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Kilosmorning all05:54
Kiloshi henk06:10
henkjhi Kilos 06:21
Kiloshi Jabberwocky_ 06:21
Kiloswhat a massive mail in the lists from Ramu Lyer06:22
superflyhiya Kilos, henkj, Jabberwocky_06:32
henkjmorning superfly 06:32
Kilosmorning superfly 06:32
Kiloshi HawkiesZA 06:40
HawkiesZAMorning all the people!06:40
Kiloshiya maiatoday 06:50
maiatodayhi Kilos06:52
superflyhi maiatoday06:55
* superfly has already said hello to HawkiesZA06:55
maiatodayhi superfly07:03
Kiloshi Squirm 07:24
ThatGraemeGuymorning all :)07:31
superflyaloha ThatGraemeGuy07:31
Kiloshi ThatGraemeGuy 07:35
Kilosmôre inetpro 07:54
inetprogoeie more Kilos and everone else08:05
Kiloshi Vince-0 08:42
Vince-0Hi Kilos08:44
Vince-0Monday blady Maanday08:45
Squirmlol Vince-008:57
SquirmI second that08:57
superflySymmetria: *poke*09:19
Symmetriasuperfly *slap*09:31
Symmetriasorry Im around :) just concentrating on something 09:31
superflySymmetria: who can we poke to get za.archive.ubuntu.com up and running again?09:32
Symmetriasuperfly patrickh@tenet.ac.za09:33
Symmetria(Patrick Holahan)09:33
superflySymmetria: ta.09:33
Symmetriain the mean time, mirror.ufs.ac.za09:33
Symmetriahas a full and complete mirror on it09:33
Symmetriayou'd have to check the pathing09:33
Symmetriaand its synching often09:33
Symmetriaand its got just as much bandwidth09:33
magespawnmornign all09:36
magespawnmorning even09:36
Kiloshi magespawn 09:38
magespawnwhats up?09:38
Kilosthe sun09:38
magespawnah well that is very good. i saw that happen this morning09:39
magespawngravity is still switched on, as well, so all in all turning out to be an excellent day09:40
magespawnbrain is a bit in limbo, been up since 04:0009:45
magespawnno early game drive09:52
Symmetriawhere were ya doing game drive?10:07
magespawnHluhluwe Game Reserve10:07
* Symmetria did a game drive in nairobi national park on saturday :)10:07
magespawni was the guide on this one10:08
Symmetriathen went to the animal orphanage there where they look after and rehab animals who have lost their parents before putting em back in the park10:08
Symmetriaheh, that animal orphanage was cool, a lot of the wild monkeys out the park come into it to see if they can get food from the baby animals that isnt eaten etc10:08
Symmetriaso the guide there was like, here, give them some peanuts, they are pretty tame10:08
Symmetriaso they were eating peanuts outta my hand, next thing I had a young vervet jump on my shoulder and try play with my hair lol10:09
magespawndid it pee on you? they mark their territory lik that10:09
Symmetriahehehe nah buts its mom didnt look happy with it sitting on my shoulder10:10
Symmetriaheh I was keeping a very wary eye on the baboons that were around though10:10
Symmetriathose things scare me10:10
trenderafternoon people10:15
trenderis anybody alive ??10:15
magespawnafternoon trender10:16
Kiloshi tend10:17
Kiloshi trender 10:17
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za10:17
trenderhi :)10:17
Kilosif you dont run away you can join us for our monthly meeting tonight10:18
trenderyou okes from durban ?10:18
Kilosall over10:18
trenderah yes im sure10:18
trenderwas figuring mostly durban people10:18
Kilosthe whole country and some in the NL10:18
magespawnsome are in durban and the surrounds10:18
trenderim in durban10:18
Kilosi actually think we got more cape peeps here10:19
Kilosthe durbs okes are always on holiday10:19
trendererm and other are in #clug10:19
trenderon a different network10:19
Kilosare you one of the durbs lug guys?10:19
trenderno no10:19
trenderim a durban noob10:19
Kilosah welcome10:20
trendereven a linux noob10:20
Kilosput this channel on your cant be disconnected lists10:20
trenderbut and old school develloper10:20
Kilosthis is the right place for linux help10:20
trenderan = and10:20
trenderhave strange interests10:21
Kilostell us about yourself10:21
Kilosnice to see new faces here10:21
trenderengineering etc10:21
trenderbrb ok 10:21
trenderneed to open door10:21
Kilosthere is no rushing on this channel10:22
Kilosyou can wait hours at times10:22
trenderok back10:22
trenderwell im an old school asm programmer10:23
trenderand develloper i guess10:23
trenderbut dont really do much deve anymore10:23
Kilosah , we have 2 ubuntu dev guys here10:24
Kilosare you using ubuntu?10:24
trenderno no windoze10:24
Kilosaw shame10:24
Kiloswe will convert you10:25
trenderi have an interesting story10:25
Kilosthere are guys in durbs with official cds still methinks10:25
Kilosok tell10:25
trendererm ok i can shaow you10:25
trenderi have these little linux lunch boxes10:26
trendercalled squareone from itian10:26
trenderand they are missing linux image files = linux applications10:27
trenderif youd like a look i can give you the address10:27
trenderi think its a very interesting toy10:27
trenderso i bought 100pcs to play with10:28
Kilostry be here at 19.30 tonight then the durbs guys will be here10:28
trenderyea yea10:28
trenderyou like the sounds of this toy ?10:28
trenderive put it online for linux okes to play with it10:29
Kilosim still learning about pc's so dont mess with other things mostly10:29
trendererm mage should i give the link in private10:29
Kilosbut will look10:30
Kilosno here10:30
Kilosso we can all see10:30
trenderoops sorry10:30
trenderlet me fix that10:30
magespawnthat looks like a private network link10:30
trendersure it is10:30
trenderadmin:squareone ok10:31
trendertry not to toast it10:31
Kilosis it http then that long number?10:31
trenderbut its a fine exibit10:31
magespawnyou okay with people have a look on your private net?10:31
trenderyea off course10:32
trenderyou see what it looks like ?10:32
trenderyou can log in with admin:squareone10:33
trenderthats the admin config page10:33
trenderthe telent is also open10:33
trenderits missing the hard disk image files10:34
trenderso i need to rebuild these up10:34
trendermake my own image packs10:34
Kilosaw i cant get past the first page10:34
trenderyou can log in with admin:squareone10:35
magespawnuser admin password squareone10:36
trenderits an all in one linux server lunchbox10:36
trendercorrect yes10:36
magespawnlooks cool10:36
trenderim interested what you guys make of it10:37
trenderits just a brick at present10:37
magespawnuse? internet proxy/server?10:37
trenderwith a 70gb hard drive in right now10:37
trendererm i dont know if you can use a proxy with it10:38
trenderyou likely can yea10:38
trendertry not to reformat the hard disk :P10:38
* Squirm looks around10:39
trenderobviously you guys can do anything you like to it tho10:39
trenderincluding reboot it and such10:39
trenderat the core it has an arm41 processor10:39
magespawndo you need a adsl modem to get it on line?10:40
trenderrunning what apprears to be an embedded linux OS10:40
trenderyes its connected to my adsl router10:40
trenderat present10:40
trenderive just done the network stuff to get it online10:41
trenderthe poking inside the box is done via telnet10:41
magespawni see that it will do it its own routing as, so you only need a adsl modem10:42
trenderyou are correct yes10:42
trenderit has 4 ports for routing10:42
