
ogra_you mean move it to the quantal dir ? didnt we wnat tests first ?11:53
ogra_(its just a cp -a for me but i thought we wanted to wait for a set of manual tests)11:53
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RobbyFwhats the phablet-flash command for raring orga?12:14
ogra_there is none12:17
ogra_phablet-flash will automatically switch once everything is ready12:17
RobbyFoh ok. thought there was from above comments,12:17
* RobbyF needs morning coffee12:17
ogra_no, i meant just for testing :)12:17
ogra_(you could surely hack up phablet-flash locally to use raring though12:18
* h01ger dist-upgraded to raring and now the display stays black (nexus4) - i can still ssh in though12:19
ogra_dist upgrading might cause libhybris and platform-api issues ...12:20
ogra_since half of them lives on the android side12:20
ogra_(yet unpackaged)12:20
h01gerthe android side is the kernel and?12:21
ogra_we're waiting for the results of the possible container flip12:21
h01ger+, i'm glad this is unsurprising12:21
ogra_once android lives in the container it will be easier to update these bits by packages12:21
ogra_android consists of kernel, binary drivers the full HAL layer and platform-api and libhybris12:22
ogra_everything you need to make the HW work ...12:22
ogra_everything above that level is ubuntu12:22
h01gerah. and "platform-api and libhybris" is running on android, but not part of normal android, but rather done to be able to run ubuntu on top?12:23
ogra_right, they are the communication layers to talk to the HW12:24
ogra_one half lives in android, the other in the ubuntu rootfs12:24
* h01ger nods12:24
ogra_and indeed they need to be in sync12:24
ogra_which can cause dist-upgrade to break if you dont also use a new ansdroid layer12:25
h01germakes sense now :-) so i will reflash from scratch once again - though not before next weekend..12:25
h01gerogra_, thanks for the explaination. much appreciated.12:25
mhall119ogra_: do you know which core apps are in the latest images?12:31
mhall119is it still clock, calendar and calculator?12:31
ogra_nope, i dont ... sergiusens might12:31
sergiusensmhall119: yes, it's those12:32
sergiusensmhall119: I wasn't told about any new additions12:32
mhall119ok, just wanted to make sure, I'm working on a blog post12:32
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sergiusensmhall119: but it's easy to add them as long as they are in that same ppa12:32
h01gerapp wise, i mostly miss vibration feedback in on-screen keyboard... but i guess thats planned and i just need to be patient?12:32
mhall119sergiusens: yeah, I just wanted to highlight the ones we've started including12:39
ogra_h01ger, once we have proper sensor handling in the api vibration should work too12:40
h01gerah, nice. (and good to know what the cause is..)12:41
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mterrydidrocks, hello!  What's the skinny on daily-release and config deployment?  I'm happy to help wrangle some of the stragglers today13:12
steve_fiheya, I get these weird corrupted fonts and wondered if someone can give me a hint to where I might start looking to solving it13:14
ogra_steve_fi, mali ?13:15
steve_fiits when using my asus transformer13:15
ogra_i only know it from mali400 ... downgrading to the last driver solves it there13:15
shadeslayerthat looks like a TF10113:15
steve_fiit is13:15
shadeslayersuch a crappy device that is :(13:15
steve_fiyeah I agree, I bought the dock and the keyboard lasted about 2 months on it, bought a second which lasted 1 month13:16
lilstevieoh fun13:16
Quintasanoh lilstevie13:16
shadeslayerlilstevie is here13:16
lilstevieused to get that on the tegra x11 drivers on the tf101 all the time too13:16
* lilstevie hates tegra13:16
steve_fiah, so I know where to start looking :D13:17
Quintasansteve_fi: You won't get nvidia drivers working on newer kernels I believe13:17
QuintasanSince it lacks some interfaces AFAIR13:17
ogra_at least you can still call your friends :P13:18
Quintasanlilstevie might know the exact problem13:18
ogra_(according to the screenshot)13:18
shadeslayerogra_: it's weird btw, I flashed a kernel a couple of hours ago that made the android robot in funny colors13:19
shadeslayerthings were cyan13:19
shadeslayerand I had modified my init script to increase brightness and the brightness did increase before the screen shutdown13:19
lilstevieQuintasan, yeah, but with ubuntu touch they are using android driver blobs13:19
lilstevieand using the old ones13:19
lilstevieshadeslayer, woo welcome to the weird fbcon screwups13:19
