duhamelrAg3: yeah it is, it's listing available networks. but why would it only work after login ? not boot?00:00
wilee-nileesgf, I would use gparted close the installer and open gparted and show a image of that HD.00:00
spacedementia87right I am up and running00:01
spacedementia87I have a question though00:01
wilee-nileespacedementia87, cool.00:01
rAg3duhamel: can u reboot once and tell me output of rfkill list00:01
spacedementia87Ubuntu hasn't detencte the resolution of my monitor correctly00:01
rAg3duhamel: rfkill list00:01
spacedementia87I know how to add a resolution using xrandr, but how do I make it persustant?00:01
wilee-nileespacedementia87, have you looked in display00:01
rAg3without logging out then00:01
spacedementia87Yeah, the correct resolution isn't there00:02
spacedementia87so I added a file called 10-monitor.conf to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d00:03
sgf_wilee-nilee: http://i.imgur.com/QMXM05b.png00:05
sgf_Here's the gparted info00:05
sgf_Doesn't look like the partition I created worked.00:05
duhamelrAg3: before reboot 0: phy0: Wireless LAN00:05
duhamelSoft blocked: no00:05
duhamelHard blocked: no00:05
spacedementia87but the resolution still isn't there when I reboot00:06
wilee-nileesgf_, That is sda you want sdb top right corner dropdown.00:06
sgf_Wait, that's for my other HD00:06
rAg3duckydan: ok .. try switching the wireless off and on again .. without logging out00:06
wilee-nileesgf_, Why are the sda4 and sda6 mounted on a live cd?00:07
wilee-nileesgf_,Unmount the sda partitions first.00:08
wilee-nileethe swap00:08
duhamelrAg3: its the exact same after.00:08
sgf_Also, I'm not using sda for anything, it's just for retrieving old files00:08
rAg3duhamel: still not working?00:09
wilee-nileesgf_, Right click the sda and click unmount swap00:09
duhamelnot working00:09
funkyjive_Any ideas what "Init table command not found:" and "PGRAPH: unsupported chipset, please report!" mean when booting? Having trouble booting to linux. Tried a few different distros. The boot will actually go through ~15% of the time. -Thanks00:09
sgf_Ohhh, sda6 isn't Ubuntu00:10
wiseysomebody suggesting rufus for creating an installer for ubuntu. But I don't know how to configure it. Can you help?00:10
sgf_It's a different Linux branch that I had partitioned on my old HD before I built this new computer.00:10
eXcAliBuRthis is taking forever to compile00:10
sgf_wilee-nilee: Here are the problems listed when I click the partition I made on sdb2 http://i.imgur.com/SzwPhX7.png00:11
wilee-nileesgf_, Yes it is its the ubuntu swap, however we can leave them mounted probably, sda6 the swap is automounted on a live cd.00:11
wilee-nileesgf_, So delete that partition in the sdb00:12
sgf_Oh, I'm booting Ubuntu from a flash drive currently00:12
sgf_wilee-nilee: Should I try to make a new one with gparted?00:13
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duhamelrAg3: so, really weird. i tried logging out00:14
wilee-nileesgf_ yep right click to make a ext4. Now ubuntu will run in a extended and you can have a lot of partitions if you want, a single HD can only have 4 primary partitions, are you planning on adding other instals to this HD?00:14
duhamelafter i logged back in wireless was still "not ready" so i suspend.00:15
sgf_No plans.00:15
rAg3duhamel: i am at a loss now !! put on your query about having to log out again , someone might know what to do exactly00:15
wilee-nileesgf_, Cool just make a ext4 the size you want with a right click in the space.00:16
sgf_Is this correct?00:16
duhamelbut when i cant end suspension (probably because i did auto install and dont think there is a swap) i power down by holding physical button for 5 secs00:16
duhamelthen power back on and its wrking.00:16
wilee-nileesgf_, Yeb now hit the green check at the top to run it.00:16
=== milind is now known as abyss42
rAg3duhamel: what is the output of mount ?00:17
duhamel_im connected with wifi right now. but cant figure what im doing that is allowing it to work. its not just logging in and out. it seems almost random.00:18
duhamel_im going to play and report.00:19
sgf_wilee-nilee: Getting another error, http://i.imgur.com/nUQayTo.png00:19
rAg3duhamel_: oh00:19
p0wn3dWhat is the general workaround for using Ubuntu without unity? LXDE, XFCE, KDE?00:20
wilee-nileesgf_, Is this a new HD?00:20
sgf_I already mounted it though00:20
wilee-nileesgf_, Cool you need to make a partition table click device and the make partition table choose msdos and run the green check.00:21
wilee-nileesgf_, I missed that yuou mounted the sdb unmount it00:22
wilee-nileesgf_, So with the sdb unmounted make the partition table.00:23
duhamel i figured it out. it doesn't work after restart but does after power down power up. new problem. when i click shutdown it's restarting00:24
wiseywhat file system does ubuntu use?00:24
duhamelwifi still works in that case though.00:24
duhamelwisey: ext 3 or 400:24
duhamelpreferably 400:25
rAg3duhamel: you must have selected a default action for power button , u can change it in power options00:25
wilee-nileewisey, In the OS naultilus00:25
wilee-nileewisey, Partitions are ext400:25
wiseyduhamel : i'm trying to use rufus to build and installer on usb, but I don't know how to configure it. Can you help?00:26
wiseyis exFat one?00:26
rAg3wisey: exFat for ubuntu installations ?00:27
wilee-nileewisey, fat 32 is used for iso loads00:27
duhamelwisey: no not exfat or any fat system.00:27
wiseyother choices are FAT32 or NTFS00:28
wilee-nileeduhamel, rufus is a usb loader00:28
sgfwilee-nilee: There's an sdc now00:28
sgfIt looks like that's the partition I made00:28
sgfI don't even know what it is, actually00:28
wiseywilee-nilee :: yes, I'm trying to build a usb loader00:28
wilee-nileesgf, That is the usb you are booting on,00:28
sgfOh, yeah haha00:29
sgfAnyway, sdb is unmounted and I made the partition table00:29
wilee-nileewisey, Use a fat 32 partition.00:29
duhamelim way closer to noob than i am to advanced user. my usb booting knowledge pretty much starts and ends with unetbootin00:29
wilee-nileesgf, cool now make the ext400:29
wiseywilee-nilee :: I used the default settings in rufus and the installer didn't work00:30
sgfSame error, wilee-nilee00:30
wilee-nileewisey, I have never used rufus, what are you trying to load to it?00:30
sgfEr, wrong picture00:31
wiseywilee-nilee :: I made this post but now I am trying to install ubuntu on it => https://discussions.apple.com/message/21785770#2178577000:31
wiseyit explains what I'm doing00:31
wilee-nileewisey I know nothing about using apple.00:31
wiseyright right00:32
wiseyduhamel :: can you help?00:32
wiseyI have been searching for hours00:32
KI4ROTrying to get my wife's new IPOD to communicate with Amrok or Banshee or whatever.  I've successfully put a couple of albums on the IPOD but cannot access them from the IPOD.  There doesn't appear to be Music folder on the IPOD so I'm not sure where they should actually go.  Any ideas?00:32
wilee-nileesgf, It may be that you need to unmount the sda partitions, the sda6 and sda400:33
sgfI'll try00:33
wilee-nileesgf, The sda6 unmount will take care of both00:33
duhamelwisey: im sorry, i don't know anything about it. unless you just need a bootable copy of linux on a usb.00:34
sgfUnmount is greyed out for sda400:34
wiseyduhamel :: that is exactly what I need (a bootable copy of linux on a usb)00:34
duhameloh. very simple.00:35
wiseyduhammel :: but I'm on Windows here00:35
wiseyduhamel :: cool00:35
duhamelpick your distro. download the iso. format usb to fat3200:35
duhameldownload unetbootin. you can find it on google.00:35
sgfUnmount is greyed out for sda4, wilee-nilee00:36
wilee-nileesgf, I think with all this messing around you should reboot the usb and start with gparted again, do not mount anything.00:36
duhamelwhat is your current os?00:36
wilee-nileesgf, Did you mount anything from the terminal?00:36
duhameloh sorry. i see.00:36
duhamelwindows download or run the unetbootin.exe00:37
sgfHang on00:37
wilee-nileesgf, I would reboot messing around in a live enviroment and mounting and unmounting can be problematic if not done right, I have to assume this is what has happened.00:37
duhamelwisey: with me so far?00:37
sgfhttp://i.imgur.com/4qS3ExX.png These are the errors I get when I double click the failed partition, could they have any relavence?00:38
wiseyduhamel :: i'm on Windows here00:38
duhamelwisey: have you found an iso for the distro you want00:38
duhamelcool beans.00:38
PlastikSporkDell Dimension 4600i when waking from suspension to a black screen... seems to be locked up.  Ubuntu 12.0400:39
wilee-nileesgf, Hard to say, you used the device tab at the top when the HD was fully unallocated, no pending actions to make the partition table right?00:39
duhamelhave you found the windows version of uNetbootin?00:39
wilee-nileesgf, well we can play cat and mouse but I don't want to so my advice is to reboot and lets start over.00:40
* wilee-nilee geez 1 and 3/4 hours00:41
wiseyduhamel :: do I have to format to fat32 before I run UNetbootin?00:41
wilee-nileeon a 3minute install.00:41
wiseyduhamel :: I'm using it now00:42
duhamelyeah. its best to00:42
duhamelso where it has the field for iso browse to the distro.iso00:44
duhamelclick on it. make sure the destination drive is right and click okAY00:46
wiseyduhamel :: I'm just formatting atm00:48
=== rAg3_ is now known as rAg3
saintgutfreewilee-nilee: I rebooted, nothing is mounted. I made the partition table, tried making the partition again and got the same error00:48
saintgutfreeI clicked "save details" and this is what it said00:48
wiseyduhamel :: does it take a while to format a disk?00:49
wiseyusb stick?00:49
duhameldepends on the size of the stick00:50
wilee-nileesaintgutfree, Not sure then the error says the partition is being used, if unmounted it should not be. Have to modified the fstab file in your sda linux install?00:50
duhameli find windows formats slower than linux for sure.00:50
johnjohn1011someone told me to install ubuntu on a stick will wear it out quickly.00:50
duhamelou only need00:50
sync3timessaintgutfree,  can you type mount and post the output?00:51
wiseyI only have16GB sticks00:51
saintgutfreeType "mount" where?00:51
sync3timessaintgutfree,  in a bash terminal window.   It will just output what is mounted00:52
duhamelthats fine00:53
duhamelwisey: done formating?00:54
wilee-nileesync3times, have them pastebin that if you could.00:55
wiseyduhamel :: it is on 8%. it takes an age. I'm going to watch my tv for a bit00:56
sync3timeswilee-nilee,  good idea.   I just got here.   Is he booted normally, or in a liveboot gparted disc?00:56
sgfwilee-nilee: How do I get to the bash terminal?00:58
wilee-nileesync3times, It is a ubuntu instal disc00:58
sgfIt's not the one labeled "terminal", is it? Because that just gives me a huge list of commands when I type "mount"00:58
duhamelwisey: im outta here. you should have no problem getting the iso on there with UNetbootin. after that just change the bootorder in bios or some computers alow you to change the boot order by pressing esc when bios entrance prompt comes up.01:00
duhamelpeace all. thanks for any who helped. big thanks to rAg3 for all your help earlier today!01:01
wilee-nileesgf, hit the top button on the left panel and type terminal and the mount in the terminal, then copy and paste all the tect to a pastebin.01:01
sync3timeswilee-nilee, was there raid or lvm or anything else on the disc previously?01:01
sgfYeah, I'm in that terminal01:02
sgfAll it says when I type "mount" is a big list of commands01:02
wilee-nileesync3times, says the disc was new I wonder of a gpt, it can leave fragments that needa gdisk clean at times.01:02
sync3timeswilee-nilee, how big?01:03
sync3timessgf,  thats ok,  you probably dont have anything mounted.   How big is your new disc?01:03
sync3timessgf:  and this is the 2nd hard disc in the system?01:04
wilee-nileesync3times, It is a terrabyte HD01:04
sync3timessgf,  great01:05
sync3timessgf,  and ubuntu refused to install to it?01:05
sgfI'm trying to make a partition in it for Ubuntu01:05
wilee-nileesync3times, I have seen manufacturers have two 500 gig HD's and gpt them together though.01:05
sgfBut it's giving me an error01:05
sync3timessgf :  what kind of drive is it?01:06
DankenseNlvcreate ; vgcreate01:07
sgfHere's the GUI for context01:07
sync3timeswilee-nilee,   for 1TB?01:07
wilee-nileesync3times, Yeah I may be wrong though, we can check the HD with the bootscript though.01:07
wilee-nileefor any wierd stuff not shown in gparted.01:08
sync3timeswilee-nilee,  how big is his usb?  maybe he is trying to install on the usb?01:08
wilee-nileesync3times, 8gig it is sdc01:09
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wiseymmm... Its on 20%. This is like waiting for hell to freeze over01:09
sgfIt's 8GB01:09
vincent_what about mactel support for the ppa on raring?01:09
sync3timessgf,  thats great.01:09
sync3timessgf ,   can you bring up a terminal window and type   sudo  bash01:10
sync3timesthen type     fdisk   /dev/sdb01:10
sync3timessgf :  do you want to use the whole disc for linux?01:11
Guest32377whois sgf01:12
sync3timesGuest32377,  just a guy01:12
SolarAquarionmy computer is currently going to the busybox shell01:13
=== nathan is now known as Guest29149
sgfSorry, internet cut out01:14
sgfsync3times: When I typed that in the terminal it said "unable to open dev/sdb: No such file or directory"01:15
sync3timessgf ,   the leading slash is important.  Did you type that?01:15
sync3timessgf :   type     ls  -l   /dev/sdb01:16
sgf"brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 16 Apr 15 01:14 /dev/sdb"01:17
eXcAliBuRi installed squirrelmail, and now when i goto my website i go to the mail login page, and lost my website01:17
eXcAliBuRhow do i get my site back?01:17
sync3timessgf,   it seems as though your machine has a connectivity problem with this hard disk01:17
sync3timessgf :   how is this drive connected to the system?01:18
SolarAquarionbusybox v1.20.2 (Ubuntu 1:20.0) built in shell enter help for a list of built in commands01:18
SolarAquarionsomething is seriously fucking wrong with my system?01:18
sync3timessgf  :   type    dmesg   |   tail  -2001:19
SolarAquarionI would like to boot up my system but it's always fucking up01:19
bazhangSolarAquarion, stop cursing01:19
sync3timesSolarAquarion,   did it ever work right?01:19
BCBhow can I manuallly remove a package01:20
SolarAquarionsync3times it did01:20
BCBI'm not able to update01:20
sync3timesSolarAquarion,  what are the last messages before it dumps you into this shell?01:20
SolarAquarionsomething happened while my sister was using it and now it goes to busybox automatically when it boots up01:20
BCBI'm getting duplicate source list errors01:20
BCBanyone here able to help me remove a duplicate dependency01:21
BCBthank you01:21
sync3timesSolarAquarion, sounds like its dumping you into some kind of filesystem recovery shell01:21
SolarAquarionsync3times mount: mounting /dev/disk/by-uuid/01:21
SolarAquarionsync3times yep01:22
sync3timesSolarAquarion, what comes after that line?01:22
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sgf_sync3times: Do you want me to paste it all? It dumped a lot of text01:23
sync3timesanything there about  sdb?01:23
SolarAquarionsync3times no init found. try passing init :  bootarg01:23
=== tolentino is now known as ftolentino
sync3timessgf_,   I would power down and check your cabling and plug the drive into a different SATA port01:24
sync3timesSolarAquarion,  I would re-install01:24
sgf_Okay, I'll try.01:24
ntzrmtthihu777hallo. bit of assistance installing rubinius on precise, *without* rvm?01:24
sgf_Still though, the system recognizes it, I can open it up and everything01:24
=== qos|away is now known as qos
SolarAquarionsync3times my sister doesn't want me to do that because she has stuff on it01:24
sync3timessgf_,  you can open what?01:25
VotePenguinPartyaw HAW01:25
konecktdAnyone running 12.04 on an Ideapad?01:25
sgf_The 1TB HD01:25
sync3timesSolarAquarion,  you dont have to format all the partitions01:25
VotePenguinPartyi did, i ran 12.04 on an ideapad z58501:25
VotePenguinPartyit was an AMD01:25
VotePenguinPartywith 6550 graphics01:25
SolarAquarionsync3times which partition do I have to format?01:25
wilee-nileesgf_, Are you booted to the sda linux install thinking it is the live usb maybe?01:25
VotePenguinPartyyea, don't forget to remove your usb install disk when you reboot after install01:26
sgf_Nah, it's definitely booted to the USB01:26
konecktdVotePenguinParty: I just bought one and installed it, it went sooo smooth!01:26
VotePenguinPartykonecktd, what CPU/graphics?01:26
sync3timessgf_,  and you are  exploring it with the  desktop?01:26
konecktdMIne is an Intel i5/4GB/INtelHD400001:26
VotePenguinPartyis the AMD Catalyst driver supporting hybrid graphics now?01:26
VotePenguinPartyoh... well you won't have that problem then01:27
sync3timessgf_,   thats why its busy.   Dont do that01:27
sgf_It's exited now01:27
sync3timesreboot from the usb and try your installation again01:27
VotePenguinPartycongratsulations, konecktd01:27
VotePenguinPartywelcome to the Penguin Party01:27
sgf_Alright, I'll give that a shot01:27
sgf_Thanks for being patient with me, lol01:27
VotePenguinPartyi must reboot after kernel update01:27
konecktdVotePenguinParty: I'm really enjoying it. I had bought a THinkpad t430u but it was terrible01:27
subcoolcould someone assist me on a networking issue?01:32
ch1p53twhat issue is that??01:32
subcooli just setup a bridge to create a vpn. But- lost interenet01:33
subcooli can connect to the machine, but the machine lost internet.01:34
subcoolI setup the gateway- but... ??01:34
MeXTuXI have an old laptop: Lenovo 3000-G530 CPU T3400 2.16 GHz 4 GB RAM. Is it suitable for Unity or should I use a light desktop like XFCE or Enlightenment?01:36
subcoolMeXTuX, you'll be fine01:37
rootcit hi need cloak01:37
MeXTuXsubcool: Thank you :)01:38
rootcitplz someone tell me how get a cloak01:40
subcoolharry potter would know01:40
rootcitMeXTuX use xfce01:40
sgfwilee-nilee, sync3times, just wanted to say it worked. Dunno why it didn't the first time I rebooted.01:41
sync3timesrootcit,  amazon?01:41
subcooli like enlightenment - but gnome is fine01:41
sgfAnyway, thanks a bunch for your help01:41
sync3timessgf,  thanks for letting me know.   Enjoy!01:41
wilee-nileesgf, Cool, enjoy. ;)01:41
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RileyGuyHello fellow ubuntu geeks :D01:45
RileyGuySonikkuAmerica: Hey sonik I'm having problems with my minecraft sound still :/01:46
SonikkuAmericaRileyGuy: Lagging.01:46
RileyGuySonikkuAmerica: Yeah D:01:47
RileyGuySonikkuAmerica: It's so out of sync01:47
RileyGuySonikkuAmerica: *break block* 1/2 sec later... *sound*01:47
SonikkuAmericaRileyGuy: What did the #minecraft channel have to say?01:47
=== Xuser is now known as FreeNET
RileyGuyune momento01:47
RileyGuyim so stupid i forgot to go there T_T01:48
subcoolif anyone could help with this networking issue01:50
=== AntiSpamMeta2 is now known as AntiSpamMeta
zvx10what issue?01:54
zvx10i missed the question, do you mind repeating it?01:56
Onixscan anyone confirm GMA3650 now works on Ubuntu01:57
Leonardooalguem on ?01:57
subcooli can connect to the machine, but the machine lost internet.01:58
subcooli just setup a bridge to create a vpn. But- lost interenet01:58
zvx10hmm, not sure, not very good at networks02:03
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rredd4what can I use in ubuntu to repair bad sectors?02:07
rredd4that can be an iso bootable cd02:07
dr_willisif a sector is bad.. well.. :) its bad.02:07
dr_willisi think the 'badblocks' command can be used somehow to map them as in use. so they dont like.. get used/ ;)02:08
rredd4just didn't know if there was something for ubuntu02:09
jcrzaAnybody know if I can sort of.. clone one Ubuntu system to the other over the internet? I have a linode server I'm running and I want to transfer -everything- to my local Ubuntu install02:09
jcrzaI mean the postgres database, nginx, gunicorn, all the data in postgres, everything02:09
dr_willisjcrza:  i recall you can use netcat and dd.. to make an image.. but i also think some vps's have a similer feature.02:10
dr_willisjcrza:  perhaps check into clonezilla02:10
jcrzaHuh, clonezilla looks neat.02:11
dr_willisnot sure if clonezilla can clone the system its running on. ;)02:13
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:13
jcrzaThanks for all the information, I think I'll be able to figure it out from here.02:14
dr_willisI was thinking digitalocean had some way you could download the image of your vps. but i cant find it now.02:21
Raptor05dr_willis: I bet if you used clonezilla as a live CD, you might be able to copy the hdd02:21
dr_willisRaptor05:  but the trick is hes on a vps/ ;)02:22
dr_willisthere is a clonezilla live cd thats very handy i hear02:22
Raptor05dr_willis: I have used at YUMI at pendrive linux to get a clonezilla livecd02:23
jcrzaYeah, I can't figure out how to boot my linode from a custom location02:23
jcrzaHoping their paid for service will produce an image.02:23
DWSRHow can I purge packages that have already been removed?02:25
Raptor05DWSR: sudo apt-get remove --purge package_name02:25
DWSRRaptor05: Fails with "not marked as installed"02:25
Raptor05DWSR: or..sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get autoremove02:26
DWSRDid all of those.02:26
DWSRdpkg still listing packages with configuration files installed, but the package has been removed.02:26
cisconinjahello folks, i am running ubuntu 12.04 LTS on an HP pavilion dv7 laptop , my problem is my wireless internet is very slow, really i mean it is slow that speedtestdotnet shows my dowload is at 0.05 on a 13Mbps connection . any fix ?02:26
Raptor05DWSR: You might try snaptic package manager and remove it manually02:27
DWSRRaptor05: dpkg knows about the packages. There's no way to purge removed packages?02:27
Raptor05DWSR: Try dpkg --help or it's man page to get options for purging.02:28
DWSRnevermind, figured it out.02:28
DWSRdpkg -l |awk ‘/^rc/ {print $2}’ |xargs sudo dpkg --purge <-- Just in case you care.02:28
DWSRJust runs dpkg -02:28
DWSRdpkg -l, pipes to awk, and runs a purge with dpkg against it.02:28
Raptor05DWSR: Have you tried dpkg -P or dpkg --purge package_name?02:29
themillor just "aptitude purge ~c"02:30
Morph4meonly if he has aptitude installed02:30
DWSRRaptor05: I can purge them each manually.02:30
DWSRRaptor05: Or I can just copypasta what I just showed you and let dpkg do it.02:30
themillyou'd better not copy+paste that command.02:31
DWSRthemill: I probably should actually install aptitude.02:31
DWSRthemill: Why? Works just fine.02:31
ozruxoWould anyone happen to know where I could get a quick answer to setting up IPTables?02:31
Morph4meaptitude is excellent imo02:31
themillDWSR: perhaps you should copy+paste it and check ;)02:31
DWSRozruxo: What exactly are you trying to do with iptables? iptables is VERY flexible and powerful, and thus VERY complex.02:32
DWSRthemill: I understand what each portion of the command does.02:32
themillDWSR: either the website you copied it from or your irc client have carefully put "smart quotes" in there not single quotes.02:32
DWSRthemill: Oh, IRC02:32
dr_willisaptitude did have some issues.. but i think its been fixed now.. but im not sure. ;) i rarely need it02:34
ozruxoI have the an apache server connect to mySQL with a restricted range of 1024:65535  but I want to make sure I can SSH to MYSQL as well through 3306. Trying to figure out how to add that line.02:34
DWSRozruxo: 1 server or 2?02:34
DWSRozruxo: sorry, 1 physical box or 2.02:35
DWSR(or virtual, I suppose)02:35
cisconinjahello folks, i am running ubuntu 12.04 LTS on an HP pavilion dv7 laptop , my problem is my wireless internet is very slow, really i mean it is slow that speedtestdotnet shows my dowload is at 0.05 on a 13Mbps connection . any fix ?02:35
DWSRcisconinja: Do you have the same speed when sitting right next to the router, or when plugging your laptop in via an ethernet cable?02:35
bluefoxI keep trying to install ubuntu gnome02:36
cisconinjaDWSR: i am next to the wireless router02:36
bluefoxbeta 2 and raring nightly just halt after the second screen02:36
DWSRozruxo: Do you want to SSH into the MySQL box, or do you want to use a MySQL admin tool to connect to the box.02:36
dr_willisbluefox:  see #ubuntu+1 for rareing02:36
bluefoxthe one that space checks and asks if you want to install updates during install02:36
ozruxoSSH into MySQL perferred02:37
bluefoxwhy am I in this channel02:37
DWSRozruxo: Then don't run it on 3306.02:37
DWSRRun it on 22.,02:37
dr_willisbluefox:  you tell us.. ;)02:37
DWSRLike a good boy.02:37
bluefoxdr_willis,  i didn/t /join02:37
dr_willisbluefox:  your client did then... would be my guess02:37
ozruxoHmm...should I have a separate SSH for my Apache Server or connect to one and remote into the other :S02:38
cisconinjait is telling me in the network tools that my lik speed is 1Mbps02:38
DWSRozruxo: It depends on how you have your network set up, to be quite honest.02:39
DWSRozruxo: If they're set up as peers, then I would have seperate SSH servers set up for each one of them.02:39
DWSRcisconinja: Then your link speed is 1Mbps.02:39
DWSRcisconinja: Do you get the same speed if you plug the laptop into the router directly?02:40
DWSRriddrib: Oh hai.02:40
ozruxoSame domain, and trying to access remotely?02:40
Sacryohi all, something very interesting/strange is happenning to my ubuntu partition if anyone knows what's going on that'd be cool.  my partition needs the live CD in to boot, but that's all it needs the CD for. any ideas why it needs the live cd to boot??02:40
DWSRozruxo: I would have seperate SSH instances, personally.02:40
DWSRozruxo: That's me, though.02:40
DWSRozruxo: Though, if you only have 1 server that's just doing MySQL work, maybe not.02:40
ozruxoYeah that seems like the best option atm02:41
DWSRozruxo: Especially since you can forward ports through an SSH tunnel if you really need to.02:41
riddribwhere can set eclipse to android?02:41
riddribok thank02:41
ozruxoOh i will look that up. Thanks!02:42
cisconinjaDWSR: i didn't try to connect it directly to my router, give me a min and i will come back with results02:42
DWSRWhat's ubuntu-minimal?02:42
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD02:43
cisconinjaDWSR: yep, with wire it is 14.46Mbps dowload and 10Mbps upload02:43
DWSRdr_willis: No, the metapackage, not the installer.02:43
=== MistaMike|away is now known as MistaMike
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.02:46
Twenty-threehi, i have a tad of an issue, is this the right place to ask about it? it is regarding booting02:47
DWSR!ask | Twenty-three02:47
ubottuTwenty-three: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:47
dr_willisDWSR:  it would be a meta-package that depends on whatever default packges come with the minimal install.  i imagnine.02:47
DWSRdr_willis: Heh, thanks.02:47
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/02:47
DWSRTwenty-three: What I really meant was: Ask your question.02:48
Twenty-threeDWSR, yeah, i got that I just wanted to try !patience since it was suggested02:48
Twenty-threeafter a failed installation (due to missing dependencies) all of my open windows stopped responding, i was in a hurry so i decided to switch off the computer instead of waiting for it to respond02:50
Twenty-threelater on i tried to boot ubuntu and it just goes into a blank page indefinitely02:50
Twenty-threei am using it as dual boot alongside with windows02:50
Twenty-three12.04 if that makes a difference02:50
CiscoNinja_DWSR: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5709425/02:51
DWSRCiscoNinja_: Unfortunately, I can't help you any further. Not really knowledgable about wireless.02:51
DWSRCiscoNinja_: Used Ubuntu too many times on laptops many years ago, and won't go near it for a laptop now.02:52
CiscoNinja_o well you tried and i thank you for that02:52
=== harry is now known as Guest18424
DWSRTwenty-three: Are you talking on the machine you are having an issue with, or no?02:52
CiscoNinja_dr_willis: are you available to assist me please02:52
MorpheausTwenty-three, have you tried booting into "Advanced Mode" when booting the kernel?  Basically - when grub comes up, select "Advanced Options" and then select "RecoverY' for the currenty kernel02:53
Morpheausthen do the "check all disks" option to check your disks02:53
dr_willisCiscoNinja_:  depends on the issue. ;)02:53
Twenty-threeDWSR: i am using the computer in question but i am in windows at the moment02:53
MorpheausTwenty-three, you can even drop to a root shell if needed to fix potential issues...02:54
DWSRTwenty-three: Do you have another way to get onto IRC? Phone, tablet, anything? It'll be a lot easier to fix if I can walk you through.02:54
MorpheausTwenty-three, and then also boot into a FailSafeX where you can reinstall packages as needed...02:54
=== wakil is now known as Gajillion
CiscoNinja_dr_willis: very slow internet when i use my build in wifi card on an hp pav dv702:54
CiscoNinja_when i use wired it is fast02:54
dr_willisCiscoNinja_:  the chipset the wifi card is using is more imporntant then the make laptop02:55
Guest18424when using sudo su terminal will not accept my password02:55
DWSRGuest18424: 1) You should be using sudo -s02:55
DWSRGuest18424: 2) Is your user part of sudoers?02:55
CiscoNinja_dr_willis: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5709425/02:55
Twenty-threeMorpheaus: from what I have read, I don't think I get to see GRUB, from the screen in which I choose whether to boot as windows 7 or as ubuntu I am sent to a screen with some white text (so fast I cannot read it) and then immediatelly to the blank screen in which it sits indefinitely02:55
DWSRTwenty-three: You have a bunch of recovery options.02:56
GajillionI am having trouble changing the settings in my Software Sources window, Updates tab. When I check a box, it automatically unchecks itself.02:56
MorpheausTwenty-three, have you tried pressing Escape at this screen to see if you have any options?02:56
Twenty-threeDWSR: I don't have another way to get into IRC atm02:56
DWSRTwenty-three: You can usually force GRUB to show up by hammering the escape key right after the BIOS.02:56
MorpheausTwenty-three, you can also boot the Ubuntu CD and use the recovery options from there as well...02:56
DWSRTwenty-three: Additionally, if you have access to a DVD or USB stick, you can create a live environment to do work on your installation.02:56
DWSRTwenty-three: I would recommend the second route, because you get the benefit of having a working computer with which to troubleshoot with.02:57
DWSRTwenty-three: Worst comes to worst, you'll need to reinstall Ubuntu, but I HIGHLY doubt that.02:58
dr_willisCiscoNinja_:  so you may want to  be checking askubuntu.com or the forums for slow network speeds with the  iwlwifi  driver would be my guess.02:58
beanDWSR, you can get grub to show up by holding down shift.02:58
DWSRTwenty-three: I would almost be willing to bet you either need to just let dpkg finish the upgrade, or you just need to regenerate your grub menu.02:58
beanwhile booting02:58
DWSRbean: Sorry, it's GRUB2, not GRUB.02:58
DWSRbean: My bad.02:58
beanyeah, isn't it still hold down shift?02:58
* bean forgets02:59
DWSRbean: Yeah, I was saying you were right.02:59
DWSRGRUB1 was hammer escape.02:59
DWSRGRUB2 is shift.02:59
dr_willishold shift. ;) i belive02:59
Twenty-threeMorpheaus and DWSR: i am not sure this is what you mean but I downloaded the installer and burned the .iso to a dvd, I assumed that upon booting from this it'd disply some fixing option but it only allows me to "try ubuntu" or to "install ubuntu"02:59
DWSRTwenty-three: This isn't windows, there's no "repair" option.02:59
DWSRTwenty-three: You want Try ubuntu.02:59
DWSRTwenty-three: This gives you a live, working environment which you can do things in in order to fix your computer.03:00
dr_willisbe nice if there was some repair options on the live cd. ;) to fix common issues03:00
Guest18424tried  sudo -s but still wont accept my password03:00
MorpheausTwenty-three, yep - try ubuntu - you'll be able to clean everything up from there03:01
DWSRTwenty-three: Basically, when you "Try Ubuntu", the entire contents of the disc are copied into the available physical RAM in your system, whereby the computer acts as if you have installed Ubuntu into your RAM.03:01
=== wad_ is now known as wad
MorpheausTwenty-three, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCdRecovery03:02
Twenty-threeDWSR, Ihad assumed access to whatever went wrong would be limited since this would be a temporary partition/environment and thus i wouldn't be able to do anything form there. Once there what should I do03:02
MorpheausTwenty-three, It also documents a failed update and how to resume the update process03:02
_unreal_any one done a lot with XBMC?03:02
DWSRTwenty-three: No, you can operate on any attached devices.03:02
DWSR_unreal_: Yes, then I switched to Plex.03:02
DWSRIt's forked from XBMC, but offers a segregation between serving media and consuming media.03:02
dr_willisPlex sort of annoyed me last week.. been using xbmc instead/. ;)03:03
Morpheausvery good app (plex) - I prefer AirVideo for my iOS devices though :)03:03
DWSRMorpheaus: I prefer not having iOS devices. :)03:03
MorpheausDWSR, totally understand :)03:03
dr_williscant seem to get plex to work corectly now - due to some issue with myplex03:03
Twenty-threeDWSR and Morpheaus, I will try this, I'll be back either way to let you know how it went, ttyl03:03
MorpheausTwenty-three, good luck!03:03
Twenty-threethanks for you time :)03:03
DWSRAnyway, I prefer plex to XBMC because of the centralization of media.03:04
sect0r^ding ding03:04
DWSRI can stick PMS on a box with a ton of hardware (fast proc, gobs of RAM, huge arrays, etc.)03:04
DWSRThen just mount a RasPi to each of my TVs.03:04
DWSRThen I install plex on my phone, tablet, and laptops. I can consume media from any of them, or use my tablet or phone as a remote for an instance running on any other device.03:05
dr_willisDWSR:  ;)Yep. thats whats my pis are doing.. but  i havent messed been messing with them lately03:05
DWSRSo I can use my phone to control my RasPi running Plex.03:05
MorpheausDWSR, ya - lot's of small devices out now that you can also use (i.e. miniand GK803) that allow for playback of 1080p content streaming as well - I use PMS with these little devices and then don't need the high-end PC as they render the content03:05
SonikkuAmerica!ot | I'd rather not say this or interrupt, but03:05
ubottuI'd rather not say this or interrupt, but: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:05
_unreal_well here is the deal....03:05
_unreal_http://www.overclockers.com/berins-case-mods/   ok this is my post from many years ago. I still have this case but I haver modified it a LOT03:06
_unreal_it now has DUAL psu'03:06
FloodBot1_unreal_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:06
DWSRAnd, because I'm using a centralized location for all media and metadata, I can resume playback wherever I want, and my watched status is in sync on every device.03:06
_unreal_and can hold 25 3.5" harddrives03:06
FrankeH123I need help!03:07
DWSR!ask FrankeH12303:07
MorpheausRaid-6 10 TB Ubuntu 12.04 LTS here - crashplan loves me :)03:07
DWSR!ask | FrankeH12303:07
ubottuFrankeH123: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:07
DWSRMorpheaus: rofl. I understand.03:07
FrankeH123How do I make a new thread?03:07
_unreal_I want to put 25 4TB HD's in the case. I can also put an aditional 10 laptop drives.03:07
FrankeH123sorry, i just goined03:07
roseysdaddyCan anyone help me in seting up Vsftpd?03:08
SonikkuAmericaFrankeH123: Make a new thread where?03:08
FrankeH123In the general help section03:08
DWSR_unreal_: And the problem is exactly?03:08
FrankeH123on ubuntuforums.org03:08
FrankeH123how do I make a new thread03:08
_unreal_so ya long story short I'm just trying to figure out what I want t do. I have a lot of dvd movies. that I want to put on the server03:08
_unreal_I dont know what format to put them in on the server03:08
DWSRThere's only 1 container format.03:09
DWSRAnd that's MKV.03:09
FrankeH123lol, piracy site, _unreal? lol03:09
DWSREverything else is just a mockery.03:09
DWSRFrankeH123: No, and please don't talk about piracy.03:09
_unreal_? no FrankeH123 I have DVD'S03:09
Morpheaus_unreal_, MKV - MPEG4 AVC03:09
_unreal_MKV hum ok03:09