trenderi dont need those though my router already does that10:42
trenderou can drop any linux package on the box via the admin interface "install hdd image"10:43
trenderyou = ou10:43
trenderbut i think you need to go in via telnet to ./configure packages10:44
trenderoff course i know nothing about linux10:45
trenderjust have interogated this relic for 2 days10:45
trenderpoked around and such10:45
trenderi would very much like to get the NAS working10:46
trenderlike install samba and apache10:46
magespawnlookd like a great little box10:46
magespawnwhat is the physical size?10:46
trenderbut i dont really know how to install software on this box10:46
trenderlunch box size10:46
trenderits only bix enuf to install the hard disk inside10:48
Kilos70g or 80g10:48
magespawnthis page shows all the services that are currently running10:48
trenderideally i would like it to run NAS and web services10:49
magespawnlooks like if you want to extend the functionality you have install and os in=mage to the drive10:49
magespawnyou know telnet is not secure10:49
trenderyes i need some image10:49
trenderyes my telnet is open10:49
trenderim open for suggestions to get this box working10:50
magespawnis there a hard drive in it now?10:51
Kilosget an ubuntu iso and install it10:51
trender70gb hard drive in it now yes10:51
trenderi wont know how to install ubuntu on this box10:52
Kilosi didnt know they made 70gB drives10:52
magespawnit looks like you need to image an active hard drive that has the install as you want it then upload it to the box10:52
Kilosno dvdrom or nothing10:52
trenderit has no bootable devices10:53
Kiloscant you plugin an external dvdrom10:53
magespawnmaybe wait till one of the smart guys put their head in10:53
trenderok brb ok need to get the door10:53
trenderyes i have nothing but time10:53
trenderthis is just a hobbie10:53
Kilosretired millionaire?10:54
trendererm something like that10:54
Kilosdoes it do everything online magespawn ?10:55
magespawnthrough a web browser, and telnet10:55
Kiloshi simeon 10:55
magespawnthe is a pdf manual here http://is.gd/er7W2710:55
magespawnand the amazon pictures here http://is.gd/quYcc310:57
magespawntrender: do you have the wired only version?10:59
Kilosit says wireless too and pppoe11:01
magespawnto get ubuntu running on that you would need the arm version not the standard iso11:02
magespawnthere are two Kilos one with wireless11:03
magespawnhttp://www.ubuntu.com/download/arm here is the download page11:05
Kilosi wonder if the wireless one will do 3g11:05
magespawnthe wireless is for wireless lan or WiFi11:07
magespawnhere is the link for the arm install instructions https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Server/Install11:07
magespawnif trender sets this up then you can access it from anyware all the time11:09
magespawnlooks like a nice little server that11:11
Kiloshi Georgl 11:11
Georglhi Kilos11:11
Kilosyeah it does magespawn 11:12
Kilosaybe with tweaking the wireless one will do 3g11:12
Kilosor with a buntu install11:12
magespawnyou might be able to run it through one of the usb ports on the back11:13
Kilosi actually saw a command on how to connect a server to 3g other day but dont ask me where anymore11:13
Kilosyeah with usb it might work11:13
magespawninstall the ubuntu arm and then use sakis3g to connect, the square one could then handle the routing for the network and teh dyndns would still work too11:14
Kilosi dunno whats an ubuntu arm11:15
Kilossuperfly: did you look at this thing?11:17
magespawnKilos arm is a type of processor like intel pentium11:24
magespawnthat version of ubuntu is made for that type of processor11:24
Kilosand they use a different version of ubuntu11:24
magespawndifferent types of processor do things differently so the software has to be cutomised for it11:25
magespawnno changes to the interface AFAIK all under the bonnet11:26
Kiloslekker small server though11:26
superflyKilos: at what?11:27
Kiloswhew lotsa scroll back superfly 11:28
magespawnadmin an squareone11:29
trenderok im back11:33
trendersorry okes busy day this side11:33
trenderanyone have any ideas about the lunchbox :) ?11:34
superflymagespawn: interesting11:34
trenderlinuchbox with linux sarmies11:34
Kilosas magespawn said try install from here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM/Server/Install11:35
trenderah that looks promising11:35
trenderdesigned for arm cores11:35
Kilosand get a ubuntu cd and install ubuntu alongside your windows11:35
trenderoh yea11:36
magespawntrender are going to sell them here?11:36
Kilosthen you can use xchat to come here11:36
trendererm i dont know at present11:36
trenderfirst i need to get the apps installed11:36
trenderbut yea will likely sell them at some stage11:36
Kilosoh you first want to install everything then sell working boxes?11:37
trenderyea yea11:37
magespawncool keep us posted11:37
trenderwill do so11:37
ThatGraemeGuywould it cost less than a raspberry pi?11:37
magespawnmost linux peeps will install their own software11:37
trenderwhat a rasberry pic costing now ?11:38
Kilosyeah you might wanna sell some without going to the trouble first11:38
trendercan rasberry pi make a nas box ?11:38
magespawnor there is a site here doing it in rands11:38
trenderno this box im the olnt importer for these products at repsent11:38
magespawnyes but you buy almost everything seperate11:39
magespawnwas talking about the pi11:39
Kilosso what do they cost?11:39
ThatGraemeGuyraspberry pi can do almost anything, it was designed to be a learning platform11:40
trenderah yes ive heard about rasberry pi11:40
trendersorry im flippen running around like a bluass fly11:42
trenderrasberry pi have a HDD interface ??11:43
confluencyWhy, hello again.11:43
Kiloshi confluency 11:45
tumbleweedno, PIs have USB11:45
magespawnhttp://www.pifactory.co.za/ 11:45
tumbleweedthere aren't many ARM boards with SATA, but they are available11:45
trendercool man11:45
magespawni saw one somwhere brb11:46
magespawnsomebody posted a link here 11:47
trenderi spose the students will like the PI11:47
tumbleweedeverybody likes them11:48
trenderya cool toys11:48
trenderi dont have time to turn the PI into meaningfull toys though11:49
trenderalthough would very much like to11:49
trenderi will order some fro the students 11:49
Georgltrender: are all of your squareone devices you have in need of intalling/reloading the firmware?12:00
trenderthe firmware is not really available12:01
trenderitian are not responding12:01
trenderits mostly in need of the hard drive image = software packages12:01
trenderlike samba and apache12:02
trenderi dont know if i need to install a real linux OS per se12:02
Georglmay i look around and change some settings?12:02
trenderit has an embedded linux OS12:02
trenderyes play with it by all means12:03
Georglthank you12:03
trenderthats why its here :)12:03
trenderyou can use the telnet as well12:03
magespawnlooks like you could use the preconfigered image here 12:08
magespawnon your system here
trenderthat part kinda boggles me for now12:09
magespawnnot sure which one it would be though12:09
trenderyou and me both :)12:10
trenderthis is a new experience for me12:10