Quintasanstill, the nvidia driver won't work with new kernel, will it?13:19
shadeslayerlilstevie: eh, this was on the Nexus 1013:20
shadeslayerit's super weird, I can't get a fbcon on this thing atl all13:20
lilstevieQuintasan, the latest android one? no, that said I don't think the latest one works on tegra213:20
lilstevieshadeslayer, oh13:20
shadeslayerthough I got it to stop bootlooping13:20
ogra_lilstevie, thats n10 and he is trying to get a normal X11 up13:20
Quintasanlilstevie: my point exactly13:20
ogra_(or rather first an fbcon)13:20
lilstevieogra_, yeah I got that now :p13:21
shadeslayerlilstevie: exact same concept as the one you had with the TF101 ;)13:21
lilstevieI really hate arm fbcons13:21
lilsteviehalf the time they work13:21
shadeslayercan't even get g_serial up13:21
lilsteviefbcon hangs the SoC on my xperia t13:22
shadeslayermight explain what happens here13:23
shadeslayerlilstevie: how did you figure that out btw?13:25
lilstevieshadeslayer, uart debugging showed that as soon as the bootloader jumped to the kernel everything just stopped13:26
shadeslayerthe xperia t has uart debugging, cool :)13:27
lilstevierequiring a forced reset13:27
lilstevieheh yeah13:27
lilsteviefairly easy to get to also13:27
* shadeslayer hasn't found a way to do uart on the n1013:27
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didrockshey mterry, sorry was in a hangout :)13:35
shadeslayerlilstevie: did you enable FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE on the TF101 and it just worked? :P13:36
didrocksmterry: so, some progress, but still some work to do :)13:36
didrocksmterry: we had sil2100 fixing some of the "dep-wait forever because of powerpc" things13:36
didrocksmterry: I would say that 1. is look at what happened to unity raring13:36
didrocksmterry: 2. there is still some help needed on other components if you want :)13:37
ogra_shadeslayer, you might need some mali specific settings  in the framebuffer options13:37
shadeslayerI have the funny cyan thing again13:37
lilstevieshadeslayer, pretty much13:37
didrocksmterry: 3. we'll need to put every stacks in manual uploads mode I guess for final freeze13:37
mterrydidrocks, I noticed that some head stacks were failing because I forgot to list all the install deps of the autopilot test packages.  Will make a merge for that13:37
didrocksmterry: oh, sync with sil210013:38
didrocksmterry: he's looking at it today, I asked for it13:38
mterrydidrocks, OK13:38
* didrocks hugs mterry for looking at that, the only one! :-)13:38
didrocksmterry: I asked me in particular to look at the list closely13:38
didrocksnot sure if you noticed but mysql is installed13:38
mterrydidrocks, you asked who in particular?13:38
didrocksmaybe we want to fix the dep/recommends to avoid that :)13:38
didrocksmterry: oh, I asked today sil2100 for it. I thought your subteam would look at what they bootstrap :-)13:39
mterrydidrocks, I have a subteam?13:39
didrocksmterry: our* subteam :)13:40
mterrydidrocks, phew13:40
didrocksmterry: ahah, I see you relief, you will skip meeting at 8PM :p13:40
shadeslayeromg omg omg13:42
shadeslayerogra_: my init can control brightness13:42
shadeslayerbut that's about all I can get it to do at the moment :D13:42
shadeslayerI put this in my init http://paste.kde.org/725000/13:43
shadeslayerand the brightness first lowers and then increases \o/13:43
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sil2100mterry: now I do!13:43
ogra_shadeslayer, well, check the console options  in your kernel, there is likely some meli specific option you can set13:46
shadeslayerwill try and get a serial console up first13:46
shadeslayersince I know it's loading the kernel and booting into the initrd13:47
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shadeslayerogra_: there's a pin : /sys/class/android_usb/android0/enable14:03
shadeslayerthat's from recovery14:03
ogra_shadeslayer, for fbcon ?14:04
shadeslayerfor usb access14:04
shadeslayerthe recovery init writes 1 into that file to get adb working14:04
shadeslayerbut obviously, that path is not available to us I think14:05
shadeslayerso I know stuff is happening in the init, I just dont know why it fails over :/14:09
shadeslayerogra_: https://www.dropbox.com/s/55b1wljzlailxb4/IMAG0566.jpg14:11
shadeslayerthat's the weird colored android I see14:11
mterrydidrocks, are we keeping quantal support (for the moment) when porting jenkins configs from phablet to head?14:36
mterryfginther ^14:36
fgintherdidrocks, this is regarding the upstream ci/autolanding jobs14:38