DWSRFrankeH123: He can legally back up any DVDs he owns, depending on his physical location.03:09
FrankeH123is it personal file server?03:09
dr_willis_unreal_:  i got a htpc media player that can play dvds from ISO files. :) which is a neat trick ive not noticed  other players doing.03:09
DWSRFrankeH123: Yes.03:09
_unreal_is there much of a file conversion from DVD to mkv?03:09
DWSRdr_willis: It's also completely pointless.03:09
FrankeH123does anyone know if the cyborg v7 keyboard is compatible with ubuntu?03:10
DWSR_unreal_:  MKV is a container format, meaning it holds video and audio streams.03:10
dr_willisDWSR:  not really. the wife wanted the special features on the dvds so shes happy now.03:10
Morpheaus_unreal_, you have to re-encode them technically if you decide to change quality or convert the MPEG2 DVD to an MPEG4 stream...03:10
FrankeH123does anyone know if the cyborg v7 keyboard is compatible with ubuntu?03:10
rpboIs there a way to make a user have the same owner privs as another? Like file.txt is owned and rw by Jim, can Sam somehow have that same priv without doing it through a group?03:10
_unreal_I have not finished building my "MEDIA PC" yet. i'm using a dual core laptop as a media pc for now03:10
DWSRrpbo: No.03:10
DWSRrpbo: You can't have more than 1 owner.03:11
dr_willisFrankeH123:  the basics of it should work.. but special features.   will depend03:11
FrankeH123I thought that much.03:11
_unreal_one sec I'll find a link to show you what I"m building03:11
DWSRrpbo: You could create a group with just the two of them in it, though.03:11
FrankeH123anyone got an idea how I could program the macro ("c") keys?03:11
FrankeH123that would be epic03:11
rpboDWSR: The problem is that I have a system user that needs group read access without group write access.03:11
roseysdaddyIs there a better place that I could go and ask about vsftpd?03:11
rpboDWSR: And I don't want to make it publicly readable03:12
FrankeH123dr_willis: whats your opinion on the rat 5 mouse (working on ubuntu)03:12
DWSRMake a new group with both of those users in it.03:12
_unreal_the top post(s) show the case for the new media PC I'm buildin03:12
DWSRThen make the file g+r-wx03:13
FrankeH123Guys? Anyone know if the R.A.T. 5 mouse works with ubuntu? Thanks in advance.03:13
dr_willisFrankeH123:  I tend to only get those fancy gameing mice - if i find them on clearance. ;) got some razor now03:14
rpboDWSR: Cool, thanks03:14
FrankeH123oh okay willis, but it will work right?03:14
dr_willisFrankeH123:  i must have a large box of all these fancy gaming mice.03:14
dr_willisFrankeH123:  the basics should work.. fancy features.. who knows..03:14
_unreal_I use to be a GOD at FPS games03:14
FrankeH123okay great, i really like 'em, so I wanna make sure im not flushing $150 down the drain03:15
SonikkuAmericaFrankeH123: If I recall correctly, a stepcousin of mine uses a RAT 7 with Ubuntu... but I don't know if buttons other than left and right and the scroll wheel worked.03:15
dr_willisFrankeH123:  theres likely to be  some special servers/settings for some of them. i found one for  the razers03:15
_unreal_then I got older and worked at a job that was all repitition. and destroied my hands03:15
FrankeH123guys, I just found an old ImageWriter II, haha, i'm going to get a macintosh SE (or something) and print with it XD03:16
Guest18424terminal wont accept my admin paasword.03:16
FrankeH123hmm, I heard about getting ubuntu on floppies, and getting computers to boot from then, even if they are super old, anyone know anything about that?03:17
_unreal_no but you should check out "QNX floppy"03:18
_unreal_just GOOGLE that03:18
Morpheausfloppies...wow...I wouldn't even try on that hardware - just get some small rasberry pi...03:18
FrankeH123ik, but it would be awesome to get linux on some macintosh se03:19
dr_willisFrankeH123:  $150 for a mouse is a bit silly.. i just look for them when i can find them on clearance..03:19
FrankeH123no lol03:19
compagnyhi, does anyone experienced freezing while copying a file to usb--- ubuntu 12.1003:19
FrankeH123the rat 5 is 70 i think03:19
FrankeH123but I also want the cyborg v703:20
dr_willisFrankeH123:  I often find the older models on clearance for half that.03:20
dr_willisgot a death adder 3.5 for like $40 the other day03:20
FrankeH123idc though the money keeps flowing in.... (i recently made a s**t ton on bitcoins)03:20
onewanman_anyone having trouble keeping bluetooth headset connected in ubuntu 12.10  using blueman app03:20
AndreuLshello my friends03:21
AndreuLsi come in peace03:21
_unreal_thats what the last guy said03:21
FrankeH123fck it, BAN03:21
AndreuLsare you trying to be funny ?03:22
AndreuLsi'm being serious03:22
AndreuLsi like turtles03:22
FrankeH123are you trying to be stupid? you're really good!03:22
phelpsI'm getting conflicting messages about a release upgrade.  The SSH login banner prompts me to run "do-release-upgrade" however when I run said command, I get "No new release found".  Running "lsb_release -a" gives me "Ubuntu 12.04.2 LTS".  What can I do to solve this conflict.03:22
jribphelps: do you want to upgrade to 12.10 (not LTS)?03:23
felizardoPhelps: you have to modify one file03:23
AndreuLsphelps, it's quite simple03:23
felizardoI just solved this problem03:23
WotWhereUnity is Freezing/Lagging after doing update via update manager.. updated x.org Packages and many more.. also the latest kernel.. clicking onthe the Dash hangs for 20 secs03:23
AndreuLsinstall windows03:23
FrankeH123willis why would you want a death adder03:23
compagnyany ideas on how to avoid stalling or freezing after copying a file to usb?03:23
phelpsAndreuLs: hazah03:23
_unreal_phelps, have you run: apt-get update03:23
jribAndreuLs: if you want to help, be helpful.  Otherwise, please keep the comments to yourself03:23
_unreal_and do you have the major repo's enabled?03:23
FrankeH123compagny, is it over 4gigs? format the flash drive as ntfs then.03:23
felizardoPhelps: modify /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades03:24
felizardoModify prompt=normal03:24
FrankeH123AndrueLs you are a complete idiot. windows is crap03:24
felizardoThis way it is going to get all normal updates, not only LTE03:24
_unreal_the ONLY candle windows has is the fact that a lot of hardware is built for DIRECTX03:25
Morpheausphelps, http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-upgrade-ubuntu-12.04-lts-precise-pangolin-to-12.10-quantal-quetzal-desktop-and-server03:25
FrankeH123if you want windows programs you can either get wine or "get" a copy of windows and multiboot, or virtualize03:25
compagnythe drive is over 4g, the files are not, i have it on fat32, cause i need it that way, for tv playback, but the transfer itself goes fine, 3.0 unit, and then when it says its all transfered, it freezes for minutes, 3 or 4x more time than the time it took to copy03:26
FrankeH123the only thing windows has (in my opinion) is that almost evey program is compatible with it, which is retarded, because if people got linux, we wouldn't have that problem03:26
AndreuLsFrankeH123 , what would you know ?03:26
phelpsfelizardo, Morpheaus: thanks03:26
FrankeH123Because I've used windows, f*cktard03:26
felizardoFrankeH123, wrong, windows has blue screen of death03:26
jriblet's get back to support.  And FrankeH123 please mind the language you use in this channel03:26
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:27
compagnyother thing, i have dual boot, and this only happens in ubuntu 12.10...03:27
FrankeH123Guys, there should be a team of ubuntu devs, that only work on porting applications to linux03:27
AndreuLsjrib, are you here to moderate the channel ?03:27
jribAndreuLs: yes03:27
jrib!br | eduardo03:27
ubottueduardo: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.03:27
jribAndreuLs: Ideally, I prefer to try to help with support issues instead though.03:28
SonikkuAmericaAndreuLs: jrib is one of the operators. Please respect him. Thank you.03:28
FrankeH123What are you talking about?03:28
FrankeH123yeah, what he said03:28
merpnderpAnyone know why 12.04's repo contains mongodb 2.0.4? That is an ancient version.03:28
FrankeH123because the ubuntu devs were lazy? idk03:28
FrankeH123we aren't devs (i don't think so lol)03:28
jribmerpnderp: 12.04 was released about a year ago.  Ubuntu doesn't update most software once a release is made unless there are security issues or major bugs03:29
FrankeH123Anyone know how to use airport on ubuntu? coz i wanna port forward my site and I can't do shit, without getting windows03:29
jrib!sru | merpnderp03:29
ubottumerpnderp: Stable Release Update information is at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates03:29
FrankeH123And I WILL NOT get windows.03:29
merpnderpjrib: Thanks a million. That is good to know.03:29
AndreuLsno offence jrib, but it seems like this channel is filled with 13 years old wannabe tech kids , and since you're allowing such language I assume I can have a polite chat about unix.03:30
FrankeH123know how to use airport on ubuntu? Because i wanna port forward my site. Thanks03:30
=== Reina is now known as Guest4474
SonikkuAmericamerpnderp: You could enable precise-backports in your Software Sources, but out there be monsters.03:30
jribAndreuLs: if you want to discuss things not related to ubuntu support (i.e. asking or answering technical questions), please use #ubuntu-offtopic.  There are lots of people there to chat with03:30
MorpheausAndreuLs, most of us just have this channel up in the background - enjoying the drama until someone crosses a line - I have a feeling one is going to be crossed soon..03:30
SecretFireMobileIm trying to dual boot win7 and kubuntu but cant get the live cd to detect windows. Should i install kubuntu first then windows or vice versa?03:31
FrankeH123that sounds smart secretfire03:31
merpnderpSonikkuAmerica: I'll just download latest from the site and maintain it myself. It comes with a prebuilt binary, so it's cake to use.03:31
MorpheausSecretFireMobile, usually - the Windows Installer will break the ubuntu boot loader03:31
FrankeH123when you get the livecd started get gparted, and make a new partition, (you know the deal)03:31
MorpheausSecretFireMobile, I'd be careful either way (make a backup)03:31
FrankeH123yeah, but im asuming if he can install kubuntu over that, he already is done backing up03:32
FrankeH123or he doesn't have any data that he needs on it.03:33
FrankeH123oh wait secret03:33
AndreuLsMorpheaus, i feel like there are too many off topic kids who want some attention , take you for example, what's your part in this conversation ? :-)03:33
MorpheausSecretFireMobile, check this out for the process of doing ubuntu first and then what could happen when instlaling Windows: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringWindows03:33
MorpheausAndreuLs, support - just chime in when I know something or can help somoene in the right direction03:33
FrankeH123Why not just use the custom option in installing it and choose a diff partition? it doesn't need to detect windows03:33
FrankeH123just all the partitions03:33
=== MistaMike is now known as MistaMike|away
MorpheausAndreuLs, there are many like me that do this - the ops keep everything civil which is good for everyone on here03:33
irong33kusing ubuntu 12.10 i cant seem to synchronize my tomboy notes from https://one.ubuntu.com/notes, what could be the problem?03:34
SonikkuAmerica(Odd, I thought there was a !command for that03:34
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:34
MorpheausSonikkuAmerica, there should be one :)03:34
guangi install wicd from source tar.gz,but when i compile,it shows me "pybabel command not found",but i have installed babel.03:34
cisconinjahow can i go back to unity in 12.04LTS from xbuntu please03:34
WotWhereHelp! Dash hangs for eternity after Updating .. via update manager03:35
wilee-nileecisconinja, From the login screen. Do you want to remove xubuntu?03:35
FrankeH123why would you switch in the first place, im tired of all the bitching about unity, its fine03:35
Morpheauscisconinja, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:35
Morpheauscisconinja, use that command and it should remove xubuntu-desktop and model the packages after ubuntu-desktop03:35
wilee-nileeMorpheaus, That does not remove xubuntu.03:36
irong33kusing ubuntu 12.10 i cant seem to synchronize my tomboy notes from https://one.ubuntu.com/notes, what could be the problem?03:36
AndreuLsbla bla bla , please abtain yourself from further comments, i was talking to a channel moderator, he explained the rules, it's ok , i got it but i don't see the point of you or the other 3 kids jump in the conversation in a rude typical childish way.03:36
SonikkuAmericawilee-nilee: Way to steal my line. :)03:36
AndreuLsYou never know who you're talking to.03:36
Guest18424how do i get terminal to accept password03:36
FrankeH123AndreuLs what do you know?03:36
_unreal_Guest18424, give it the right one03:36
she_dyedtype in the right password ?03:36
Morpheauswilee-nilee, hrmmm - didn't know that (I've always added fro xubuntu repo's but kept ubuntu-desktop)03:36
wilee-nileeGuest18424, by usinguser password in the admin account03:37
_unreal_Guest18424, are your CAPS locks on?03:37
OmnipotentEntityHey guys, I'm having a bit of a problem with Xorg taking up a large chunk of CPU when using Firefox (scrolling/animated gifs/animated javascript), and xchat (scrolling), any idea what's going on/how I can fix it?03:37
FrankeH123guys from alt - f2 i cant login03:37
Morpheauswilee-nilee, would this work - it's a bit aggressive: sudo apt-get remove xubuntu-desktop && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop03:37
_unreal_firefox uses lots of cpu/mem03:37
SonikkuAmericaFrankeH123: Do you mean Ctrl+Alt+F2?03:38
_unreal_try google chrome03:38
felizardoGuest18424: password + enter03:38
_unreal_or a lighter we browser OmnipotentEntity03:38
wilee-nileecisconinja, Can you clearly state what you want?03:38
MorpheausI'm assuming that set's it back to the base install and you'd need to install packages you possibly had on Ubuntu before the conversion...03:38
Guest18424terminal will not accept numbers03:38
FrankeH123dont use chrome03:38
FrankeH123chrome = SPYWARE03:38
OmnipotentEntity_unreal_, I have 16GB of memory and an 8-core AMD processor, there should be no reason why Xorg just sits at 100% CPU when it's open on a webpage, also XChat exhibits the same behavior03:38
SonikkuAmericaFrankeH123: O.o03:38
cisconinjawilee-nilee: i am currently on xbuntu. i want to remove it and go back to unity03:38
FrankeH123well unreal said try google chjrome03:39
FrankeH123And, as i said, CHROME = SPYWARWE03:39
_unreal_OmnipotentEntity, sounds like you have some CODE problems locked in a loop if your sitting at 100% cpu03:39
FrankeH123Firefox is for pros03:39
SonikkuAmericaFrankeH123: And how so, other than Google uses that info for their own purposes?03:39
OmnipotentEntityI have been unable to reproduce the issue with Chrome, but I prefer using Firefox03:39
Morpheauscisconinja, if it's just "unity" and lightdm that you want - you could just set lightdm and unity as the defaults - to get lightdm: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm03:40
wilee-nileecisconinja, This site in the playing around option gives you lists of specific releases on removing whole desktops and installing another. http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/03:40
SonikkuAmericaOmnipotentEntity: The X.Org server is doing this?03:40
_unreal_OmnipotentEntity, is this a problem from the moment you start the program or only after visiting a few web pages?03:40
_unreal_and who ever said chrome = spyware, NO ARGUMENT there but are not all web browsers moe or less spyware03:41
OmnipotentEntitythe CPU usage is under the Xorg process, but it seems to be linked to Firefox or XChat usage.  It's not immediate in most cases but I can trigger it by going to certain websites.03:41
SonikkuAmericaMorpheaus: I don't think the lightdm thing will help the case any, Xubuntu uses lightdm (GTK+ 2 version)03:41
wilee-nileecisconinja, Be sure you are using the desktop package lists for what ever release you are using03:41
_unreal_OmnipotentEntity, do those web pages have JAVA?03:41
=== baba is now known as hack
Guest18424unable to use numbers in my admin password, why?03:41
Morpheauscisconinja, then it's just selecting "ubuntu desktop" at lightdm - right?  Xubuntu uses xfce...03:41
_unreal_Guest18424, thats F'ed up03:41
OmnipotentEntity_unreal_, yes, they have java03:41
OmnipotentEntitywell, javascript03:42
KM0201Guest18424: of course you can...03:42
_unreal_OmnipotentEntity, I thought so....03:42
FrankeH123Who knows a great system proxy for ubuntu, i cant find any good 103:42
FrankeH123and a simple one03:42
wilee-nilee_unreal_, Remember this is a family channel. ;)03:42
_unreal_OmnipotentEntity, I'm just speculating but I wonder if you have some kind of a settings/code ERROR in your java03:42
OmnipotentEntity_unreal_, that would cause firefox's javascript engine to peg 100% CPU, not X.org03:42
FrankeH123Who knows a great system proxy for ubuntu, i cant find any good 103:42
OmnipotentEntityand again, I cannot reproduce this on another browser03:43
Guest18424sorry terminal will not accept numbers, how come?03:43
_unreal_wilee-nilee, sorry03:43
OmnipotentEntityGuest18424, do you have numlock enabled?03:43
FrankeH123Who knows a great system proxy for ubuntu, i cant find any good one, a simple one to, thanks.03:43
_unreal_OmnipotentEntity, I was just goin to say that to Guest1842403:43
OmnipotentEntityAre you using the numpad to enter numbers?03:43
_unreal_OmnipotentEntity, I still think you may have a java issue03:44
wilee-nileeGuest18424, Are you in the account of your original install?03:44
Guest18424wont work with both03:44
KM0201thats an obvious PEBKAC issue.03:44
OmnipotentEntity_unreal_, then why does XChat do it?03:44
_unreal_Guest18424,  there is NO reason why you can not use numbers.. I find it hard to believe that your computer is not letting you use numbers as part of a password. I think ther is something you are not telling us or something is really broken03:44
Morpheausgood ole kebyoard and chair :)03:44
FrankeH123wtf is xchat, sounds like a p0rn channel03:44
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:45
SonikkuAmerica!info xchat03:45
OmnipotentEntityit's an IRC client FrankeH12303:45
ubottuxchat (source: xchat): IRC client for X similar to AmIRC. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.8.8-3ubuntu15 (quantal), package size 345 kB, installed size 869 kB03:45
FrankeH123ah, lol03:45
_unreal_OmnipotentEntity, xchat I cant say. unless there is a linked libarary that is messed up03:45
Guest18424it happenened after last upgrade03:45
KM0201have to agree though, xchat does sound like something it's not.03:45
SonikkuAmerica_unreal_: libsexy2 maybe? (I'm not even kidding, that's what the library is called)03:46
SonikkuAmericaOmnipotentEntity: ^ That.03:46
KM0201i usually rename my xchat shortcuts to "IRC Client" or something like that... then change the icon03:46
_unreal_Guest18424, then: apt-get/yum update/upgrade again03:46
FrankeH123i know im instlaling it, lol libsexy03:46
SonikkuAmerica!snack | _unreal_, Guest1842403:46
bretoliusWhen I install bitlbee on ubuntu 12.04 using apt-get, apt-get sets it up to start up on start of the system.  How does it do this?  Cron? something else?  how can I tell?03:46
SonikkuAmerica!botsnack | _unreal_, Guest1842403:47
ubottu_unreal_, Guest18424: Yum! Err, I mean, APT!03:47
Guest18424have done so still not fixed03:47
WotWhereSlow / Lagging Desktop repaints, Program start up, workspace switching, after using Update Manager, ubuntu12.04 with Kernel 3.2.0-4003:47
wilee-nilee_unreal_, Yum?03:47
_unreal_I dont know what he is running03:47
SonikkuAmericaWotWhere: What are your processor and graphics card?03:47
MorpheausWotWhere, sounds like an xorg driver issue - have you tried going back to a previous kernel release?03:47
she_dyedbretolius: could have placed in init scripts /etc/rcsomething03:47
OmnipotentEntitybretolius, generally it sets it up in the init scripts, you can find them under /etc/init03:48
_unreal_I'm on a vista/laptop right now03:48
bretoliusOmnipotentEntity, thanks I will look03:48
_unreal_the only windows computer I have :)03:48
she_dyedyou boot to vista to chat on IRC?03:48
OmnipotentEntitybretolius, they are then linked to /etc/rc2.d etc03:48
_unreal_that and my digital camcorder wont work with linux03:49
_unreal_and its software is so custom that It wont work in wine :/03:49
she_dyed_unreal_: leading edge model?03:49
WotWhereintel cpu Core 2 Duo, and Intel graphics media accel 4500MHD, @Morpheaus yes i did update xorg packs.. how to undo?03:49
SonikkuAmerica_unreal_: Just a side note: Why would anyone here use YUM? Just wondering.03:50
_unreal_being a parent of a 4yo I dont feel like spending lots of time trying to get a loosing battle in my favor :)03:50
MorpheausWotWhere, it may be related to either the kernel driver or the xorg driver - did you install anything "experimental" or were you just doing regular updates?03:50
_unreal_I have different distro's on different computers03:50
bretoliusOmnipotentEntity, i see S20bitlbee in /etc/rc2.d03:50
_unreal_my gaming rig has ubuntu 12.1003:50
bretoliusOmnipotentEntity is it okay to edit that?03:50
_unreal_my media pc (laptop) in the living room is running fedora 1803:51
OmnipotentEntitybretolius, if you ls -l you'll see it's a softlink to /etc/init/bitlbee likely03:51
OmnipotentEntitywhy do you want to edit it?03:51
_unreal_my retro/legacy system has win98/lglinux03:51
WotWhereno regular updates via the update manager.. it ahs to be the xorg.. coz after restarting and seeing the Slow repaints.. then i did the Kernel update03:51
_unreal_WotWhere, slow repaints?03:52
MorpheausWotWhere, to downgrade packages - I use synaptic - sudo apt-get install synaptic - from there you can highlight a package, and then click on "Package --> Force Package" and select the version you'd like...03:52
SonikkuAmericaWotWhere: There was a recent update to xserver-xorg-core though...03:53
MorpheausYou can see what xorg packages that were installed by opening Software Center and clicking on the "History" tab - it'll show you the last packages you installed - you can then write them down and then regress then with synaptic...03:53
_unreal_she_dyed, my camcorder is an SD 30GB harddrive and has a memory card slot supporting upto 16gb adititonal03:54
bretoliusOmnipotentEntity, i installed bitlbee via apt-get and it works perfectlty, but I would like some of the features in the newer version, so I installed it into /usr/local from source....  installing from source does not set up the correct startup or the correct user like apt-get does.... so either I need to set up the source install correctly like the apt-get one, or have the apt-get install03:54
bretoliuspoint to the right version of the program03:54
bretoliusobiously, i dont really know what I am dong03:54
WotWhere@_unreal_   ex. when i switch the workspace using ctrl+alt+arrow key, its takes a sec to switch or Lags, the Dash hangs for an eternity03:54
OmnipotentEntitybretolius, is the newest version in debian yet?  Because you can construct a .deb package that you can install, rather than attempting to manage it directly.03:55
_unreal_..... WotWhere hum...03:55
_unreal_are you running dual screen?03:55
OmnipotentEntityit will save you a lot of work.03:55
bretoliusOmnipotentEntity, i have never done that, do you know a good tutorial for that?03:55
_unreal_by any chance WotWhere  do you hyave more then one video device connected at the same time displaying video on that computer?03:55
WotWhere@Morpheaus  dont have synaptics will install it.. trying ur suggestions03:56
_unreal_like a TV and monitor?03:56
OmnipotentEntityWotWhere, can you run glxinfo?  It's in the package mesa-utils03:56
bretoliusand OmnipotentEntity, do you recomend doing that for all source installs?03:56
MorpheausWotWhere, I hope it works for you - I've been there more times then one - had to deal with this when getting Ubuntu working on the Hackberry A003:56
WotWhere_unreal_ : simple HP dv5 laptop03:56
MorpheausA0 = A1003:56
bretoliusim used to doing source installs as a user on shared shell... im kind of flying blind since I got sudo privliges03:56
Akiva-Mobileif I install something via source, "sudo make install", can I uninstall it using synaptic package manager?03:57
OmnipotentEntityAkiva-Mobile, no03:57
_unreal_ok but that does not answer the question. do you have more then one video display connected to the laptop? LCD display and external? or just one03:57
Akiva-Mobileand if I can't, do I have to "make" it again before I can do "sudo make uninstall"?03:57
MorpheausAkiva-Mobile, no03:57
bretoliusGahhhhhhrrrrr why cant homebrew just work on linux :(03:57
OmnipotentEntityAkiva-Mobile, you do not have to compile again to make uninstall03:57
linuxuz3ris there a pandora client for ubuntu?03:57
SonikkuAmericaAkiva-Mobile: You'll have to [ sudo make uninstall ] from the directory you installed it to, unless the program has its own uninstall script.03:57
OmnipotentEntityif the Makefile contains a make uninstall you're in luck, most don't03:57
Morpheausonly if it has an uninstall in the make file03:58
_unreal_WotWhere, only reason i ask is becasue some video mods can cause great slow down. if running multi display. and one of the settings is of an ODD resolution.03:58
OmnipotentEntityAkiva-Mobile, if it doesn't then you generally only must remove it from /usr/local/bin03:58
OmnipotentEntitybut it depends on what it is of course03:58
_unreal_its a lack of support by the video card. but thats just one direction of many for solving your issue.03:58
Morpheaus_unreal_, if it was working before the update - and no hardware/enviromental factors occurred - then this shouldn't matter - if hardware did change though, your point is valid03:58
Akiva-MobileOmnipotentEntity: is that tough, or are all the files in usr/local/bin self contained?03:59
OmnipotentEntityAkiva-Mobile, depends on the source file.  I don't even know what we're talking about03:59
Akiva-Mobilemeaning that would it just be, "sudo rm /usr/local/bin/qtcreator03:59
WotWhere@OmnipotentEntity  what info do u need from glxinfo.. ?03:59
=== hack is now known as megha
bretoliusOmnipotentEntity, are you talking about using something like this?: http://packages.debian.org/sid/bitlbee04:00
Akiva-MobileOmnipotentEntity: I had installed a version of qtcreator from a trunk, and I want to now use the ubuntu version; hoping they merged the files since then.04:00
OmnipotentEntityWotWhere, does it say "direct rendering: Yes"04:00
OmnipotentEntitybretolius, exactly, you can download the package source and recompile on your system so it uses your libs instead of the ones included in sid, then install it04:01
OmnipotentEntityusing dpkg04:01
OmnipotentEntityAkiva-Mobile, I don't know off of the top of my head, I'd take a look in the Makefile under the install heading and see what it does04:01
OmnipotentEntitythen try to reverse that as well as possible.04:01
=== adante_ is now known as adante
Akiva-MobileOmnipotentEntity: In general, does .deb and other package managers tend to do perfect clean installs and uninstalls? Or are they like windows, where they always leave traces of code behind?04:03
_unreal_does any one know of a good GUI program for changing the tv output. what I mean is fixing the output like flicker and size not resolution. to FIT to a TV04:03
WotWhereYes Direct rendering04:03
WotWhereserver glx version 1.404:04
SonikkuAmericaAkiva-Mobile: Sometimes an installed .deb will leave dependencies behind, but they can be knocked off using [ apt-get autoremove ] or something like Ubuntu Tweak04:04
WotWherevendor  string : Mesa project and SGI04:04
Akiva-MobileSonikkuAmerica: thanks04:05
bretoliusOmnipotentEntity, is there a proper place to do the building?  /usr/local/src?04:05
bretoliussorry new to this04:05
bretoliusim looking at following this guide s, exactly, you can download the package source and recompile on your system so it uses your libs instead of the ones included in sid, then install it04:06
bretoliusthis guide* http://askubuntu.com/questions/28372/how-do-i-get-the-source-code-of-packages-installed-through-apt-get04:06
=== jack is now known as Guest59561
_unreal_bretolius, please dont cuss04:06
bretoliussorry, didn't know that was a cuss here i will refrain04:06
_unreal_bretolius, I'm very suprised you didnt get bot curse slapped04:07
_unreal_bretolius, are you trying to compile?04:07
_unreal_I missed your orignal question04:08
bretoliusim trying to follow OmnipotentEntity's recomendation of building a .deb instead of trying to manage source installs by hand04:08
bretoliuswhich honestly sounds like a better way of doing it04:08
_unreal_ahhh.. then follow his lead rather then going in multi directions04:08
OmnipotentEntitybretolius, you can do your building right in your home directory04:08
OmnipotentEntityanyway, _unreal_ got my problem solved.  It turns out it was an nvidia setting I had to adjust, thank you for your input.04:09
OmnipotentEntityta guys04:09
_unreal_what setting?04:09
_unreal_!! sigh04:09
she_dyedpants off04:09
SonikkuAmericaI was about to !language that.04:10
MorpheausWotWhere, I've got a box here I haven't updated in a while - as SonikkuAmerica said - it looks like xserver-common and xserver-xorg-core both are updated for 12.04 LTS04:11
Morpheausthere were also some updates to libxrandr - I thought the intel's heavily relied on xrandr stuff...?04:12
evilsquelchis there a room for ubuntustudio?04:12
AzharrHi all,anyone successfully install Chrome on Ubuntu 13.04 64 bit?04:14
MorpheausAzharr, I have chromium but not chrome running...04:14
_unreal_I read something about installing from binary04:15
MorpheausAzharr, you should joing #ubuntu+1 for 13.04 as well04:15
evilsquelchAzharr, is there an issue?04:15
MorpheausAzharr, this is mainstream support04:15
nurowis there any way to hide the "Recent Files" stream from Unity?04:15
she_dyedhabla Ingles Azharr?04:16
evilsquelchAzharr i will look into it04:16
MorpheausAzharr, udev should be at 175 on 13.0404:17
MorpheausAzharr, are you installing from a deb file?04:18
evilsquelchAzharr, i was going to ask the same did you grab the https://dl.google.com/linux/direct/google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb04:18
evilsquelchAzharr, then sudo dpkg -i google-chrome*04:19
Azharr<Morpheaus> yes04:20
=== Tony_Stark is now known as Guest91229
bretoliuswhy dont applications get updates once they are apart of a particular ubuntu release? even when updates are available?04:20
evilsquelchAzharr, what happened when you tried?04:20
dr_willis!latest | bretolius04:20
ubottubretolius: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.04:20
dr_willisbretolius:  thats how 'rolling releases' do it. and ubuntu is not really a rolling release.04:21
MorpheausAzharr, you may need to install the package and force no depdency checks - you'll want to at least check to see what depdencies are required and manually install them...then run  dpkg --force-depends -i filename.deb04:21
bretoliusisnt ubuntu switching to rolling here soon?04:21
MorpheausAzharr, and to force the removal you may need to run dpkg --force-depends -r packagename04:22
snowyrooftopsbretolius: They did mention it, but they didn't switch yet04:22
WotWhereMorpheaus : what if i install KDE.. will that help?04:22
dr_willisbretolius:  its still being 'debated' and i dont think it willbe the same as other disrtos do it04:22
MorpheausAzharr, but either way - 13.04 is still beta so many sources may not be current for version/dependency checks...04:23
snowyrooftopsbretolius: Ubuntu is partially rolling04:23
cock-gobblerwho here has teh new windows 8?04:24
cock-gobbleromg it's so edgy bein' anonymous04:24
evilsquelchcock-gobbler, i do04:24
MorpheausWotWhere, it'll change xfce to kde - if all you're trying to do is select another window manager at lightdm, you should be able to click on the User name to login, and then click on the Ubuntu symbol (or the square) in the top right corner of the user name box and select "Ubuntu"04:24
cock-gobblerdoes anyone like COD04:24
cock-gobbleromg i'm such a gaer04:24
cock-gobblerOMG i meant to say GAMER04:24
evilsquelchcock-gobbler, i don't have any problems with win8 it is more secure and loads faster..also disables a lot of older problems as start up04:25
dr_williscock-gobbler:  do you have an actual ubuntu support question?04:25
cock-gobblerbut how does it compare to vista?04:25
cock-gobbleri currently use xp04:25
snowyrooftopscock-gobbler: I tried Windows 8, but I prefer Ubuntu04:26
cock-gobbleromg ubuntu is so obsolete nowadays04:26
WotWhereMorpheaus : No was happy with Gnome been using it for 6 mnths..  only need to solve the Lag / Slow problem.. have installed Synaptics having a look now04:26
cock-gobbleri just use google chrome04:26
snowyrooftopscock-gobbler: The folk at #windows are more of Windows enthusiasts04:26
evilsquelchoh...i see now04:26
cock-gobbleris that a thing?04:26
cock-gobbleri hate windows04:27
snowyrooftopscock-gobbler: Ubuntu? Obsolete?04:27
kaictlwow. does anyone actually realize that this guy is a troll?04:27
evilsquelchdon't worry about it04:27
evilsquelchhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XZGHOxnCto is cock-gobbler04:27
MorpheausWotWhere, changing to KDE wouldn't help with the lag - it's got to be related to either the kernel update, the xorg-common or xorg-base, or possibly the libxrandr updates that were pushed out...04:27
dr_williskaictl:  and a poor one at that.04:27
MorpheausIdleOne, now that's a process...04:28
WotWhereMorpheaus : dont have libxrandr theres an   (  ! ) next to it04:29
MorpheausWotWhere, hrmm - in Synaptic it may make sense to click on "Mark all upgrades" and then click Apply to see if that package is marked for some type of installation/removal...04:31
MorpheausWotWhere, on my intel based ubuntu with the HD 3000 - this package was installed but it's also a media server so it may be needed for other tasks - I thought libxrandr was for intel display switching...04:32
_unreal_Morpheaus, xrandr man04:33
Azharr<Azharr> libudev0(>=147) dependency is not satisfiable04:34
Azharr<Azharr> ok04:34
Azharr<Azharr> dpkg: error processing google-chrome* (--install):04:34
Azharr<Azharr>  cannot access archive: No such file or directory04:34
Azharr<Azharr> Errors were encountered while processing:04:34
FloodBot1Azharr: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.04:34
Azharr<Azharr>  google-chrome*04:34
wildstrangethingHello guys, 3 of my Ubuntu 12.04 servers (including a fresh installation) have just been hacked and I've lost root access! Anyone know what happened?04:34
Morpheauswildstrangething, when was their last updates applied (security specifically)...04:35
wildstrangethingMorpheaus: I did not do that.. oops!04:36
erpowildstrangething: I would disconnect them from the network ASAP.04:36
Morpheauswildstrangething, there's your answer...04:36
erpowildstrangething: Especially if they contain sensitive customer data.04:36
wildstrangethingI'm retrieving the data now... i've lost root access.. only left with ftp access04:37
wildstrangethingto get the security updates, do I have to apt-get upgrade every week or so?04:37
Morpheauswildstrangething, use the recovery cd to get back in at least - or at grub drop to root shell - you should reinstall from scratch and disable any services that you do not need and harden the system - now that they broke in, they could have created backdoors where you cannot patch them in the system...04:38
Morpheauswildstrangething, every week is a good practice - you could also setup a cron job to do this to automate it if needed...04:38
beanremember, apt-get dist-upgrade will do kernel upgrade too.04:39
beanand other held back versions04:39
wildstrangethingbean Morpheaus: is apt-get upgrade sufficient or will u also do apt-get dist-upgrade04:41
Morpheausapt-get update && apt-get upgrade at a minimum - kernel exploits are a bit harder...but do exist...04:43
raddyHello Everybody04:44
raddyIs there any application for linux / ubuntu which would allow bluetooth dialing in nokia mobile phone?04:44
Jordan_Uwildstrangething: Just to reiterate, you *must* re-install these systems from scratch now that they have been compromised.04:47
Morpheaus^^ entirely agree with Jordan_U04:48
wildstrangethingJordan_U: Yup I'm reinstalling the OS right now04:48