magespawnhere is some more info 12:11
magespawnthere are three different ones, the first two are about 498MB each are img.gz, so probable need to be extracted first before you use them12:14
magespawnnot too sure so confirm it first12:14
trenderthe box automatically does the extractions12:16
trenderi dont controll that process at all12:16
trenderi just point to tar.gz images12:16
trenderthe person who comes up with the most creative way of "fixing" this squareone box can have a free box12:21
trenderits just a nice playtoy at present :)12:23
Kilostrender: do you teach? i see you say students12:26
trenderyes i do teach12:27
Kiloswb Jabberwocky_ 12:27
trenderstudents at KZn mostly i pay for thier practical credits courses12:27
trenderi only take one at a time...i dont have a big place at present12:28
trendereach student costs me about 10k for 2 months12:29
trenderelse they never gonna find work12:30
trenderthe job market is hard12:30
trendernobody wants to employ students12:30
Vince-0hey trender 12:30
trenderyo man12:30
Kiloseven qualified peeps battle for work nowadays12:30
trenderyou are right12:30
Vince-0got any Linux admins?12:31
trendereveryone needs to eat12:31
Kilostrender: Vince-0 is a durbanite12:31
trenderok cool mate12:31
trendernah linux is just a hobby for me at present12:31
Kilosone of the lug guys12:31
trendergreat :)12:31
trenderthis lug is new to me12:31
trenderi wasnt sure where you okes was hiding :)12:32
trenderi will like to do some linux projects though12:32
trenderas i get up to speed12:32
trenderim more an old school guy asmfreak etc12:33
trenderenjoyed the asm coding12:33
trenderback in the day :P12:33
trenderatmel pic etc12:34
trendereven pcs12:34
trenderbut that was years back12:34
trenderi dont do much dev work anymore12:35
Kiloshehe you also a ballie?12:35
trenderyea man those days i still had hair and teeth :)12:35
Vince-0what do you teach to students?12:35
Kiloslol sounds familiar12:35
trenderpractical elecronics programming mostly12:36
trenderdepends what thier credits call for12:36
Kiloswe used to have a spell checker but he got busy12:36
Vince-0nice! join KZN house4hack12:37
trenderim fairly flexible12:37
trenderah my typing is very bad 12:37
trenderand this vista box is very slow12:37
tonberryE352of all the versions of windows you could be running...12:38
trenderyes i know12:39
trenderim just to lazy to fix this box12:39
Kiloslol just install ubuntu12:39
trenderhave to much work here12:39
Kilosfixes all windows probs12:39
trenderyea you are right12:39
trenderwill get there :)12:39
Kilosinstall take 25 mins and then an hour or so updating/upgrading12:40
trendersmall steps..for an old dog12:40
Kiloslol how old are you if i may ask?12:40
trendereish dont ask12:40
Kilosmore than 62?12:40
trenderlets just say i witnessed the birth of the pc12:41
trendernah not so bad12:41
Kilosaw i dunno when that was12:41
Kilosthen you younger than me and im not even a pc person12:41
trenderah well im not a dinosaur :P12:42
Kiloswas a mechanic till i was given a p2 a few years back12:42
trenderso you reinvesnted yerself ?12:42
Kilosand since then have struggled through win 95 98 xp till i was told there is a virus free OS available called linux12:43
trenderhehe yes indeed12:43
trenderthe road less travelled12:43
Kilosand by chance came on ubuntu from a neighbour who had a copy of 8.0412:44
trenderah ive wanted to do this for many years12:44
trenderive just not really had the time 12:44
trenderto many pans in other fires12:44
Kilosbattled in the beginning till i was informed by the fly to come here and its been wonderful since12:44
trenderyea yea this is a good place to start i think12:45
Kilosya but half or more of your time is used up sukkeling with winstinks12:45
trenderthe ##linux channel is to hectic12:45
trenderi prefer a smaller crowd12:45
Kilosyeah this is the most friendly helpful channel of them all12:45
trenderget stepped on less :P12:45
Kilosand big brains here12:45
trenderyea i bet12:46
Kilosubuntu dev guys and python experts and lots more12:46
trenderand chanserv lives here as well :P12:46
Kilosare you here with your browser12:46
trenderno no a mirc client12:47
trenderso i can log and digest later12:47
trenderus older folks need to log the brain gets to full :)12:47
Kiloslol i often have to scroll back and see who said what but mostly thats major work12:48
trenderi prefer one on one chats really12:48
trenderbut people think yer gay then :P12:48
trenderor want cybersex12:49
Kilosi dunno mirc but the irc clients like xchat and quassel have a pm function12:49
Kiloswait ill try you12:49
trenderyea yea i got private chat12:49
trendermirc is very strong mature client12:49
tonberryE352and oh so bloated12:49
trenderyes very bloated12:50
trenderthe very nature of its scripting is a double edged sword12:50
Kilosyou can get xchat for win too12:50
Kilosused to be free12:50
trenderbetter the devil you know ;)12:51
Kilosmaybe they also want $49 nowadays12:51
trenderat this stage anyway12:51
magespawnVince-0: is that a channel or a site?12:54
Vince-0both are sites12:54
Vince-0one looks a bit old school12:54
Vince-0but that's peter's from house4hack12:54
magespawncannot load http://kzn.house4hack.co.za/12:58
KilosVince-0: fix it13:04
magespawnmight not be broken 13:05
Vince-0ya doesn't look like its online13:08
magespawnhey HawkiesZA14:11
magespawnjust watched the LTG Chai fm episode14:12
HawkiesZAAha. Which one?14:12
magespawnnice to see 'mainstream' recognition14:15
HawkiesZAAh, yeah. My last one for a bit. 125 was also at Chai, though that was somewhat unplanned. I see 125 hasn't been uploaded though. Heads will roll for this!14:15
magespawnright lol14:17
HawkiesZAWhat'd you think?14:20
magespawnyou moving to cape town for work?14:20
magespawni liked it14:20
HawkiesZAhaha. Already here.14:21
magespawnsound was very good14:21
HawkiesZAAnd content? :P14:21
magespawnthat does not vary in quality much, if at all14:21
HawkiesZAheh. So either decent or you're a sucker for punishment14:24
HawkiesZAI'll take it as a good thing14:24
magespawni am also married (11 years) with two kids, so maybe the second one is more accurate14:25
Kiloshi fender14:26
Kilossjoe fender and trender14:27
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za14:27
fenderarg ya14:27
Kilosi go get sheep14:27
fenderneed to kill the spook14:27
fenderok kilos take it easy mate14:27
fenderhad a windows moment :P14:28
fenderah gees now wonder14:29
fenderno wonder14:29
fenderthe linux people are telling me windos has exploits lol14:30
=== fender is now known as trender
magespawnHawkiesZA: but yes content is good14:30
trenderok gosh im back14:31
trenderso its hack the new guy time hehe14:31
magespawnhow so ?14:31
trenderi see this network makes you very vulnerable14:32
magespawnyou mean your squareone?14:32
HawkiesZAmagespawn, kewl. Well, if you have comments/feedback/nerdrage, feel free to let 'em know. If it's the first two, I'll be happy to pass on the message14:32
trenderno no even my laptop here14:32
trenderyer ip is very exposed on this network14:32
trendernice in some ways not in others14:33
