InHisNameDon't go bacon my heart01:30
InHisNameI couldn't if I fried.01:30
waltmanWhat are you, Canadian?01:45
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:09
JonathanDTo the workmobile!12:36
InHisNamefor Mr Bacon:  http://imgur.com/gallery/qVh0O14:16
ChinnoDogGood morning14:41
waltmanMutantTurkey: Hey, you wouldn't happen to know what's up with cs.drexel.edu, would you?  All I can find online is this: http://www.reddit.com/r/Drexel/comments/1c9zys/computer_science_students_all_csit_data_has/17:26
waltmanA guesstimate of when mail will be back online would be awesome. :)17:27
MutantTurkeyNo, I was at professor breens this weekend and he was the one who told me17:28
MutantTurkeyI know gaylord has backups but I don't know when it's all gonna be back up17:28
MutantTurkeywhy isn't there a #drexelcs channel?17:28
MutantTurkeythe home folders are back online17:29
MutantTurkeyso the web servers are up17:29
MutantTurkeyemail is probably online soon I'd hope17:29
waltmanI saw that. Then I tried to connect to imap.cs.drexel.edu and got 'no route to host'17:29
waltmanThen I tried to email gaylord and got 'connection refused'17:30
MutantTurkeyyep I believe it.17:31
MutantTurkeyI am to lazy to go see what happened17:31
waltmanI didn't even know there was a problem until Ali asked if I'd gotten his email and I said, "What email?"17:31
MutantTurkeyif I walk over to the cs dep gaylord will probably chop my head off...17:31
MutantTurkeyout of pure anger17:31
waltmanso it's your fault?17:31
MutantTurkeyhaha no17:31
MutantTurkeybut I think he probably had a rough weekend17:32
waltmandid one of your mutant turkey wings knock out a cable?17:32
MutantTurkeysecretly been plotting all along17:32
waltmanI knew it!17:32
MutantTurkey#drexel channel... now17:32
MutantTurkeyjust registered ceux.org18:01

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