sergiusensthe plan for dropping quantal is -> raring tested, raring image has no regressions compared to the quantal build, quantal publishing dropped, cdimage defaults to raring14:41
mterryfginther, sergiusens: all the work so far in the daily-release part is raring only14:43
mterryWhich is not to say we can't re-enable quantal14:43
sergiusensmterry: if you keep that phablet-land job, it will do the necessary thing14:43
mterryJust that it's a fair bit of unplanned work14:43
sergiusensmterry: I guess we will have to flip the switch faster14:43
fginthermterry, we're talking about upstream autolanding jobs, does the daily release care about that?14:43
sergiusensogra_: pmcgowan rsalveti ^^14:43
mterryfginther, does the auto-upload bit not use the same platform config settings?14:44
ogra_sergiusens, i think that misses a "quantal tested" as well14:44
rsalvetisergiusens: hopefully we'd be able to take the decision later today/tomorrow14:44
ogra_if i tag it to the quantal dir i want to be sure its stable enough for demoing14:45
rsalvetidepending on the test results14:45
pmcgowanright lets execute the plan14:45
fginthermterry, no, the "configurations" section is for upstream only14:45
fginthermterry, the only option that the daily release jobs look at under a project is 'daily_release' :-)14:46
mterryfginther, OK.  Well if we want to re-enable quantal, that's fine.  But can that be done separately from this qtvideo-node branch?  Seems like something we should do globally at the top of each stack14:47
fginthermterry, yes. that's actually a good point14:48
fginthermterry, i'll update my comment14:48
mterryfginther, I can make a branch for that.  You said you didn't want to enable all 3 platforms (i386 amd64 armhf)14:50
mterryfginther, why not?  Seems like we could have a problem on one of them but not the others14:50
fginthermterry, I make the MP, I want to review the other projects briefly14:50
mterryfginther, OK14:50
fginthermterry, we just try to save some resources by not building all permutations14:51
AmEvAnyone there?14:52
ogra_where ?14:52
AmEvJust wanting to add a device to the WIP list.14:53
ogra_do it :)14:54
ogra_(if you are the porter, just add it yourself, its just a wikipage)14:55
AmEvToshiba Thrive, codename Antares. Not the porter myself, but...14:56
AmEvI'll see what I can do.14:56
ogra_well, the wiki needs a contact person14:56
AmEvDon't know muck Wiki code, but I'll see what I can do.14:58
A1taiRI'm wondering: could you install Gimp on Ubuntu touch?15:01
ogra_you cuold ... but you coldnt use it on the display15:02
ogra_(you can install ssh and use it via "ssh -X" remotely)15:02
ogra_there is no Xorg support in ubuntu touch ... so it cant run on the display server15:03
A1taiRoh, I see15:03
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A1taiRIs there any way to draw on ubuntu touch?15:03
ogra_write an app :)15:04
A1taiRWill be there Xorg support ever?15:04
A1taiRMaybe, announced15:05
ogra_at some point once Mir is ready and enters the desktop15:05
ogra_currently ubuntu touch uses surfaceflinger ... that will soon be replaced with Mir which will only support Qt in the beginning ...15:05
ogra_for the move to the desktop there then will be XMir ... that will give you Xorg support15:06
A1taiRI see15:06
A1taiRWill it be compatible with Xorg applications?15:07
ogra_but thats 14.04 material i think15:07
ogra_so still far out15:07
ogra_(the guys in #ubuntu-mir might have more details)15:08
shadeslayerrsalveti: around?15:13
mhall119kenvandine: do we have API docs for Friends and OnlineAccounts?15:14
AmEvThat's weird... I'm trying to add it, but Wiki's crashing when I try to log in....15:14
mhall119AmEv: that's not relaly weird, the wiki is like that most of the time :)15:15
AmEvI have a U1 account, so I'm trying to use it.15:16
AmEvAnyone willing to help me out?15:16
* mhall119 loves U115:16
mhall119AmEv: if I can, sure15:16
AmEvWell, I'm trying to add another tablet to the WIP list.15:17
AmEvToshuba Thrive (AT100/105) Codename Antares.15:18
mhall119ok, are you logged in?  It should have your username next to the "More Actions:" drop-down15:18
kenvandinemhall119, not yet.. there are docstrings in the code15:18
kenvandinebut i never figured out how to generate the docs15:19
kenvandinei think i did generate them in qml-friends, but never built in a package15:19
AmEvDev is pio_masaki.15:19
mhall119kenvandine: qdoc15:19
kenvandinei borrowed the script from ubuntu-ui-toolkit15:19
AmEv*Toshiba, not toshuba... haha15:20
kenvandinemhall119, so basically i need to add the -doc package for qml-friends and probably tidy up the docstrings15:20