magespawnwhen you connect to irc it shows your external ip address unless you get a cloak14:33
trenderyes i figured that out now :)14:33
trenderi was just knocked offline a sec ago14:34
magespawnyou  mean from the channel or in general?14:34
trendermoral of the story dont use windoze in a lunux channel lol14:34
trenderno no in general14:34
Kilosnope , morale is dont use windows anywhere14:35
magespawnwonder what happened?14:35
trendergeneral DOS14:35
trenderor something tamer14:35
trendernot an issue really :)14:35
magespawnthere are a few of use here who use windows fro various reasons14:35
trenderyea yea14:36
trenderbut this kind of network tends to invite the port scanner kiddies and exploiters14:36
trenderokes with to much time and not enough clue :)14:37
trenderthats so 20yrs ago IMO14:37
trenderthe new networks cloak yer ip automatically14:37
trenderwell some do some dont14:38
magespawnindeed, not sure about the reasoning behind the non automatic cloaking14:39
trenderyea something to do with file sharing14:40
trenderdcc services i guess14:40
trenderits better to be exposed in some ways i guess if you know what yer doing14:41
trenderbut this laptop is a bit of a flake14:41
* trender yawns14:47
trenderlinux makes me tired just thinking about it14:48
trenderits a big step14:48
magespawntrender: there is lots of info online via google, and peeps here know a lot 14:51
magespawnlater all home time14:52
trenderok cool mate14:53
trenderi will stick around and soak up the possiblities14:53
Kilostrender: its easier than you think14:53
Kiloslater mage14:53
trenderits just the first tep mate14:53
Kilosmagespawn: 14:53
trenderfirst step is the hardest14:53
Kilosyou going about it the hard way thats why14:54
trenderyea mabee14:54
trenderi will get the idea eventually14:55
trenderits just a foreign concept at present14:55
trenderhow them sheep mate....baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad ??14:56
trendersorry i had to do that :)14:57
trenderi cant imagine looking after sheep14:57
trenderi would love a farm though14:57
trenderand i will buy one soon14:58
trenderbut not for annimals14:58
Kilosthey fine today, came half way home on their own15:00
trenderjust need a big stock to encourage them ?15:00
trenderstok even15:01
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Kiloslol ya but its getting the stok behind them thats tiriyng15:03
Kilosother wise they go further15:03
trenderi try not to eat anything with a heartbeat15:05
Kilosyou are supposed to shorten them some first15:05
Kilosthen no heartbeat15:05
trendermeat causes cancer and diseases15:06
Kiloseish i forgot to announce tonights meet till now on the lists15:06
trendervegetable reverse diseases15:06
trenderthe former is not acceptable to me15:07
Kilostrender: if you are gonna get the guts to install ubuntu then you must join our mailing list15:07
trenderive got the guts allright15:07
trenderjust working on some many projects right now15:08
trenderneed to focus on the money taps mostly15:08
trenderi have an extravagant wife :(15:08
Kilosbut you may join now anyway15:08
Kilosmaybe some of the list guys will look into your toy as well15:09
trenderyea yea im sure they will15:09
trendersome oke will end up getting one for free15:09
trenderi dont mind giving a few boxes away15:09
Kiloswhat do them things cost anyway15:10
trenderi know people will like to play with it15:10
trenderwhen it was released about 5k i think15:10
trenderbut thats 7 years back15:10
Kilosas bad as modern cell fones15:10
trenderi suppose its really what you make of it15:10
trendersuppose you use it to the max it adds value15:11
Kilosand space15:11
trenderbut if you just need a print server mabee it wont make sence15:11
Kilosthe fly uses a P2 as his server15:11
trenderi had some guy give me R5k for 1 unit without question15:12
trenderbbut i have no idea what hes gonna use it for15:12
trenderin fact he wanted to pay 12k15:12
trenderi told him it wasnt ready15:12
trenderguess some okes know what they want15:13
trenderpersonally i dont know what these can do as yet15:13
trenderits just a smart looking brick to me15:14
Kiloswb maiatoday 15:14
trenderhe just wanted a NAS box15:14
Kilosdont forget tonights meeting15:14
trenderi didnt even know what NAS box was :P15:14
Kilosi still dont15:15
trenderjust knew thes where cool toys to have15:15
trenderimported 140kg of these machines15:15
maiatodayKilos, I have a regular class on mondays from 7:15 to 8:30, I tried to wiggle out of it but I can't. The class used to be on a Tuesday but they moved it15:15
trendertook 31 days to get here15:15
Kilosoh my maiatoday and whos gonna give info on your agenda item15:15
trender2 months if you inclde tha blerry logistics15:16
trenderpaid what amounts to R200/unit for the squareone servers15:17
trenderor 20k for this batch15:17
Kilosah thats not too bad15:17
trendernah its ok15:17
trenderthe logistics cost more then the items15:17
trenderas it often does15:18
trenderthese boxes only cost R50/unit i guess15:19
trenderi cleared them out15:19
trendernow they just got the second generation boxes left15:19
trenderthose have wifi15:20
trenderand usb15:20
trenderetc etc15:20
Kilosyou shoulda takem them rather15:20
Kilosmind you for peeps with adsl its ok15:20
trenderah yes but those would have been hectically expensive15:20
Kilosmaybe its possible to upgrade15:21
trendererm not sure really15:21
trenderperhaps you can15:21
Kilosadd on bits and pieces15:21
trenderbut the hardware is different15:21
trenderyes you are right15:21
trenderthe sata interface is a start15:21
Kiloslike a usb hub and so on15:22
trendererm yes15:22
trenderim gonna look into mods15:22
Kilosevrything has usb today15:22
trenderi was offered 100k for this batch15:22
trenderbut i declined15:23
trendermabee a stupid move i shall wait and see15:23
trendersometimes you take the cash and run15:23
trenderother times you leverage the tech15:24
trenderfor instance this bow with a webserver and installed website may add value15:24
trenderi have okes who want to take this to the next level15:25
trenderim just in no hurry to roll out a bad egg15:25
trenderi rather try to figure this out slowly15:25
trenderwebserver plus fileserver nas would be cool15:27
trenderi dont know yet how big a hard disk its gonna support yet15:28
trenderso i havnt been out shopping yet15:28
trenderand i need 100 drives as well15:28
trenderso thats gonna hurt15:28
Kilosouch and ide no longer made here15:29
Kilosmaybe china will havw still15:29
trenderwell im gonna convert to sata15:29
trenderyes china still has stock15:29
trenderbut i rather go to sata if i can make that reliable15:30
trenderide technically is more stable15:30
Kilosthat adapter works well15:30
trenderi hope so mate15:30
Kiloseven a pc dont know the diffs15:30
trenderive used one before15:30
trenderbut the adapter fell off the sata drive and it was toasted15:31
trenderserial bus is a funny annimal15:31
Kilosoh the one ive seen has a cable from the ide plug to the sata plug so its flexible15:32
trenderya i think some work both ways even15:32
trendersata>>ide and ide>>sata15:33
Kilosive got one of those but it then plugs into a usb port15:33