wildstrangethingshould i do a apt-get update apt-get upgrade right after installing the OS and before installing the other apps? Or do the upgrades after installing my apps04:48
KM0201wildstrangething: i like to update/upgrade befre installing anything else04:49
Jordan_Uwildstrangething: Install all updates before making any services available over the internet.04:49
wildstrangethingapt-get dist-upgrade?04:49
KM0201apt-get update   apt-get upgrade  apt-get dist-upgrade04:50
aarcanewildstrangething, install a few basic apps that you need to use now, suhc as byobu or firefox, then do the updates while making minor tweaks or browsing facebook, then install the other packages you want.04:50
wildstrangethingoh they both do different things04:50
wildstrangethingits a web server, so I guess its ok i'll do the upgrades first04:50
raddyAnybody there?04:50
Jordan_Uwildstrangething: apt-get dist-upgrade should only be needed if something has gone wrong, you should check regularly that the apt-get upgrade is completing successfully, without any held packages.04:50
Morpheauswildstrangething, and if you really want to be safe - take an exact image of the system you're doing to use it for forensics...04:50
KM0201Jordan_U: that was really my main point.. if it's holding back packages, then run dist-upgrade04:51
aarcanewildstrangething, if you don't know the order of packages to install, are you sure you should be running a webserver?04:51
Morpheauswildstrangething, and do NOT change the root password - leave it as-is which is a hash that cannot be re-created by libcrypt04:51
wildstrangethingwhat do u mean by witholding back packages?04:51
wildstrangethingaarcane: i spend most of my time on web dev, starting to learn how to administer the server04:52
KM0201wildstrangething: sometimes you'll see (after running apt-get upgrade)... "No updates installed, but the following packages are available to be upgraded" (or something to that effect)... usually kernel upgrades, etc.. thats when you run apt-get dist-upgrade04:52
aarcanewildstrangething, just don't dive into production until you're comfortable with it :)04:52
Jordan_Uwildstrangething: Were you using any server side scripting, or just serving static pages?04:53
wildstrangethingaarcane: i got off cpanel vps a year ago, now playing with dedicated servers04:53
KM0201ubuntu server is really pretty easy.. i switched to OMV for my NAS, but ubuntu server is easy04:53
NateJonesHi everyone.. I would like to stop internet traffic if I get disconnected from the VPN... I'm getting an error explained on the pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5709554/  what can I do to solve it?04:53
Morpheausya - and figured out how to harden it and recover in this type of situation - running apache from a chroot may be a smart thing to look into...04:53
wildstrangethingJordan_U: I was using nginx with php5, mysql, postgresql, redis, postgis04:53
Morpheausor even run it in a QEMU environment...04:53
wildstrangethingMorpheaus: i always ssh in using root... bad practice?04:54
Morpheauswildstrangething, extremely bad04:54
NateJoneswildstrangething, bad bad bad practice04:54
aarcanewildstrangething, install your firewall and webserver first, configure the firewall to only allow ssh, then upgrade everything.  while upgrading everything, configure your webserver of choice, and when the upgrades complete, including any restart, finalize your webserver then enable ports for your webserver and ports of choice.04:54
Morpheauswildstrangething, I rarely use the root login - it's only at the recovery console - for all other tasks - sudo -i if I need it persistant or sudo "app"04:55
NateJonesHi everyone.. I would like to stop internet traffic if I get disconnected from the VPN... I'm getting an error explained on the pastebin: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5709554/  what can I do to solve it?04:55
wildstrangethingMorpheaus: i'll start doing that.. upon installing the OS, the web hosting company will email me the root password04:56
Morpheauswildstrangething, I would highly recommend reading this article for your next box: http://joshrendek.com/2013/01/securing-ubuntu/04:56
hanslandahello there...i cant install last nvidia drivers...a message like xorg server is running appears and i just cant install the drivers...anyone04:56
Morpheaushanslanda, 319 drivers?04:56
Ben64!details | hanslanda04:56
ubottuhanslanda: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:56
hanslandaMorpheaus, im not sure..i need the  last gt 430 64bits driver04:57
Jordan_Uwildstrangething: Then it's possible that they got in through a bug in your server side code. No amount of hardening or keeping up with updates can prevent someone from getting in if your own code is vulnerable. Security is comprehensive, so keep up with updates, follow best practices, *and* check your own code (and have at least one other person check it as well).04:57
wildstrangethingMorpheaus: looking into that article04:57
NateJonesso ehrrmmm anyone experienced with openvpn and ufw?04:58
wildstrangethingJordan_U: probably not an SQL injection... I have a server witwh a fresh ubuntu 12.04 installation and it got hacked too04:58
Morpheaushanslanda, for the stable branch - just install nvidia-current - sudo apt-get install nvidia-current04:58
wildstrangethingthats a server with nothing on it.. no apache/nginx/mysql04:58
Jordan_Uwildstrangething: Well the fact that the root password was sent in a plain text email in the first place is also concerning.04:59
Morpheaushanslanda, otherwise, you're in a territory where you need to manually install the drivers - you should be able to get by with nvidia-current04:59
wildstrangethingwonder how that empty server got hacked04:59
wildstrangethingJordan_U: right.. i change it right away04:59
hanslandaMorpheaus, when i do that in the nvidia settings and set 75hz refreshrate it changes to "auto" every reboot...and on display option under system settings it is always changing from "auto" to 75 hz too05:00
Noob98756Just installed Ubuntu for the first time, getting a lot of weird distorted graphics on startup05:00
NateJonesanyone experienced with UFW and OpenVpn05:00
hanslandaMorpheaus, i think its because the nvidia-current is not the right one05:00
Noob9875612.1 on a Windows 7 dual boot05:00
Ben64!patience | NateJones05:00
ubottuNateJones: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/05:00
NateJonessorry Ben64  hehehe05:01
Ben64!nomodeset | Noob9875605:01
ubottuNoob98756: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:01
Rushi. is there an alternative flash player for ubuntu 10.04 that works on face book?05:01
Ben64hanslanda: nvidia-current supports the gt430, you could also do the nvidia-experimental-31005:01
Morpheaushanslanda, need to know what version you're trying to get running...05:01
Noob98756Great, I'll take a look at it, thanks Ben and Ubottu05:01
nurowis there any way to hide the "Recent Files" stream from Unity?05:02
WotWhereThanks a Heap <Morpheaus>  it seems to be working now.. i think libxrandr2 did the trick05:02
Ben64Rus: 10.04 is only supported for the next ~10 days, you should upgrade before then05:02
MorpheausWotWhere, awesome to hear :)05:02
WotWhere:) Thanks again05:02
Rusthanks Ben64.05:02
hanslandaMorpheaus, didnt understand...what version im trying to get running....what distro u mean05:02
MorpheausWotWhere, np - enjoy!05:03
hanslandaBen64, well...it seems ok with nvidia-current..but every reboot it changes the vertical refresh like i said05:03
Morpheaushanslanda, nvidia releases versions of their drivers - 304.xx, 310.xx, 319.xx - you should be able to see the version that you want to download and install in the file or at the web site that you downloaded it from...05:03
NateJonesnurow, follow the steps @ http://paste.ubuntu.com/5709570/05:04
Rusdoes the plugin finder service 2 work?05:04
Morpheaushanslanda, I'm trying to figure out what version you're running so you can install it from ubuntu repositories which do not require you to drop out of X to install the drivers05:04
Ben64hanslanda: start nvidia-settings with sudo and write the configuration to the x config file05:04
hanslandaMorpheaus, Version:05:05
nurowthanks NateJones05:05
NateJonesyou are welcome nurow05:05
Morpheaushanslanda, from the terminal - sudo apt-get install nvidia-31005:05
hanslandaMorpheaus, Unable to locate package nvidia-31005:06
Morpheaushanslanda, if that doesn't work (it may be an xorg-edgers) - try sudo apt-get install nvidia-experimental-31005:06
hanslandaMorpheaus, yeap05:07
Ben64hanslanda: how did you install the drivers you are on right no05:07
hanslandaBen64, additional drivers option ...installed the recommended version05:07
hanslandaBen64, but already unninstalled05:07
Ben64so.. you don't have any driver now?05:08
hanslandaBen64, yes...no drivers installed now05:08
Ben64well thats not good05:09
hanslandaBen64, Morpheaus Ive installed the experimental one...let me reboot the system and then i came back here..ok05:09
Morpheaus* crosses-fingers05:09
MorpheausI really disliking breaking others systems...I hope that works...05:10
Morpheausdisliking = dislike05:10
NateJonesMorpheaus, I agree lol05:10
SecretFireCan I install windows after xubuntu and still have a dual boot?05:11
MorpheausThe biggest fear I have is that people can't get into the GUI and don't know what to do - so sad...05:11
Ben64SecretFire: windows installation breaks the bootloader for linux, and you need to fix that afterwards05:11
Anom01yanyone know how to get 120hz refresh rate enabled in the display settings ?   I just bought a 120hz screen, but display settings only shows 57hz max.05:11
SecretFireBen64: how do I do that05:11
MorpheausSecretFire, I'd read up on this to start: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringWindows05:11
Anom01yI have an nvidia card 8800gt,05:11
Ben64SecretFire: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair05:12
Ben64Anom01y: you probably didn't get a 120hz screen05:12
Anom01yI know its a 120hz screen Ben6405:12
Ben64Anom01y: thats a marketing thing05:12
SecretFirecreate an ntfs partition for window or just leave it unallocated?05:13
Anom01yanyways, http://reviews.cnet.com/lcd-monitors/samsung-syncmaster-2233rz/4505-3174_7-33499496.html05:13
Ben64SecretAgent: its easier to install ubuntu after windows05:14
lalondongCan anyone recommend me some irc channel about IT/Website Security ? Pleaseee05:14
Anom01yI read one post that said to go into nvidia-settings, and disable "force full gpu scaling"  but I don't see that option anywhere05:14
lalondongCan anyone recommend me some irc channel about IT/Website Security ? Pleaseee05:14
hanslandaMorpheaus, Ben64 i dont think it worked..im with the experimental version...but i run a game here and my fps was too bad05:15
suhaibYa, just like Xchat05:17
Morpheaushashashin, I'm not sure past that then...what game?05:17
Ben64hanslanda: "lshw -C VIDEO" what does it say the driver is?05:17
=== gratcy is now known as Guest43788
hanslandaBen64, http://pastebin.com/uaC7vmsn05:18
Ben64you're using the nvidia driver, success!05:19
falcomis it necessary to change default ssh port? for security concern05:19
NateJoneshanslanda, wooohooooooo05:19
NateJonesfalcom, I would change it to something like 6384505:19
NateJonesfalcom, to avoid being scanned for regular ports05:19
NateJonesfalcom, also disable root access05:20
hanslandaBen64, so why with this one i get 60 fps on a game and with the nvidia-current i get 125 fps05:20
NateJonesfalcom, and get something like denyhosts to automatically ban failed attempts to log into your box05:20
hanslandaBen64, i think i have to install nvidia-current...and try to config xorg.conf ...but im not good on that05:20
Jordan_Uhanslanda: 60 fps sounds like it's properly syncing to your monitor's refresh rate.05:20
falcomNateJones: assume im behind router.. my router configuration should handle that?05:20
Ben64hanslanda: 310 is a much better driver05:20
NateJonesfalcom, you need to do some port forwarding on your router05:21
Morpheausbah - 319 or go home :)05:21
Jordan_Uhanslanda: Any more than that is waisted, and non-sync'd 125 fps will look less smooth than sync'd 60 fps.05:21
Morpheaustotal sarcasm of course05:21
NateJones*** tried to solve my issue directly with #openvpn room but hahahaha they are not so friendly :(05:22
Ben64310 is where nvidia got awesomer for linux gaming. doubled performance in source engine games05:22
hanslandaBen64, so i have to remove this one and install 31005:22
Ben64hanslanda: you already have 31005:22
Morpheaushanslanda, no - you're at 31005:22
she_dyedhanslanda: you have to tweak xorg.conf using nvidia x server settings05:22
hanslandaBen64, experimental05:22
Ben64experimental is 31005:22
hanslandashe_dyed, can u help me on doing that05:23
Jordan_Uhanslanda: 60 FPS is perfect, don't try to "fix" something that isn't broken.05:23
NateJoneshanslanda, it should work properly... don't tweak your configs :)05:24
she_dyedonly if you learn to look at xorg.0.log05:24
she_dyedif that has you crying home to mama send back your nvidia now05:24
hanslandaJordan_U, 60 fps is perfect? my game supports 125 and on windows i play with 125 and with 60 its terrible to play...05:24
Jordan_Uhanslanda: What is your monitor's refresh rate?05:24
Ben64if you're really concerned about performance, you shouldn't have gotten a gt 43005:24
Morpheaushanslanda, vsync as Jordan_U stated05:24
hanslandaBen64 if i had money... im sorry05:25
hanslandaJordan_U, its 60 - 75hz ....now its set to 6005:26
Ben64what game is it? it's unlikely that you can notice a difference between 60fps and 400fps05:26
hanslandaBen64, Urban Terror05:26
Jordan_Uhanslanda: Do you know what refresh rate means?05:26
hanslandaJordan_U, not specifically05:26
Jordan_Uhanslanda: It's how fast your monitor changes the image on the screen. 60hz means that the picture is changing exactly 60 times per second.05:27
Morpheaushanslanda, try opening the "NVIDIA X Server Setings" which is on the Ubuntu menu - and try unchecking the "Sync to VBlank" setting on the OpenGL Settings tab05:28
bretoliusso I am trying to install bitlbee from source, and it was recomended I downloade this package from debian, recompile it, make a new .deb file and install that instead of trying to manage source installs by hand.  (on ubuntu 12.04)  which source file do I use though?  [bitlbee_3.2-1.1.dsc] or [bitlbee_3.2.orig.tar.gz] ?  http://packages.debian.org/sid/bitlbee05:28
hanslandaMorpheaus, ok...ill do that05:29
Jordan_Uhanslanda: If you change your refresh rate to 75hz you'll probably notice that your game will run at 75 FPS, because it's creating a new frame for each "frame" that your monitor displays.05:29
Morpheaushanslanda, this is standard practice - on my borderlands 2 install I have dual 670's and sync to the monitor for 60 fps constant...works very well and all the other fps above 60 fps just cause clipping issues05:29
she_dyednot the dsc05:29
Morpheaushanslanda, I would just leave it if it were me, but if you're trying to just compare fps to make yourself "feel" better, this is where I'd start...05:29
Morpheaushanslanda, and if you're serious on gaming - I'm sorry but Windows is what I use and I have never been fully satisfied with linux performance - partly because nvidia doesn't have as good of drivers (i.e. PhysX) as the Windows installation05:30
Morpheausit's not because of Ubuntu - but because of driver support through nvidia - just to be specific as I don't want to start a flame war05:31
hanslandaMorpheaus, wow!!! after unchecking Sync to Vblanck now its 125 fps!!!!05:31
hanslandaMorpheaus, many thanks05:31
Morpheaushanslanda, np05:31
Ben64have fun with images tearing :P05:31
Twenty-threehi, i came here earlier regarding a problem with booting, Trying to get access to GRUB didn't work (shift/ESC did nothing). "try ubuntu" from the Dvd worked but then I wasn't sure what to do. After doing scandisk i got access to GRUB without prompting it but once there I had no idea how to proceed05:31
Jordan_Uhanslanda: That's *worse* than synchronised 60 FPS.05:31
MorpheausBen64, yep...05:31
NateJonesanyone experienced with openvpn and ufw?05:32
hanslandaMorpheaus, Ben64 Jordan_U  so there is no solution unless i buy a new video card05:32
Morpheaushanslanda, now that you've seen it works - just leave it checked - it'll make the image so much better when gaming in full screen - you want the video card to update the screen at the same rate that your monitor does - i.e. 60 fps = 60 Hz05:32
Morpheaushanslanda, even on a top end video card - you _still_ enable vsync05:33
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Ben64theres no point having higher fps than the screen can do, it just ends up looking bad05:33
Morpheaushanslanda, so you can have the most uber powerful video card on earth - you want it to output at maximum that your monitor flashes the image at you05:33
Jordan_Uhanslanda: Solution to what? You haven't presented any actual problem. Everything is working as well as it possibly can, or at least it was until you disabled vsync.05:33
wilee-nileeTwenty-three, This a install of ubuntu from windows?05:33
jesusabdullahbros: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1878303 is stale. How do I kill notify-osd it is driving me nuts05:33
jesusabdullahno that file does not exist it changed sometime between lucid and natty05:34
dr_willisjesusabdullah:  check askubuntu.com yet?05:34
Twenty-threewilee-nilee: yes, dual boot,05:34
MorpheausTwenty-three, click on "Advanced Options" and then select the "Recovery" kernel - it will present a screen after booting in which you can run a bunch of checks and fix the install - you will be using terminal commands though...05:34
hanslandaBen64 what is tearing05:35
Ben64hanslanda: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_tearing05:35
jesusabdullahdr_willis: It looks like you can facepunch it with a chmod +000, works for me05:35
wilee-nileeTwenty-three, Not a real dual boot, but a file in windows. So you see the boot to it from the windows boot loader?05:35
hanslandaMorpheaus, Jordan_U thanks05:35
dr_willishttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Screen_tearing  hanslanda05:35
NateJonesBen64, Morpheaus ... I admire your patience lol05:35
hanslandadr_willis, thanks05:36
Jordan_Uhanslanda: You're welcome.05:36
jesusabdullahshit, that won't work either05:36
NateJonesyours too Jordan_U05:36
hanslandaNateJones, i admire you05:36
MorpheausNateJones, it's how we learn sometimes :)05:36
MorpheausNateJones, I have a 5 year-old - I deal with this _all day_ :)05:36
NateJoneshahahaha looking forward to have a kid myself lol05:36
Morpheauspappa - pappa- why why why how why why05:36
Morpheausbest thing on earth - no questions asked05:37
Twenty-threeMorpheaus, I don't think it'd allow me to click on anythin, all I see is command line and I pressed TAB to see some commands, I couldn't quite figure what to do. I tried "boot" and it said kernel had not been specified05:37
NateJonesI bet!05:37
jesusabdullahoh thank heavens, found it05:37
Twenty-threewilee-nilee, yes, that sounds more like it. i installed it from windows, yes05:38
jesusabdullahalright peace dudes, thanks dr_willis for the askubuntu suggestion which kinda-sorta put me on the right track05:38
NateJonesI already searched everywhere lol still not finding how to solve my issue with openvpn/ufw05:38
MorpheausTwenty-three, hrmm - you're getting past my experience now - with grub I have a list of options I can select - I would use the "Try Ubuntu" again and follow something like this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair05:39
histo!grub2 | Twenty-three05:39
ubottuTwenty-three: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:39
wilee-nileeTwenty-three, So you would not bring grub up shift or esc that is in a partitioned install, nor will a live media fix it. You probably should use the ubuntu forum for fixing whatever the problem is, not many wubi users here knowing how to repair. On the forums though is a regular user.05:40
MorpheausTwenty-three, the "2nd option" describes the use of the LiveCD to fix it05:40
NateJoneswhy do I get a Debian themed grub? lol05:40
NateJonesI noticed that after some updates my grub shows Debian and looks way different than it was when I first installed ubuntu 12.0405:40
histoTwenty-three: Ahhh you are using wubi ignore the link I had ubottu send you. Sorry I just read the scroll back now.05:40
wilee-nileehisto, Morpheaus Twenty-three's install is a wubi.05:41
wilee-nileescandisk is a MS tool05:41
MorpheausI have no background on this one then...05:41
NateJonesMorpheaus, and do you have experience with openvpn and UFW?05:42
cfhowlettTwenty-three, I'm late to the party but I would inform/remind that wubi is being dropped ... for good reason.  Consider installing a true dual boot or virtualbox.05:42
wilee-nileeTwenty-three, Wubi has been discontinyed with the release scheduled in 3 weeks 13.04, so you may want to consider your options.05:42
Jordan_UNateJones: Did you install the desktop-base package?05:42
MorpheausNateJones, no sorry - I saw your posts earlier but do not use either :( - wish I could help05:42
histowilee-nilee: I know05:43
Twenty-threeWhen I got to that GRUB command line it said it was 1.99 ... something else :/05:43
Morpheauswilee-nilee, is 13.04 really scheduled for release in 3 weeks?05:43
wilee-nileeTwenty-three, You will not be repairing grub.05:43
NateJonesno worries Morpheaus.... yeah Jordan_U I installed the desktop-base but somehow I guess that probably it got updated from some repositories I added back then... but no worries it works good... I'm more concerned with my openvpn / ufw issue05:43
Twenty-threeubottu, I installed ubuntu on a computer that had windows already05:43
ubottuTwenty-three: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:43
Anom01yok I need to make a change to my xorg.conf file, but I don't know if it is used anymore ?05:44
wilee-nileeMorpheaus, Doh I was thinking of 10.04 eol05:44
wilee-nileesame though I believe05:44
Jordan_UNateJones: Look carefully at the description of desktop-base, it may not be what you expected from the name :)05:44
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cfhowlettwilee-nilee, 10.04 destktop goes end of life on May 9.  Server has 2 more years of support05:44
wilee-nileecfhowlett, Yes I know. ;)05:45
Morpheauswilee-nilee, yep - you're right - April 25th for the release date - wow time files...05:45
NateJonesthe metapackage you mean Jordan_U ?05:45
Rusis it possible to pay for updates/assistance for 10.04 after its support finishes in 10 days?05:46
Jordan_UTwenty-three: How did you install Ubuntu? By booting from an Ubuntu LiveDVD/USB or by running an application in Windows (Wubi)?05:46
wilee-nileeTwenty-three, here is the wubi wiki, just so you have an orientation to what you have installed. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide05:46
Twenty-threejordan_U: the latter05:47
Jordan_UTwenty-three: Do you have important data in your Ubuntu install?05:47
cfhowlettrus end of life means exactly that.  perhaps time to upgrade to 12.04?05:47
Twenty-threejordan_U: I don't have any data that I don't have stored elsewhere, just set ups of plenty of packages for work that I don't really want to set up again05:48
Rusthanks cfhowlett. it's juz that my machine has a heart attack using 12.04.05:48
Jordan_UTwenty-three: I highly recommend just doing a normal (non-Wubi) install of Ubuntu, you'll save time and headaches in the long run.05:48
cfhowlettRus, perhaps xubuntu or lubuntu 12.04 might not cause such issue.  xubuntu is LTS with 12.04 ...05:48
cfhowlettRus, and both are optimized for older/lower spec machiens05:49
histowilee-nilee: there was a factoid about migrating wubi but I can't find it atm.05:49
Jordan_UTwenty-three: You can keep what's left of your broken Wubi install while using your new normal installation, assuming you have enough free space on the drive.05:49
Twenty-threejordan_U: so, should I use the uninstall file in windows?05:49
RusWow. thanks for that cfhowlett. i'll download and try them.05:49
wilee-nileehisto, Twenty-three https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MigrateWubi05:49
wilee-nileehas to be working version though05:50
Jordan_UTwenty-three: Yes, eventually you'll want to run the Wubi uninstaller within Windows.05:50
wilee-nileeI would do a fresh install as suggested05:50
cfhowlettRus, I'd suggest xubuntu as it's LTS and IMHO possibly more stable.  It's also the foundation for UbuntuStudio ...05:50
=== _deXter_ is now known as [deXter]
histocfhowlett: doesnt' studio have a real time kernel05:53
Twenty-threewilee-nilee and Jordan_U, thanks, I'll try this when i get home in a couple of hours when i get home05:55
MKCoinHow can I prevent Ubuntu from caching as much memory as it does? I don't have a lot of ram and it's using too much, having swap issues.05:55
Twenty-threei may come back to pay you visit when i get stuck05:55
cfhowletthisto, indeed ... a low latency RT kernel.05:55
cfhowletthisto, needed for heavy duty sound/music recording ... not so much for other purposes05:55
MKCoinI changed swapiness already but I mean, what it caches in general05:55
MKCoinchanging the swapiness helped a lot, but it still caches too much and it makes it still sort of hit that limit when it needs to swap05:56
wilee-nileeMKCoin, How much ram do you have?05:56
MKCoin3.6 GiB05:56
Jordan_UMKCoin: If setting swappiness to 0 doesn't solve the problem then the problem isn't caching.05:57
MKCoindoesn't 0 prevent it from swapping entirely?05:57
histoMKCoin: No it will still swap05:57
wilee-nileeMKCoin, hmm I run a 64 bit install with 3 gigs with no problems, but I' not a gamer or use much that is a problem.05:57
histoMKCoin: swapoff will stop it from using swap at all05:58
Morpheausguake is so cool - love it05:58
MKCoinyeah, what I do periodically is turn of swap to sort of flush everything back into ram and then turn swap back on. I'll set swappiness lower, I guess05:58
Jordan_UMKCoin: With swappiness = 0 the kernel will evict all caches before resorting to using swap, but will still swap if needed to prevent an OOM condition.05:58
bertthehostMay I ask a question?05:59
Morpheaus!ask | bertthehost05:59
ubottubertthehost: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:59
MKCoinalright, that might work best for me. And I'm no gamer, I just use a lot of ram-intensive programs, often more than one instance at once, so it piles up quickly :p05:59
bertthehostOkay, so. I was wondering if anyone knows if I can connect to the servers on Mirc on this version of irc, seeing as ubuntu isnt compataible wit Mirc06:00
ubottubertthehost,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:00
Jordan_Ubertthehost: Any IRC client can connect to any IRC server.06:00
MKCoinIRC is a protocol, you can use any client to connect to an IRC server, such as xchat or numerous others06:00
histobertthehost: mirc is just a client06:01
geektech713mirc is shareware cost bones06:01
bertthehostokay thank you. thats all I needed to know06:01
kewelhello.  lubuntu 12.04.  I installed chrome with apt-get install google-chrome-stable and am having trouble installing flash.  any help would be appreciated! thx06:02
ubottukewel,: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash06:02
Jordan_Ukewel: You don't need to install flash separately from chrome (unless you want flash in another browser, like Firefox). Chrome has flash bundled in.06:03
kewelcfhowlett jordan_u: the plugin isn't working now, isn't in chrome:plugins, and I already have ubuntu-restricted-extras as well as lubuntu-restricted-extras as newest version06:04
kewelI got it working like two months ago and can't remember what I did .. then last night I did 189 updates and it went kaput.06:04
kewelshyea not cool.06:05
Morpheausahh yes - mirc on Ubuntu - wine is so cool sometimes...06:05
MKCoinok I lowered swapiness from 10 to 5, I'll come back if I still get issues06:06
cfhowlettkewel, lubuntu AND ubuntu restricted extras?  overkill.  Try 1 or the other and add medibuntu ... unrelated to your question, I know :)06:10
RosettaStonedcan i remove the 39 one?06:10
RosettaStonedmeh ill remove itanyways if somebody thinks it wrong please do tell me06:11
=== wathek_ is now known as wathek
geektech713if you have 40 why do u need 39 ?06:19
cfhowlettRosettaStoned, yes, but you are advised to keep at least 1 older and confirmed functional kernel ... just in case the new kernel ...don't06:20
cfhowlettFrost_, greetings06:20
Frost_I have some queries06:20
ubottuFrost_,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."06:20
=== anonymous is now known as Guest28228
Frost_OK! How to write Linux Drivers? I am a starter. I know kernel programming. But, dont know how to write drivers.06:21
cfhowlettFrost_, ask in the ##linux or #linux channels?  or perhaps ask Linus?   :)06:22
MorpheausFrost_, this definitely is not the channel for that info - just ubuntu related support06:23
Frost_Ok. thanks everyone! Thanks cfhowlett06:24
cfhowlettFrost_, best of luck06:24
Frost_Well, what questions can i ask here? About bugs and stuff?06:25
=== lihang is now known as hustcalm
Anom01yanyone here able to get the display of their screen to operate at 120HZ ?06:26
hustcalm120HZ, too high, normal is 60 bubby06:27
Anom01ymy screen is 120hz and it works in windows,06:27
hustcalmmaybe, you have a good screen then:)06:27
Frost_this is ubuntu! If it works on ubuntu. Share with is06:28
Anom01ythere is a way to do it but there is no xorg.conf file anymore06:28
Morpheauswhat's the best irc client on ubuntu?  been using xchat, just experimented with mirc on wine, just wondering if there are any other options...06:32
kewelya so I just removed then installed google-chrome-stable and there's still no flash plugin included06:33
greyhatpythonMorpheaus: use Pidgin!06:34
DarkHaloany reason why my mouse would quit working when using OpenGL. I'm trying to play counter strike but the mouse no longer works in the game.06:34
cfhowlett!best|Morpheaus,   please see the software center for options06:34
ubottuMorpheaus,   please see the software center for options: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:34
Myrttipidgin? no.06:34
Morpheausbest was not the right word - "options" I think is the right statement - in or not in software center as well...06:35
Anom01yok I fixed my problem getting 120HZ06:35
Morpheausjust looking for personal opinions :)06:35
ktosiekI'm using quassel - it comes with a nice server/client split and an Android client too :-)06:35
Anom01yeasy solution, I used a "dual link" dvi cable, instead of a regular one06:35
Anom01ywow amazing difference 120hz compared to 6006:35
ktosiekso I can use the same IRC "session" from phone and different PCs + I have full logs06:35
she_dyedjust not while driving06:36
Jordan_Ugreyhatpython: Most chat clients that are not dedicated IRC clients handle IRC very poorly.06:36
ktosiekI'm not a driver anyway :-)06:37
greyhatpythonok poorly how?06:37
Myrttiit's not really an irc client, even the developers have said so. it lacks features and those features are then added back in with plugins and addons that make it more clumsy and insecure.06:37
she_dyedspecially the ones that began as IM clients =)06:37
greyhatpythonok which do you suggest now?06:38
Morpheaustotally agree with Jordan_U - just looking for options - mirc was always my favorate - xchat left something to be designed - wine with mirc works, but I'd like to stick to something native...I used to be a heavy IRC user, but haven't been in some time now...06:38
greyhatpythonXchat is Open Source?06:38
ktosiekyes, it is06:38
she_dyeddeveloped no longer (bec i think it is stable)06:38
Ben64irc clients could be a good topic for #ubuntu-offtopic , not really appropriate in here though06:38
MorpheausBen64 - Understood - thx06:39
Morpheausjust was slow in the channel - thought I'd put it out there :)06:39
budddwhat is the keyboard shortcut to get into console?06:46
wilee-nileebuddd, crtl-alt-t06:47
espereguI updated the packages on friday but now I booted and my xorg does not function properly anymore. I have xinerama enabled and rotate a monitor but that does not function anymore. I use the LTS and nvidia current driver. anyone knows if this is a known issue and how to solve it? It has been working since day 1.06:47
cfhowlettesperegu, guessing a kernel update got in there and scrambled things.  reboot and choose an older version of ubuntu and see to test the theory.06:48
esperegucfhowlett: I tried removing the latest kernel but that made no difference06:48
=== stephan_ is now known as stephanmg
budddwilee-nilee: I think i need to get to the console thing behind x, because i cant open any windowed programs, they disappear06:48
cfhowlettesperegu, notice I did NOT advocate deleting the old kernel ... :)06:49
wilee-nileebuddd, ctrl-alt f106:50
Jordan_Ubuddd: ctrl+alt+F1 (F7 to get back).06:50
esperegucfhowlett: I know. but I had already tested that06:50
puffI'm having problems with gnome network-manager.  Ubuntu 12.4 LTS running xubuntu-desktop.  I did "sudo apt-get unistall network-manager", and just used ifup/ifdown, but now I'm in a place with an AP with a hidden ESSID, so I need to use network-manager.  I tethered to my phone and did "sudo apt-get install network-manager" (which also installed network-manager-gnome).    The network manager icon now shows up on my menubar, but I ca06:50
puffget it to show any wireless networks.  If I do right-click/edit connections, the networks are all there, but I can't seem to get network-manager to show them to me in such a fashion that I can say "connect to that network".06:50
budddwilee-nilee: cool. now in there its already in a program (x), how do i get a command line?06:51
wilee-nileebuddd, I just know how to get there basically.06:51
newkyI left my computer and locked my screen for a few minutes, when I came back, it was a black screen. When I rebooted the system, it only reaches a black screen with a single _ in the upper left corner and then stops.06:53
budddthat sort of happened to me once, turns out it did some autoupdate install thing when i shut down, and whatever it installed ruined things so when i booted all i got was that single _06:54
newkythat sounds about right06:54
puffhello, did my question come through intact?06:54
newkyI was trying to fix the netflix app06:54
budddthe solution was some kinda thing that made me wanna kill myself and delete linux06:55
newkySo how did you fix it?06:55
cfhowlettpuff, yes it's here ...06:55
esperegucfhowlett: any more suggestions?06:55
puffcfhowlett: Thanks.06:55
newkyWhat was said solution?06:55
cfhowlettesperegu, ask in this channel.  it's beyond me ...06:55
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:55
Jordan_Unewky: Do you see your computer's POST before the blinking cursor?06:55
=== tvoss is now known as tvoss|test
=== tvoss|test is now known as tvoss
budddi asked smart people and they told me to do a bunch of stuff :|  sorry, i dont remember exactly but it was something like grub.. getting the command line, and then going in and doing this apt-get uninstall thing for the recently installed thing06:56
budddthats horribly vague but it was something like that06:56
newkyJordan_U: yes. It went past the GRUB loader and the Ubuntu loading screen and everything06:56
newkybuddd: that doesn't sound like my problem. It went well past GRUB. The single underscore is where the login screen should be06:56
budddnewky: yeah could be something totally different than my problem i dont know06:57
budddhey guys i did ctrl-alt-f1 to get into console, and now i want to run some commands there, but i cant because its showing it in the middle of running something else (i dont get a prompt), what do i do?06:58
=== schmidtm_ is now known as schmidtm
awayyou could use another tty06:59
she_dyedbuddd ctl-Z06:59
she_dyedthen type bg06:59
she_dyedto let it run in background07:00
she_dyedor Ctl-C to sod it07:00
newkyOKay, I tried to start recovery mode, but x won't even start. it just goes to a flashing cursor07:01
kerryIs there any  free program that will allow me to burn an iso  to both my dvd burners at the same time ?07:02
newkyI left my computer and locked my screen for a few minutes, when I came back, it was a black screen. When I rebooted the system, it only reaches a black screen with a single _ in the upper left corner and then stops.07:02
she_dyedkerry what for, to stress test the burners?07:02
bazhangkerry, for windows? nearly all the apps as such ar e free07:02