kenvandinesame for accounts-qml-module15:20
AmEvTrying login once more....15:21
AmEvOK, I'm logged into SSO, but when I'mtrying to Wikiize, it hangs....... argh....15:22
nik90bzoltan1: ping15:22
bzoltan1nik90: pong15:23
AmEvTher we go!15:23
nik90bzoltan1: I wanted to ask you some question regarding TimeZone Data for the ubuntu-clock-app core apps15:24
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bzoltan1nik90:  shoot15:24
nik90bzoltan1: Is there a common platform API I can use to get a list of all the timezones using qml? I basically need to provide that info to the user.15:24
nik90bzoltan1: so basically the user chooses a city for instance new york and in return I need to display the time there15:25
AmEvsigh... I was in, but changing pages logged me out....15:25
mhall119kenvandine: when you have that, let me know so we can publish it to developer.u.c15:25
kenvandinewill do15:25
kenvandinemhall119, can you pull that from packages in a PPA?15:26
kenvandinei don't think i'll be able to land that in raring15:26
nik90bzoltan1: I have tried looking at tzdata where it lists all the timezones in the world but was hoping there was api already available for us to use15:26
mhall119kenvandine: I think it takes some hacking on the script, I'll check with dpm15:26
AmEvHaha... Refreshing the page helps!15:28
didrocks16:46:28      fginther | mterry, the only option that the daily release jobs look at under a project is 'daily_release' :-)15:36
didrocksfginther: mterry -> target_branch as well15:36
didrocksas we introduced it :)15:36
* fginther slaps head15:36
mhall119ogra_: rsalveti: when will we switch the daily images to Raring?15:37
AmEvIt's in... How'd I do?15:37
bzoltan1nik90:  I suggest to parse this -> http://qt-project.org/wiki/Qt-5-QTimeZone15:38
nik90bzoltan1: will have a look at it15:39
nik90bzoltan1: might I also ask if you have any information about obtaining the longitude and latitude (location of user) using API?15:39
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nik90bzoltan1: I need the long, lat to determine the sunrise and sunset time using an online API15:40
ogra_mhall119, once there were enough tests to make sure that a) qunatal is good enough for demoing so we can freeze the last build and b) raring has no major regressions15:40
AmEvWell, I'm hoping to have this on my Thrive soon!15:46
nik90bzoltan1: on reading through QTimeZone, it seems that this is a concept being worked on and can only be expected in qt 5.1.15:54
MeizirkkiIf, when there is an ubuntu (the real one) booting on nexus devices, isn't is possible to use kexec to boot android16:22
Meizirkkisort of dual boot16:22
* Meizirkki wishes to use android when ubuntu isn't fully fuctional16:22
Meizirkkitypos, grah16:23
Tassadar_depends on the device, really16:23
Tassadar_kexec usually tends to not work with android things16:24
Tassadar_(the not modified, real kexec, there are patches which workaround some of the problems)16:24
Meizirkkimaybe the other way round? Boot android first, then kexec ubuntu if requested16:25
Tassadar_that's not the point, ubuntu will use android's kernel anyway because drivers16:25
MeizirkkiI had an Nokia N810 few years back, and when an android image came around it was possible to boot Maemo from power button menu16:25
MeizirkkiBut aren't people working on a "real" ubuntu image as well?16:26
Tassadar_well yeah, but you need the drivers16:26
Tassadar_and drivers are probably the problem - they just aren't written with kexec in mind, so usually it freezes halfway through, with pretty much no way to debug that16:27
Meizirkkii see16:27
Tassadar_it is possible to use something called kexec-hardboot, which adds real device reboot to kexec, so that drivers and devices are properly re-initialized16:27
Tassadar_I have that working on nexus 716:28
shadeslayernik90: bzoltan1there's http://api.kde.org/4.10-api/kdelibs-apidocs/kdecore/html/classKTimeZone.html16:28
shadeslayeryou could potentially a) make your app depend on libkdecore or b) copy headers16:29
MeizirkkiTassadar_: okay16:29
Orangermhall119: Hi ! I'm free actually so if you want you can explain me the project, thanks you in advance16:33
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rsalvetishadeslayer: pong16:44
shadeslayerrsalveti: I have good news and bad news16:44
shadeslayerrsalveti: I got the kernel to boot and I could control the backlight from the initrd16:44
rsalvetimhall119: ogra_: the call for testing will be out later today, so we can decide if we're able to switch to raring already16:44