trenderbut from what ive heard the techiese dont like those adapters15:33
trenderah thats neat man15:33
trendermakes a usb drive minus enclosure15:34
trendervery usefull15:34
trenderthe rasberry Pi looks interesting as well15:36
trenderive been looking at this for a long time now15:36
Kilosthe guys love them15:37
trenderyea the gpio make them very versatile15:38
trendergeneral purpose io ports15:38
trenderthe ports that are exposed to the real world15:38
trenderlike for displays and keybords etc15:39
trenderrasberry pi can do some hectic stuff with ease15:40
trendera devellopers toy of course15:40
trendergreat for students15:40
trendernicely priced15:40
trenderbut im not gonna make a burglar alarm on it lol15:41
trendermabee a remote coke machine that disciminates its customers15:42
trenderdiscriminates even15:42
trendergive 2 cokes to the girls 1 to the boys ;)15:42
trenderand take phone numbers ;)15:42
trenderwith web based invertory controll15:43
trenderinventory rather15:44
trenderbrb i need to check the supper is gonna happen...15:45
nuvolario/ aloha16:22
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 16:22
Kiloshi nuvolari 16:23
Kilosis jy en apie reg vir vanaand16:23
nuvolariek hoop so oom Kilos :P16:26
nuvolariapie stoel mos?16:26
Trixar_zaOh hai nuvolari16:26
nuvolarioh hai Trixar_za 16:27
nuvolariyou been good?16:27
* nuvolari prods kbmonkey16:28
nuvolarigosh, i need to go for new glasses16:29
Kiloshes not here yet16:32
Kiloslets hope16:32
Trixar_zaI've been alright16:32
Kilosyo Trixar_za 16:34
Kiloshi Meesterarend 16:34
MeesterarendHey guys16:34
Trixar_zaHey Kilos and Meesterarend16:35
Meesterarendhey Trixar_za16:37
nuvolarioh hi Meesterarend 16:49
nuvolarigaan dit wel?16:49
Meesterarendhey nuvolari16:49
Meesterarendbesig en als 16:50
nuvolaribesig is goed16:51
Meesterarendmaar maandae is soms die ergste16:51
theblazehenHi all16:57
nuvolarihi theblazehen 16:57
Kiloshi theblazehen 16:59
theblazehenMeeting at 19:30 right?16:59
Kilosyip theblazehen 17:01
* Kilos goes to eat17:08
trenderevening people17:09
trenderlo kb17:10
nuvolarioh hi kbmonkey_ 17:10
nuvolarihi trender 17:10
* nuvolari tips hat17:10
trenderhi peeps17:10
kbmonkey_hmm, seems I am logged in twice. brb...17:10
trenderif you want to check out the linux toys its online now17:10
trenderdunno if you okes seen it yet17:11
kbmonkeyhello :]17:11
trenderhttp:// admin:squareone17:11
trenderthe telnet is also open17:12
trenderhave a look play around with it etc17:12
kbmonkeywhat linux toys is that trender ?17:12
trenderits a lunchbox server called squareone17:12
trenderwith linuc on a arm41 core17:13
trendera small all in one linux box17:13
=== SmilyBorg_h is now known as SmilyBorg
kbmonkeyfirst tim eI heard of a lunchbox server. I like that flipout keyboard17:14
trendertry resist the urge to format the disk :)17:14
trenderthe telnet is open as well to play with it17:15
trenderbrb eating...17:15
SmilyBorggood evening all17:17
kbmonkeyhello SmilyBorg 17:17
kbmonkeyhello nuvolari 17:17
kbmonkeyhello Meesterarend 17:17
kbmonkeyah, niantic approved some of my portals. too bad i don't play ingress anymore, need a larger device than a nexus one.17:18
kbmonkeyfyi the meeting minutes are at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/560/detail/17:19
kbmonkeyif anyone wants to add any items17:19
charlgood evening17:20
charljust in time for the meeting i see17:21
MeesterarendHey all17:21
charlhi Meesterarend 17:21
kbmonkeyhello charl 17:21
charlhi kbmonkey 17:21
Vince-0im here, between braai tongs17:21
queery*sniff *sniff17:21
kbmonkeyhello Vince-0 - how about some braai mushrooms? :]17:22
kbmonkeyhello queery 17:22
Vince-0veges are starter17:22
trenderok back17:22
queeryhate being sick17:23
charlfeel better soon queery 17:23
queerythanx charl17:23
Kiloshi kbmonkey SmilyBorg charl queery 17:24
trenderanyone figure out how to this linux squareone lunchbox server effectively can have a free one17:24
trenderhow to ifx17:24
kbmonkeyhello Kilos 17:24
Kilosyou ready monkey?17:24
kbmonkeyare you ready Kilos ?17:25
theblazehentrender, What do you mean?17:25
kbmonkeyI am :]17:25
Kilosits your show kbmonkey 17:25
charlhi Kilos 17:25
kbmonkeywe still have 5 minutes?17:25
Kilosim parking off tonight17:25
trenderthe aquareone linux server is missing application image files to make it work right17:26
theblazehentrender, ok. BTW telnet wont work17:26
trendertelnet works best on a hyperterminal xp client17:26
trendertelnet is working17:26
trenderif the telnet not working its yer client thats not lekker17:27
trendersome brighspark linux oke who cracks this sqaureone box gets to keep one17:28
theblazehentrender, Let me have a look at this then17:28
trenderim open for suggestions as well17:28
queeryhi oom Kilos 17:28
trendergo right ahead mate17:28
queeryMaaz, coffee on17:28
* Maaz flips the salt-timer17:28
queeryMaaz, coffee for all17:29
MaazCome on ya buncha geeks. Rock up with your mugs with the correct amount of sugar added already17:29
queerynot staying long17:29
queeryfeeling horrid17:29
kbmonkeysugar? gimme the *beans*!17:29
KilosMacoffee please17:30
nuvolarineed coffee17:30
KilosMaaz: coffee please17:30
MaazKilos: Yessir17:30
nuvolariI'm going to put the kettle on17:30
* nuvolari sings 'I wanna be a simba chippie...'17:30
Kiloskbmonkey: time17:31
kbmonkeyroger that17:32
MaazCoffee's ready for queery and Kilos!17:32
KilosMaaz: danke17:32
queeryMaaz, dankie17:33
MaazGroot plesier queery my vriend17:33
nuvolariMaaz: botbitcoin17:33
Maaznuvolari: Huh?17:33
kbmonkeyMaaz, start meeting about Monthly IRC meet 15 April 201317:33
* Maaz gets out his memo-pad and cracks his knuckles17:33
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Welcoming and Introduction17:34
MaazCurrent Topic: Welcoming and Introduction17:34
nuvolariMaaz: I am Johan Mynhardt17:34
Maaznuvolari: Sure17:34
KilosMaaz: I am Miles Sharpe17:34
MaazKilos: Okay17:34
kbmonkeyMaaz, I am Wesley Werner17:34
Maazkbmonkey: Done17:34
theblazehenMaaz I am Jeandre Henderson17:34
Maaztheblazehen: Alrighty17:34
SmilyBorgMaaz: I am Una Karlsen17:34
MaazSmilyBorg: Alrighty17:34
nuvolarioh hi SmilyBorg 17:34
queeryMaaz, i am Dewald17:34
Maazqueery: Okay17:34
SmilyBorghi nuvolari17:35
kbmonkeyHello and welcome everyone. You can see today's agenda at 17:35
queerycan I make a request17:35
kbmonkeyI'm glad to see all of you here :]17:35
superflyMaaz: I am Raoul Snyman17:35
Maazsuperfly: Righto17:35
kbmonkeysure queery 17:35
queerycan we move events to the front after admin17:36
kbmonkeynuvolari, ping17:36
queeryi really don't think I can concentrate17:36
nuvolarikbmonkey: pong!17:36
MeesterarendMaaz: I am Frans de Waal17:37
MaazMeesterarend: Yessir17:37
kbmonkeyI don't see why not, unless anyone objects? 17:37
queerysorry, I really just need to get into bed17:37
queerywell properly17:38
charlMaaz: i am Charl van Niekerk17:38
Maazcharl: Righto17:38
Kilosinetpro: ping17:39
kbmonkeyokay let's start then17:39
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Review previous minutes17:39
MaazCurrent Topic: Review previous minutes17:39
kbmonkeythese are at this auspicious url: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-03-18-17-34-02.txt17:39
