tjaaltonboo, mesa 9.1 crashes nouveau on suspend06:15
mlankhorstI'm not sure that's mesa's fault..06:16
mlankhorstwhat exactly is the error?06:17
mlankhorstyou could try [PATCH] drm/nouveau: idle all channels before suspending -- it's a hack but meh06:18
tjaaltonbug 116890006:19
ubottubug 1168900 in mesa (Ubuntu) "Xorg crashes after suspension with Mesa 9.1.1-0ubunt0.3" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116890006:19
tjaaltoni should be able to repro it06:19
tjaaltoncrashes with old mesa too06:26
tjaaltonso not due to _this_ update, phew06:26
tjaaltonlooks exa related here as well06:26
tjaaltonhmm, I'll try with current kernel06:29
mlankhorstI had the same issue regardless of mesa06:30
tjaaltonsame thing with 3.9rc606:31
mlankhorsttjaalton: yeah maintainer nacked my patch06:31
mlankhorstyou could try with it06:31
tjaaltonyou have a kernel built with it?-)06:31
mlankhorstnot really06:31
mlankhorstbut you only need to rebuild nouveau, make drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau.ko06:32
tjaaltonalright, seems to build06:38
tjaaltonbut doesn't load06:43
tjaaltonI'll just build the whole kernel06:43
mlankhorstI saw some suspend failures on mailing list that indicated the channels were not halted correctly, and that it was a cause of failure06:49
mlankhorstor at least I was guessing based o nevidence :-)06:58
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tjaaltonmlankhorst: nope, still crashes07:11
tjaaltonthere seem to be several such reports against raring07:12
mlankhorstunsurprisingly, linux 3.7 and later had a drm kernel module rewrite for nouveau07:15
tjaaltonI'll try 3.607:15
tjaaltonstill broken07:25
tjaaltonduped some with bug #108496007:31
ubottubug 1084960 in xserver-xorg-video-nouveau (Ubuntu) "Resume from Standby mode doesn't work with Nouveau on Geforce GT430" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/108496007:31
mlankhorstI can actually suspend on my 48007:32
mlankhorstbut prolonged suspend dies07:32
tjaaltonsuspend works, resume doesn't :)07:33
mlankhorstresume works for me on short suspends07:35
tjaaltonsigh, we still have nvidia-experimental on raring..07:56
mlankhorstweird, my config says one thing, but vmlinux indicated another08:01
mlankhorstoh make clean doesn't clean everything, grr08:08
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mlankhorsttjaalton: I may have a fix for the tegra now12:37
mlankhorstoops, still missing some part :P12:38
mlankhorstcaused the event queue to overflow13:04
mlankhorstblergh dno what the right solution would be, the things related to touch are way too complicated >:(13:09
mlankhorstseems the easiest way to reproduce it is to hit the icon in top left, then immediately start a dragging movement, with valgrind enabled it will crash13:12
seb128tjaalton, hey, want to get the patch from https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libwacom/+bug/1167504 in Debian and then sync the package over so we stay in sync ?13:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1167504 in libwacom (Ubuntu) "screen rotation for finger input fails on x230t" [Undecided,New]13:18
tjaaltonseb128: yeah, sounds like a plan13:22
seb128tjaalton, thanks13:23
tjaaltonthere was a patch upstream already13:25
tjaaltonnot in git yet though but I'll steal it13:25
mlankhorstpush it upstream? :P13:26
tjaaltonit's on git.gnome.or13:26
tjaaltonseb128: I'll upload it later today or early tomorrow so we can still sync it for raring13:27
seb128tjaalton, thanks13:28
seb128tjaalton, I will assign to you/unsubscribe sponsors13:28
tjaaltonassigned already13:28
tjaaltonand poof sponsors gone13:28
mlankhorstah right, I only have access to fd.org13:29
mlankhorstoh wow..14:18
mlankhorst*motion_event = *event; I suddenly get why that line was wrong ._.14:28
sarnoldmy thinkpad's brightness keys don't work well in raring; another lenovo and an acer user reported the same thing on my bug report. I might have mis-filed it in the first place, and recently heard that gnome-settings-daemon might be the proper target -- but got other advice to come here and ask :)18:28
sarnoldso, should this bug be re-assigned somwhere else? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/115647718:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1156477 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "laptop brightness keys regression" [Undecided,Confirmed]18:29
jwisarnold: it's a firmware issue actually (at least the thinkpad one) - duplicate of bug 109821618:38
ubottubug 1098216 in linux (Ubuntu) "Regression in brightness control on Lenovo Thinkpad X230 and X1 Carbon" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109821618:38
jwitry pressing the brightness keys ten times in a row, just for giggles?18:40
sarnoldjwi: wow, thanks!18:40
sarnoldjwi: the results depends upon the brightness setting I set with /usr/lib/gnome-settings-daemon/gsd-backlight-helper --set-brightness -- if I set it to '90', no amount of key banging changes the brightness again.18:42
sarnoldjwi: if I set it to '70', the brightness changes quite a lot, but I can't get it to maximum brightness, even with my best key-banging18:43
jwisarnold: so it's even weirder than I thought it was. thanks lenovo.18:46
sarnoldjwi: no kidding. I bought a lenovo 'cause I figured they wouldn't do anything stupid. like this. heh. :)18:47

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