rsalvetiif so, we'll probably switch tomorrow or later this week16:44
rsalvetishadeslayer: right16:44
shadeslayerbut I still can't get a serial console up16:44
shadeslayer( using serial gadget )16:45
shadeslayernor can I get fbcon up16:45
rsalvetiogra_: do you remember easily how to set up serial gadget to provide a terminal?16:46
ogra_shadeslayer, did you dig for mali options in the console settings of your kernel config ?16:46
shadeslayerogra_: yes, I don't see anything obvious16:46
ogra_rsalveti, just compile it in and set console=ttyGS0 ...16:46
shadeslayeryeah, ^^ already tried like you told me a couple of hours ago :)16:47
ogra_no magic involved ...16:47
ogra_though probably your exynos doesnt like it builting (it doesnt matter on tegra) ... so you could try a module and load it from initrd16:47
shadeslayerI'll try that16:48
mhall119rsalveti: perfect, let me know when you put the call out and I'll help promote it16:49
shadeslayerogra_: fwiw : http://i.imgur.com/OYJXu7i.png && http://i.imgur.com/pRSymW5.png16:50
ogra_whats that ?16:50
shadeslayermali GPU options that I can see16:51
ogra_is that the Xorg kernel config ?16:51
rsalvetimhall119: sure, sergiusens is taking care of that16:51
* ogra_ has never seen that 16:51
ogra_hard to find any options there16:51
shadeslayerthat's from make xconfig :)16:51
shadeslayeruses Qt16:51
ogra_never used that in my life16:52
ogra_very bad to see the options this way16:52
shadeslayerI used menuconfig earlier16:52
shadeslayerbut found xconfig to be easier to use16:52
ogra_so what is "exynos video driver support" ?16:53
ogra_did you try that ?16:53
shadeslayerI have no idea, I've been searching, haven't found anything16:53
shadeslayerI did not16:53
shadeslayerI don't want to just randomnly enable modules :P16:53
ogra_also Ion memory manager ... isnt that nvidia related ?16:54
ogra_or does that refer to a different Ion16:54
shadeslayerdunno, enabled by default, didn't bother unticking it16:54
ogra_really, you should play with the options a bit,... be brave :)16:54
ogra_alos look at console support16:55
ogra_might also miss options there16:55
ogra_(under character devices iirc)16:55
shadeslayerCONFIG_X86_PLATFORM_DEVICES  -> y16:56
Tassadar_what does that even mean Oo16:57
* Tassadar_ googles16:58
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shadeslayerogra_: the module is just called g_serial right?17:08
shadeslayerso I modprobe g_serial on the device17:09
ogra_from an initramfs-toolks hook or so17:09
ogra_and indeed make sure to have it in the initrd17:09
shadeslayerI was going to put it in /init :P17:09
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RobbyFOT: Psy's new video hits 62 Million.17:44
JanC_testRobbyF, is it as bad as the previous one?  :p17:55
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RobbyFJanC_test, yes18:14
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boikomhall119: ping18:55
mhall119boiko: pong18:55
mhall119boiko: if this is about my package-fixes branch, I pushed the fix to Vcs-Bzr18:56
boikomhall119: ah yes, it was :)18:56
mhall119dalius pointed out to me that I was the blocker18:56
boikomhall119: ok, thanks for fixing it, I'll approve it as soon as CI finishes running18:57
mhall119thanks boiko18:57
t1mpaquarius: I added a question for you to this bug report https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/116698219:00
ubot5Launchpad bug 1166982 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Disabling the control in a ListItem should also disable clicks on the ListItem itself" [Critical,In progress]19:00
t1mpmaybe it is a question for design19:00
Orangermhall119: Are you back ?19:02
mhall119Oranger: I am, yes19:05
mhall119popey: you around?19:05
Orangermhall119: cool :)19:05
mhall119popey: Oranger is going to be joining the Document Viewer project19:06
popeyWelcome to the mad house19:06
OrangerHi popey !19:06
popeyer, development community19:06
mhall119Oranger: first thing, before submitting any code, we need you to sign the contributor agreement: https://forms.canonical.com/contributor/19:06
OrangerOk I do it now19:07
mhall119then, we have a spec and blueprint for this project19:07
mhall119the spec is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/DocViewer19:07
mhall119and the blueprint with work items to be done is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/DocViewer19:08
OrangerYes, I ahave already read it :)19:08
popeybrb, need to reboot to test new kernel19:08
Orangermhall119: Do I have to put your name on "Canonical Project Manager"19:14