Trixar_zaMaaz: I am Brenton Scott17:39
MaazTrixar_za: Sure17:39
Trixar_zaSorry, I was feeling left out17:40
kbmonkeyWe spoke about Ubuntu+1 development, I'm not sure if we have anything to add this time round?17:40
kbmonkeywelcome Trixar_za :]17:40
queeryno CD's17:40
kbmonkeyso let's focus on the agreeds. Release parties. we can discuss those in events?17:41
kbmonkeyyes, heard there's no CD's 17:41
Kiloskbmonkey: you gotta start using maaz to shorten links17:41
nuvolariwe didn't start planning one for Durbs yet17:41
kbmonkeyis lionthinker around?17:41
queerymaaz can do that17:41
kbmonkeyno but was hoping to catch you tonight nuvolari and we can start initial ideas :]17:41
MeesterarendRelease parties are held long before we get any cd's any way17:42
kbmonkeySmilyBorg, might be keen too, we will keep everyone informed17:42
nuvolariMay 4th would be a good time17:42
SmilyBorgyup, I'm keen17:42
superflynuvolari: Star Wars day (and mrs_fly_'s birthday)17:42
SmilyBorgrunning the beta on 2 machines aready and it's nice17:43
kbmonkeyRad, okay Lionthinker was talking about Ogg Camp ZA, they're not around so wee will catch up with that later.17:43
nuvolarisuperfly: the 4th?17:43
nuvolariwow, an eventful day!17:43
SmilyBorgmay 4th is the day before my birthday17:43
nuvolarilooks like a party weekend!17:43
queeryill be in knysna with the boyfriend17:43
queeryfor pink loerie17:44
superflyThis just in: Ubuntu site has an updated design: http://www.ubuntu.com/17:44
kbmonkeyanybody wants to add anything for previous minutes? I'll move to the next topic: Events...17:44
superflynot me17:44
Kiloshi georgelappies 17:44
Kilostell the bot who you are17:44
queerynext is admin17:45
* nuvolari checks out oeboentoe.com17:45
queeryand anouncements17:45
kbmonkeyah true that queery, thanks. been a long Monday ;)17:45
queeryno worries17:45
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Administrativia & Announcements17:45
MaazCurrent Topic: Administrativia & Announcements17:45
kbmonkeyI want to announce that this topic name is too long17:45
nuvolarion a good month it takes longer to type administrativia than the topic itself17:46
Kilosyeah just admin is good17:47
kbmonkeyAlso, administrative wise I'ld like soembody else to chair next meeting, but we can decide that at the end.17:47
Kiloschange it quick before the pro gets here17:47
georgelappieshi Kilos17:47
superflyanything else to add to admin?17:47
kbmonkeynothing from my side, the floor is open for announcements from anyone here :]17:48
superflykbmonkey: oh, the za. mirror seems to be down at the moment17:48
superflyuse either ubuntu.mirror.neology.co.za or ubuntu.mirror.ufs.ac.za17:48
queeryand mirror.ac.za17:48
superflyqueery: mirror.ac.za is the one that is down17:49
queeryor ftp.sun.ac.za17:49
Kilosyeah i battled to get twitter in pidgin17:49
Kiloschanged to the uct one17:49
kbmonkeythanks for the notice, good to know.17:49
queerywebafrica one is also ok17:49
queerybut they are idiots17:49
nuvolariany iburst people around? :P17:50
kbmonkeynot me17:50
kbmonkeyokay next up...17:50
kbmonkeyoh anybody shout if I move too fast :>17:51
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Events17:51
MaazCurrent Topic: Events17:51
kbmonkeyRelease parties! 13.04 is due and KZN peeps are keen for some fun.17:52
nuvolariand an Ubuntu Hour in June17:52
Kilostumbleweed: you not here ?17:53
superflywhich I will be attending :-D17:53
nuvolariwhich I want to organize if it's OK17:53
kbmonkeymy calcurse shows 2 June is our Ubuntu hour. we still need to decide where.17:53
nuvolariThe fly is attending17:53
nuvolarihmm, Umhlanga or Ballito?17:54
kbmonkeynuvolari, contact me if you need any help organizing or infos17:54
nuvolariokidokie thanks kbmonkey 17:54
queerywould 27th be to quick to do a release party in jhb17:54
queerywell gauteng17:54
SmilyBorgnuvolari: just let me know when and where and I'll do some advertising via the DBN-LUG sites17:55
kbmonkeythanks SmilyBorg :) we'll post on the mail list, if you like the details we can fwd you that too17:56
kbmonkeythe Ubuntu-ZA list*17:56
nuvolariawesome, thanks SmilyBorg 17:56
kbmonkeywe can guess a preliminary release party date, the 4th is out, so the 11th, Sat in May ?17:58
kbmonkeythis can still change17:58
queerythere will be a jhb/pta one just don't know when17:58
kbmonkeyoh and if anyone needs lifts in the Durban region I can help out17:58
SmilyBorgthose dates are good for me17:59
kbmonkeyqueery, will you post to the list to get interested partyers for JHB/PTA?17:59
kbmonkeyand nuvolari could handle KZN?18:00
nuvolarikbmonkey: sure18:00
queeryit's already being discussed privately among the ones who will be organising, but will try18:00
kbmonkeyI'll take charge of bananas and cakes18:00
kbmonkeythat's fine queery, keep us updated :)18:01
queerywill do18:01
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed Organize release parties for each region (nuvolari & queery)18:01
MaazAgreed: Organize release parties for each region (nuvolari & queery)18:01
Kiloswhere are the cape guys18:02
kbmonkeythe Ubuntu hour is before the next irc meet, I'll put it in the agenda for completeness.18:03
Trixar_zaI'm in the cape18:03
nuvolarikbmonkey: will find out from DLUG when most people will be available18:03
Kilossuperfly: you all alone there18:03
Trixar_zaThere used to be more of us. I think the rest of them may have killed the rest off18:03
superflyKilos: HawkiesZA is now down here with me, I'll drag him along to whatever I go to :-P18:03
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed Ubuntu hour KZN possibly on the 11th May18:03
Kilosthey used to lead the party and UH things18:03
MaazAgreed: Ubuntu hour KZN possibly on the 11th May18:03
Kiloscool superfly 18:03
Kilosmethinks maia gotta start sorting things out there18:04
Kilosshe's too scarce nowadyays18:04
kbmonkeylet's get interested people during the next week, then throw out dates and see who's compatible.18:05
Kilosnowadays too18:05
kbmonkeyit may be a good idea to post the minutes summary on the G+ page18:06
Kiloshey Vince-0 you here?18:06
Kilosjust lurking18:06
* kbmonkey will need to fix the car battery this week 18:06
kbmonkeyOkay, that is all for events I can think of our side18:07
nuvolariack, the corporate year took its toll18:07
nuvolariwe're not hardly as active as before18:08
nuvolariyeah, I'm not aware of any interesting events18:08
nuvolarioh wait18:08
nuvolarithe DLUG hangout18:08
nuvolariI think it's this week18:08
nuvolarijust hang on18:08
kbmonkeyoh yeah, that! I'd love to actually attend one of those18:09
SmilyBorgthe last dates that vince posted were for the 21st18:09
SmilyBorgthough might need to move the the following thursday, making it the 25th18:09
SmilyBorgI haven't heard anything further18:10
nuvolari8ta acting up18:10
nuvolarijust hangi in there18:10
kbmonkeyI feel your pain nuvolari ;p18:10
Kilosand so slow here18:11
kbmonkeyhow about freeze-frame webcam chats for us slowers? ;)18:11
nuvolarihmm, oh, there wasn't a formal event on google+ yet18:11
nuvolarilet me just find Vince-0's mail18:11
SmilyBorgnot yet18:11