bazhangkerry, if you meant Ubuntu07:03
kerryno mate to make lots of copies of dvdsthat i have rights to , in a shorter time07:03
bazhangkerry, you mean a dvd ripper07:04
kerrysorry pgm that runs in ubunru07:04
kerryoops ubuntu07:04
she_dyedyou could get HW thats dedicated to that one simple task07:04
Jordan_Ubazhang: No, he means something like "I've made a video of myself skateboarding and I want to sell it to 100 people".07:05
bazhangkerry, did you mean commercial dvds? or ones you had done yourself07:05
kerrymy own dvds07:05
Jordan_Ukerry: If k3b/Brasero don't support it, then you can at the very least run multiple processes or xorriso or other terminal based burners, which (optionally) take a device as an argument.07:06
kerrycoping comercial stuff is too much of a pain07:06
newkyAlright, I'm officially at a loss. I don't know what to do any more.07:06
kerryI cant find any way to do it in k3b or brasero07:07
Ben64kerry: open two instances07:07
newkyMy screen is completely black now. It doesn't even show the Ubuntu loading screen. Just goes black right after GRUB and stays there. Help?07:08
kerryI was hoping for something with a gui07:08
Ben64k3b has a gui...07:08
kerrywill two instances run without conflicting , ben07:09
newkykerry: you could try and find out.07:10
kerrybut it dont do multiple copies07:10
Ben64i don't see why not, only problem is that your computer might not be able to push that much data out07:10
newkyAm I on mute or something?07:10
Ben64newky: no07:10
kerryno newky07:10
newkysorry, I just had to make sure people could actually hear me07:11
kerryhey newky u could take out the HDD  put it in an external hdd caddy and edit the conf files on annother computer07:12
kerry........or something like that07:12
newkyunfortunately, the only other SATA PC I own is not available right now07:12
budddis there no usb or dvd drive?07:12
htreehey guys what are some dumb buzzwords? I'm trying to make a list07:13
newkyI was thinking of possibly using a boot CD07:13
budddyeah no need to take the hdd out07:13
bazhang!ot | htree07:13
ubottuhtree: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!07:13
newkyactually, it does boot into a boot CD and I can access my hard drive filesystem from the CD07:13
newkyso yeah07:13
budddthere is a need to know what to do once you get in there with the live cd though heh07:13
kerrythat may work run a live version of ubuntu from a disk07:13
awaythat's how I fixed my GUI when kde exploded, newky07:13
newkyI just need to know how ti find out what's wrong and how to fix it. Please, folks.07:13
kerryand edit the files therewith07:14
newkyyes, but I don't know enough Linux to know what the problem is.07:14
newkyit just goes to a black screen after GRUB07:15
budddi'll see if i can find my old forum post07:15
newkyEarlier it would show an underscore, but it won't even do that anymore07:15
kerrydo what the windows boys  do, reinstall07:15
awaycan you reach a working tty? ctrl+alt+f107:15
newkybuddd: you said yours was something wrong with GRUB.07:16
newkyaway: I tried that07:16
Ben64newky: load up livecd, check log files?07:16
newkyand I need the files on this computer.07:16
newkysure, I'll put in the liveCD07:16
cfhowlettnewky, if you were updating and then hibernated or suspended, that could cause what you're seeing.  EZ fix would be reinstallation.07:16
cfhowlettnewky, and this is NOT a wubi installation, is it?07:17
Ben64i always disable suspend/hibernate07:17
budddcfhowlett: isnt there this thing you can do where you apt uninstall a recent thing that he installed that maybe caused this?07:17
newkyInstallation was a bitch though. It's an EFI system07:17
bluebeathi...this is giving me headaches.. when i copy a large file (2-4gb .mkv) into a usb stick, it stalls at the end, couple of minutes, more than the time it took to copy.. usb 3.0, running ubuntu 12.10... pleaaase help!07:17
newkyand I was doing updates. I was attempting to fix the NEtflix app07:18
cfhowlettbuddd, rollback update?  Not that I know of07:18
Ben64bluebeat: thats because its copying still07:18
wilee-nileenewky, This a apple or window's computer?07:18
newkywilee-nilee: it's a Windows 8 computer, originally. I erased Win807:19
bluebeati have dual boot, in win i dont have this issue... i know it has to sync and do other things i dont know about, but its too much.. it stalls for a looong time07:19
bluebeatit just isnt normal07:20
newkyso the only solution is a reinstall?07:20
wilee-nileenewky, You might use the ubuntu forums, for daily helpers that are uefi savvy.07:20
newkyI need to recover my files then. My home folder is encrypted07:20
budddnewky: my noob recommendation is to uninstall that netflix thing07:20
cfhowlettnewky, not the only, but certainly the safest07:20
Ben64bluebeat: it is normal. the file is being cached and that's the progress you're seeing, since the usb drive is much slower than the source07:20
newkybuddd: that doesn't really help me now.07:21
budddwhy not?07:21
Ben64newky: unless you really really need encryption, i would advise against it07:21
budddtheres a way to still do it.. i thought07:21
newkyso are my files just lost forever then?07:21
Ben64newky: no07:21
newkybecause I kind of sort of badly need some of them tomorrow07:21
newkygood. How do I recover them07:21
Ben64newky: i dunno, i never use encryption07:22
Ben64newky: this maybe? http://www.howtogeek.com/116297/how-to-recover-an-encrypted-home-directory-on-ubuntu/07:22
newkyI probably would have found that sooner or later though. What I need to know now is if reinstallation is my ONLY OPTION07:23
bluebeatben64, thx for the time, 3.0 port, 3.0 stick, in win it takes 30% of the time to do the same task, with the same file, in the same port, with the same stick... is that normal?07:23
budddtheres this thing, unattended-upgrades07:23
histo!undelete | newky07:23
ubottunewky: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel07:23
Ben64bluebeat: ntfs?07:23
bluebeatben64, fat3207:24
budddoh yeah maybe my problem was with grub. Ok sorry.07:24
budddgood luck07:24
newkythanks, budd07:24
newkyI believe I lost all my data07:31
newkyyeah, looks like I'm screwed07:31
* newky sigh07:31
newkywell thanks for your help guys :/07:31
greyhatpythonTry Ultimate Boot CD to recover Data.07:32
Morpheausnewky: www.crashplan.com - worth it's weight in gold...07:32
Morpheausget that after you get everything figured out07:32
histonewky: you didn't lose your data07:32
newkyit says I need some kind of wrapped passphrase thing. I didn't do that one yet07:32
newkythat's the thing that pops up on your first run when you have an encrypted home, right?07:33
newkyI kept procrastinating on it07:33
eigentlichnewky: the wrapped passphrase thing is the randomly generated password for your encrypted home directory07:33
greyhatpythonthe paraphrase is same as your password07:33
newkyso I don't need that?07:33
greyhatpythonuse the command gksudo to open the mount the encrypted folder07:34
newkywait, I think it just worked07:34
eigentlichgreyhatpython: not necessarily. if newky changed his password from a root terminal his home passphrase will be different.07:34
greyhatpythonYes it will07:34
kludgyDoes anyone know of any good out of box solutions for installing amd/nvidia opengl auto-detect for booting from external media?07:34
greyhatpythoni assume he's not changed07:34
newkyIt just worked. nevermind. My data is safe07:34
newkythank you guys though07:34
eigentlichi only mention bc i broke mine that way once ;)07:35
=== christian is now known as Guest7081
newkyyeah, it's all there. thank you so much07:35
VotePenguinPartyis there ANY linux CPU overclockin utilities?07:37
VotePenguinPartyQX9300 can easily overclock from 2.53ghz -> 3.53ghz07:38
VotePenguinPartybut HOW?07:38
newkyunforutnately, this means I have to install Windows :/07:40
newkyI love Linux though07:41
newkyso I guess this is goodbye to Ubuntu for now  :(07:41
eigentlichVotePenguinParty: See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=142328007:41
espereguis there a way to see which packages got updated in the last week and to revert back to the previous state?07:42
eigentlichnewky: you could always install Ubuntu inside Windows (wubi) or build a vm07:43
newkyI almost certainly will do that07:43
eigentlichpersonally i found wubi to be unstable and can lead to data corruption07:44
bazhangesperegu, downgrade packages after the fact?07:44
eigentlichwith vms i can burn it and push it out again07:44
esperegubazhang: yes07:44
newkythis is the first time I've done a major file transfer over USB307:44
newkydefinitely feeling the speed increase07:44
bazhangesperegu, you would be better off pinning before the fact. a downgrade is a seriously bad idea07:44
newkyI remember USB file transfers that would take days07:45
bazhangnewky, lets stay on topic please07:45
newkyI apologize07:45
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic for chit chat please07:45
esperegubazhang: It worked since the install till I upgraded last friday. that is just a sudo apt-get dist-upgrade. it installed a new kernel and maybe nvidia driver. now the xorg that worked for a year does not work anymore07:45
bluebeatnewky: are u experiencing a freeze at the end of your transfers on ur 3.0 port?07:46
Ben64esperegu: how does it not work07:47
espereguBen64: the screens do not get rotated anymore07:47
espereguBen64: I think that xinerama and xrandr are in each others way or something like that07:48
espereguBen64: but as said thats since friday it worked for a year07:48
Ben64give more details and someone might be able to help you07:48
bluebeatben64: any suggestion to the problem im having?07:48
Morpheausesperegu: Intel HD graphics?07:50
histobluebeat: check a newer kernel07:50
espereguMorpheaus: nvidia07:51
espereguBen64: Morpheaus: here is my xorg.conf: http://dpaste.com/1058829/07:51
espereguthe screens do not get rotated07:51
Ben64more details, more! ubuntu version, nvidia version, 64 or 32 bit, video card, etc etc07:52
Morpheausesperegu: there was a person in here ealier on performance (painting of screen) and Intel HD 3xxx - not sure on your issue - there's was related to a newer xrandr that needed to be downgraded...07:53
Morpheausesperegu: but that doesn't sound related to your issue07:53
espereguMorpheaus: I think it is. I think xrandr is messing up07:53
espereguMorpheaus: I think before it was disabled and now still wants to be in the game07:54
Morpheausesperegu:  Well - if you think that's it - the person downgraded the package using synaptic (sudo apt-get install synaptic) and then used the Package --> Force Version to select a different version prior to the updates07:54
Morpheausesperegu: You can use this methodology for all your updates that applied (xorg had a bunch of updates as well) - you can see the list of updates in the Software Center and click on the "History"07:55
Morpheausesperegu: this may help you track the package that caused the issue and revert as needed - the other person reverted the libxandr and libxandr2 updates (iirc) - this may or may not be your issue - you can then at least revert other packages as needed...07:55
espereguMorpheaus: http://dpaste.com/1058833/07:55
espereguMorpheaus: see below that it first saids that it is probl disabled but later that it is enabled07:56
espereguMorpheaus: gonna check that history07:56
espereguMorpheaus: never used it. only commandline ;-)07:56
Morpheausesperegu: you may want to check this as well (disable xinerama): http://askubuntu.com/questions/14780/how-can-i-disable-xinerama07:56
espereguMorpheaus: but I need xinerama for multiple displays?07:57
Morpheausesperegu: I believe so - you may want to test with this just to see (firstly) to address the issue - then possibly revert xorg-common and xorg-xxx-core (something like that) to a prior package that you know worked...07:58
Morpheausesperegu: The point is to identify the exact reason - and removing Xinerama temporarily may help you find a RandR vs. Xinerama issue and then you can revert packages to see what's up...07:59
Morpheausesperegu: and...?08:06
Morpheausesperegu: note - it does sound like xrandr can do multiple monitors - if you google xrandr multiple monitor setup, you'll see many people disable Xinerama for multiple monitor support on the current versions of Ubuntu...08:07
lotuspsychjeis there something that can emulate like deamon tools for running iso games on ubuntu?08:09
=== Riussi_ is now known as Riussi
auronandace!iso | lotuspsychje08:10
ubottulotuspsychje: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.08:10
bretoliusis there an easilyish installable sip server included in ubuntu?08:10
lotuspsychjeauronandace: its not for converting, but playing an iso game like an emulator08:11
auronandacelotuspsychje: you wanted to mount an iso, i just showed you08:11
bluebeathisto: if i upgrade to 3.7 and have compatibility issues can i downgrade easily08:13
bluebeatkernel i mean08:13
eigentlichlotuspsychje: aurondndace's method will let you play an iso game in ubuntu08:14
eigentlichfor more informatio pls see glocktalk.com/forums/showthread.php?t=131886008:15
lotuspsychjeeigenlich:will it run Graphical game from the iso like deamon tools?08:15
eigentlichlotuspsychje: by creating a mount point and loading the iso to that directory you are in effect mounting the iso the same way deamon tools will08:16
lotuspsychjeok tnx08:16
riqdiizIs there a need of buying a PlayStation when you already have a high end pc?08:16
auronandace!ot | riqdiiz08:17
ubotturiqdiiz: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:17
cfhowlettriqdiiz, ??? wrong channel I think.08:17
espereguMorpheaus: I downgraded libxrandr2 and libxrandr-dev but that made no difference.08:20
espereguMorpheaus: all links on google in realtion to xrandr I see are for dual monitors.08:20
soeehi, is there some tools to convert microsoft access database format mwb to mysql ?08:22
JheaderI'm trying to do sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ensemble/ppa but getting an error: Cannot access PPA (https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~ensemble/+archive/ppa) to get PPA information, please check your internet connection.08:22
Jheaderany thoughts?08:22
auronandaceJheader: we don't support ppas, get in touch with the maintainer08:26
Jheaderauronandace: was just wanting to install ensemble to see if i can setup alice irc client08:26
auronandace!ppa | Jheader08:26
ubottuJheader: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge08:26
auronandaceJheader: notice the warning?08:27
Jheadergot it08:27
IdleOneJheader: the PPA is ppa:andreserl/ensemble08:28
JheaderIdleOne: I'll try it, noticed alice is on the software center08:32
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getupandgrooveHello everyone08:34
getupandgroove:) hows your day ?08:35
woostill going learning iptables :(08:35
getupandgroovenice..iptables is fun08:36
getupandgroovewhat part are you on?08:36
woogetupandgroove: just tabbing and --helping through it08:36
woogetupandgroove: had blocked my outgoing connections but I got it back08:37
matanyaI need help with s3fs, I get invalid credencial no matter what I do08:37
getupandgroovecool...fun stuff.. :) yeah, you'll have those moments08:37
hustcalmhey anyone have any idea? I register the nickname 'hustcalm' but I forgot the password08:37
hustcalmwhat can I do now08:37
woohustcalm | #freenode08:37
imarkhustcalm: go to #freenode they'll help08:38
hustcalmthx @imark08:38
woogetupandgroove: do you know where to look to see the firewall logs in ubuntu 12.04?08:39
espereguMorpheaus: You still there? I reverted back to the previous nvidia driver (295.40-0ubuntu1) and now it works again. Does this need to be reported?08:39
getupandgroovewoo: not in /var/log ?08:40
woogetupandgroove: syslog?08:40
getupandgrooveshould be a thing or two in there thats interesting :)08:41
woogetupandgroove: i see it that helps me out a lot I was using gui's to read the log08:41
hustcalmimark: got my password reset, thank you so much:-)08:42
eigentlichmsg NickServ REGISTER go0nline929Na mwilliam785@yahoo.com08:51
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DJones!cn | bbschang08:57
ubottubbschang: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:57
bbschang/join #ubuntu-cn ?08:59
geektech713u miss /msg09:04
himanshu_linuxhi , i am getting a error after checking for update , here is the log of it . http://pastebin.com/7V9LHPw109:04
himanshu_linuxhow to correct it ?09:05
espereguMorpheaus: It seems like nvidia removed the rotate option and it now needs to be set with metamodes. I changed that and now they rotate.. but ugh... my fonts are suddenly huge ;-)09:06
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oxyshi there09:14
=== meway is now known as MeAway
mregg964hi -- what's the latest ubuntu SERVER 12.04 version? Is it 12.04.1 or 12.04.2 ?09:16
DJonesmregg964: 12.04.2 will be the latest iso09:17
mregg964DJones: thanks09:17
mregg964Here's my issue. On a12.04.2 server, the machine boots but I cannot get to the login prompt. The only way I can access it is through ssh. Any ideas?09:18
geektech713SSH more secure i would think09:20
geektech713being secure layer09:20
SillyBillyHi. I think i have just doe=ne one of the dumbest things ever. I just used the rm -rf command on my /var/www/ Directory!! Is there any way i can undo this please?09:21
mx8mangermregg964, ctrl+alt+F2 - F6 any of them will move to another x window09:22
TakeItEZSillyBilly: restore from backups. you might try using photorec to recover files, but ...09:22
mx8mangerenter login and pass09:22
DJonesSillyBilly: Probably the only guaranteed way would to restore from a backup (assuming you have one)09:22
mx8mangerand try to diagnose the problem cause09:22
auronandacemx8manger: you mean tty not x window09:22
mx8mangeryes tty lol09:22
mx8mangerbut what does tty stant for09:22
DJones!recover | SillyBilly This may give you some help,09:22
ubottuSillyBilly This may give you some help,: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel09:22
mx8mangeris it terminal09:23
mx8mangervirtual terminals ?09:23
mregg964mx8manger: ok, true and that works. However, the server should not hang as it boot ups. Any suggestion?09:23
TakeItEZmx8manger: terminal (from "teletyper" historical)09:23
mx8mangerlogs 109:24
mx8mangercheck the logs09:24
mx8manger /var/log/messages09:24
snuggl<script type="text/coffeescript" src="{{ STATIC_URL }}base/widgets/sharedialog.coffee"></script>09:24
mx8mangermregg964,  https://www.blurredlogic.net/ebooks/Linux/CompTIA%20-%20Linux+%20Study%20Guide.pdf    <=== this will help you much09:25
mx8mangercheck the last chapter disucssed logs briefly in it09:26
bompI'm trying to connect to a shared folder on my ubuntu pc from from a laptop running OS X on the network (ubuntu pc IP is A.B.C.X and laptop IP is A.B.C.Y). I have shared it with shares-admin tool in ubuntu, but when I try to access it with my laptop it asks for a user and password. What user and password should I write in?09:33
espereguMorpheaus: get strange behaviour on virtualbox in seamless mode now. well. shit happens09:36
espereguMorpheaus: thx a lot for helping me out there.09:36
antonio_hey folks09:39
cfhowlettantonio_, greetings09:40
antonio_I'm trying to add a file to an archive and I'm getting "an error occurred while adding files to the archive"...09:40
antonio_what can I do?09:40
antonio_Thanks cfhowlett:09:40
cfhowlettantonio_, "an error" ?  nothing further?09:40
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mrwappiebluntgood afternoon\09:51
cfhowlettmrwappieblunt, greetings09:51
mrwappieblunta question... if i run wine in ubuntu 12.04 the default wine desktop dos not open it only shows the Wine configuration09:52
cfhowlettmrwappieblunt, have you installed any wine apps?09:53
mrwappiebluntnot jet09:54
cfhowlettmrwappieblunt, then what else would you expect it to show?09:54
mrwappieblunti followed a TUT but it won't work for me09:54
cfhowlettmrwappieblunt, tut?  for wine?  not through software center then ...?09:54
mrwappiebluntno through the terminal09:55
mrwappiebluntjust sudo apt-get install wine09:55
DJonesmrwappieblunt: What do you mean by the default wine desktop? Normally when you run wine you would run "wine windowsfile.exe" and the windowsfile would run rather than giving you a desktop09:55
pagioshello i would like to know if it is possible to encrypt my hardisk, when booting it does not have to ask me about the password to decrypt but when the hardisk is placed into another system the password is asked for decryption09:56
cfhowlettrun apt-cache policy wine     to see what version you've got09:56
mrwappiebluntnormaly if you open wine conf it wil also open the default desktop for win xp09:56
mrwappiebluntthat is the default09:56
TakeItEZmrwappieblunt: it's not09:57
cfhowlettmrwappieblunt, false.09:57
cfhowlettmrwappieblunt, that's only if you installed xp.09:57
DJonesmrwappieblunt: wine is just a compatibility layer, it doesn't give you a windows desktop09:57
cfhowlettmrwappieblunt, as djones stated correctly.09:58
mrwappiebluntok ty guys09:58
TakeItEZmrwappieblunt: if you want a desktop, use some virtualization (vmware, vbox, xen, kvm)09:58
mrwappieblunti will try something else09:58
mrwappiebluntil let you know if it works09:58
mrwappiebluntty for now09:58
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LartzaI am trying to configure sendmail but I struck an error... "AUTH=client, relay=smtp.gmail.com, temporary failure, connection abort"10:01
cfhowlettGuest3316, greetings10:01
Guest3316any one there10:01
mrwappiebluntfixed it there was a problem with Problem with MergeList /var/lib/apt/lists/security.ubuntu.com ubuntu dists precise-security_main_i18n_Translation-en10:08
Dark_lightIs there a way to get chromium v26 on 13.04? Is there a ppa with more recent builds?10:12
=== DennisG_NL is now known as DennisG
DJonesDark_light: Probably best asking in #ubuntu+1 for raring queries10:13
antonio_does anyone use openoffice impress (powerpoint program)?10:14
jribantonio_: best to just ask your real question10:15
Dark_lightDJones: will do thanks10:15
antonio_jrib: I'm trying to change the background of an open office impress (power point) template file10:21
antonio_These are the directions I'm trying to use http://forum.openoffice.org/en/forum/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=1349810:21
antonio_The problem is I can't add the edited png to the archive10:21
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PapaSierramorning. i'm trying to install a package (mysql-client) by "remote control". what actually gets executed is sh -c 'apt-get install mysql-client', but i see it offers a prompt [Y/n]. how do i force it?10:42
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BluesKajHi all10:44
scarrzhello all need some help installing wordpress themes. I just installed wordpress and all seems to be working okay but when I try to install a theme it prompts for ftp login information when I enter my credentials it logs in but I get an error saying that it cannot locate the dir "wp-content" ... I manually created this directory but the install still fails with the same error message "cannot locate directory wp-content" help?10:50
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Kartagisscarrz: #wordpress10:53
scarrzty Kartagis10:55
KartagisI have grub installed and multiple entries in /boot/grub/grub.cfg but I'm not getting any grub menus. what am I missing?10:58
xzcvczxKartagis: is there a silent option?10:59
Kartagislet me see10:59
Kartagisxzcvczx: nope11:00
xzcvczxKartagis: have you tried holding shift?11:00
KartagisGRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET=true <--- I have this tho, could this cause that?11:01
xzcvczxKartagis: try holding shift through from bios and see if you get a menu11:01
Kartagisbrb then11:02
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maximilianohi guys, i just installed 12.04 as a dual boot and i previously used wubi. i'm planning to migrate wubi but i'm not sure about whether i need to migrate with swap or not (I don't know what is meant by swap)11:03
xzcvczxmaximiliano: swap uses hdd to provide additional (slow) memory11:04
xzcvczxmaximiliano: swap should be 2x ram11:04
maximilianooh, is it advisable to use that then? or rather necessary?11:05
xzcvczxmaximiliano: advisable, if you use hibernate it shifts the ram and stuff off to swap to be able to power down11:06
maximilianoif i changed my mind later on, can i undo this swap or is this space permanently allocated?11:07
xzcvczxmaximiliano: well its just a partition on the drive11:07
xzcvczxmaximiliano: but does 10GB really matter with the price of storage these days?11:08
maximilianonot really11:08
maximilianoi don't think this swap has been set up yet and by going through the procedure for wubi migration it doesn't seem like i can allocate the space that will be in the swap11:09
maximilianooh well, i'll give it a go with the swap11:10
maximilianothanks a lot for your time xzcvczx11:11
TheGreyo/ is was wondering...is there an ebook that goes through the whole of linux? like what its file directories do? the history of its kernels. GNU packages etc...I'd really love to know all about it...thanks :)11:11
Kartagisxzcvczx: it worked the first time, but not the second time11:11
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BluesKajKartagis, the number of secs grub appears is set by this line in /etc/default/grub, GRUB_TIMEOUT=1011:12
BluesKaj10 is number I chose11:12
KartagisBluesKaj: already 1011:13
KartagisBluesKaj: and I left out GRUB_DEFAULT= blank11:14
mac_hy all.. can any help me with makeing an luncher, that will run updates komands in terminal.. i got that completed.. it runs.. just, it waits for me, to enter password..11:15
BluesKajKartagis, try , GRUB_DEFAULT=0 , then sudo update-grub in the terminal11:16
mac_hy all.. can any help me with makeing an luncher, that will run updates komands in terminal..well i got that partialy completed.. it runs terminal and.. just waits for me, to enter password..  :/11:20
mac_anyone copy?11:22
Nmbr1mac_: i'm a little confused you already made the launcher?11:22
mac_yes.. partialy..11:22
Nmbr1what does it not do that you want it to?11:22
Nmbr1do you want an icon that will run "sudo apt-get update" or something similiar?11:23
mac_i got those sudo commands sorted  nad (&&) betwen them.. just the pasword is what i need11:23
mac_nmbr1 -> allow executable file? yes11:23
mac_it displays the terminal saying:  password ... once entered works.. i need to be this completly autorun?11:24
xzcvczxmac_: look into sudo no password11:26
xzcvczxmac_: although its not necessarily a good idea11:26
mac_i am newb...11:26
OerHeksmac_, maybe this anwer is any help > howto run a bash script as root >>> http://askubuntu.com/a/16788511:27
xzcvczxmac_: hence why i have told you what to look up, i am not going to walk you through doing it11:27
mac_i know that one..11:27
xzcvczxmac_: and limit the no password to only the applications that you need to autorun as root11:27
Joel_rehey, does ufw append the rules to any file .. if a rule is added using ufw11:27
mac_god.... daa?? VIBJAK......11:27
mac_i dont need to run app as root.. dont need anything.. else, than knowledge to make folowoing (sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade... and password)  //11:28
Nmbr1aside from the obvious of you should NEVER put your password in a plaintext file...11:29
xzcvczxNmbr1: hence why i advised sudo with no password :)11:29
Nmbr1^ not entirely true by invoking sudo you are telling the system to switch to the root user11:29
Nmbr1one solution is this - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1202347/how-can-i-pass-a-password-from-a-bash-script-to-aptitude-for-installing-mysql11:30
mac_ok... lets play ... WHY?11:30
KartagisBluesKaj: still no :S11:30
mac_it displays the terminal saying:  password ... once entered (in terminal) it works.. i need to be this completly autorun?11:31
mac_with password!!!11:31
xzcvczxmac_: have you looked into my recommendation?11:31
mac_yes... i need password inside that update command i would like to run in terminal... what u send to me, is removing it, comlpetly11:32
xzcvczxmac_: so what exactly are you trying to achieve11:32
Nmbr1easiest solution to what you want is schedule a root chron job11:32
mac_oh, crap... please read it!!!11:33
mac_hy all.. can any help me with makeing an luncher, that will run updates komands in terminal.. i got that completed.. it runs.. just, it waits for me, to enter password..11:33
xzcvczxmac_: oh get freaking bent11:33
xzcvczxmac_: and thats exactly what i was trying to help you with.... not have it ask for a password11:33
Joel_redoes anyone know if adding rules using the ufw command, makes them per persist in anyway11:33
mac_yes, buy removing it...11:33
mac_but i need it inside11:34
xzcvczxmac_: why?11:34
xzcvczxmac_: that is very much a security risk11:34
Nmbr1xzcvczx: truth11:34
=== billy_ is now known as wickedpuppy
mac_my kolegs.. dont have a clue over linux.. and, wish to have all exactly the same as i doo..11:34
mac_so... better to make launchers..11:35
Nmbr1what do you hope to accomplish by having a luancher invoke apt-get that you can't do with cron?11:35
xzcvczxmac_: well a) you don't have a clue over linux either apparently11:35
mac_what is cron?11:35
mac_i lil bit..11:36
Nmbr1if all you want is to run apt-get on a schedule then use cron, putting the password for a user in the sudoers file is never a good idea11:36
mac_not on scedule11:36
mac_not on schedule..11:36
xzcvczxmac_: but what you want to achieve is have it so it launches without a password and you have 2 ways to do this, one is to set up a script that is suid, the other is to use a root cron job, the other is to change sudo to not require password for apt-get update and apt-get upgrade11:36
mac_autorun file!11:37
kung-laoi am a linux (ubuntu) newbie and i have a  problem with my usb-headset. there is no official linux driver. is there a way to get it to work ? (Plantronics GameCom 780 Gaming Headset)11:37
xzcvczxkung-lao: what does it show up as in lsusb -v -> pastebin it11:37
ahoykung-lao plug it in, it will get recognized11:38
xzcvczxkung-lao: use lsusb -v -d <vendorid>: to make it easier11:38
Nmbr1xzcvczx: i think what mac_ wants is to change sudo to not require a password for apt-get update and apt-get upgrade11:38
maximilianoi'm trying to perform the wubi migration, however, it was aborted by the following issue: /dev/sda5 is mounted - please unmount and try again. I tried umount but it didn't work11:38
=== themill_ is now known as themill
xzcvczxNmbr1: i have tried to get him to do that but he insists on putting password in script, so i have no interest in helping him any further11:39
BluesKajmac_, open a terminal . sudo visudo , then add this line at the bottom: Yourusername ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL , then ctrl+o , ebter, then ctrl+x , to save and exit11:39
xzcvczxmaximiliano: wher is it mounted11:39
mac_Nmbr1, please, dont say that.. it aint true ..will try to explain...11:39
TakeItEZBluesKaj: wrong way, not recommended11:39
bazhangmac_, lose the caps11:40
bazhang!attitude | mac_11:40
ubottumac_: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines11:40
maximilianoxzcvczx, i am not certain, is there a way for me to tell?11:40
mac_stop it11:40
xzcvczxmaximiliano: type in 'mount'11:40
xzcvczxmaximiliano: in terminal11:40
bazhangmac_, be polite. we are volunteers11:40
BluesKajTakeItEZ, do you have a better suggestion ?, then tell us.11:40
xzcvczxBluesKaj: limit it to required commands11:41
TakeItEZBluesKaj: as already been mentioned: NOPASSWD for apt-get update/upgrade only. but NOT general11:41
mac_i am sorry, it pisses me off, when somebody didnt understand me, says something, and everyones paste answers... i do not need :(11:41
maximilianoxzcvczx: "/dev/sda5 on / type ext4 (rw,errors=remount-ro)" does it help?11:41
xzcvczxmac_: because we are trying to make you see the point that what you want to do is highly insecure and we are recommending better ways to do it11:41
Nmbr1mac_: i understand what you are asking. what we are all trying to tell you is a. putting the password in the script is dumb and b. there are better ways to do it11:42
xzcvczxmaximiliano: so you are trying to unmount the root device of the os you have open?11:42
BluesKajTakeItEZ, depends on whether he's on the job or a home user11:42
mac_i know it is... i anit that stupid...11:42
TakeItEZBluesKaj: no it doesn't11:42
kung-laohi pasted the result on : http://paste.ubuntu.com/5710143/11:42
BluesKajmac_, is this a work machine or at home ?11:43
xzcvczxmac_: well what we are suggesting achieves the exact same result with less security issues11:43
mac_i just need to make those files work, so that i dont need to sit next to comp 4h and telling my colegs what to do...11:43
kung-laothere was more but i think that my headset11:43
maximilianoxzcvczx: i had the inkling that would be the issue, so i'm guessing i should run the wubi-move from the wubi and not from the new partition?11:43
xzcvczxkung-lao: then it should just work11:43
xzcvczxmaximiliano: sorry i am not familar with wubi11:43
ahoykung-lao try plugging into the pc and see whether it ges recognised11:44
Nmbr1mac_: are your colleagues allowed to know the password?11:44
xzcvczxkung-lao: check the audio settings as you may have to redirect the output11:44
Nmbr1if they are tell them to suck it up and type the password11:44
BluesKajTakeItEZ, well ,it works here for me at home , and has for many yrs without any security problems11:44
mac_thay know how i sleep...11:44
Nmbr1mac_: if they aren't then run a cron every morning/evening whenever you need it updated11:44
kung-laoit is plugged in11:44
TakeItEZ!worksforme | BluesKaj11:45
ubottuBluesKaj: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/11:45
xzcvczxBluesKaj: home being the key word there11:45
mac_i come back lather11:45
maximilianoxzcvczx: i see, thanks, i'll give it a go on google11:45
kung-laorecognised: dont know, no window poped up11:45
kung-laodo i need to reboot ?11:45
xzcvczxkung-lao: why should a window popup?11:45
kung-laodont know =)11:45
xzcvczxkung-lao: well no, no window will popup... this isn't windows11:45
=== xorox90__ is now known as xorox90
xzcvczxkung-lao: go into your sound/audio settings and see whether its listed there11:46
TakeItEZBluesKaj: and yes, i know that it works, but it's still bad practise (regardless home/job/wherever)11:46
kung-laosomething like: new usb device detected11:46
BluesKajTakeItEZ, get off your high horse ..I don't need a bot lecture from you11:46
BluesKajTakeItEZ, home as in home user11:46
xzcvczxBluesKaj: well hes right11:46
BluesKajxzcvczx, same goers for you11:47
xzcvczxBluesKaj: but you were makin that suggestion after mac had already said this was a work system11:47
freakynlHi - whilst the beta is based on 3.8.5 kernel is it safe to assume the final will be based on whatever is the latest patch for 3.8 at that time?11:47
kung-lao:) yay11:47
kung-laothanks xzcvczx =)11:47
xzcvczxfreakynl: check the roadmap for the kernel freeze, i can't remember when it is11:47
kung-laofor helping a total linux noob out11:47
xzcvczxkung-lao: all good, so you found it in the sound settings?11:48
kung-laoand thanks to the rest too of course11:48
kung-laohad to switch11:48
xzcvczxkung-lao: cool, yeah i just wanted to check the lsusb output to make sure that it was actually initing as an audio device11:48
BluesKajxcasex, I'm slow typer..didn't see the college refernce until after I posted , but I'm sure he got your message11:48
maximilianoout of curiosity guys, what is the incentive to volunteer for help when you may get the occasional ungrateful and/or rude person?11:49
xzcvczxmaximiliano: boredom :P11:49
maximilianohahaha, i see11:49
cfhowlettmaximiliano, karma?11:49
xzcvczxmaximiliano: it does make it less alluring though11:49
BluesKajmaximiliano, you get used to it :)11:50
xzcvczxmaximiliano: and if enough rude people turn up then there may one day be no volunteers left11:50
Lionheartedgday, anybody here ??11:51
python|pican someone tell me why my emacine w3118 power light starts blinking when I boot up and won't stop?11:51
xzcvczxLionhearted: nope noone :P11:51
Lionheartedok, i got an issue :P11:51
xzcvczxLionhearted: easier just to ask :P11:51
python|piand how do I start the portmap service I seen that warning that it didn't start in the boot up information11:51
ubottuLionhearted,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:51