Orangermhall119: Ok, I did it with your name19:19
mhall119Oranger: that should be fine19:20
mhall119I'll check with the person who processes those form submissions in the morning19:20
OrangerSo tomorrow ?19:21
mhall119you can start contributing any time19:25
mhall119I was just letting you know I would handle the rest19:25
mhall119so we had one other developer who was interested in contributing ot this project, but there hasn't been any code written yet except the template branch that all of the Core Apps have been using19:26
mhall119which is at lp:ubuntu-docviewer-app19:26
OrangerOk, i'm actually trying to clone the branch in my computer. Is there something in particular I need to know before touching the code?19:27
mhall119only some QML and Javascript19:28
janimorsalveti, sergiusens is there anything needing  extra to be done when porting to a device using ICS blobs, that is not suported by CM/JellyBean?19:28
mhall119Oranger: we're trying to stick with pure QML whenever possible, and if we need to write some C++ do that in a QML plugin in aseparate branch19:28
rsalvetijanimo: hm, might not work out of the box, as there might be api issues with the binary drivers from ics19:28
rsalvetiI know the cm codebase we're using supports ICS based blobs19:29
rsalvetibut you might still face issues with that19:29
janimorsalveti, ah, I thought this had been done before and there are workarounds19:29
rsalvetilike lack of symbol or such19:29
mhall119Oranger: what is your Launchpad username?19:29
rsalvetijanimo: yeah, cm usually brings back the old symbols/apis to support older bins19:29
OrangerMy (new) username is "chocanto"19:29
janimorsalveti, any particular thing I need to do extra so the compat mode is activated, or is it taken care of by a regular build?19:30
rsalvetijanimo: that's why it might work, but it might also give you issues19:30
janimorsalveti, ok thanks19:30
mhall119Oranger: thanks, I've added you to the development team19:30
mhall119Oranger: the basic process for developing and submitting code is documented here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/DevelopmentGuide19:30
rsalvetijanimo: it should just work, the main problem is with the blobs19:30
janimorsalveti, right, but the blobs may be involved in graphics so affecting the UI bringup right?19:31
Orangermhall119: Ok, thanks.  Is there a feature you want to be added first ?19:32
mhall119Oranger: the first thing I would like to see is the ability to display plain text files19:32
rsalvetijanimo: yup, but I saw already some devices working with ics based blobs, so it should work (at least the graphics part)19:32
rsalvetiunless your blob is doing something really weird19:32
janimorsalveti, thanks that is good to know19:32
mhall119Oranger: ideally it would accept the file path as a command-line argument, we already know that will require some C++ code, and we're hoping to get that done by a more general purpose app-launcher19:33
Orangermhall119: Sound logical to me ^^19:33
Orangermhall119: The ubuntu-touch-core devs are not planning to find a way to use QML to get command-line arguments ?19:34
rsalvetijanimo: http://phablet.ubuntu.com/gitweb?p=CyanogenMod/android_frameworks_av.git;a=commitdiff;h=43926620689579fd45420955ebfc548ccf57a628;hp=864a653ee757c7236f1a221942850e9a554b282719:34
rsalvetijanimo: one example of backporting an older api19:34
mhall119Oranger: the Ubuntu SDK developers are already discussing the replacement of qmlscene with something else for running these QML-only apps19:35
mhall119command-line argument parsing could be built into that19:35
mhall119we can put together a small launcher for this project until they have that though, if necessary19:35
Orangermhall119: Ok nice19:36
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sergiusensjhodapp: mind looking at https://bugs.launchpad.net/touch-preview-images/+bug/116935222:48
ubot5Launchpad bug 1169352 in touch-preview-images "[camera] Taking photo with back camera inverts view" [High,Confirmed]22:48
rickspencer3mhall119, jono_ http://theravingrick.blogspot.com/2013/04/introducing-inkcanvas.html23:57
jono_rickspencer3, nice!23:58
mhall119ah ha, grumpy cat with a mustache23:58
rickspencer3mhall119, I'm happy to find collaborators for InkCanvas23:59
rickspencer3if anyone needs that functionality, feel free to send them my way23:59
mhall119will do23:59
rickspencer3it seems like it could open up some more interactive apps23:59
mhall119yeah, a finger-painting app for kids would be cool23:59

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