jrwrensnap-l: did you see Ivan Moravec has a 2009 release of Antonin DvorÄk?01:39
derekvi'm not seeming to get around to this ubuntu install , maybe i should bring the tower with to chc01:50
derekvand a disk01:50
snap-ljrwren: I did not02:24
snap-lAt least I didn't realize it was that new02:24
snap-lderekv: Feel free.02:24
snap-lGood morning, everyone12:22
snap-lHappy Tax Day.12:22
rick_h_yay tax day. Instead of buying a new ford focus I paid annual and quaterly taxes.12:24
* rick_h_ goes over and grumbles in the corner 12:25
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, know the feeling12:28
snap-lThough not to that extreme12:28
snap-lLooked at our bank account and thought "That won't be that high for long"12:28
snap-lNot sure when they'll cash the check, but know it'll make a noise when it hits. :)12:29
rick_h_yea, poor morgan stanley was getting excided they'd be able to invest our $$ except the govt is going to do it form them when the checks hit. :)12:30
derekvcould be worse12:43
derekvofc, could be better12:43
rick_h_derekv: definitely.13:00
snap-l"Who knows what's updated I guess [mitechie]"15:07
snap-lLove this comimt message. :)15:07
rick_h_lol, where did I put that one? my vim config?15:07
rick_h_yea, once in a while I just go in there and git st and git xa "made changes and such"15:08
snap-lWas checking if you weere using git submodules15:08
snap-lYeah, same here15:08
rick_h_no no no no no no no15:08
* rick_h_ hates those evil things15:08
snap-lyeah, they look... awful.15:09
rick_h_they've gotten better I guess but man I tried using them once and just found it more painful than anything15:10
snap-lYeah, I'm reading the chapters on submodules in the O'Reilly git book, and while they look improved, they still have hairy edges15:13
snap-lDamn, greg-g isn't in here.17:12
snap-lI was hoping he might explain this: https://soundcloud.com/bonobo17:12
snap-lI don't get it17:13
brouschsnap-l: You summoned him!17:13
snap-lI was hoping greg_g might explain this: https://soundcloud.com/bonobo17:16
snap-lBecause I don't get it17:16
=== greg_g is now known as greg-g
greg-gsnap-l: I uhhh17:19
snap-lgreg-g: But you're in SOMA. You should be able to explain these things. :)17:20
greg-gsnap-l: hip music?17:20
snap-lChris Messina posted this album, and apparently people are calling brilliant17:21
snap-lI'm thinking I'm wasting my life nto being an electronic musician17:21
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greg-gsnap-l: I mean, it is nice17:22
greg-gfun sounding17:22
snap-lYeah, it's not horrid17:22
greg-gI don't think it's bad at all17:22
greg-gnot earth shattering or anything though17:23
greg-gI might listen to it today17:23
snap-lBut I'm no getting the "brilliant" platitudes17:23
snap-lhttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/9058804/stomp.mp3 <- This, on the otherhand, is brilliant. ;)17:24
nullspaceany setup 802.3ad before?17:26
snap-lNot I17:26
nullspacegoing to give whirl sometime this week, bond nics sounds handy, luck I have a switch that supports it17:27
snap-lnullspace: So it's a way to use two networks at the same time to send data to a machine?17:29
rick_h_anyone know anyone that's gotten a system76 water cooled system?17:30
rick_h_after seeing the videos I'm getting sucked into the idea of a quiet monster of a machine17:30
snap-lrick_h_: You'd be the first I would know. :)17:30
rick_h_but never done water cooling17:30
snap-lwater cooling gives me some pause17:30
snap-lbut that's because I think of these frankenstein's monster contraptions with some not-quite-bright-boy trying to OC their machine one more MHz17:31
rick_h_snap-l: yea, me too but man. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=cQX9ifbfdeA17:31
rick_h_that's a cool watch once you get past the hosts and don't pay attention to their 'benchmarks'17:32
snap-lrick_h_: Yeah, Linux Action Show drives me nuts17:32
snap-lbut they have personality17:33
snap-lOK, they don't drive me as nuts as I remember.17:34
greg-gwatered cooled 10 years ago: no way. Now, with an respectable OEM doing it: sure.17:35
rick_h_greg-g: yea, I know it's not scientific, but would love to have someone say "yea, np" or something.17:35
greg-gsnap-l: I'm tapping my foot to this bonobo album ;)17:37
nullspacesnap-l: yes,kinda, you bond two nics together on the same machine and they are used like one interface. It improves bandwidti to/from machine and is fault tolerance17:37
snap-lgreg-g: Report to Michigan immediately.17:37
nullspacebut you need a switch that can trunk the two ports that those nics are connected to17:37
snap-lnullspace: Yeah, it kinda breaks my brain on how networking works.17:38
snap-lbut on thinking about it, it makes sense.17:38
rick_h_so is this on some server doing bandwidth over the wall or just to tinker with?17:39
rick_h_dual nics are great, gigabit each one, dns round robin or proxy server them, run two isntances of your app or bind to both interfaces, and rock and roll.17:39
rick_h_bonding seems like unnecessary complication17:40
snap-lrick_h_: It seems like something where you don't want to do round-robin17:40
greg-gsnap-l: :P17:40
snap-lie: SAN17:40
rick_h_snap-l: right, so that's what I mean. use case?17:40
rick_h_sure SAN, backing up a 30TB server and you have one giant tarball to move, just seems limited uses.17:41
nullspaceit's for home, and yes it's essentially for moving large files around17:41
snap-lOr multiple clients on a SAN picking up TB files17:41