xzcvczxpython|pi: check the logs to see why it didn't start11:52
python|piI did xzcvczx I don't understand the logs11:52
xzcvczxpython|pi: well does any of it reference portmap?11:52
Joel_reanyone here familiar with ufw?11:53
LionheartedI am using virtual mashine on windows 7, running ubuntu server latest version and i need to configure simple DNS and DHCP server, and can someone point me to some good tutorial (for noobs) THANKS11:53
python|pino mention of portmap xzcvczx11:53
python|piI grepped11:53
cfhowlettLionhearted, might want to ask in #ubuntu-server11:54
xzcvczxpython|pi: is portmap set up to start on boot?11:54
Lionheartedcfhowlett: okay thanks11:54
python|piI only installed it xzcvczx I didn't set anything so,  how do I start portmap11:54
xzcvczxpython|pi: do you need portmap for another application?11:55
hron84Hi! Is there any step-by-step howto how can i create a deb package for ubuntu and create a ppa for myself?11:55
xzcvczxhron84: create an account on launchpad?11:55
hron84xzcvczx: I have an acc on lpad.11:55
ubottuhron84,: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!11:55
ubottuThe packaging guide is at http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/  - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages for information on getting a package integrated into Ubuntu - Other developer resources are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment - See also !backports and !sponsoring11:56
xzcvczxcfhowlett: not quite :P11:56
xzcvczxah 2nd time lucky11:56
cfhowlettxzcvczx, it's all in the wrist11:56
hron84very thanks11:57
xzcvczxhron84: should be thanking cfhowlett11:58
ubottucfhowlett: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!11:58
espereguanyone knows how to enable line in output on spdif output port? (it plays on the analog port but I don't get sound on optical)11:59
* cfhowlett nom nom nom. 11:59
xzcvczxesperegu: whats set in your sound/audio settings?11:59
xzcvczxesperegu: you should be able to sepcify your output there11:59
espereguxzcvczx: where?11:59
espereguxzcvczx: all my sound goes via spdif.11:59
xzcvczxesperegu: right click the speaker icon12:00
vltesperegu: You could use JACK to connect the interfaces.12:00
espereguxzcvczx: but line-in only plays over analog out12:00
espereguvlt: I enabled line-in in alsamixer12:00
xzcvczxesperegu: ah you may need to use jack then12:00
vltesperegu: Or alsaloop12:00
espereguis it not possible by default on the soundcard?12:01
vltesperegu: Depends on the soundcard12:01
vltesperegu: Some cards can route onboard, others can’t.12:01
espereguvlt: hmm. its a default onboard one. ALC88712:02
xzcvczxesperegu: just for future reference it may help to include full details in your inital question so people like me don't make assumptions :)12:02
espereguxzcvczx: k. your right. thx & sorry12:02
vltesperegu: alsaloop should work fine, JACK might be overkill12:02
espereguvlt: just hope it doesnt lock up other stuff. gonna try it!12:03
espereguvlt: I get an: playbakc hw:0,0 open error: Device or resource busy12:08
espereguand I just killeb my ears trying the command on my laptop.... holy F12:09
slinnkyesperegu, holy fuck don't do that :)12:10
ahoyKung-lao are you a mortal-kombat character?12:10
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.12:10
espereguslinnky: what are you saying? can't hear ya?12:10
slinnkyubottu, stfu :P12:10
DJonesslinnky: Enough of that12:10
ahoyubottu stop trolling man12:11
ubottuahoy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:11
slinnkyHey - does anybody know anything about the gnome3-team ppa ??12:11
slinnkyis gnome-shell broken right now?12:11
ahoyshell shock.12:11
BluesKajesperegu, do you have pavucontrol , it can help setup your audio outs and keep them sticky12:11
espereguhmm. the machine for which it is finally intended even saids: No libsamplerate support.12:12
slinnkyAhoy, unmet dependencies ?12:12
slinnkyoh well bloody hell12:12
espereguBluesKaj: -bash: pavucontrol: command not found << guess not12:13
BluesKajesperegu, try it out , install it12:13
espereguBluesKaj: thx. but I think it will break more on that box then it will fix.12:14
espereguBluesKaj: its running 10.04 (linuxmce)12:14
slinnkylol the latest thing they are talking about on ubuntu-gnome mailing list is whether they can use the ubuntu and gnome trademarks12:14
slinnkywtf foss movement is getting ridiculous12:14
BluesKajesperegu, break? , it won't break anyrhing12:14
ahoygnome is similar to forrest troll, right?12:14
espereguBluesKaj: don't wanna mess with linuxmce's sound control ;-)12:14
* BluesKaj shrugs ...ok then why did you ask ?12:15
* monkeyjuice hands BluesKaj a cup of coffee and a coOkie ;)12:16
ahoyanyone want a morning freshly made juice by me?12:16
Ben64keep on topic12:17
BluesKajthanks monkeyjuice :)12:17
nyuszika7hold laptop unused for a few months - suddenly, 740 updates12:17
nyuszika7hit had the raring prerelease on it12:17
nyuszika7h(upgraded from quantal)12:17
ahoyhow many GB is that?12:17
xzcvczxnyuszika7h: you are surprised :P12:17
slinnkyBen64, lol12:17
BluesKajsee monkeyjuice , whati mean by bot siters ...just wait and watch12:17
nyuszika7h738 packages upgraded, 35 newly installed, 2 to remove and 2 not upgraded.12:17
nyuszika7hNeed to get 512 MB of archives. After unpacking 261 MB will be used.12:18
monkeyjuicekeep on topic12:18
BluesKajnyuszika7h, that's a normal message if you're upgrading12:19
leoloveHi, I have AMD 6520G integrated and AMD Radeon 6600M and 6700M Series discrete. amdconfig --lsa shows default adapter to integrated. how to change it?12:19
ahoyupgrading from which version?12:19
nyuszika7hraring prerelease12:19
nyuszika7hto raring final12:19
nyuszika7hit's out IIRC12:19
nyuszika7hor isn't it?12:19
xzcvczxnyuszika7h: 25th or so12:19
Ben64nope, support until release in #ubuntu+112:19
nyuszika7hthen not surprised about so much updates :P12:20
leoloveBen64 remember me? :p12:20
leolovesame old amd problem :(12:20
ahoyis ubuntu 13.04 any better?12:20
BluesKajleolove, pci cards usually need to be made  default in the bios after installing12:20
ahoyi got old laptop, i dont want high cpu consumption12:20
leoloveBluesKaj its laptop12:21
BluesKajleolove, dual gpus ?12:21
xzcvczxahoy: how old is the laptop?12:21
Nmbr1ahoy - consider lubuntu?12:21
ahoyit is old..12:22
leoloveBluesKaj I did amdconfig --initial --adapter=all --input=/etc/X11/xorg.conf12:22
ahoy2dual core12:22
ahoyi got lubuntu :)12:22
leoloveamdconfig --pxl shows my discrete gpu, but amdconfig --list-adapters shows my integrated gpu as default :(12:22
xzcvczxahoy: 2 real cores or HT?12:22
BluesKajleolove, there are workarounds for nvidia/intel dual gopus , but ati , not so much12:22
ahoydual core intel, 1.8ghz12:23
slinnkythat's old?12:23
leoloveBluesKaj still people have successfully using it. I dont know why I have tearing :(12:23
xzcvczxahoy: how much ram?12:23
ahoy4GB, but only 3.20GB available12:23
slinnkydude you should be running kubuntu on that12:24
slinnkyand mining bitcoins while you work12:24
|nv|s|b|ebitcoin crashed12:24
Nmbr1true story 32bit dual core 1.8 ghz is fine12:24
xzcvczxahoy: well you could run 64-bit for a bit more ram, but ubuntu will be fine on that laptop12:24
Nmbr1i wouldn't worry about it too much12:25
slinnkyHey, does anybody know how to get rid of all the ubuntuone b.s. in 13.04 ? I already removed unity-lens-shopping or whatever that's called...12:26
Ben64slinnky: #ubuntu+112:26
Nmbr1slinnky: do you want to remove ubuntuone or unity?12:26
slinnkyNmbr1, just ubuntuone12:26
slinnkyI'll remove unity when gnome-shell from gnome3-team/gnome3 ppa works :)12:27
nyuszika7hhi, is there a way to restore Windows XP's NTLDR without XP's installation CD?12:27
xzcvczxslinnky: is there not a gnome shell spin of ubuntu now?12:27
nyuszika7hs/hi,// I was here already a bit ago :P12:27
Ben64nyuszika7h: you should ask ##windows12:27
DJonesnyuszika7h: Probably best asking that in ##windows12:27
nyuszika7hah, good idea12:27
slinnkyxzcvczx, uh, you mean like a gubuntu ? nah12:27
nyuszika7hI should've gone for openSUSE, it saves the boot sector and lets you restore it from YaST :P12:28
Nmbr1slinnky: i generally just don't use ubuntuone12:28
nyuszika7herr, another question then12:28
slinnkyxzcvczx, it doesn't really need one..... unity and gnome-shell run fine next to each other (unity is just a shell on top of gnome)12:28
nyuszika7hhow can I access the GRUB menu if the timeout is set to 0?12:28
Ben64there is an UbuntuGnome12:28
nyuszika7hwtf, screen went black while upgrading12:28
BluesKajleolove, you could try disablibg the onboard gpu in the bios in favour of the discrete one but that's chancy if they are tied by load detection . That's all i can suggest .12:28
nyuszika7hoh, just turned off because idle12:28
Ben64nyuszika7h: mash the shift button12:28
nyuszika7hBen64: ok, thanks12:28
nyuszika7hgreat job ubuntu12:29
nyuszika7hthe update manager locked the dpkg status database while I was upgrading from the CLI12:29
leoloveBluesKaj No option in bius.12:29
BluesKajleolove, ok12:30
Nmbr1 nyuszika7h: yep dpkg is locked when you run synaptic, apt-get, etc.12:30
leoloveBluesKaj I think they are running in crossfire.12:30
Nmbr1nyuszika7h: one at a time12:30
nyuszika7hyes, I know, but I didn't run anything myself12:30
nyuszika7hthe update manager decided to randomly lock it in the middle of the upgrade process of aptitude (I guess it was not using it)12:31
nyuszika7hThe application Software Updater has closed unexceptedly.12:31
nyuszika7hI guess my fault for using raring12:32
duckstephow can i install new themes? i'm using gnome 3 vanilla without all of the ubuntu stuff12:32
Nmbr1nyuszika7h: i would clean the update cache, apt-get update and then apt-get dist-upgrade12:32
Nmbr1leave the GUI out of it and see if it works this time12:33
duckstepi see available themes in gnome-tweak-tool, but i want new themes12:33
nyuszika7hstupid question, how do I clean the update cache?12:33
Nmbr1nyuszika7h: apt-get clean12:34
nyuszika7hoh, thanks12:34
Nmbr1nyuszika7h: np12:34
supertoughhow do i make openshot add large files without waiting a good 5minutes?12:36
pankaj_PPPoe connection problem12:36
supertoughfiles are .tga 5mb each12:36
pankaj_PPPoE connection problem http://askubuntu.com/questions/279437/internet-is-connected-but-nothing-works-on-interneteg-firefox-ping-software12:36
ActionParsnip!adsl | pankaj_12:36
ubottupankaj_: Setting up an ADSL/PPPoE connection? Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ADSLPPPoE12:36
pankaj_ok, i will try12:39
pankaj_thanks for the link !12:39
supertoughOpenShot is extremely slow...12:39
ActionParsnipsupertough: try other apps...12:40
Nmbr1nyuszika7h: np12:40
supertough.tga files each 5mb and I'm putting them in timeline so i can render it to make a video but it takes forever to add files to openshot12:41
LartzaHow do I search packages installed on my system? dpkg -L shows state but lists uninstalled too12:41
Lartzanot -L but -l12:42
=== mandel is now known as mandel|lunch
ActionParsnipLartza: dpkg -l | grep name12:42
snugglLartza: grep12:42
snugglis the general purpose console filter application12:42
Lartzaahh I was thinking of "dpkg -l *keyword*"12:43
BluesKajLartza, sudo apt-cache search packagename12:43
LartzaI didn't think of -l ;)12:43
LartzaBluesKaj, Does not search installed packages only12:43
vltHello. How can I find out why my Alt or Ctrl key don’t work anymore after having them pressed several seconds.12:43
theadminBluesKaj: You don't need sudo to operate apt-cache12:44
theadminLartza: dpkg -l keyword or dpkg -l | grep BRE12:44
theadminLartza: Or, well, dpkg -l | grep -P PCRE12:44
ActionParsniplots of lag today....12:44
BluesKaj118ms here ActionPa1snip12:45
ActionPa1snipyeah just dropped and came back, see if its better12:45
LartzaAmazon and Ubuntu One Music links on the sidebar... they don't disappear if I remove everything related to them?12:47
BluesKajActionPa1snip, how much were you lagging ?12:47
LartzaNot sure if I did remove everything...12:47
theadminLartza: The launcher icons don't dissapear automatically, you've to unpin them manually12:47
theadminLartza: Make sure the apps are removed by opening the Dash and searching for the stuff you removed12:47
ActionPa1snipBluesKaj: 80ms and increasing12:49
ActionPa1snipLartza: also right click the item and unpin, then close the app and it will go12:50
BluesKaj80ms isn't too bad ActionPa1snip ...I regularly run at 120 or so here12:50
pagioswhen i bootk ubuntu into recovery mode, which runlevel is used?12:50
=== Xiol_ is now known as Xiol
oxyshi again12:51
ActionPa1snippagios: 5, if it is a graphical environment12:51
supertoughseriously openshot is extremely poor video editor is there anything better than this inferior video editor?12:51
LartzaIRC lagging?12:51
LartzaOr what is12:51
ActionPa1snipsupertough: www.cyberciti.biz/faq/top5-linux-video-editing-system-software/12:52
pagiosso recovery mode runlevel is the same as booting normally, how can i distinguish if connecting remotely to the box, if recovery mode is being used or normal mode?12:52
ActionPa1snipsupertough: also look into lightworks, its used in Oscar winning feature films12:52
ActionPa1snippagios: env may output something different (maybe)12:53
BluesKajLartza, I gues ActionPa1snip is used to less lag than he has atm , must be close to his server , i'm using abouncer so the lag is very consistent at 120ms12:53
pagiosActionPa1snip: are you sure?12:54
LartzaBluesKaj, 120ms is a lot :O not that it matters for IRC12:55
LartzaI have 65ms to my bouncer and under 1ms from the bouncer to IRC12:55
BluesKajLartza, yeah , but not noticeable12:55
ActionPa1snippagios: its free to try.....12:56
LartzaYeah it doesn't matter for many tasks12:56
Lartza120ms works even on some action games12:56
ActionPa1snipBluesKaj: never had lag before, looked weird, reconnected and now it's ok12:56
sevenforallI was wondering if it's possible to regenerate the sources.list12:56
sevenforallI removed it earlier12:56
DarkAce-Zis it just me or are there lots of people joined quite suddenly12:56
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
BluesKajDarkAce-Z, you may have had a split on your server12:57
DarkAceZwell, whatever12:58
BluesKajDarkAceZ, your server is disconnecting and reconnecting12:58
DarkAceZno, that's not it12:59
ActionPa1snipsevenforall: I can give you mine if you wish12:59
slinnkyjust one of those things12:59
slinnkyMan - I will say 13.04 is snappy12:59
cyberporkanyone can help me? i'm looking for a manual fan control on ubuntu12:59
ActionPa1snipslinnky: its also offtopic here til release day12:59
ActionPa1snipcyberpork: why not just let the kernel do it?12:59
LartzaWhat packages are Amazon and One Music in?13:00
slinnkyoh ffs13:00
cyberporki want to decide the fan speed manually cause is an old pc13:00
cyberporkand it make noise13:00
slinnkyLartza, haha apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping13:00
slinnkythat's one13:00
gustavIs anyone having any luck with nvidia-bugs?13:01
ActionPa1snipslinnky: it clearly states in the channel MOTD13:01
Lartzaslinnky, I don't have that yet they show in Applications13:01
slinnkyLartza, oh good you don't want that13:01
ActionPa1snipslinnky: please ask in #ubuntu+113:01
ActionPa1snipLartza: http://askubuntu.com/questions/192269/how-can-i-remove-amazon-search-results-from-the-dash13:01
slinnkyActionPa1snip, shut up I'm not asking a question ;)13:01
ActionPa1snipslinnky: fine, but please honour the channel policies13:02
cyberporkActionPa1snip, my pc make too much noise in idle13:02
ActionPa1snipcyberpork: tried a lighter desktop?13:02
LartzaActionPa1snip, Oh relog, gotcha!13:02
LartzaI'll do even better, reboot ;)13:02
cyberporkActionPa1snip, it's only a problem of noise13:03
ActionPa1snipcyberpork: if the CPU has to work overtime to cool because of heavy desktop then switching to a lighter desktop will mean it has to work less and can run cooler13:04
cyberporkActionPa1snip, i've tried also lxde but the problem is still the same13:04
LartzaActionPa1snip, My GPU makes horrible noise on stock fan graphs without any load, noise is not sometimes associated with work :)13:04
ActionPa1snipcyberpork: ok that's the reply I was after13:04
=== ppcecho is now known as ppcoco
ActionPa1snipcyberpork: have you cleaned the fans out and added some lubrication13:04
cyberporkActionPa1snip, i use ubuntu 10.04 on an old pentium 4 , the pc is clean and the temps are low13:05
philinuxcyberpork: maybe a new fan is needed if maintenance does nothing13:05
supertoughclean out the dust if your start hearing noises coming from your fan.13:05
supertoughif you don't clean out them dust it will kill your system components over time if your system doesn't dissipate them heat out.13:05
cyberporkthe fan is ok but it work on 6000 rpm13:05
ActionPa1snipcyberpork: then I'd look into cleaning, Lucid is EOL in 2 weeks (ish), you may want to upgrade soon13:05
Lartzaoh ffs13:05
ActionPa1snipcyberpork: does the system have a make and model?13:05
Lartzacyberpork, lm-sensors and for instance, fancontrol13:06
steve_ficyberpork, if all else fails, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+package/fancontrol13:06
cyberporkthe lm-sensors, pwmconfig and fancontrol doesn't wors13:06
ActionPa1snipcyberpork: does the system have a make and model?13:06
Lartzacyberpork, Have you been able to control the fan somehow?13:06
cyberporkon windows with speedfan13:07
Lartzalm-sensors and pwmconfig need configuring iirc13:07
Lartzacyberpork, Okay was just thinking there are some boards that just won't let you control fans :)13:07
pagiosActionPa1snip: when i choose recovery, drop into a shell i am prompted for a root password13:07
pagiosand i lost it13:07
pagioshow can i recover my system13:07
ActionPa1snippagios: this is why you shouldn't set root password13:07
ActionPa1snippagios: but you seem to know better13:08
pagiosso how can i recover now?13:08
ActionPa1snippagios: it is not advised or supported, sudo gives you all the access you can ever need13:08
ActionPa1snippagios: why did you enable root?13:08
pagiosfor shortcuts...13:08
pagioswas lazy to wrtie sudo everytime :P13:08
theadminpagios: You can use "sudo -i"13:08
pagiosanyways is there a way to recover now?13:09
cyberporksorry but it isn't a way to use speedfan under ubuntu?13:09
ActionPa1snippagios: you can configure your OS easily to use sudo etc and you do not need to enable the root password at all13:09
theadminpagios: Do you have a LiveCD?13:09
slinnkypagios, I'm with you man... ubuntu is stable enough to run in root instead of user for day to day shit13:09
ActionPa1snippagios: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue13:09
ActionPa1snippagios: when you get fixed, do everybody a favour and DONT use root passwords. Makes life a lot easier13:09
pagiosi dont have access to the system how do you want me to issue a cat :)13:09
ActionPa1snippagios: how can you work on the system without any access?13:09
pagiosActionPa1snip: i am trying to recover the system13:10
pagiosby booting into recovery mode13:10
cyberporklm-sensor found 1 sensor, like is it in the BIOS but i can configure pwmconfig13:10
pagiosbut it is asaking for the root password :)13:10
ActionPa1snippagios: you can boot to the liveCD, then chroot13:10
ActionPa1snippagios: don't set root passwords again, ok13:10
Dark_lightI'm apt-ignorant, how do I remove a package with all of it's dependencies?13:10
adamkpagios: Boot off installation media, mount the / filesystem, chroot into it, and change the password.13:10
theadminpagios: Boot it, then chroot to your main install and lock the root account again: passwd -dl root. The recovery will then work as normal.13:10
theadminDark_light: apt-get remove package13:11
theadminDark_light: APT won't allow unsatisfied dependencies, so that's automatic13:11
ActionPa1snippagios: omgubuntu has a nice guide called 'sticking it to grub', instead of manipulating grub after the chroot, you can set your user password and log in, then lock root down like it is supposed to be13:11
pagiostheadmin: your method does not require changing the root password i understand?13:12
Dark_lighttheadmin: that didn't do the trick, eg I installed freetuxtv which installed vlc as a dep but did not remove it13:12
sevenforallHmpf, seems like I shouldn't have removed sources.list13:12
Dark_light(and it's libraries obviously)13:12
theadminDark_light: Ah, that's not what I thought you meant.13:12
theadminDark_light: sudo apt-get autoremove package13:12
Dark_lighttheadmin: still no luck :-\13:13
CorySimmonsHow do I install testparam?13:13
LartzaWhy are linux-image-generic an linux-headers-generic being kept back?13:13
cyberporkthanks for the support i've understand that i can't do what i want on ubuntu13:13
CorySimmonsI've sudo apt-get install samba, but when I try to run testparam on /etc/samba/smb.conf, it returns that testparam isn't a command.13:13
ActionPa1snip!info testparam13:13
ubottuPackage testparam does not exist in quantal13:13
ActionPa1snip!find testparam13:14
CorySimmonsI thought testparam was bundled with the Samba package?13:14
ubottuPackage/file testparam does not exist in quantal13:14
PiciLartza: because you are likely using sudo apt-get upgrade, you need to use dist-upgrade.13:14
Pici!dist-upgrade | Lartza13:14
ubottuLartza: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.13:14
ActionPa1snipCorySimmons: not testparm13:14
theadminCorySimmons: It's "testparm".13:14
LartzaPici, Oh yeah, I don't use Ubuntu that much nowadays and dist-upgrade used to be for release upgrades only iirc ;)13:15
theadminLartza: That never was for release upgrades, not in Ubuntu anyway13:17
Parsi1does apton cd work for all installed packages?13:18
Lartzatheadmin, Ahh yeah :P Brain is not running that well today13:18
Parsi1i want to copy all ROS packages to a CD/flash13:19
LartzaWhy does not Ubuntu handle removing old kernels, or does it? How?13:20
slinnky #ubuntu+113:20
cfhowlettLartza, removing kernels is not something to be done automagically ...13:21
slinnkyyeah you need the kernel13:21
Lartzacfhowlett, I've never had problems with Arch where I had multiple kernels in /boot13:21
cfhowlettLartza, and the majority of the time, ubuntu has no such problems either.13:22
Lartzacfhowlett, So why do I have two kernel versions in /boot now?13:22
LartzaMajor update or something?13:22
cfhowlettLartza, because the old one will remain until you delete .. .which you should NOT do.  Always maintain at least one old kernel in case a new one frugs your system13:23
cfhowlettLartza, kernel updates are a common fact.  usually painless ... but not always13:23
LartzaShouldn't the packages be tested to not frug up? ;) But yeah, thanks for the explanation. Didn't think of it that way13:24
theadminLartza: That's just how Ubuntu handles it. In Arch, a kernel upgrade is an upgrade to the "linux" package, no more. In Ubuntu, linux-image-* packages are metapackages. When they upgrade, their dependencies change, but the old ones don't get removed -- this is for protection against breakage.13:24
cfhowletttheadmin, did you just say what I was thinking, only smarter and more sensible?13:25
Lartzatheadmin, Luckily I've never had a messed up kernel update, only some self compiled kernels ;)13:25
theadmincfhowlett: Maybe13:26
BluesKajone can always remove 'old kernels ' manually if desired and nothing wiill break IME13:27
CorySimmonsSorry, Pidgin froze. Did anyone answer my question? :*(13:27
LartzaBluesKaj, There's always first time ;)13:28
Lartza*There's a first time for everything13:28
LartzaI like how brain slows down when you are sick... not13:28
sevenforallI am using psensor to monitor the sensory data of my PC. However, as often, I only get a very minimal list, while I sometimes get a far more informative list that includes case temps and fan speeds. Any idea why this tends to differ, and how I add the other sensors?13:28
BluesKajLartza, there's afirst time for everything , but I haven't seen that happen yet . I always keep the one older kernel13:29
theadminsevenforall: Run sensors-detect, that helps usually13:29
sevenforallI did that once already13:29
sevenforallI honestly don't know where to answer yes/no, hehe13:29
foobArrris there a command line tool for extracting the content of iso images (without mounting)?13:30
JuJuBeeI just tried installing 12.10 as dual boot with Windows 8.  New laptop, after install all I get is ubuntu, no boot menu.  I installed grub onto /dev/sda, what is up?  Is this not possible with win 8?13:30
sevenforallJuJuBee: It's possible, that to start with, since I did this last month13:31
BluesKajahh , not info on efi13:31
JuJuBeesevenforall: can you elaborate?13:32
leoloveHelp me please. If I remove xorg.conf I get tear free option in my amd-cccle but no switchable graphics. If I do amdconfig --initial tear free option hides and I have tearing13:33
BastichouI execute a sed  command shell to comment/uncomment blocs in files, the command works (she display a good output) however the file was not modified13:33
Bastichoui execute a "sudo sed -e '...' file13:33
Bastichou"sudo sed -e '...' file"13:33
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:34
BluesKajJuJuBee, UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware, it is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI13:34
sevenforallJuJuBee: I wish I could, but I'm a tad too tired. Have you tried holding shift while booting to get into GRUB?13:34
JuJuBeeThanks BluesKaj13:34
jribBastichou: use -i to modify the file13:35
slinnkyis there any performance advantage to installing ubuntu with UEFI enabled (in case you're not running win8 and can enable classics BIOS?)13:35
BluesKajsevenforall,^ he can't boot ubuntu until he follows the tutorial above13:35
mr_louCan anyone recommend a program for sending and receiving SMS messages in Ubuntu, via my Android cellphone connected with cable or bluetooth?13:35
sevenforallBluesKaj: I don't see a reason why not.13:35
sevenforallBluesKaj: I have a similar set-up13:35
BluesKajsevenforall, maybe you did what was required13:36
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: actually now that I installed ubuntu that is all I can boot, no boot menu with a way to boot win 8?13:36
theadminmr_lou: Airdroid can do it on wireless (and if you do USB tethering, then via USB)13:36
leoloveHelp me please. If I remove xorg.conf I get tear free option in my amd-cccle but no switchable graphics. If I do amdconfig --initial tear free option hides and I have tearing13:36
joppe_Hello People! I'd like to add this to MYSQL.. but I Don't know how.. Can anyone help me?13:36
joppe_Hello People! I'd like to add this to MYSQL.. but I Don't know how.. Can anyone help me? http://pastebin.ca/2359796413:36
slinnkysevenforall, do you have uefi or classic bios enabled?13:36
mr_loutheadmin, Don't have Wifi, and tethering seems to require Windows.13:36
=== joppe_ is now known as jolaren
sevenforallslinnky: I have an UEFI mobo13:37
Bastichoujrib, Thx ! :)13:37
theadminmr_lou: Huh wha? No it doesn't, works out of the box on Ubuntu for me13:37
mr_loutheadmin, At least that's what the Help info on the phone says; that I need the PC Suite utils.13:37
sevenforallslinnky: No issues with Ubuntu whatsoever13:37
leoloveOh theadmin is here. You remember me? I have 12.04 now but same ati problems13:37
BluesKajok JuJuBee then run sudo os-prober , and sudo update-grub13:37
dr_willisI use wifi-hotspot on my phone in linux13:37
slinnkysevenforall, so you installed ubuntu uefi ?13:37
mr_loutheadmin, Oh, well not here. When I try to activate tethering, it can't seem to connect.13:37
sevenforallslinnky: I didn't take any additional steps13:38
theadminmr_lou: Weird... Oh well, try searching the Play Store for remote SMS apps13:38
roseysdadwhat would be a good way to check a usb hdd for errors?13:38
leolovetheadmin please if you can help me13:39
leoloveHelp me please. If I remove xorg.conf I get tear free option in my amd-cccle but no switchable graphics. If I do amdconfig --initial tear free option hides and I have tearing13:39
dr_willisroseysdad:  some HD makers have their own tools. (windows only)  for full testing13:39
theadminleolove: I doubt I can, sorry13:39
roseysdaddr_willis  im using ubuntu server13:39
dr_willisroseysdad:  you can use badblocks and fsck to verify the filesystem. not sure about anything lower level then that13:40
mr_loutheadmin, Good idea.13:40
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: ran both commnads, update-grub simply found the linux os not the windows13:41
BluesKajJuJuBee, bummer13:41
BluesKajleolove, http://www.ehow.com/how_10014399_turn-ati-crossfire-ubuntu.html13:41
dr_willisleolove:  perhaps http://askubuntu.com/questions/69765/amdccc-tear-free-option-cannot-be-enabled-anymore13:41
john_doe_jrI have all kinds of files in multiple directories named in the following form XXXXX.avi.mp4 and I'd like to rename all of them…this is the command line I have so far but isn't not working…any idea why?  find . -type f -name "*avi.mp4" -exec rename 's/ /-/' *.mp413:42
BluesKajJuJuBee, did you install grub in the mbr/default  ?13:43
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  watch out for spaces in file names..13:43
theadminjohn_doe_jr: "*.mp4" will help, methinks13:44
john_doe_jrdr_willis: well I have to rename all the files with spaces13:44
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  thats a common issue with such tasks.  also i tend to use find to generate/print out the commands to do the move/renameing - so i can then see what its doing.13:44
theadminjohn_doe_jr: Take it in quotes13:44
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  with spaces in file names.. its the quoteing thats often the issue13:44
theadminjohn_doe_jr: Also you *might* need to replace - with \- (escape it) in your regex. I can't remember if it's a special or not13:44
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: I believe so13:44
dr_willistheres dozens of scripts/ecamples out there online about removeing spaces from filenames13:45
john_doe_jrdr_willis: where?13:45
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: /dev/sda13:45
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  online as in 1000+ hits on googling for 'convert spaces in filename'13:45
john_doe_jrI know I'm close13:45
john_doe_jrdr_willis: alright googled13:45
john_doe_jr*already googled13:45
BluesKajJuJuBee, yeah that's usually the correct choice13:45
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  i just saw like 12+ differnt bash ways to do this task13:46
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: so EFI is on for the hd13:46
dr_willisrename "s/ /_/g" *13:46
john_doe_jrdr_willis: well what is the best way?13:46
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  no idea whats best.. its all relative13:46
jribjohn_doe_jr: "doesn't work" is too vague13:47
dr_willishttp://stackoverflow.com/questions/1806868/linux-replacing-spaces-in-the-file-names   first google hit i got.. has 8 differnt ways13:47
BluesKajJuJuBee, is windows on /dev/sda ?13:47
john_doe_jrjrib: well it just stalls after I press enter13:47
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: yes, only one hd in laptop13:47
jribJuJuBee: what do you mean by "stalls"?13:47
kolaracdnCan someone help me out. I am trying to get a script to run on my computer when someone connects to the system via ssh/telnet. How can this be done?13:47
john_doe_jrjrib: doesn't print out anything13:47
JuJuBeejrib: ?  i never said stalls13:48
dr_willisjohn_doe_jr:  i tend to use the 'qmv' command from the renameutils package.13:48
JuJuBeeWhen I boot laptop it boots directly to ubuntu13:48
BluesKajJuJuBee, what does sudo fdisk -l show ?13:48
jribjohn_doe_jr: you get a new prompt?13:48
john_doe_jrjrib: nope just black13:48
dr_williscould be its working.. and taking time13:49
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: a message about GPT and only 1 partition?... should be many partitions...13:49
john_doe_jrI think it has something to do with missing the \; @ the end of the find command13:49
jribjohn_doe_jr: so then you should figure out if it actually is working but taking a long time and if it's not, then you should determine if your issue is with the find command or with the rename part of your command.13:49
kolaracdnCan someone help me out. I am trying to get a script to run on my computer when someone connects to the system via ssh/telnet. How can this be done?13:50
jribjohn_doe_jr: yes, your syntax is not correct13:50
john_doe_jrjrib: this is what I have now: find . -type f -name "*avi.mp4" -exec rename -n "s/ /-/" *.mp4 \;13:50
dr_williskolaracdn:  a script that does what?13:50
BluesKajJuJuBee, yeah , windows usually has 3 , and linux  depends on how many you created foor it13:50
john_doe_jrjrib: the -n is just to test the output13:50
jribjohn_doe_jr: i mean it's probably doing something.  But it's not what you want to do exactly.  Read your rename command.  What does your rename command do in words?13:50
kolaracdnit makes the system beep to let people know that it is being remote into13:51
jribjohn_doe_jr: for example, you might try putting "echo " before "rename" and see what happens13:51
kolaracdni have the script i just need it to run when people console in13:51
dr_williskolaracdn:  you could put the command in the bash init scripts in /etc/13:51
john_doe_jrjrib: I tried that but it just echos the command rename -n s/ /-/ *.mp413:52
kolaracdnwill it run when people ssh into it?13:52
dr_williskolaracdn:  if they are using bash it should..13:52
reinI have two monitors connected to my 7300 GT video card, but the DVI monitor can suddenly only work at 800x600, and it appears as an undefined monitor. anyone an idea how to fix?13:52
jribjohn_doe_jr: is that what you want to happen?13:52
kolaracdnwill it do it locally?13:52
dr_williskolaracdn:  try it and see..  i imagine so. the fact they are sshing in  or not - dosent matter to the system13:53
john_doe_jrjrib: well I want the output of the find command to rename each file13:53
=== rajesh is now known as Guest90734
kolaracdnok what is the directory13:53
ActionPa1snipkolaracdn: add it in ~/.bashrc and it will run13:53
jribjohn_doe_jr: yes, so what's the syntax for find's -exec switch?13:53
dr_williskolaracdn:  theres numerous bash init scripts in /etc/13:53
ActionPa1sniprein: tried using nvidia-settings app?13:53
imgx64Is "Ubuntu Certified Professional" ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Certified_Professional ) certification discontinued? All the links on ubuntu.com seem to be dead.13:54
john_doe_jrjrib: I found this @ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/find13:54
cfhowlettimgx64, yes discontinued.  see lpci 1 or 213:54
wwwdotcomHello there. I just installed a windows game on ubuntu through wine. I played it for some time. Now after exiting the game i have noticed that my screen resolution has changed and text and windows has become bigger. What should i do?13:54
ActionPa1snipwwwdotcom: you can use xrandr to set it back, or log off13:55
jribjohn_doe_jr: right now it's saying "*.mp4" and you would rather have the filename there.  I don't see your command on that page.  Check find's actual documentation. Run "man find", then press "/", type out "-exec" and hit enter.  You then use n and N to cycle occurrences of "-exec" in the man page13:55
john_doe_jrjrib: well I did a man find and don't see a syntax for the -exec command in find13:55
tcstorywho can speak chinese13:55
Pici!zh | tcstory13:55
ubottutcstory: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw13:55
jribjohn_doe_jr: did you do what I said to search the man page?13:55
john_doe_jrjrib: yes13:56
jribjohn_doe_jr: and you didn't find any results for "-exec"?13:56
kolaracdnit didn't work it runs when i open a terminal13:56
imgx64cfhowlett: Ok, thanks.13:56
john_doe_jrjrib: yes I see an entry for -executable in the man find pages13:56
jribjohn_doe_jr: and so you pressed "n" to cycle to the next occurrence of -exec and what did you see?13:57
wwwdotcomActionPa1snip: I did that. I also tried through Preferences> Monitors to change my screen resolution to 1024x768 which i guess was my previous resolution. But still text is some what bigger and some icons on desktop are hidden behind below taskbar.13:57
john_doe_jrjrib: I'm missing {}  species the current file13:57
jribjohn_doe_jr: yes.  You can see examples in the man page.  There's also an example in the page you linked (though not with rename)13:58
BluesKajJuJuBee, sudo grub-install /dev/sda  , then sudo update grub13:58