SmilyBorgthere was just a post to the mailing list so far18:12
MeesterarendI have same here on cellc18:12
kbmonkeyVince-0, you will let us know when the next DLug hangout happens?18:12
Kilosza mobile providers are getting bad18:12
Meesterarendbut then I'm using vodacom branded modem...it might make a difference18:13
kbmonkeymost of them are huawei under the branding18:13
nuvolariThe 21st of April is a Sunday. I may move this to the following Thursday if there are no objections. I will make the G+ event a week beforehand and check RSVPs.18:13
nuvolariAny volunteers who want to take on a subject or category will be appreciated and the notes need some work. Here are the subjects I've come across so far:18:13
nuvolari- vince18:13
Kiloshes asleep methinks18:14
kbmonkeyhe's at the braai18:14
Kilosoh ya18:14
nuvolarilink to the topic: https://groups.google.com/d/topic/dbnlug/wJN0SCx6jDE/discussion18:14
kbmonkeyokay let's keep an eye on that, thanks nuvolari :)18:14
queerysorry fell asleep18:15
queeryok im off18:15
nuvolario/ cheerz18:15
Kiloscheers queery 18:15
kbmonkeygn queery, get well18:15
Kilosget better18:15
inetprosorry that I am late18:15
inetproMaaz: I am Gustav H Meyer18:15
Maazinetpro: Yessir18:15
Kiloswb inetpro 18:15
kbmonkeywb inetpro.18:15
kbmonkeyfyi the meeting minutes are at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/560/detail/18:16
nuvolarioh hi inetpro 18:16
Kilosinetpro: where is maias topic18:16
Kiloshope we didnt miss it18:17
kbmonkeyfor the DLug hangouts, join the community page and you should get notified...18:17
kbmonkeyjust in case anybody is watching us ;)18:17
Vince-0had to put out a small fire18:17
inetproKilos: it's still there at http://loco.ubuntu.com/meetings/ubuntu-za/560/detail/18:18
Kilosyou braai in the veld Vince-0 ?18:18
kbmonkeysave us some braai mielies!18:18
Kilosinetpro: maia cant make it so its your baby to sort18:18
nuvolari:-/ craving sosatie18:19
Vince-0in the bos18:19
* Kilos waits for ai!18:19
kbmonkeyokay, back on track.. we discussed events, anyone wants to add anything before I move on...18:19
Kilosaw magespawn not here even18:20
Vince-0teched is coming up lol18:20
kbmonkeyinetpro, Vince-0, we decided to plan kzn ubuntu hour and release party, and jhb/pta too18:20
Vince-0kbmonkey: done18:20
kbmonkeywhen is teched and how much is entrance? it's been a few years since I went18:21
kbmonkeythat was rhetorical ;)18:21
Vince-0meh, site is metro style - R6k 18:22
kbmonkeythe most fun thing at teched is bluescreening their workstations18:22
Vince-016- 19 april but that price is a nogo18:22
kbmonkeyI'd go to a Linuxed18:23
kbmonkeyhey that name works well18:23
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Ubuntu+1 development status and community feedback18:24
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu+1 development status and community feedback18:24
kbmonkeyso I hear there is not going to be CD's distributed 18:24
SmilyBorgnot for 13.04 at least. only for LTS18:25
kbmonkeyI guess it will make newcomers start with LTS mostly18:25
kbmonkeythere's no mention of a release date, only April. 18:26
kbmonkeyeither way we can have those parties18:27
kbmonkeyinstall parties are for sharing it 18:28
kbmonkeywhat is the "miscellaneous" agenda item meant for?18:29
kbmonkeythat for items yet to be added? :p18:29
=== Trixar_za is now known as Trix[a]r_za
CantideMaaz: I am Karl Wortmann18:31
MaazCantide: Sure18:31
CantideI missed the meeting! T-Tv18:31
kbmonkeyhello Cantide :)18:31
kbmonkeyone more topic left Cantide 18:31
Cantidehello :)18:32
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Ubuntu diversity postcards18:32
MaazCurrent Topic: Ubuntu diversity postcards18:32
Kilosthats the one18:32
kbmonkeyfor this one see http://philipballew.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/showcase-the-diversity-of-the-ubuntu-community18:32
inetprokbmonkey: miscellaneous is anything else worth mentioning18:32
kbmonkeyinetpro, like waffles? waffles are certainly worth mentioning.18:33
inetprokbmonkey: I had dinner thank you :-)18:33
* Cantide should send a postcard18:34
superflywe had waffles the other night18:34
kbmonkeynuvolari, for our UH we can get some postcards sorted too, like an activity18:35
nuvolarikbmonkey: ooh, that's an idea!18:36
Kiloscharl: go look so you know what to do18:36
nuvolariwhat about 'realtime production'18:36
nuvolaritaking photo's at the event and edit them right there into something usable18:36
kbmonkeyit says a postcard of a picture where we live. if possible we can snap a photo of us in a scenic setting18:36
nuvolarisocial editing18:36
inetprobtw, nuvolari hasn't figured how to copy and paste in ubuntu?18:37
kbmonkeyfailing that just preprinted ones will do18:37
nuvolariinetpro: eh?18:37
kbmonkeygood idea nuvolari 18:37
kbmonkeylet's GIMP Tux in with us in the photo18:38
nuvolarigreen screen and all :P18:38
inetpronuvolari: it's as easy as double-click on a word like administrativia to copy and then middle-click to paste18:38
Kiloslol told you18:39
nuvolariinetpro: I'm sure it's quicker to type than navigating a mouse18:39
* nuvolari is quite anti-mouse18:39
* inetpro forgot that he might be using cli only18:39
inetprobut even with the cli only it can be done with gnu screen18:40
Kilosadministrativia is a terrible word18:40
nuvolaripeople spit fire at me for not using a mouse that often18:40
Cantidemy hand gets sore if i use a mouse to much18:40
kbmonkeyokay lets finish off the meeting then we can debate the better qualities of keyboard navigation :]18:40
Cantidecan't say the same for a keyboard '-'18:40
nuvolari+1 18:40
inetprosorry kbmonkey :-)18:40
Cantidetoo much *18:40
nuvolariit's debatable, but you can navigate several times faster using the keyboard and using shortcuts18:41
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed Send postcards to the Ubuntu diversity project18:41
MaazAgreed: Send postcards to the Ubuntu diversity project18:41
kbmonkeyMaaz, topic Elect chairperson for next meeting18:41
MaazCurrent Topic: Elect chairperson for next meeting18:41
nuvolariI'll be around18:42
kbmonkeyCan I ask you nuvolari to chair?18:42
nuvolariif nothing happens to me18:42
* inetpro trying to catch up 18:42
nuvolarisure kbmonkey 18:42
Kiloswe accept nuvolari  but that dont mean you stay away again kbmonkey 18:42
kbmonkeyI'll be around, I'd just like to swap out the roles a little18:42
nuvolariwhat he actually means is that he's tired of this business :P18:43
Kilosty for a good job kbmonkey 18:43
kbmonkeyout of interest, anyone else ever thought to give the chair a try?18:43
Vince-0me, 18:43
kbmonkeythink it's a good way to build interest18:43
Vince-0yar, need commands list18:44
kbmonkeyyou can /msg maaz help18:44
nuvolarivince is a hosting-guru18:44
kbmonkeyor /msg maaz help meet18:44
Vince-0I have a radio personality/face18:44
nuvolariagreed! doing it pretty well :D18:45
* nuvolari only sits around and tries to look pretty18:45
Kilosso decide already18:45
inetpro+1 for Vince-0 as chair18:45
Cantideerr, +118:46
Kilosyeah if there no fires in the area18:46
kbmonkeyVince-0, what do you say? we'll be around for backup if you need18:46