rick_h_but even then, why not have the multiple clients hit a front end that picks a non-peak connection to give you on the other nic?17:42
rick_h_"here, you heach get a GB of pipe, enjoy" vs "let's toggle back/forth between you guys on 2GB of pipe after it goes through bonding overhead"17:43
snap-lbercause you want to saturate two separate networks with file transfers?17:43
snap-lOr multiple networks17:43
snap-lIt looks like a way to get around the limitations of one datacenter network17:44
snap-lNot every company runs their VOIP next to their desktop machines next to their servers. ;)17:45
rick_h_sure, but missing how that fits into bonding a connection between the server and the switch?17:45
snap-lThink two switches17:45
nullspacerick_h_: isn't that what the aggreation software essentially do? Pick the least busy of the two nics ona  new request?17:45
rick_h_nullspace: sure but bonding makes it one pipe right? Like a raid0. Half the bits to one, half to the other allowing for 2x the pipe (approx)17:46
nullspacewell there are different types of bonding it seems17:47
rick_h_a proxy just allows you to use some smarts to pick a good pipe.17:47
snap-lRight, but proxying ties you to one pipe17:47
rick_h_ah, well that makes sense.17:47
snap-las opposed to giving you multiple pipes.17:47
rick_h_snap-l: right, but provides fail over and the ability to add/shrink resources and the like17:47
snap-lyeah, different use cases.17:47
snap-lFor a web server, bonding doesn't make much sense17:47
rick_h_seems some overlap, but ok. I was just curious on the use case for the bonding setup.17:47
snap-lat least I don't see how it would make sense17:48
greg-gsnap-l: still enjoying it :P18:29
snap-lgreg-g: *sigh*18:29
snap-let tu, Grossmeier?18:29
brouschInteresting http://inventwithpython.com/hacking/18:34
snap-lI'm going to use the term "bag of smashed asshole" from here on out.18:35
snap-lAlso: what's the python hotness for blogging?18:41
rick_h_snap-l: blogofile looks to be un-maintained atm, but some fans. Pelican is the latest hotness I guess.18:42
rick_h_of course you're supposed to write your own18:42
rick_h_see http://pydanny.com/choosing-a-new-python-based-blog-engine.html18:43
rick_h_for a year-ago view18:43
snap-lYeah, I looked briefly at Pelican. Looked interesting.18:45
brouschI've seena  lot of django-based blogging tools that produce static sites18:47
brouschI still use wordpress18:48
snap-lYeah, I saw Hyde, which looked... odd18:48
rick_h_if the reason to use djawngo is the ORM/admin site...why do static generation in django?18:48
rick_h_it's like using the worst bits for everything. template, settings, etc.18:48
snap-lrick_h_: ++18:48
rick_h_but yea, pay wordpress the $$ and stop worrying about the blog, but I have to say it hasn't helped me blog more.18:48
snap-lReminds me of my little blogging thingie that used MySQL as the backend18:49
brouschI pay dreamhost18:49
snap-lhad a text box that just stuffed entries into a database table, and then created static files off of that.18:49
rick_h_which ever static site generator gives me a makefile wins!!18:50
snap-lPelican has a makefile. ;)18:51
snap-lHonestly, if I didn't cre about my old blog entries, I'd be using Pelican right now18:51
snap-lbut the porting is a little wonky18:51
snap-land I'm not 100% sold on Disqus18:52
snap-lBut the Wordpress attacks are getting more sophisticated, so I'm wondering if it's only a matter of time until it gets cracked.18:52
brouschDisqus is the bizomb18:52
snap-lgreg-g: Why the sad?18:53
greg-gDisqus, I hates it18:53
snap-lWhat's wrong with Disqus/18:53
rick_h_heh, who's data is it :P18:53
rick_h_JS loading or bust18:53
rick_h_etc and so on18:53
snap-lI figured it was one of the two. :)18:54
greg-goption a18:56
greg-galso privacy18:56
greg-galso lockin18:56
greg-gya know, the same reasons I don't like facebook-powered comments18:56
rick_h_I will say privacy came up in their pycon talk we watched at CHC and their answer is "we only support public comments"18:56
greg-gso.... that's skirting the issue18:57
greg-gprivacy as in: who knows what blogs I read and comment on18:57
rick_h_what' privacy if there's no private data?18:57
rick_h_ah, I see18:57
greg-gif I'm forced to use a single service, they do, and that info is very easily taken by whomever18:58
snap-lgreg-g: You shouldn't be blogging on those [expletive deleted] sites anyway. :)18:58
greg-gbrousch: only part of my complaint :) facebook also lets me "export my data"19:17
rick_h_lol, sometimes recruiter calls can be fun.19:25
rick_h_"what's your current work situation"19:25
rick_h_"Well, I work for canonical, from home, doing OSS full time. Why do you ask?"19:25
rick_h_"well, got a thing in NY for converting asp.net apps to django if you're interested"19:26
rick_h_ummm...no thanks19:26
rick_h_oh man...boston marathon bombing? w..t..f19:28
rick_h_wow, that's one disturbing pic...19:31
rick_h_ugh http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op=view&type=submission&id=260366719:43
_stink_yeah, there are a few kind of gory ones19:50
_stink_floating around19:50
jjesse2 explosions at Boston20:00
jjessemy wife's marathon time is 4:10 on her last one, the explosion went off at 4:0920:01
jjessebtw G+ is terrible for me for news like this20:09
_stink_yeah, i had to back off everything20:09
jjessewhat i meant was that I've seen 2 posts on G+ about this and Twitter is actually giving me information20:10
_stink_ah, hah20:10
snap-lyeah, Twitter is good for the stream of information20:27

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