reinActionPa1snip: yes, but I cant set a higher resolution than 800x60013:58
cfhowlettwwwdotcom, try changing your themes to trip the display configurations13:58
jribjohn_doe_jr: also, your regex is not exactly what you want.  Currently, your regex will only replace the first space.  You want either 'y/ /-/' or 's/ /-/g'13:58
LartzaDoes gedit not have any settings? :/13:58
wwwdotcomok let me try13:59
john_doe_jrjrib: there is only one space in each file13:59
jribjohn_doe_jr: ok13:59
dr_willisAlways test find command containing exec by using -ls instead of -exec to see if the files selected are the files you wish to process. This is especially important if the exec option contains rm command or some other destructive command.14:00
LartzaOh righttt... the stupid topbar :P14:00
john_doe_jrjrib: so this is what I want right: find . -type f -name "*avi.mp4" -exec echo rename -n "s/ /-/" *.mp4 {} \;14:00
reinActionPa1snip: It does recognize the VGA monitor correctly, but now suddenly the DVI monitor is not recognized. is there a way to force it to a higher resolution?14:00
jribjohn_doe_jr: try it and see (no that is still not exactly right)14:00
xcasexBluesKaj: huh?14:01
john_doe_jrjrib: the -n option to rename just shows me what will happen but I don't know what's wrong with it but I appreciate the help14:02
BluesKajxcasex, huh? what ?14:02
jribjohn_doe_jr: you probably need '' around your braces (so you should have '{}') and the "*.mp4" is not doing anything for your rename command14:02
wwwdotcomcfhowlett: I did that and it didn't work. One thing i want to let you know is after exiting the game my screen resolution changed to 800x600 i guess. Then i typed  xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1024x768 in terminal to revert it back.14:02
wwwdotcomIs this ok?14:03
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xcasexBluesKaj: you wrote me yesterday about some college reference? i dont follow..14:03
wwwdotcomIs there something that i can do to restore xrandr settings back before playing the game?14:03
=== rajesh is now known as Guest25296
BluesKajxcasex, that was yesterday , can you remind me , a lot has happened since then14:05
john_doe_jrjrib: alright like so: find . -type f -name "*avi.mp4" -exec echo rename -n "s/ /-/" *.mp4 "{}" \;14:05
jribjohn_doe_jr: you probably need '' around your braces (so you should have '{}') and the "*.mp4" is not doing anything for your rename command14:05
xcasexBluesKaj: i could if i had enough of a backlog but i dont :)14:05
xcasexBluesKaj: and the only thing ive mentioned in here before that was an issue relating to my isight webcam on my imac. ;)14:05
BluesKajxcasex, was it a netwoking issue ?14:06
jiffe98seems if ubuntu doesn't boot all the way (either locks up or a reboot in the middle), on the second boot it just sits at the grub screen and there is no countdown to choose a selection, it waits for a manual selection, is there a way to make it always automatically choose a selection with a countdown?14:06
jiffe98or at least have it try a couple times14:07
wwwdotcomIn Preferences > Monitors, system is showing "Viewsonic Corporation" monitor having 1024x768 resolution. I don't know why after setting that resolution in xrandr, my text is still bigger :/14:07
=== dstevens is now known as megacoin
john_doe_jrjrib: Alright so like so: find . -type f -name "*avi.mp4" -exec echo rename -n "s/ /-/" "{}" *.mp4 \;14:08
jribjohn_doe_jr: you keep telling me the same command without the changes made14:08
BluesKajxcasex, hmm, odd I don't recall responding to a webcam query ...doubt that I would have since I have no idea about them , unless i autocompleted the wrong nick , that happens sometimes .14:08
jiffe98had an issue this weekend where I am guessing the machine reboot and since it is part of an HA cluster with fencing, the fencing saw it go down and tried to reboot it so it apparently reboot in the middle of its reboot and then the second reboot just sat at the grub screen14:08
JuJuBeeBluesKaj: got it, ran the boot repair and it corrected14:09
jribjohn_doe_jr: you probably need '', NOT "", around your braces (so you should have '{}') and the "*.mp4" is not doing anything for your rename command SO DELETE the "*.mp4"14:09
BluesKajJuJuBee, you're lucky , bootrepair doesn't always work14:09
she_dyedthats a secret ssshh14:10
john_doe_jrjrib: First of all I really appreciate the help I notice that you have '{}') but what is with the parenthesis14:10
jribjohn_doe_jr: the parentheses are punctuation for my english, not part of the command14:11
wwwdotcomAny other tweak that i can do with xrandr?14:11
=== mandel|lunch is now known as mandel
she_dyedwwwdotcom: but it didn't affect fontsize?14:11
wwwdotcomIt didn't14:18
she_dyedwwwdotcom: you can put it back to original resolution then14:18
wwwdotcomAny change that i make to system using xrandr, isn't it temporary and after restarting my system shouln't it revert back to normal?14:20
she_dyedyes, but people add the command to their autostart scripts14:20
she_dyedthe ones that fix it though (it's more like a patch)14:20
she_dyedmay have to look elsewhere for the fix14:21
ActionPa1snipwwwdotcom: wine is a weird creature14:22
ActionPa1snipwwwdotcom: once you find the xrandr command, you can make a script to run the game, then after it finishes, run the xrandr command14:22
SonikkuAmericaActionPa1snip: A weird creature? You know there is a lion-tamer for it right?14:23
wwwdotcomOne thing i would like to share is that the game didn't ended neatly. I killed that creature with sudo kill xxxx :)14:24
wwwdotcomI think that's why his spirit is haunting me back14:25
SonikkuAmericawwwdotcom: You would be right14:25
=== bsmith is now known as aidanna
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: xrandr after running is all I can advise14:25
=== axl__ is now known as axl_
ActionPa1snipwwwdotcom: probably a reason why. I'd just log off and on14:25
SonikkuAmericaActionPa1snip: Not that you're wrong or anything... just a weird way to describe Wine.14:26
she_dyedother than inbread child14:26
she_dyedpffft phail14:26
SonikkuAmericaAhh, we're getting !ot. Back to the show.14:27
BluesKajyeah where are the offtopic sitters now ?14:28
SonikkuAmericain -offtopic I hope14:28
wwwdotcomLogging on and off multiple times doesn't seen to work too.14:28
she_dyedpermanent? uh oh14:28
wwwdotcombtw look at this xrandr output and see if something is wrong, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5710474/14:28
SonikkuAmericaLooks fine to me, but why would any sane person want 848x480?14:29
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: its a common phrase in my experience14:29
she_dyedor 1024, was it ever higher?14:30
SonikkuAmericaI can't get higher than 1024 on this machien14:30
wwwdotcomI don't think that it was higher than 1024x76814:31
she_dyedyay, i guess14:31
SonikkuAmericawwwdotcom: Depending on your capabilities you can have up to like 1860x105014:32
p0wn3dhas anyone tested the performance of Ubuntu after removing unity and installing something else like LXDE? Does removing Unity break ubuntu?14:32
wwwdotcomlegend@legend-945GCM-S2L:~$ xrandr --output VGA1 --mode 1680x105014:32
wwwdotcomxrandr: cannot find mode 1680x105014:33
SonikkuAmericap0wn3d: To answer your second question first, not in the least.14:33
john_doe_jrjrib: figured it out…your awesome14:33
jribjohn_doe_jr: cool14:33
SonikkuAmericap0wn3d: It drops you to a console, but you can install lubuntu-desktop to replace ubuntu-desktop and get rid of all the ubuntu-desktop dependencies14:34
=== wwwdotcom is now known as Legend_Xeon
freakynlp0wn3d: one does wonder why you don't just use lubuntu :P14:34
SonikkuAmericap0wn3d: Unfortunately there's no easy way to do the latter14:34
ActionPa1snipp0wn3d: uninstalling Unity doesn't save you much space at all, it doesn't harm things leaving it there14:35
SonikkuAmericap0wn3d: In fact, just install lxde14:36
SonikkuAmerica!info lxde14:36
ubottulxde (source: lxde-common): Meta-package for the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.0-4ubuntu3 (quantal), package size 5 kB, installed size 36 kB14:36
ActionPa1sniplxde is awesome14:37
SonikkuAmericaI'm part of Lubuntu Comms14:38
* ActionPa1snip is an ubuntu member :)14:38
|nv|s|b|eis a ubuntu14:38
* |nv|s|b|e is not known as |nv|s|b|e 14:39
SonikkuAmerica|nv|s|b|e: An Ubuntu what?14:39
icedwaterHi guys, I tried setting up nvidia drivers using the restricted drivers thing, but I can't seem to get nvidia-settings to run right.14:39
icedwaterIt keeps complaining I should have run nvidia-xconfig but I can't seem to find the program anywhere...14:39
ActionPa1snipicedwater: in terminal, run:  sudo nvidia-xconfig14:40
SonikkuAmericaHopefully I'll work toward membership status once I get out of college14:40
philinuxSonikkuAmerica: have u signed the ubuntu code of conduct yet?14:40
SonikkuAmericaphilinux: I have.14:41
|nv|s|b|ewhats the code of conduct14:41
philinuxSonikkuAmerica: first step achieved then14:41
* wilee-nilee does not want to be a member that would have someone like me as one14:41
|nv|s|b|ethout shall have no other operating systems before me14:41
ubottu|nv|s|b|e: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere | http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/conduct  | For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct | Watch http://static.screencasts.ubuntu.com/videos/2010/12/22/004-SigningCoC.ogv14:41
SonikkuAmericaphilinux: The next step is to get much more involved than I am now.14:41
xzcvczx(that was a lucky guess)14:42
SonikkuAmericaor can be at this point in time.14:42
icedwaterActionPa1snip: it doesn't exist.14:45
icedwaterThe only tab completion I have is nvidia-settings.14:46
xzcvczxicedwater: sudo apt-get install nvidia-xconfig14:47
icedwater...is it that simple?14:48
icedwaterI don't seem to have the right repositories.14:48
icedwaterAnd yet I've got restricted, multiverse and universe all on.14:49
ActionPa1snip!find nvidia-xconfig14:49
ubottuFile nvidia-xconfig found in nvidia-173, nvidia-173-updates, nvidia-current, nvidia-current-updates, nvidia-experimental-304, nvidia-experimental-31014:49
BluesKajicedwater, sudo nvidia-xconfig if you need an xorg.conf file14:50
icedwaterSo dpkg -l | grep nvidia shows I have -current and -current-updates ...14:51
icedwaterWow, I just had to locate it :/14:51
icedwaterOK, here goes...14:52
BluesKajicedwater, to see the driver/version string  , glxinfo | grep OpenGL14:52
BluesKajyou might have to install mesa-utils14:52
icedwaterBluesKaj: thanks, it says 2.1 Mesa 8.0.414:52
icedwaterYep, just installed it.14:53
Dark_lightHow do I sync my facebook contacts with ubuntu one / my address book?14:53
icedwaterHope xorg.conf doesn't die on me this time...14:53
BluesKajicedwater, did you install nvidia-current ?14:54
=== asogani is now known as anant__
IcE_BoY i have problem with msn, any contact me pm??14:57
AlmindorI've just updated the virtualbox guest editions in my ubuntu guest and now I can't even get to console. It gives me the "graphics mode" error, but it never goes anywhere from there even if I chose to go to the terminal14:57
Almindorany ideas how  I can get at least terminal access?14:57
TLMdoes anyone know a simple program that outputs notes of a particular frequency?14:58
sn_opyou mean a tone generator?14:59
icedwaterBluesKaj: yes, but I used the nvidia-current-updates version of xconfig.14:59
sn_opare you going to use it for phreaking?14:59
icedwaterIt dropped me to 640x480.14:59
icedwaterBut that's progress, the last time I tinkered the screen went entirely black :P14:59
ActionPa1snipAlmindor: tried asking in the virtualbox channel too14:59
icedwaterThank goodness for ttys.14:59
icedwaterTesting the other xconfig now...14:59
=== nemesis is now known as Guest5864
ActionPa1snipicedwater: run:  gksudo nvidia-settings    and set the res, then click 'Save to xorg.conf'15:00
=== Guest5864 is now known as K1lleD
AlmindorActionPa1snip: well I asked if they know why it happened (e.g. a regression since the last guest additions worked fine, and I didn't change the kernel or anything)15:00
she_dyedicedwater: see if you have nvidia X server settings in your menu now15:00
supertoughOpenShot is such a laggy video editor15:00
mmonatshould i dial into the enterprise call?15:00
icedwaterActionPa1snip: nope, didn't work either. Let me unhide the xorg.conf and try that...15:00
sn_opicedwater: my IEDI isnt recognized15:00
icedwatershe_dyed: which menu, the System Settings window?15:01
sn_op[  105.015923] [drm:drm_edid_block_valid] *ERROR* EDID checksum is invalid, remainder is 13015:01
sn_op[  105.015925] Raw EDID:15:01
sn_oplinux sucks15:02
icedwaterHeh, pity you feel that way.15:02
ActionPa1snipsn_op: then don't use it.....15:02
sn_opi have to use it15:02
icedwaterHe might be trying the "troll to get help" tactic...15:02
ActionPa1snipsn_op: why do you have to use it?15:02
sn_opno other options15:02
sn_opwhy are you asking?15:02
ActionPa1snipsn_op: there is BSD15:02
ActionPa1snipsn_op: also free15:03
sn_opyou mean even worst15:03
=== lin is now known as Guest22432
IcE_BoYif anyone knows hack msn password? PRIVATE15:03
BluesKajTLM, take a look at siggen15:04
ActionPa1snipIcE_BoY: we don't support illegal practises here15:04
BluesKaj!illegal | IcE_BoY15:04
ubottuIcE_BoY: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o15:04
ActionPa1snipsn_op: which Linux distributions have you tried?15:04
ActionPa1snipsn_op: which ones?15:04
sn_opsuse ubuntu fedora15:05
ActionPa1snipsn_op: mandrake doesn't exist anymore15:05
=== seednode- is now known as seednode
tgm4883mandrake hasn't existed for about 10 years15:06
ActionPa1snipsn_op: try light distros like Puppy or Slitaz15:06
ActionPa1sniptgm4883: mandrake 7 was my first distro15:06
tgm4883ActionPa1snip, I used slackware pre-version jump15:07
sn_opGNU sucks15:07
icedwaterNope, still not working guys.15:07
sn_opUNIX sucks15:07
ActionPa1snipsn_op: least you have tried a few15:07
ActionPa1snipsn_op: unix runs a lot of banks, Wikipedia uses Lucid server15:07
sn_opAPPLE sucks15:07
BluesKajicedwater, did you actually do sudo apt-get install nvidia-current ?15:08
icedwaterWHY DON'T YOU GO AWAY SN_OP15:08
tgm4883!OT | sn_op15:08
ubottusn_op: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:08
icedwater(sorry, I thought we should at least give him a bit of outrage. :P)15:08
ActionPa1snipsn_op: so it may to you, but it is offtopic here. Do you have an ubuntu support question?15:08
icedwater(he is trying very hard.)15:08
BluesKajicedwater, and then reboot15:08
aeroakshi all!15:08
icedwaterBluesKaj: no, I used the Restricted Drivers dialogue in System Settings.15:08
sn_opwhy isnt EIDE working15:08
|nv|s|b|eyou broke it15:09
sn_op[  105.015923] [drm:drm_edid_block_valid] *ERROR* EDID checksum is invalid, remainder is 13015:09
sn_op[  105.015925] Raw EDID:15:09
aeroaksi want help regarding blank screen in precise15:09
tgm4883sn_op, some TV's give crap EDID info15:09
BluesKajicedwater, so it asked for a reboot , correct ?15:09
ActionPa1snipsn_op: eide is part of the kernel. If you EDID (which is display based), isn't reporting right then you disaply is probably cheap15:09
icedwaterBluesKaj: I'll try that. In the dialogue I deselected nvidia-current and selected nvidia-current-update...15:09
sn_opcheap as linux15:09
icedwaterBluesKaj: not really, no. I made that change one or two reboots ago.15:09
ActionPa1snipsn_op: you will need to specify a full xorg.conf to set the resolution and refresh rates available15:09
icedwatersn_op: What is?15:09
sn_opcause windows workes fine with it15:10
tgm4883icedwater, his TV15:10
BluesKajicedwater, no point in updating a driver that's not installed15:10
ActionPa1snipsn_op: I can give you my xorg.conf if you want, what GPU do you use?15:10
icedwaterI'm pretty sure his TV isn't cheap as linux, tgm4883 :P15:10
TLMBluesKaj when it says " 8 or 16 bit samples can be generated" what does that mean? I know what a bit is, but I still don't get it.15:10
sn_opi allready fixed it my self15:10
icedwaterBluesKaj: true, but I guess it shouldn't have allowed me to select only the latter then.15:10
tgm4883icedwater, could be. Perhaps he paid $1000 for a Linux CD? Or maybe his TV was a free hand me down?15:10
ActionPa1snipsn_op: then where is the issue?15:10
aeroaksPlease help, getting blank screen in 12.04 after i fiddled with the display driver? how can I fix it??15:11
sn_opthe issue is that it still trying to get EDID on boot15:11
TLMBluesKaj does it mean all the notes that it can produce span across all variations of 8 or 16 bits?15:11
TLMand so 16 bits is better?15:11
icedwaterAll right, rebooting to see..15:11
sn_opstupid linux15:11
ActionPa1snipsn_op: but is it used?15:11
AlmindorI got to the console now15:11
tgm4883sn_op, can you pastebin your xorg.conf15:11
Almindorbut I don't see any errors in xorg log15:11
BluesKajTLM, it depends on the digital device's audio signal rate and if it can accept it15:11
Almindorit even states all mode settings for the display ok15:11
AlmindorI wonder why it doesn't come up then15:12
TLMhow do i see my audio devices spec?15:12
ActionPa1snipsn_op: then let it get the EDID, it doesn't hurt. You can block the EDID if you want15:12
tomatobrosaeroaks what gfx card u have ? and which driver u installed ?15:12
aeroaksno card15:13
aeroaksjust i915 intel driver, found out using lspci15:13
BluesKajicedwater, just do ,sudo apt-get install nvidia-current in the terminal , and if it installs then reboot15:14
carldanleyi just followed the directions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx under b43- No Internet Access15:14
tomatobrosdid u try to add nomodeset to grub ?15:14
carldanleystep 3 b43 ( 12.04 Precise Pangolin )15:14
sn_opim using novoue15:14
carldanleywhen I run the "sudo b43-fwcutter -w /lib/firmware ...." i get:15:15
BluesKajTLM, what are you sending the notes to , just your speakersa or an outboard device of some kind , or both ?15:15
p0wn3dIs anyone running MATE on ubuntu? How is it going? any problems to report?15:15
carldanleythe program b43-fwcutter is not installed, install via sudo apt-get..15:15
carldanleyany ideas?15:15
ActionPa1snipsn_op: tried the proprietary video driver?15:15
ActionPa1snip!broadcom | carldanley15:15
ubottucarldanley: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx15:15
aeroaksshould run ,sudo apt-get install nvidia-current, even for intel express chipset?15:15
ActionPa1snipcarldanley: gives the commands you need15:16
BluesKajaeroaks, absolutely not!15:16
carldanleyActionPa1snip: thats what im saying15:16
carldanleyi followed them15:16
ActionPa1snipsn_op: may make the display nicer15:16
carldanleythey are erroring15:16
sn_opso i cant get xorg to run?15:16
sn_opim not crazy m815:16
aeroaksthen what to do15:16
carldanleyscroll up and read them ActionPa1snip15:16
tgm4883sn_op, IDK if the ignoreEDID option works on the open source nvidia driver15:16
ActionPa1snipsn_op: yes, xorg will run if you use the proprietary driver15:16
sn_opno it wont15:17
tgm4883sn_op, also, I'm surprised windows can get the EDID driver without installing the nvidia driver15:17
ActionPa1snipcarldanley: what broadcom chip do you have?15:17
BluesKajaeroaks, run, lspci | grep VGA15:17
tgm4883sn_op, in any case, this isn't a support issue, so you should take this to #ubuntu-offtopic15:18
sn_opwindows dont need EDID for crap i just tell it whats the res and ther you have it15:18
aeroakswhat aill that do15:18
icedwaterBluesKaj: nope, reboot didn't help.15:18
icedwaterAlso, sorry about the spam here, but #nvidia doesn't seem to be responsive.15:18
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tgm4883!OT | sn_op15:18
sn_opicedwater: try nouveu15:18
aeroaksi case it needs internet, then i would have to download it first, as i am using usb dongle15:18
carldanleyActionPa1snip: 02:03.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4306 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Controller (rev 03)15:18
ubottusn_op: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:18
sn_opok i will let you caryon with make belive support15:20
BluesKajaeroaks, sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg-video-intel15:21
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ActionPa1snipcarldanley: did you install the debs from the install CD?15:24
guangwhy i "tar -xf firefox-20.0.source.tar.bz2" then echo $? equal 0,but i can find the dir firefox?15:24
supertoughgarbage Openshot15:24
supertoughscrew this open source garbage time to torrent sony vegas15:25
tgm4883guang, -xf wouldn't extract a .bz215:25
ActionPa1snipguang: try -jxvf  or bunzip or unp15:25
icedwaterguang: you need xvjf :P15:25
tgm4883!illegal | supertough15:25
ubottusupertough: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o15:25
tgm4883icedwater, I don't think he needs the x15:25
carldanleyActionPa1snip: they weren't on the CD for 12.04 server. I downloaded them from the link on this page, mounted the USB, copied to home, unmounted USB and then continued the directions15:26
icedwatertgm4883: Why not? IT's what actually does the extraction...15:26
supertoughcan we get a working video editor???15:26
ActionPa1snipcarldanley: does dpkg -l    show the package as installed?15:26
|nv|s|b|eyou know, i quit windows 8 yrs ago, i have found linux 10x easier and more durable, i cant understand why people dont take the few extra minutes and read about their problem instead of complaining about it.15:26
carldanleychecking ActionPa1snip15:26
ActionPa1snipsupertough: tried lightworks15:26
tgm4883icedwater, I don't often extract bz2 files, but I don't recall using that. Perhaps j implies x15:26
supertoughisn't lightworks only for windows?15:27
* tgm4883 shrugs15:27
icedwatersupertough: if you are man enough, I think you can try kino ;)15:27
tgm4883supertough, april 30th there will be a linux version15:27
ActionPa1snipsupertough: search for: omgubuntu lightworks15:27
carldanleyActionPa1snip: dpkg -l | grep b43 = no results15:27
tgm4883or maybe the 31st15:27
icedwatertgm4883: always used zxvf for tar.gz and remembered xvjf as the bz2 variant.15:27
ActionPa1snipcarldanley: that'll be why then15:27
guangno ,"tar -xf" can extract a .bz2,and it can also extract a .gz15:28
icedwaterguang: Ah, hmm. Maybe the - version of the options is the trick.15:28
carldanleyActionPa1snip: I'm trying to install it via that tar file though. Am I doing something wrong?15:28
guangi found the dir15:28
ActionPa1snipguang: install unp, use it for everything. You don't have to remember stupid tar switches that15:28
ActionPa1snipcarldanley: grab the deb file off the desktop ISO15:29
carldanleyok, working on it15:30
ActionPa1snipguang: its like using GUI unzipping, you don't have to remember the extract method, just click and go15:30
icedwaterActionPa1snip: heh. You might as well use file-roller then :)15:30
icedwaterI use that on occasion.15:30
nizori am not having much fun when i am offline with my ubuntu ...please can someone tell me more fun ways to use the ubuntu....where to download fun games...15:32
ActionPa1snipicedwater: its the CLI equiv of file roller :)15:32
guangActionPalsnip:using "tar -xf",you also do not have to remember.i just wrongly think firefox.tar.bz2 will be extracted to firefox,but the result is mozilla-release15:32
ActionPa1snipnizor: software centre has games, The Penumbra series is badass15:32
icedwaterBluesKaj: how do I select the nvidia driver for use then?15:32
BluesKajdid you install the nvidia-current driver in the terminal , as i suggested , icedwater?15:33
nizorActionPa1snip please send me a link for that series15:34
icedwaterNo, but why should the Additional Drivers option not be enough, BluesKaj?15:34
icedwaterI mean it in earnest :P15:34
ActionPa1snipnizor: www.penumbragame.com15:34
ActionPa1snipnizor: scary FPS style survivor game,15:35
BluesKajicedwater, well , it's a method of seeing if it's installed or not15:35
nizorActionPa1snip how can i play that ...this one that it has to do with FPS style15:35
sn_opany one from nigeria?15:36
BluesKajicedwater, your version string didn't show the nvidia driver with glxinfo15:36
carldanleyActionPa1snip: the package from the cd I have gives me: package architecture (amd64) does not match system (i386)15:37
ActionPa1snipnizor: download and install the demo15:37
carldanleyoh ya baby, i386 =P15:37
icedwaterYup, now it's set to manually installed.15:37
ActionPa1snipcarldanley: then your CD is 64bit but the system you have is 32bit15:37
nizorActionPa1snip ok...i am already on the website now......is it the demo i need alone15:38
sn_opcarldanley: are you using cd to install?15:38
icedwaterBluesKaj: so I've installed it manually. It still doesn't seem to be the active driver, do I need to remove anything?15:39
carldanleyActionPa1snip: ok, will download other ISO15:39
carldanleysn_op: was a different CD for 10.04 64 bit I guess15:40
BluesKajicedwater, it won't be aqctive til you reboot15:40
icedwaterProbably xserver-xorg-video-nouveau15:40
icedwaterOK, though I rebooted before and it didn't change a thing.15:40
icedwaterI'll reboot in a couple of minutes.15:40
BluesKajwell , maybe the driver wasn't installed when you rebooted before , icedwater15:41
Psil0cybinhey guys i need help15:41
Psil0cybinby any chance15:41
Psil0cybinIf I run a shell script as a regular user, NOT as root15:41
icedwaterBluesKaj: maybe, though it was 'already the newest version' and 'set to manually installed'.15:41
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Psil0cybincould anything dangerous happen if i dont trust it such as problems with my O.S15:41
Psil0cybinother than my home directory15:41
Psil0cybini know shell scripts without root can do exactly what a user can do15:41
Psil0cybinsuch as download files15:41
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!15:41
Psil0cybinbut other than that?15:41
BluesKajwell icedwater if that's the case then there must be other issues15:42
jribPsil0cybin: in theory it could only affect files the user has access to.  Sometimes there are security vulnerabilities and exploits though...15:42
tgm4883Psil0cybin, it could delete everything in your directory. It could also run a background process and wait for you to sudo something and then have full access to your system15:42
icedwaterShould I remove the nouveau driver though?15:42
tgm4883Psil0cybin, yes15:43
Psil0cybinokay, could you than tell me if this simple script I used to test my own websever, might have a hidden code...I looked over it and everything LOOKS really fine as its small and pretty straight forward15:43
tgm4883Psil0cybin, isn't that kinda obvious. You said you knew it could do everything the user could do15:43
Psil0cybinwell i didnt think it could linger, for me to sudo15:43
tgm4883Psil0cybin, yea, it's pretty trivial for it to do that15:44
Psil0cybintgm4883, could you look over at this REALly quickly and tell me if it does anything bad, I dont think so as its straight forward and its just getting something from a URL, and echoing a bunch of commands15:44
xeno_am I connected?15:44
Psil0cybinnot getting as in downloading but sending information to google15:44
tgm4883Psil0cybin, it bothers me that it says   "echo "[*] Still attacking `echo $urlclear`""15:44
le_colaOh Hai15:45
mleighPsil0cybin, if you want the script to not be able to sudo, you would need to take away sudo privs for that user account15:45
tgm4883Psil0cybin, I'm just going to leave you with this15:45
tgm4883!illegal | Psil0cybin15:45
ubottuPsil0cybin: piracy discussion and other questionably legal practices are not welcome in the Ubuntu channels. Please take this discussion elsewhere or abstain from it altogether. This includes linking to pirated software, music, and video. Also see !guidelines and !o4o15:45
nizorActionpa1snip i am at the page...kinda stranded15:45
Psil0cybinIm not doing anything wrong for testing my own web server?15:45
le_colaMy name is Eddie15:45
xeno_am I connected?15:45
le_colaWhat's up everybody =15:45
Psil0cybinwhat would be wrong with that echo command15:46
tgm4883Psil0cybin, you are trying to DDoS your own server?15:46
tgm4883Psil0cybin, there is nothing technically wrong with the echo command.15:46
Psil0cybinyou just mean ethically15:46
tgm4883Psil0cybin, other than you are asking for help on attacking something15:46
Psil0cybinNo no no sorry, what im really trying to do is learn how to completely avoid getting Ddosed, I know there are methods, just trying to learn them all because15:47
Psil0cybinme hosting my own sites15:47
Psil0cybinis pointless if i can be easily taken offline15:47
ActionPa1snipPsil0cybin: i'd ask in #httpd15:47
PiciPsil0cybin: Its offtopic for Ubuntu channels. Please take this request elsewhere.15:47
Psil0cybinokay sorry guys15:47
Psil0cybinand thanks15:47
xeno_can somebody read my writings15:48
ActionPa1snipxeno_: i read you15:49
xeno_perfect, thank you.15:49
Psil0cybinsorry i didnt want to really ask more about it, I just wanted to know if that shell script would cause any problems such as Malware, or trojans, but it looked clean to me because it didnt download anything so i just wanted to learn if those commands that were executed did any immediate harm on my ubuntu15:49
Psil0cybinthing is i got rid of it and have no use for it i just want to make sure its gone15:49
Psil0cybinand not causing problems behind my back15:49
Psil0cybini scanned with rkhunter and everything is in the clear15:49
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alexaHi, guys! Sometimes I have no internet connection, don't know why. I just notice that Firefox can't load any link. I have 2 devices: 1 modem and 1 router. When I had modem only, I always see notification that there's no internet connection. Since I have router, when no connectivity, Notification icon in panel doesn't say anything about it.15:50
alexaSo I have to figure it out by myself15:50
alexathen I unplug both devices for 5 minutes, and turn it on. My question would be:15:50
nizorplease give me interesting games to play on my linux15:51
Psil0cybindo you want an online FPS15:51
alexaHow to automatically detect and display in notification panel that I'm out of connection?15:51
dustinspringmanalexa, sounds like a modem issue..15:51
Psil0cybini have a bunch15:51
Psil0cybinnizor: http://www.warsow.net/15:51
Psil0cybinmulti platform, quake 3 style game15:52
alexadustinspringman, I know, but that isn't my problem. I just want to know when I'm out of internet - it's usefull, because if something is being downloaded, and there's no connection, I would like to know, so I could restart both devices :D15:52
parlumstill waiting on DS product key15:52
dustinspringmanI'd call your cable company and get a new modem.. =D15:53
dustinspringmannizor: UrbanTerror is one of my favs15:53
Psil0cybinUrbanTerror looks good too15:53
Psil0cybinI remember15:53
Psil0cybinyou used to be able to play Wolfenstein15:53
ActionPa1snipPsil0cybin: Urban Terror rocks15:54
alexaWhat if I lived in Africa? No way15:54
parlumafrican child15:54
parlumstroke the furry wall15:54
alexaI know the original problem - I manually set the cables15:55
ActionPa1snipfrozen bubble15:55
Piciparlum: Do you have an Ubuntu support question?15:55
gartralActionPa1snip: got sick of your nick, or forget the password to ActionParsnip? :P15:55
alexacome on, guys, few lines of code, I'm asking no more15:56
jpdsalexa: You can set NetworkManager to ping a URL to check connectivity.15:56
ActionPa1snipgartral: was getting lag, quit out and logged in and it changed15:56
gartrallast alexa15:56
ActionPa1snipgartral: is /quit   not a graceful exit of the service?15:56
alexaI have a network settings, usin' xubuntu15:56
alexashould I install somethin'?15:57
gartralActionPa1snip: not all clients alias it to /disconnect first, no15:57
gartralActionPa1snip: irssi seems to lack it15:57
gartralbut that's ok, i run a znc bouncer anyway15:58
alexastill waiting15:58
clarehi can you tell me how to install skype on ubuntu15:59
alexaclare: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=how+to+install+skype+on+ubuntu16:00
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guest5hi clare download deb package for ubuntu and change directory in terminal to path with deb package like cd Downloaded and in the directory within terminal write sudo dpkg -i skype.deb write password and run installation thats it16:00
philinuxclare: just install it from the software center16:01
clarei can't find it16:01
clareon sftware center16:01
philinuxclare: what ubuntu version have u got16:01
nizordustinspringman where can i download that pls16:02
philinuxclare: from terminal then sudo apt-get install skype16:02
nizorpsil0cybin thanks....on it now16:02
philinuxclare: you have to enable the Partner repo from software sources first16:03
carldanleyActionPa1snip: installed, restarting16:03
philinuxclare: maybe thats why you cant see it in software center16:03
icedwaterBluesKaj: didn't help, by the way.16:05
icedwaterI'm going to reboot again after removing nouveau...16:05
BluesKajwhat didn't help ?16:05
philinuxclare: top right hand gear on desktop > system  settings > software and updates > then click on Other Software tab16:07
BluesKajicedwater, removing nouveau shouldn't make any difference16:07
parlumnew lays16:09
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BluPhenix316i got a silly question i think, how do you disable to nividia splash screen when starting X? I know you just add NoLogo in xorg.conf but ubuntu doesn't use a normal xorg.conf16:10
rokohi all16:11
tgm4883BluPhenix316, If you are using the nvidia driver, you should have an xorg.conf16:12
rokocan i ask someone how i can set permission on my /var/www folder?16:12
quemroko: chmod16:12
BluPhenix316tgm4883: know where it might be?16:12
ActionPa1sniproko: do you have a GUI OS or is it a server with CLI only?16:12
BluPhenix316it isn't in /etc/X1116:12
tgm4883BluPhenix316, /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:12
philinuxBluPhenix316: run this from terminal pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:13
clareseems i did that16:13
rokoits GUI OS16:13
rokoUBUNTU 12.1016:13
tgm4883roko, you'll have to open a terminal16:13
BluPhenix316there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf16:13
ActionPa1sniproko: then run:  gksudo nautilus     and you can copy and paste files as you wish16:13
ekiwokroko, ctrl+alt+f116:13
adamkIt's possible the nvidia driver is being specified somewhere under /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/16:13
tgm4883BluPhenix316, are you sure you are using the proprietary linux driver?16:13
quemroko: open a terminal, type "man chmod". it's quite concise and explains it well.16:13
BluPhenix316yeah it shows the nvidia splash screen when X starts16:13
ActionPa1sniproko: you can press ALT+F2 and use the GUI to run the app, no need for terminals :)16:14
BluPhenix316and when i run nvidia x settings it tells me the version of the driver running16:14
quemroko: then you have "chown" to change ownership, and "chgrp" to change group.16:14
adamkBluPhenix316: Check the files under /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/16:14
Nmbr1roko: you can change the owner and group together using chown user:group16:15
BluPhenix316adamk: there are just input conf files there16:15
Nmbr1roko: here is a decent tutorial for chmod; http://catcode.com/teachmod/16:15
BluPhenix316hmm maybe i should ask in #ubuntu+1 because i'm using raring?16:17
BluPhenix316or does it matter16:17
clareafter i typed sudo dpkg-i skype ,then told me command not found16:17
BluPhenix316clare: try dpkg -i skype16:17
ActionPa1snipBluPhenix316: yes, #ubuntu+1 is the only raring support channe til release day16:17
BluPhenix316put a space between dpkg and -i16:17
ActionPa1snipquem: you can use chown to change group ownership too :)16:18
clarestill that16:18
lalondongHey guys , i'm backkkkk16:18
BluPhenix316try dpkg16:18
BluPhenix316and see if it says command not found16:18
clareOptions marked [*] produce a lot of output - pipe it through `less' or `more' !16:19
guest5clare, sudo dpkg -i name-of-skypes-deb-package16:19
philinuxclare: apt-cache policy skype16:19
philinuxsudo not needed16:20
clare   500 http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/ quantal/partner i386 Packages16:20
clare        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status16:20
ActionPa1snipskype needs to die16:22
philinuxActionPa1snip: runs fine here16:22
ekiwokclare, try dpgk -i skype --force-architecture16:22
ActionPa1snipphilinux: hang in here and on launchpad, you'll see all sorts of dumb stuff it does16:23