Vince-0still, Maaz doesn't know what I'm talking about18:46
inetproanyone else?18:46
nuvolarioh, and someone needs to give Vince-0 meeting rights with maaz18:46
nuvolarinot sure who to ask18:46
Vince-0done deal18:46
Vince-0man Maaz18:47
inetproyikes, my lag is >30s18:47
kbmonkeyI'm sure we can get Maaz obedient in a month18:47
kbmonkeyMaaz, agreed Vince-0 to chair the next meeting18:47
MaazAgreed: Vince-0 to chair the next meeting18:47
nuvolariMaaz's meeting documentation is not coming up18:48
kbmonkeyif something comes up Vince-0 let us know, no problem18:48
Kilosdont be late Vince-0 18:48
Kilosnearly said vinnie18:48
kbmonkeyI think its about time Kilos tries it too some time ;)18:48
kbmonkeyokay I'll end off by saying the next meeting is on 20 May 201318:49
kbmonkeythanks everyone, it was a blast18:49
Kilosty kbmonkey 18:49
nuvolarithanks kbmonkey for running the meeting!18:49
inetprokbmonkey: thanks18:49
Kilosbit overtime but anyway18:49
kbmonkey80 mins18:50
kbmonkeylet's blame the lag18:50
kbmonkeyMaaz, end meeting18:50
MaazMeeting Ended18:50
MaazMinutes available at json: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-04-15-17-33-52.json :: txt: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-04-15-17-33-52.txt :: html: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2013-04-15-17-33-52.html18:50
kbmonkeyMaaz, help meet18:50
Maazkbmonkey: Take minutes of an IRC Meeting. You can use it like this:18:50
Maaz  (start | end) meeting [about <title>]18:50
Maaz  I am <True Name>18:50
Maaz  topic <topic>18:50
Maaz  (agreed | idea | accepted | rejected) <statement>18:50
Maaz  minutes so far18:50
Maaz  meeting title is <title>18:50
kbmonkeyI can't recall who set Maaz up... will find out18:51
Kilosthe crash kid18:51
superflyanyone else heard of GoMetro?18:51
kbmonkeyso nuvolari I setup i3wm and must say it's too awesome18:51
kbmonkeyit handles dialogue boxes and notifications beautifully18:51
inetpromy 8ta is absolutely horrible today18:52
nuvolariooh, maybe I should try that some time18:52
nuvolarixmonad handled dialogs terribly 18:52
Kilosyip here too inetpro 18:52
nuvolarimy 8ta is not horrible, but there were better days18:52
* nuvolari googles GoMetro18:52
Kilosfor coupla weeks now18:52
kbmonkeyyeah, and snapwm also kept crashing my wm. no problems yet after a week18:52
kbmonkeyyou can tell it to open certain windows on specific desktops automatically18:53
kbmonkeyand it includes sexy i3lock18:53
nuvolariWarning: fopen( [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found in /metrogp/html/router.php on line 2418:53
nuvolarihmm, I got used to normal windowed windows again18:54
nuvolarixfce :P18:54
nuvolariand xscreensaver does what I need :P I don't feel like fiddling too much these days18:55
kbmonkeyVince-0, are you a part of the UbuntuZA launchpad team?18:57
Vince-0I think so18:57
* Vince-0 checks18:57
Vince-0negative, kbmonkey18:59
kbmonkeyhmm, don't see your name in the selection for meeting chair. 18:59
Vince-0registering now18:59
kbmonkeyI just selected myself for now18:59
* Vince-0 is inbetween tasks19:00
kbmonkeynp, you can sort that out at a later time :)19:00
Kilosnice to see you here again smiley19:01
kbmonkeyyes SmilyBorg :]19:01
KilosSmilyBorg 19:01
Vince-0whoot: http://ubuntu-za.org/users/vince-019:02
Kiloshow come it aint got that ~ in front19:04
nuvolarisuperfly: need a proxy? :P19:04
kbmonkeyman this agenda editor is lacking19:06
SmilyBorgI'm off to bed19:07
Kilosnight SmilyBorg sleep tight19:07
SmilyBorgneeds my beauty sleeps19:07
Kiloshehe me too19:07
superflynuvolari: I'm "beta" testing their GoMetro 2.019:08
superflyit's more like a very bad alpha19:08
kbmonkeyI wonder if I can sync my calcurse with GCalendar. *googles*19:11
Cantidegood night 'o'19:12
kbmonkeyciao ciao Cantide19:12
nuvolarikbmonkey: calcurse, ncurses calendar??19:13
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:13
nuvolarinight oom Kilos 19:13
Kilossee youall tomorrow19:14
kbmonkeygn Kilos 19:14
kbmonkeyyes nuvolari, indeed :)19:14
kbmonkeyyou can symlink the calcurse file to the cloud between machines. but a google calender sync would be nice. probably could do something with https://code.google.com/p/googlecl/19:15
kbmonkeyso I was stuck the weekend for the car battery failure, and spent some time on MilkyTracker. it's quite addictive19:17
kbmonkeyyou know you can make a song in 25KB? amazing.19:18
superflyI did that way back when19:23
kbmonkeyI still have a song of yours superfly, eternal joy. what was that one made it?19:25
superflyno, that was made using FL studio19:26
superflyjust pm'ed you 2 songs I made using Impulse Tracker, I think19:27
kbmonkeythanks :)19:27
superflyI have a bunch more, but I didn't want to totally embarrass myself on SoundCloud19:29
magespawnevening all19:30
kbmonkeylol. I embarrassed myself on my domain ;P19:30
superflyhey magespawn19:30
kbmonkeyold stuff using Psycle19:30
kbmonkeyhello magespawn 19:30
charlnn all19:42
magespawnhow was the meeting20:24
Vince-0from kbmonkey: AGREED: Organize release parties for each region 20:30
Vince-0AGREED: Ubuntu hour KZN possibly on the 11th May (TBA)20:30
Vince-0AGREED: Send postcards to the Ubuntu diversity project20:30
magespawnkind of meant in a general way20:35
magespawnbuy ty20:35
=== Trix[a]r_za is now known as Trixar_za
Vince-0I am a pirate 'cos a pirate is free20:47
* Vince-0 has Alestorm playing20:48
Vince-0anyways, I was inbetween a few things during - now I'm chair for next meet20:48
magespawncool beans20:48
Vince-0aand now its time for beds 20:48
* Vince-0 bows out20:48
magespawndo what you want 'cause a pirate is free20:49
magespawngood night all20:50
trendernight mage21:10
trendermaaz: ?21:14
Maaztrender: Sorry...21:14
trenderok then21:14
trendermaaz: hello21:15
* Maaz waves to trender21:15
trendermaaz: help21:15
Maaztrender: I can help you with: looking things up, remembering things, delivering messages, decisions, games, monitoring things, browsing the internet, conversions, silly fun stuff, calculations, system administration, software development and south african stuff.21:15
MaazAsk me "help me with ..." for more details.21:15
trendermaaz: help me with washing the dishes21:16
Maaztrender: I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking about. Ask "what can you do" to browse my features.21:16
trendermaaz: help me with delivering messages21:17
Maaztrender: I use the following features for delivering messages: memo and summon21:17
MaazAsk me "how do I use ..." for more details.21:17
trendermaaz: how do i use memo21:18
Maaztrender: Keeps messages for people. You can use it like this:21:18
Maaz  my messages21:18
Maaz  message <number>21:18
Maaz  my messages for <person> [on <source>]21:18
Maaz  (tell|pm|privmsg|msg|ask) <person> [on <source>] <message>21:18
Maaz  forget my (first|last|<n>th) message for <person> [on <source>]21:18
trendermaaz: how do i use summon21:18
Maaztrender: Get the attention of a person via different source. You can use it like this:21:19
Maaz  summon <person> [via <source>]21:19
trenderhrm...cute bot21:19

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