clarestill didn't work16:24
ekiwokclare, have you tried aptitude or apt-get?16:24
clareahh seems can open skype now16:25
clarejust typed skype on it16:25
clarethank you guys16:25
ActionPa1snipekiwok: skype is a 32bit app, so you will need to use apt-get16:25
=== alexa is now known as alexa_afk
clareneed i always use terminal to install software?16:28
tgm4883clare, no, but it's usually easier to explain terminal instructions over the internet16:29
ekiwokclare, no you shoud try Synaptic16:29
tgm4883or.... software center16:29
clarewhere are those software i installed16:29
wildstrangethingAnyone can help me with a partition mounting problem? http://serverfault.com/questions/499548/mounting-var-www-for-file-recovery16:29
lalondongguys, i'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, i want to update it to 13.04, but how much it will cost my space?16:30
lalondongi have 7.7 gb left only16:30
clarei can't install software like exe.16:32
ActionPa1sniplalondong: only a little more, uninstall old kernels gets you a lot of extra space16:32
ActionPa1snipclare: that is a windows file, ubuntu isn't windows16:32
ActionPa1snipclare: some windows apps run via wine, depends what you are installing16:32
lalondongbut how much it will cost ?16:33
MonkeyDustlalondong  ubuntu is free16:33
MonkeyDustlalondong  as in free beer16:33
lalondongi mean the spaceeeeee?16:33
clarei want to install a typewriting method16:33
Nexuusfree beer!16:33
lalondongi know it's freee... it's always freeee16:33
claretype method16:33
ActionPa1snipclare: check the wine appdb16:34
stabyouif someone can explain me how to allow myself permission on my var/www/ folder pls write to me16:34
ekiwokstabyou, use chmod16:35
stabyoui tryied it16:35
ekiwokstabyou, what exactly did you do?16:36
stabyouchmod: changing permissions of `/var/www': Operation not permitted16:36
surakusaDoes anyone know how one could search a PDF for the first line of text it has? :)16:36
ekiwokstabyou, you must run chmod as root and set correct permissions16:36
=== dan__ is now known as Guest13462
Nexuuslalongdong...try sudo apt-get clean to see if you could free up some space.16:37
ekiwokstabyou, sudo chmod 777 /var/www16:37
Nexuusthat will clear out your /var/cache/apt/archives folder16:37
MonkeyDust777 is not a good idea, anyone could change anything and lock you out16:37
OerHeksekiwok 777 on var/ww/ is a bad thing16:38
hron84Hi! Can anyone help me? My Atheros AR9285 PCIE wireless card is recconnecting every few minutes.16:38
hron84http://pastebin.com/LF3LMjYy <= syslog16:38
hron84I tried with the default 12.04 kernel too16:38
hron84and raring kernel too16:38
cravipmy ubuntu 12.04 gets stucked at starting cups printing spooler server !!16:38
ekiwokMonkeyDust, it think it's fine when in your safe local network16:38
OerHeksekiwok, bettter advise to make hisstaby's  account member of data-www >> http://askubuntu.com/a/5133716:40
cravipany help for ubuntu getting stucked at starting cups printing spooler at startup ?16:40
OerHekscravip, what error do you get?16:41
surakusaDoes anyone know how one could search a PDF for the first line of text it has? :)16:42
stabyouhi all can anyone help me how to grand access to my var/www folder and all it's sub files16:43
OerHeksstabyou, make your  account member of data-www >> http://askubuntu.com/a/5133716:43
hron84OerHeks: www-data :-)16:43
OerHekshron84, correct16:44
Pumpkin-surakusa: poppler-utils contains pdf2txt. I think you could construct something with find to get *.pdf, pdf2txt to turn it into text, head to get the first line, and grep to find what you are looking for.16:44
surakusaPumpkin-: Cool, I am currently using 'pdftotext' is 'pdf2txt' something different?16:45
Pumpkin-nah, that is just me getting it wrong16:45
surakusaPumpkin-: thanks for the response, I have typed 'pdftotext -layout pdf-test.pdf - | grep '(not sure what to put here)''16:46
cravipOerHeks:  booting just gets stucked at starting cups  printing spooler16:50
pqatsiits possible to nautilus discover bonjour computers?16:50
surakusaPumpkin-: Sweet I got it working Pumpkin, thanks for the help. :)16:53
hpuser4466gpicview (image viewer) scrambles the images.  Fix?16:55
James_mWill K3b automatically convert files from mp3 to audio, if I have chosen to create an audio project?16:58
guest_____Hello, I have a question about chome and flash/totem/mplayer. Would this be the right channel?16:59
hpuser4466guest____  Yes, fire away.16:59
BluesKajJames_m, what kind of audio do want from mp3 ?16:59
llutzJames_m: it will17:00
F41LHaving an interesting bug I thought I might share with the ubuntu people.17:00
James_mI simply want to burn audio CD so that it could be played from audio CDs players17:00
James_mOK, thanks17:00
F41LSearching for the code of conduct on google, and clicking the link, brings me to http://localhost:10002/about/about-ubuntu/conduct17:01
delargehi there, a question: The Ubuntu server comes with X server? or just the prompt?17:01
BluesKajJames_m, just burn them directly , most cd players play mp317:01
ekiwokdalarge, comes with X server and windows server comes with metro (modernUI)17:02
James_mBluesKaj: unfortunately not mine :D17:02
guest_____Okay, so Iḿ running ubuntu 12.10 64 bit with a ATI readon HD 48XX gpu and two monitors. But I am having a hard time getting flash to work full screen. So I tryed totem and mplayer, but I didn´t get any of them wokring.17:02
guest_____Wich is recomanded? And how do I go about getting it to work on chrome?17:02
BluesKajJames_m, then convert them to wav , if it's an older model player that you want use17:03
guest_____(Yes I have googled extensively :P)17:03
llutzJames_m: no need to convert them manually before, k3b does it on the fly if all codecs are installed17:04
hpuser4466guest___   Do you mean you want to play a flash video file or stream flash content from the internet?17:04
llutz!info libk3b6-extracodecs  | James_m  you need this17:05
ubottuJames_m you need this: libk3b6-extracodecs (source: k3b): KDE CD/DVD burning application library - extra decoders. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.2-5ubuntu1 (quantal), package size 27 kB, installed size 141 kB17:05
guest_____hpuser4466: Yes, I´m wanting to watch youtube video´s on one monitor while doing stuff on the other one. But flash wont let me and I can´t get mplayer(gecko-mediaplayer) to work.17:06
gpledubuntu 12.04.  I can ssh into, but if I scp, i get "No route to host"  any ideas what is going on?17:08
llutzgpled: what is the exact command you use?17:08
=== carldanley is now known as carldanley|away
guest_____gpled: Best guess would be it´s blocked?17:09
hpuser4466guest__  I can only recommend what I do to setup video:   sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer ubuntu-restricted-extras ffmpeg vlc17:10
gpledllutz: scp file user@
hpuser4466guest___ beyond that, could be a driver or x issue..  Not sure really.17:10
guest_____I´ll try that, isn´t flash choppy for you?17:11
hpuser4466no. flash is perfect here.17:11
Xuserhow can i install ati video driver in ubuntu 12.10?17:11
guest_____Lol that timeing, I have the same question as Xuser :P17:12
cravipdoes ubuntu 12.04 LTS have bug regarding  starting cups printing spooler at boot up ??17:12
llutzgpled: but "ssh user@" succeeds?17:13
gpledllutz: yes17:13
Xusercan you help me?17:13
gpledllutz: scp uses port 22?17:14
llutzgpled: yes17:14
guest_____Xuser: You mean and open source or the offical one?17:14
gpledhave an idea17:14
Xuseri dont know17:14
BluesKajXuser, alt+f2 , additional drivers17:14
chaibizkitI have a problem when downloading packages using apt-get17:15
gpleddid not work :(17:15
chaibizkitit hangs at [waiting for headers] without any progress17:15
Xuserdoesnt work in ubutu 12.1017:15
BluesKaj!doesn't work17:16
ubottuDoesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.17:16
hpuser4466Xuser:  in the terminal, enter:   jockey-gtk17:16
NKhi there17:17
Xuseris not installed17:17
agresterGot a question, the windows in Unity are no longer snapping under the panel, what do I do?17:17
NKdoes any one know what are the CFLAGS used when compiling the kernel delivered by ubuntu ?17:17
NKor how we can obtain them17:17
=== security is now known as megha
NKand if possible the full toolchain used17:17
hpuser4466Xuser:   terminal:   sudo apt-get install jockey-gtk17:19
Xuseri cant install it17:22
gpledllutz:  changed :~  to :  and it worked ??17:27
lalondongGuysss, i'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, i have issue when trying to do update17:29
Anikwaany idea of an ETA for ubuntu 13.04?17:29
lalondongafter i typed sudo apt-get update on the terminal, its loadiing but then  : W: Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/gloobus-dev/covergloobus/ubuntu/dists/precise/main/source/Sources  404  Not Found17:30
lalondonghow do i fix this?17:30
Synergiidid you add that repository manually?17:32
=== derWachert|BNC is now known as derWachert
BluesKajlalondong, open /etc/apt/sources.list.d  with root permissions and remove the gloobus ppa , then sudo apt-get update again17:33
Guest1Back, I run the command you said and it is properly installed.17:35
MestreLionif I install new desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications, why dash requires a log out and back in to show them? shouldn't update-desktop-database be enough to refresh it?17:39
lalondongBlueska : you mean globus-dev-covergloobus-precise.list17:40
lalondongBluesKa : i have to delete this?17:40
Arleasi'm trying to install ubuntu 13.04 from a bootdisk alongside Windows 817:42
ubottuUbuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) will be the 18th release of Ubuntu, Discussion and support until final release in #ubuntu+117:42
Arleasbut when partitioning the HD, I don't know if the partition on the left side is for Ubuntu, or the one on the right!17:42
Arleasis the partition program the same though?17:42
SonikkuAmericalalondong: Yo17:42
Bumptiousby 'alongside' do you mean someone next to you is running Windows 8 and it is a constant distraction?17:42
Arleasit's actually the phrasing used on the installer17:43
SonikkuAmericaArleas, Bumptious: Yes, but 13.04 isn't discussed here, in #ubuntu+1 please17:43
Arleasit says 'install alongside Windows 8'17:43
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Arleasstick that in your humour pipe and smoke it!17:43
Arleasok cheers, will change17:43
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=== Exumer is now known as HellHammer
chaibizkitdoes anyone use a cyberroam based authentication on their internet connection?17:50
wildstrangethingAnyone can help me with nginx 1.2.7 not listening to port 80?17:52
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CrazyGangsterHello ppl, how i can define charset=utf-8 with wget? When I wget on page i got strange characters...17:59
mansoorI have an Ubuntu 12.10 and its not detecting my "Logitech Performance Mouse MX" any pointers?18:00
mansoorlol no pun intended18:00
MadDogAnyone there who knows about firewall - ipchains, iptables, ufw18:01
MadDogLooking for some help in configuring firewall - ufw, ipchains, iptables18:03
MadDogIs anyone there?18:04
MestreLionif I install new desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications, why dash requires a log out and back in to show them? shouldn't update-desktop-database be enough to refresh it?18:04
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=== carldanley|away is now known as carldanley
MadDogtrying to get some info concerning firewall - Ubuntu18:07
uvalaI can recover contents of a deleted partition via testdisk, true?18:07
orestishello guys I try to resize an ntfs partition from Ubuntu. I run gparted i click resize/move to the partition but the option of resize is unmarked18:08
WHAT_UP1orestis: is the partition mounted?18:11
WHAT_UP1are you running gparted as root?18:11
orestisyes it asked for my password ...18:12
SebhaelGood afternoon, I'm working on a website using ubuntu as my test server - and I'm wondering how to make a folder fully accessable when adding new files. When I place my file in a folder via a PHP script, it's still read-only - which I'm trying to copy these temp files to AWS/S3 then delete them - but the upload doesn't happen.18:12
WHAT_UP1orestis: is it a logical partition?18:13
hpuser4466orestis:  You have to right-click "unmount" the partition before editing.18:13
orestisWHAT_UP1: dont know... it does not say that is extended... so it is logical??/18:14
orestishpuser4466: It's unmounted18:14
WHAT_UP1orestis: can you pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -l ?18:14
orestisWHAT_UP1: http://pastebin.com/VYXEgXsC18:16
oupateddieis there a way to use whatsapp on Ubuntu?18:17
orestisWHAT_UP1: http://tinypic.com/r/10ni82g/6 this is a screenshoot. It's in greek but I hope you understand what is going on !18:18
BodsdaHey - can someone pastebin their /var/log/secure file for me. I'm trying to help someone on the forums18:18
MonkeyDustsupport asking for support18:18
jacklkMonkeyDust: http://s9.postimg.org/utegbonlr/lol.jpg18:18
MonkeyDustjacklk  not here18:19
jacklkMonkeyDust: Where?18:19
OerHeksBodsda, there is no /var/log/secure in ubuntu ( Fedora/Centos/RHEL)   in Ubuntu/Ubunut based check /var/log/auth.18:22
BluesKajOerHeks, I think that's a fishing expedition18:22
=== she_dyed is now known as betrayd
OerHeksBluesKaj, i would not paste it unseen, i know what you mean18:23
BluesKajOerHeks, :)18:23
BodsdaOerHeks: well that explains that mystery then :) cheers18:23
=== alexa_afk is now known as alexa
OerHeksBluesKaj, but the Q is legit, as secure is altered to auth18:23
jacklkBluesKaj: http://s9.postimg.org/utegbonlr/lol.jpg18:23
BodsdaBluesKaj: for reference, someone is trying to write a python script to extract info from that log. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=213567618:24
oupateddieis there a way to use whatsapp on Ubuntu?18:26
BluesKajjacklk, fishing for brown trout18:26
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=== jack is now known as jacklk
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OerHeksoupateddie, no, only on android/iOS or windows18:27
Bodsdaoupateddie: a reply on here seems to be working - http://askubuntu.com/questions/211700/how-to-use-whatsapp-mobile-application-in-ubuntu-linux18:27
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merpnderp1Does 12.04LTS default with a firewall? I just installed mongodb from the repo, but just realized it might be listening to the world.18:31
tgm4883merpnderp1, the firewall is not enabled by default18:32
tgm4883sudo ufw enable18:32
WHAT_UP1is it normal to get "No GSettings schemas are installed on the symTrace/breakpoint trap" when updating? i can't seem to start any new programs (including a browser)18:32
failuremerpnderp1: sudo apt-get install gufw18:32
failuremerpnderp1: after go to settings and run firewall18:33
merpnderp1tgm4883: so how do people normally run services?18:33
alfredoneed help18:33
merpnderp1failure: I'm not on the desktop. this is a virtual.18:33
tgm4883merpnderp1, what do you mean?18:33
tgm4883merpnderp1, you enable the firewall and configure it?18:33
failuremerpnderp1: oo, ufw enable as tgm4883 says :)18:33
betraydservice service-name start if thats what u mean18:33
merpnderp1But is that normally what people do? Or should mongo just be configured to not listen to external ports?18:34
betraydnot for fw or mongo18:34
llutzmerpnderp1: configure the services to listen only at ports/addresses they need to18:35
merpnderp1llutz: I thought that was more the debian philosophy, instead of relying upon the firewall.18:35
merpnderp1which is what I was ham fistedly trying to ask.18:35
llutzmerpnderp1: i firewall is not to hide misconfigured services18:36
failurellutz: sadly it is :P18:36
merpnderp1llutz: ah, it defaults to binding to :D18:36
tgm4883llutz, eh, it kinda is18:36
messa4is there any supported ubuntu (LTS) with 2.x kernel?18:36
llutztgm4883: its not (by purpose)18:36
tgm4883llutz, what is a firewall's purpose?18:37
merpnderp1coming from the redhat world it is scary not having a firewall……but it makes sense after you get used to it.18:37
LS\MFTHi, is Unetbootin safe to burn Fuduntu to an USB pen-drive using Ubuntu?18:37
llutzbetter to lock a door than to put a curtain in front18:38
trismWHAT_UP1: try: alt+f2, run xterm (since it doesn't use gsettings), and then run: sudo glib-compile-schemas /usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/;18:38
messa4any expert here?18:38
tgm4883llutz, terrible analogy18:38
messa4which ubuntu is with 2.x kernel?18:38
trismWHAT_UP1: I managed to reproduce that error by deleting the gschemas.compiled file and the last command reproduces it (though your problem may be deeper)18:38
merpnderp1llutz: couldn't the firewall act as a layer of security in case your properly configured service has an exploit?18:39
messa4any expert here?18:39
merpnderp1Then there is a curtain over your locked door :P18:39
tgm4883messa4, 10.04 would have a 2.6.x kernel18:39
llutzmerpnderp1: sure, but you still should configure your services "right" (as restrictive as possible)18:39
messa4tgm4883: is it still supported?18:40
tgm4883messa4, and it is LTS and supported on the server until 201518:40
failuremerpnderp1: thats more of a IPS thats feeds the firewall with drop/reject rules18:40
messa4tgm4883: thank you buddy!18:40
merpnderp1failure: IPS?18:40
tgm4883llutz, well yes, I completely agree with that18:40
merpnderp1failure: that's what ufw is?18:41
tgm4883merpnderp1, no18:41
failuremerpnderp1: no :P18:41
failuremerpnderp1: apt-cache search snort18:41
merpnderp1failure: oh man….this is starting to sound like a lot of work. I'll just trust that the vanilla install of mongodb, bound to, is safe enough :P18:43
merpnderp1my luck, I'd install ufw and lock myself out of the server.18:43
jacklk19:40 [spotchat] -!- Cannot join to channel #linuxmint-chat (You are banned)18:43
Picijacklk: that has nothing to do with us. That is a different irc network and a different channel.18:44
FreeNETthis my desktop18:44
failuremerpnderp1: allow ssh maybe :)18:44
dhanasekaranFreeNET: Suberb:)18:45
failuremerpnderp1: ufw allow 22/tcp18:45
failuremerpnderp1: and update /etc/ufw/ufw.conf and ENABLED=yes18:45
FreeNETdhanasekaran 10x18:45
merpnderp1failure: heh….that's the problem. I haven't looked at iptables in years. And you only have to screw up once before your cloud hosted image is locked out foreva!!18:45
merpnderp1failure: oh, that's easy18:46
tgm4883Probably should add denyhosts as well18:46
failuretgm4883: yeah18:46
benbro1where can I see syslog messages?18:47
failureor just allow where you orginate from18:47
tgm4883benbro1, in /var/log/syslog18:47
dhanasekaranFreeNET: witch theme. can you share the more info.  i know u r using conky cariodock witch theme this. very nice one18:47
tgm4883failure, that works too, although then you can only access it from there (obviously)18:47
merpnderp1tgm4883: I only allows pub/priv key ssh, so denyhosts would be a waste18:47
benbro1tgm4883: thanks18:48
tgm4883failure, I've got mine setup to require port knocking before ssh is opened18:48
merpnderp1tgm4883: password auth?18:48
tgm4883merpnderp1, not sure it would be a waste18:48
failuremerpnderp1: dont trust ssh :P limit it do a ipnet is kinda good :)18:48
dhanasekaranFreeNET: Tell me18:48
merpnderp1tgm4883: no one is brute forcing an rsa key?18:48
failuremerpnderp1: s/do/to/18:48
tgm4883merpnderp1, true, but I'd rather drop their connections before it gets to SSH if they keep trying to hammer it18:49
failuremerpnderp1: there might be unknown exploits to SSH :P18:49
FreeNETdhanasekaran http://pastebin.com/0fdDCTkY <-- .conkyrc18:49
merpnderp1failure: unknown exploits to ssh? oh man…I just need to nuke my servers18:49
FreeNETyou welcome18:50
failuremerpnderp1: :)18:50
failureAnyone using guake? i just love it :) sudo apt-get install guake18:50
tgm4883failure, that would be OT18:50
failureand terminator, sudo apt-get install terminator <318:50
FreeNETdhanasekaran http://wiki.go-docky.com/index.php?title=Welcome_to_the_Docky_wiki18:51
dhanasekaranfailure: pressF12 right?18:51
failuredhanasekaran: yeah18:51
FreeNET  sudo add-apt-repository ppa:docky-core/stable18:51
FreeNET  sudo apt-get update18:51
FreeNET  sudo apt-get install docky18:51
FloodBot1FreeNET: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:51
dhanasekaranFreeNET: Also cariodock also good one you can consider18:51
merpnderp1bluh: ERROR: Couldn't stat '/etc/default/ufw'18:52
failureFreeNET: cmd1 ; cmd2 ; cmd3 then you dont flood :)18:52
merpnderp1that's from sudo ufw allow 23/tcp18:52
FreeNETfailure ok, sorry my friend18:52
failureFreeNET: its a FREE net :)18:53
failuredont waste bandwidth :)18:53
messa4is apt-get official ubuntu package manager ? or there is some other? [so many of them :/]18:54
ElsharYes, you can install aptitude which has some more features but there's no real need to18:55
ubottuaptitude is another terminal-based front-end to APT. You may encounter problems on multiarch installs (11.10 and higher) as aptitude cannot currently handle the same package with different architectures being installed at the same time. See http://pad.lv/831768 for more information.18:55
messa4llutz: was aptitude also used in Debian?18:55
llutzmessa4: yes18:55
ElsharIf that was ambiguous, the answer was yes, it's the default package manager for ubuntu18:55
messa4llutz: how old is it? more then 5? [i just forgot :( ]18:56
llutzmessa4: old, too old for multiarch :(18:56
ubottuAPT is the Advanced Package Tool, which together with dpkg forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit. Short apt-get manual: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGetHowto - Also see !Synaptic (Gnome), !Muon (KDE) or !Apper (KDE)18:56
messa4i know18:56
wilee-nileemessa4, You caught the bots info on aptitude I assume. ;)18:56
messa4was aptitude abalible [out of the box] for debian like in 2006?18:57
messa4i just forgot which one i was using back then :( [so many years]18:57
* tgm4883 wonders where this is going18:57
=== luigi is now known as Guest55633
merpnderp1looks like the ufw package for 12.04 isn't configured correctly.18:58
messa4any expert here? does aptitude comes from Ubuntu project- or it was widly used before ubuntu: in debian?18:58
merpnderp1mising the /etc/default/ufw file18:58
llutzmessa4: it comes from debian18:58
messa4ok thx18:58
llutzmessa4: "apt-get changelog aptitude"18:58
messa4llutz: i dont have linux18:59
messa4can someone told me what are the major diffrences in ubuntu since 2006?18:59
tgm4883messa4, this is starting to sound an aweful lot like homework18:59
llutz!ot | messa419:00
ubottumessa4: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:00
tgm4883and I don't like homework19:00
Walexmessa4: it would take too long time, but really major: different default GUI, multiarch support19:00
messa4Walex: no more gnome?19:00
messa4back in then it was gnome 2.x19:00
Walexmessa4: GNOME is optional.19:00
messa4so what is now used?!19:00
Walexmessa4: an Ubuntu developed desktop environment called Unity.19:01
tgm4883Gnome is still used19:01
betraydany reason you need to go back in time messa419:01
messa4betrayd: i wasnt using ubuntu/debian since 2006 so i was wondering what i missed. i till live in 2.4 era19:02
llutzmessa4: you missed nothing.things worked then, and they work now.19:03
tgm4883llutz, +119:03
messa4llutz: does ubuntu support CLOUD and APP?19:03
messa4just kidding19:03
CanadianPiratemessa4, A lot has changed. Specifically Ubuntu developed their own DE, Synaptic package manager has changed to an actual Software Center that is easy to use, UI redesigns19:03
messa4i hate tose all apps shops and stuff19:03
CanadianPirateYou can still use apt and stuff19:04
Picimessa4: give it a try and see, we can't go through everything that has changed in the past 7 years here.19:04
messa4Software center is just neat GUI for apt-get ?19:04
tgm4883!download | messa419:04
ubottumessa4: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Quantal, and help keeping the servers' load low!19:04
llutzmessa4: for apt, not apt-get19:04
CanadianPiratemessa4, apt-get is a program, apt is a protocol I think19:05
tgm4883!OT | messa419:05
ubottumessa4: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!19:05
llutzmessa4: apt-get is just an apt-frontend like aptitude, synaptics etc.pp19:05
tgm4883messa4, please take this to the off topic channel19:05
messa4tgm4883: stop spamming19:05
tgm4883this is not support19:05
messa4im not requesting any support. just general chat about changes in past 6 years19:05
tgm4883messa4, exactly19:05
CanadianPiratetgm4883, as soon as someone wants support we will give it19:05
tgm4883messa4, this channel is for support only19:06
llutzmessa4: thats why you are offtopic here, pls /j #ubuntu-offtopic19:06
tgm4883CanadianPirate, there is a reason there is an off topic channel19:06
messa4does Ubuntu support cloud and APPS? can i buy some neat apps for example weather toolbar?19:06
messa4j #ubuntu-offtopic19:07
betraydthin ice messa419:07
messa4join #ubuntu-offtopic19:07
* betrayd hands messa4 a slash19:07
messa4\join #ubuntu-offtopic19:07
* betrayd hands messa4 a lefthandeslash19:08
messa4there is no one in ubuntu-offtopic. no one is talking19:08
betraydhe was trying to tell you something19:09
tgm4883messa4, yes there is19:09
ubuntu222if i install ubuntu 13.04 will it update to the full release at the end of this month?19:11
CanadianPirateUbuBegin, not automatically, but yes19:12
ubuntu222CanadianPirate, you talking to me?19:12
CanadianPirateI used tab complete xD19:12
ubuntu222how would i do it then?19:13
messa4Can you buy apps from that Unity-whatever software centre?19:13
CanadianPirateThere will be a software updater, and it will walk you through the process19:13
CanadianPiratemessa4, yep19:13
CanadianPirateYou can actually pay for stuff if you want19:13
messa4CanadianPirate: can u give me some examle of such ap? [never used any app becasue i dont have smartphone ettc.]19:14
wilee-nileeubuntu222, #ubuntu+1 is the 13.04 channel.19:14
messa4ap is just .deb package or its something specialized?19:14
CanadianPirateBastion is a game that they sell on the software centre19:14
messa4Can someone give me some example of "APP" from Unity Software Shop. (name). ANd explain me - is it just normal .deb package or what makes it "app"? [or its just naming ]19:16
Picimessa4: there is no such thing as an 'app'. they're all just normal packages.19:17
=== jd is now known as Guest18884
messa4Pici: so "APPS" in Unity stores that u pay for - are just commercial software for linux? [in .deb] ?19:18
Picimessa4: yes19:18
messa4Pici: can u give me example of such program?19:18
Picimessa4: no. I don't have an Ubuntu desktop install here.19:18
jpdsmessa4: World of Goo.19:19
messa4jpds: this application is NORMAL linux app? (glibc etc.) not some magic JAVA on android/whatever virtual thing?19:20
=== kevin is now known as Guest31094
messa4jpds: this application is NORMAL linux app? (glibc etc.) not some magic JAVA on android/whatever virtual thing?19:22
jpdsmessa4: I believe so.19:23
=== Guest31094 is now known as skinofstars
IruianTrying out 13.04 and for some reason executables on the desktop will only open in the text editor? I have them set as allowing them to execute as a program, but I don't get the old run in terminal / display / run options anymore?19:23
anti__hi guyz i have a problem with l0ading xubuntuim stuck on boot screen and wont load any more can someone help paste.ubuntu.com/571089319:24
wilee-nilee!13.04 > anti__19:24
ubottuanti__, please see my private message19:24
wilee-nileeanti__, sorry19:24
wilee-nilee!13.04 > Iruian19:25
ubottuIruian, please see my private message19:25
anti__sorry im now c0nfused19:25
wilee-nileeanti__, I sent the message to meaning t for another nick.19:25
anti__okay ive seen your message19:26
anti__im looking for some help19:27
nomohello, i can no longer open google-chrome on ubuntu 12.04. can anyone help me troubleshoot? http://paste.ubuntu.com/5711264/19:27
wilee-nileeanti__, Did you run the basic fix in the bootrepair?19:28
anti__yes i sent the paste bin19:30
wilee-nileeanti__, Did you reboot to see if the basic repair fixed it the script looks as if you should be booting.19:31
sdaHi all, on phone and tablet we don't have always out the top panel, can I hide\autohide\intellihide the top panel too in ubuntu desktop?19:31
=== smithkm_ is now known as smithkm
anti__im not i get to booting screen then does not go any more19:32
wilee-nileeanti__, Have you modified grub?19:32
wilee-nileeanti__, So can you describe in detail what happens, this is important, there are multiple possibilities here.19:33
trismnomo: what is: ls -l /bin/readlink; ?19:33
djathorisI would like to install from usb stick on a machine which can not boot from it's usb. Is there any sort of boot manager I could put on a floppy disk which could transfer booting to a non-bios-controlled device?19:35
anti__okay i get to the booting screen and does notbload but if i press esc i get text moving down the screen but then stops on sened disabled : edit /ect/defaul/sened19:35
nomotrism, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5711284/ and thanks19:36
betrayddjathoris: i think plop has a floppy image19:36
djathorisplop? I'll make note of that. thanks19:36
trismnomo: odd, that looks fine19:37
thewiredbearhello people!19:37
anti__the line before says stopping system v initialisation compatibility19:37
betrayddjathoris: i think they also have a flavor of linus, if your search brings you there you're getting warmer19:37
dazsimwhats the easiest way to rebuild grub after moving a couple of hard drives from one machine to another19:37
mansoorI have an Ubuntu 12.10 and its not detecting my "Logitech Performance Mouse MX" any help?  I tried following http://tycho.ws/blog/2011/12/logitech-unifying-receiver  but my /sys/class/hidraw/  directory is empty19:38
nomotrism, any ideas of what to do next?19:38
thewiredbeargrub problems are piece of cake with boot-repair19:38
minasi am copying a directory with 98,147 file (small ones) from a directory into another. Both are located on my hard drive. The transfer speed is 1.1MB/s. Why is it so slow? Or is this reasonable?19:39
mansoordmesg | grep Logitech gives me http://pastebin.com/yyKM375B19:39
thewiredbearjust plug in a live USB/CD. install boot-repair in it and it helps everything19:39
dazsimah sweet19:39
dazsimi'm on a mint live cd at moment19:39
djathorisminas, not very reasonable19:39
thewiredbearhmm.......even that is fine19:39
wilee-nileeanti__, I am seeing multiple fixes for saned disabled, one is install the gnome shell, another is to hit ctrl-alt-F1 to get a tty command line then login the hit ctrl-alt F7 for the desktop.19:40
thewiredbearthe boot-repair is the main thing19:40
thewiredbearwait lemme fetch you a link!19:40
djathorisminas, what file system are you using?19:40
nomotrism,  reinstalled, purged...what could removing kubuntu-desktop have done?19:40
dazsimi'm checking "software" manager now :P19:40
minasext4 I think (the default for ubuntu 13.04)19:40
anti__okay how would i do this19:41
thewiredbear@daszim https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair19:41
minasdjathoris, yes, ext419:41
wilee-nileeanti__, here is the google search. https://www.google.com/search?hl=en&biw=&bih=&q=ubuntu+saned+disabled&gbv=1&nfpr=&spell=1&sa=X&ei=0lZsUdTpKaaUiAKGjYG4CQ&ved=0CB4QvwU19:41
betraydnomo: took out the only desktop you had?19:41
djathorisminas, ext4 isn't that slow. Is every disk i/o task so slow?19:41
dazsimi'm looking at it now thewiredbear19:41
trismnomo: honestly I'm not sure, my first thought was you got the permissons on readlink messed up somehow, but that's not the case. If you open a terminal, does say: readlink -f /usr/bin/pager; work?19:41
thewiredbear@daszim http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10871917#post1087191719:41
minasdjathoris, from what I remember, yes (when transfering a lot of small files). now it's at 888 KB/s19:42
thewiredbear@daszim http://www.howtogeek.com/114884/how-to-repair-grub2-when-ubuntu-wont-boot/19:42
wilee-nileeanti__, I described two fixes, asking how do I do this is not a specific question, one of the solutions I explan.19:42
minasdjathoris, maybe something is wrong?19:42
nomobetrayd, no. sorry. typo. i purged and reinstalled google-chrome. i have unity desktop. just to be safe i did a reinstall after removing kubuntu-desktop.19:43
djathorisminas, yes something is wrong. what kind of hard drive do you have?19:43
dazsimeww mint has an ugly terminal19:43
dazsimwhite with neon green text >.<19:43
mansoorWhy does my system not have a /sys/class/hidraw/hidraw0/device/uevent file? any help please?19:43
betraydnomo: sounds good19:43
anti__idk where i do ctrl - alt F119:44
wilee-nileedazsim, Is the correct HD being read first, I assume you have the working ones moved.19:44
minasdjathoris, what do you mean? I know it spins at 5400 RPM19:44
nomotrism, http://paste.ubuntu.com/5711318/19:44
failuremansoor: lsusb19:44
dazsimno idea, i got the grub repair come up and i tried launching the correct operating system manually with no joy19:45
trismnomo: yep working fine19:45
djathorisminas, 5400rpm would be one of the slower drives. Is it ide(pata) or sata or usb?19:45
wilee-nileedazsim, run the bootinfo summary and post the url.19:45
estudioanybody knows haw i can install wineasio whit wine 1.4.119:45
mansoorfailure, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=Xys91eqF19:45
dazsimi appear to have grub on the wrong drive for sure19:45
thewiredbear@dazsim what was the problem19:45
minasdjathoris, sata probably (it's a toshiba laptop (satellite L655))19:45
dazsimmy pc died19:45
dazsimso i move the drives over to another machine19:45
thewiredbeartry a live USB daz19:46
dazsimand they dont map the same(obviously)19:46
thewiredbeartry a live USB19:46
dazsimi'm on mint live19:46
thewiredbearit might help19:46
milanhey i got a problem with graphics can anyone help i am gonig crazy19:46
dazsimthis should work if i can get it to install19:46
nomotrism, ok, so what next? any other ideas.19:46
thewiredbearwhat did you do with the software?19:46
dazsimjust installing it now19:47
estudiowho? me?19:47
wilee-nileedazsim, The bootinfo summary will take out the guessing run it and post the url. ;)19:47
thewiredbearthis software will help19:47
thewiredbearjust check the links i gave you before hand19:47
failuremansoor: do you have a /dev/hidraw0 ?19:48
anti__that just gives me a blck screen19:48
mansoorfailure, no, i cat-ed that too nothing there19:48
milanill write it anyway , i got ati radeon 6570 and it just wont work with linux fedora,kubuntu or ubuntu , i managed to make it work on ubuntu ,19:48
djathorisminas, doesn't look like it should be so slow. might be a bug in 13.04's sata controller driver19:48
failuremansoor: do you have udev installed?19:48
anti__have i not install xubuntu properly19:49
mansoorfailure, no idea19:49
mansoorlet mesee19:49
dazsimrunning bootinfo ^^19:49
failuremansoor: dpkg --list udev19:49
trismnomo: thinking but I'm not really sure what could be broken19:49
mansoorapt-get says its already installed19:49
mansoorfailure, ^^19:49
minasdjathoris, i found something on ask ubuntu. one answer says that if I am syncing something, that might be the cause. I am using Ubuntu One and I am pretty sure it is uploading those file because I limited its upload speed. could this be it?19:49
dazsimthe 60gb drive is the one i want to boot19:50
wilee-nileedazsim, Put the sda drive first to be read in the bios.19:50
milanradeon hd 6570 )19:50
milanI am having a problem with ubuntu ,fedora, kubuntu. what ever i install it wont work propertly. i boot live USB fedora 18 or kubuntu 13.04 or 12.10 and it boots up normaly, and it works preaty well, but after installation im having splitscreen freeze and no panel or icons or anything shows up just freeze, but i can start in recovery mod with low graphic. and with ubuntu 12.10 it works after installation , but after installing updates it gets fucked up again,19:50
milansame problem (iam going crazy) now i installed beta version of amd catalys 13.3 and ubuntu 12.10 works peraty normal even after installing updates but still i cant play no game over wine ,(i can but graphics SUCKS) i found somwhere wine recognize GPU like ati 3200 with 136 mgb ram something like that. doing glxgears (everything disabled in amd catalyst) i get 1500 FPS around 7500 FP5S19:50
FloodBot1milan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:50
dazsimit is19:50
nomotrism, could i be missing dependencies? i guess apt-get would tell me. but is it possible? i hate the idea of having to reinstall my system over this.19:50
mansoorfailure, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=aiJq9VGa19:51
djathorisminas, that sounds logical, if you are syncing every file with another machine online, the copies will take place at slower than the speed of your net connection19:51
minasdjathoris, ok, i will try stopping it. thanks a lot19:51
failuremansoor: ok19:51
dazsimi'm thinking i should tell it to repair sda's grub19:51
failuremansoor: what modules do you have loaded? lsmod19:52
mansoorfailure, honestly i dont know19:52
thewiredbearwait dazsim19:52
thewiredbearlemme see19:52
failuremansoor: run lsmod19:52
mansoorfailure, how do i check?19:52
=== azend_ is now known as azend
=== azend is now known as azend_
mansoorfailure, it gives me a whole bunch of text19:53
mansoorin columns19:53
dazsimi dont need to boot the 80gb drive although there is an option, i just need to keep the files in /home19:53
failuremansoor: copy paste time to pastebin19:53
failuretime = them19:53
wilee-nileedazsim, Sure, would not hurt, I suppose however I see lvm and raid and ext2 indicators in the sdb drive.19:53
dazsimyeah its not raid19:54
dazsimit is however lvm19:54
milanis anybody gonna help19:54
dazsimoh does that mean i need to be able to boot to it to get the files out of /home19:54
milanat all19:54
thewiredbearrun these daz:19:54
thewiredbearsudo fdisk -l sudo blkid19:54
mansoorfailure, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=vxiMz3nE19:54
wilee-nileedazsim, yeah not a true.19:54
trismnomo: it could be many things. Out of curiosity, if you were to create a file test.sh, chmod +x test.sh and run ./test.sh with: http://paste.ubuntu.com/5711348/ does it error out like the google-chrome script with Permission Denied?19:55
wilee-nileethewiredbear, the fstab is correct19:55
trismnomo: not that I'd have any idea how to fix that if it did19:55
betraydmilan time to post in forum19:55
failuremansoor: do you have a mounted sysfs ? run: mount | grep sysfs19:55
milani can talk now19:55
milanand you l ll listen19:56
mansoorfailure,   sysfs on /sys type sysfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,nodev)19:56
thewiredbearwilee-nilee what about trying to repair file systems from boot repair?19:56
=== Fernando is now known as Guest89544
mansoori haven't modified anything its a brand new system76 ubuntu laptop19:56
failuremansoor: seems ok, run: ls -la /sys/class19:56
trismnomo: your best bet may just be to backup and reinstall (unless somebody else has ideas), since your system seems to be broken in strange and mysterious ways19:56
dazsimi see why it might think its raid wilee-nilee :P19:57
dazsim/dev/sdb2          501758   156301311    77899777    5  Extended19:57
dazsim/dev/sdb5          501760   156301311    77899776   8e  Linux LVM19:57
wilee-nileethewiredbear, The basic repair will probably fix it, it just may need grub reloaded to the mbr, yeah.19:57
dazsimthats... just... stupid19:57
nomotrism, creating the script...hold a sec19:58
mansoorfailure, http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=7SzAWHGL19:58
thewiredbearhmm.....the basic repair might just cast the right spells19:58
bibachI'm running a fairly vanilla install of Ubuntu 12.04 as a VM in VirtualBox 4.2.6 on OS X 10.8.  Recently, I've had it happen that the desktop suddenly scales down to about half of it's proper size, centered in the display.  It appears to happen when I use the Ctrl-Alt-T shortcut to launch a terminal window, but not every time.  The launcher and panel are still their proper size and location.19:58
failuremansoor: ls -la /sys/class/hidraw19:58
thewiredbeardazsim , try the basic repair.....it might work and if not, it definitely won't cause any harm19:58
wilee-nileedazsim, I'm not sure I suspect it has to do with lvm, I know nothing about raid or lvm though.19:58
nomotrism, do you mean i create a script opening the link with google-chrome or something else?19:58
mansoortotal 019:58
mansoorjust . and ..19:59
dazsimlvm sounded like a good idea when i said yes to it >.<19:59
failuremansoor: ok, hmm19:59
dazsimbut its a bit too bleeding edge for my liking19:59
thewiredbearyour choice dazsim19:59
trismnomo: no the script was in the pastebin, it is basically the first command in the google-chrome script except with an echo instead of storing it in an env var19:59
=== SineThePeeator is now known as SineTheCreator
dazsimi'll back the files up19:59
thewiredbearand people stop using VMs, they are just good for a tea-time experiment19:59
dazsimand then wipe it19:59
thewiredbearhmm @dazsim20:00
thewiredbearthat solves everything20:00
nomotrism, ok20:00
dazsimfor that drive sure :>20:00
thewiredbearbut a long, very long process20:01
failuremansoor: try plug a usb keyboard into the computer/laptop20:01
mansoorlet me try to find one20:01
failuremansoor: what i can see you dont have any hid devices20:01
milanis amd ati 6570 compatibile with ubuntu 12.10 13.04 fedora 1820:01
failuremansoor: maybe you have a ps2 keyboard ?20:01
thewiredbeargotta go sexy people!20:01
failuremansoor: is it a laptop ?20:01
thewiredbearmilan take ubuntu20:02
milani got ubuntu20:02
thewiredbearthe compatibility is better than fedora and will keep getting better in fedora20:02
milanbut it works only with20:02
milanamd catalys 13.3 beta20:02
thewiredbearbecause these drivers work only you use propritory and fedora is against it20:02
adamkmilan: Is this a laptop with a hybrid GPU?20:03
milanand on glxgears i get around 1500 frames per s20:03
milanno it s desktop20:03
thewiredbearstill, fedora's compatibility are way less20:03
thewiredbearand what are your requirements milan?20:03
mansoorfailure, lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 0 Apr 15 14:03 hidraw0 -> ../../devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb3/3-1/3-1:1.0/0003:413C:2107.0007/hidraw/hidraw020:03
nomotrism, nothing happened.20:03
mansoorfailure, thats when  the usb keyboard is plugged in20:04
failuremansoor: now you have a HID :)20:04
milanon my laptop i got 50time wors gpu and i get 3000 fps20:04
adamkmilan: Then that GPU should work in 12.10 with the catalyst drivers packaged by/for fglrx.20:04
mansoorfailure, lol what does that mean?20:04
failuremansoor: welcome to the HID club :)20:04
adamkDo not measure 3D performance with glxgears.20:04
ripperwhat does everyone think about the news right now20:04
nomotrism, i mean no errors, nothing. just a new bash line.20:04
milanit works in 12.1020:04
trismnomo: nothing happened is actually weird, it should print out the full path to the script20:04
milanbut  i cant play even flash games20:04
failuremansoor: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_interface_device20:04
mansoorits a laptop20:05
failuremansoor: :)20:05
mansoormy keyboard and built in mouse work20:05
mansoorbut my real mouse doesnt :)20:05
mansoori hate touchpads20:05
mansoorand can't work with them20:05
ripper2 bombs went off in boston about an hour ago20:05
bigbadbenHey I keep getting kicked from my network then I was messing with my realteak drivers and I lost xorg, I could not ctrl+alt+f2-f7 I pasted my errors from grep -i /etc/sys/log network manager anyone care to help me out and take a look?20:05
adamkmilan: Do you have the drivers installed now?  If so, pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log file and the output of 'glxinfo'20:05
nomotrism, it didn't do that. i just line 8 of the google-chrome script and replaced the $0 with the pastebin url. and i chmoded and nothing happened.20:05
failuremansoor: :) so you have problem configure a external usb mouse ?20:05
failuremansoor: what mouse ?20:06
failuremansoor: your wife's ? :)20:06
milanmilan@milan:~$ glxinfo20:06
milanname of display: :0.020:06
milandisplay: :0  screen: 020:06
milandirect rendering: Yes20:06
milanserver glx vendor string: ATI20:06
mansoorlogitech performance mx20:06
FloodBot1milan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:06
milanserver glx version string: 1.420:06
mansoorfailure, haha no  its a brand new mouse for my brand new work laptop20:07
trismnomo: oh then that is okay then, in my pastebin I replaced part of it with echo so you could see the output20:07
failuremansoor: ok, USB 2.0 ?20:07
guntbert_ripper: please lets keep to the topic of this channel: ubuntu-support20:07
=== asrtop09ng is now known as dury
trismnomo: if there were no errors it is probably okay, but now I'm sort of out of ideas20:07
mansoorfailure, well it has a wire or you can use it wireless using a usb2 reciever20:07
mansoori think the wire isjust for power20:07
mansoorto recharge its battery20:08
ripperguntbert: np just though i would update the channel on the world20:08
mansoori think it allways uses the wireless20:08
failuremansoor: have you plugged your mouse into a USB 1.1 maybe ?20:08
duryhi there all20:08
andrewhello, I am on Ubuntu 13.04 - is there a way how to install https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/allegro5 ? Can I add it somehow like PPA, org...? Thank you20:08
guntbert_!enter | mansoor20:08
ubottumansoor: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:08
mansoorfailure, no, if anything this is a USB3 port20:08
mansoorbut from what i know, they are backwards compatible20:08
failuremansoor: ok try all the usb ports on the computer and do dmesg | tail -n 10 after every insert20:08
failuremansoor: and look for it to be reconized20:09
nomotrism, lol yes sorry. yes it echoed back the path20:09
mansoorfailure, it is being recognized20:09
failuremansoor: ok, copy paste to pastebin20:09
failuremansoor: but still try all ports20:09
mansoori think i know what the problem is, i am stuck at doing the solution, let me explain20:09
dazsimok i'm going to try a reboot. can someone thank thewiredbear for me, he disconnected20:10
wilee-nilee!13.04 > andrew20:10
ubottuandrew, please see my private message20:10
failuremansoor: sure go ahead!20:10
duryworking fine with  logitech wireless keyboard right now, but when a reboot the system it doesn't set in the language I want20:10
milanadamk http://paste.ubuntu.com/5711391/20:10
durylogitech k40020:10
andrewwilee-nilee: k, thanks20:10
milanhow to call someones name in20:10
milanline whatever20:11
guntbert_milan: just the nick is enough, no need for @ or <>20:11
mansoorlogitech uses "Unifying device" reciever, where you can have multiple logitech devices witht he same reciever.  i think the unifying recier isn't connecting witht he mouse.  I am following this tutorial:  http://tycho.ws/blog/2011/12/logitech-unifying-receiver and thats where i'm stuck20:11
guntbert_!tab | milan20:11
ubottumilan: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.20:11
mansoorfailure, ^^20:11
milanthanks alot20:12
failuremansoor: aha, yeah I did notice that on lsusb :)20:12
durymansoor: only have keyboard connected it's k40020:12
python|pihow do I launch weechat?20:13
milancan anyone check this out http://paste.ubuntu.com/5711404/20:13
mansoordury, woops didnt see your previous message20:13
=== suporte85_Ausent is now known as suporte85
betraydpython|pi: weechat-curses20:13
mansoordury, do you have a unifying reciever?20:13
mansooror is it a normal wireless receiver20:13
failuremansoor: hmm, but if there no hidraw you device isnt working, so maybe you miss a driver/module20:14
betraydmilan no need to PM20:14
durymansoor: it's just the k400 keybord20:14
milanwhats that20:14
mansoorfailure, how do i get the driver?20:14
failuremansoor: but still i recommend trying all ports and ls -la /sys/class/hidraw20:15
mansoorIT WOKRSSSS20:15
mansoorfor no reason!!!20:15
milanbetrayd,  i dont know what means no needto PM20:15
FloodBot1mansoor: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:15
mansoornow to turn off this stupid touchpad messing up my typing20:15
failuremansoor: witching port ?20:15
mansoorsame port20:15
duryfailure: how do I solve my problem?20:15
failuremansoor: ok, maybe the insert of your keyboard did something20:16
mansoorthank you a whole bunch failure20:16
failuremansoor: load some module or so20:16
guntbert_milan: please keep your questions and responses in the channel, don't try to talk to somebody "in private"20:16
failuremansoor: try reboot without keyboard, and plugin the reciever and see if its not working20:16
failuremansoor: then plugin the keyboard20:16
mansoori shall do that20:16
failuremansoor: and check if it works20:17
nomotrism, ahhh, could it be because i linked pepper to chromium? there was something webupd8 a few months ago about how you can use google chromes flash player in chromium? could i have messed up permissions with that?20:17
duryit's logitech k400 keyboard, failure20:17
failuredury: im not a support bot <tm>20:17
duryfailure: I know sorry if I disturb you, to be honest20:18
trismnomo: no idea, the error is strange20:18
failuredury: its ok! but now im AFK20:19
guntbert_dury: nobody in here is "disturbed" by problems and questions, just keep in mind that we do give support as volunteers :-)20:19
adamkmilan: Your driver is installed and setup properly.20:19
duryfailure: would you please assist me when you can?20:20
nomotrism, thanks. i am comeing to the conclusion that removing kubuntu-desktop broke my system. pita.20:20
milani know it is but it just doesnot work how it suposed to work20:20
milani cant play flashgame20:20
failuredury: try tell your problem to the public and maybe some soul might help you! :)20:20
duryal right20:21
adamkI tend to blame flash for the suckiness of flash games.20:21
guntbert_dury: don't rely on 1:1 support talks here20:21
=== me is now known as Guest23998
milanok but i cant play even in wine anything20:21
milanwine cant recognize my gp driver20:21
adamkRun the games from a terminal, and see what errors they give.20:22
milanand it sets me up with some ati 3200 with 136 Mgb of ram20:22
milanand i cant play anything20:22
failuremilan: wine isnt a emulator, its your kernel that speaks with your Graphic card :)20:22
=== luigi is now known as Guest80687
failurewine relay on x and x on the kernel20:22
milanyeah , ok i kinda knew that20:23
duryall right here it's the problem : logitech k400 keyboard I want to setup in spanish mode20:23
milanwhat  to do20:23
adamkmilan: Again, run one of these games from an xterm and see what messages you get.20:23
guntbert_!enter | milan20:23
ubottumilan: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!20:23
milanif i install any other driver and reboot it will freez and never unfreez20:23
failuremilan: run: glxinfo and paste it not here :P but eg on pastebin or so20:24
durywhen I reboot the system go to US or UK ..... well in english20:24
efesHello :) I can't find a cute one desktop effect. I'd like to ask you how does this effect is called. It runs when I toggle windows with alt+tab, then all my windows looks as if they are posters on very big cylinder rotating / toggling in front of me. Any ideas? :)20:25
duryI will solve tomorrow I have to go20:25
adamkfailure: He already did.20:25
failuremilan: cat your Xorg logfile and put it in pastebin :)20:25
adamkHis drivers are fine.20:25
milani installed kubuntu and on live cd boot it works perfect but when i install and reboot it stucks  in login screen ore something like that20:25
failuremilan: /var/log/Xorg.0.log20:25
durynot really,20:25
failureadamk: what i can tell from that, is that he dosnt have a framebuffer :P20:26
duryhave to go.... children around20:26
durycome back tomorrow20:26
guntbert_dury: please tell your problem in one line if possible else it will be spread all over a page and therefor difficult to read (one line is everything you type before pressing <enter>)20:26
=== FisherMack is now known as FisherMack|Away
duryI will guntbert_20:27
durygood night20:27
=== guntbert_ is now known as guntbert
duryneed to go thanks for suggestions20:27
durytake care all20:28
BustacapCan someone help me get my sound working :/20:28
failuremilan: i have never owned a ATI/AMD Graphic Card, but from random info, they say drop fglrx and run native support in Xorg ive seen a guide on ubuntu wiki let me find it20:29
milanis it possible that my graphic card is not suported even they sey it is20:30
failuremilan: ok maybe im wrong about that last statement, but have a read here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI20:30
failuremilan: look at: "4. Enabling Video Hardware Acceleration"20:31
celsopeople, is it bad that i use ubuntu but with a older version of the kernel? is it very problematic?20:31
adamkmilan: Your GPU is definitely supported by the proprietary drivers. For the last time, if you want to figure out why games are not working in wine, run them from a terminal and see whatoutput you get.20:31
celsobecause i think there is a bug that afects me on the kernel.20:31
balleyneI'm trying to upgrade a 10.04 desktop, but I keep getting a 'Failed to fetch' error when attempting... is there something special I need to do, like go from LTS to LTS, or use a specific mirror for out of date intermediate releases?20:32
efesHello :) I can't find a cute one desktop effect. I'd like to ask you how does this effect is called. It runs when I toggle windows with alt+tab, then all my windows looks as if they are posters on very big cylinder rotating / toggling in front of me. Any ideas? :)20:32
min|dvir|usIs there any way to make JACK output at the same time as other programs?20:33
ubottuUbuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server20:33
failuremin|dvir|us: can JACK talk to your pulse daemon maybe ?20:34
guntbert!askthebot | breznkoenig20:34
ubottubreznkoenig: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".20:34
tgm4883!eol | balleyne20:34
ubottuballeyne: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:34
tgm4883efes, that is probably compiz cube20:34
breznkoenigguntbert: k, thx20:35
celsopeople, is it bad that i use ubuntu but with a older version of the kernel? is it very problematic?20:35
balleynetgm4883, thanks!20:35
milanadamk, i done this , typing sudo vainfo i get same results as i supposed to , but in glxgears i got 59 frames in 1 secund20:36
milanthat is with enabled tear20:37
failuremilan: Running synchronized to the vertical refresh.  The framerate should be approximately the same as the monitor refresh rate. EG: around 60 FPS20:42
milanok but why then i cant do anything else20:43
failuremilan: what are you trying to run in wine ?20:43
failuremilan: what is that ? a flash game?20:44
milanand ubuntu is acting wird20:44
dbug71any xen gurus in here?20:44
milanno it is nice game  perfect graphics20:44
failuremilan: url to the creator ?20:45
milansimulation of some kind of formula20:45
milannvidia made this game20:45
dbug71I am creating a Vm of Ubunto 12.04 server on xen 4.1 hypervisor and it installs on the LV fine untill I get to Install Grub and it fails any ideas?20:46
failuremilan: http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=706420:46
milani can run it20:46
milanand it works in wine but the graphics are nasty20:47
milani mean bad20:47
betrayd!details > dbug7120:47
ubottudbug71, please see my private message20:47
failuremilan: cant you run it from steam client native linux client ?20:47
milanand now in chat sometimes when new line pops up  it is like aparted20:48
milanfor couple of secunds20:48
MrokiiHello. I have a problem that one of my partitions somehow gets remounted read-only for some unknown reason and at random times. I have used dmesg and the last two lines it showed were: [178785.743396] REISERFS error (device sdb3): vs-4080 _reiserfs_free_block: block 109605592: bit already cleared20:48
Mrokii[178785.743401] REISERFS (device sdb3): Remounting filesystem read-only20:48
failuremilan: ok i have no clue20:48
failureand im off for the TV20:48
MrokiiIs there a way to re-mount the sdb3 partition (or drive) without rebooting?20:48
milani tried lots of things, but i managed to install and put in work just ubuntu 12.1020:49
failureMrokii: you have a damage drive or a corrupt filesystem20:49
milan13.04, fedora 18 , kubuntu  they all freeze after installation, on the first boot20:49
me_hey, any support for displaylink? displaylink.org seems outdated and some links are broken20:49
betraydmilan they each might have special instructions to boot with an ati card20:50
Mrokiifailure: I suspect it may be a damaged drive, as I had random crashes when I was still using the sdb drive for the system. However, after a reboot, the drive is always mounted properly again. So I'd like to know if there's a way to remount it without a reboot.20:50
failureme_: ive got redirected to: http://libdlo.freedesktop.org/wiki/20:50
dbug71I am running Ubuntu 12.04 on HP DL380 with xen hypervisor 4.1 amd 64, I make my .cfg file and have downloaded the ntinstall vmlinuz and inettd files point the .cfg file to it. everything installs fine from xm create untill I get to the point where it wants to install Grub and it fails20:50
me_failure: yea, the links on that page are not working20:51
bibachUbuntu 12.04 running under VirtualBox 4.2.6 on an OS X host.  Recently, my desktop will scale down to 50% of it's normal size, while the launcher and top panel remain as they should be.  It seems to happen when I use the Ctrl-Alt-T shortcut to start a terminal window.  Any ideas on what might cause this?20:51
milanbut linux lite , and linux mint 14 i installed no problems20:51
betrayddoesnt matter20:51
failuremilan: is the version of wine the some ?20:51
milani installed truckmania over play on linux20:51
failureMrokii: maybe its ok, until you try to access that damage area20:52
dbug71I am using the Guide from https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen20:52
milanso play on linux installed automaticly directx and what ever was needed20:52
failuremilan: play on linux isnt the some as wine20:52
betraydyeah but its a gamer type distro20:52
Mrokiifailure: It almost seems so. So time to buy another drive I guess... :/20:52
milani run that game in play on linux and then pops up wine and i run it from wine20:52
failuremilan: playonlinux is a fork of wine20:53
failuremilan: http://www.playonlinux.com/en/download.html20:53
milani dont care that much about theese games as much as i want fedora or ubuntu to work propertly20:54
failuremilan: install that20:54
failuremilan: and try again20:54
failuremilan: or a fork of wine its not, it seems more a tool of handling wine20:56
* failure is off for television20:57
milanstill the same20:59
milanwine gives me message cant find my graphic card peformance21:00
milanthen says quick benchmark will perform that, and after 2 secunds it says that it cant find GC performance and smoehing like ypu will have shitty graphics21:01
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Rahailhi there i am using a program that need to use openssl21:05
Rahailcan you see if my open ssl is correct21:05
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=== cubix``38 is now known as cubix`
nubbyhey can anyone tell me why flash keeps killing alsa some flash video site work fine others just murder it and when i try to run alsamixer it says it cannot open mixer21:09
nubbyanyone alive21:13
nubbyits unusaly quiet in here21:14
tgm4883nubby, IDK, flash is crappy to begin with21:14
nubbywell i think its flash21:15
skinofstarsnubby: did you run top?21:15
nubbyto see whats runing yes21:15
nubbyalso tried force reloadign alsa21:16
falcomassume i have a script that shows live updates... the only way for me to keep it open in view via ssh is via byobu/screen. Does this mean THis script must be also run via byobu/screen too?21:16
nubbyim on a lvie usb21:16
skinofstarsfalcom: if you ant the script to run, even when you close your ssh session, the screen is probably the most straight forward way to go21:18
falcomskinofstars: ant* ?21:18
skinofstarsfalcom: *want21:19
falcomskinofstars: ok thanks, good to know21:20
nubbyskinofstars, why you ask abotu top21:23
mgodzillahello.  tryin' to dual boot a macbook pro mid 2010 15" - installed refit.21:24
skinofstarsnubby: what's using your cpu would be listed in there. then you can confirm it's flash.21:24
mgodzillarebooted.  but i do not see my ubuntu option for install.21:24
mgodzillaonly shows hard disk from boot manager.  what did i miss?21:25
skinofstarsnubby: exactly why flash would be a problem is gonna be down to your machine. it's difficult to troubleshoot closed source stuff like that21:25
nubbyyeah well i not sure if it is flash as soem flash video siotes wortk btu then if i visit one that crashes alsa its abstered21:26
nubbybut no matter what i do i cant get my sodun back untill i restart21:26
=== TheRainbowDawn is now known as Dawn_
nubbyand not sure if it is flash or alsa/firefox bean a btich21:26
skinofstarsnubby: you can restart alsa21:26
nubbyi done a "alsa force-reload" but didnt do crap21:27
ultra_Hiya all, Just wondering if anyone knows how to fix an issue I am having. I have a laptop which has 2 graphics cards built in. How do I select which one to use?21:27
skinofstarsnubby: have you had the same problem on installed versions?21:28
nubbyultra_, nvidia or ati21:28
nubbyyou need to follow this guide when i fidn the link 2 seconds21:28
skinofstarsultra_: nvidia optimus?21:28
ultra_built in one currently being used is intel but I would like to have the option to use the nvida one21:28
ultra_yes correct21:29
skinofstarsulra_: look for bumblebee project21:29
ultra_k :)21:29
skinofstarsultra_: nvidia have recently released a new driver, but i don't know how good i is yet. i believe it just uses the nvi21:30
skinofstars...card all the time.21:31
husamhi every one21:31
ultra_ah right21:31
husam this is my first day here21:31
ultra_no way of having a option to switch when needed ?21:31
vlt!ask | husam21:31
ubottuhusam: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:31
husamim looking for help21:31
husamwell some times my ubuntu server dosent boot21:31
skinofstarsdamn, why can't i change the size of the dialog input box in smuxi?!21:32
husami should press enter and thats should not happen21:32
vlt!enter | husam21:32
ubottuhusam: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!21:32
husamyes you know when grup shows up21:32
husami have to connect the keyboard to the server and press enter the the os boot21:33
nomotrism, are you still here?21:33
nomotrism, i have a sense what's wrong with google-chrome21:33
betraydset a default husam then unplug the keyboard when it works21:33
husamthe problem not with the bios21:34
husamthe problem with os its self21:34
betraydi didnt say it was bios21:34
husami think there is a problem with grup21:34
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)21:35
fidelhusam: you are most likely speaking about *grub* not grup ;)21:35
husamubottu | ok , as i told you its first time here21:35
ubottuhusam: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:35
husamfidel: nice21:36
husamso till know now one has give me good way to go on with grub21:37
nomotrism, betrayd, google chrome wouldnt open because of apparmor. i turned apparmor off and then i could open google chrome. i know nothing about apparmor could someone help me reconfigure it so i can have it active and use google-chrome simulataneously?21:37
wilee-nileehusam, Have you run update-grub in the server or modified /etc/default/grub ?21:38
husamwilee-nilee: no that happen after a clean installtion21:39
husamyes  betrayd:21:39
betraydthose are your options husam21:40
wilee-nileehusam, Try running update-grub or sudo update-grub if you are not root21:40
husamwilee-nilee many thanks for this notes21:41
wilee-nileehusam, Is this just one HD and one OS?21:41
husamwilee-nilee: yes21:41
husamwilee-nilee:its standalone server21:41
zbethelDoes anyone know why the _netdev option is ignored in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS?21:42
zbethelTrying to mount iscsi volumes at boot time21:43
wilee-nileehusam, Cool, grub can be purged and reloaded if needed as well, that would be my default, however a update may fix this.21:43
husamwilee-nilee:thanks again wish you a good day21:44
wilee-nileeno problem husam21:44
husam wilee-nilee: i will check that in my install servers and will let you know  regards ,21:45
=== packy is now known as packy^
tworkinhow do i test for which release of ubuntu i'm on?21:45
bekkstworkin: lsb_release -a21:45
wilee-nileezbethel, This might be relevant, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/110304721:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1103047 in mountall (Ubuntu) "mountall causes automatic mounting of gluster shares to fail" [Low,Incomplete]21:47
NewberHow do I set the x and minimize to the other side? (right side)21:48
wilee-nilee!details > Newber21:50
ubottuNewber, please see my private message21:50
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."21:50
NewberIm running ubuntu version 12.10, and my problem is that I would like the "minimize and X" icons to be on the right.21:53
=== megatron is now known as Guest32330
trismnomo: did you add your own google-chrome apparmor profile? I don't seem to have one here by default (might check /etc/apparmor.d/ to see if one exists, and either remove it or figure out how to configure it correctly)21:55
zymasterHey, I am having a problem with my audio in Ubuntu 12.10 running on an Alienwawre M14x. It's just not playing at all, I was wondering if anyone could walk me through fixing it. Thanks21:56
nomotrism, as far as i know i didn't. i wil check the file path. i know nothing about apparmor at all.21:58
G0dican you hear me i cant hear you21:59
nomotrism, i dont have one for chrome. i have one for chromium though. do you know of any tutorials that i can check on apparmor. the ones ive seen assume you are a sec wizard.21:59
bekksG0di: We cant hear you, but we can read you.21:59
nomotrism, if apparmor is off you cant update of download packages.22:00
bekksnomo: Thats not true.22:00
bekksG0di: There is no reason to contact me outside of this channel - and this channel is for ubuntu related support only.22:01
dlamhmm im trying to install a package "libmemcached4" but I cant seem to find it, anyone know what to check?22:01
NewberIm running In ubuntu 12.10, where do I find the terminal?22:02
tgm4883dlam, what version22:02
nomobekks, ok because when i did ctl-alt-f1 to investigate further right after i turned off apparmor and could run google-chrome it said i couldnt update or download any packages and id neer seen anything like that in bash before22:02
G0disudo apt-get install libemecached422:02
dlamtgm4883:  Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS  lucid22:02
nomobekks, just assumed that bc id never seent that message before.22:02
bekksnomo: So could you pastebin the entire error message?22:02
tgm4883dlam, libmemcached4 isn't available in 10.0422:03
k1lNewber: press the windows key and type "terminal"22:03
dlamsomehow its installed on this box -_-22:03
dlami guess maybe it was manually installed22:04
nomobekks, i restarted my computer. ill will turn apparmor off again.22:04
tgm4883dlam, doesn't look like it's offered in any supported version of Ubuntu. 10.04 had libmemcached2, 11.10 has libmemcached622:04
tgm4883dlam, my guess is that it was in 10.10 or 11.04 and someone forced a package install22:04
nomobekks, i just disabled apparmor and you are correct i didnt get that warning in bash this time. how do  turn on app armor again with restarting the computer?22:05
leptoneI have a PDF of a text book. But its an image not text. does anyone know an application that can scan each page and turn the pictures into text?22:05
nomobekks, without having to restart the computer. sorry22:06
bekksnomo: I dont know how to turn it off ;)22:06
bekksnomo: So how did you turn it off?22:06
|nv|s|b|esudo service /etc/init.d/apparmor start ?22:06
NewberIm running In ubuntu 12.10 through virtualbox. But I cant get any sound. How can I fix that?22:08
nomobekks, i will paste bin it. hold on... and i will restart the computer...http://paste.ubuntu.com/5711657/22:09
bekksnomo: That will disable apparmor so it wont be active on next reboot.22:10
nomohow do reenable it?22:10
leptoneanyone know an app that will scan an image for text and convert the image to text?22:11
bekksnomo: I have to clue about that, sorry.22:11
lonejackpassed to 12.04 from 10.04. Some repositories have been disabled(i.e. this form google http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/). Do you think I can re enable them?22:11
=== milind is now known as abyss42
RarrikinsWhy does the #! line on scripts fail if the line endings are in DOS mode?22:12
=== makefellow is now known as adiaswin
Newberin 12.10, in terminal - How do I make the symbol that looks like an I?22:12
nomobekks,  i said i know nothing about it!  i just typed start where i typed stop before and its on. now i need to figure out how to use apparmor.22:13
k1lNewber: altgr + <22:13
leptoneanyone know an app that will scan an image for text and convert the image to text so i can copy and paste things that were in the original image?22:14
leptoneanyone know a good OCR app for Ubuntu 12.04?22:18
wilee-nileenot sure if for linux is all22:19
leptoneill check it out22:19
wilee-nileeonline I believe22:19
leptonecan anyone recommended one of these OCR tools: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OCR22:21
Josefineifi have a windows 8.exe, but no .iso. how can I install windows from ubuntu?22:24
Josefineifi've tried running the windows 8 installer through wine, but the platform is not supported it says22:24
OerHeksJosefineif,  windows8.exe sounds not legit. try ##windows22:24
miksdi've been wondering why ubuntu has so outdated version of chromium? isn't it unsecure to use many versions old browser with many security holes?22:27
tgm4883OerHeks, that sounds like the downloader that MS users to get the ISO22:27
gottwisstmiksd: Sometimes they use outdated stuff (I am not sure why)22:28
gottwisstmiksd: I know that they're not supposed to release stuff unless it has a certain level of bugfreedom22:29
gottwisstbut I don't know if that has anything to do with it22:29
leptonedoes anyone know a good article for installing Tesseract on 12.04?22:31
angbandanyone use ubuntu or similar linux system to drive about 8 flat screen displays with a matrox video card?  It's a machine to display stats for our call center and we're having issues running so many copies of chrome - webpages stop responding, etc.22:33
gottwisstleptone: Couldn't find what you were looking for, but I found these two, which may or not be of interest: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=200114822:34
leptonegottwisst, thx. yeah I check those out. does this look reasonable ? http://www.webupd8.org/2010/02/how-to-extract-all-text-from-pdfs.html22:36
gottwisstleptone: yes, acutally, that looks like how one would install tesseract22:37
sect0rI'm OCD and want to remove the stuff that 404's when I do an apt-get update, what file hold's that info?22:38
gottwisstangdband: No, but could it be that it's too much for the hardware to handle. Also, have you tried other browsers?22:38
wilee-nileesect0r, /etc/apt/sources.list or /etc/apt/sources.list.d  however just removing it may not be your best answer there are factors.22:39
gottwisstNo as in: No I have not had experience driving about 8 displays of a metrox video card.22:39
slabgrhaand... here we go22:42
slabgrhaok... gottwisst got disconnected22:42
slabgrhaso, the system doesn't seem that bad22:42
gottwisst? what?22:42
slabgrhai'm angband22:43
slabgrhamy internet connection went blarrrrggh22:43
slabgrhaso, the system seems a-ok during the issues.  I'll give another browser a wack22:44
gottwisstokay. I can't give you any in-depth, technical help, really22:44
gottwisstBut I know some broswers handle multiple tabs, etc., better than others22:45
slabgrhano worries22:46
slabgrhawas hoping that someone else might be doing something similar in a call center22:47
ickyF33tCan someone help me please; I'm trying to setup a gmail account for my grandma but her stupid house doesn't get cell reception and you need to verify by phone.22:47
leptoneSo OCRFedder doesnt recognize my PDFs. am i doing somthing wrong? do i need to convert it into a differnt fill form?22:48
ickyF33tShe's going to love 12.10  ; it's awesome22:48
ickyF33tcan anyone help please, I would really appreciate it so I can have my gparents setup with email22:49
gottwisstickyf33t: Wouldn't it be best to talk to Google support about that?22:49
gottwisstthat is, setting up a gmail account